The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1933
Page 3
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PIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1933 BLYTHEVILI.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 'Continued fiom I'agc One) Sues ihe principal o! tlie war pts owed Uncle Sam by Europe. Huge Sums Available Df this vast $4,904.500,-1 ) K f orc -nearly half—was in the form j diim approprlailons nml an- brizattons. Largest Item was S3,- p.Oto.COO for liJC government's public works program; next if.i was 5500,000.000 to feed ihe point of 45.4 per cent below normal In March, 1933, Industrial production rose to 39 per cent below normal In April, 29.9 per cent, below In May, 17.2 per cent In June, nnd only 9.1 per cent below In July. With July came the turn of ire tide. In August, Industrial production dropped back to 10-3 below I normal nnd, according lo esli- ^I mates, the September figure will I "" j show n further drop. . I Tlie farmer, who had beou car-' r!cd lo a bile.' period of comparative prosperity by the soaring • pilces of lils flops, SODII found. himself in almost as bad a fix as i In 30 days after Judgment* were rendered. P. C. Douglas, attorney for the ehiiin store nnd Its manager, declared Hint bonds were •• film nud while they may not liuve ! been filed within the strict legal i i lime limit that he was anxious to i try the cases before a circuit court ; ! Jury. Douglns indicated he might on a! toi Ordered to Col- scck emergency relief from vruucu lu^ui |, l|ghc| . C0ll| ., ir om( . crs attempt ines Lc Previous Cases. , p. , . , led hllCS LcVlCCl ill I levy on Hie executions. PIGGLY WIGGLY Liberty Ctish Orocevs, brand) of n Memphis chain siore Oscur Hoiurook. baker, was lhe| principal witness In yesieidny's ! cases. He told of two purchases local of lard, which he claimed were his prices started back '. s >' stom - wfts flncl1 a l01111 of down but price* of things the far- °" mw!ct!(>11 '" lwo cnfcs - ! m[ . r buys ki-pt -i rising l-i An- ' folsl ' w'Jlits nnd '' short-weight, -one by nl'ow An- ivusiii-eaier than' ounces and #nothei- by ulioiii four, i °!.O. C. Barnes nnd W. B. McMul-jl measurements i HI,. | 0 --,i indc|>eiidi'in store op-i ftn;i, int.-) uisjj.iiiii, \\ii» KiL.iiLt limn : , , lit hail been in July-but il still i«ii>insham yesterday, '.less than it was a'yoav ago. ' tatol ln « ch Clls " I FARM PRODUCT PRICES (1020 i-iiunl* 100) Meamvhu>. farm prices lag w.-.iie retail prices continue uuwairl. £s- iieciully is the collon farmer iuf- ft-rin^ hi tliis ie.s|ieel. Jiidj>e C. A. Cuii-.cratois. testified us to the -.iciual Appeals were vvi'ight of ihe packages en their [ |»-cnlc:i. Dm ne.s Imr. been n leiid-j Immediately after tlie caurl's <!••• • IIIB flBHn 1 in unll-clinln store! ciEioii il was revealed Hint Hie | fights here in the piist nnd Mc- ature had failed to perfect apix-uls. Miillln WHS ronnerly mnniiKer of from convictions m live slinilin- ;u clmln Mori- hue bi'foiv piilni! lrlilNormal ! euses In June While pru-inflttionisis esjr-eially i cto 1UK1 A al- Ross. More 5 . | dcbl-burck-iucl .j,,,^..,, .,,.. ,>, m-,-^ , . --;idc-velcpmu)U the inadequacy o f ljcl> " lssu ™ on ' , J •I He Roosevelt recoveiv program, ™»» l >' r «™ """"" " w " , |many others disagice. ' »° issuc(1 '<"' '' , L ,.„ ,„,.., — ,.,. , , . . . i manager, who had u line muMi Hit- latter ili'c:arc a tempi- I WUj nf CK;0 5 assessed on u tint- i u rary rei-L-.