The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1950
Page 15
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MUKSUA.Y, WAT Tl, hubarb Uses how Variety Tangy, Tart Taste Puts Balance Info Family Menus ^hubnrd Is coming to town. That cans langy sauce, p!c, cobblers ntul rte. Include them in your well- lanced family menus. Rhubarb IE sold by the iraimd. ^.-pounds will make 4 to G serv- SijBChoose stalks 6f fair thick- ss'^frnd Root! color. Usually, \vell- loretl rhubarb is well flavored, atch for fresh, firm, tender stalks. Miked Iltiuuard (Servos 1 to C» Two Ibs. fresh rhubarb, 1(4 cups own sugar, 2 tablesnoons cold iter, .sprinkling of salt, Remove leaves and root ends from lubarb. Wash but do not peel. Cut s into 1-inch lengths and com- with remaining ingredients, ace in 2-qunrt covered' casserole itl bake al 350 degrees P. from 30 45 minutes. Here n re a few seasonal budget onus to show you how to get flav- . nutrition and interest into your eals at budget cost. Lentil and frankfurter casserole. •earned kale, vegetable aspic. en< chert bread, butter , or fortified nrgnrlne, custnrd, garnished with iced strawberries. Spaghetti with liver sauce, mixed resh vegetable salad with bacon rcsslug, rhubarb pic. Roast duck, apple gravy, buttered uick green cabbage, mashed vetlow Jirnlps, enriched rolls, butter or ortified ; margarine, chicory salad. freuch dressing, lemon mcriiiKue Je. Boiled tongue, pickle sauce, flashed potatoes, buttered zucchini ye bread, butter or fortified mar- ,'arlne, apple-cabbage salad, cus- arrt. .; Cli<H»n croquettes, canned peas, akeiP^potatoes. hot spiced beets, nriehcd bread, butter or fortified largnrine, sliced oranges and ba- ana.s. (ARK.)' COURIER Attractive Bacon Slices Glamorize Economical, Nourishing Noodle Loaf With bacon the best meat buy In* the market, good cooks will want plenty of recipes for serving bacon at mail) meals. A tested recipe that makes a most economical and delicious main liisli Ls Noodle Ixsaf with Bacon Strips. The bland noodle loaf is glamorized by lull flavored 'bscon, «^j'«« t v ,'o together make a mosl Interesting combination. To make it extra convenient, for the cook, the bacon Is baked in the oven at the same time as the noodle loaf. A nourishing main dish, this is the kind of recipe that makes the most of the excellent and economically priced bacon now In the market. Bacon and .Yoodlc I/>af 2 cups fine broken egg noodles 1 ; 2 cups milk cup .soft bread crumbs tablespoons butter or margarine teaspoon salt • 4 teaspoon Tabasco tablespoon chopped pimiento tablespoon chopped parsley table-spoon chopped onion eggs, slightly beaten f slices bacon Line 3x7x2 Inch loal pan with axed paper. Allow paper to extend Indies over both lengthwise sides f pan. This makes for easier re- noval of loaf when done. Cook oodles in boiling water 5 minutes, 'o not rinse. Scald milk, add bread [•limbs butter, salt. Tabasco, pi- ilento. parsley and onion. Stir un- I blended. Remove from heal.; add o beaten eggs, stirring constantly, 'urn into loaf pan. Set in pan of ot water. Bake in moderate oven 350 P.) 45 minutes, or until knife i-serted in center comes out clean, rwcnty minutes before loaf Ls done, it bacon on a wire rack in a shal- iv pan and bake in oven with oodle loaf for remaining time Turn loaf upside down on serving latter; remove paper. Serve with aeon. YIELD: 8 servings. Thick, Juicy Steak A Wonderful Way To a Man's Heart : If you want to get on the right trie of [bat man of yours remein- cr that the way to a man's heart i through his stomach. And whal ouid be more wonderful th^n a Jce thick, juicy steak, done to a urn, a big /baked potato drippiny 'ith farm-fresh' butter, a simple jssed green salad, and a side disl I dill pickles. For dessert a nice iece of homemade apple pie with harp cheese and coffee. Yes — la'am—that's the way to a man's >art. Of course an added surprise 'bn't hiirt'your progress. Make this ' su £St..salad dressing perked u] >ilh Kjppicklcs and gently flavored ,'ith "IT garlic clove. . . . such a: ou'll find in this recipe for a sav- ry pickle dressing. Savory I'ickle Dressing " Makis I U3 cups dressing) - 1 cup salad oil 2 tablespoons pickle juice Vi cup tomato juice K cup chopped dill pickles Dash of hot sauce 1 clove garlic, peeled and grated ! 