The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1946 Truman Makes Medal Awards Veteran* Will; Not :Ut U.S. Shi* Duty, 'President States Tfi^SHINGTON, Mar. 28. <U>.) — fteslderit .Truman - said at » White House Med»l oT H*Q«r cerftnony Wedn»»4*y - th»t U. 6. ' ve(e&hs ' Vet this ooun-' try^'agalu.- "shirk its role" of world leadership .for (>eace. "Twenty-rive >ean, tfo that Lone Oak Club Has Meeting On Monday • The Jjone Oak Home Demons! m- tton Club had Its seml-montlily ling, Monday with Mrs. II. E. Davis. At a previous meeting fifteen quilt blocks had been made. As the club' members buried thein- .cutting . quilt blocks und , Utac Can Lee Coleman, comity, home dtraonstralion agent. pressed a bag full of scraps for the members. At [lie close of t)i e meeting it was found that the club h«J twenty-one blocks. At tlie next meeting It Is honed I hat the quilt «•» be .put together. Mrs. Tom Brittai.n, president, presided at the meeting and Inter a denanstiation on covering he said, add- belt .'buckles and other short stejis rd, however, had states another President^ spoke after presenting medals of honor to Cmdr. Riihard <p. \O'ksue of Durhttm, N. ,','.(:.. iifavy j'submarine skipper listed' as misting until last summer/ and M/Sergt. Charles L: Mc. Gahfl, a combat infantryman from C'OSD?. Tenn, Each received tlie award for "conspicuous gallantry" ' against tlie Japanese. Mr. Truman told them they were the kind of men who made America victorious and that he was] "not unejsy or alarmed about tlie-'future of this country." He assorted '• that the United Stales Is at the'threshold of Uie greatest era in world history. O'Kane's sulxriarine, the USS Tank', singlehandcdly broke, up two Japanese convoys In October, U44 befprc she was sunk by;the enemy. McGaha, then a technical sergeant in the "Tropic Ughn 25th Infantry Division, distinguished .himself, in February'. IMS, while evacuating wounded comrades a Lupao, ^uzon, under interne fire altlvjiifh seriously wounded himself;. McGaha «'as given a field pro motion to second lieutenant, bu recently re-enlisted as a maste sergeant for his thjrd hitch in the Rcttiiar Army. -"' The- lieroes' families watofae the V ceremony "on the suqswep souUi lawn of the WUite Hofee Mr. Truman read their ciii he^cVc congressional and piUitary leodirs a:Ki' a group ci panttyt Koljlier patients from the Newto D.rBafcM 1 General Ho.sjtltiJ. Mir After O'Kanc's sumbarine attack edf.two Japanese convoys oc Oc 3,i,' hnd 21, 10M. it was sunk and O'KKiie yjas\picked ui> b>" a (Wall Jajuncse vfltwl. He was imprisoned on Pprinosa. ' yxitir August*. 1945. he was ear- ricU'. on Nuvr, records as *n$sslne : in-action. He told the Prescient trtfWiV that he wislied : hfc stm miVsVif.' , -sliinnfatcs could have been present nL'thc cereiiliny. The Missouri-River is the l»ng- es't:'.in Uie'.United States. It Is foiined in \ southwestern Moai&ua. bj'.the confluepce of the Jefferson, Madison, -and Gallatiii^ rivers, »nd hfl5 n total toiglh of 2M5 mites. Armorei Club Women WHI Select Play The Home Demonstration Club at Armoiel met at the club house Tuesday with Mrs. W. O. Anderson, pri'sklcnl. presiding. A committee was apr-olnted lo selected the