The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1933
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Served by the United Press BIYTHEVIECE COTMER THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH1A8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX-NO. 1C7 valley i!5*r. KltS ^M. IH.YTHKVILLK. ARKANSAS^ FRIDAY, SEI'THMUKU 29, 15W8 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS- ]-V BAILEY MAKES FINAL PLEA sklent Conies Hom<* for Reunion US SIRES HIT IL Henry Ford Will Not Subinil to Strike Coercion. By Unili-il I'ri-ss Strikes, some alined at nan-signers of NHA codes, were in progress In many industrial ace'.ions ol i -' country today and ilie national labor board prepared to intervene in two of them. More than 100,050 inr-n wi-re affected. A test of strength between the labor board and Henry Ford was expected lo result from Ihc tor- mer's intention of cr-i-king lo t-.i'- bitrate diBiculties between Ford and his employes at Chester. Pa. Workers struck there early t/'t.s week. The Ford company dismissed .WJ employes at its Ednewater, N. J.. plant, when they herded advice ^ pickets from Chester nnd stayed away fro:n work. Will Itesist Coercion • DETROIT. Sept. 29. iUPi—H:n- ry Ford wants to keep his ijiganlic Industrial empire running simicth- ly but would clo^e every plant in the country if the strike fever spreads from the east, the United was told today. The industrialist will not be coerced by what lie calls strike agitators. Sources close to Ford said th:manufacturer probably will meet with NRA mediators, however, if they come here for a conference with him. Ford is trying to abide by the spirit of the recovery act by pay- Ing as many men as much as possible under the present production schedule. Production is at a low ebb now during the period of transition from the old to the new mcdels and Ford believes strike agitators are taking-atlvaiifag'c of the sitiiatior to foment labor troubles. Joseph V. McKee Enters ACCUSG Lawyer New YorkMayoral Race Showing no i)l clitcl.s his Hits Made Sina L'sc- of Broad Powers Given Him By Congress This is Hie llrkl uf Iwii s-lorlrs on Inltallun. In wliltli u hlsl'ly eum- plli-alci! jiiihjrrt of current'. Intrrrsl Is presented In simple form. KV KOIIKKT TAI.I.KY NKA Strvirt Writer WASHINGTON,—What lies bc- hlnil tills renewed cry for inflntlDn ol tlie nation's currency whkvi, Its i sponsors claim, may result In the I "march" of a million distressed | fanners mid workers on Wnsblng- | ton to demand action nnd may be! conic one of Hie blgsest issues In | the next congress? I The answer is a complicated one, i bin. not hard to understand, It I means simply I'nat t!ie Inflationists believe the NRA and oilier features of the Roosevelt, recovery program are fulling to accomplish Ihelr aims; Unit Roosevelt now must use the power to inllaie the currency which the "New Oral Congress" gave him. like n she-allied sword, to cuifl, 1'resieem Roosevelt. | )„, llst ,j if n nd when he thought Ni:w YORK, Sept.. 29. UJl'l — J"N?l>h V. McKej. win) nc!i!evi-d Himii'.liig |X>pu!ariiy us siicn'swr lo Miiyin- James J. Walker niter col- ].I|>M- ot ' Ilie Walker IT«|III^ lust Sear, announced today hi.-, nandl- d:icv for mayor of Nn\- York city. Mi'Kcc enters a campaltfii In which fusion furi-t-s already wjiv making Hie most di>ternilnrd [i-jhl 0! many years imalnsi •I'mutiiiiiiv Hall. Tilth- nominei' is Plun-llu 1,1- Ciiurdln, nominally a Ki-publlciin. bin who hud km) pi-ninlM-il tin- Mi|i|joil of aiill-Tiimmiiny UI-IIID- fi.ils. inginn to New York for :i lainlly rf.mion. shuun with nis daus.Uer-m-law. Mrs. James. necessary. It was to be a last re- *oos?vell. iilxjiii-d (lie .special train that brougl 1 .: them from Wash- so''- . I The demand for inflation arises | principally from Hie debt-burdened ' i farm belt of the south and the I midwest, where farmers Insist'they | must have cheaper dollars to pay I off their deuts or face ruin. These Inflationists would have the government starts Its