-.sion In recovery uplitm!-, jhr tfurw in June anil falli-d lo is to bo expected, in vle'v of the- ......fecl vui opl*al. aeo-ordhn; to phenomena! sains made before ,, lc mu ,i' s records. July. Morcosx-r. such variation may | In which lines iiml,Iu business liiinsch. Kd liliT-. |io- S59o.50 liud bet-ii-lli-e cliif-f, t'-sHlii'd Unit by re- thai executions lKid;qiK'si he had out 1 uf Ihe pLU-k<ii;es r.f laid wcli;h(d at .several .'.'.ores. Including Liberty Cusli. nnd Hint llu- pachas- wiri under (he \vel«til hail been liilil il was supixised lo ivpi-i-senl. ill eacli weltihlim. I '1'lie only wnness lor Liberty Cash was the nii'at depnitineiil niniiiiKer, who suid il was Hie |X)I- Icy of Ills company lo i;lve "lit least Ifi ounri'.s 1 if inn inure for evury [jound." lie told of a visit .to lilt! store by llollirook In which ru innate now-oi- pin our hopes ! , , )ny . sid;m , u the latter became "very rude" nnd '°™ o r " "' "--whom te ouxd a bill ami .nttt threatened to con,p!uin to the , ^ d((J no{ j|ltemj [0 C! ,_ rl! ., j siore's Memphis hciulmiarlers: - , rtie court declared the cxciii- \K mostly seasonal iiuO with Ihe (i 0!ls W ere issued after failure of ccmins of the full niarkul, bust- 1 1 ] ;( ! 'dcfeiulants to die bonds wlth- ness may spurt ayain. can ne ear it argued eilher': ,,.•, i.| !00 J us a plumber. The pliy- You way. NEXT: If inflation crimes, farm product prices, after n E rapidly for several months, will-it affect you? declined smcfi July is shown le above chart, prepared from •vernmcnt figures. |ngry uiiemployed until jobs could created for them, through the lA and Various other |n:s were designed to stimulate Iploynu-i'i and increase buying liver. n-.e rest of the "extraordinary dgcl" covered 50.050,000.000 in the of ai.lhorily lor bond issues promote economic rchabiiita- I 11 - Recovery Starts Rapidly The vast recovery program go'. Chief agencies PRIVILEGE Ttt SS said lie really didn't con- fiOsi the ]'ou as one reciiiirlna :i plumber. The court decided HIM if liayncs did no Inriiu-r |-,|<mibing wor 1 ' lie wouM only have i ic. pay S2.SO cf the fine;' I Before paid his strec-'. | when intoniiL-il of Ihc pi let- of cf-rlain product. I! Ne^ro IMcriirijr Cdcbnlrs 70 Cily Authorities Campaign for Collection of License Fees. The city's drive to collect priv- iVt'e ar.d taxes was reflected in municipal courl ycs- '.'•rdny. Seurrtl ca^cs involving . f .-i]urc to- pa\ city taxes were hi:nr<i end small fines were as- ;cied when -"efendants agreed to taxes flue. Vi\'. he was informed by the Uir.l he could work it oat. pay ii, or have somebody: else work rive important phases of Hie <•!:'. the tax for him. prows of the nesio durini; Hie City ofiicink said later that they pasl 10 years were featuied at u i:i leveti the coiirl was mistaken inecllui; at Carson which ended P i I MI declaring thai the obllealion Tuesday night. u s n I it work the streets or pay a lux The meeting, known as "Seventy Tu'ld be Irpnsferred by having fears of Progress." was opened ••oieonc cl«c do the work. They Friday niyhl with an address by iVnled out Hial this particular nr. J. Ii. Wntson. president of A. •;u'it has be -n a bone of con-• M- * N. college nl Pine . Bluff, li.i'iion (or some lime with so:re' Professor U W. llarnwny, president rv-.lciems Insii.inB lhat they had 0( tr.e right to hire other parties lo work the Directs for them and' Cfir.scquently I'ive employment IKOple. The city, oil hand lax Berger. dry goods merchant. fined S15 for failure lo pay lege lieen.s-.. On payment ol e license foe S12.50 of his fine a! snspenclcil. D. W. Ilaynes was fined in l.i ee cases ol failure to pay 11- c.