The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 7
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per nne rot cohiecu- tlve Auto Glass All Kinds installed Tlic Ark-Mo Lumber Co. IQcklO-lO |llils'2S liny of Soul. . . It. lj. d AIM ITS. Clerk people of the City of Blyltoiilo, itlbrmli leduce Hie fees temporarily UiUl conn and the seal thereof on Centenarian JumDCJ is hereby found lo to nectary to and proportionally. ' "•'< ' la •'••" " r °""' llm fix aiul charge Hie Inspcellon fees 5. Any person, linn 01 corpora- licroinallcr outlined, Ihe s:tmo to i lion violating any term of I Ills or be paid inlo Ihe Milk Inspection " "- - •'" ' Fund anil to be used only in pay dtnnnce shall be millly of n misdemeanor and, upon conviction. <«ve average words to a UM) One time per line W Two times per tou per day 08c 1-hre*. times per line per day We 81x times per Une per pal • • J-J- Month rate per line •••••••• Ma Minimum charge BOO Adt ordered for three or rtx times and stopped before exulra- Uon will be charged lor tho number o! times the ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. Ml classified Advertising copy lubmltted by persons residing outride oJ the city must be accompanied by co^h. Bates may be Lslly computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect to i ol any classified ad. L-IIIIU «,*vk .V ~- - f - . . ,.v.*.v....- 1 -- ing salary and expenses ol ihu shall be fined In any sum not ex Health Officer o'r hifi deputy who | cecding $50.00 and each <lay ol makes ir.e inspections; and it is \ such violation slull conslllulo ti Day & Night Scivlce Slation Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton stcrnberg. further found that llic tees here-1 scparale oflcnse. I3c klO-l'J [ na ft er set forth are just and aquli-1 0. Misunderstandings have nrls _ 1 .. j ..... ...... _,.., .!,„ ,.,i,.i_ rn concerning the milk ordinance; n great many iwoplc are selling milk ami milk products In Hlyllic- clnlms tlml it Is su him! to as-. J[«UI<> Assured-Hoi DJnner ; **/^;'*: .u»» „_...,--.. Bcinblu lliem nil nl onn time Iliat 'CINCINNAT.' (UP)—Pulling an;:. ,. : .^ Hi« Riririfliu Date It. wns bvlliT to irlfbralc Ills blrlh- -met all type radio' in his home , y <~j HIS Dirinuay ^aie,^. oj) u wMm . n llo , j(tayi k . s M! . m ^ „, lrasl 0 , 1C American^ •*•£ I'-OHKSTVlUMsTwis. iUI>».-AI-! Tluxv i-liililren. 13 nuuulchll-1 AliAay.s pilot of Having a hot ^s-^"'' ix-i'l"nMliinonn:', llvlns !<!ii-n .uul llvo B .val BramlchlldmiS !»'| wlw " '" : B ° 1 3 holnc - Ilis *" C Prices Will Not Increase lUl'i-Horsc- iicur heir, ullhoui'.h bom fk'Vl. 27. blrlhduy Sept. were cul his blrllulny rako. when (lie aucd nmn d his 4, Labor IJny. He cave as his H'IISOH for ail-! Lois In Ihe municipal burying Hie dale, Hie large nuin-1 ground of Madrid nr« lx.'lng olliwt UuseliiminuMNi the Instullmcul plun. listens In ami follows his progress (inn Chicago lo Cincinnati, his nil. Bile sl'irts cooking »l>im he«v» For Auio 1'aiiillng lludy and I-'endrr Service Formeriy with Sliousw-IJtllc Co. City lo carry on liic Insjiccllon wort; therefore, BE IT OliDAINRl) vlllc contrary to the rules and work 1 Inc'clore, BE it UUWUNMJ vine contrary to me nu«> mm n-s"i nn^V BY THE CITY COUNCIL Ol- 1 TUB Intlons of tlic various ' Uoimls of 2Cc Klu ~"M C i T Y OF BLYTHEV1LLE, AK-j Health; tlie City is financially 1111- HOUSTON. Texas ,- —.. .