play for th e Home Demonstration Club Play Tounin- nient nnd Mis W. L,, Smith will be responsible for gating up the skit. Mrs. Smith gave a demonstration on clothing and Mrs. ' gave n (leiuoiistration Too Late to Classify For Sale. R. Watson on crochel,- making clothing. Miss Coleman gnve a report on le rei(jnt''VCou!ily Council Mecl- ' l"g pin cushions und bags. At the noon hour a chicken lunch was served prepared l>y Miss Cora Le 0 colemnn, home demonstration agent, and Mrs. L. M. Nelson. A committee \v<\s ap]X)ii\ted to work on the yard, The next meelinR will he held at the liom t . of Mrs. Tuft Mv\/.gur. and 'a 'coAimittec was appoint- to select the play for the Coun- Ifoine Demonstratltn Club Piny Piu-rmmeni 'to be held in May. Glee Alexander led the group i playing games and Mrs. J. O. i»e>- was 'the successful contcsl- 'nt ,ln several gomes played. The.lJon'e Ook Club plays n se- ret pal game and no one knvvs bo her pal Is. It will be revealed Chrictnubi tin>o when gifts me xclianged and the names are put n .them. . Th*'bpstess, Mrs. Davis, nsslsted f Mrs. Florrest Moore, sen'ed :i i Anyboily's 1'aradlse ruit «ie«ert plate with cake ami I BRUNING, Neb. (UP> — The .ot chocolate. | Hawks airport near here Is a pilot's The i«'xt 'meeting, April Bth, will l«>n«ilsc. Without leaving the ncld. e held at the home of Airs. Tom ( " CTS t!a » o) ' ttll » B»s. oil, tires, Ktor- Irlttolh. • l«ee r repairs, candy, cigarettes, soft i r _^j _ i drinks, sandwiches and cofTctj, eab- i ins, upartmcMits, dancing, l)arhei~ .shop and groceries. Gathers Material for Book On State HELENA, Ark., March 20.—Mrs. Marguerite Lyons of Eureka Springs, who has been commissioned to write 11 book about Arkansas, spent tv.-o days here this week gail'i- crlng material for the volume. Helena will be represented in the book us an example of the Old South. rtwiriK and halh. Price $2,850. Cash $1,650. $20 p«r month. 1'wsnefsskw H. C. CAMPHELL I'lione tlfi or 29iiO. .3-28-pk-4-4 r<K)m resWence. Nice loci- lion. Butane gas and attic fan. Price $4750. H. C. CAMPBEU- . Phone -146 or 2930 Read Courier News Want Ads. BEFORE TOO LATEl Complete your set of glsmorous teaspoons nt n fraction of their Iruc worlli. ACT NOW! But remember, you must enclose the iluttJ end from a Hot-Dated Coffee hag, nn<! 25 CCFUS, for every two spoons you order. M All, TO: ICrogcr, Box H22, Cincinn.iti l,()liio. last day Saturday MARCH 30 AHDOHE DATED ENB FROM E1THEB EAfi TEASPOONS FOR ONLY Golden Strand TUNA FISH Wanted to Buy 2 nice buiU!i»K lolN. Close in. Oiie on Franklin and one Sycamore. I'rice $5(H) and s-ioo. " : -.;'"-••'' 'H. C. CAMPHKIX I'hone -MO or '2930 . Kluyit llnr^cll. I'lH. j,.i,i. jtOUb uiKhtii. Blytneville Grocers Oiier You Tile Missouri River drains 528,000<square miles; .:•'' NOTICE! • For Ae . ''.'•' BEST NEW FLOUR 'The World Food Crhh ; Has Caused A Ch«Ag« !ln All Flour ... BUT Housewives Still S«y (MAGIC MILLER ' i is ALWAYS \THEBEST! 