The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, DECEMBER II, H : — . Our Boarding House with Moj, Hoople I OOR M\\ i/UAk\ m \i^"v'»sr^^M^7777"^.H.K"l...fv_j.. .. _ ... _ ^^^^^ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams QUIZZED MORWIMG, MKSOR i ASKED HOW VJ6 Llke THE WOOPL& WOT POT IDEA-<~x TOLD HIM IT WAS THE GREATEST " ; 00<*I 1 S tHAT SPOTT-TT.'? K£P6AT "Most GOLD6M WORDS WHAT TO SAY-- SAVS n OUSHTA p -BOBSJ THIRTY YEARS TOO 5OOM " R.ADAMS Oi\e hundred million leaflets prepared by psychological warfare personnel were dropped In Korea In the first 125 days of operations. FARM LOANS n Low Rale tramfl Clotlng Cales Wigg.s Co. KliAJ.TOKS I'hiint i751 ttlyintvlllt thariied Martnase Lnon Solicitor for THE PRUDENTIAL/ INSUBANCt COMPANY I! FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or rcenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks .cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken honsts, pump hnuses, • tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call m fur fre* ^Umate. OSCEOL'A TILE & CULVERT CO. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest i'rices Kirby Drug Stores y ' pChristmas Cards ^ Unusual Greeting Cards S>o!d exclusively to each customer' J POPULAR PRICED ; 5 * Special selection ' v Business atid Social Use > j GIFT WRAPPINGS j y Complete Assortments \ j* Priced Only IQc up ' Samuel F. Morris I Slatloncrs-OfTIce Outlittera Prlnttrs Across from City Hall IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . IT'S PATRIOTIC ... to keep jour snoci I In pood repair .... because SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR H.-flLTCR'S -:<1UTY SHOC SHOl 12t W. M AIM 'ST. r PHE mass mceling of boatworks employes was held .outside the main gale o/ the yard. A temporary speakers' platform had boon built at one end of a grassy open space iust across the cinder road. The workers and townspeo- •ple sat there on the ground. The time was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Workers on the morning shift had been let out an hour early so they could be there and the swing shift was to be allowed an hour's leeway in reporting. Kirsten Peterson was there with Margie Lou The older woman had sensed Afargie I,ou's bewil- .derecl helplessness and had taken her in tow. Eddit and C»rl ut companionably near the two girls. .Margie Lou wasn't wearing th« ; lucky coin though. The other men ;of Eddie's squad were scattered ^throughout the crowd wherever 'their various families happened to (be. Joe College had no affiliations ,nnd on Eddie's invitation hung laround with him. - "It don't make any diflerehce," ;Eddie told him when Jo* wa« shy j about butting in. "Margie Lou -.doesn't know I'm here anyhow." ;. She didn't know about .Duke [either who nudged her with his tnose as a hint that he could do jwith a little petting. He was only 4 mined for a minute though when she paid no attention. On the speakers' platform sat I the'officials of the bbatworks, the mayor, the chief of police, the editor of th« Westwayjo News, several representatives of the | working crew of the yard and, I lastly, Rear Admiral Pearson who [made an entrance heralded by the 'high school band. Hear Admiral Pearson was feeling a little stuffy Jrom a luncheon ,with the Chamber of Commerce at the hotel. He resolved, as was his daily custom, never again to eat anything but a sandwich and Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 615 Chickasawba glass of milk in the middle of the day. The mayor introduced the naval officer, the naval officer presented the pennant lo the pres- Jd.ent of the company arid then went into his routine pep-talk to the employes, the theme of which was that the workers on the production (rout back home were just as much soldiers as the men in actual combat. "Except," commented Joe College, "that they get a hundred bucks a week instead at twelve- fifty and don't wash their sox in t^e some water they sleep in." "1 don't know which is the finer man," orated the admiral, his breath whistling through his nose as it always did when he worked up to his climax, "the hero with.a rifle In his hand who presses forward lo victory over our enemies or the stalwart laborer who sweats his heart out In the factories and the shipyards to furnish the sinews of war." Rear Admiral Pearson sat down. The high school band took over for three noisy minutes of "Over There," » • • 'T'HE brisk, businesslike president of the Westwaygo Boat- works, rose and made a "few prac- tica! remarks to his employes: "There is only one way we can do it