printing presses whirring and print billions in new money. This money would I be used by the government to pay salaries of federal employes, government expenses, and" to reduce the federal debt. Thereby it would get Into clrculatloon. Unlike ether money, which is backed by-gold, I this new flat money would have [nothing behind It but the good name and the credit of Uncle,Sam. SEES THREI1ITD LIBERT! IN U.S. ' J ublic Invited to View I Recovery Act Goes Far Stale Travel Exhibit in Enough Says Yale Uni- Noble Lobby. With between 50, and CO Arkansas hotel owners! versitv Head. NEW YORK, Sept. 29 (UP) — tel owners! managers, and I The National Rccovei-v^.Act has W"hTrh'e"nere today, theigone "about ns far us ^possible ly meetin" of the state • without scrapping the very foun- Picket Carnegie Plant PITTSBURGH, Pa., Sept- 29 (UP)—Four thousand striking c^a miners marched around the Car negic Steel company's by-products works at clairton today and sen; many of the world's largest coke plant day shift back to their homes. How many of the plant's 2,000 workers were turned av.-.iy eouid nol be estimated and company "[- flcinls refused to say how extensively it would be forced to curtail operations. Rumors circulated among the pickets that the company d smuggled in numerous workers al midnight last night when svoi-;l of Ihe impending marchers reached them and that they would opsratr tre plant today. Company officials would nol comment. Tlie pickels who marched by twos into the city at dawn streamed In a continuous line aroutxl the big plant whose gates are more than a mile apart. Other pickets separated from the lines and walked tl'e streets near (he company's gales. quarterly meeting _. . __ _ chapter of the Hotel Greeters of: dations of our government," and America, with members ol Ihe Ar- : Americans will do well lo see that kansas Hotel association as giiisls. liberty of the individual is not en- opened this morning at the Koblj! croached upon. Dr. James RC-WJ hotel. Seen Tonic . This Inflation, its' sponsors claltu' would act as an Immediate and powerful stimulant to business. cheapening the dollar, it automatically would raise prices, and business thrives on a rising market Ruvia] Made al l^lc Pork in Hfiart of Town He Established. Tile rrinnlns r>f R. K. i.p,. \vil- •ciii VTM-I! Inl'i In resl Ihls aller- iiiwn in the little park In the l'"nrt of Ihe town he founded, '"•"ii.'ands of men. women and 'li:!drcii, both while and black, f'run every walk of life, wllne.-iscd tlic burial service. Mr. Wilson died nt the Memphis Methodist hospital Wednesday afternoon following n 'one Illness from cancer. Change In the burial place was Announced last nlelil after him- dicils of Mr. Wilson's friends "'faded v-'ith members of the family lo bury him In Ihc park. It had been planned to have the remains Interred In Ihe cemetery nt Bi-ssetl near his birthplace. The body was brought from Memphis late yesterday and night anil today there was a con- lf.nt stream of friends who vicwcc (he remains. The Melhodist churcl was closed at noon for a private service for members of the family and til 3 o'clock the Eplscopi funeral ritual was read by lUv. H. M. Lewis, of Wilson, and o former' Wilson pastor, the Rev. E. K. Sewcll. of Marlon. Thtre was no music except thc'iirelude mid the recessional. Ask Death For Liter's Abductors KDWAliUHVIIJ-R. III., Sept. 'JO. I Ul') : —A circuit ciiurl jury loduy i-onsl'di'icd ili-inumi.-i o[ the slatj llial ihv ini'ii and a woman be sun- lenccd lo (Icalti lur tin- kldmiiilnii Ol August l.iu-i. 77-yi-ur-ukl b.m'.i- cr. Circuit Judge O. II. Mcdj-i- In his 40-mlmilu Insdui'llmi lo Ilie Jurymen lold iln-in Hint If t!:cy found the dcU-iiilHiil.s utility they should assess Ihe iimlmum |xmally, which ; under I lie lllinuls l.m- is deal;. Three proieuilj!:, made p'."