Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on June 4, 1968 · Page 8
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Page 8

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1968
Page 8
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f - ' I f 1''' y A ;K vC' M 1- ' :?f - AurK. ! ., t . ! . "'!- ;' s U J ' XT ? ' :' - Kennedy only because he is a personal friend but because of the insight he has been given to his character through these close associations. , Many times, Glenn believes, Kennedy is a misunderstood man. Glenn said he personally knows of his sincere desire to be of service in helping his fellow men. Vietnamese Often Tempted To liberate' Mechandise BROTHER JUNIPER By JOHN T. WHEELER Associated Press Writer SAIGON (AP) The Viet- During a' question period the.namese soldier jogged down the former astronaut was askedi street with three radios stolen about Kennedy's statement that j from a Chinese store on the it may be necessary to cut fringe of a four-block area filled back on the race to space. He said that Kennedy feels that it is a matter of priorities and that at the moment there are other bigger problems which need solving. Glenn is convinced that the presidential aspirant wants to get back to space research as soon as the nation has a better handle on some of its other problems. Kennedy appreciates according to Glenn, that what America is has been accomplished because Americans are curious people who have searched through exploration. science and Air Museum Wants To Buy Mosquito Chaser with Viet Cong snipers. His sergeant across the street hollered: "Hey, you! Where are you going with all those radios? Why do you take so many? You only need one." The soldier grinned sheepishly but dropped only one radio. The sergeant ambled across the de Dris-iitterea street, picked up the radio and tied it to his, field pack Lulls in the street fighting now going on in Saigon offer an apparently irresistible tempta tion to, the poorly paid South Vietnamese soldier whose idea of luxury normally is a stolen chicken to supplement his poor food ration, Tank men who didn't need to worry about the extra weight, "liberated" large numbers of radios. One army truck was seen loading up with television sets. Several . policemen joined in the raids on the radios and other items. , 'past. Liquor bottles, ' shoes and- PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) The museum of the Confederate Air Force wants to buy a Port-; canned food could be seen peek- land mosquito chaser. jwg from many field packs shops in the area. .. Many businessmen stuck to their stores to prevent looting even though endangered by the fighting. Since the outbreak of street fighting in Saigon during the Viet Cong's Tet offensive last February, there have been repeated complaints not only of looting but of senseless smash ing of whatever could not be carried off. Vietnamese, Chinese and American homes all have been hit. . The situation has done nothing to improve the government's image or to convince the people of Saigon that the soldiers are their protectors against Viet Cong depredations. However, there is an added dimension to the looting in Cho-lom, the Chinese section of Saigon, where much of the current fighting is now taking place. The Vietnamese have always disliked the Chinese because of their domination of commerce. Like some looters in the United States, the soldiers may feel that they are only getting back a little of what has been squeezed out of them in the Fdbfce-Hli f 1 it i 11 v-ta nsisar raw LfLOi 8 Sioux Falls Argus-Leader Tues.,June4, 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Jack of Pipestone, Minn., named Miss Sixteen Dakota in a contest Sturdevant has been of South. sponsored ; fife f j 'Can I file it under 'B' and take the rest of the day off, boss?' in FORMER ASTRONAUT Sioux Falls. John Glenn discusses politics (Photo by Bob Renshaw) dition, a complete collection 0f laming is, when they are on the John Glenn Backs Kennedy On Visit To Sioux Falls Former astronaut John Glennl "I often am asked why a per visited Sioux Falls Monday on snn ,hn is reasonably well behalf of Sen. Robert Kennedy : known wants to be mixed up in nave ls lne last aircrait of tnis The city has received a $7,500 1 check from Ken Faulkner of Houston,, Tex., who is connected with the museum. He offered to purchase the city's .Douglas Dauntless, which is used to spray possible breeding areas of mosquitoes. . Faulkner said the museum wants to preserve, in flying con- Several soldiers passed around British cigarettes, the most expensive smoker's item on the black market. Soldiers displayed shiny new American gas lighters, and some wore gold or silver tie clasps on the front of their dirty uniforms. Sometimes the looting seems directly tied to how heavy the who is seeking nomination for president of the United States- Dr. Hadleigh D. Hyde Jr. OPTOMETRIST 123 North Phillips Ave. Hours: 9:00-5:30 Phono 332-2012 Dr. Robert T. Hyde OPTOMETRIST 123 North Phillips Avt. Hturs- 9 00 5 10 Phono 332-2012 move and attacking, the sol diers seem to pass up luxury items although they do scoop up food, soft drinks and cigarettes wherever they find them Some of the troops fired bursts from their M16 rifles to break the locks on the steel for future shutters protecting the fronts of mixed ud in voiir future?'" gene.ations to see 'in action,"' combat