The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 8
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EIGHT' • -«H*»T'"lJi '•• •• BhYTirrcviLLE. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS „ r—.— —T— -.-•--- :— — ...._ ^.____ THURSDAY, SEITFMBKR 28 l!m K May Give Chicks Hard jtmggjgTonght ehalf of Giants For the Nationals Cf AD MR II kin CM [II ^^-^rTT^-'nriiiTnnr. mir^ Melvin Laoides Heads : Fipjilmg Eleven Anxious To Upset' Tradition. Plavlns under the . Hnley Field floodlights the Blyt^evllle ' Clilclt- rsaws will encounter the Osccola Sfrmlno'cs in the first name of the season for the locals .lonlgiu. The game will start at 7:45 o'clock. The' Ssminoles came un from Osceola last night and worked out for aboul an hour under the lights to accustom themselves to comli- llc.115 that will exist when they Inekle the Blythevllle warriors tonight. The Semlnoles went through n se.'Elon of kirklni;. passing and running but did not demonstrate any of their formations. Coach Carrol Bird apparently deciding to keep iits offense ns quiet ns possl- bl" until tonight. -The Chickasaws had their night practice Tuesday and ]x>llshed ofr with a,light wortout yesterday. All members -of the sqund, with the. exception^ of Cliartey Brogden, afej in fair snaps' ond'Coaches Charles- Kramer and "Ace" Puckct will have no alibis to offer for their showing. No Selnp Tonight While ns a rule in the past the Semlnoles have been considered j nothlni; more than a walk over for: the Chicks it Is (illoceUier possible that tonight's game may be n '•• real slrugqle. Advance done indl-! cn'.«s that the BMhcville tenm will have enioycd tlic prewmdcr- Pr\rn in weleht nn<l esnerlrtKC ns- lv helri nnrt will at '-"ft onp. fust elusive back in Molvin Tjiinid*.* »nri n rnnahlc ball c!>"ri«r |>, FiiHhack Rlllle SneNon. Isoldes. winner of ilio *latp lon- dash rnce lust snrlne. will be a >eal thrrat evert Mme his mates rvi'i n"t. liiin n<«:t t^«c scrimmnire Inie. plavtnc ns retain rf the Os- rw!« team the little Jewish snced- ?t»r i' re-tnln to inaki> a desoer- „.„ . , . -t- nffnft tn n^cnrrollsh n feat. Philadelphia i ha' wo»vi leavp locnl fans as well ' y* n^ O'ceolPns nstoundcd-a victory I fo r th" 1 S n minoles. TIBH PITCHING OUELS Walter Johnson Says Crowder and Hubbell Are Really Great Men. and . Crowder came to us when I was managing Washington. He had teen a shortstop in the Army and bcrame converted to pitching because of the terrific whip |, e gave the ball across the diamond He added fcp this store of speed all the tricks of the pitching business and he picked tliem up quick- ' During the last days of the pen-i nant n?ht, Crowder often would ask to pitch when the t< facing a critical situatloi ,. ( a. few ^thrown balls would decide I n'.gariie; Tills sort of team spirit 1 counted -a- whole lot in Washington's victory this year. Filr and Ills Knucbler JEMS IDLE, DIVIDE team w OS Athletics Split Pair With on where, v i i w i Yankees and Third Place. Clinch ond of his seHe^of sl'x" stoHes^on 1 Kitr and " ls Knuckler The New Yor l the world' series Waller Johnson! Eacl1 team has threc other i' Mgu « .champ!. looks over the pitching prasjSSi Jl""," 1 <V dditlon to Hubbell and »"« "'«• «* . . . , Crovder. Terry may be figuring . y«t"day wl HY WALTER JOHNSON' to start 'Freddie ... ,,,.,. t ^ ,,„,.,•,.» , . As Told to m louche" NF A l! he " co " d 8amc Bf ' sltie5 He has S«rvl« S^rls W or.) "»„ youngsters Parmalee and NEW YORK, Set. 28. — Each a - llumachcr -. A " three - of these 1 Can York Giants, National champions, divided two Philadelphia Phll- ,-hlle tlielr world se- the Senators, were idle. Hubbell, ace of the Giant YORK, Sept. 28. — Each team enters this world series with - 0 ~r ..« *JIM victory of .... L,™ yjf s«ason, when he defeated the men are right handers. and figure V 1 " 5 in the flfsl game, 3 to 1. In to fnce pretty sure trouble from 'Jj e second game Pearce shut out oiinul the heav y - "Ming left-handed f he champions. Schumacher was "'•'"^ | Washington, hitters, such ns Kuhel llle losing-pitcher. Critz and Davis •"nd Manush- of the Giants hit. homers in the tvm m<,n it t,v.Yi T i" "i The Nals > however, should not, 0 ™ same. • Uo men, Hubbell, the southpaw j i-rderr-silmnte the abilitv r,f P", I The Philadelphia Athletics one really great pitcher. Nats have Alvin Crowder. The liave Carl Hubbell. A pitching duel between these j •'; I'nderr-siimnie the ability of" Fi'tz" How They Stand American Washington New Ycrk