^i for the deiilh |>ciialty for Ihc six. The Jury received Ihe case al 4:40 p.m. yesterday at »ncli:slun of two weeks of testimony and ur- MILL GET .land An^'ell. president of Yale-.Moreover, they say, it would res- The program calls for a busy two- j university.' said in an address to-• cue millions now hopelessly mor day. Tie warned Hint If the NRA ed in debt, enabling them to pay out with these cheaper dollars. Ninety per cent of the nation's We hotel as host tomorrow, wren > tcrnative ol a relapse into me oia business is conducted by credit, activities will te transferred there.: '"Shioncd policy of drift or re-; not cnsh Bat the inflationists arc day session of the groups, with the Noble hotel management here nf., host todav and the JonesbDro No- j s '"»iW fail "there will be the alternative of a relapse into (he old Kumenls and aller more than six hours dcllui-ralloii was pill 10 bed and locked up at midnight. I.ucr, wlio became wcullhy as a meal packer, wan dragged from his home nl Allon, ill., by two men and I a woman lust July 10 and was re- i ,,,.^ 1 leased on a roadside- fh-e days Inter. Relatives said n deinaiu! for $100.- OOt) ransom was not met. Lawyer Sought as "Master Mind" of Oklahoma Ah r duclion Plol. : OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 'J9. i lUl')—Fiery yontij; Prosecutor Her- • licrt K. Hyde began the govern- : incut's final thrust al Ihe tcii Oe- feiidnnls In Ihe $500,000 Uischel kldmi|ihit> trial nl noon today. Tlie case, first major lest ol the iiiiw I.lntlbevgh niill-abdiicllon law. will K" to the Jury lute today. Life .' sentences were |>osslble. Clinrgcil with acting as aneiit for CJcorgo ".MacUlno Gun" Kollj in aiiciinitliiK to oliUIn (73.250 from tho jilixco it wa* hidden on a Texas farm. Langford Rauinoy, 2G, Momplils at- tonioy, above, IB under nrront. Ramsey la a brother ot Holly's first wlfo. The money, found by authorities, was reported to bo Kclly'n nlniro of tho Uruchcl klduauln." Joof- War in Far East the Alternative Chinese Delegate ; lells League. Harvey Bailey, desperado and until today accused as tlic plotler of Ihc sensational nudr.cllon, bore Ihe brunt of Hyde's final argument lo Ihe Jury. . •••• Karllcr allorncys for the Twin men accused as money changers' of tin; marked ransom bills pleaded for a square deal for their clients, several of whom arc admitted liquor business men. I'lannfd by lawyer A Inwyer with underworld con-. I tncls .wns sought loday as the "mas-' , ter mind" of the kidnap plot. Federal prosecutors In the war on racketeering declared the original ransom notes as well as the threatening letters used by George "Machine Gun" Kelly lo terrorise Urschel trial principals and wlt- "formulaled by a le- In tlie absence of Shane rard : tors Tr.e response was by of the Coino totsl at Hot Sor: . . CVcil '•• - u 't"« to far more radical gov-; surc ln ' at t | lc expansion O f 1 mi: IIU.-IL-IUI: ui .M;UX}] i-,i:uji ; " . , .111*1. mui t--»- \..% F «,.J.U.. ui «. ne from the city, Ma'rniF: ir v . I einmcnlal remedies than Ihose be-1 K0 ,, ;d I)av j_ psychologically, a slm- 1, attorney, welcomed the visi- i'"!• tn , cd ;'.' , . . ,. , th , t ,, ih . i Har effect on credit. ; to Blythevilic this afternoon ';,"« fndicaled belief that if the Tilus far at , east _ Prcsidcnt Lilt ^*UIIIU IfUlf-J 1:1 li-.ll Uijllll^c. - . . The principal business of Ihc or- '.°l* " ™ lr , lds ! plan should fail and suffering on .;„„/ : a great scale follow, the American . .?-' people would swing lo more radical experiments. ganiznlion will be a discussion Ihc proposed hotel cede. A tenta- n . live code, suggesled by a national! Irace Drunken UriVCr organization of hotel proprietors, | W'lL Of 1 was protested by tabcr officials. ; filtH otolen While Ihe r.otel men will be In- i (crested primarily in their business i Clarence T/.onipson. abi sessions they iiave prepared a' years eld. transient cotton "Travel Exhibit." the first t<j Fear Indiana Convicts Have Eluded Possemen Clarence T/.onipson. about 25 picker from Alabama, was lodged in jail exhibited by the Arkansas chapter, this afternoon accused of car thin of tlie Gvceters association, which after police found him at the wheel -j.