aircraft which Were flown during World War ll. Jhe Dauntless is a Navy attack plane of that era. . "To the best of our knowl edge,' tnis Dauntless that you Hurricane KillsChild; 5 Missing Filed Sally Sturdevant ' by KISD and Shriver'g for. Six. teen magazine. h Pipestone High School student active in Chorus. Glee Club, Thespians and cheerlead-ing, she will compete national. ly with other local winners ui the Miss Sixteen of America contest sponsored by the mag. azine. Jean Asper of Wponsocket was named first runnerup, Linda Anderson of Mitchell was crowned second runnerup and Pm Petersen of Sioux Falls was awarded the third runner-up position. ON-THE-GO Three local Beeline Fashion representatives recently ' attending a three-day seminar in Chicago fare Loeret- ta Egge, Darlene Donelan ana Mary Bucholz. nniitics" hp said "This is 1 kp type xnai can De ensnrmea in asking 'why do you want to get CAF (museum) mixed uo in voiir future?' " I gene.ations to see ': and mnr decisions , Faulkner wrote the Portland More and more being made in the world today are political, he pointed out. "You will be shaping the future when you go to the polls." He believes it is the responsibility of everyone to pick a candidate whose views most nearly parallel to his own and get out and work for him. That is why he is working for Kennedy. He said he has observed the candidate in intimate settings from White House dinners to a campfire in Idaho. Glenn said he doesn't back City Council. .. T- f t Mayor Terry Schrunk said the check will go into a trust account until a decision is made. Fire Trucks Get Protection Sn Philadelphia Paid adv, Inssrltd by Dr. Robert R. Glfbink, MO. "I- thank you for your Support in today's Election" ROBERT R. GIEBINK M.D. n ui s- r ' FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE Death Penalty, Jury Selection PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The Philadelphia fire department is j installing bullet-proof plexiglass aomes on us 34 nooK-ana-iaoaer trucks to protect tillermen from snipers and rock throwers. . William JEckles, deputy fire commissioner, said Monday the tillerman, who controls the rear wheels from a high perch, is "like a marshmallow on a stick simply unprotected . . . even small children like to throw stones at him." rux Of Ruling By BARRY SCHWEID Associated Press Writer Application For Station Sioux Empire Broadcasting Co. a partnership composed of Eider C. Stangland of Sioux TAMPA, Fla. (AP) A killer Falls and Wallace L. Stang-before reaching the U. S. main- land of Sheldon, Iowa, filed ap-land, hurricane Abby churned plication with the Federal Com- Uulf of Mexico waters Tuesday munications Commission for a with 75-mile-an-hour winds and construction permit for a new threatened the Florida west FM broadcast station in Sioux coast with storm tides and tor- Falls. - rential rains. Flood and tornado warnings were issued for parts of central pmmtmmm m Texas produces more miner, als than any other state in the Union. Albert E. Wood and south Florida. Coastal re gions braced for tides 2 to 5 feet above normal. -Dawn found Tampa dark and rainy. But to the south, at Sarasota, skies were clear. "The calm before the storm," said a spokesman at the Saraso ta sheriffs department. After bowling through western that station Cuba, forcing tnousands of per sons to evacute, Abby plowed stop-and-go on an erratic course toward the Tampa Bay area where a million people live. "Abby is just barely of hurricane fcrce," the National Hurri cane Center said. But forecasters warned residents to batten down and advised small craft Facilities requested would be Wood Goeg To Schuyler on a frequency ot sm.5 mega- ......,. . . cycles with an effective radiat-l A"1 E. Wood, plant produced power of 3,000 watts. ' ,tioh manager and superinten-Sioux Empire also has pend- dent of the Greenlee Packing ing an application for an AMiCo. in Sioux Falls, will be station in Sioux Falls on 1520! leaving soon to assume duties kilocycles and 500 watts which, as general, manager of the was filed in 1961. Schuyler Packing Co. in Schuy- E. C. Stangland is owner of.ier. Neb. KIWA, Sheldon, Iowa and Wal lace Stangland is manager of WASHINGTON (AP) The Supreme Court ruled Mondayj around the entire Florida penin- that foes of capital punishment sula to stay in port. Boy, Turtle Part Company BOUNTIFUL, Utah (AP) Brad Haines, 2, and the dime store turtle he swallowed last week finally parted company Monday. Doctors say the boy passed the turtle naturally and won t have to undergo surgery The youngster swallowed the turtle last Tuesday. The turtle lived inside Brad's stomach for more than a day before dying. Mrs. Russell Haines said her son's pet turtle cost $1. She said medical fees already are $213. may not be excluded automati cally from juries that can sentence a man to death. , "A state may not entrust the determination of whether a man should live or die to a tribunal organized to return a verdict of death," Justice Potter Stewart said in announcing the ruling. The obvious blow to prosecu tors, the decision is important, also, m what it did not do. It did not, said Stewart, bar prosecutors from challenging prospective jurors who say un der questioning they could nev er vote to impose the death penalty, or those who say their death-penalty reservations would prevent them from giving an impartial verdict on a de fendant's guilt or