The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1947
Page 4
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EJfcT ft Information Broadcasts Curtailed ^, July 12 (UP) — Tfie State Dffbrtmcnt "ill elim(- J n«te jls mfornntion and cultural activities nj at least nine countries aid dismiss over 1703 emplojes, throughout- Me world as a result of i congressional cuts in .funds for the project, it was lairncd today Officials saUl the "Vc,i:e of America' broadcasts in 26 foreign languages—now taking up a total of 57'hours of broadcasting .• llnic tnsti day—would bs cut to 35 hours. The programs \vill continue to be broadcast in all the present languages. " • , TJndei present- n'ans, howcvc-r, operations Mil be maintained or slightly increased in the so-called ("critical Ureas." including Russia, her satellite nations, and sonic regions of the Par Easl. This will be cloijc at the expense of programs in other are.os. . . , , ' Congress authorized the Stale Dep.irfinent to sjx>nl $10,970.0Do on the information and cu'.luraf pro- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'COURIER NEWS grams during the fiscal year which began'July 1. -About 81,400,000 was allowed lor liquidation costs of former piojects. The department spent ,$20,207,003 during the last fiscal yfiir, and requested $25.213,COO for the current year. Officials said the entire programs ,.,.„ will be shut down in Australia,' Chairman Canada, Ne»- Zealand, South Africa, PortugijJ, Malaya, the Dominican Republic, E! Salvador, Honduras. Public Anxious To See Lincoln's Private Papers WASHINGTON, July 12. (UP)-In exactly 14 days the world will know the loue-kcpl secret of the private papers of Abraham Unco n. The Library 01 Congress will open the much discussed collection to the jpublic July 2G in accordance with the terms ol the will of IMjert Todd Lincoln, only son of the Civil War president. Lincoln ijhad stipulated for reasons unknown tljjt his father's pancr must IIP kept secret until 21 years after his own death. The deadline is up ?t -^nldniglit July 25. TJie condition surrounding his gift lias provoked-much speculation. Some have guessed that die contents were withheld because they told of ;\ cabinet officer's plotting t]gainst the assassinated president Lincoln scholars have nmintalnril that the colieMion \vou!d yield valuable but unexciting information on the life of ilie groat emancipator Tliousands are expected to crowd the library's marble-pillared rotunda for [Hie opening ceremony first look ai the most important Items in the collection. and Not- all insects destroy plants. Some prey on the harmful species. CAB Members May Quit WASHINGTON. July 12. (UP> — American Aviation Dally, a trade publication, reported Uxby Chairman James M. Lniidis or the Cini Aeronautics Board aiul Board Member Clarence Younj; would resj!>i> this 'Pall. KOTK/'K OF GRANTING OF M- tJUOIt 1'KliMIT Notice is hereby given that the Comniislonei 1 of Revenues of the Stnte of Arkansas has issued 't jjer- njit, No. 1!)G to Elmer Hall to sell mid dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on I he premises described HK 121 K Main, Blythevllle, Arkansas. This penult issued on the 1 (lay of July, 1917 and expires on the 1)0 day of June, 194H. Elmer Hall * Permittee T5-J2 An nthilt person weighing about )75 Hounds drinks 2.9 pounds of liquids In 21 hours. PERTH oF a DOLl <D, by.Hilda Low/encc; Dist/ibulcdby NEA SERVICE. INC. ' Tlin STORYl nn<fc ,Mlllpr, 11 Ka1fMj£lrl ni Itlnvkntnn'* Ufimri- mcnt .»1urr. h[»34 liei-n Iniikltii; f< 1T _ ward t« mwviwjr into