The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 194 tussellviile Will Bring Impressive Record Here Friday BY J. P."FRIEND • " No chance for a letup from the gruelling pace is in. store for the Blytheville Chickasaws Friday night when they •entertain the Russellville Crimson Cyclones for the first time in "history at Haley Field.' : Starifill Cutchen, a member of.*- ; — Private Tells General Where to Go the:high school .faculty-and former "Junior high coach, saw the Cyclones blo\v over three touchdowns and add an extra point in a comparatively es'sy win over Ben ton last -.week! and was impressed with their possibilities. > "Russellville has n small but well balanced team; They are all about the same size, averaging around 105 to 170 pounds, in the line and 155. in the backfield. They . have; speed to burn, block and tackle hiird, and click oft' their plays with precision of a well coached machine. Win As Pleased "They scored only three touchdowns on Benton but easily could have score as many more. Since it was Benton's Homecoming it appeared to me that Coach Wallace Bailey, was content to keep the score down as much as possible. He used his reserves generously, keeping a steady .stream going into the game all the time. At no time "did. Benton seriously threaten. Russellville scored early in the first quarter and afterwards it was just a matter of how high the score would amount. "I saw two exceptionally outstanding players in the Russellville lineup. Joe, Simpson, a fleet-footed back of the scat variety, was al- are in faultless condition. Sonny's foot wns reinjumi early in the Jonesboro battle which handicapped him no little. Treatment over the week-end -helped to bring the member around and barring further trouble should be even better for this week's encounter. Big Bo Coppedge is minus a tooth lost early in the Jonesboro game and is expected to lose two more in the dental chair. With the Junior reason closed Coach James and three of his Papooses have joined the Chick squad. They are Hugh Dozier and Harry (Hank) Haines, ends, and Norman Stone, quarterback. Dopier and Hai2ies have served their junior time and will be eligible - for varsity competition next year. Stone has another- season with the Paps. Today's Sport Parade By HENRY MeLEMOEE HOUSTON, Tex.. Nov. 12 (UP)Lawson Little was looking for a big Reported To Have Paid .$.IQO;tp For National .League's J ;Enteies Strut at Militarized Horse Show Jim Thomason, cadet major in 6500-man cadet corps anci great Texas = r^r^i™^ 3ST.rT^nt^^U- * M. ^, give, Homer Norton, >™d footba,, coad, u* wo,« field. He did most of the .gaining, passed and punted, in addition to he wants to start a petition. He wants to start it right away, calling the signals. In the line Left and would appreciate your signing End Blackwood was a tower of it with him. strength. He wasn't blocked oft Lawson wants to start a petition his feet all night as he smeared to have the 1941 open golf champ- every thing that 1 came his way. They ionship moved from the Colonial also have two better-than-average Club at Fort Worth Texas, where tackles and a good center. guards are not bad, either." The it has been assigned to—well, : anywhere outside of Texas. to The records appear to bear out Lawson has met a Texan . m the same as he would any other ra\y recruit. Cutchen's report that the Cyclones Tex as- and he wants no more of it. are expected to come over and He does not care, as National rough and tough in an attempt to Open champion, tp defend that ciash the Chicks. They have won" Li "e. the best in all of golt. on a six of eight games scoring 128 Texas course against a held that points to the oppositions' 34,.-"and includes any man,who was born m have shown brilliantly "Texas/.or whose parents were born two defeats. ' ! U1 Texas, or even passed through « «r c.- i Texas on their honey-mcon." Have Won Six • :, .,,, . . They opened the season with an" Th e man who -made Little feel impressive 28-0 victory and follow-! ^ wa >' « ' Jimmy Demaret a ed bv tripping'The Arkansas f Texfm whose 'forefathers .knocked -School .for the Deaf, 12-0, beforel^ 15 01 ' 20 0 ^ the Alamo beseigers, being nosed out by -North Little!