The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS WKDNKSDAV, MARCH 27, IMG Oklahoma A&M Quintet Repeats Kurlan<i Leads Aggies In 43 to 40 Victory Over North Carolina Back At 'Bama By CARL . United Press Sports Writer YORK, Mar. 27. (UP.) — agile Aggies of Oklahoma A. 4TM. ruled the National Collegiate Basketball roost for another year toliay and oil the highest perch iiiis seven-foot Bob Kurland. thc t«5lest and perhaps the greatest cburt star ever to play in Madison Square Garden. uThe Aggies, applying their usual diligence to defensive tactics trim- raltd North Carolina's Eastern cfeimyioDS, 43 to 40 last night it: the N. C. A. A. title game before ii,47» -basketball batty Jans. ' By winning the Aggies becanv Ihe first team to take the N. C. A A. championship two years In 1 row. "There wasn't anything partlcu larly wron^ with the Carolinian: imd they drove hard for the ful distance. ' But despite their brll liant and. sometimes effective cf Mtts" to stop the giant Kurlaix tftey didn't have enough to phi tnfe other gaps.' It took two men | to hold him nnd that left one of life other Aggies scot-free much oi the time. "After taking a 23-17 lead at hilt time, A. & M. set up a mild freeze. Stressing possession of the bill the cowboys seldom shot ex- cfefct when they were in the clear. XV one time they led by 13 points *nd~-got a little careless. The s^feedy Tar Heels, sparked by John Dijlon who scored a total of 16 jj&fnU; closed the gap to 36-33 after which Kurland took charge 'The big fellow dunked in a pair Afield goals from the mezzanine tt'vei and the Aggies were on their ipfijky again. In less than two minutes they had built the UJ 43-33 and went back to thcli "freezing" tactics again. In the last five minutes tin Aggies failed to score and Caro llna crept close once more. Bu eVen their most rabid supporters ihd - there were plenty of them co'uld not help but realize that i w*s a hopeless task. -Jn the final analysis It was Hi all-round work of Kurland whic" t s the measure of difference ere was plenty of class in th Afrgie lineup, but it was hard 1 kfcep from spelling It with a "K since the word was syhbnyinov Tfith Kurland as he performed i tftis final test. At the finish h ."wis given the most valuable plaj er. award, an honor which he also charge. Hfon last year. ^He scored 23 points and forced Carolina to foul him almost as bften as he had a clear shot at the basket. Horace (Bones) Mc- Kmley, Carolina's star center, wenl ftut at 6:04 of the second half on five personal fouls, all committed against Kurland. 4 . Teammates Weldon Kern and B\ake Williams did excellent llal- " son work in petting thc ball to Jflurland when he could use it and Kern with.A. U Bennett provided a fine supporting cast offensively. e*ch getting three baskets. In the first game of last night's cVpublcheader, Ohio State's Big Ten champions'.roared back in the sfcc'ond half ..'to' whip .California's t»lden' l ,Bears; ; 63 Ho .45 to 'tjikc tWrd pla'cei.ln. the,, N: C. A; A. tournament. Center Jack Under- Wan 1 was the big scorer for the | BUcks with 19 points but short and I speedy Merv Lafaille of California took top honors with 22 markers. Truck Plays Wronjr Rolr CONCORD, N. H. (U.P.l—While tfa roiitc to sand icy roads to eliminate thc danger of sklddine. a.stato highway department truck sltidded across Hie road and caused a mile-long traffic tie-up. Chicks Will Play Intra-Squad Contest Here On Friday Night Thc Chicks weeks session of spring training nil iiHia-M|iinci game PrJday light lit Haley Field, Hi was an- wlll end lliclr two v/uiklng introduction to the T for' nation with which thc Chicks will iiilempt to baffle their foes next fall. I.nst Saturday afternoon Godwin sent the squad through a prolonged unmc-scrimmage session while a number of fans looked on. but Friday's contest will l» a full dress rehearsal of what the tribe will ol- fi'i- in thc autumn months. Godwin was to announce players for each squad tomorrow. 