The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1950
Page 12
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Military Leaders Seize Haiti Rule Three-Man Junta Regains Power after 4 Years on Sidelines PORT AV PBIKCE. Hrcitl. May 11. Iff 1 )— Military rulers seized the government of Haiti jcstcrriay after almost four years on the .sidelines. They eanie back to power iifter President Dumarsats Estime tried unsuccessfully to insure his o\vn reelection. Eslime resipneri and wn.s succeeded by (he same three-man military junta who threw out his predecessor in Janunry 1946. Tlie junta, which had ruled the country until Estime's election in August. 1946, announced the president and Ills family had been placed unricr its "protection." (In Miami, an informed source said Estlme may go to Paris to live. His predecessor, Elie Lescol., found refuge in Canada.) Immediately alter taking office yesterday, the junta dissolved parliament, promising at the same time In a proclamation lo respect Haiti's existing international agreements and to "maintain democratic practices." Ixickcrl Confidence The military leaders said the lower parliamentary house, the Chamber of Deputies elected last January during a Kovernniertt-de- crced state of siege, did not have the country's confidence. The chamber, which Estime's opponents charged was hand-pickerl by the government, previously had approved a constitutional amendment permitting the president's reelection when his current term expired in 1952. The dissolution order also applied to (he Senate, whose rejection on April 13 of the reelection amendment was followed by a mob attack In which the Senate clmmcbr was wrecked and an assault was made on the homes of two senators opposed to the amendment.. Anti-government, quarters charged the mob was led by Minister of Interior Castle Demesmin. who they said was pro-Communist. Since taking office in 1916. Estime's government had sponsored a program ,of widespread social and financial legislation and public works for this West Indian island whose .1,000.000 people are almost all illiterate Negroes or mulatlocs. LUXOR A" NEWS Bj Mrs. G. C. Driver Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wood spent last weekend in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Olive and son of Hughes spent Sunday as the guests of Mr. Olive's parenls Mr and Mrs. J. S. Olive. W. C. Meadows, Hugh Wright, and Bowen Thompson returned home Tuesday from SI, Louis where they attended two games of the Cardinals-Braves baseball series. Mrs. ivfnrry Richardson spent the weekend In Memphis with Mr. Richardson, who is a patient in Methodist Hospital there. Mr. Richardson's condition is reported improved Mrs. T. D. Wilkins, Mrs. Vcrnon James, Mrs. C. B. Thomas and Misses Edith McDaniel. Emma Lcc Kennamer and Gretchen Barnes were hostesses Wednesday eveninp at the home of Mrs. James in Osceola to a supper party in honor of Miss Eunice Shinn and Mrs. Raymond Pate. Games of bridge and bingo were played, with each of the honor guests being presented gifts Mrs. Tom Callls entertained" her daughter. Lalla Ann. on her fourth birthday Saturday at her Hlch- tower home. Twelve Iricnds of ~thc honoree enjoyed games riiirinz the afternoon. Favors of hals and picgy bank change purses were presented to each guesl following refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. John Ford entertained their three (able canasla club at their home Friday night High score prizes .were won by Mr and Mrs. Elmer Hall. The Wesleyan Sen-Ice Onild mel last Tuesday nis-ht at the home cf Mrs. Bowen Thompson, with 12 members present. A business mecl- Int was presided over by Mrs. c. B Thomas, president. Mrs. T. D. Wilkins. nominating chairman. reported the following nominees as officers for next year: Mrs. Tom Caliis, president; Mrs. «. B. Whltmore. vice-president- Mrs. Thompson, secretary: and Mrs A. B. Rozellc, treasurer. Mrs. Edwin Hays had charge of the program entitled "Christian Marriages." she was assisted by Mrs. Lorn "Stanford and Mrs. A. B. Flradlcy. Mrs Joe Gentry Rave the devotional. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cavvood r>f Oavett. Ark., arc vbitinsr Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowen. For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In o majority of cases invesli- gated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney (unction was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use o! Mountain Valley Waler. If your doctor has diagnoscc your condition os functional Kid. ney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it (OT a lew weeks. ll is delicious, pure-lasting, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Life "SI Tax Gremlins EDITOR'S NOTE: "Life With Ihe Tax Gremlins" f s a 12-part. thumbnail story of the nation's complicated tax structure. The characters: Uncle Sam himself, his Gremlin, state and Local Tax Gremlins, and you—the taxpayer.'. It's liom an "American Affairs" pamphlet published by the National Industrial Conference Board of Nciv York, an independent, non-profit rncl-finding institution .supported by rjUainc.yi, labor and other groups. The ancient maxim about, taxation reads: "The most, feathers for the least squawk." That Is the theme of Ihe cartoon with this story. Facing a deficit of J5,0fl0,000.000 for Ihe cm-rent fiscal year the President had to think of how to Increase the lake of the federal If would mean only more hidden THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1950 ' ' , f Tax Revision Gremlin. But both the sales tax taxes. Goose and the Income tax ROOSC*- were already squawking murder. and to pluck them any deeper would be politically dangerous, with an election coming oh. The sales (ax coose was the more noisy of Ihe two. And with good reason, since (he sales taxes imposed in wartime had never been reduced at all. In this dilemma, as a politician, what would you do? Tile corporation tax goose is big and friendless, with no voles at, all, and has a squawk absurdly weak for Its size. Therefore. Uncle Sam is saying to his Gremlin: "Get more feathers there." And that. Is Ihe thought that governs tax revision. However, besides quielius the geese, what difference would it maxc in the end? A deduction In sales laxes and at the same time an increase of corporation taxes would grow no feathers if what the consumer had formerly paid as sales and excise taxes were added to the prices charged by the corporations. Denmark Establishes Relations with China COPENHAGEN. Denmark. May 11. (AP)—Denmark has established diplomatic relations with Red China, and the two countries have named their respective ministers. Denmark will be represented by Alex Morrch. who held Hie same post in Nationalist China. China's representative will be Gen. Leng Piao. Student Gets Life In Slaying Case COLUMBUS, O.. May 11. (/!>)—A common pleas juclRp held tip a former Ohio State Univeislty fresh- mnn as an example to all students yesterday in sentencing him lo life in prison for n fraternity slaying. A jury convicted 21-yenr-olrf James D. Hecr of EucHri. O., of .second-degree, murder In Hie honic- rninJiiR shonlinR of Jack T. Mc- Koown of Norwood, O,, in front of Hie fraternity house In which both lived. Judtic John R. Kin?. nln-Iou.sly disturbed emotionally, talked to "the KTaL .student body" and to Hcer before pronouncing .sentence, "There is n challenge to each ?ind every one," said Jud^o King. "Rule.