> on display tcrlay and Iomcrro-.v of a missing car in a roadside in Ihe Noble lobby. Tiic public is dilch on Highway G! about two nviletl lo view She exhibit, w^ich miles bslow Blyllicville. ncludes interesting ancl' The car was removed from : scenic views of Arkansas cities and parking place in front ol tne Phil countryside. Exhibits are from lips Motor company building ct Li'.lle Hock. Hot Springs, Texar- Main and Franklin. Officials of the MICHIGAN CITY. Ind.. Sept. 29. (UP)—Search for ten Ion? term convicts who shot and slugged their way out of the state pcnltenliary Tuesdny was extended lo surrounding states today in the belief they had eluded posses in liiis scclion. Captain Matt Leach, commai Ing the Indiana state police, aiding m the search, expressed the belief the fugitives had eluded r cordon of possemen thrown about northern Indiana a few hours af- Lj ° dnri "g Prison break The search in this section how- everhe said, has not been entirely abandoned. Comments on North Carolina Arrests. MEMPHIS, Sepl. 20. tun—W. A. Rorcr, federal agent who trailed At the same hour Ihcrc was n I George "Machine Gun" Kelly service for ncurocs at their Bap-| through the kingdom of Ihe na- 'ist nhi'-ch. At the close, the nc-1 tlon's most powerful gang, was grots, mast of them employes and, " Br catlv interested In'the El Do- Ihelr families, marched In silence ra a o nng V' of two men arrested at In the north jlrle or the park for charlotte, N. C., he said today. ™._ norer, outstanding figure in the nation's gang shattering war the burial service. Tears streamed down their cheeks, many ol them gray-haired negro men whose Talhcrs were slaves of Mr. Wil- .'r.K's fallici and mammies who had )>layed wlih him when chil- dien. Thousands of people who visited against kidnaping, said he did nol know Ilie men who gave names a', Horace Palmer MacDoiiald and l/m!s Herman of El Dorado, Ark. "Ti:cy may have given aliases, however," .the agent said. "I am GENEVA, Sept. 20. (,OP)—A great war In the far easl unless Japan Is halted In her expansion program was predicted today by Wellington Koo, chief Chinese delegate, In an earnest, appeal to the league of nations assembly. "Do not let the league's covenant become a scrap of paper," Koo oald. "Al signs In the far east point. | to a major conflict within Uw next few years. If the covcniuil Is per*- nillled lo be a scrap..of.jiaper c^*l of Suez, how can It become'*"*" re- allly In Europe?" Japan broke"the league covenant In seizing Manchuria and forming the new state of Manchukuo, Koo said. "So long as that breaking of tin- covenant Is left unsettled In cordancc wllh International and treaty obligations," he continued, "It Vr'lll remain, if not an insur- [ Tills sensational disclosure was , ! ; made by federal authorities as the ; two weeks trial came to a close ; in a forllfled federal court cham- j bcr here. . ' i Roosevelt has turned thumbs down on inflation currency. As an alternative, he is trying new methods to expand credit by various means. Given Wide Powers To dale the president has not deemed it necessary to invoke, except in a limited way, any of the three methods for currency Inflation thai Congress gave him lo use in his discrelion: First, was authority to require the Federal Reserve Board to buy $3.000,000.000 of obligations of the govenmunt In so-called open market operations. This plan lakes money invested in government securities and restores It to business. Since May, the board lias bought 5307,000,000. Second, the president can Issue kana. Payetteville. Arkarierphia. Ei company reported to officers thai I $ in new money, backed Dorado, Pine Blull, Rogers and olh- a "drunk man" boldly drove one | not by gold, but merely by the gov- er cities, as well as Blytheville. -of their used cars away, taking it j crnmcnfs credit, and use this An exhibit at Ihe next annual almost from in front of the build- money to buy back and retire gov- convenlion of the national Greet- Ing