35* Stamp No. 39, Stamp No. 9 Valid APRICOTS Unpeeled No. 2'/ 2 Site BAKING POWDER Calumet 25 oz. KRAUT Stokely's No. 2'/ 2 Size Country Club 4 Tall Cans 350 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Bordo 46 PEACHES Planada Halves No. 2'/ 2 Size BISQUICK 330 Effective Thursday, March 28th, Kroger and ,'$6irtM;jflf "TOUCH- ' PROVK-KROGER BRlAO B«y'2... Double your savings] Housecleaning Supplies Purex Vz Gal. 28c; qt. 15c L. H. Cleanser, 2 for 9c Piggly Wiqgly Stores WilJ Close at Noon For Summer Months. STRAWBERRIES Louisiana Red Rioe Pint 290 NEW POTATOES Was/ied, U. S. No. 1 Quality SLbs. 290 GRAPEFRUIT Texas Seedless 10 £* 49< ORANGES Florida^ 8 Lb. Mesh Bag LEMONS Sunkisl 1'oqnd 11 CAULIFLOWER ^ 23 GREEN BEANS Fresfc String/ess Tender Lb. CABBAGE Fresh Green 130 Brooms, Red Bird, ea. 89c Mops, Good Quality - 53c Soap, Lifebuoy, Palmolive 3 for 20c CITRUSIP,Sfokely, 46 oz. car, 40c SODA, A & H. 3 for lOc Pofred Meat, Can 6c Fancy Western — N. Y. Dressed TURKEYS Lb. 490 Mow Every Package of this Most Delicious Oatmeal Adds to Your Set of Tableware Now you can have what you have beep waiting for—real Mother's OMS tableware! Pretty Dishes with the quality aod beauty you have always admired. .Your favorite grocer now has a nock of Mother's Oats with prcrni- UBC. It is » combination that can't be hcMen—deiicious Mother's Oats, the breakfast treat everyone loves, •PrvMfa, Yilimlm B,, with the beautiful high-quality, smartly styled Mother's Oats tableware. Remember, real whole-grain oatmeal leads all other natural grains in elements* needed for normal growth of babies and children—for energy ami stamina, too. Ask your grocer today for a package of Mother's Oats with premium. Mother s Oats (PREMIUM PACKAGE) The tcorWs best-tasting breakfast food ; TOURS FROM ANT OF* THE FOLLOWING GROCERS: (tbawp's G^eery-Mkt., 212 E. Main CaMhnll Gracrn. 328 S. Division CHy taper Market, 109 W. Main French Grocery, 613 S. 1st " Gaiaws Martet, 118 W. Main Gri«ae» GrMerr, 5«1 S. Franklin W»a. Uta**7 Q^i.S^er Market, 5*1 W. Main Il»ppy He«r Super Market, 113 t". Cecil Lowe Grocery, 532 N. 6tli Nabcrs Grocery,' 105 S. Division Snider Grocery & Market. 309 N. Franklim Speck & S*n«, 211 So. 1st Grw's Gr»«ry, 21» +:. Main Ben Mays Store Kelly's Gro. & Mkl., 8!fl So. lake St. Full Dressed BAKING HENS Ib. 55c Fancy Cut Up FRYERS Super De Luxe WEINERS Breast and Legs Lb. 75c Wings and Gizzard Lb. 40c Backs af»d Necks Lb. 20c Ib36c Pure PORK SAUSAGE Typel Ib. 35c FAT BACKS Ib. 17c TENDERLOIN TROUT Ib. 69c WHITING, H. G. lb.85c Wright's Silver Cream 19c Fresh Candy, Cookies Ralston Ri-Krisp, 6 oz. 12c Spaghetti, Red Cross - 5c Prune Juice Qt. 27e TEA, Lipton's, V* Ib. 27c Spinach, No. 2'/2 sire 16c Tomato Juice, No. 2 lie HUMKO, 1 Ib. crtn. Trect or Prem, 12 oz. 33c Tomato Sauce, 8 oz. - 6c V-8 Cocktail, 46 oz. - 30c Cereals, Kellogg's - - 23c Kellogg's Corn Flakes 5c Pancake Flour, A. J. 13c Cake Flour, 2% Ibs. 22c Graham Crackers - Ib. 17c Peanut Butter - - qt. 50c Chili Sauce - - 12 oz. 27c CRACKERS-1 Ib. box 17c Chili, C. C., 1 Ib. can 18c Spaghetti Dinner - - 25c Bakers Cha, 8 oz - - 17c Pork & Beans, Van C. 8c Cigarettes, Ctn. - - 1.79 Vanilla Extract 3 oz. lOc BON AMI, 12 or. can 12c Waxed Paper, 125 ft. 19c Clothes Line Rope - - 24c Grapefruit Segments - 24c AMMONIA, 16 oz. - 9c MATCHES - - 6 for 25c Merry War Lye-3 for 25c } PEAS, No. 2 Can - - 12c SUPER mnRKETS

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