-i and regulations arc ft>r the benefit, hcrtlth and protection of the student body. "Education, after nil. points (he way to life—how to lh r e." liam M. Evaiu, Hale Evnru, Loulje Pickens. Maralyn Joyce Evans, Sue Ann Evan.s, known heirs of Sidney E. Evans, deceased, and to all other persons Interested In said estate, (hat Mrs. Annie B. Miller, 412 North 5th Street. Blythevllle, Arkansas, was appointed administratrix of said estate on April 29, 1950. aitrt thai said Annie B. Miller has filed In this court a petition to sell personal- and real property of said i-slatc to pay debts ana lor distribution; and has also filed claim herein for certain personal services rendered Sidney E. Evans. You and each of you are hereby notified that a hearing of said petition and consideration of said claim for services rendered will be heard at the courlhoaie, Blytheville. Arkansas, on June 9. 1950. at which lime and place protest and objections may be filed and heard. Laboritcs Beat Move To Kill Freight Rate Cut LONDON. May 11. r,Pi—Britain's Labor Government defeated a Conservative attempt in the House of Commons last night, to cancel a 1C 2.3 per cent increase in freight rate 1 * on l-he nationalized railways. Voting 308 to 283. the deputies approved the higher rales. 'file government said unless the increases were luarte, the railway •syslcm would have a deficit of nort.OOO.OOO I $280,000,0001 by the middle of 1352. Argentine Meat Workers End Fire-Day Strike BUENOS AIRES. Argentina, Miy 11. (API—Thousands of meal workers went back to their jobs today ending a live-day strike. The walkout was in protest against dismissal of 3.000 packing house cmplovr-.i who had staged a slowdown An estimated 100,000 workers took part in the strike. IN' Till-: PHOBATK COURT FOR THE: CIIICKASAWIIA IHSTHICT. MISSISSIPPI COIIN'TV. AKKAN'SAS IN THE MATTER Of THE ESTATE OF SIDNEY E. EVANS, DECEASED Mo 1O7R Notice is hereby given lo Addle Mac Palmer. Charles Evzns. John E. Evans. Sidney B, Evans, Mrs. Guy Davey, Esther McCUlre, .Mrs. Elsie Stover, Wallace Evans, Wil- Elizabeth BJythe, Probate Couirt clerk Frank C. Douglas, ally. 5111-18-25 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a p^- tition lo abandon that part of Fourteenth Street In the City of Blytlieville, Arkansas, that extends north from Main Street has been filed before the City Council of the City of Blytlieville, and that on the 13th day of June, 1950, the Council will hear said petition and determine whether such property should be abandoned as a street, and whether all abutting properly owners and other persons directly interested 'have consented to' such abandonment. Dated this 10 day of May, 1950. W. I. MAUN, City Clerk t SHI-IS : MOTHER'S DAY Sunday, May 14 • I'imgburn's Candies • Co relay Cologne • Aii'maid Nylon Hosiery And iMa'ny Other Inexpensiv* Gif(» BARNEY'S DRUG West Main OLD $TAGG *Slraiglit Kentucky Bourbon in all its Glory! *j\atiirally J » finer drink Never Sold until Four (zj,) Years Old I And it's only 5J.67 $194 $150 *tl-i> 01. tl'iilt I Vi i' it, HOT. KENilHKf SIHI6HI HIIHOH KHISm.W SUSS B1SIIIIIKS CO.. fi»WDII. HKIBUI SHIHI nm—t, ca at f*i* popular Jourboct ,:i,,r, I,ad,, Mo., Why just listen to reasons ? COME SEE FOR YOURSELF! 'T'His TIME we'd like to tell you about -*- something that you cannot see in this picture—something, in fact, you cannot know about from looking at someone else in a passing Buick—or from viewing a Buick on our show-room floor. It's the feel you gel from a Rtiick in motion. You are going to find out that it is something like traveling on your own private, jct-propcllcd cloud —only firmer. JVlaybe you know a stretch of washboard road, where you have to slow down, or bounce and jitter. Try thai in a Buick and sec how you keep a level, comfortable boulevard smoothness. Maybe you're always on edge lo dodge dips and chuckholcs. Those also lose most of their jolt when you're at the wheel of a Buick —or in the rear seal. In a few simple words —the ride of any