roit Chicago New York The Chicks have some consistent Bos' 0 " hall carriers but in individual h-il- llance they do not match th* Qs- reolii star. Berk. Chick fullback, has' plenty of drlvinx power it he '.i. on his same, Morse has been hanriicanped bv an infurv In the' past but is fairly steady. Black- nrd. former wlngman shifted to the brickfield, is an unknown amount. Moilev olaypd quarter durine most of-last year's gumes but still lacks necessary experience. : . Wide Open .Game .Both teams arc'exoectcd to take to the air and a wide onen game with the Chicks resorting more frequently to power plays. Tlic locals have severs! backs who arc fairly accurate heavier* while Osceola has relied on passes so long from necessity that it should have a ?ood aerial offense. Motorists will not be allowed to drive their cars onto Halev Field tonight but will be required to park their machines .outside. The practice field adjoining tire playing field has been cut up considerably in tho past by this practice. Later in the season cars will" be allowed on the west side of the gridiron. An entrance for cars will be made in the west fence at the field before the second game of the ssason. League W. .. 97 ... 89 ... 78 ... 75 ... 73 ... 05 GO St. Louis ............. 55 .655 .610 531 .503 .4 BO .•IH .369 f a world scries pitcher was a few days later in the fourth game of thu series. He weakened in thn seventh and they had to derrick the Offal Man out of there. National League W. 30 Pittsburgh • -. 85 Chicago H J , St. Louis Boston Brooklyn 04 Philadelphia so Cincinnati 55 L. Pet. 00 .COO C7 .55!) C8 .553 S9 .543 10 .533 85 .430 91 .393 95 .387 lie stayed In the field. In but Lepanto Football Team :, J. B. Vance and James Pickett; half-backs, Louis Bonds, Ready &r Reiser Game |^™ liver; £l " ltacks ' J - A - Birth certificates ore essential to game tlie fourth inning of that game, however. George Tyler made the mistake of' grooving one to George Herman. It went for a triple, driving .in the two runs Boston needed to win the game. In left j LEPANTO, Ark. —After several' French inarriaees; a man in Bou| weeks of strenuous work-outs the logne tost his In a fire and applied Lepanlo football squad l s ready:to lor n new one, which was duly is- mcet Keiser at Keiscr; ' Friday, sued. But he was i'~ ' " Hepiem'ber 29th. Floyd Tolliver' was tered as a "female, 1 can't get married until another birth certificate is issued. ably him. Terry may try to manipulate the pitching assignments so that lie can start Hubbell ihree times against the Nats. The southpaw has shown a great capacity for work, having appeared in more than 40 games during the season. Carl's best pitch :s a screw ball which is especially baffling to left- handed batters. New Yorkers are placing hopes In Hubbell's ability to fool left-handed hitters like Heinle Manush and Joe Kuhel with his delivers*. Hubbell should give plenty of trouble to all the Washington hit- teis. as he has a fine change of pace. His screw ball comes up to the plate slow, at half speed or fast, and it Is hard for a batter to get set for such a delivery. High Retard for Crowdtr Crowder, I think, is possibly the greatest pitcher of our day. He is -- ------ . -- — --.••— j - — -— . -* — * tui- i aiin.-y aiiu iv series crowd, a crowd which I have i to I in favor of the Athletics Go- seen fluster many a smart young | mez of the Yanks and MarcunTof pitcher, remains to be seen. Schu- the Macks were the winning hurl- macher has proved a cool head ers with Marcum holdln» the Yan- ""hitehm l^s to four bits. Cronin's choice game. Whitehill Ls a smooth worker with a curve" that .should be annoying to the Giants' may be Joej Gehrig hit for the circuit In the for the second-first game and Jimmy Foxx got •v« P tha e t h - S Wth h0m " '" "* ^ndgame. .... uu . u >n. niiuiyrjiiJK tu un: Giants' T _ . . heavier hitters, all of whom bat „,., Ja ">, al «. natives run IB from th,e left side of the plate—i?J' 5 UDh111 . carrying fresh fish to Terry, ott and O'Doul. The same! e . market6 - ^^ runner who may be said of Stewart, an exper- reacnes mantel fi rs t gets the best ienced, smart southpaw. pnce for hls flsh - ,KIoiite .Weaver or Bob Burke m£y be another starter for Wasli- ington. Weaver has been bother- etTby. son; bi form. ^jjbre arm part'of the sea-i " J i lately has sliown good' Burke, a southpaw, has it in him to become a fine pitcher. He • turned in • .some nearly . perfect! games this season, but was not .started