The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1944
Page 5
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j'URDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1944 SS1FIED )VERTISllVG FORMATION J rate per line for consecutive Ins: lin Charge 50e |>er line 15o Ipcr line per day I2o [per Hne per day 9c ^per line per day 70 I per lino per day BO " per line 900 1 Jor three or six times liped before expiration will led for the number of times |>pcared and adjustment of ttasslflcd Advertising copy Id by persons residing out- fthe city must be accom- j cash. Hates may be easily I from the above table, ling ordered for Irregular I takes the one time rate. Iponsiblllty will be taken I than one Incorrect Inser- ly classified ad. For Sale BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS Steel Watering Troughs Slcel Oil Drums Steel Garbage Onus Blylliovillo Miu'lilno Shop. 30-ck-1030 One double stainless steel slnk7322 East Kentucky. 9,30-pk-liH Small House Trailer. ChcflpTconT- fc-rtiible home. See "Doc" Dean, 0,30-pk-10-7 Urlng room suite in good condition Pre-war springs. Large trunk. 1010 Main Street.'2 Officer's uniform. Also extra (rousers and shirts. Used only a short lime. Sine 37 short. 1118 \v. Ash after 0 and on Sunday. 9-30-1*-! 288 aero Hum on highway. Close to town, electricity, o room house two large barns. On terms. Tom Prank, Clnrkton, Mo. OiSO-pk-lO'T: [For Sale. lies, pink, blue and white, Jr gifts. Mrs. Paul Jobc, Main. 0'25-ck-10 : 2 are no longer ration- it the best one made fLANTEHS HARD- C. 9-25-ch-25 |ve. white enamel tnblc- Jiline range. 410 shotgun [shells, 38 Colt automatic. 9;28-pk-10;2 l.idio, battery and electric I The Radio Hospital. 204 9j29-pk-10j3 fs and mattress set7l20 E. 9j29-|ik-10|2 |ols uptown. Phone" 32G4." 0126-pk-10j2C ;e, two lots. 805 So. Lake. . Wood, East Highway 18. Iraden of Paragoulcl, Ark- live all kinds of farms for jortheasl Arkansas. Write 1 lists. 9j25-pk-ll R. C. A. record player. The- Radio Hospital, 204-W. Ash. 0;30-pkl03 G room house on one-half acre. Ad- Joining, city limits. Price $2500 $450 cash, balance $25 ]>er month Possession today. II. c Campbell, phone 20-11. 9|25-|)k-l For Rent House. Mile soulli on Franklin. Mrs Arohillion. O^O-pk-lo;-! Typewriter. Phone 31GO~~' i 9;29-pk-10-l U. S, ARMY UNIT Bedroom. Couple preferred. Mrs. Kay 13raddy. 101 E. Sycamore, city. 9 : 29-pk-3 CrfTIco In IngMm aulldlng. Inquire tt tlje Parkhurit Co. ll-30-ck-tf "^~*~~*~ ~— . r*~*.^^n^^^^.^^. Wantea to Buy Cash for girl's or boy's bicycle. Pho. 2239- ' 9130-|>k-lo;4 14 x 20 or 10 x 20 steam engine. Write A. B. Myers, Derma, Miss. 9-29-pk-3 3 or 4 room furnished apartment Phone 2850, Mrs. Harry Grimes. 9j30-pk-10j7 One row combine in good condition JAMES SHARP, Rt. 2, Steele, Mo. 9;28-pk-l Tent or trailer. 1333 Holly. 