innocence. Nor, Stewart said, did the rul ing disturb the . exclusion of Abby was forecast to churn ashore between Tampa' and giant Lake Okeechsbee and spin out into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Kennedy early tonight. Forecaster Arnold Sugg said gale winds reached out 150 miles, mainly east and north of the center. Red and black hurricane flags flew from Marco Beach to Tar pon Springs, a Greek sponge fishing community north of Tampa. One death was attributed to the hurricane and five persons were reported missing at sea. Officials said Abby-spawned floodwaters claimed the life of cfZJ Sally Sturdevant Wins Miss Sixteen Title Sally Sturdevant, daughter of m Clayton. Pol. Adv. paid tor by "Thanks for your support June 4th" Bill Clayton For State Representative O. R. Brancel Raven Names Brancel Marketing Manager - O. R, "Bob". Brancel has re cently been named marketing manager for the Electronics Systems Division at Raven In dustries, Inc Brancel received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from South Dakota State Uni versity in 1958 and received a masters of business administration degree from the University of South Dakota in 1967 He makes his home with his one-year-old April Geans in Key wife and tWQ cnildren at 2008 wesi. uepuues ' saia sue drowned after wan'dering away from a relative. prospective jurors who say they KAnn C(lthmtPS would refuse to consider impos-' mun V-CICUfUICi ing the death penalty in the case' A at hand. .Anniversary The death left standing. Rio de Janeiro became the "ty excluded from consideration capital of Brazil in 1763, and by the justices before they took remained the capital until I960' the other issues on. when the seat of government And the court said it was not was transferred to Brasilia. announcing a rule penalty itself was r i its constitutona-IUl rUUGTUl W 18th St. MUCK Bargain Days are m savie Tl clays BU3LINGT0N, Colo. (AP) A 92-year-old farmer who con ducted an elaborate $15,000 u-neral for himself 17 vears aso. requinngi ?ir!Via of fvery c.onylCJtl0n that fune al Mcnday-and he Books Donated DES MOINES (AP) -The Iowa State Education Associa tion Library Service said it has donated 500 new books worth $2,000 to schools in the tornado damaged communities of Charles City, Oelwein and May-nard. f LOSE A PUSSYCAT? FIND IT FAST WITH A "LOST" AD IN THE WANT AD SECTION f Nothing works as quickly, as surely, to return your lost pets and articles as a far-reaching, inexpensive "Lost" ad. That's where most folks who find things look first to get in touch with owners. So, if you've lost something; dial 336-1 130 for an Ad Writer right now! Argus-Leader Want Ad Dept. 200 S. Minn. 336-1130 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Now. At your Buick-Opel dealer. GM returned by a jury selected as! this one w'as." Nevertheless, three dissenters, Justices Hugo L. Black, John M. Harlan and Byron R. White said the majority has made it impossible for states to get juries that will enforce the death penalty. - Justice William O. Douglas, in a separate decision, contended that the court had not gone far enough.' He dissented from its refusal to reverse a guilty verdict rendered by a Chicago jury from which opponents of capital punishment were excluded automatically. At present. 38 states have capital punishment, 12 do not. In some states juries set penalties, in some judges do the setting and in others the death sentence is mandatory unless the jury recommends mercy. Specifically, the decision reverses the death sentence the jury imposed on William C. Witherspoon, 43, in the 1959 slaying of a Chicago policeman, Mitchell Stone. But his convic tion stands and the next move is up to state authorities acting under the high court's ruling. Thirty -nine prospective jurors were excluded without any effort to find out whether their scruples would invariably compel them to vote against capital punishment, Stewart wrote. "If the state had excluded only those prospective jurors who stated in advance of trial that they would not even consider returning a verdict of death it could argue that the resulting jury was simply 'neutral' with respect to penalty," he said for the majority. "But when it swept from the jury all who expressed conscientious or religious scruples against capital punishment and all who opposed it in principle, the state crossed the line of neu trality. says he thinks he may live to be 100, or maybe even HO, Jim Gernhart, a resident of Burlington since 1943, drew 1,200 to this eastern Colorado farming community June 3, 1951, when he staged his own funeral. At the time he said he wasn't going to let his relatives "get their hands on my money, then bury me like a dog." ' ' f He attributes his longevity to iron and yeast tablets he takes daily, his wheat germ and soybean diet, and the fact there are no Women in his household. : EYEGLASS PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED! Brazil, which borders on every South American country except Ecuador and Chile, has more than 14,400 miles of boundaries. WELDERS! LIFIGOLN 225 Amp! Welders J !93.C0 LINCOLN 180 Amp. Welders '83.C0 t REA Approved DAKOTA WELDING SUPPLY CO. Sioux Folk, Wotvrtown, Hurtn 6 YOU NOW HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE "We're Here to GLASSES Stay 0 Ml?) II OPTICAL CO. 112 No. Phillips - PH. 332-5834

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