The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTnEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pro Ace Tells of Difficulties He Encountered in Correcting Faults .Southern Memphis ...., Little Kock (l Atlanta '..... Nashville ... Birmingham Chattanooga New Orleans Kiioxvllle .:. L. I'd. 0 .000 C 7 G 0 7 'f.:g' ,5.11 ,533 .511 .SOU .462 Ice, Queen ''430manager ' Chicago ., Brooklyn . Cliidiinrill De-troll ..... Sfc'w York . ISoslon Cleveland .. Philadelphia' St. Ixiiils .. Chicago Washington I'lttslnirsh grounds. Only games. By 11YRON NELSON Winner of Ihe 1937 Augusta Masters' Tournament Success In the Gleir Garden Country Club caddies' tournament — ,-... tpi rred me en and the lolloping j Philadelphia 'Gin-In';—March, 1929—1 entered -my :first lionesl-to-goodness\ tournament at the Kal-y Laka,course, a ,'public links In Fort w<utli. The Katy Lake cotirvi'was short It measured only COOO'jardb, and had saiiil grcsnsJ;'^! won the medal with G8. mid tiicn lost my first .match (Jiemext day,<" <> ( .:*»- I3ut that 08 mads a bit of, a|i Impression' at Glen Garden and Hie. members voted me ap honorary membership Prom cudjy to member In two-aml-a-half yjiirs!,! was mighty proud ' " ',,',' 1 uas In high school, hut wanted to get-out and make n, living. My. folks weren't poor, but they weren't wealthy, and I was one of those young fellows.who b:Iieves he Is a drag on .his parents'. So one of he members got me a job as a file clerk hi the accounting' ofllee of tljc Fort Worth '& .Denver Rail- load It made golfing tougher. I had to work from 8 a. in. until 5 p. m.. and that didn't leave much time for golf. It. took me a half hour to get home by tiollcy oiid another 10 or 15 minutes to get out to the golf course. But I 'went but there about four or five afternoons n week and practiced until dark. Keep club In Check hi Backswtng I'd practice .driving first, nncl putt.last because when It got dark. I could, lay a handkerchief over the cup and pull' for the while .cloth, but I couldn't drive In the dark. I'd loie all iny balls,'and a railway clerk can'l be losing a dozen golf balls a day. ' In that fall of 1929 I plajcd In the club tournament and won 11. I shot an 81 It was Uo stiokcs above my caddy-vInning score of the previous winter, but I'was play. Ing better. My lions were strong • er and slralghter. My putting was still steady. Only my drives were off. , My left side was collapsing.- That was that overswmging again. To slou oversntnglng, I concenlraled on keeping,the right arm close to the body in the biekswlng, all the tune keeping the lefl arm slialght. This prevented the -clnb from goln?' bock farthei than the horl- zonlal position. H also slopped me fiom turning the hands over In a rolling motion which closed the face of Ihe club us it came Into the ball I concentrated on starting my club back with the left arm and keeping the .wrists fice nt th2 top of the backswlng .-This also helped to correct the hook which I had developjd ."•/:•' -. w. L. I'ct. Pittsburgh-• ...\:..•;,-... 72 .778 SI. Louis .... ...... ^ 3 ,700 New York o 4 .coo G 5 .545 G C .5011 4 G .400 -1 1 .364 1 8 .111 American League W. 7 ..... G 4 4 4 3 I'd. .7V" .CGI .571 .500 .500 .315 :m .300 YcsterdayV Results Southern T.eague ; Kuoxville G, Memphis 5. Nashville 5, Little Rock 3. Birmingham 10, Chattanooga New Orleans 7,' Atlanla 5. ' Same. National League noston 3, New York 1. Philadelphia 14, Brooklyn 8. . at Cincinnati; wcl ' American League Detroit 12, Chicago 9. Cleveland at St. Louis, Only games.; rain. Joclay's Games 1 - . - t Southern league ' Memphis at Kiioxvllle. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Little Rock at Nashville, Atlanta at New Orleans. National League St. Louis at Bailon. Chicago at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at New York Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. American Lcapire Washington at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Chicago. New .York at Detroit. Boston nt St. Louis. I tasted my first real competition in. August, 1930 : asked oit from work and entered an Invitation tournament in Foit Woith. 