9;26-pk-lo;3 Baby stroller. Phone 3242. rnisliings, month old, In- I'lectric refrigerator and |11 personally, no 13th St. 9;25-pk-1012 •iso trailer, 2~ft~ton^ ! Uscci cars & trucks. Any make or people. In good con-I model. C. C. EAOAN, CIS Chicka- •tl good tires, good paint.J sawba. OI13-nk-l3 Tfeen across street from'— • ——_ r Canning Co., Osceola, Pianos bought and sold. Tuning and Furnished apartment or small house Phone 2848. Gj2G-pk-10i3 24-pk-a R S O N ALI ZED OARDS | your name. 25 for $1 SI. Place your order D'S DRUG STORE. 8-21-ck-21 repairing. George Ford. Hardaway Appliance Co. Phone 2071. 8-ll-ck-10-n Hay and Corn. B!ythevl!!e Grain and Elevator Co. 0|7-ck-tf J box. One 14 ft. Wnr- Jk box. 20 inch counter I porcelain. For lieed of a real drink It. Roy Colemah, Gid- Jack Marsh, Blytlie- fl-22-pk-lO-S Kiay. Ful-O-Pep poultry iT feeds. Custom feed :ng. Blythcville Grain and elevator Co. 9il8-ck-tf 325 MISSOURI 614 LA CLEDE Two nice 4 room homes In n pleasing neighborhood. Take your choke for $2100 on easy terms See" S. Jicdel, 224 Main, or your own.agent. Or write Julius Jleclcl, 2151 Poplar, Memphis, Tenn. 9|lG-ck-16 ATT ETTrTolTT"" For those hard-to-get items, maybe you didn't know where to go. No use looking all over the country- try PARKHURST first! In business since 1904. Everything for tile home, office and school. PARKHURST, Phone 9GG —107-109 E. Main. 9-14-ck-14-tf Electric table radios cheaper at Radio Hospital. 204 w. Ash. 9-14-pk-14 134 acres, with 40 acres timber. All under wire fence. One mile East j^-Stoncwall, Ark. Known as the f. /ffman farm. All level. Anyone « 4crcsted write to L. A. SCRIV- AlEB, Corning, Ark. 9-6-pk-G NO, SIR! It's not too early, right now Is the time to start buying those gift Items of all kinds that you-didn't know were obtainable. Also ladies' and gentlemen's furnishings in handkerchiefs, gloves, shirts, ties, hosiery, hatj, traveling bags, musical Instruments, and other Items too numerous to mention . NOW, while our store Is crammed full and running over PARKHURST, 107-109 E. Main. Phone 966. 9-14-ck-14-lf Electric and Battery Radios! Hardaway Appliance Co. 9-7-ch-7 Will pay winh for $10.000 worth of (rood used fuml- tnre. Wade Furnitnre Co. w «' W 200 per fl «. for ^r ^ hangers. Hudspp Cleaner.. ISelo Carrier boys. Apjilv ;il side donr of Courier News Iic- lu-ccn 3 p. m. and -1. n. m. 9-29-dh-tf Waitresses, short-order cooks. Apply Olc Hickory Inn. "9-28-cli-l Woniim to do general house work in small home one or more days weekly at hours (o suit worker's convenience. Fair pay Mrs. Samuel P. Norris. Call <ifil or 2084 at night. : I1OKI/ONTAI, ' 1,0 Depicted is ( insigne of U ! S. Army A fen Service Command 11 Idolizes . 13 Concealed M Persian fairy 10 Genus of shrubs 18 Musical instrument 19 Diminutive of Snimiol ^0 Sleeping visions 22 Dine 23 Lnlc American humorist 25 Companion 27 Dried tuber 29 Row between seats 32 Any 33 Louisiana (ah.) 34 Transpose (ab.) *, 35 Area measure 3G Tardier 38 Takes care of 40 Devotee •UDulcli city 42 Carve , 44 Shudder 49 Eat 52 Shield bearing 54 To the inside . 