Buick—SPECIAL, SUPER or ROADMASTER — is oul of Ihis world. V\e could give you a lot of reasons. Soft coil springs on all four wheels, for example -Ihc firm linkage of Ihe lorquc-tube drive— Ihc disiribuiion of weight-big soft lires on wide rims-the way Buick engines are mounted. Even Dynaflow Drive*—always silk- smooth and free of gcarcd-cirive harshness —plays its part in the marvelous Buick ride. But why simply listen to reasons? Experience is slill the best teacher. Come sec for yourself why the Buick ride is called "matchless"—and how liulc it costs to replace a jillcrbuggy with one of these level-striding honeys. t"a COM n* SL r/."/v orji SFECtA L mi^rIt. ONLY BUICK HAS 0tV— and w ith it go**, Fireball ,ol»e-;n.heod power ir, Ik,,, <. ngine! . Mew f. 2<53 fng - ne ;„ j L , t| maMl j . NEW-PATTERN STYLING, v.rfc MUlll-GUARD forefront. I<,pc,.,h,ou 3 f, rcorfer., "doukf. bubb;V loillighli • WlDt-ANGLt VISIBIUJr, clo.o up roorf vio-^ fcorh forword onrf boc\: . rRAFFfC-HANDT SIZf, I,,, ovc ,.<,)| hnglt, for easier poking and g a , ag ; n g t ifiort Iurnin 5 , a d:v> • f XTRA-WIDE SI ATS cradled ber~e«n Ihc a,le, . SOU BUICK RIDt, ham oil-coil spring' Stifcly-Wde rims. /o»-.preisuro lire,, r^f-slcadymg (orque-lube • WIDl ARRAY OF MODUS wr'lJi Body hy Fi,b, r . Phone yoar BUICK rfea/er /or • demonsfraf/on - night How! m* ma*r*.vcn YOUS PfJCC HANGS Better buu Buick ^f Y&Jt JCH' TOG'fATE*' VJUUi ' LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut at Broadway Phone 555 When better automobiles are built BIIECR will build them _ OASOUNE — TRACTOR FURL — KKKOSENE-*-, KvZL Oil, — DJESKL FURL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 11 fi W. Walnut fitilk Plant: Promised Land Be Thankful For Health ' 10 en ° y BC ° d hM " h BCCC P l lt »' » mattcr 0( collrs «v " "" ^ aV ° ex V c ™™<* «« P«in& and suffering that y0 , s s^r ihat we can ruiiy esiimaie aiid - iue lna " nit> '- Im " >' cars Chli-opr a cllc''has been dcliverliiB ncreasing health service to sick and suHering Humanity rtlsllnc:l discase Lindquist Chiropractic Clinic Phone 3170 6 15 Chickasawba Street Hlyllievillc. Arkansas ' Call 6911 for Blytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First v r P M er n Um " C 'f Sl ' et ' 1 Mc ' !il sc rvtce.. Bin. oil mill A. feed, null work, house Ktl ,iers, duct work. Call Taylor l-a.vlon, shop manager. Arkot 2-1 Cotton Seed Produced by University of ArUimsas ExperimcnISirf BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansas Growers Kxlrcmely early in f,- u itin s ,v,,l malures quick. Har- SPSI ha to SO [IP,- ccm ( ,r tn)j) „, ri| - st v ; e \,; n y Hi h Kin turnout. Staple: I-l/,^ to I 5 :i2 im-lics- Ifircc-ycar average al. Dtlta StiKsliUimi 712 p,,,,nds lint per acre. Other production rc-ords in liilll- At iHananna —S!I2 pounds per acre; Al Hope — K2S pounds per acre: In Craitfhcad County-722 pounds per acre. )% |,,,|i. Predominately five-lncked Easy n'ltion ""' '" niilchinc - ScC(I arc "f h't'h g«mi- See Your Glnncr or RAY F. PRICE HI West Walnut. Rlyfhcville, Ark Plume 2271 . . .Long Distance 13 ANHYDROUS AMMONIA" Don't Inkc less Ili^n Ihc hrst: We r.ui supply tlic fertilizer nnd ^rp'T it tlin Kiiy the job should hn drinr. Knr prompl service rail S5SI or 1.1RH. l.uncsl SCRAPE & WE1DMAN Agricultural Service South llie Blythc NOW IS THE TIME! Use MIXED FERTILIZERS To Get More Cotton! Anil with locUj-'i rcrlticed cotton ncrc.ljc it's even more imporUnl f lor you to Increase (he yield per I acre's nhal our fertlliztn. | can do for vou We have on hand all of the I most cnmrrmnlj ased (r.rade« nf I :ni\ccl fertilizers and nitrate nf I ^orl... Gel your* now and put It I down while sufficient supplies I are available. ORDER NOW! Blytheville Fertilizer Corp, Highway 61 South Phone 4471

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