We can't hire any more workers. There aren't any to be had. We ean't get any better machinery which will turn out a greater volume of processed material. Therefore, with the worker now employed here, using the machinery already installed, we must move faster and waste less time. That it the only way we can do iL" ,He finished. Mild applause. "A very nice speech," declared Eddie. "But H isn't going over very well," Joe pointed out, pretending to listen. "Too much truth in it People aren't interested In truth. Aren't used to il either and so they're suspicious when it's dangled liefot e 'cm. Look for the hook inside. He should have put mort of lhal h u r r a h-for-you-noble- home-front-waniors schmalz inlo his oratory, likt the admiral. That's what makes the customers play patty-cake until they get blisters on the palms of their hands." 'He has told the truth." That statement came from Kirsten who was silting almost in front of Jot. "But the workers do not like it." "Did you hear that?" demanded Eddie. "She said »lmost the same thing you did." "Yeah," admitted Joe. "Just a :oincidence, 1 guess. But we might* try it out." He stopped a moment' and Ihen said ilowly and didactically, "In a democracy you have to find out first what the peoplt are thinking and Ihen say that" "I believe," said Kirsten lo Margie Lou, "that here in our United Slates it is best first to learn what the people think and then say the same thing." She paused with a slightly startled look on her lovely fair features. "1 do not know why I spoke thai way. 1 do not really believe that at all." "Neither do 1.-. Joe almost patted her on the back "Good girl. Politiciaru follow the crowd but >tate»men lead it," J^IRSTEN continued, "Abraham Lincoln ltd our people and he never pretended that wrong wa« right just because many politicians said so." Eddie wniled at Jo«, "She says what you do, only «he sayi « better." Joe milled right back at him. "Ho.w do you know I'm not think'- ing it better than I lay it?" "You ' mean she's laying what yoti're thinking?" "Could be. I'm a stranger h*r» myself." Rear Admiral Pearson had to leave to catch a train for his next dedication. , All the officials departed with him, But the crowd, especially the working crew, stayed on. There was nothing els« to do until the whistle blew. <T« Be' Concrete Culvtrt TiU Slw« ip I* M in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si«es «p t« 14 In. Automatic flcxxL Gate* Concrete Septic Tanks Mclal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bes't Pried w . nellvef A. H, WEBB Ulthw.T «! at SUlt MM Phone 7H . \ You Should Read This! e sure your speedometer H working erfectly. Drive In lo T. T. Stay Motor Co and let .15 check It. One day Mrv- lce v on spccdofticler repairs for »11 cars and trucks. T./l. Seoy Motor Co. 121'Easl Main Phone 2122 "I Sell That Stuff FUEL OIL! G, 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Plant - Promise! Urd PHONE—2089—PHONE SHEET METAL WORK• OF ALL KINDS Custom ?ork for jrins, .If.lfa rnills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CAR OWNERS Bring Your Car Home for Service — And Be Sure! I. Seay Motor Co. 121 Kasl Alain 'Phone 2122 *° y*»«re / 90 to HJRCHASf CORTO- linaneiat —^____ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL Snooty Chow JUST K**O Asour TH« BASKETS TO SUY BASKETS OF FOOD FOR. "All right, gentlemen, you can wake up now—w« e*l off at th« next stop! 1 ' PRISCLLA'S POP The Feminine Touch ' AL VERMEER YOU STILL "-v 1 OH, DON'T HAVEN'T TOLD )WORRy ABOUT ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS HA? EL THAT'tb WHAT'S NICE . ABOUT you... NEVER THINK OF. . VOURSE LF!/ T AND JUST THINK HOW HY imCHAKI. O'MAl.I.BY and RALPH LANE HEKESWH£*ETHE)LEA _ . COUNTERFEIT COJSH AM2 HIS cnrv Piyg, EH, ) THAT, COUBOY TQy YES,INSPECTOR, THE CAPTAIN EASY All Worked Out Tl A.TER. EA6V L - ) MEETS TH6 ftWEUTISlUG UMJ^GEKOF UcKEE'S PARIS Pl-kNT. ' ME.CIRO WILL EXPLM'N ™. WE'UE DELMED AM»IOUNc(»IG TO THE WOELO THM XENUSDE Ml! OS ARMS HADE 8CEM rOUUP' FiY. f.RRf.IE TURNER LATER I'LL PWSftBIT TK» ." , . ARM& TO T« UXNRC. WT »ito GLOVES;:. piRsr,»»tw*» » THUOWC IV MEW McKEE /IDSA F0« KM kCWEKTWIUa PKODUCT! / TIE-UP THAT SMOULD MCLP •JtcoMPEMSE ME EXPENSE OF THE MAKTM! VOU SEE CAPTAIN E WE KEfcDfcO TO reeusK ZE DEFAILS fOR UK WXJER.TISIMG CAWPAIGN WHEECH BUGS BUNN1 The Ariisl in Jlim THIS Tf?UE? 1 I FIND n VOU WORKIN'. iRlMENT LLIONS OF MILES OUT IN SPACE THE PLANET VENUS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE* EDGAR MARTIN

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