entrance. . eminent bonds. He has taken no crs organization by the Arkansas : Police Chief Ed Rice said (hat action, chapter will be based on the clis-' ">' Inquiring as lo the passing of Third, the president can cheapen ..... , ,: ., ituni; vi.i, .my IIKUU^ aiiiu. i nil Wilson today, -the fi-ncral offer- t , | n i erC6tC d in (he El Do- inss. the many le!e!?rams from all i „,]„ „ ...i, •• parts of the United States and! * London, Eng., and letters received': bespoke the popularity of thls| Mississippi county leader. Manyi friends sent messages that Instead of sending flowers they were making monetary gifts to charitable institutions in memory of Mr. Wilson. The entire county mourned today. At Wilson, which he found- Cnntinuc Investigation CHARLOTTE. N. C.. Sepl. 20. (Ul 1 )—Authorities loday continued their investigation as to why two men they arrested had a machine gun and several pistols In their possession. The men arrested yesterday gave their names as Horace Palmer Maced in 1887. school was closed yes- Donnlcl - 32. and Louis Herman. M. tcrdfiy and loday and all business I ?' E1 , Dp rn «°. Ark. A third mem- houses closed at noon yesterday. ter °. f . Lhc Group escaped in an an- There was no work throughout (he. 50.000 acres ol land and the seven communities under Ihe control of the deceased. All of his tomobllc. Local authorities said Ihelr Investigation had llms f.-ir failed to reveal that the men were connccl- 5,000 employes and their families! 011 wltn «"y kidnaping gang as n paid homage to his memory by some kind of tribute. In this citv the offices of the first suspected. Dctroll police advised officers here that MacDonald had been nr- moimlablc obstacle, at least n stumbling block In Ihc pain ot new inlernaUoiml agreements looking lo ecoomlc and military dlsanimiiiGl." Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 117 1-8 Anaconda Copper 15 I-B Bethlehem Steel 33 3-8 Chrysler 40 1-4 Cities Service 23-8 Coca Cola 87 1-2 General American Tank 31 General Electric 10 1-4 General Motors 28 1-2 International Harvester 36 3-4 Montgomery Ward 19 3-4 New York Central 37 1-2 Packard a 7-S Phillips Pel role n m — 151-2 Radio 7 1-8 Simmons Beds 20 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 3-8 Standard of N. J 39 3-4 Texas Co 253-8 U. S. Steel 45 1-8 The theory that Bailey, notorl- i - ous desperado and convict, was the i brains of the conspiracy, has been i abandoned. It was revealed. j Kelly to Leave Soon i MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 29 (UP) \ —George "Machine Gun'.' Kelly'will .! b« removed to Oklahoma' City be-. 1 fore noon tomorrow, Irteral auttor- • Hl« Indicated today,-i '.'•-• --•--. s "-<r Departure of the Kelly plane and" ' an escort squadron depended on the .' mass trial of defendants In the' ; '. Charles F. Urschel kidnaping case" j in which Kelly and his wife, Kath-. erlnc Kelly, will be tried October 9. : '••: Sixteen planes arc expected to j ave l-.c-rc with the desperado a few i ours after the Urschel case goes ! o tlie Jury. - j If arguments arc concluded by 1 oon today federal agents Indlcat- : d that the fleet of planes will tiike j IT during the afternoon, arriving \ : Oklahoma City before sunset.- -. ) Delay in submission of the Ur- | chcl case to the Jury would leave ' dawn night the most feasible for • ransporllng the bandit. Agents continued to question Ke'l- . y in the Urschel case and a num- . wr of crimes in which he is be- ,'i leved to have been connccled. i court house, the Farmers Hank [rested there for a misdemeanor play here. The- exhibit is intended lo bring lice easily traced the car. to the, addition of Ihe public the a "drunk man driving n car" po-:lhe dollar by reducing Its value In gold by as much a.i 50 per cent, and he also can provide for the unlim- "See America Firsr slogan and ;'I?? 91 C Rprpivorl fnr lied coinage of silver at any desig- movement of the hotel organlya- 1 ' 7 ' 1J " cl - cl¥eu "" nated ratio. He has taken no ac- Farmers at Usceola <i° n Home