'Most of the best golfers in the southwest were entered I won It, beating Hap Massinglll veteran Texnn ex-champion, b> shooting a US In the morning and coasting home In the afternoon. =_-=-_! remembered this tournain«nt very well because of on Incident that occurred in the second round match with! Koiry Robinson of Oklahoma. I was leading one up on the elghlh hole when. In siting jip putt, I walked over to the other side of the hole and laid my club down. Robinson claimed the hole, point- Ing to a rule then existing in the southwest 'which forbade a golfer to touch his club on the opposite side of the green from where his ball lay. It-was Intended for sand gn..... play so that a golfer couldn' trace the course of his ball on slopin" surfaces. We were playing on a grass green and it made me furious to think that he would resort to such a technicality, ' I lost the next several holes Then I pulled myself together. "Here I am getting mad «t-hitr. and hurting nobody but tnvsslf." 1 .said to myself. '' ' So 1 cooled oft and 'Immediately got hot^on, tha course. On tli" last four holes I fired In a deuce, a Inrse. another three, and a deuce could not have done that had I remained peeved. It's FI lesson I learned and one 1 golfers should learn, play the -hot you're playing, not the last one. non't moan curse.- if and groan and vou los( , „ stl . okc ^ toiiBhJuck don't throw another on- away In anger. HV IIAKKV GTtAYSON Spurts Kdllor/ NKA Service INDIANAPOLIS, May 4.—T. E (!>opi Myers considers Loul Movers Ihe peer of current auto, mobile niclng drivers.-'The general of'- the < ' Indianapolis should k'nojv. He's, been around for all • 24 Hoosier 500- mile events. •'-.;•;. . '. And.the records sne'ak loudly In bchnlf of Meyer, who :wlll be out to win the 500 for the fourth time (he Motor Speedway celebrates its silver anniversary, May 31, > Among all-time knights of the roaring bricks, boards and roads, Myers rates puly 'Ralph DePalma ahead of Miiver. In, third place he places anolher old-thner, Tomi Milton. The tornth ,and fifth men. .llm- v Mii'n'iv nnd Frank Lockharl, e'-f killed. Behind them. Myers Kik.s,. i" ths 'nider named Hot n.vs, pob nosltion ''Winner of 1935 and '36; Wild Dill Cummings the '•nn'icgrowii ywho prevailed In 1035 'in'-in lies!a. who came down in front In 1910;, Jules Goux. who -cr''ed In I0I-I, and Harry Hart/. .Meyer Is the Paavo Nurnil of Ihe gasoline gilncLs He lulls • I'-'ntiy according to time. This trl|i, Mover savs Ihat his ivi'rnec speed will he In excess by 'tevca-iU miles of the all-tlnie record III! established' In 1930^-109.009 'ullcs an hour. Mr>".r tlic Iron Man Because he never has taken re- M"f In a 500-mile, Meyer has : bc- -onie known as an Iron man, but he is far from being n heavs weight. He Is down to 1G4 pounds •iow. will lose three or foiir pounds tiy race day, and another six or seven will be peeled from ,lils vl»'v frame during the race. Meyer Is '.n years old, the second youngest son of Edward Vtcyer. who now Is a real estate dealer in California but who In '•ils younger days was a bicycle 'accr in Europe. The father |s. a German, Lou was born In New York, but was taken to California is nn Infant. Eddie Meyer, Jr., was a dirt track driver on the Pacific' coasl md Introduced his famous brother \u racing. Ench year that he .has won in Indianapolis, Meyer has competed In as many, races as It was profitable to drive. When Micro are no races scheduled, he returns lo his home at Hunting- Ion Park, Calif., and packs for i hniilln? trip. He shools golf in he low 80's. Lou was married In California .n 19211. His wife watches most of Ms races. They have two children, i-ont.s. Jr.. 0, and - Yvonne, six months. Like • her husband, Mrs. Meyer regards racing ns a busl- and Lou has made it a profitable one. He has drawn down about $200.000 In race earnings luce he drove In ills first Indian- 'ipolis event in 1927. . : It took me a long time to steady myself and control a bad dis|»sl- tion. but I believe that r vc finally got It In hand. I know that two years could not have pulled myself to getlicr In the last nine the way i was able to do in the Masters' -Tournament. HORIZONTAL 1 Graceful performer on Ice. 13 Violent wind. HWand. 