often because of his ten- always anxious to go into the box. dcncy to become wild. 115 hi' record 01 having pitched j The chief relief pitcher for the ihis season in more thai) 50 games ; Giants will be Luque. a seasoned : Todav »• Games American League Washington at New York Boston at Philadelphia. Only games. National I.ugur Open dale. SLIDES chosen captain of the local team.; Divight Hall, sub-captain anil Merce Whayne, manager and treasurer. The line-up for \ Frl- I day's game follows: center,. J. -IP. Tmistlll; guards, Ivan Robln'sop, Ray Fielders and Duff May;' tacli- parls of amyl acetate, ace- les, Lock Wallace Deari. Billy N.6- toue and beiuinc, with a UUlcilan, Roy Smltlr. ends, Elmer Lew- pyroxyline dissolved In it. ' is Jones and James Neal; quarter- Friary, sued. But he was officially regls-]-nearly one-third of the number veteran while Joe" will count on and now he of game, scheduled-lestifies. And Jack Russell, whose fine work was "Banana oil contains neither bananas nor ol!; it is composed of be has all that a great pitcherja material factor in the Washing- should have ju the way of cour-' ton pennant march. Coolosl Spot 'In Town! Up CorrUto—Mary. Irian— Ro0«r Pryor-Hwrfcart Raw- lln»on-inB<» M^M-iobby Watson-Wmiaoi Frawtoy- Atekaixfor Cray-4 laton Boy»-8«n»l<« Oalr*—Doris Car ton-Jade D«noy—ttdrard Kino-frank and HUH tritton •and, to ifra comady drama wttti ilx big IOOQ htol Thurs.-Friday Mutinee—Iflc - ,'10c •Night—20c --.'•10c' : Cartoon - -News-/ Awarded Verdict In Close Battle . in Home Town. Lough ran's PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28—Tommy Loughran. former champion of the light heavies, gained re- for a three round knockout Jack Sharkey scored over LOCGHRAN SIIARKEY BRffUO-JE/i Ruth Pitching Ghosts ot another clay will cnsl i long shadows across the diamond' at Yankee Stadium Oct. 1 when Babe Ruth, with thos? mincing steps of his. walks to the mound to pitch one more game. They- will be the spirits ol men ! who lined up with Ruth and i against him when he p:tcl:cd his first world series game for the Red Sox 11 years ago. Of thcsr brave souls not one remains in major league baseball to stand be- j side the Great Man as he makes [ his last bow.' i 3Tgot(en Names It was the second- Ktimc of the series against Brooklyn. In the Robins' lineup were Johnston. Diu- | v bert." Myers, • Wheat. Culsliaw. Mowrey. Olson »r-l Miller, and the opposing /pitchir was Shcrrod Smith, he of the fiur-pronged spit- ter. . With Ruth were Hooper, Walker, Walsh rid Lewis in the out- idd, big Die:: Hoblltzcl at first >asc. Janvrln at second. Deacon Scott at short and Larry Gardner at third. Thomas caught. Ruth won that game, but not with his bat. as Southpaw sherry whiffed the Oreal Man twice. The Babe struck out Daubert. Myers. CuUhaw and Olson. The sco:e was Boston 2, Brooklyn 1. In 14 Innings. ROXY Last Time Today ** ^^ *^ * MAT. and NITE—10r - 25c RliTH CHATTERTON in "LILLY TURNER" FOX NKWS - - COM KI)\ 1 :m three years ago when he K.IS awarded a decision over th Boston gob and former heavy •rtight champion last night. Loughran carried the S rp.rly.but Jach finished strong an Loughran's face was a gory sight >t the finish. Sharkey was forced to his.knees by a short right In : tht tojtli rour.d. Loughran's vlc- IT? ifas called a "home town "de- .c'slon'JiEby some writers who de- dafed UK best the PWladelphia ixixer rJtMrve.i was a draw with .the f*din> former champ. A«ainst the Cubj In the 1918 world serifs Rutl had the Cubs to beat. He w.-u chosen to pitch the first game, and In -Hie batting order o[ the Cub were Flack. Hollocher, M,m n kert, Merkle. Pick. Deal old BUI Kllllfer. Big Ji n , ...„,„ Vaughn .opposed the Babe In th box. The B»be gave .... „„„ 01 nits and no runs In nine innings and.though he had established a'i repUvalion as a hitting pitcher, he 8< ^ >rs L^ r ?..°/ T . old " i '"«- FRIDAY - SATURDAY MATINEE * NHiHT lOc - 25r Thrills as Bpundfess as the Sea.' I Each Week There will be many a day that other duties will prevent you from writing to those at school, and there will be many a time that you aren't in the mood to write them a long newsy letter. Send them the Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rate. It's like getting six letters a week from-home at only . • 4 With Undme. Stirm in TECHNICOLOR RALPH FAY BELLAMY VVRAY Directed by Al Rogell A Columbia Picture Per School Year COURIER NEWS 19 m

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