1-Ylday night's contest will lie u benefit affair, tickets for which are being .sold this week. They can be purchased In advance at Klrby^ DruB Store, Main and Broadway nnd at Robinson's Drug Store, Mali and Railroad. It Is scheduled to gc' underway promptly at 8 o'clock. icninced today by Coach Bill Godwin. The contest will foe a regulation ilTiiir with the Chick squad of some 10-odd candidates divided as evenly is possible as to strength and will offer Blythcvlllc football followers in opportunity to size lip prospects for the 1846 campaign which, the Chicks will open late next September. It will climax two weeks of intense drills during which Coech (Jodwln. assisted by "Nig" 1 Byniim, former University of Arkansas star, .ml "Pop" Mosley, have sought .-to give the young but eager squad a Thu balding little man with the jlaiui face and muck manner Is ar from the popular conception of he typical cigar-smoking, sidc-ol'- .hc-moulh fight manager. In :i and of slang and shortened words •10 speaks meticulously and pro-1 Bounces all his "Q's." If kc ever' ;ol angry It would be akin to the Easter ra>;bil with the rabies. "I'm still trying to figure out just how I uucanu n rightcr manager," Cohen said in a soft voice he retreated from the noisy room where Graziano struck a crescendo with announcement that he'd take ix trip to Florida after beating Marty Servo on Friday night. "I never been furder den Wash- In'ton," Rocky's voice beat down the passageway. "H was a hobby ai first," Cohen continued, mopping his brow with a snowy handkerchief which would have anybody else thrown jirak for another year." out of the fighter manager's guild Cohen headed back lot Graz- as "sissy." ilano's little room again, steeling "I taught boys to box in llic himself against the odor which did- Brooklyii Community House and: n't exactly resemble Chanel No. 5. one boy. Marty Pomerantz. won A .hd as he opened (lie door, his the Golden Gloves lightweight lit- le. f told him to turn professional, father Insisted I be his manager. The next thing I knew I had 10 fighters and here I am." To tile meok Irving, all of his t:oys are "just babies." He brings them laong slowly and is careful not to os'.Tinalch them. The payoff is long winning streaks—although Graziano never won more than nine in a row. "I wanted him to be defeated," Cohen whispered, "lie was loo cocky nnd I thought it would do him good. However, he deceived me, deserving to come fast. But he's still just a baby and won't reach his "baby" was proclaiming that he'd "knock of.f" this Servo like downing a bowl of spaghetti. Quite an infant, this Uoughhouse Rocky— considering that Servo Is simply the wcltcrwelglil champion of the world. THAT'S ENOUGH NEW YOHK.—There's a chess aycr whose last name is Schmcl- vivolovitch. His first name? He iesn'1 need one. TODAY'S SPORT PARADE Graziano's Manager Says Rocky Still Hasn't Reached His Peak Ionium "Monk" Mosley (above). pound Iqft halfback from plytheville, Ark., Is in school nsiilu at the university of Alutama after 1 months service—25 in the South 1'nclflc— in the Infantry. Let termini m the 1942 Crimson Tide. Mosley Is giving Hurry Ollmcr plenty ol Competition for the iCKUlnr talllwck job mid will probably hold down n starting position on the Keil tenm in Saturday's Inlm-squail