-.s;s and taxes. 10 for inihire to He was fined the County Teacher's Association, also made a brief talk. Judtfc Zal D. IlaniFon of B!y- Iheville addresscil the meetinir on ^c | "Citizenship" and he WHS follow- [•siriiii! revenue 'ro'ii etl °" 1Ilu Program by Clarence II. ,ul "t iork "o 0 :,'The.; WH™n._ sheriff wl^ur B ed further • la MCts has reused lo issue re-1 "hication of the ire B ro rnce and c-ots for work done bv parties: ™mmenled on the progress already uitier fian tl-e persons required ,™»!^ MuUhon. paslor :o pay tax or WOK Ihe Mir.-tj. Q[ ^ f Cases of failure to pay city • vVa ^ eavc nn address on "lleliaion" ITivilege licenses were docketed s, m( j n y afternoon. Hev. j. M .;giinEl the Nickel Lunch and the p,,,,],/ pn5to ,. o f t i,e colored Bap- OrnncI Leader but no action was (j sl c i work the city ! lokcn ycstcrdt y. A similar case; '.reels, wilh nine dollars suspend- • vw also docketed against d on payment of ax. A fine- of five neted out for operating a cm 1 .-ishput cily license, wilh four dol- IT'suspended on payment of the rri'se " J icc. ' A lut-Lher fine of '1250 was asse«?;l for failure to y plum'uinii license, with $1U Ills street | C'.,l I'ool Hall but it was riisniii- dollars was • ir.tlustrtal production, after |ing rapidly for several months ; declined since July Is shown in above chart, iircparctl by tn tveland Trust Comir.iny. |e NRA, designed to restore buy power by creating jobs am •osliug the wages of millions; nn Agricultural Adjustment Ac gned to brills higher prices I le farmer by reducing the nation's lemendoLis farm surplus and com- |iisatinij the fanner for his acre- reduction.^ willi funds derived lorn process taxes on his coinmod- les. I Spurred by the prospecv of ris- prices and Klter times land Iso by the veiled threat of cur- |ucy Inflation); the swiftest busi- recovery in the nalion's his- began. Thousands troopid lick lo work in mills and faclo- Ic'S; the farmer .suddenly found Vices of wheal. corn and hogs |.iveling swiftly upward. Prociuctlon Rises Swiftly I Recovery soared. From a lo-.v at Osceoln. also spoke Monday night home ownership was discussed by Professor Irving Gray of Osceola. and Tucsdaj sou when il was shown that ihe i night a musical program was uiven v.T.rrant was Ksit;d by mistake. : by Florence Cole-McClccnc o License- casio were also lodged | Memphis. Other programs during rualasi Tcaslej and Coljb. nf^ic .. the .scriqs 'of mcellnss~-.includet undertakers, nrd R. B. Tens!cy.'| musical numbers by the' nlythc i:iv of (h» members of the firm.' vlllp Trio. Wilson Qunriel. Osceiilsi j '.v'o operates a shoe repair .shop Duel and ihe An Club of Ihe as a sideline business. A warrant: Counly Training School at Armor- Traynes told the eourt Hint Hie i lor contempt cf court was issKeu: el. :nly plumbing job he had donrjior Teaslcy when lie failod to ap- wnler j -.y.'nr lo unswcr lo the charges. : Read Courier News v; K nl replace hot Ads. CONSTIPATION KF.I.IEVED HY T I.EAVKS ANU HOOTS | Thedforrt's Diack-L)raught is one ' most popular laxatives sold JV because it