1 teaspoon salt \^ teaspoon white pepper \\ teaspnon cayenne pepper \ l i teaspoon prepared mustard Combine all ingredients in a jar over and shake thoroughly. Chil list before serving pour dressing vcr mixed salad greens and ' tos. bgethcr lightly. This combination lakes an elegant salad course t srve with broiled steak. Wusfc and the Horses Iring Bookie Teeuble . WILMINGTON, Del., May II AP)—Delaware authorities soimh o prove yesterday that music an ;he horses don't mix after arrest ng the operator of the Delawar Vired Music Co. on charges of boo' n a king. ; Charged along with Joseph Tol In.lJI. ™rc his son Albert J.. ia iis IfK, Blanche and an employe REPAIR .The Only Ronded Repair Service in lilylheville Every Job Guaranteed. TV Experts iano Tuning Repair Pianos—New and Used Music Instruments Supplies and Repairs. Everything In Music Sheet Music—Records— Sound Equipment— . Recordings MUSIC STORE : I07 E. Main _ Tel. fiSH rollctl pluin Many Big Game Species ^ow Facing Extinction WASHINGTON (AP) -A mlmter if species of big game are near cx- Inction. says the National Gcog- apliic Society, in North America, he income, carilxni and gri/jc!y benr ire inre. The bi.son anci .sea otter [row in number, but there are few )f them. The trumpeter swan, the vhaoping crane and the California Condor nre rare birds. The Alaskan brown hear is being :illed off rapidly. Whales, making heir last stand in the Antarctic, ire declining in numbers. The orang-outang of Borneo and Sumatra, India's one-homed rhinoceros, the Asiatic lion, the Arabian ostrich and the bush elephant, also show declining numbers. AI'l'l.K CIUJMB I'llC. Honieinaker.1 can't go wrons In including uiijilo pie on their menus, for it is the all-Anicrinm dessert. The mellow flavor of the apple is brought out to ita fullest In this irresistible apple crumb pie. .A|i|ilo Crumb I'io Shell: 1-1M cups crumbs, finely grnhnin crackers or brcinl crumbs 1 A cup sugar 'A teaspoon powdered ginger 'A cup fortified margarine, melted Mix crumtis, sugar, and ginger. Add melted margarine in thin stream; mix well. Turn into 9 or 10-inch pio plate and press firmly into shape. Chill. Prepare froil. Apple Killing: 4-G tart apples 1 cup sugar 2 cups water 2 tablespoons fortified margarine 'A cup tart jelly Pare, quarter, core and cut apples into eighths. Bring sugar and water to boiling. Add margarine. Cook apples a few pieces at a time, setting aside until all arc cooked. Fill pastry shell Reduce any apple syrup that is left to a very thick syrup. Add jelly (off the heat); mix and pour over the top of apples. Bnlie in moderate oven (350° F.) about 15 minutes until fruit is glazed anci pie shell is set. For other templing, nutritious food ideas, send today for your free copy of "Mealtime "Marvels wilh' Margarine," a helpful, 32-page recipe booklet in l\vo colors. \V_ritc National Cotton Council, Box 76, Memphis, Tcnn. Coal-Steel Pool Asked by France LONDON, May 11. M')—A French proposal to pool Europe's coal and steel was seen here today as a possible solution to a major cold war problem facing the West—how to Integrate Germany's economy Into the Western front. Western dlplomnls here for the Bin Three talks beginning today call such German cooperation the most important step necessary to bolster the West against Russia. Announcing the plan approved jy the i'Yemh cabinet, Foreign Minster Robert fichuman proposed that the pooling start with Prance's own rich Lori-nine and Saar areas and Germany's Industrial Ruhr Valley. West Germany's Chancellor Konad Adenauer quickly termed the Out of This World? GALESBURG. 