The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE tWO BLYTpEVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1933 Wilson Society —- Personal Social Calenda Children of Confederacy. Miss Sunshine Adams hostess, 2:30 )>m. MJMnd Moot* N»ud ORI«r. Miss Mildred-Moore, daughter (•'. Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Moore. ims been elected vice presiderU of the Freshman class of the Southeast. Missouri State Teachers college at Cape Glrfu-deau. She Is the only girt officer of her class. • to Sorority. Several girls who went to colleges this year where there me national sororities have been pledged to these groups. Miss Sue Butt, Randolph-Ma con college, pledged Kappa Alpha Theta. Misses Adele Lnnsslonnnd Ruth Elenribr Tucher were pledged Delta Delta Delta at tho Uni verslty of Mississippi. * * • Board Meets, Members of the executive bonrc of the Woman's 'Missionary so ckty of the . Firsl Mcthodis church met with Mrs. Elton W Klrby Wednesday nftcnioon for ; business session. Plans for tin foil activities were outlined In i business session presided over bj Mrs. J. E: Crltz. president. • » • Cinni Demonstration Club lias a Luncheon. The Carmi Home Demonstration cluB merntters were cnterialrici Tuesday with, n luncheon wit! Mrs. M.--R. Howcrton as hostess Baskets of late garden flowers with roses prcdomlnatln, were us cd in the living and dining rooms After the serving of u three course menu there wns a btlslnes. meeting, presided over by Mrs. W T. . Baxley. Mrs. Nora Hodge sponsored ah exhibit from "Thrl! Gardens" with a display conslsl Ing of curtains, pillow cases, chll drcn's dresses and luncheon clbtl' made from sugar and flour sack Mrs. Elcic Lime won the prlz towel with oppllniiod tulips mad Irom a flour sack. Plans were made for the club \6 buy a sealer and R Etea'm pressure cooker. The next meeting will. be .held at the home nf Mrs. H. C. BnKr when Mljs Cora Lee Colonial), county home demonstration agent, will give a meal canning dcnion,- strallon. I.OIK Oak Club Has. Luncheon.,. Mrs. J. W. Field had • members of . the Lone ,Oak Demonstration club, as her gucsU Monday for ft luncheon meeting. Each member took some vegetable from hen ^garden ' and assisted.. In preparing _'a 'deinonstmllon of fresh vegetables for the table. All assisted In the preparing of the luncheon menu under the supervision of Miss Cora Lee Colc- mrtn, " home demonstration agent. Mrs. Hcrmhn McLcod, president, conducted .the business session. It was announced that tickets are being sold on the' club 'quilt, plans were made for entertaining the council at the Blythcvillc club house Saturday for luncheon and reports of the stalo council were civen by Mrs. Odic Hiigh'cy and Mrs. J. W. Field." Games and s'oiSBs entertained Bits oj Ne Mostly Personal Vnrrcn Jr., at Halls, Tenn., erdiiy 'were Mr. and Mrs. Among those from out of lown ho altended the funeral of Clyde yes- rYcd Wtirrcn, Dr. and Mrs. I. II. Johnson, Mrs. S. J. McDcarnum anil on, Uarrol, of here, and Mr. mid Irs. L. L. •McDeiirmnn, Mrs. Edar Crihflcld and the Rev. Mr. Kliiibrough, of Luxora. They all c-lurncd last night uxcepi Mrs. Va'rrcn who will be home tomor- ow. Double By Opponent Tells Declarer Whore Trouble Lies Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. !• . McKENNEY Secretary, ,\iiioiJr;ui 1-casue West's double of four hearts by South. In the prci'cillni; problem,! Is wlint helped I he declarer make his contract, because It gave him an Idea of the distribution In trump. The hand wns played by Wll- Mrs. Clay Hudson and Mrs. E ol Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bowman E. Coleman visited in Memphis Mis. Crawford is a sister ol Mr. Wednesday. Or. and Mrs. N. B. Ellis had as ihclr guests Tuesday Mr. and Mrs M. L. Thompson, Mrs. Esttlle George arid daughter Edna lx>ls of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Craln. Mrs John Craln and Mrs. John Enoch spent Tuesday In Memphis. Mrs. 1)0) ton Scott W. Lincoln spent Miss Virginia Mniiln, daughter; i] nm p Hopkins ot Clnclmnll >f Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mnrlln, who Mr . Hopkins Is one of the many of s '" l ? cs .,. wh '? 