The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on September 16, 1951 · Page 9
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 9

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1951
Page 9
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Matamoros TV Station Will Soon Telecast CBS Programs Television station XELD-TV. will shortly begin CBS-TV and' other network features, Monte Klclian, general manager of the station, has announced, The station has a basic CBS network affiliation plus program affiliations with all other nets, including Dumont, ABC and NBC. II will bo on the air from 2 p.m, to 8 p.m. dally In the Initial stages of Iransmitling. The lime will be increased to H p.m. later. I.OOALLV produced shows will Include a vaudeville variety show produced in the station's own Etudios in Malamoros; news; and public service programs, Including forums. Films will be shown at regular intervals and independent productions especially designed for television will complete" the bill of fare. . Announcement of the time and nature of local productions will be Voade soon, Kleban sain. Programs will be lislcd in Ihe radio logs of newspapers, The slation Is owned by Romulo O'Farrcl. Sr. and Romulo O'Farrel, Jr. of Mexico City, D. F. and is a part of a projected network THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD/BROWNSVILLE. TEXAS. SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 16, 1951 for an Indefinite period, until ihe FCC reassigns frequencies Original allocations of frequencies were made on tho basis of a 50 mile radius per station, bul improvements of equipment and other factors have increased these coverages greatly, so thai stations within certain areas conflict. TUB ALLOCATION of telcvl iion frequencies on an international basis allowed certain channels lo Mexico and that Is the one that XELD-TV is using. "Fortunately for Hie Valley," Kleban said, "Ihe frequency Is available." Since Ihe slalion In effect is a joint International service between the United States and Mexico, a generous public service policy will be followed, Kleban said. Afler the station has been in operation for a short lime, civic groups, welfare organizations and others will bo welcome to use the stalion's facilities for public service broadcasts. These will Iti- cludc forums, .special programs to raise funds for worthy projects, etc. ' at!on |boll i are ,,,,, TilK. STATION will adhere to planned in Mexico. XKI.D-TV broadcasts on Channel 7, with an estimated radiating power of 3.000 watts. The tower is 536 feet high. It is expected to send a readable signal thruout the entire heavily populated area of the Valley. A radius of about GO miles will be covered from the tower, located just across the R!o Grande in Mexico, on the, Monterrey highway, about 15 miles from Jlafamoros. It Is inside the 20 kilometer customs slop. The equipment of the station at the tirns It was purchased a few months ago was the most modern In the United States, encompassing several technical advances that older stations (Jo not have. Material to be broadcast no longer requires jet black and shaded gray backgrounds. Pictures anc objects are reproduced faithfully In their actual tones and .values. IN THE FLAT, non-forested fcrea of the Valley, with its low buildings ana lack of man-made .obstructions, the RCA equipment Is the most efficient that can be devised and will put out an excellent signal, RCA engineers said, when technical difficulties are solved. These are inherent in all tele vision installations, they said, and every television installation is a "special" circumstance. T h e station is powered by a private butane-gas engine power source running at a standard 60 cycles Some difficulty has been incurrec In matching this frequency to th varying frequencies of private and municipally owned power system and thia is now being rectified While this problem is nol seriou and affects only certain sets in certain areas, XBLD-TV atate that it will hold up regular broad casts unlil a perfect signal I oblained in all areas. For thi reason, technical 'adjustment wil probably continue for some time HCA engineers said. IT IS ANTICIPATED tha XELD-TV will be the only television station In the Valley fo an indefinite period, and the neces sity for overall perfection is thu intensified. According to Electrical Mer .chandising magazine, an authorit in the field, there are only 10 television stations 1n the U. S serving only 50 percent of th population and many areas wi be left out of television servic Holiday House Is Scheduled For XELD-TV Holiday House, a presenlatlo of the Consolidated Television Co will be one of the programs see end heard over station XELD TV when it goes into full pro gramming operations. Holiday House Is any hous where one's state of mind ca create a holiday atmosphor Jlerry Holiday, mistress of Ho itiay House, is the only huma character on the show and in th children's minds she becomes composite of the favorite schoo teacher, the lovable aunt, bi sister or mother. Her sweet, gentle manner en dears her to Ihe hearts of he audience as their ideal reprcsen tative in advising the tiny Ho Way House characters. The edu cational patterns set by Ih examples are excellent teach ing small children basic man ners in social situations. The major puppet character the show is one called Jump