The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1947
Page 3
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Ohioan Heldrs Firing on Brs Mental Tes» ;o Need After Assgiession Effort inwmakers Ar.n: ft,. .,....- -•, July 11. (UP) — William U )•„ and congresslon- m:r c..ip,tol pe d to<1 ,, v U)(U B w" <'•'•'! vtl ot CIIISITSS will I , , K ' <;s sary this Rill. jir. ;**' , w Vdso proirised to help ' ,' e ".'he adjournment schedule.'.",!'»B '"is veto message on ..,,.•* tax reduction uili to I'; Js promptly. O1 'i)as announced he will vela c^ill, which lhc Senate expects ., \K>^ today. The House passed .. t j' lle ri-csldcnt Arthur H. y.'nberjr suid ho and his col- • ics took up with the Presl- jt, Die possibility of an extra .. i-sion this fall. They r.yrccti ../'•at no such session was coiilcm- ,• Plated. But the Micni'jan fiepubli- can noted that Mr. Tninmn reserves the right to cliangc his mind in event or an cmcrt{cii2y. -.., ViindenbcrK said it was miila possible (hut the Semite Foreign .Relations Committee might be called back after adjouri'ment to get certain legislation !-eaciy for Congress when it reronveiies m Janu- |>ry. • The Marshall plin for European Recovery did not, figure in the .White House di-:i;ussion except .when references :vvca made to it >/in -[-onnc>;tion with the need for ^ an extra session, it was said | .The President invited tl.e le^s- 5 lative leaders to ihe White House j primarily | O , lrB e legislation to permit entry of some 403.003 European refugees 10 this cuunlry Vamlenberg said, however, {hat ' extreme tightness in' the Congres- ,5ional schedule would mnke it all j . but impossible lo complete action »'on Ui-'s legislation j)..ft,rc adjournment, scheduled f(v July 26. SPW.K'.I- Joseph w. Mar-.m j r had said earlier lie siiw no need for a special Fall'in. Martin !>.nc! oilir.-r members of ( the House She ring CommiUre j sclicduled ;i mceli.H; inmiediaU-lv after thc Wluto House conference to map cut thc legislative program lor flic ren l i-ning days of the current session. Some member; prcj:ca(od that imm tern lion ictjii'tni-jti v.ould n .-t B con I reception despite any r 'c" neweci pleas fr.iin Mr Truman. The President has rcpvalcdly urged approval of the nicasure before Congress ntljoiirns. . The major 'jiils n:>w on the "must- calendar in the House in- New Chief of U; S. Court of Claims BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.ycoU R | ER NEWS Chief Justice of the United states. Fred M. Vinson, ri fc ht udmimjeis • • ujj . 'Jh'«L iuiniinibieis me :re S .s.ann Mnrvm Jones, left, of Texas, who became C ncf JuMue of the U S the ceremony is Attorney General Tom clnrk. (NBA Tclephoto.l Ihe oath of office to former Con- Court of Claims. Witnessing Baby Binoculars spoilsmen and tliealcr-Boers. Osceo/o Scout Starts Tuesday For Big Jamboree in France Flavor, Please? They'll have lo revise that okl lonsue-hvhtcr lo say: How much chocolate would a woodcliuck chuck ]f a woodchuck could chuck chocolate, elc. In Fishkill, N. Y., Wrighl W. Jackson's lamo woodchuck has developed a passion for ice cream cones. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. K. Main Thonc 2457 Billy Joplin carlylc,' 17-ycar-oltl Osceol,, Boy Scout, will leave foi- Knpxville, Term., tomorroiv on the iii-.u leg of a journey wliicli will eventually take him and 1200 other Scouls to the Sixth Annual Boy fcrout Jamboree at Moisson, France Billy in Knoxv::i e 'niH meet other Scouts of the Mid-South in a pre- cncampmcnt prior to golno to New Jersey where thc Boy Semite of the nation will gather before em- btirking from New York July 24 Antwerp, Belgium, will bc'th- de- uarkalion point for ihe American youtlis and they will be taken on a tour of Belgium and France before going to Moisson fpr the two-week Jumborce. They will spend three dnvs in Paris prior to reluming to the Stales in September. Billy is the son of Mrs. E. A. ! Rilcy and Mr. Rilcy of Osceola and will be a senior at Osceola High British Seek Return Of Kidnaped Sergeants JERUSALEM. July 14. (UP) ,— Thc British Army toc'iiy extender! until midnight the deadline of an ultimatum demanding thc return of two kidnaped sergeants, and called a meeting of the top command to discuss lhc imposition ot •tiTlial law on Mithanya. T»ic 1J.CC7 residents, or Ts'atli- jmyu, where the soldiers were soiz-, rd by the Jewi:,h .Underground :is' hostace.5, prepared for the "con-i trolled area" restrictions approxL-i nnting nl-vt:"!' law. • ! Mayer Oved J3en Ami sfcnt an appeal to the hiph commissioner for suspension or the plans lo ratike Nathnnya a ccntrnlled area. He n-.M \l would antagonize the entire :pop»!ation. 'At Uie cairo time he addressed a prurj'aniElinn to thc city in which he 'said lhal. "if |hi. s evil martial law comes, we will face it cai'mly." School next year. He is the only rcprcsciUaUve at the Jamboree from Northcnst Arkansas and hoi* the Eagle Scout award with two palms fo.- hi s n - chieveinents in Osceola's; Trojp 51. Bill Proposes Assignment for Ex-Presidents WA'SHINGTOM, July M. (U P) — Sen. Owen Brewster, R. Me., to- A'.y introduced legislation whereby :il! ex-prcsidenls would become U S. EsiKitors-aU'onga serving for life with all senatorial privileges and allowances except the right to vote. •Brev.-stcr said the United Stales was "singuljr in its attitude towards iU political leaders ami states-nan, by virtuaKy discarding Ilicm atter t.hcy i-ad occupied tlic highest oifice in the land." Brewster visualized the -senatoro- at-larse ns participating in debute "without .disuirbing tin: cqnili- briun; of popular representation since they would not vote.' 1 Herbert Hoover, a Republican, is the only living ex-president. SCHOOL SITE Continued from 1'aje I should"^ 00 ' ,,!" 0 " c ' 1 ' T|1C >' Sll!<1 'L f ,. 1 ™ ' *'"'"" 10 "il'intos walked n,,i «" " f thc scho ° l l "" 1 I*' 1 ' 11 und """Mich land Is iwullnble Krrginmrndtd by Club kin l! , " C ' S ' r " M«=C1UI'- *in snld in part: '""If 11lv <; s "' boys and i;in s arc «,vl i' llin »"'<*<l by theh scho<) | cmlronment. Satisfactory physical ' for , , for more u,i ,, •< '""" "ml will be us '' years. ll* dUtrlct, u.,,1 Its h " r " (ee. K r,,,,J,l- Sugar Deals Lead to Duel In Havana HAVANA, July M. (UP) — Sen Eddy Chikns was recovering loriay from several sahBr wounds suffered in a 40-niiiuitc due] with L;ibor Minister Carlos Prio Socarnw u,™ u: ,,n B a school site one should winch