Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 7
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nion Expert Op The Canadian Government recently sent an appraiser to the principal bicycle factories in this country, to determine the exact value of various makes for import into Canada. After an exhaustive' investigation, his report to his Government rated 7Vs per cent, higher than any other make and they £• pay duty accordingly. Tills but confirms the popular verdict. Col- umfaias are <$ J< ** STANDARD OF THS "WORLD. Unequalled, Unapprcochsd. Beautiful Art Catalogue of Colr.nibi.t anil Hartford t3icyc!cs is t'rcc it you cut! s:pon any Columbia a™sr v ; ; by rorul ;:'om MS 1'or tv/o 2-ccnt itarr.p.s, V POPE MANUFACTURING CO. Factories ;md General Offices, Hartford, Conn. Brnnch Stores nnj A£T-"-cicH in almost every city and town. If Columbias arc not properly •eprcscntctl in your vicinity let us know. >'K NIGHT u- pistol shot was Jiotifd, sharp in the frost.y 1,'i-ir, anil t.h c n Uiroup-hout tlhe town wns sprend the; news tliat, Joe Muyhew h;id lulled a man named Morris. In the town, a tonclslool that ciime up iil'ler a ruin, on uh Arktui.sas prairie, T was nursing :i newspaper vent live, anil ea^vr io jfel. I lie I't'.cts f run to the hotel where t.he detid man lay upon the bar- room'iioor. 'J'lie fuels were J'ew. There quarrel, Muyhew hjrl be- ed, snalehed out. hi;', pistol That was all. I remember tilt youns 1 man its he satin a room ii-n- anvs',, weeping over his crime, lie was a handsome eii.'i[i, ifiMOcI'lil. dark- eyes, enrly hair; and us 1 Itirned away 1 heard :i i::an vemark: 'Tie's mighty purty, '..ml. liiey'll Inuifr him." At- tile Irinl it W:IK brought on I, Mutt Morris had snatched from Mayhew a. phuio^Taph oi a j-'.ii'l tnid had made cm insultii:;,' remark concern in£ if. Bit I. even tunonjj most, ^alla.tlt men tin; criii 1 -. 1 i" speaking' ili of a pic'.ure did lent death, so. M.'i.vhew penitentiary, a concession on t of Hie prosecution. two years 1,'tlei' I V.'KS worki;:.<r vwspaper in I'.ittk- l.'Oek, wiu-n (hero ca:no or.e day a witnriii. She was l.'lll. in' ollk-e !;k':ntt i f nl TIMETABLES. LOCAL TIME TAPl.RS. SoJJd tr.'t.'.i.i between ''Peorla 'Lm.i S:LU- ilusky" and "trull-:iu.polls and Mlehiunn." Direct conrif-etlons to and from :il! |.olms In the United States cmcl Canada. L. E. & W. K. R Arrive Leave SOUTH BOUND. No SI Pacific EK Daily.. 7:l5nm 2:05 a m Xo 23 Jndlnnap's Vx Sunll:-I5a m No. 23 Mall & Ex ox Sim. 3:20 p m f-.10 p m No -I Passenger ex Sun No. 151 Rochester Local Arrive 4:13 p- m. except Sunday, MOUTH BOUND. 5:M a m No. 20 Mall & lix ex Sviri.10:22 a m 3:30 p m Xo 22 JHchlpran City dally -1:.|D p m 1:53 p ni No "4 Detroit Ex ex Btin No 130 Accom. ex Sun.. CM.'am •Docs not run north ot Peru on Sunday. Trains 21 anil :!0 run dally between Indianapolis r.ntl T'eru. Xo. 20 via Tlnton arrives at Dloomlnpr- ton at !>:",2 p. m. making direct connection with C. & A. fast train arrlvlns In Kansas) City tit S.