11 Mr ' H °)* llls .„.. i ,._ i,, t .. ..._, i- . ' .*..-- ... ...v »,,.,,; , t,,,,,,,,,,,! tvin* tKn *\y, of he'irts li'om , djlnniy. las been quite 111 from malaria ever, Is now able lo be out. Mrs. Arrtcn U. Crowder Is In Joiicsboro wllli her brother, Herd Bryant, who was Injured th an accident. Mr. and Mrs, Horace Walpolc spent yesterday In Memphis. Mls s Willie A. Ijiiwsoii. former county superintendent of Mississippi county schools, Is now In Little Rock where she has nccept- ed a position with the Union Central Life Insurance compsuy. Mrs. James A. Piickcll and daughter, of Forrest City, have itr.lycd to Join Mr. Puckelt, a m&nbcr of the junior high school faculty. experts of Cincinnati who will welcome oilier bridge players of the country lo the National Championship Tournament of tho American Bridge League In that, city the week of DecemlJer 4. The Kidding Mr. Hopkins was slttlny In. Hie lorth. Ills partner In the South peni-d Hie commoting with one lull. West, who was vulnerable. Id not feel safe In ovmcalllng vltli one heart, and passed. Mr. Hayti Society — Personal Next Wednesday the Women's Missionary society of the Ilayt Methodist, church will lie host to the Women's Missionary societies of the Cape Girardeau district which Includes all the Mcthodls churches of Southeast Missouri Hayti expects 150 visitors, among whom will be Mrs. E. L. Walkci of St. Louis, who Is president o the Capo. Girardeau district, win 111 preside over the all day meet- Ihe . members for of the afternoon. the remainder Children of Confederacy Rtitunc Meeting* Salrthday. The first meeting of the ncv year for the Children of Confederacy will b; held Saturday afternoon at the home of Miss Sunshine Adams, 2:30 o'clock. Al members ate urged to attend. * * * Cormtt-Bfcoks. Announcement • hac been mat! cf the marriage of Miss Rutl TlrooVs and Dclmar Cornclt, liotl (il Le'achylllc. The ccrcihony wo performed by the Rev. J. Bu'ilotv Caldwcil. tt a ? Modern Frlsclfe Club Is Entertained Miss Arrtanda Thrasher enter tained members of the Modcr Prlscilla club with a dinner part last, evening • at her suburbs Jiome. in addition to the mem beis Misses Frances Little, Mlldrc Lou Hnhbard, Martha Ann Lync and i'aulihc Fowler were- prcscn A .delicious menu was served i small tables .In the living rooi decorated .with autumn flowers. Later, Iri the bunco games. Miss Jane Branson won the prize. 'Officers of the EpwortH Leagu or the ensuing year are annonnc d as follows: Don Chapln, presl ent of the Senior group; Mis Witt, secretary and trcas rer; Estcrel Gllltis. president, 6 ic Junior group, Hazel Daldwlr ccretary and treasurer. Miss ,Bdnf\ Khouric was hostes o .the. -'Double Four Bridge chi ! i" homo Wednesday evening liss Siillie Hamra of Canithers Illc was n sliest. .High scor wlzc wcilt to Mrs. Hugh Lewi Irs. Martin Brohdell held sccon lsh score. The [allowing members of Hie] Today's Contract Problem /"lONTHACT is three no trump ^-* liy South, West li»s taken two rounds. o[ Bpadea, and Goiilh tlic third round with Ilia ncR. South tlien cashes the klni; of diamonds and North (dummy) nnd East hand! stand i>3 follows: .Vorlli: 4 (Out) V A S t « A J S 1 A K & KaM: A (Out) 9 K7 4 «QC +Q753 Kontli: (Blind) Weal: (Blind) Now SoiUh lenils a small diamond and laltM Hie Jack finesse to Kast'a tiuccn. Wliat lead by' Hast has tiro' best cii.incc to defeat tho contract? Solution in next isai^ 20 tiumpcd with the discarding a club flic tlnucc of diamonds was then trumped in dummy with the king ol hearl.s, West. being forced to nndi'i'-lrump with the nine. The- nine of clubs wns returned and when West trumped with the ten. North overtrumped with the. Jack. Carnthfefsvillfc Society — Personal itownian. Mr. and and itrs. O Tuesday in Memphis, where the l«f> ladles went for medical 'ivatment. Miss Anna i.aura Sc harm a h.6rri rtUirnert horre Monday [roni C.ho, III., where she has been '/King her brother and wife, Mr. and Mis. Joe n Schnrmahorn. She •.va.» accompanied home by Joe B. Jr., who v.