111.—W>—A ukele- e, a guitar and a hlank'et *were found near Kirk McDowell's farm. That's all. No sign of humans. Among the possibilities jokingly Irene Cherlco. Police said Tollin supplied music and race results by \virc to various subscribers. They contend his operations are in violation of a Delaware law which prohibits the lurn- shing of paraphernalia for book making. Tollin's music machines and telephones were impounded and placed under police gunrd. ' I'ACE FIFTEEN Suit Filed Against -a* Harry James, Wife ~ LOS AKORLES, May 11, (AP).— Betty Grable and her husband, trumpeter Harry James, are accused in a suit of refushlng nelzhbors access to their ranch to repair Irrigation facilities. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Snow, owners o( the property adjoining the James ranch In the area, have filed the action, naming Con Grable, the actress 1 lather nud ranch manager, as co-defendant. The Snows complain that In violation of recorded easements, the Jame.srs denied them access for the repair work and have built road- way.s and fence. 1 ! over parts of the irrigation system. proposal a "generous step by France towards Germany." It's Just the Cat's Meow! ROCK ISLAND, III. _(/!->_ The Ben Andieh family thought they were hearing tlmiKs. And they were —faint meows. It went on like tlml for two days Then members of the Humane Society rippeo out a section of a porch ceiling. Out came lilackle, a kitten owned by a neighbor. BAKE SALE STARTS SATURDAY 9 A.M. ARK-MO. POWER'CO. LOCAL OFFICE CANDY —CAKES-PIES Sponsored by the CATHOLIC ALTAR SOCIETY considered by Sheriff Charles Dahler: A couple of musicians had sent themselves clear out of this world. National Com High-Yield 1549 Champion h Raymond Farris PORK & BEANS 3 of Biscoe, Ark, HIS RECORD WAS: 218.93 Ho grow more corn oil it ncre than uny othfir reportrd in the, nation! His seed corn was: Peppard's Funk G-711 One leopard reportedly killed more than 200 persons In one Indian district in two years. The pause that refreshes ° f 24 bott -75c Hunt's Fine Elberta—Limit 3 cans s----NO. 2 JELLO CHERRIES Ib. boi 3Qt Bush's whole GREEN BEANS-No. 2.19c Miss Liberty or Coffee Shop none belter - - - - Ib. Fresh from the country, packed in cartons doz Corn piasters on lite boltom corruirs of picture frames will prevent marks on walls. Place a ^r a yrosc Veal Roll on a rack in an open pan (NO WATER) Roast in a slow oven (325°l : .). The f.i covering melts and bastes the meat during cooking. ROASTING TIMIt WEIGHT TIME , ^ 7 So A pound! . 4 lo 6>ound» . .6 !o S poundi If c, ,oo,t n, C of 190° F. THAWJD 3 houri 3'/z lo 4 hourt 4 lo 5 hourt us-d, r FROZEN 4 hour* 4'/j lo 5 hours 5 lo 6 hour* DOG FOOD. 3 cans 25? All popular brands CIGARETTES., ctn. $1.87 Margold WHITE OLEO. 2 Ibs. 39? Bollard's BISCUITS . 2 cans 25? All brands Chewing Gum. 3 pkgs 10tf Fine soft toilet tissue / SCOT TISSUE.. rolMO? Hand-packed TOMATOES 2 £.* 23? Prince Albert TOBACCO... cln. $1.20 V1KNNA SAUSAGE Fam-I<cc brand POTTED MEAT ..2«11|S Famous Philadelphia CREAM CHEESE 2 for 330 I'ride of Illinnis CORN . . Cream Slyle . .2 ' Cans 250 Iiiickcy DOG FOOD Prince Albcrl TOBACCO 6 _ 350 ,„.„„ 850 Mayrose ROLL MayrotQ T«it Kifchen ST. IOUIS [INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY Si. louii. Ma. FOR BETTER NUTRITION Fancy, iuicv WHITE mm 2 CR8SP CARROTS bch . 50 Juicy Florida ORANGES .... 5!i350 New, U. S. No. 1 POTATOES ....5,„, 250 3(10 sixc California SUNKISTIEWONS,,<,330 For a different meal try YELLOW SQUASH, 120 Juisl rifjlil for slicing TOMATOES ....,„ (ul)e 190 USE PET MILK IN ALL yOU« COOKINO Whole or half COOKEDHAMS ..,„ 590 I'Vcsh RSVER CATFISH ,„ 590 Hcil SLICED BACON ,,,350 Hriskol (if !!ccf STEW ME AT ,„ 290 Streak 0' Lean SALT MEAT Ib 150 Krcsh DRESSED HENS 37p Kconomical, delicious WHITING ,„. 130

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