licmwcll Rind game In 1!Y OSCAR FKAI.KY llnltt'tl 1' Sports Wrllfir NEW YORK. March' 27. (UP) — Yyu don't have to be cruv-y to be in the light racket—but it helps. Irvine Cohen, a timid little man with mi apologetic manner, ,ndmll- ed It tocliiy as he Ra/.cd with mild )lnc eyes on the confusion which ci(ro)d/;d the dressing room of Rocky Graziano. Confusion is a nilUl word when you come to that lltllc cubicle In SUIliiKin's Gymnasium where IlouKhhouse Rocky holds forth. At the moment. th c shaggy-haired mauler from thc lower cast side was stretched out nonchalantly under a swaying festoon of drying Ills buck teclh. "[May it I'roo ycr nose," Rounli- snapped at a wild-eyed character blowing industriously and un- melodlously through a mouth organ. "That's yood. huh?" Grn'/Jnno admitted as the mouth organist bc- r:ime a nasnl organist and trainer Whitcy Bimslcln, shucked down In his underwear, went Into a mus- i'lc dance. Cohen smiled sell-consciously at the raucous racket and backed cautiously out of the humid, smoke- rilled room as the lx>ys went to work on a ribald little ditty anent thc qualities of one "Told Avenoo Ttlllc." And, out in thc better llgh sweatshirts, socks and Hunters' un- «f '"c corridor, he looked aboul mcntionables. His mouth was wide as much like n fight manager a: olicn and the badly-buttered strains ] a hosiery salesman—which is ex of "O Sole Mlo" tumbled out over actly what Grav.iano's pilot used ti Coach Speaks To Boys "The Right nnd Wrong Things! in Life and School" were discussed by Bill Godwin, athletic coach, at thc regular Boys Club of Junior High School meeting at the school. Mr. Godwin appointed as yard monitors Dick Reid. Marvin Ross, Carl Bean. Thomas Prince. Grnhnm Sndbury, Wlllard Ash and Denny Buchanan. He appointed Pete Williams and Jerry Hollingsworth bU (Tyclc monitors. Thc si«aker was introduced by E. B. Gee Jr., program chairman. Larry Lutz, president, WHS hi Hctid Courier News Want Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Crcom ills Ion relieves promptly be- cnuse It goes right to the scat of tho trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and did nature to soothe nnd heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with thc understanding you must like tUe way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION POULTRY WANTED! Mr. Davis is connucted with thc country's poultry buyers and offers highest prices at times. FRIDAY and SATURDAY PRICES— Hens — 24c Cox — 16c BRING YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 West Vine St. Blythevillo Trices Subject to C'liuiigc Without Notice all A NATURAL AID FOR Hyper-Acidity OF THE STOMACH Mountain Valley Water Is a natural aid In helping eliminate wastes from the system. Not laxative. It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health water from Hot Springs, Ark. It has been prescribed for more than 5 years. Free booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division niytheviUe, Ark. Bows and arrows were used ns —= ~—V ~Ci* u ~B * L-»-Instruments of warfare in Chhui 1 forCouin$,ChestC01dS,Br<mcmt« as late ns J 1911. .'.