^ d usin ^ Ql ~^' niblicks and brass- Rock, 7-6. Then fell r Paris, 13-0; ;' 1 . e . s - -•• ' ' Dardanelle. 20-0: Fort Smith, 12-7. They had a good swing then, and and you just don't do that against Lawson." Okay, Jimmy, but Lawson still thinks Texan?:, in Texas, are mighty.hard to hoe. He also thinks, and I agree with -him, that given, a golf course, be'it in Texas, Georgia, Calcutta or Egypt, you'd be a handful for F anyone who ever kept his head down. Louis Is To Oppose Lunsford :'. • • t ' ': ' * Jimmy Lunsford; who has found Tennesseans generally tough during his brief career , as an . amateur boxer, has again been matched with top of-a thrilling" 20-18 : scoring :\ : Demaret: challenged Little to a a fighter from the Volunteer state battle. Benton was the sixth victim 172-h(ile' match, to be played over! Wednesday night he will, enter Tne before Forrest City came out on Demaret " Inherited it. Unknown Leads last week. Most outstanding was the victory the Brae Burn Country Club. That is where Demaret works. Little ac~ "over Fort Smith, which conquered < cepted. Pine Bluff, 7-0. and was nosed out j The match started on Sunday by Little Rock 20-19. After the j and ended yesterday on the 65th Grizzlies had scored and converted' hole with Demaret the winner, 9 for a 7-0 first half lead,"the Cy- and 7. clones roared back for two quick Before the match started Hous- ring at the American Legion arena against Dewitt Louis 1 of Chattanooga, district Golden Gloves champion and one of Tennessee's better amateur fighters. Louis is said to stand six feet and two inches and packs 205 pounds around his rugged ; frame.. He tpuchdowns in the third quarter.! Ion golf folks were offering as high participated in 30- ring' battles as Simpson faded back and fired a' as 4 to 1 that Demaret would win.) an amateur and this year was the -long forward to Blackwood who ! This . generosity was based partly j Golden Gloves representative from stepped the remainder of "the 68-Jon the fact that Demaret is one of • the Chattanooga district, but was yard jaunt, into pay dirt. Four plays I the world's greatest golfers and i eliminated' as a prospect for the later Simpson slipped off right5 partly 'on the belief that outsiders tackle, cut back and outran the| just don't beat.Texans on their secondary for the second six points, [home grounds. It was pointed out Southern team in the. Nasnville tournament. The only basis for comparison The sprint was good for-75 yards, j that the only time Demaret had between Lunsford and Louis is the .With anv sort of breaks the west- ever been beaten at Brae Burn was erners could easily have won from • by another Texan—Byron Nelson. North Little Rock. They had the i 'Little, who has always held a ball deep in Wildcat territory sev- • high regard for Demaret's game. fact that both have registered wins over James McLemore. a tough Jackson boy who gave Lunsford such a busy evening 'this summer eral times but either fumbled or J wenl . overboard for the handsome. ; in a ma t cn here. This would indi- we're held for downs. A touchdown 'smiling, /happy-go-lucky Demaret, aij cate tnat both Lunsford. and Louis By GEORGE klRKREY United PrcsK Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Nov. 12. — The Brooklyn Dodgers' drive for the 1941 pennant . opened today with the acquisition of Kirby Higbe, the National League's Bob Feller, from the Phillies for $100,000 in cash and three" players.. "'• v In landing Higbe, noted for his blazing .speed; President Larry MacPhail revealed that ..he. had. to outbid two other clubs, presumably the Giants and Pirates. By doing this, he blocked the efforts of the Cubs and the Reds to get the other Phillies' pitching" ace, Hugh Mulcahy. "It. was a must deal from our standpoint," MacPhail said. "Our greatest .need was a top flight pitcher, a young fellow with great stuff who could stand hard work. Higbe was the' only man who met the specifications. "The Phillies also had Mulcahy on .the market but we weren't interested in him. However, two other clubs were and the Phillies told me they wouldn't deal both Higbe and Mulcahy. So when we landed Higbe we not only got what we consider the finest young pitcher in the