nn iiftrarf In* vrrtidvufe clul* for Kirlx. Hut Ihf EvrnlnK itfce, tirrlvrM, ntivr hfliif; KrrcteA Itf ^n K ellicc> >ifitnll, :,n- »l»l»nt In ihi; hriiil, X.H.H-II.II.K In thr 'luhlir'aiiltrurM 1i> t*rrir*' IIIT. Sko J Mtiafct-* nn rn'utir. t» ):u uul ncailk Iminrdliitrly, trli-M 111 rfiu-h an ncqunlutniice, l*-nvi*H nil iii-|:«-iil note fur,]iliu to Ifli'ptiiiiii' lu>r. A rlrnHlnt; wiimun K\\f^|is uivny Ibf note. HetvTuIni:: lti(«- In ilu- rluli, Jili^: dfiivbvrrN hut- rifW roiiinniiili-, April. U l>|lna. AC.VC .miirliliu: lit brvnkfnrit nlic l>fcuntf<f inuilc- Klrlckeu nKnlii. rniiH uii lo lie? vi -i TTMyasjMiss Brady w-lio knocked * on her door at 4 o'clock. There had been one 1 otlier knock, hut it . had .come without footsteps and without a voice. She'd stood close to the door and whispered, "Who's . there?" .And no cne had answered. But this time was different. She hnd no excuse. This time the caller announc^d'hersclf. at once. ~"Rulh;" .- Aliss Brady shouted. "Open up!" • The door was locked. She'd locked it when April went down to dinner at 1 o T clock. Now she turned the key with a muttered apology. 'XTm sorry, Miss Brady. I "was asleep," Miss Brady strolled about the room, unobtrusively taking in the red-rimmed eyes, the strained, tight features. Downright ugly, she noted'. Homesick. Or maybe just sick. Or maybe Angel's right, the fool girl could be frightened about something. "Ruth," she said mildly, "we missed you at dinner. You mustn't skip meals, ^you know. And Miss Small is worried about you. She thinks you 'rtecd building up." "I had coffee, April brought me coffee, that was all I wanted." "Not enough. .Now comb your hair and wash your face like a good girl and come on down with me. We're sewing in the lounge and Mrs. Marshall-Gill is serving tea. She's- our most iniporlani [lairon, and she likes to know all the new girls." 'I don't think I—" 'You must," Miss Ri-acly said firmly. "Von needn't slay long but you really must make an appearance. Unwritten law, Mrs. Marshall-Gill's. Everybody shows up or else." Everybody, more than 70 people. She could sit in a c-nrnov, off to herself, safe for n lillle while because of more than 70 witnesses. Sate for the rest of her life if she could prove she u'.is mistaken. If she could study that face again, if she could listen io the voice, it she could prove lo herself that she wns wrong. "Will you wail for me while 1 change my dress?" she asked. Good heavens, Miss Brady marveled silenUy, vain loo. "Go right ahead," she snid. * «.- * dressed carefully in the >)ltio suit. Hut how will I know if I've made n mistake? she wondered. How can I lie .sine'.' She knew the answer lo that at oncel If one pair of eyes followed her '-Jivlth n cei lain look, if one head: turned'!)! her direction then turned away, '-too quickly, she'd knoiv. ;Nol only know that she wasn't .wronR hut also that she'd been recognized. Then (hero would IX THE CHANCERY COURT, OIIICKAKAWHA l> 1 H TK i CT. .MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, AKKAN- S,\S. Ck:itiis Adrlpn Plaintiff. vs. No. 10151 Mary Aclricn Defendant, The defendant Mary Aclricn is hereby warned lo appear within thirty diiys in the court isj,nicd In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the planllff Qlca- Uis Adrlcn. Dated this 12 day of July, 1947 HAHVEY MORRIS. Clerk. By -Dorothy Coiiley, D. C C. P. Ccoper. ally, for pltf. for Complete Protect/on Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. At the fiflh floor three fiirls •rowtled inlo Hie small cage. Miss Urady introduced them