•''! ! * ' " • Lawnmowers Phone 2192 Kxpcrtly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and guaranteed satisfaction assured. We also Npecinlizc in gas and electrical weliling. F. L WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second BONDED AND 24-Hour INSURED Radio Repair Shop Changes Ownership TAX! SERVICE CALL 968 VOU NEED MORE THAN FIVE FINGERS •' to relieve <!ry-ecal|>ilctiins. You Mffcl tlio real help lit Momline ItuirTonic. Ilniibnntuialoils; In l|)a lo re-move <inn<Iruff Ihfcrs. MOROLINE HAIR rONIC For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CAM, Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN T Specialize in Treating .11 Forms of Swamp Fever Daytime—Phone 484 )owdy-Aycock Motor Co. Night Phone—2138 Como Hotel. E. Main St. Railroad Street Bill Wundcrlich — Rear Robinson's Drug Store OSCEOLA, ARK. HIGH SCHOOL GYM Thursday, March 28, 7 p. m. Sponsored by Osceola Athletic Assn. Admission Children under 12—60c 12 and over—DOc ffll' Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Delivrt Just Received! Electric Phonographs With Automatic Record Changer. 12 Ten Inch Records. Ten 12 Inch Records. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Main Phone 2407 New Theater Manila's Finest Saturday & Sunday, Mat. 1 o'clock Sunday & Tuesday NlfhU. 5:M . o'clock All. other nljchls, « o'clock. Wednesday ft Thursday 'Col. Effingham's Raid" with Charles Coburn and Jo:in Bennett .^. NEWS AM) COMEDY 'v'^l More powcrl Lt» weightl L*«t>ulk! Tiny battery f«n«ratec hearing pbwer that will amaie you! BONE RECEIVERS, at wcU as magnetic •T*-receiver*!... receivers x> wonderfully accurate, they ate actually "Hearing Let\M>"l ACOUSTICON (-TOIMT ACOUITKOfl MARINO IT SUM The New Firm Will Operate as The ... Felix Carney and Elva Perry have purchased the Radio Repair business formerly operated by Johnny Blackweli at 1211 West Main Street, Blytheville, Ark. Mr. Perry will assume the active management of the business . . . and the new firm will feature small household appliances in addition to continuing the radio repair business. Ttlcvte Sto>t IN PERSON CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So LHtle" Week Days: BUrti »t 7 p. m. Wednesday & Thursday DOUBLE FEATURE "ABOVE SUSPICION" Fred SUacMurray & Joan Crawford "WHAT A BLONDE" with I.COH Errol and F.Lainc Kilcy AI »o Short ttr. G. H. Sutherland will be it the Goff Hotel Wcdncsda knd Thursday afternoons am evenings, March 27th an ifilh, and will make appoin thents at your home on Wet ftesday and Thursday morn tegs. Mr. Sutherland, with many years of experience in thc Scaring field is qualified lo ht and advise you as to your. Bearing-aid requirements. He • ,frill appreciate (he opportun- •* My gl consulting with you on . $MV hearing Perry Radio Repair & Appliance Co. Phone 3414 1211 West Main Street WASH TUBES BY LESLIE TURNER 6UE6S I* A SOffY. Y YES. SHE WAS SO ANSIOUS PrilN HSV, VOU ARE TH£ HV.< BttV.iEN WE STRAWS LIFE EVA HAS K.NOWN WO 1HE ONE SHE NOW F«CES... SHE STILL fEElS MORE SECURE If fSa ARE N£AR IT *OiA.O 6£ EASIER FOR HER TO RE-AOJUS! USRSELF f YOU COULD BE WITH US (N NEW YORK EVEN FOR A / FEW PAYS... EASY. BUI fOR&l 1VX! WEETIN' VtSTIDOV. Of WS4 EV» W*B FOLKS' fCH IHEU V3I TO BE Dl£> IN HEK... K HARD AT H36T 10 THlMt OF STRAN5ERS OWN MOfHER AND PW ! MEANWHILE. IN S0(*£ HOiUM HOLLYWOOD'S NeVtKT COWBOY STAR WHITER ANO SINGER Of XX WAUING THE FLOOR OVER YOU" ^YOU'LL NEARLY LOSE YOUR MIND" "SOLDIER'S LAST LETTER" -AMD MANY OTHER SON6HITS- AUSOTH6 I RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Open at 6:00, Show Start* at «:!«. TEXAS SHORT BROS. JIM MY c, LEON JOHNNY 6APP KEMOHEAP JACKIE Bjif DRAKE AND MANY OTHER '^i^ •'• ; ' " '-* ' ' GRAMD OLE OPfiY STARS Wednesday & Thursday "CAPTAIN CAUTION" with Victor Mature, Louise Plat, Vivian O shorn c, F,I Brcndcl, Brace Cabot and Robert Barrett Short: "Sapcbrush I,aw" i SportMght News IT'S THE^HOW OF AtL SHOWS mitr Speciol Added Attraction!! Radio Dot and Smoky OPEN 6:45; STARTS 7 p. m Wednesday & Thursday 'Frisco Sol 1 Susanna Foster, Txirhan Bey, Alan Curtis News of thc Day Also Shorts

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