climaxed a politic,,! dispute take Into consideration I e p r " over U,c s,l, nr n.,, „.,». ,„ and probable future nclgi['bors mueh of Cuban sugar to oiher than the United over Hie comitrics States. The duel was staged yesterday in the salon of tmr.s in the nalici'Ci: csipltnl. Chilras. who is near sighted, suffered slsuihas on his Ictt arm. rip],t nlu-ek. and the right side of his body. He was taken to a private hospital!. It was hL- duo! in the pnst few yean: Chibns fongia an cnr;ler duel ° r school environment Francisco Prio Socnrrns, Ctir- tos' bi-otiher, after ch.irging on the Snnalc floor lhat Francisco had been a- friend of Chirlcs ("Lucky") Luciano, former New York vice overlord. "Soulful" Ilicc highly retrarcied nicr is highly regarded by the B;itlnl:s f)f Sumatra, who believe it. -has n sou! and use the same word for thc soul of race as < 'Lhat of •hnn^ns. Too Late to Classify for Rent 3-room furnished Ji|>;irtiucnt. Couple only. Phone 1">04. 13-|)k-15 npartincnt. Neat 817 - U-pk-21 Read Courier News WaAt Ads. for Sale Chickens. <55 cctils per pound. Abrn- ]|j\!« - s Chlcketi farm. S. Hl-\vny 61. 7in-ck-tf 5 room IIOUET on 2 corner lots nn city bus Hue*. Pavement liixrs p:iltl out. Call 35C1 nf:cr 0 o'clock. . . 7IH-uk-n Help Wanted Responsible tnnti or womnti. lo own mill sorvlcn 5 crnt mil nncl canOy nm- chi nes. Rxrcllciit e^rnln^s. \V11I not Intrrfcre with prcaciit cmploytnctit. In vest men l* ncccssnry. Olvc ]>liono No. and address. Dox M.J.J., * f/. Courier News. 7|K-pk-I6 LOST 52 Lbs. FAT! Amazing Candy Plan Slims Down Figure j Mciati^i i^n^ AVI>S Vn*liun vnil'Jy nc ]-|m. an.I lo-t 52 ...un<l<. I M-rii;!i only llfl." Votir r<[> w'^irVi'A'nhy rnl tty 8 ""'''^"AY'I'I'S Ttlrby Bros. Drug. Blowjrts I/ms drug store.* everywhere .'iflTn'm'^ "AVlis • \,UK* No l.^x.^lix •n.T.'ACP- Ati^liiL-i rf.iy.« Mlpply ol Ay,1 li.jt 'trlictitnl ivilK r HACK [>n tlic very Phone 470. flutlo Army-Navy unifionlion, rs- Inblislimcnt of n hoard (o review loyally of jrd^ral employes, thc Nnlionnl Srienci Foiuuialinn bill nnri appropriations for foreign relief. SALE HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE SIS FOR SALE The Old Christian Church Building and Sunday School NOW OPEN FOR BIDS f^mmmmm-m-m^mm^rimmmmmmmmm •«»••• \ ^mmmmmmmmm* Contact Boycc Moore at 2433 or W.H.Stovallat432 Church Buildings Located Mam at Fifth Sts. «"lcrs arc to br. made available '?, " l >"«"'. l» «uanm(,o fuel, SlJ, 1 S , ' € " nt "«»'«'.""•" school dkirlds i,, Nl)rlh M | SS | SS | , Counl.v mus( b,. ,e.or(s«nl«.d jl,,,.},, S M '' C '° l ' (!n " liul11 "" wl » occur «"ilii|S the serviceable life of the proposed new high school. A" «de?" ll 'l SlC , f " r " J «'W sd'oof must m H , """'• llltllol 'Bll tlH, bulld- panslon " '"" bc <lcvelo " c(l f( "' ^x- fnr" 1 ' 110 '"f" 1 """ 11 w » lk ">K distance shm,!!. , , '" clc »"--'>l"'-y school •slim 1(1 not be ,„„„, lhnil O11(! ,, u!