league but prevented any of our rivals from 'strengthening through the addition of Mulcahy." The Dodgers have been working on the Higbe. deal since .the World Series. Considerable wrangling took place between Gerry Nugent, Phils' president, and MacPhail before Dodger pitchers Vito Tamuhs and Bill Crou'JJlV and catcher Thompson Livingston were agreed upon. The deal was closed yesterday. Higbe, who won. 14 games and lost 19 last season, is regarded by most observers as the fastest pitcher -in the National League. He led the league with 137 strikeouts. He Peacetime entries attract full measure of attention at 55th 'National Horse Show, which has milica| color, at Madison Square .Garden. Mrs. W. R. Batcheller's Royal Rage, shown with Patricia McCi lum, lower left, won in Class 43 for three-gaited saddle horses, over 15.2, ridden by amateurs. Ligh weight green hunters are being judged in the center. Upper right, the Point O'View Farm's Bourbj Lad taes a jump in competition among thoroughbred hunters. STORIES IN STAMPS Ruppenthal, Joe Welch Best Team The wrestling combine of Joe Welch and Duke Ruppenthal took two straight falls to win over Joe Dillman and Moody Palmer in a tag wrestling exhibition at the was nullified by a clipping penally the end of the match. [ are tt t,out on a par as far as ability that would have provided the win- : . "I'll take him against any player j goes> Both can hit hai . d ancl poss gss ' nmg margin. Mustangs Hard Pressed in the country on a course that. > fah . know i c£ige O f the art of boxing . _ ! requires variety of golf shots."! while the Tenne3 . sean w i]j have Forrest City was pressed to win i little said today. "Demaret is one ( somevvnat of un ed ge in the matter by the narrow margin of two extra j of the finest shotmakers I have j Qf ex p er i ence Brytheville's sensa- pointa. Each scored three 'ouch- | ever seen - At - Brae Bu ™ we played, ti(ml prospect has been fightin downs but the Cyclones failed on, over fine course that was extra t re<nllarl ancl hfts run Ws strmi victims have all three tries for the additional, tou S» because of a heavy rain and Of0wl -- 5 , up to 18 out of 19 starts, decimal, while the Mustangs click- j« nigh wind. But Jimmy had an ( Tfin of Lunsfoi ed two of the three and enough tO| answer for ever >* situation. taken the count win.-. t "I played pretty well, but he was ^ Led by the versatile Simpson 13 under P ar for tne °? holes he they more than matched Forrest- \ needed to beat me, and during City's high-geared machine on thej those 65 hole - s ne showed me a ground but could not cope with it! wna J eiTof a repertoire of real golf hi the air where the Thoroughbreds ! snots -'' struck for two touchdowns. Simp- • Demoret was as modest in victory son counted twice and Blackwood S as ^ lwavs ; the other on a reverse. Because of the poor condition of the field Head Coach Joe Dildv College Boys Protest Army Rule on Stutterers IOWA (UP)—Stutterers ..„.,_ at the University of Iowa want no was lucky." he said. "I was on exemption from military service. my stick, and besides, it was my Tills they made clear in a recen Nazis Rule Europe's "River of Destiny" 'THE Danube river, pictured on pitched 20 complete games, an* the Rumanian stamp above, held his opponents to a batting 'one of a recent Boy Scout semi- average of .202. Ten of his 19 de- , postal series—is German again; feats'came in games in which he for the first time since 1918. This j let his opponents down with three . is Hitler's life-line, and up it must j runs or less, and eight times he was come the supplies necessary to I beaten by one run. j continue the war. Only Soviet) Higbe hails from Columbia, S. C., [Russia is m a position to contest j and will be 28 years old next April! Nazi ' rule of this important water- • 8. He weighs 188 pounds. He came ' Wflv up with the Cubs in 1937 but never was given much of an opportunity to pitch for that club which, finally traded him along" with Joe Marty and Ray Harrell to the--Phils in May 1939 for pitcher Claude Pas- seau. In 1939 Higbe. won 12 and lost 15. . The $100,000 outlay for Higbe boosts to $285,500 the amount- : of money MacPhail " has spent for playevs to bolster ^ the Dodgers within five months. He dished out $145,000 to the Cardinals in. the Medwick deal and has. spent $35,500 for minor league players since the season's close. Legion . arena last night. Palmer was a. substitute for Ole Olsen who originally was scheduled to ticipate on the card. par- Palmer was the first to be elin nated. being downed by Welch wl used kangaroo kicks and body pii His partner. Dillman. then lost v| the front crotch and body pin Welch. The first phase of second fall came when Ruppentl used kangaroo kicks-and a be pin to flatten Palmer and W scored the final with a body over Diliman. The total time of til first fall was 17 minutes and tlj second 21 minutes. In one-fall individual matchl Ruppenthal kangaroo kicked Palmj into submission in ten minutes ail Dillman scored over Welch in minutes with the Austrian bac| breaker. Grawforidsville To Play At Armorel With Crawfordsville still in the lead for the Northeast Arkansas Six-Man Football League championship and Shawnee of Joiner in second place, games will be played J;mmy Reynolds, above, of Okla- this week which will have an im- t'c-ma/A. &' M.. tops Tom Harmon portent' bearing on standings, it of Michigan as nation's leading ground gainer. Reynolds, comparatively unknown sophomore halfback, compiled 852 yards rushing Control of the Danube and its Valuable river commerce is a rich prize for Germany. Grain, minerals, coal .and oil will be trans- j ported into Germany by Danubian barges. ,The Danube valley is the "breadbasket" of central Europe. i ' The 1750-mile long river serves the .people of six nations—Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania and Bessarabia, reclaimed by Russia. Three of. Europe's most important cities— Vienna, Budapest, and Belgrade —are situated on its banks. Hitler has already absorbed Austria and Czechoslovakia, both Danubian states. Control of the river may open the way for further expansion eastward. - , A red blood roiT>u. c -lp '^s average life of 30 to 70 days. an and passing in seven games. Harmon amassed 833 in five.- the 1,000,000 stutterers in this country be exempted from military duty lest the strain emotionally disorganize them, "In brief, we do not care to be excused from military service .and know of no sound reason why we should be." they sai'd. is believed. Crawfordsville will play at Armorel. which was in : second place until two weeks ago; Keiser plays at' Marion; Luxora at Trumann: Shawnee at Tyronza; Turrell at Hulbert-West Memphis;. Le^antc at Dyess. Games will be played weekly through Thanksgiving by the 12 teams which comprise .the leagu BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY Complete' Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP 1C7 S. 2nd Phor<e 167 home course. Don't forget this— j letter to Lt.-Col. Lewis B. Hershey postponed the usual scrimmage ses-i Lawson never had seen the course; j acting selective service adminis- sion yesterday tut drove the Chicks i he had ^ n play ^ d in ». couple of J trator. at a fast pace through the other' weeks - and. .-if the first nine holes-,' The- .Demosthenes Club, a cam pus rinlls HP nlant; tn ipr tvn*m Hnn tho i had ben thrown out. I would have organization composed of genuine drills. He plans to let them don the 1: .headgears and bang at each other { in a long, rough session this after- j noon, likely the only time before \" the. game. ; Bo Minus Tooth With exception of Mayfield "Son-1 ny" Lloyd, plunging fnih^ri- «n • been thrown out. I would have I won seven cu" the first .nine holes. composed of genuine word muddlers, protested a recommendation by Dr. J. S. Green that Wed., S P.M. JIMMY LUNSFORD VS. DEwrrr LOUIS Chattanooga, Tcnn. Legion Arena Admission 20c tle"DOUBLE-RICH 5T8A1GHT BOUR&ON WHISKEY, TO FtOO? • ; SCHENIEY DISTlUERS CORP^N.Y.C BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. NEW FALL CLOTHES STYLE. WARMTH. WEAR T HESE smart new Curlee overcoats now on display in our store are definitely designed to combine warmth with comfortable weight Theee coats represent; first of all, the last word in authentic masculine styling as interpreted by Curlee's master designers. 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