-55 .next JncxnlnK, connecting direct at Kansas City for Denver, San Fran- cl2v« and all points west. Free reclining chairs betM'oen Tlpcon and iris.sourl ilvur Tor all passengers. Nos. .20, SI, 22, and S3, connect at Tlpton with main line trains forSar.du.sk.v;Peona and 'all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information call on J. J. Skinner ticket aj,'ent, ]^. E, & W.. Peru. Ind.. or C. F. Dally, cenorai posscntror ajfent, Indianapolis. Ind. atestp •Daily. IDolly except Sunday. Leave Arrive. Bradfor'l and Co! 12:."0 a m • 2:45 a m Philadelphia & N. Y.. 4 12:Mam • a:45 a m Richmond it Clntl....* l:0u a. m - 2:10 a m Ind'pls & Louisville. .•J2:-»5'am • 2:IiO a m Effncr & Peorla • 3:0o a m «l2:SOam Crown Point & Chi..'2:.">S a m M2:-IOam Richmond & Clntl..t 0:-!5 a m tll:2(! p ni Crown Point & Chi..t 0:00 am tT^pm JIontlCB'Jd i lifl'iii-r t KI|,() u in t 1:00 P ni Bradford & Col +-T:50am t-l.'Wpm Effncr local frelfrht..t S:30-a m t2;jrjpm Ind'pls & Loujwillc..* 2:00 p m «l:30pm Richmond anO^Clr.'.!..* 2:10 p m • J:20 p m Bradford and Gel....* 2:03 p m •l.-lOpni Fhila .'i Nuw York...." 2:"3li in * 1:M P m Montlccllo & Kft'iicr..* S:20p m f T:-l5am Chlcaso *l:3iipm • 1:S3 p m Chi & Intcrmt-Olate..* -1:30 p m *12:;IO p m Ko'isomo & Rich t2:30pm jUiWam Bradford & Col f •1:30 p m 112:20 p m J A McCULI^OD'Gn, Ajrent. Locansport. into most. with wonderful Titian-h:iir ami with (•yes litat reeilod poetry, f pit out oi' my chair, h.'ilf believing Iha1 I wa-s | in a dream. .'i:td invited her to sit down. She smiied as she loo); ib-: ehair, and I it w:is all f could do to !;i-ep from j <uiiK-iii'_r a j'lff. 1 did not. ask her what. I she wanted. IVhy, if she had wanted | the earth phe mig'lit litive had it. "You knoiv^loo olaybew?" she said. ".In* Alaybew'.'" It hail been so loii£ that, 1 had but n dill) recollee.lion of hitn. "Vos. jUayhi.'w who liille'd u man in this sialu two years a£o, . He wa.s sentenced to the penitentiary for tSyears." "(Hi, yes, ]' remember him." "Weil" (wii.h a aweet simile), "he nnd I were to have-been niiiiTioxl. blithe f:ot into trouble. Wo lived in the same town in Indiann, and he came down here—nnd yon know 1-hn rest. Just before they (,ook him 1o pristm to CHUT upon his awj'ul tonn, he wrolo ;ne that, ho wa-s S'oir.g' to Australia ami •flint I mi.S'ht never see him nfrain, biri not lo-.ifr ago I henrcl that- he had hilled a man Tor insulting- my picture a:id that ho was in llnf penitentiary: so t told my mother, and his motho:-, loo, that ! was froir.ir over into Kentucky to teaeh sel:go'; and then 1 came oft down here to ;>'et him out, of prison, for I k:iosv he didn't mean to kill the man. for there, never wa.s .1 kinder heart than Joe's, nnd I want you to ;.:•') wild me to the 1 slate house fo ser: I lie ;:'nvernor. And L know the governor will pardon him when i:e hears what a ffhad boy he always was and how 1 hwe him Come, on and let n.s pi now. and then we'll K'o to tin; prison aiul'rct him; and von shall sco us inar- •I- Rn.icl.nbtln.iig-, bu'tl-'thoug-lit how ill- fitted for-thi.s,world was she, .1 flower ia a pig-sty. -•.