-ill visit here (or a fc-.v days. Mis. Pearl Harper and chil- left Tuesday for Hlckman, Ky. where they will visit for a month or so, thai being their (crmer home. Miss Pauline Thurpp drove to Dycrsburg, Tern., Sunday, where she entered the Dyerstjurg hos [ii'.nl to take training to become nurse. She was accompanies Iherc by her parents, Mr. ant Mis. L. E. Thurpp. Messrs. Parker Coleman here Saturday by the of O. K Barfleld. father c::;.'ed death 'f Mrs. W. R. sewelL Rlley F. Knight went to Memphis Sunday to see Miss Mab2l Hayes, who accompanied h I in l-oinc for a visit with.her parents, Mr and Mrs W E. Hayes Miss FT Ill's week sergeant-at-arms. Freshmen— Warren Wllkcrson ' president; Wade Milter, vice 'presj ident; Gale Gardner, secretary and treasurer; Anthony Hageman, sergeant-at-arms. The sponsors appointed by the superintendent, H. li. Masterson, nryan ;s visiting are: Mrs . Susic sigler, seniors-' , i,... ,,_._.. ...... M(ss Marg[im mn j miiors . j L ' Mrs. her sLster, :i:'beit Wilso'i, at Senalh. r«r. and M's. D. A. Ruflin and Brighter. Sue, drove to Jackson, ' ' McClanahan, sophomores; Miss Duggar, freshmen. Mo.. Sunday little Parker, who been visiting for and returned daughter i\ ^v;cek with her aunt, Mrs. Bailey Wolker, at Farmlngton. B. P. Parks and W. n. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Spencer of \ ..." Monettc visited friends here Thursday. . Mr. and Mrs. G. Porter and Mrs. James Strond visited In Memphis Thursday. Mrs. Rlley Jones ol Blylhcville Is visiting her parents. Mr. ami Mrs. Walter Card. Mrs. Roy Waters and Mis. C. W, ferguson shopped in Memphis Tuesday. Mrs. J. D. Olive and son Arthur Jiave returned to their home at Blalcn. Tex., after a week's visit with Mrafl Olive's brothers. Clay arid Arthur Hudson. M. J. Blacku-cll of Memphis was the guest of Mr. and Mis. A. S. .Messrs. Parker Coleman and "'". , B , 01 - "' ""• ••»"••"•'• ••• " :iuss Sleelc or Long Beach. Calif.,' Ca 'J hln « 5 of Basseti Tuesday arrived a few days' ago and wm «»«•*• ?««« "-,^™ ** Mrs. Scott Alexander of Char- !''Sloi], Mo.. Is visiting here hi the home rtf her daughter, Mrs. Dave Thompson and ' family. John Farts, who hus spent the Minima her? with his mother, Mrs. Marie Furls, and sister, Bar- nnra. left Ihe flrst of the ween c'or St. Louis, where he will re- sirye his slui'les In Ihe medical iihool of Washington University. Mr. and Mrs. William Nc:.«on !•:![ the Mrs! of the week for IX-trolt, Mich., where tiiey will :pcnd some time here looking rler farming interests in the r.rtith end of the county, and visiting with relatives and friends. nlly. and M'-s. Von Mayes drove Ic Memphis Tuesday, taking their SUM. Wendell, who will enter a business coltepe there. Clay Huntley left the^ first of the week for St. Louis, where he will enter tile medical department d Washington University for Ihe •.uming term Maurice Janes of kennelt has micpicd a position with the I'iSgly Wiggly store here. He began his duties the first of the week. Joe Miss.. Hunt Gpwitn of Tunica. 5|iciil '.he week -end here 5 ting his noiher. Mrs. Mattic Gnwnn, rctnn.'lng to his home y.onday. His wife, who had been with i ,.,,,. . i visiting here, returned home Hopkins In the North, however, I ;J , n nitutc n one over one forcing over-! ^f T call of one heart. East bid one hpnde and South jumped to four hearts which West promptly doubled. The Day The six of spades was opened by Ease and won In dummy with the nee. A smnll club was re- Unncd and Mr. Hopkins in the North played the jack. East won the trick with the ace and returned a small club ^hoping': thnl his partner could trump, but West Hopkins returned Mrs. Sam J. Corbett accom pahlcrt by her daughters, Mrs L B. Foster anil Mrs. Sluroi J. Pate, spelit Wednesday aftcr- v.i n in Blylheville. Mrs. Ray Blackford returned r,nnday [roir Paragould, Ark., followed. Mr. the queen ot club s and when West trumped with the three of heaitsi „ he discarded his losing ten of I ' spades. West , ., whtrc she spent the past week, ••-compaiiylng Glen baulton, who had 'driven to Paragould fof Ihe iVL°k-cnd. lhar being his. formei 1'vine. . Miss Eslhe- l j o\yell is vlsltine hi-r grandmother, Mi's. Braggadocio Miss Eliznb-lh Itltoh and Grej Crane were married Sunday at Mfss Fclton's home. Miss Jane Eogel of Stecle vis- pa the Mlsse-, Kathryn and Lora King for the week-end. The tv.o weeks revival, con- ilncted by the Rev. Mr. Crocker cf Portagevi'lc, ended Sunda; night with ?.