55 Man's name 58 Emissaries 58 Paris of fish •GO Trials 61 French city we? rjn* £111 doily 20 Cioes 21 Sprinkle VKItTICAl, 1 Short sleeps 2 Notion :i Regular •I Three times (comb (ori)O 5 Him C Company (ab.) 7 Ovum (comb. 2-1 Deletes form) 20 Ventilated H Insurgents ;>// ^\( 9 Malayan ;>ij Collection of lOI.ct it stand aoYoulh 12 Courtesy title :) | ]iii (o ,. vc i cll 13 Kecentric 37 Headings wheel - ;i!) Cuddle 1G Symbol for 42 Outer tellurium j-armenl 17 Babylonian 43 incite JIH BAMY to w^~ Vi sr 45 Ilelongs lo him 40 Within 47 Vermont 4(1 IJawn cocUlesi HO Intliims 51 Pillar ', 53 I'jitouiology Oil)) 55 Dortt paddle 5V Taslo solo (ab.) •>, 59 Symbol for columblum • RIALES LAND CO, Has Moved HncU To Il's Old Location lu Glencoc Hotel I'll. 4Gi Itusscll K. lllaloa 5T to (loaches, Hats and Mice eliminated. Coutrncl tervlce In pt»t control, Biddle Exterminator! Free Kstlniatw. 118 B. Third rhono Z1GI HE FILL AI.I; !>OOTOK1' PRESCRIPTIONS AND BAVK YOU MONET S T E W A K T'S Dr ig St«r e SUln * Uk« Vttnt cm Try mir "Own Made" 0!c HiekorySnn A<r»n turn lllih Soh4ol Wanted To Kent 5 or 6 room house. Call 2003.~Joe Stircklnnci. <ii?i.i\ir.i Wanted Service work at Montgomery Wcrd <fe Co. All makes of electric appliances serviced. Call 592 for service. 9:2G-ck-10[3 Services Willie Bc!l Green, washing and iron- Ing. Also quilts and blankets. Behind ice plant on Hwy. at. 9;2G-pk-10j2G Experienced Irookkccncr ouen for part-time work, evenings prefcrr- -"i-J?" 2808p 9120-pk-10HO Catch Chiselcr CHICAGO. (UP)—A new small- lime racket was discovered by the Chicago police when they arrested I-nnis Gargano. ^0, Tin a charge contributed lo the war effort. When of stealing 2'4 tons of waste paper- police found him driving past the waste paper depot, he admitted that he had taken (he paper from householders' curbs and intended soiling it. Poland Envoy V "I"' i -/ Arthur Bliss Lane,-above, enrcer diplomat, is the new U. S. nm- hnssador to the exiled government of Poland. The move is seen ns rcallirmnlion of Unilcit States support for Ihe regime which Hussla refuses lo recognize. For Sale 285 'Acres of highly; Improved land on Highway 61 four milca BOiilh of Hly- (heTillc- C. G. Smith VULCAHIZIHG Tire ft Tube Repair , C«(l»n B«H «.«. tt §. Hwy. II (F»nnnlj nlUi Klifltr AB. I'U.) . essential urgently vf 'needs^ dependableVar- transpodationT WAR WORKERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! DOCTORS NEED TRANSPORTATION! FARMERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! FOOD SUPPLIERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! CIVILIAN DEFENSE WORKERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! RED CROSS WORKERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! ALLEY OOP Kxpertencetl coots and waitresses Apply Hotel Noblo. I«-ci-t[ Lost End sate to stake body truck, between tali-grounds and my farm near Eoseland. Finder please notify w. A. Whistle, Rose-land, f.? c ., and receive reward. 9|25-pfc-iO|2 'Jobs Wanted Truck driver, 2096. experienced. Phone D L 30-pk-lO,1 Taken Up Pair of young mules. J. B. Barnes. Rt. 3. Blythcville. 9i28-pfc-!0;i POB HALF. CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Brldfre Lumber Osceola Tilo & Culvert Co. Phone 681 OscioU, Art 1937 Ford 60 Tudor, $265. 1935 Hudson 4 door, clean, good tires. 193S Hudson 4 door sedan. 