••••.". '• ;• .. Jj'jtck to the newspaper oCiifa we went tuid .w.hf>n she had snt down slip, said: "Can'tyou .sus'S i e..stson i i6])!'iui? I'sJiotild t.bi.nk-.i'on miyht, yon urc so big and £>tron£% Nou* you tell ino ^vh^.t' t.o do rncl I'll do ix\ for perhaps to-morrow •\vill be; too soon lo go to the governor affiiin." She was beautiful and her innocence ivn.s chn.rvninfi', but X I1;id to yet rid o 1 ! her; xo I did sxig-jjest somcvhing. "I )%now of. but one course," sa.id •!, "and it you follow it we may aceompliwh our aim. I will draw up :i pi^tiiion TO the. p'ovprnor, n.iul you t;ike it out to the place where the'1i'i:i.l was hi;ld nnd s'ff the sijTiio-Mives of t.liO judg'e, slierii'.', prosociiting r..tt.orney and of all tho jurymen." Who clapped her hands. "The very thing;!" she cried.. "And tJicn lie will be. compelle-d (o pardon him, won't ho? Oh, we'H-s'how him whr.t if. is (o rcfusi 1 : and we won't Jmve. ;my mercy on him, the me,-in tliiiwr. Draw up lhu.p«titio:! and I'll start oir rip-lit now. Kut,don't *,el! anybody, for the yo\ p ei-nor ;:ii.£fllt hear of it :uid write to the men not to slfrii it. We'll take advanlHfrc of Jiis nien nness." I drew up the petition nr.il way sli-> wenl., linp-py .'intl iwli:i:it. A ye;;r passed before. I s.-i-vv Jn:r ag-aVn. She e:ui;e ini.o the oflir.T. iriiniiphantly smilinir. "Oh, I've £-ot (lien! :;.I1," she erie<l, "but. I li::<l a'hrr.'d tiir.i;. I fo!- lo\ved tlii'in .'til over rliis country, 4 .r;;e!\- iiii, r them fi'oi:: jiliict lo phiee, and I found one !:; C';iiind;l niiil iip.ul.lier onu it: Mexico, bnl —oh. I forgot, lo tell yc.ii that one of iliem is dead. WiJl that tinVl-t^l'tliero'to'dress him ns. a tiride- groom. The •marriage eeranon.v shnl! be performed right here. My con«:ie:jec alive!" And the marriage eereinany wns performed in the eN'eeuUvc chumLier, Ol'IK 1,'K.VD, One Oi'ttlriS V«ry Jll|."h C'l.trious symptnm of 1 lie over- I throw of .common sense by science in sueh a study a.v domestic economy is ..the'.fact.. tliat.the papers arc f:-c-(|'.ir.'ntly marked by'(j'rot' j sr;iie misspellings, no'. merely of si'.ie.iUilie terms, but ewnof eoinmon words which in other papers would present no diJlior.H.v \vtuitever. This is a. mark of the papers ol' senior schoolgirls, who study tilie subject of domestic economy as wi'.'l a.s of olfler stndentR. and \ti smdi an exlent th;it the examiner is I'orc-ed t.o the 'cot-el n- sion thai, this is in .some oec-ull/ way n dimmer to orthography. To invest' in "eonsnls," to have !,!ic BngTi' n;iils neatly "paireih ..... jioodles" oi' w.'iU'! 1 . "mineh " - stcilie," 1.0 have the \v;l!i svater and io M for,infants end Children. OTHERS, Do You KNOW BalcJMsn's Drops, Godfrey's Cordia!, :nai:y .so-c. r i!k'0. ! r.iwi re'.ncdics Tor '_-hi!cri.:i 'i:~ c6:j) po^ei! of opium or : Paregoric. ,v tlu'.t » l :r.oi;)hi:,c are h :-.:o^*_ '.-,;nntiu s m:i ::i!;e few yanijiles of this liMrdi'iu-y. fJui j-eien t; lie. le.rms fire i:y-no me;ifis safe fro:n \'::;':at!0iis, a-i (lie t.;vo f^llinvi^;^ unoia ; io;is. [-Jjis !i;ne from t);i ¥ fjapers ot sehnn!'/: r!'-.'. \'.'lll siiur. 