Loan Manager Coming Here Monday Those who have made applications to the Home Owners loan corporation snd those desiring to refinance their homes arc asked to meet J. N. Marvin, manager of the district office of the "Home Owners Loan corporation at Joncs- boro. who will be- at the Blythc- .ville court house Monday Ing. 8 o'clock. Already a few loans have been granted to owners of Blytheville homes. Fifty have made applications. C. J. Evrard, local appraiser, will accompany ^I^. Marvin on a lour of Inspection of these homes upon his arrival here Sunday. H. A. Nelson Is local Kttnrnev. W. H. -Bill" Mm. manager (:f | the Blythevilic Noble hotel. Is pres- i OSCEOLA. Ark.—One hundred loent of tho Arkansas chapter of i-„,. (hirty-four checks totaling the Hotel Gresters. and Jesse p. \ST,tK «'Ve received Thursday- Stilt of the Hctcl McCarthy at El i at County Arm; S. D. Carpent- - Hollar Would Be Cheapened Either ol the last two methods would be Inflation of a strong sort, provided It resulted in a great increase In the nation's money. The value of the dollar would be Dorado, is secrvtary of Ihc group., ,- r > o-rico to--' distribution to far- val " < ' of thc do!lar wcmld be re ~ Crawford Noble of Jonesboro and! ; ,,,., s who co-operaUrd in the cot-i dllccd 8reatl> '' doll ? rs , Y°" ld 1b °- Blytsevilic is nresMent of the Ar-j „-, ncrmsc reduction program. \*° m * more plentiful but they kansas Hctel association and H. i ansas ce assocaton and H. iwtc^s to the f Grady Manning of Little Rock is i hecks 'arc Included program , farmers whose vould buy secretary. Two i wo in the num- wcre n:al!c-d The checks run less. However, these total amount received her,- to , In . '^ w « f the cheap new dollars conld be used to pay off old debts. 1 claim . i Countv |S''«!,215. The tolal amount, due . V,0«my ,'A\ coun ,. Uint , . county farmers P? m ^ f ovc rcover l' It Is r • r- n i Uot'th Mirsiss^pl county farmers ?'" ., i'""™• "••»JM-«"., "• » Convicts Give Paroles'in cash im-mms WAS S479.437. |interesting to review what has hap- :per.ed. 1 Here Is that story, in ABC form: v When the historic. 100-day "New ' Deal Congress" adjourned In June, PtN'E BLUFF. Ark., Sept. 29.— Two Mississippi county convicts were among the 40 granted, paroles al Ihe meelins here ihis week of Ihe Male prison board. Frank Chapman, sentenced to! Thc marriage business Is In-i- T ^,,. - .„ .,,„ five years, from the Osceola dls-i creasing. After having had only L J" a , '.J 10 ! 1 , ' , trict court, for second degree | about five licenses Issued each| Licenses Is Picking Up !lt - had P laced m the hands of 0 r ] president perhaps the greatest ! power ever given a chief executive. , , budget of $4,6M.OOO,000, murder, was released. [Saturday during the spring and Congress put at RooseveltJ com™«" tA *™ and Trust company of which he was chairman of the board of directors, and the Phillips Motor company of which he was a director, closed at noon. Governor al Funeral The deceased Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lizzie Beall Wilson, two daughters. Mrs. Prank Wesson of Springfield, Mass.. and Mrs. H. C. Howells of Winter Haven. Fla., one son. R. E. Lee Wilson Jr.. two nieces. Mrs. J. A. Merrill and Mrs. Eva Elkins. of Wilson, four grandsons. Joe Wilson Nelson, who makes his home with his grand- narcnts. Lee Wilson III. and Frank Wilson, ot Wilson, and Lee Wilson Wesson, of Springfield, and . a granddaughter. Victoria Wilson Wesson, of Springfield. Among the out of tov;n people who attended the funeral were: Governor J. M. Futrell of Little Rock, Dr. J. H. Reynolds, p:esl- I dent of Hendrlx college at Conway. R. Whittaker. president of the toard of trustees of Arkansas State A. and M. college at Jonesboro. S. H. Schatfer of St. Louis, general manager of the Frisco railroad, and J. N. Cornalzas of St. Louis, assislant receiver of Ihe Frisco lines, and H. C. Howells of Winter Haven, Fla. when he worked In Uclroli. Pemiscot Cotton Plowup Checks Slow in Coming HAYTI. Mo.