k midu of Ills leaves •<" :xis ol mriliclnal planu. nnd be- It brlnE5 idcc.MilnB relief Iron" lpillnn trouWts. Try il (or sta- |ctlnE. iliiEclsti or consllpalcd Ijoicls. !f you Lived in the Attic you'd soon For Greyhound Lines Males and Time Srhnhitrs I'ransconlinonlal and Western Air, Inc. Postal Telegraph [ Fast Package F\prcs:; Scrvirc Call 000 Shop and Parts Dcpt. open 'til j 10 p. m. every nightj Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Y OU'D swelter in summer—you'd freeze In winter — you'J soon sec the small talks thiit now ejcajx: your notice — You wouldn't stand it a single day—you wouldn't wait a single day—you'd re-roof at once if you lived in the attic. Downstairs you forget the attic but the vine! and weather doesn't forget. You are robbed of full comfort in summer and are cold in the w inter. Over your old inflammable roof hangs a continual fire-threat. What you need is greater insulation, protection, comfort anJ greater beauty for your home—-you need a new Certain-teed Shingle roof laid right over the o!ii one. A few dollars down nnd in a few days time, your house is transformed. You begin saving fuel, adding comfort and-you can rajas you save in easy monthly installment). See our beautiful shingle patterns, learn our low prices. Get a guarantee of first class material. Call us, or ilro[> in. Certain-teed Shingles (ONE FOR EVERY PURPOSE AND PURSE) ^ LUMBER V\4"boThe 'Res* 1 ' V Special For Friday, Saturday and Monday KROGER STORE RANGES Potatoes California Sweets, Size 288's, 3 Dozens Limit Doz. 17c Wyoming Elcsl l-'sincy Ht'tl 'i'i-iiiinplis i'nunit Spring Brook pound lives Quart Jar Each Tuna Fish .Mission lir.'inil .iii'jlt 1 (Ian Kadi Green, Firm Heads, Sb. I'tnhi or Si'lT Itisl ai-l.b. Snt'ic Cherries viil Ann 2'/2 On Katli PureLard less. I.I). SODA W\TER ^e APRICOTS c ^-,,n 19 l: APPLE m:rr "!L. Jur W HOMINY, Ji..^ Tf POTATOES *^. 13 C GRAPES ' rmtf ''''"il f t c. c:. 171; 3.1:'i!. 2'/i Can H CAKE An^lcl'iioil or I'ountl Culie. KH. KIDNEY BRAN FLAMS }%?W CAULr LOWKR ONIONS Y " |BW u, T 1} 1 nn Country Club Ofli; l,t;e. 2V, Can L" PCRR * IIKA Ni> 1 Can SPINACH C. C. Hi-ir/,. Can !,««. t:!-o/. I'hK. BREAD C. C. Lj£c 22-nz l.ouf Kit- 17 m. Ityc - - - Hit 17-o/. Whole Whi-iil Each lOc Sliiiuliird No. 2 Can 2 for 15c String Beans 22c Pineapple Aviiniliik' C. 21/, Can Each School Day. I'elil No! 2 Can 2 for Best Cream 24-pound Sack COFFEE Country Cluh, U) Cun 2Sc I'ri'nth, lil). - - 21 c Jt'Wl'l 2 Lbs. 35c Pork & Beans Country Chili 2 for 15c (ic; Small_-0 JUS'l'AUrj Kmlwssy Oft*.I (Juitrl Jar. 'i I"' 1 tiJ WESSON OIL QL ,S 18 L OLEO" I0;llmore .....10' IOKKIES For Pits No. 2 Citns. 2 i'»r SALMON Milt rcL25 c; TftRM '-'-AKKS 1'iist or ICt llllllM KcMtisK- 2 Cor U CRACKERS ^-. FRUIT SA '- A V C 2S. B 2r Corniid licef ICC Armour. No. 2 can 1J i'. & <;. HI liars FRESH EGGS CATSUP ,5 t«e 1IT- Gold Band Yellow liitr. ! I. S-([t can 2-ijt. can Fresh Fish Tu n durlnin Trotil, SuaniVih Mackvrvl, UulTalii. Callish, Kcd Snapiicr Roast SlimiliU-r. ( IM. l2!:-r Thick Hill. Lb. Hr . Brisket, I.h. I iheese I'ull Cream I'ound lams Mnrrell's Pride 10 lo 12 Lb. Aver. Whole. I'ound Round K. C. l!ci>f I'ounil Swift's or Armour's Pound Bacon By the Piece Pound Salt Meat Hollies, LI). 8e I'lales, I'ound Sausage Mixed, Ib. Shoulders "£L*Po rk Roast SpareRibs LICED BACON Ib. 12c

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