Jump. He is nidcd by Sleepy Slim, a lired old lion who is so wise lhal thinking "wears him oul." so he must sleep more than olhers. He is a puppet per- sonificalion of all the dogs, cats and other pets that a child talks to.' argues with, disciplines and loves. Achi Paggli, Ihe clown, Is composite of all the jolly policemen, firemen, bakcrymen and some of the pompous oldsters who amuse children by their friendliness and big wordr. Sir Rhymalot, the poet is the knight in shining armcc; Merlin the magician the one who can make anything come true by whisking his wand; and a host of others who appear and reappear make up the characters. The production number follow the old fairy Ule patterns, with Aladdin, Snow White, Simple Simon. Rumlestilt-: fkin. Little Miss Muffet, Three' Little Kiltens, Little Red Riding Hood and other classics u themes. Holiday House has been a successful radio program in the past years and came to television, only recently. olitical advertising will be nc- :pted. No religious or medica Iverllsing will be permitted. Bnll- ghts will not be televised since icy are banned in tho United tales. All programs must be good taste. PUBLIC PRONOUNCEMENTS '. importance to both nations wil : given full coverage, however xcept that they cannot be poll ical In nature. Educational pro rams in both Spanish and English 'ill be produced. Sports broadcasts, including lajor Southwestern f o o t b a l ames, wrestling and boxin; latches and other features wil e televised regularly. IT IS ANTICIPATED that tin 'alley will reach "saturation" L elevislon sets in about two years .·Ith about iO.OOO television homes From 15,000 to 20,000 sets are xpected to be in operation within he next eight to 10 months. ISach irogram is usually viewed by our to five persons. The salura- ion of low income homes with elevision . sets will Rrtial obsolescense sets, their trade-in and consequent ·esale at bargain prices. Sets low cost in the neighborhood of 200 to 5700 each, depending upon nake, model and special features. The cheapest of the sets, made by almost all companies, will give a ;oud readable picture in the Valey. PAGE* Boxing Bouts Slated Over XELD-TV Blue Ribbon Bouts, the scrle lat rang the bell with eome o f i olcvision's highest Individual aluigs during the past year, will oon lie televised over XELD-TV n affiliate of CBS-TV Network. Illuo Ribbon Bouts and Sports- fistcr Russ Hodges will cover lie top boxinp; events from New | York Cily, Chicago, Detroit and St. Ivouis throughout the coining; eason. Hodges, known to sports fans very where as an excellent sports nnouni'cr who covers the top porting events the country over, :an be counted on to bring you he best in boxing events during he coining season over XELD- He began to be known in the sports wor.VI after announcin Vestern League baseball and fli t foolbnll games. He reported be New York Yankees and New li'ork CJIant baseball games in re- ·ent year. The boxing events covered by' lodge over XELD-TV will be' hose line bouts sponsored by aj )ecr concern over the regular CBS-TV network.' Other sporting events, includ ng major football games will be lired over XELD-TV as well, un- ler different sponsors and from different production sources. GIRL ANNOUNCER -- Jliss Chelita Pucnte will handle the Spanish language broadcasting lor the new Matamoros television station, XELD-TV. follow Ihe of current XELD-TV Siaff To Be Enlarged As Need Arises Station personnel for TV will include five key ..,, in addition to several other specialists retained on a temporary basis during the opening phases of the station's operation. The staff will be hearted by XBLD- figures Monte Kleban Sen-ill as general man- Edwards will be Metcalf will be program director. Chelita Plicate will handle Spanish announcing, while Francisco Maza Is chief engineer. Of tlie 400 full length motion pic- lures released In the United Slates during 1950, one quarter were in color. I ON SUNDAYS -- Ed Sullivan is the star of the "Toast .of the Town" show to be presented on Sundays by Station XELD-TV, Matamoros. An old Indian fisli trap, consisting of 65,000 stakes and with a two-acre spread was uncovered in Boston excavation. The first blood transfusion is be licved to have been the otie give to Pope Innocent VHI in 1492. shorts mlb The original assignments i only the nucleus of the fii staff, Kleban said. Additions the basic group will not be made until the station is fully staffed by usual U.S. standards. This will include a sales staff, more engineers, special directors, writers, cameramen, and olhers. National representation is handled by Blair TV New York.' Unlike paint, which hardens when exposed to air, a new ma- commercial manager and Bert terial announced b y ' scientists hardens when away from air. It is a material to slop invisible leaks, lo lock a nut on a bolt, ot to bond other materials together. OW AT... Grande Radio ROAllCT ^\ FOR ALL THE FAMILY ALL THE YEAR 'ROUND! IT'S EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN HOME ENTERTAINMENT! WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL See and hear if NOW- Grande Radio and Television Go. Across From First National Bank -- Show Rjoms nt MS K. 12th St. PAY AS Limi ASMOO A WtlK BUY WITH PRIDE PAY WITH EASE 212 E. Jackson Hurlingen 945 E. Elizabeth Browntville

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