1 : "(.^.-ir bonny cassn"'" is :tn urf.'S!);:) bi:l \'ei-rceei^ni/.- nbic form of e.nrbouie ,'ieid. "Lael; tail I!HC!;S" may :;<jt besoeas' 1 ;/ iverie'iiixed ; i>ne ini,'-;-ht scpriose t!i;:t '' refi-vren to a in smv.e eally i;> bly tl;e ^ less ri make any "Xone at- nil." "Ob. T'iu so filar! of. lluii. 'for I was afraid it would. Of course I'm sorry he's dead, but Tin g'hid'il- won't, inake niiy iliiTerenoe," "Yon are n heroine, if there ever was one," -said I. "You are the noblest—" S-hc ,s,hut inn tip. "Don't sn.y that. I'm .simply a woman who loves -,\ jna:;." ''And 1 ri!.n Coins' to make a. confession lo yon." snid I. "^Mien I. started you oft' ^yit.h t.luit petition I had but little hope, but now I '.mi Tu'l of it. Anoihc; 1 (jovornov has' been eleeted aiul--" Her face (.larl;cin;d. "Jint J:u won't hnve to- reeeive a. petition, made out. for some one. else. .Vow I will have to do it all ovcv again." "No you won't," I 7'e-plied, unable ;o keep from laiiffhing. "The man now iu -&*~~ • LiMlhTi) 1 I \\TIS iinL no\v tli^post.M.1 to tin net. 1 a jifr: f \vt:<; sorrow-s-n:itri.'n. ll'.v-;' l>o;mty, lu-r sini;i!c fiiitli. her love foi' t|if convict moved tin. 1 (iccply. She >v,iKsjT,iliu^ rincl JUT r\\'S '.vcru f j,'lor'io^^> I omilt'i not tell her ilia! (he ;;r)Vun;or was slern n.iifl lini'd of lir::r(,j teouM not explain Hint my ji;:pcr h:u! sf.-vfj'f.'l}' criturisc'd him foi: too five a UNO of r,|u; ii.'inloiiJnir power; I eonld ii-pl. throw reeil wr.f.cr on the warm and Lruslinff he.'ii't. I went with llC 1 !'. Tilt? 'yovrnior would nol lisilt'n to lu'r story. "I can do noiliin^ for yon," he -*" AVEST BOUND. loci' yjtlf l.t. KII ir. Onl!) o ii-r st L< u^ ilnnit o iiidij . i !(.' ro -I':'. yimi J.Kli'i.nl >. 'o/i. i.i. •);' ........... iv;m.'<iis i:iu IM ii>t I'iO'j 'I." i O'ii fui; i-MU.-i' (.i'H) i x: mi clil n. )•• No. EAST BOUND. 2 X. Y. & Bo.iton lltn il dully 'old no 4.'.. 2:-]\ ;i in tl 1'ii.it mall iliilJj'. '" il DO-IIJ ............... li:-is u m 4 Atlu'itlc Llin Unllj t'X Sun 'nl(t no-IL. -1 "»'J |i in 7-1 Lociilfrt. Accnin. <billyrxsiin ......... 1- an p '» EEt- RIVER DZVISIOX. - WJiST BOUND. XoSTarrlvi- EAST BOU.VD. IN KI-'FKC'T 3M Y 17, INXl,' TKAi:;S LEAVE LOCANSPOP.'r, IN'D, 1'OR THE KOriTIJ. , . No, 52. Ex. Sun. 10:31 a m for St Joseph Vo. '& Kx. Sun. f.:W a m fur St. JOK«II)I N'o. j-( Kx, Sun S.--IO p 771 for South 'Kiwi » .FOR THK SO1JTIT No. 51 Kxeopt Kiinilii.v T:!7u. in. lur T'IITP HiiuV: No. 53 Ex. Sun. L".-I7 p. in. for Torre l, r auts .For complete time card, islvlnK all train.') and stations, aii'l for full Information as to nitos; 1 through cnrs. etc., rujarer!: .T. a BDGEV.-ORTW, ..Mrcric. IjOpansport, Ind. Or, E. A. Ford. General r'-isp^nycr Arent, St. Iioulfl, .Mu. the executive ehair is Churchill, ;i longhaired cHViilier. n. soldier. \\'i: will jju ;it- onuo io see him." )Vhen u-e enlered. the oi'iee the [.rov- Ciriior was iloxinjr in his roeliinfj eiu'.ir. Ifc jrot i.'ii wil-ii n slutely '.-uw, and bailo UK sit- dmvn. "(.Joi'onioi 1 .'