\ converts. V. C. Holt i? ill wilh malaria. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilkersoi have returned to Cairo, III. Afte twc weeks ti'tre they will mov lo Osceola, Ark. They were ac :um|>anled by Delno Holt, who wi] .vork In Cairo. Read Courier News Want Arts Vedncsday In Memphis. ** at Grand LoU 5 e K «" sas City this Horuersville Society-Personal Mr. and Mrs. Miltord Sanders j f-lient Sunday In Marble Hill vis-' : Mpg the formci-'s parents, Dr i a id Mrs. C. A. Sanders. ' I Officers of Hayti Higji i School Classes Named; HAYTI. Mo.~Classes of the:' Hayti high school announce the! following oilicm: Seniors—Forrest Randolph, president; Charles Tralnor. vice president; Richard F.ucl], secretary aiuli treasurer; Leonard Toaster, scr-! geant-at-arms. Juniors-Frank Foster, president; Ralph Hugh Duncan, vice president; Penllle Compere, secretary and treasurer; John Hal! strgeant-al-arms. Sophomores- - president, Louise Cole; vice president, Lou Ann Pendergrnso; Georgia Ashley, secretary and treasurer; C. W. Reed, VtCKS COUGH DRO Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Hatcher rid children drove to Monctte c uhday to visll the family of heir sister, Mis Clyde Merritt. Mrs. B. Frink Highflll of Bly- r-cville was Iwre Wednesday af- e'.-'noon visiting Mrs. W. R. icwell. Mrs. M. A. Massey left Tuesday 'or Mor'ehous^' where she joined rfrc. E. F. Walden for a trip o the fair at Chicago. Paul Ray has gone to Sprlng- fle'.rt where lie will work. L.yman Bone left Saturday for St. Joseph, Mr., lo lake the state medical boa'rj examination. He. is a graduate of the University of Tennessee school of pharm- rcy. r.trs. J. L. Davis ana Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Rorex of Hayti weie LIFE INSURANCE Wlicrc your dollar is al- •.viiys saMy invested: the best cstnte to leave your loved ones 1 . All modern forms at I o \v n o n - participating rates. Our new low rate ordinary rate for business men will interest yon. A talk with W. M. BURNS, Agent Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. will vince you. 666 Liquid, Tablets, Salve, Nose Drop;; Checks Malaria- In 3 days, Cold* first day, Hradichrs or Neuralgia in 30 minutes. Fine Laxative and Tonic Most Speedy Remedies Knonri Tommy A. Reid Now in Charge of the Gulf Service Station I have just (aken over cotnpltilc charge of the Gulf Service Station a( Alain .inrt Division, the station formerly managed by TJryant Stewart, and will he glad to welcome old and new customers. Phone 555 For That Good Gulf Service 100'; Gulf Products The Hesl of Service Always IVrell, and mint. Miss RnlJ! iV.voll, ol Cotlonwood Point thi! i ("turned Mrs. Frank Crawford and daugh- Jlei' Miss Grac , of Gas City, I'mL ocal Y. W. A.-wcre Rumh of thei-spailes whL-h Mr. Hopkins-In the i JH'!""^^,.± c ' r , r !^ t " ctl Thllrs ; Kcnnetl Auxiliary Monday eve- North truin|ieri with Ihe deuce of | .>-.'-' ^ i,,,.', '.:',., • . ,, ,' r,!,,= - KK^^C n,,.,!!!,,,-.,, T,_. i, r]uls He next led a low bpnilj "'• . visuing in me Home to the ace and East showed out.' .i i,. • _; A small diamond was returned j many Women Benefited and won by Norlh wilh the tmcen. j Thousands of women have, said ilng: Misses PcnlllcCompere.Hal- le Lois Randolph. Cleo McDon- Anna Mnc Khonrie, Tlielmn mrt Mabel Alexander. Haltlc Hcr- cl. Alma Jean Morgan, Virginia ind Marlyne Eachtis, vli'glnla Cannon, Clara GllHim. Margaret rlyrick. Margaret Haynle. Juanlta ProVow, Claudia Marshall. Laura Pcllc Alsup, Virginia McDonald, and Ihcir counselor, Mrs. L. V. McDonald. Mrs. L. F. Grooms and son Ixif- on drove to Jackson. Term., Monday and were nccompanled home Tuesday by Mrs. Grooms' dnugh- cr. Dann. who has been visiting ^Tr. and Mrs. A. L-. Roberts. She also vlsllcd In Hmuboldl. Dyes, Bnd Henderson, Tcnn. They were also accompanied home by Paul dooms of Humboldl. who will visit In the homo 61 his brother, j L. F. Grooms. I Mrs.