----. Eliorlu-.: prlco.* will not lurrease ! her of cleeendanls. uncli'i ihi 1 NKA. In the opinion oil :~;~.v ^""•Tr:™ ..,, i~7.-y • TOI-I Hitman nml >»»>»• | OUR BOAKD1NG UOUSL •raliirs of this city's sole] lilui'l-.hiiillli Miop. , Bile sl'irts cooking »lien he« ln(linnai>olls. Courier News V.'ulit Ads. FOH SALE Advertising ordered loi irrcgu- U; insertions Uke Hie oue lime tftlfi Phone 306 or 307 • i plant w^ ...i^K Cows and Calves. ducts Barn at Canning Factory. 25pK^ cily - o[ I 1 KANSAS' ' ' I able to have lhe Inspections made I i T |i C Hcaltli'omcer or ills mi- without collecliug lhe necessary In- hold bale Uiorlzcd representative shall Inspect ispcctton fees here nbcfovc ect oiii; h0 '^ reV. aairy farm ,.,d rnllM U|o humedliite cn^mn.1 o r Oo The UEEK ^e arc WEISEU. king o Bim- 20cklO-ZO I iry laim unu iui^ , v * ^ --..••milk or milk iro- i rules and icgulalions with reference iption wilh-i the i'° handling milk v- required for the .v l>lt ,...o, or its iwlicc Jiir-1 health of lhe inhabitants of the and shall lest mid grade] City; mi emergency is hctcby de- ,nd milk products of such ?^ «^ hh Drtimncejiwll be bach. By Ahern".. ..„ -, happens i" | othrr iinr.s, tile family .sioed can | bn lliii'il svitli .sbot's at about UU 1 ' pncn llwl . pulil In 18W. I Tlv ivamn, prrluips, 1^ Hint blasckiiinilis ure not thinking "I! OtlllM illu'S. | "Whal's Hit' use 1 !" iiskcd lilnck- i a w i man iiom his si-nt nn u unll he». milk plant I'" f" 11 fol ' cc niltt c(i:cct Ironl nml " If ''"'Tlwdy 1»H In the same Vhin rfnind'iwrform such ort- "Her lls iiassage. pricis there wouldn't, be fiiouitli snail do a ™' H , ," du "' |V m | parcel inici approved this Sep-1 hm.-,-., to B o avoiuid. Oil we'd have llembc •- ••"- Courier News. FOH «ALt>-!033 Do Luxe Ply- er uuues a> u,, ,^,, 1 ,_a u . • --^ - --^ — - - ^ - „,.,.„„„,„.. mouth, almost new. If you ard by said Ordinance No 308. « "^ "^^ SHANK Mayol , c , m .. lry , u lhe Bl , m , vill ln ,, )lvs . iliinking of buying a par, licre is 2. Every dairy, ciairy farm on AU { . s c C i lAICi K \ m however. Hie IjiisliK'Ss « »"t. real bai-gnin. Write Box M, milk plnnt. before pjrmillcd, • • clci . fc • H.->i.28-5 milli- dead Never n day socs by "—" ™-*- MO | to dlsi)0.5e of its milk or milk pro- _/ . [ witho'iL Inli'.stng at IIMI.SI one how, ducts within the city limits of ply- I ]N T[!E CHANCERV COURT FOU ! ' A luMi'l near Maldenbeacl llrl EIII.'!.IIH|. has a null driven in cein.i of Us counter; this marks REAL ESTATE Come in, list >uur real estate. Sec what we have to srll. I-;. M. Terry. Licensed Dc.ilcr, Terry-Worlhlnglon Title Co. lilythcville Phone Cli WANT LAND—We have buyers for 40's, 80's and larger tracts. Can sell G40 Iract. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. ' . 29ckl2 Yru can buy r, home in \Vatcr-VrooC larpauhns 7 . 3 M 75- 8x10 53.»); axl^ 0x15 SiiGO- o'l'or sias and ' _ i.iadc io'order. Carney Awning CO.. H3 S. Fl'.at, S . kJ.rj-18 5Si5T' Typewritins and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. ^w- kenship, lie IS- Rose. [r ACRES 1 Mile Dlythe,ville, good building. 3-4 mile gravel road. aoao.OO, 1-3 cash, balance on erms.E. M. TERHY.Terry-Wordi- ng ton Title Co. - 25ck2 monthly installmcnU ^s than :l is renting lor. I'd be t'lad to tell you how. K. iM. TEHRY, Aeent. rhon2 Oil or 346 lowing fees for the inspections hereinbefore set out. and as set out In said Ordinance No. 368: Each milk plant $25.00 Each dairy or dairy farm, with Iff cows Or less 10.00 Each dairy or dairy larm with more than 10 cows $1-00 per cow. In determining • the numocr of ing ihe iwricd for which such tec is required shall be coiinlc;!. 