* saitl 1, "iel mi: toll you a story." And then I mid him </:' U:.: -\'oini^' man's deed arid i.hv yotin: 1r \vo:u- nil's love. "\Yh.v. my f,T:u;ioi;s nlivi 1 ." he i.-'-'!ed. pulling' b««k his Inn™ ,'.;T:I.V liair. "V.'iiy. my dear miss, a man ih:;I. eiiuld win your love eotdii not eominil niiiiih.'r, ami it was an outrage lo sen,I him to the iienil-enl.inry. IVt.iiiui,! 'A'hy, my dear miss, ymir eyes are [let.iiion rncnij. 11 !!, Here, rtain," ctillin™ his i-lerl;, "make otit a p::nion for Joe 1 Mayhesv. .-'v."d s::i,v. Sriri. send a. hack i.iit. a !';er ln':n "N a young" girl's life there CODIKH a time w'.itu the cureless innocenci: of childhood clianfTus to ;lie modest, blushing maidenly self-con- .(Sciousness of ap- iiuoiiiiiff inauirity. spc'.'jcs of ivatiT fnwl, ri'liii way to li:e .Man.v car. !;nl il !vi)'l<''] for .'aeli'iil (lni:'s. P •ftinetions <if ihe<. 4 c vessris \\': myslei-y to l.he wriler tha:i i,!", 1 sju'llin-j: of tlii'ir n.-iFin 1 .— )':l.i<'l:v. o.-nl's M'.-rra/'.ijie. ANOTHER DUKE AFTE:7 A CRiDE. I^.icll Anici'ii-.i'.n Ui-aulio:^. The. cables iL'ui'iiliy bi'ijuyhl word tluiil tin; yotmp; dui-,e ul' .Manehi's-t-cr, •,loubtle'.-:s inspireil by ilic sr.eci ss of the yutniL;' dnkc of .Marlboruiif;'li, cn:i- tirnphUes a trip to llie Vnited Stales in order to look' over 1 he •filt-tdfi'tfiJ .mrtU'icvjnial jirc:s]jeets afl'ordrd hej'c lo iho."L- who wear the strawberry leaves, and io inspect the crop of heiresses who will be in bloom :?i.<util, the tune he •attains his majority. Before '.lie ecntr.ry ends the list of youtii;' [:ieers who will ccr.nc of ,'t^e \vill include the 'duke of .Manciiostf-r. :i marquis, live enri.s ami a baron, all of whom are K'cnviilii 1 sweli.s, .Most of llicw will dcnbliess be {^iad t.o secure a. fe\\' millions of A'mi.-ric'an dol.'nrs in .'ijldjtion to an American wife. William Alices Dro^'oinonl.-ig'ii. Ilic youn™ duke o!. Maiidii.vlcr, who is eon- ti inplatin;,' :i four of t^ffjecl ion amonf," the a.vailable mi.'iinn;;iiM 7:?::iden.s of the. l.'nited Slates, is the. nijil.h dnke of that title. Ifc iras horn Mareh I!, Ke lia? been in ciri'iyiiient.of th: 1 tiHe about foury.TH'j!, h;s falher bavin™ died it: is'.'.'.'. JiiMva.s ediiealed a; ICfon. His riKither wa.s .Miss ConsiK'iu Yxnajra. Tin-- you.'i.cr (liii-:o's (x-diyirc b:-"-iiis \:iih Kir Ilciir? Montajju. w'lo. in l(i:'.'t'. lor:l treasurer of ICne'land. and in lie wa.s made ou-rl of Mtir.cliesior. The I'nurlli oarl cat?I ids fortunes wivh :-.t of Ora-jiire. .'i?!!!' when Hint seored his sticeess the ear! was :i iln);i.i in 17Hi, so that while •"liar.cheslar" smnelv'sof trade, and mod":'i:i:(.-s>. the title is seen lo lie a respectably old one. One of ihe, younpr duke's grandmother's is the, duchess of• Devonshire, nnd one of his aunt's i:-; :i ditchers of Har.i- ilton. ITe hits three i-onr.try r.rnts, Fvim- bolton et.silc and 3"!rampto:i 1'a.rk in 'fliintinp'don.'-'hire, and Tanderapreo cns- 'If in ("onr.iy Arir.a:vh. Trchind: without. labC'Iin]^ Llivni puiso:;* > jf><^ -V^M Kt'.ow th.'.i you ,,!iou:d Tio; pc-niit ; It^le'ss yon or yynr phyiici.'