( . t»», I 1080 'V lllB " Bch001 ' " 0| - »'<>™ l rr „ T " lllCS • • ' °" C " ( "« "lOSt erplexliiK problems for pArenls Is '">w to ucl their children safelv to "»d from scliool. Traffic hazards Include building and slrecl obstructions, railroads, trucks, and the most After 77 Years future school slim . . . "TJ»*r* «"• too many ln«Uncei,"'hc wld,. •if tiurrcKsful plannlnn U Justify the contliiucd lethwry of J.jjl ,. I>ro s | ' e5sl ve city like BlyUe- He also Migncslcd that the School Hoard "lake Immediate action to expand school grounds at Lange end bumjury to ,,„ acceptable minimum "inc. Undesirable proiwrty adjacent to these schools should be purchased, uy cpndcnmntlon, if neccssdry, and the Imiirovetnents rawd.. '' "Study Bhoiildjjjc undcrtnkcti lit £T ^° .'I'"? lhc fllUlrc of Ccptral School. H should be removed from Is present location when iw bulld- i>« Is abandoned, and It sliould no'l sSiool "' C S ' le ° f ll ' C futuro 1 " gl1 Mr. McClui kin recommended a FACE THREE- " *"~ • —m , ..... ^ two-story flrc-rcsUllve etruclur* for tlio new high. KhoU and that the school's architect' comply wjth standards of the.. N.ttonal dounell on School Construction. - . FEIUUIWRS Are you trou*>«(l bf <ltetnw at It. J;»lo functional p>on«hJ7dl.UirbI DOM thuj nun. y iry Ionia E. PlBkhu ComjiouiKl to reltevt tmjl in a re "Environment Is hnporlanl In hooslns a school site, one should ,,£ r" S "' clloosill B a biiiui- iiiB site for one's home. Schools should naturally be in residence sec Ions Pnrks . n ol . n| .| c churcll( , s and attractive residences ' are do- slrable neighbors for schools Hall- road yards, jails, filling stations and taverns are undesirable. nK.n m|1 m C:VI||CI1CC c n» I'c found In Blythcvllle of _ th c u.uleslrable type Health, S*My Slrrascil idles of the possible sites her,, in niythcville for n new high sc ,„ gave greatest consideration to he"l(h ,~ •^"'J'/actors, wfth neaVnc.w lo Hr^^s'-sr- b y^ ; rr^^,r^c;' Champion Flyer Champion long-dlsU.mcc bird Is he Arctic tern, which covers o to nR eroun<ls '"> Hie NorU, tering quarters In the somh- tlniinnrf 110 r ° untl tri " ls mmc man ^o,000 miles. Hldmy aio'ny jj, „ Washington' I). C., bus, nrtlsl Jack LaUniis lhou|;li[ he spoiled n "llyini; saiu-er" xoonnni; at-mss the sky* He sketelied what he saw on an envelope (above), but wns nbout 77. years behind lhc limes. Tho hottom skclfh V'»s mndo In 11171) when Ihe ship "Lady of Mid Lake" saw something In Ihe mlcl- Allanlie sliy, and it was Incorporated in Hie skipper's report lo "•"His second cho;ce \v,is „„ „,.,,„ l,,.i ,'e, 0 w W :" k( -; r Pnrk - """ ""'«' " "tea West of Twenty-first Street and North of n, >K( , oucoi Mr. IJIiirki Mr. Iliiii civic iMdi-rs nf »i« iHiihiiivi. in imviiiK»,;;,',.,; „„ _.miii.s siimunuUi.K Ull , ,, ri .. sl . |l( „„,, Help Wanted 'Hiii MI,,, i,, ,,.,, rk hl ()ff , -erle,,,,. llllt m . r woj BfyfheviHe Motor Co. DANCING Saturday Night 9 'til 1 Air Conditioned Mirror Room HOTEL NOBLE Adm. 60c Incl. Tax the PHOTO DEPARTMENT of the Hood Flying Service Now Taking Appointments For HOME PORTRAITS -^•"—-- • We Specialize in Photographing Children in Hie Home Prompt Efficient Service Phono 2717 For Appointment Any Time - Day or Night The Record - - - HUDSON Has the Slacks for Your Every Need! MOUNTAIN BREEZE (without pleats) v GULF STREAM (with pleats) , Sizes 28-44 All Colors HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER . . TAILOR 320 West Main St. BlylhevilU, Ark. Phom 2612 i mm

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