3. Onc-r.ali of the inspection fees as hereinbefore outlined TRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUK- TY, ARKANSAS, n. L. Bradley, as Receiver for Tirst 8c klO-8 the b::umlary bHwcun Ilncklng- Nntlonol Uank of Blythcvllle. linni'lilre and Derkslilre. Ark., and A. G. LnTle, as Trustee , Pblnlilfs, No. 5570 , C. S. Lemons. Exocnlsr of Ihc cs- | laic oi Addle M. Mnscn. decease!, W. S. Mason, Paul Victor Mason and Dorothy Jean Mason, Defendants. v WARNING ORDER The non-rcsiilent defendant W. S. Mason and the non-resident ml- crs, Paul Victor Mnson and Uoro'.hy Jean Mason arc hereby warned to NSWERS FOR RENT BRICK BUILDING centrally 10- raicrt in bi:-3iuuss district. Apply G. E Thom[.i50i], Luxcra, Ark. 28pk2 be iiaitl for the remainder of lhe . «v,.,, ,.,...,«.. ...„ -.—... — year 1933- thereafter, such iuspec-1 appear In the Chancery Court for tlon foes'shall b: animal, with one-1 the chlckasiuvba Uisliict of Missis- half due January 1st and the re- sippi Ccimty, Ark., within l^rly mainder July 1st. d ">'s ami answer the. coniplaiiil ol [. lhe iilaiulili, 11. L. Bradley as Uc- ^^"thanTs necessary to carry on I of Blythevllle Ark., and A. G. Ut- ^t^aSr^S ^e ty'or i "^^^^^^ of CUESSEi CHAMP CI.AUK va* Hlteaker of llio Iloiibu for eU-.lit years. Tlv poiioi'als wov.o WOLl 1 '! 1 ': l)n^' liils. and MONTCA1.M. French. Tl'.c Ainorlran Kcilcration i'f La- l:cr was fnnnctl ill l.SSt^. 6UY IN HIS UFE, ALA'S SUUFFV—AW IMTO THIS -BUSINESS, WD ON OCCASION INVESTED A SUW\ OF rAONEV CbR£PG.-VRUrv HOSE &L^SSE3 A 3> J ARE "THE "TWO OUTCTA\K'D\N6. S "BLUNDERS OF FAX HjGHLX COLORED 1 TO fA\ LABORATORY AND QLHLLj-I ArA A ^\^N OF SCIENCE. AND LETTERS, EGAtD v 1 WENT OVEVVm" BARREL W\TH !#GOO ONCE. IN A, T3USINESS NMTVA-'A CA\LHT A "FLOP BOOTS"AND~HER BUDDIES ONE BEDROOM for rent unfurnished, reasonable. Call 51G. 28pk5 l-'QUR .,pOOM Apartment with 'hRlh. Call 3!1. after 0 P. M., 55. -•..- 1 , r . • ' " ' 27p k30 Hats Blocked T.o-jk Like New Phone HI Unique Cleaning Service MODERN RESIDENCE. G Or more rooms, permanent., reliable -or \ii'l »xchaii3C cheap rental Bly- llu'ville properly for good residence. Reply !o P. O.. Box 231, Dlythcvillc. 20e klO-20 ~DRiiSSM AKIN G DEWING, alternations, very reasonable. Miss Louise Crane, Phone 85. __^ 2 ll'_ SPORTING GOODS Modern 3 room furnished or un- fninishcd apartments. newly decorated, over Kirby Drug Co. Also store building adjoining Rosy Theatre. F. Simon, 120 W. Duvis. Call 764. 27cklO-27 we arc continuing our Golf Bal Sale Oiler-Come in and inquire about it. 01'AL JS^ OyiTl^ I VOMtW '.'. ^.V. '^fl Martin FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably ."or man, furnace heat. 514 Main. Phone 98. 5ckIO-5 RADIO SERVICING ,.,„,, ^,,, F ,)cd Shop in Blythevllle I1AKOI.U SUIJBUR1' — BATTERIES _ New Ford Batteries ONE or two rooms on Worth Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. \ViH lix to suit tenant on, lease. Apply Courier News, WASH f UB15S FI.AKKS L'l". 