- O. T. Marlln nnd her! niece. Miss Lorenc Reed of Pon- tlac, Mich.. • were In Blythcvilli' Monday visiting Mrs. "Martin's brother. George Cunningham, and! family. Tuesday Miss Reed left! for her home at Pontiac after a three weeks visit hero with her aunt and with relatives at Ca- rufhersville. O. T. Martin has returned home from Kairas: City, where he attended the Masonic Grand Lodge, which was In session there Ihls week. Mr. Martin writ; sent as a delegate from the locnl Masonic Lodge. , The ace of diamonds was cashed, I rARnm >, n i,,^t ( v; t then the six of diamonds played , CARDUI hcl l«d them to ovcrcoma and won in dummy with Ihe king. • nmc " s «""mg at monthly times, Mi. Hopkins i hen returned a i and tlmt after continued use many smnll heart, West jumped in with ft their ailments disappeared en« the micen and returned the eight ! tlrcly. TryCardul! DruggtstiseUlt Lone Oak A'euw Brother W.illcn, will fill his regular appointment here Sunday. Sunday school will be held at 10 o'clock.. - . Hiss Cora Lee Colcmari gave several dembn^tratlons at a mcet- n g of Hit L6ra-Oak hoaie demon itratlon club at the home of Mrs. J. W. Fields Monday. . Mrs. Ted Kcore Is sick. ,7lrh Fields, is able. to be af:er several days Illness. Mr. and MTV Will Boney are '•luting relatives in Riplcy, Tcnn., Ih's week: jirs. Freemin Huey Is sick. trother Wr.llers baptized 24 mcrnbcrs here Sunday afternoon following a tiro weeks reviral at| At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic i Tvccliestcr, Minn.) HIE hcnltli nl- ri-t-r,'Dr. D.'C. Locklicsd,"recently •ia'd in a statement through the prrss. "We In the health depart- t'im are two concerned .about milk Ri'.ples. . . Because U Is Tte Rev. W. J. Leroy of the Lake. Street Methodist church TJ'ythcyVlie, Jircacfied licre Sunday iafternoon 7he I.i)ne Oak P. T. A. will iheat iitohday/bctobar. 1. Eacli mtrnbc^ is urged to brlns R. visitor. llio best' food obtainable. \vc want. to sec U consumed In .great qnan- Mits; and bcctuise of the nossibil- i',v of its spreading .disease, we mini to fcr.oiv thai our local supply Is produced innler all the refine ments of production commer- cVilly possible ar.d thai II he | Uh-rizcd sn that ue can j; Telephone No. 7t Bennett's milk is safe — it's proiKrly pasteurized. Bennett's Dairy For Your Clolhcs' Sake Now when summer clothes arc ready to go into temporary retirement its a .^ooti idea In put them away dean nnd in i^nnd cond'llon. Gather tip those linens, tropical \voistcrH' and other hot weather clothes rnd let us clean .inrl repair thorn for stor;ii;e. And yon mii-'hl as well scnrt along that straw hat. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE "Raises the Phone 171 Greatest Quality Buyer of them all Every merchant knows that the discriminating buyer is the American woman. She knows quality and buys her favorite brands repeatedly. But, what about beer? There are too many brands tobe familiar with all.Topick theonc which will please your family and guests seems quite n problem. Frankly, it's nop'roblem atall.The question was solved foryou by generations of American women before you. In fine homes—as in all fine clubs, hotels and restaurants— BUDWEiSER has always been the world's most popular beer. Its outstanding character and quality made it outsell any other bottled beer on Earth. Behind every bottle of BUDWEISER is 81 years of brewing skill and the same brewmaster who produced it 40 years ago produces it today. Whether with a sandwich or a full course dinner, BUDWF.ISF.R adds a touch to a meal that makes it more enjoyable.To offer your guests beer is a courtesy, but tooffer them BUDWEISER isa gracious compliment. Your dealer can supply you now with full strength and fully aged BUDWEISER. Order by the case for your home. Serve cold. ANHEUSER-BUSCH--ST. LOUIS Viiitorj are inn'lcd to in.i(>ect the Lnrg«t Brcti-cry in the WorU / ^

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