—County Agent Am- burgcy has wired Washington for. Information as to the delay In sending cotton plow-up checks to P."'niscot counly farmers. Chocks amounting to about 40,000 were received Uils week, bringing the tolal for the county to about S50.000. About S500.000 is due Pemiscol county farmers. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 20. <UP>Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Mrs. Annie .Smith of Blytheville.! summer months, there were 15' m !; n j?, atn . . sentenced to one year in prison who applied- last Saturday. Tlie for receiving stolen property by a -, Increase has continued through Chickasawba district jury at Bly-:thls wock and the county clerk, theville last spring, was also]Krcd Flocrnan. Is expecting a big uaroloil, (lay lomornnv. $10.954.500.000. to be used by him to fight the depression and restore the nation to Us economic feci. Funeral Held Thursday for Aged Bassett Man BASSETT, Ark. — Funeral services were held Thursday at lias- sett cemetery for "Windy" Smilli, 86. who died of kidney trouble and ' old age. He. Is survived by his ' ninth wife, a daughter, Mrs. Newt Kinney. nnd a son, Sam. children j of previous marriages. Oct Dec Jan Mar. ... May July 971 . 998 1009 1025 1042 1001 1008 1015 1034 104!) IOCS M5 987 995 1011 ioas 1042 965 987 996 1011 Wti; 1042 Spols closed steady at 990, un changed. Studio Extra Admits Knocking Out Clara Bow HOIjT,YWOOD( Sepl. 29 (UP)— The mystery of the knockout inmch that flattened Clara Bo* ivas all solved today. •'. . • Hurry Wood, an extra, blushingly admllled he swung the haymafe- . er that sent the "It" girl to the land of nod with a bloody nose.-It was all an accident, he slammer- cd. The punch lliat studio officials felt may not have been entirely nccldcntnl. was dealt during the filming of n carnival free for all fight scene. There were 200 of them In the mob, among them Miss Bow, a fighting clawing bit of a woman bent on rescuing her lover. Some believed Wood pleaded guilty lo save a pal. Rushes showed that Harvey Perry had been kicked in the face by Miss Bow in the same scene a day earlier. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sepl. 29. lUPi —Cotton closed easier. Among those from Blytheville In P. Pride, Eddie B. David, r ilson for the funeral are: Mr. Lindsay, w. W. Holllpcter. Wilson. Mr and Mrs. C. E. Crlgger, Mr. ond Mrs. C. E. Crlgger Jr., Bernard Gooch, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arch Joe S. This 10 billion dollars approxl- h\,t r . and M ' rs Cecil Shane, Mr. and (Continued on Page Three) I Mrs. J. u. Stcadman Clarence and Mrs. Riley B. Jones, Fred Dlllahunty. P. E. Coolcy, Zal B. Warren. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Harrison, Russell Phillips, J. LonH Lynch Mr and Mrs F.. J. Hcaton. Cherry. Walter Hill, Mr. and Mrs. " L. L. Ward, Walter Rusk, W. Leon Smilli, E. E. Alexander open high low clo«e Oct 974 9'I7 957 959 Dec 996 .1009 984 934 Jan 1007 1012 994 1002 Mar 1028 1031 1009 1009 ay .... 1040 1045 1026 1025 ily .... 1058 1059 1040 1040 Spols closed steady al 964. off f Chicago Wheat Describes Dire Plight of Tampico Residents MEXICO CITY, Sept. 29. (UP1 —Thousands of Inhabitants of the Tompico region are In danger of starvation In the flooded area, wrecked by a recent hurrlcant. U. ]co. Thomas Resendez of the Mexican air force reported today after reluming from a flight and'drop- ping food and medicine to the slranded people. Dec. open high low close 90 7-8 91 5-8 89 3-4 May 95 3-4 95 3-4 93 3-4 93 3-4 Chicago Corn Dec. May open 1:lgh 50 I-2 51 57 57 1-4 low close 50 1-4 50 1-4 M 3-8 55 2-8 WEATHER Arkansas—Local thundcrsho«rs tonight. Saturday cloudy, local Uiundershowers In east portion. Memphis and vicinity—Thundershowers tonight and Saturday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 83, minimum 65, cloudy, with 2.14 Inches of rainfall, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weatlwr observer.

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