2 rRONT KOOMH at 51B W. Main, .iuuasomcly uecoiatca. Kcui lo i.ii'j men snd lurmsh u^'-'Se. ii ifHl ^1C K^l 1-URNiaFlED Bedroom. Call after o'clock. Mrs. Ed Hordui, lOl'i V/cinut me klO-2l lUnlal-Kcchar E ng-ci. T, TIRE & BATTERY STA1ION - For Prrimpl Battery Service B» I'KTS Attractive bedroom, G18 W. Main. Mrs McMuhms, phone ti2l-W. 21CK27 WANTED TO Fur Healthy Dogs feed Miller's Italions & <l«ick Lunch IlliKKAKD IIARKDAVARli CO. llcklO-ll "AUTOMOBILES. TRUCKS Hl'KCIAT. rRlOKS.: 'I'lIIS .WEEK'ONl.Y '31 ClirvrokCrSpiirt.Criui'c .. SiW '3(1 «hr> ? lrr Coupe 520U '31 Ford Tmlor 5245 '31 Ford Coune 52*5 '30'Ford Tudor S51S month •31 Ford I'ancl Trllrl S31.) I Sews. •29 OaManrt Sntaii Sl(ij!--.~ '31 Intcirntioriil Trurh '31 Chevrolet Truck •30 Chevrolet 'J ruck Used Trailer, New 2K7 Tires HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner luucs, Iron, metals, magazines hides, cars to meek. Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main, PSone 176. CORK WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 2DckO-29 AMD ViHO TOLD !OU THRT? ORDERS, MISS weBSTER. T--fM- T WAS TOLD TO PUT A PLOOR IU VOUR CABIN. IM THUMOE'R OOIWG? JEST HOLD HOSSES. KDU6HT THESE. GROCERIES? AMD THESE CHflIRS? ACES 0'6Rif£M THINKS Hl'S RUUNIM6 '^v APFWRS, DOES MB? GET OUT OF 1 HEREt SCRAM! RMD TAW,THIS y By Cran hUD VOU CAN TELL THW CHttftP, ,— BN-FOUR CftRD-SHAUP IF HE STICKS HIS UOSE IM MM CftBlM A6WM, I'LL BftT ' HIS EWS OFF. yr~ f ;- , Mft'M. ^ *. nE6-U.VpAT.O-T. "SALESMAN SAM SA.M AND CHAUI-KY GBT A SHOCK'. \\\ HLOSSEf ALL, KINDS'" Men, - ':Wonieh and children's used clothing and tliocs. HlBbcst cash price. Ulgh- ton's. 320 E. Main. 0*10-9. WANTED AdtU-css "CC' 1 Courier 25pk39. UUI.WKISER AU. IJSKn CARS CAKi:Fl!I,I,V KECONIHT10XKI) IX O V K SIKH'. «f-: GUARANTEE BETTER i;SKU CAK VALUES SHOUSF.-UTTI,E CHEVKOI-ET CO. open At N'islit Blvlhcville. Arkansas 2Gc k 2 AUTOMOTIVE Gate way Garajc Good Mccbaruc - Work Gujranlcc.d rrfccs Right £ or Hie s;ime price, king LSGA1- NOTICES . iirtwecn Memphis and St. Abo Auio DISK ; - Phon? 6f> JACKSON AUTO PAK1S CO. 2c ORDINANCE NO. 301 AN ^ORDINANCE TO PROVIDE FOB THE INSPECTION OP DAIRIES, DAIRY FARMS, MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS AS OUTLINED IN ORDINANCE NO 3B8 OF THE CITY OP BLYTIIE- VILL-E PROVIDING FOR INSPECTION FEES, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Owing to tlic dcplclcd revenues of Ibc City of .Blylhevillc and its inability, finimclatly, to pay for the Inspectionsr and' ; tcsllngs outlined In the rules and regulalions of the S.ialc Board of Health, county Board of Health and Board of Health of tr.c City of Blylhovllle as set forth in Ordinance 368 of fee ordinances of said City, and owing lo the abso'.ute necessity or enforcing said rules BIK! regulations for the tenerlt of the health of the FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ( By SMALLS % CEOTAINUV. IT SO N&PPESS ' J ROQV\ BOTTLE AND Tuii-IW.WE.ONt KSTALUEDUPIN < GERrt ARE IM. \NHS1 POOM 315. H-W NCOiJPLE OF A BREW/ 6EE,MC. CHAPACTERS UP I HUFP, COULD WE D?E -UFO= A SHORT TIME A&Q. ,/ TH£ DICICGRAPH TO "' " TRY AH 0 FiSD OUT |P :AOSE EO MY DOf^. ^^-^_-^—* vou BE.T VOLJ CAN. j.'l-\ KINOA S^JWCICIi O= BOTTLE ^^:0 &EQ NO\N.8£QJiaT, BOYS-— VJE DON'T WANT THEM TOKETC9 Uff COMiN' UP HERE, I'LL PUT YOU ? IK ROOM on. -»' / GEt.THiffi? SWELL, tfR.HUFR r'VETOLP FCECKLE? V\OW THiS THING- VJORKT. HE'L LISTEN IN AND TAKE O^'N V^HAT HE EJHE &OV'S'. 5LEUTH1U6 OH MR. BOTU.F- , ^

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