.a / nou - or^'l::.t it it cc:npu ;>o Vooi TCf.tV.v Hi:;; C*\'.<y.-',z i.-; .-. purely vq.'u Us injjr-jtlit.'iU3i;; p-j^'.i^hcil ivUh ^ r x::' '.W.tX T Tto Voti 7>C» p vt' th.il rr.^torin isil. .? lie: pc;n)iUnJ l ;«riMr:iliu 'rh:it i'. has l Cif nil otUcr n- ;:i we fo ic:'. for clii foil ]F:ug.-.v '.h:it oilier countries, ; I), •nut.r.ci:: :h:ii to imii-.u- tlicia i:, n t-:.-iiv • csiKC Castor. a tr.d bc.-c:i \;~3\-::'- '. n Von Kug^.y iii.-.t ,7,-; av < " c -'- :: ci ' '-"* ;j r:.i am Ji::u;..;-..-a cent" 1 , or oi;e cc.--.i no Von K to k Children Cry for Pstcher's Osstorsa. THE GREW SOUTH AMERICAS BALS1M! ...CUKES... COLORED GIANT BURIED, niovoil [;»;fcro It clears the J:ead of foul mucous; heals the jores a:i'l ulcers cf the head and throat; sweetens the breath, '?ud perfectly restores the senses of the taste, smell and he.iring. Stops headache and dropping into tie tLroat. Also destroys the germ which causes HAY FEVER, .1 perfect cure in. a fev d.iys. Vcvev fails! No fatal cnse of T <.\ GR.'.7>P2 eve- kaowfc \ylicre Br^iiica Bali! '<; faithfully -;seOl. It destroys the grippe gerrc and quickly removes all the after bad effect. IN FALL.E3 LE in ASTHMA, CROUP, BRCS-* CIHTIS.PLKURISV, PXED.IIOXL\, TJvspErsii,' RUKDMAKS.U, TYPHOID ami SCARCE* FEX-.EK, MEASLES, and any disease wherffl there is Tnflaaiinritjcn, 1'ever or Cor.ges* ion. Greatest relief in Consumption eve* dis« covered. Cures a Fresh Cold m one day. stops in 2 minutes, htops HnuinK In rha bead and relieves deafness. As .in Injection Invaluable In female troubles. 'For oiiTw.inl HSO IiiMlsruts, Sores rind burns lixu magic. Pro« • vents loclc-'awlrom WOHIMS. QUICK CURE FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILUS. Its Healing Power is Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medicine in Existence' 60 Seat Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrh SJ.OO BOTTi-S EQUALS THREE £Cc. BorTi-ES. HOME I'ortJon or Lho 13n:m<i Is Ilonio tin: t;o;!.v I;*.T:ikcii t.o the lloars*. 1 . 'i'iie bii-\u'-. L :u mail in a!! Ji'ioile. Isla.nd. i ; .bit: .T. 1.iT.irnway. ilie colored barber. iv;;s burled aL i'rovide:';.'!: t h" other day. Alien:i ."in i people, both white ;'.nil black, a^i''inl.!ed in J!ai*.i!: tlieir last, respects lo el:ar::eie:\ The service Vy JJev. \Viiiiii.ni 'II. Tho i'.e.'-hel A. .M, J-;. 1 ehureli. ••vas a ', eritaljI-.'S'iant aiul v.- i'.!!0 eum.ds befoi-e snid. "ft was a cold-blooded murder and lie may consider himself lucky ih.'it, lie was not li;inffc-<l. Oil. yes, l.'i,, surry and all that, but.! can do riorhin,7." ".The hutcfui oki ihii?^," siie sa-i'i, as we. wrre ^oin^;' cloivn (,110 .sl.'tirx. "Said he couldn't uo aiiything wlicn all he'd havv. 1 to do v,o:iK'.i be lo s.ip'n soifK 1 sort i of paper.' lUil, perhaps le.: m:-.y be in I a Wi'tter Inuiifir to-rnon-ow. ,\:;il won't it be n joyous day u-h 1 .".! I talie.Jo'j hoina \vi(!i me'. 