brjskly, nit Huth hardly heard. They luid mines like Deity and Peggy ;ind anio. They meant nothing,'they coked exactly alike*. Sometimes (lo look alike, she reminded inrself without hope. When the loor slid open at tbc llrst floor, uund poured oul from the lounge md fillcil Hie lobby. Miss Brady swept her forward, ike a dead leaf in the wind. Shu raw lighted lamps, trays of food, lowers, and a lire. IN I Hi; CI.tANCEllv COURT cmtJKASAWBA DISTRICT' MISSiSSII'i'I COUNTY, AltKAN'I s.vs. Ai-lcne PJiitt. by her sister & next fncnd. Muri-nc Asliiuorc. ..Pluinti!^ vs. No ' John FlatL Defendant. 'I'lie <lcfciu?jnl Jolm P.'utt Is licrtby warned to appear within l.'ilrly dny.s- in the court trained In tlie caption hereof and answer the i'Otiiplaliii ol (Ije planllrr ArfC'ie Fhltt. Dated this 12 <«>>• of July 1347 )!AIIVHV M<P«RIB. Clerk". •liy Dorothy Conlt-y, D C C. F. Cooper, ally, for PUf. 7J12-19-28-8 J to lose, not even now," she said to be no time minute. "I'm ready Miss Brady. The elevator girl lonVetl surprised when they yot in together "Jewel," Miss Brady said, "this is Bull) Miller." Jewel nodded. She know a little about Jewel She'd "'asked April when thcy't walked down to breakfast Apr! had accepted the walk withoui question.' April had said thai Jewel's real name was Annie. . They had never told her thi other one's name, and they'd hep hers a secret too. They'd said she', belter on" if she didn't know. I OurBoording House with Moj. Hoople wns a vacant chair in n corner by tlie fire. Tts back was to the wall, and she took it. No one spoke lo hpi-. She tried to nake herself small and inconspicuous, bul that was a wasted -•Ifort and she knew it. The bright blue suit betrayed her against the cream walls. She. braced herself for whatever the next hour held md deliberately turned her face .o the nearest lamp, inviting recognition. After a while, when still no one had come to her side, she jejjan to breathe easier and dared to look at her neighbors. Mrs. Marshall-GUI dominated the room. She looked like a charge customer, the kind who tapped her foot and called flic clerks "jny A girl put a piece of heavy muslin in Ruth's lap and went away without speaking. She held it stupidly, wondering wliat to do. 11 w;is shaped like a small Hour sack, and a crude face was pen- one surface. When she, found the needle and colored wool inside, she knew what it was. This was her party mask, and she was to make it herself. I'll never wear il, she thought, but they don't know lhal. In a few minutes the girl came back. She said her liamc was Minnie May Handy, and she offered to help. Together they made the scrolls of yellow hair, the red buttonhole inuulh, the long black lashes thai fringed the cut-out eyes. If Minnie May noticed Ruth's trembling lingers she chose 10 iynore them. (To lie Continued) Salesman Wanted Outside salesman (o call on coninicwiiil and farm trade. Apply FIRESTONE STORE 207 \V. Main Good Used Furniture Is, Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. SIS E. Main Phone 2487 SATURDAY, JULY 12, ln-17 Free Oe/ivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'honc 2043 1044 Chickasawiw "Hello, dear! I just thought I'd run down for at least glimpse of you during our vacation!". FRECKLES 4 HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL »ea( It, Daddy You THINK ITS mose SIDE-SHOW CAMMIBALS, I'M AFRAID THESE SAVAGES ARE CLOSER To WOM6J / (H£T ivjr^ioMCH-'K-^> I WILL HAVE FITS/ BuT 1 DIONT KNOW YOU WeEECOIMG^ I To THROW THE WHOLE TOWN JMTO A----LET ME SEE THE THING A MOMENT' . HMM- LOOKS HARMLESS ENOUGH ' I WOMOER IF-- Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete ' Protection , CHAS. BITTNEH BILL WILSON BUT, DADDY , YOU SAID \V£ COULD SIGNAL t"ACH OTHEE. t Club 61 Blythevllle, Arkansas — —jrighway 61 North Couples and Parties Only Dine and Dance W. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Red) BIckerstaff and George Ford , For Reservations Telephone 944 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch Vi ft. 7 Crown 1.35 Calvert 1.35 Schenley . . . . , 1.35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 Three Feathers 1.35 Hill & Hill .: 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.?5 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Bce ' per Case $3.35 GAS ' re 3 17.9c; . Etnyl 19.9c At! Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35 On. Buy 'em Here! Chamblin Sales Company Sales — Sfurfelmker — Service VoiiVc tee,, bearing a lot :,l )a ,,( StHttebakcr Postwar cars havr you noticed what Studebak er trucks are rtoins? Buy With Confidence From Chamblin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks r.ut 1!)17 f.'lievrijlct \t. uin pickup 11)10 Stndcliaker <i ton pickup I!)IS Budge i,i ton pickup 1U-U Chevrolet y, ton 151C Fonl Super 4--lom- Sedan 1BJ1 Sludeliaker Champion 4 door 1D41 Poniiac 8— 4 Door Spilun 1(111 IMymuulii Deluxe .; ilnor LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete Line of Slmlcbakcr I'ail s and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studebaker Dealer t "First by F:ir With a Pystwar Car" Bill Chamblin —RR & Ash St., Phone 219i- Let Cliarabl'n WASH TUBB9 Ilie News I'LL EXPLAIN LMEK. HIS5 TV SO HEEE IT {<=, BCJMAN. WE MM BE WI5SIH& -'-'' FOtKS! K SEA> AN MJUOUNCEWEWT OM THE --• iv,SO \ WELL KMOWM LE PRQSRKWi TBWtL >' J.WIST PMWTED THE '' " r ttltUOMS -^ ILL VEIL VOU, FOtfeS'. SOMEWHERE ' , HPWE COfAc TO ^- CM TO& LITTLE OLD SLOBE OFOUCS- • LOi!E THIS r-M.Ul.IAR' 1 fM ADUIT. UMRErOSMIZED AWUVSUNS 1 ••""-"-" " *MvV BE VOUR. NEIGHBOR, 1 IT COULD &E VOU !! - ._- W DEFENSE Fivte TIMES.'—\JERV WELL/ I'LL BOIL IT TO A rili'TSIA&LL ~~~ SCEME OF MY ALLEGED '^.YIpt-KTtpN >NAS ArA OLt) VOU COtOTENt) PEOPL& =-" 7-/Z OutOurWay VIC FLINT Wh«n the house detectire arrived, I was a pTfetty busy guy. IXOM'T 1 EAM " A<j,\IN5T ThFM 5IDE CURTAINJ5- A WE\V CAR STARTIM' -1O LOOK SHABBY \ ALREADY/ ) By J. R. WiUioms ' IT WOLn.DM'T IF vou'f onrr KORM Tl URTV YCAR-S TOO -XX^M ~ • Going foi iaier... Gnnsom JOST IN TWf, BROTHER/ CAU TIC POLICE — CAIL THE DISTRICT ATK3W«Y.'WIS WAN'S A MURDMf R/ SORW TO WAKE YCXJ IISPER LUCKY BY_MICH AKI, O' HE SAYS A MAM NAMED CAN50N HAD HIM KILL FELIX, mix CAREO ON A GANSON YESTERDAV. HERE'S HIS ADDRESS. and RALPH l.ANft KNOW FELLOW GANSON, D.A.-BIG SHOT GAMBLER. SHADY CHARACTER KRW6te SOAP \<S, LEA\IIM6~MO "STOME"' : UNTlieHED TO FIND IT '. AMD WHEM \\1E PO, VMETL PW THAT tUCICS PERSON ^»ifi^ 25 ' 000 <L BELIE«E IT! WHVr THKi'S ME! RYDER V" Y£S-6iJT "N 1 STILL WASST To KfJOvO viHERE TOD'RE The Solution BY EUGAK SURE.' ALL COWBOYS ARE A5 ' HAtWf WITH HAMMERS At^ 5w.v5 AS THEY ARE wm Guhi YOJ CA>) 6i~ CARPE^TSR FOR TKE sr--coL ADDITION•' TrtE RANCHERS BUILT - \LI,EY OOP Oni)l;i By V. T. I-IAMLIN AS MY R=G'L>>« I SOTTA -_ ISL\ND ^ ^ CANNIBALS. CO.' CK. HO.' THHQE'S ANOTHER ISLAND.' THEY MUST JUST USE THIS ONS FOE THErfZ DINING BOOM.' \\AIT TlU_ TH=Y COME O\'EE ~OZ ANOTHER. BROTHER. \VELU,OS£ABY HE'S WHiST DO / OFF TH= MINK f OLD DAN Or OOP'S V DEFOE MENTAL- V WC3UL awv Much , COU\_O BRLPlKSCt NOLiR C*^ (AS I?.v FUKO'llARMAN >, (AR.. SUOO,

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