15 Smell. 16 Bottle stopper 17 Fixed by •weight. 20 Female fowl. 21 In what way. 22 Slaying power. 74 Like. Vi Public aulo. 2ti To malic lace. 27 Half. 28 Ado. 29 Scheme 31 Plant hairs. 32 Electrified poilicle. 33Nole in scale. 34 Form of "be." 'J5 Hawaiian bird 30 Dovc'i- cry. 37 Northeast, 38 Italian river. 39 She appears in ice • 44 Convent worker. Answer to Previous Puzzle 45 nccomcs acid. 47 Fodder vat. 48 Abounding In pines. « Stripedfabric. 50 Verse. 51 Kiln. 52 She is a figure —- (pi.) 53 Slit 1 is a young girl. VEUT1CAL. 2 Trees. 3 Maize.' ' 4 To nnnov: 5No(oinscnlo. C In line. 7 To peruse. 8 Unequal . things. 9 Pertaining to the lore. 10 Type of vhceso. 11 Good-for- nothing person. 12 Groin. 10 She recently became world 51 King of (pi.). Bash:?!-, 17 Situation. 18 And. , 19 Heritage. 21 To drone. 23 Spiko. 25 Wager. 27 Male child. 28 Male ancestor 30 Card game. 31 Movers' ' trucks, 33 Death as a deity. 3G Gem v:eiglu. 38 Flat-bottomed boats. 39 Island in the Atlantic. 40 Cow-headed goddess. 41 Vigor i 42 On the Ice. 43 Behold. 44 Unless, 4C Tree bearing acorns. 48 Chum. 50 Railroad. , 4,., 1937 Riley Bests Dillman,To MeetKallio ^ex Rlley, the scientific youngster who has gained unusual success on Mike Meroney's grappling circuit, defeated Dutch Aultman two out of three' falls at the' Legion arena last nl«ht and gained the right to meet Gus Kallio, veteran and reputed middleweight champion, in a match nt the arena here next Monday night. in another match last nignt Joe Dilhnan took Ja'ck Kenny, strong mon grappler, in two straight! fnlls, in seven minutes .with the .'•ame grip. Dlllman, as expected, was extrtmelv rough. The nilev-Auitman match "was the more Interesting of the two. Anltman, after feeling out niley for the first 10 minutes, resort- cd to rough stun" and battered Rilcy into submission, getting the first fall fn 19 minutes with a .surf board grip. Riley took the second fall in i<j minutes, Aultman continuing his rough tactics until Rile'? met him y/iih a kangaroo kick to the face while Ai'ltman was attempting a flyln? tackle. It accounted for the fall Have You Visited Our New Modurn Service Sdilion'.' While Rose Gasoline Goodjrar Tires Willard Flatteries Road Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SEHVHJK Call G33 For I'romut Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. and niley took the final fall In 15 minutes with flying tackles, A'good crowd sat In on the grunt and groaft performances. Twb-'falb'il Lizard Found REDWOOD CITY., Cal. (UP) — Two nilntitcs after Mrs. Sarah Gulnass jokingly .told her daughter that If she could find a two- tailed lizard It would bring her good luck, the latter found one. The only thing still lacking is the good luck. •' •'.•••• The University of California Jias^ mi enrollment of 21.000 students. Benjamin Bttnneker constructed Hie first clock made In America. In 1154.'' '-• Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS . Orel Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'KM SKF." Plionr- 540 5<l.'by the Lions and Rotarlans of jllylhevillc. ami is on display at Roland's Boolery. "Secretary Saltba said Hint efforts are being made, to secure transportation to and from Walker Park-the day of the game. .Tickets .verc pluceri on sale this morning and may be seemed at all the diirg stores and the Pastime Billiard Parlor. To avoid congestion It.the park fans are asked to buy lii advance. - ••" Read Courier News Want Ads. ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdaie Mfg. Go PHONE 18 Caveat STEECE^lVtO, Hi-Test All PAID Also Free Premiums Worth tc Per Gallon Super 72. Hi-Test 10p % Anti-Knock All Tax Paid Kerosene in 30 gal. lots '. White Gas in 30 gal. lots 24-Hour Service ti JL Jr £i ft T S . at your \~~ service Inlroclucing - - BoLo's Gianis JAMES C. RUSHING RIGHT HAND PITCHER. 19 years of age, born June 23. 1917 at Northport, Ala., just across Black Warrior river from Tnscaloosa. Is 5 feet, n incbes tall, but weighs only 150 pounds. Received his high school diploma last year While at Northport H. S. played four years of basketball, and was named on the All-County team last season. First gained pitching recognition three years ago . by fanning 24 In a nine inning game. Holt was the victim. For two years has hurled In the City League in his home town. In '35 worked four of five game play-off, winning three, Including the de elding game. Last year won 8 and lost 2. Has always, averaged al least 8 strikeouts per game. Has State WPA Administrator To Attend Game Thursday Floyd Sharp of Little Rock state WPA administrator, has accepted Ihe Invitation of Secretary Fred S. Saliba and will be oil hand to take part In the opening lame festivities. Thured'ay, when the Blylhcvlllc Giants meet their •'Tdlttona! rivals, the Osceqla Indians. Half holidays have ben declared ' Mavors Marlon W. Williams, Blythevlllc, and A. S. Rogers, Osceola.'Petitions havj been circulated to urge business firms to close r or- the game. It Is understood 'hat Superintendent W. D. McClurkin has promised to turn out 'Chool at noon. A goal of lOOO las ben set by club officials. A trophy for the target opening day attendance In the Northeast Arkansas League has been donal- HOLYOKE, Moss. (UP)—Sightless since childhood, Mr. nnd Mrs.; Pierre Sirois celebrated their silver wedding anniversary recently. The blind couple met while attending Nazareth Institute for the Blind in Montreal. Sirois 'Is a piano tuner and Mrs. Sirois Is a singer. MSB/ Everything For Your Enteitain- lllent and Comfort baffling curve ball. His sinker Is a pip. Reported to Jackson, Miss., this spring at request of Ike Boone who is a native of Tuscalcosa. Pitched against Greenwood. Bobo umpired and liked him. Suggested that If he didn't make the grade thai he could use him nt Blythevlllc. After his release wired' Hershell and was promptly told to come on over. His father is a state road overseer. Likes to hunt as well as play baseball. TONSGHTIS $150 BANK NIGHT . (Less Sliiic Tax) Patsy Kelly and Ii.vdii Hnbcrli in Wilh J/ynnc Overman and Hubert Armslroni; Also Fnrnmnunl Pictorial and Novelty Shorts —Admission— Malincc—ID A 2lic Night—1C >t' Me rutkuiial FARM LOANS Anywhere in Mississippi County Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Service Prepkjrment Privileges Wilson and Worthington 1st National Bank tt.ldg. Blytheville, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitor for 'The rrudenlial Insnrancc Company o[ America Admlssliin—Always 10 & 2Gc Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday bow Every Night. Friday and Sunday Msitinccs Slail- at 2:1:1. Siiliinliiy Mnllnri! at 1:15 9. - Wed, - Thur, PAL MIGHTS! Adults Admitted for I'ricc All Children— lOc ' of 1 A COLUMBIA PICTURE Also Comedy TUB LARlffiC_fi HL \VILSON " HA11VKY. MORRIS '.' RAY \VOUTHINCTON Registered Imported Spanish Jack Registered Saddle Horse As Good As Walk • Located on my farm south of Blytheville. Fee $10.00 and $15.00 cash. Two returns allowed C. G. SMITH -We're frank to say that: Not all Summer Suits that look-good arc good. We're rather proud of our experience and judgment in such matters . . . That's why this store is noted for its outstanding- display of the new ,> • t> u - ' PALM BEACH,Sprs - ' : /' 'f'^t t ^ £'-^ In our seasoned opinion they repi r'i* \»5, your safest and best inv.estnifenteiifi ; ' ' t' ''.'•. l/ :: ; ; ^. J 5 ' mer style and comfort... EXTRA SLACKS •§5.00. We are showing la.iparticularly wide as- '" sortment of darker toned business suits- striped or plain. R. D.HUGHES & GO.

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