1930 Chrysler 4 door, 5 good tires. 1932 Chevrolet Tudor, 5 good tires, c. C. Eagon, CIS Chickasawba Avenue. ,•• 9i26-pk-lo;i mL exclusive residential section. Kght room residence, two acres "land, adjoining city limits on East Main Street. This home is plastered throughout, automatic bath heater, equipped with butane gas, attic fan, beautifully landscaped, with two room servant nous?. Price $8,500.00. Some terms. Possession today. H. C. Campbell Phone 2011 9,25-pk-l Seed rye, barley and oats. Top quality. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Phone J93. 9-G-ch-G One 35 cu. It. reach In refrigerator; one 20 cu. ft. reach In refrigerator; one 12 ft. bovernge cooler with counter top; one 10 ft. meat display case. E. B. Gee Sale* Co., phone 2028. 8-12-ck-tt Fmhwt Stock Guaranteed Beat Pritw Stores For Good Insurance Call W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 3367 Writing complete Automobile Insurance, Plate Glass, Workman's Compensation, ruWlo & Contractor's Liability and Fire Insurance on anything insuraMe. AGENCY 115 N. Second St. COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS Sec Us Before You Buy! J. L. TERRELL Office 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 ' DRAGLINE AVAILABLE About October 15th For Farm Ditching—Make Arrangements Now. Surveying Of All Kinds Contact W. D. COBB, Civil Eng. P. 0. Box .101, Blythcville, Ark. Phone 822 •^ When It Stops-Your Car Stops RaKerics wear oul faslcr with today's irregular driving. They frequently 'go dead" without advance warning. Guard ag:iinsl lost (imc, inconvenience and annoyance by letting us check your Imttery now. Genuine Ford lialleries fit all makes of cars and trucks, therefore, regardless of the kind of car you own we can serve you. Eighteen Month Guarantee Tet. 453 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut at 5th gy C'MON ,WE HAVEN'T AIL NlGlfr TO , 6IVE THIS PHONY THE BUGIMESS.' KEEPER OP KING SOLOMON'S ,- /-r;—; rr—j^w/ &ONN\ THE /WE'LL CAT \yf.f ME OUT OF , i HIM, THE Mn K3W AMP C i>J\ DHPP t JiJis- 1 AH,11 Killy Oiils Uio Uleii. Hy V. T- H AMI,IN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LOCWT 'IM GO. 1 HOT DAW6 THIS 15 COMMA BE ,' Al I /^i/CD f\i\'fvl >• AT S6;ws THAT HILDA ^wo IARD <V-»E BOTH RUMNlMfe rJR TNE OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER. OF ATHLETICS .- . NOW MILD.', HAS THREMEWED URD \viTtt A Bovcorr. 'ME REFUSES TO HAVE DATES WITH HIM UNLESS HE- WITHDRAWS (115 NA.ME FROM THE BALLor... . ..'i '• Gloomy Fuliire! ^ . — . — ^^ A WBAH — ARE YOU GOMHA LET MOUSE OR A J A DAME PUSH YOU AROUND '•! MAN? ,-•£.„,, - _ -;^^^M«V- Jvvfeit;:/ RED UYDER --J1.:! NO .'.'.' I'LL IATTA BOY/ RUN FOR AFTER ALL- OFFirF/// A GUV HAS - <' STAND up Ity MERRILL JiLOSSBJi WOW ITS m SHE.LL GW\E, ' ^STRANGER-' I'LL flND Trifl PEJ\.' y NOT^V~~ HERE-'A\ By FRED HARMASi I^JUI \ HERE- 1 ) WASH TUBES "DROP IT/ THIS SHOULD BE THF EP6E O 1 THE WU-A6E., MAYBE I <:AW ASK ABOUT LINK HERE- liY LESLIE TURNER " m BY EDGAR MARTIN T'wt \i\<t ft ! Ht O^tD ^'6 TOS.VSA.VESV

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