1 UVll comu afrain' i-o-mfir- rov\ J ." "It. uyll do no yood," I was forced io way. \Ve were now in the yard '.a vhu face was r'adiar.t. she asked, just a little stiiili/.;ht. Her "Why not?" ' Kill the Catarrh jnicrobc arid you curs Catarrh. These parasites'nest' c!ecr> ic • c*TAitKff tha tissues and-foltls of the » <ft^^r olfactory tncrutrrauc, aad Ji'.jft are difficult to reaci and 4^8$ ^fflktll; but Eraziiiaa Balin will ta^Sa »C^utterly destroy (hora if used .^* I(rr , n - I!lI ?/Tp(.'rsist?i]t]y?.D directed.. It nlso destroys the Ray i-'eyer. gcru: in a few d.-iyp. U* 1 * •f« ;i .strength, or no, ftfr-Hsiy' tevcr. Cure permaoent. '.old yon t.hai. he can "i'.ccanxe. lie do nothin;: 1 ." ' • ' "Oh, lie said heconld donothias'now; but he said notliinjraboi.it t,o-roorrow." "Hav.-; yon 'been o:it- t.o the ijt-ison 1 ?" I asked, noi knowingv.vhatol.se tisay. "Oh, no," she njvswered. "f l-houghf. it best •no'l; to fro u-hi'l 1 ccukl talrc bis . iiartlon to him. Don't yon sec how smart. there v'> a touch of shy coc|uc-try in .tlje i Blanco;—Uie^'irl has i become a woiiitir., She hiin entered tuat crilieal period so fell of li.ippy -possibilities, yet so lieclceC , about with the j)hy- skal suirevi»;rs ri:id ip-crs peculiar to lu-r fi:x. It has been ?r,iO itiintto be :iv.'ou::ul is [LO sunVr. To» oftf./ •'vli is is true. A v.a- ]n:t:i's \vhoie na'.uie is so bound up in Ihe special fuiicUo::!- n! herv/ointinhooii thatrinyilisiiirljaiici: of this sensitive orif:i:iisni' throws the whole system out of li:iriiioiiy. " I'-'tnrilit \vc:il;ii •_"«.•" causes iiiivi-tciilhs of ail tlia wn:ielie(lncss whiei: \vo:ueti endure. Jfc;in JIL-VVI' Ivj per- niancully relieved by "lucrJ ireniaimts.' 1 That i? RCReraily :tu expensive. i-nibarr:i<- ir.ff, useless, :u:ik"e-.shift. Vv'liatis nwdul i:t Dr. Piiirce's favorite •Frcscriplion i'~> i'i.-,'.i-.'7 the iaiierniost sources of the troiible ;u:d restore Ju-alLh ;i!iJ strciifrth (liree'.Iy to the | intenrtl nr^:>.Tis. This sl'ip". '.lit wea'iefti:i:i3 [ dr.iiiis'which sap life's foiiiitl.niijii : ht:n.',s nil v.leerateil conditiuns, (fives thi- lij:-:neui j elastic jio-.ver of liicnirielvu.' to correct m\f- placement: of inlenial orsuns and impnris tunu, viwr anil viuli'.y tot lie ejit ire fi.-»:i nine organism.' In'n vrorfl the " Knvorife' Prescription-", makes healthy, happy vroincs. Dr. Pitixc is. tiic Chief CbiiMilliiii: Pnyslckm of tlie I:iv:i!ljs' ifotel'-aiid'^(nfiia;! liiflinue, Bufliilo. .V. V. He li.i.C maiic.ii liic—tmly of wo. men's acc'u'.i:ir uilinciiUP Ovrr iil'iiuty jwses cf his crtatVov.!:..'' 'rlie.'I'Sriple's'Coiainon Scasc l\'edica'. Ai('.'is<-r." nrrv],':yo:cit tu'the cn.-isiOci.'i- lion 'of ili'-';::v«"' prcitllsr 'lo wimcii." Sm-ei-'ssf-il llltflllis of hojltC'trcritllu-lIt ^r<, i ht:;V:Jl Mi>:^ r ! r "-u-d l ranking it unneci'^s'ii'j'KJ cii.^lny :i pliyf it-run, or lo submit to his ".ifXnniririiious-"-iit:rt I lie 3lcrco'.y])vi!. ln:t (".eiicr-illy us-.-les*. "luce' tivat- covei'cosl of ir.:i:!i!i?. tfv/'r,"viii brinjj n copy of ;!iiK- '.l^'V.! tio.cjl:. Aiifhes 1 *- WorM's ui t w pciifydV Jlt-die^l Ai^cciuUon, iiiiil'Jo, jw. "V., n phier to paj- the wrll-hno-wn \\-ere conduct c\l "homas, of i.')'.• ensenv.-ay hei'! al.'otil. lis it.-uiii. 3lis cc.fiin .frainrs and-a, pnrfion of the 'house ;::t,l fo be ret::ovi-il iiefure (he body cotdd bo taken from ':ii; tenemen '. J^onrte'-'ii paJl- s were ret|!:i;-.-d lo lift, ihe re l;:roi:.iv'!i 1-hc 1 U'indovv nini convey skc: to tlu. 1 Ii(\'!;'.«<\ The expense fir.ier::! v.-.-is paid for by Kiil'.'ci'ip- A fi-icr-! collected .foil nixl ihi- -i( u .' c . C.M!, "I wr-s worn almost to the jjrave with a rr.ckiug co\;gh that nil the remedies aud the doctors failed to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Sra^iHrm Bahtt. It sbaU be ray docior tlirougli life." — Hfrs.J. Cai!c:i:a-,\ Po'lsiouni, Pa. "X was fearful^ 1 crii-Jjwea f.p will; rhcuir.atism, could not ire', uiy Laad to :uy head. I look ten 50- cetst bottles of Brazilian Balm in six months. "A::i BO\V eutirelj- eured and a:; nija- blc as I was .--.t forty," — A'.isor, 2>;tnv!!, sged S./. A lady in Cincinnati vras aa .i£l:ctcd \vilh nslhum that chirjnjf the winter for seventeen years she •tvas fjable 65; sleep lying clov.'^, v/as entirely £nd pern;azv;i:tly rjred with Brazilian Bain. SOLD By Ai.i- DRUGGISTS &• r *KpifenM f r>r> r. jAutvouri &. i>u., , Fur Mlc; by the followiti- drr.gsis's: B. F. Keesliujr, general .Igonl: BOB Insher, Johnson Bros., W. IT. r.rinshursr. fi. W. Hoffman. D. K. Pryor, Q. A. Meiuis, 17. D. Uattory ami A. U. Kisti-r. i'::ot:rr.vt"s also .sub-scvi.'';-*! i-TJi.'iel.b.'it; 11 '. The b:!:'i:t]. however, w;;s delayed un:":l .'.-]': add il.KKK'.'l sc re 11 dollars were sec'tiri'd. t.j*- 1 nihlertaker eiaimii 1 ^ 1 Ih.n.t ihe biy :::;;n ;'e<|i(irod .a lot- v/liicli would cost c.".'!r:i. i:n-;iey. The c(illec;!oi) of the K; I- .-I.'II dollars c;:usrd considerable oorr.- '..'.'!','::•:::. \lic frien-ds asserl/ii'v that-the cc:.( iil l.'ic fi.'ner::] v,-:;se?.:orbi!anl-. T'ne- I'lij'liiJ !'n:-.l'!y 1o:ili place r.r.d ihen 1 were ;i*: ;,-!;.• t-i 1 Ihr.vers laid ovev the ex pan- ,<ve .'"r;:"i-. ^•.•!' : <.-ll required 1-wo men t.wo SLO'// TO C!G/\:-7!HTT£S. :.;••• •:t':<i.'r.- of HirTra.: l:-.ilii-n-;; t?!Hti>r tl .*, tve:il; t.v-'o i BLOODHOUNDS ^ , .-<!.•;•.! by i !u nf :])C llKi-of liis hlOliill'.OH 1 K; .run dOA'ii criniin:ib hosts';s e, e"e \,\:i an the nnd with a Eli rniantes THE NEW- FREIiCfi BE8SZSY, -' si 1 -:! rc!i '{c. lied •.'i'vri.'i! to rciiin: • ;.he parc:il:-: i:y lids (.::;!tarc used -. Tin. 1 ferocious (mil of the bfiby, ' run overtoolc it boyor.fi Koliomo Jiniotion. !»ore ihaJi t'.vo iniles away. The child w.'iK r:;- cd safely to :,he dislracicd parents. The doj-:-. •jn-.;te.'!; 1 '. of it\ seized a;i pi'Oteetors iemh'i.n'.w arrived..- to b:: the Lea-cl w( jf r.l! iradfr.,to s"is the *$ »•..>•.•,-. Ztr<-Mf-K3>. i:«)v,r l . I ,i-..-, 1 COtiDay. N ishllv Mvls-rli'ii-. Kvll U:-.11113, _ _ V.'-i»i:n'i: iit.i' % :lHr-i nnd :>!! rfiv-i'i.-. of soli j-.ti.rsi .'iml iniJiscri'ilmi. liis'.nrcs Loss .. . . a:/i|>:^ii. Cm* win-ni-.ll wiicrsfnll. ir VlT.M.:s. noi.tln-r. O: n iierar porki-i- JJv mail Sl.<i» w iMvlili nKiinr:iii!<-. ' n 01 lity, I ij- islsi -d il; rsiv t'urc orlteluud ILL P,rt;r,i!Jaii tror.p, irr> metric.

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