The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 194G CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per lino tot consecutive iucertioni: Miiiiihiim Charge 60o 1 time per line 15o 2 times per Jiuo per day 12o '£ Uiubs ji'er Hue I>er day _ flc <> times per lino per day 7 C 12 timea-per line per day Be 1 Month per line 90c Count five average words to the line. "i OrdvreU /or threa o; iix limes anil ., . ^J before i-xplralion will he charfc-pj for llje number of limc« the id. appeared mid adjustment of IjHl made. All ClassifioJ Advertising ropy mb- mUt*d Ly IHTSOIIS rvsliliitf outsi.U o(" lh» city must lie acforniKini.-d (,y cash Hate» uiay tie easily cbnipuwd frtnti the' above Uble. Advertising order for Irregular hiser- ttotis take* iln> otto time me. No responsibility will bu taken for more tbaii on i- iu correct iiistTiiua of iirty classified ' RIJ. BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)'. COURIER NEWS ~~" FOE SAL! PAGE SEVEN Km niturp (ur C-i-oyiu hoii«c. Must !*«• I'ltOl'KllTV QWNKKKi J Will r.rint; vmi y»nr- h..iu,-, fariiC V^m^ss pnip.'r- ty. I mu sell anj • f jimnn* 'ti»wn • pttiii- V' [ y iiml rarnl |JIH| M hi'u- r iil«- n' Vnu uir invii.-d to «;•!] auyltiiL.- l,»lh <-r (iru>. itvul IXiat,- |lr»kt>r, pluuu' S|:1 -' ai27-tik->;^7 ForSa/t tfaby'(Chicks 4-^ G^ade, AUS Approved. SeveraJ Ijre^ ds and ag:es al store, North F'oii'rt h §1., Blytheville Kleyator Feeil Sto're."i»h6iie 1 rttcp 10 'nrro fm'ms sv«-]1 fuuiroivil. Lishl*;, ' riiiihinn vi':il*-r, liiilli, -tJu.' I',I'll. i oil til r>f Jllytfn-vJIlo on 1 KruV.'l Oni-, cin nmcrHi» lii«l t \Y*y. y ini.'/rimi IVn itrrett L»'',G mi. •tmilh of IlJyihovll'.' on lll};liwAy «l. Nl<^' iiUiv Ir, ' > (l ,i|,1 I! n.-rr.i of :i]f:iir«, =,11 f.-ncril. I.II!)HT |). pi.. (> room ^esii|cijcc pear high school. Now rent ing for i7 S*)5 a month. Price $r)0'00. Has one side now vacant 1 H: c. CAMP BELT; . |?honc 44(^ or 2I).'JO. license and other^important papers. Quick service. O'STKKN'S'STijniO 1>honc 3?Q8. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf A ""i™ 0 r"°.')" t ° O'»°"LT o«°/".'-u "'i d for. Kiucioiisi ydr.l, li(-autiful ibFjcry. Jjnnu'dinte i>')ssi'ssiun. Suu call MHX J.oKan. VJinno fj02. 3-2G-pk-4-3 irfss. See AC 110 \V. Orn>- 1EM7 Hjul^n. I-'ai r (LIVK ami liodv. Sloior ynrnl. (Mil J»ae. '^i;-pk-l[u mo.lfl .Inliii Dcftf nn.l Kni-mull . .Sena tli. Mo. Hoy .Maiilt'y. For Rent nxjni, car or unloading on both Rail'%>^ 2112. S-27-ck-3-30 2 ' room fnrnishnl Aparlmpnl. Kpaso Ounpl.s onl)-. H19 \V. At-li. ^l) I'-vv-lav rali-. i»f j,-:.rdi-n r .s]i;ii-i«. 1 rooms a, 0 la, g ,, a ,i,| rauijortaljlt. rei- 40 «0 M/iirvl.lj- price! rfrl .Si/e ur call Jinx Loyrvil, itlione 502. 2i3 (k'.J-J n,. 4 yiMr old jark. Ifl hands liifli. •Wi-inlii :ib.,m KIIJIJ iiiiiiiul!,. t'Uiii.lf Cruy. KU.|.|,., Mi,., Id. 1 „„ lla k Ui,l-c. - fir -100 Hrrcs' of cnfld lam! I" .(. t'au furtiish trnrlor or miili^ if ilc.siroil. ,t, C KHii ntiunu i>l-l '-'"ck'J'J Xirely fnrnislitd front fcedroom, Slean lieal. liofwateT, i'lionc &204. lH-p J'hifiUUp groc.-ry M1( i" llu , a | market. K«- ^V? ar ° n(n >' PP^^PK 1 SaraRC !'hinu""i k r :LJ "' r ' xl " ri ' ' !u " a .''L'' 111 ?'!/ 1 '" ' n Yarhro. Will appreciate •J ifirtnj 1 ttoiiNp -TlftOf,. ;rulf fasti. UalantP O.-scjir Al.-.vftnil.-r, 'UvjiL ^Ks/Mt' 3 "aiij J n- 1"7 W. .\lnin St. rhojie s:i(i. H^iib'iit L1^9 (Ililsninhilf. dfiin. K 1 ilrps. ra- di,J and hralt-r. pric.'d helov ' lil.-ittn-ssi's arid set of . springs. 1'rnc- tirally ii,-w. I'l.otlL- 'J:i4ll afu-r 6' pin. - - ' Hevi-ral . doslralde n-sidi'iic-^ Tots '»l,ly prici-.l. J. XI. Jonli. iiliu old »Vy!o!, )fi>oi) cuiiilitloii. for • ploughing 'Vr.ilibrinB. Will sHl <, r trade tor youiit ;iors(>s or mules. S,- (! ilii-m nt Mill. J'rE.le Auiliim. O. S. Rullison Jli-fk-2i1 (Irncrry slorc villi living qll'artpr.-i. If)- t'<'Hi*-r ^vnh -1 rental Honsi's Ap[»rox- final,;!}- '2 arri'5 nf iin.l. Kronts on Mwy. 111. uunlrri oil Colluti Uo!l H. H..' ides! loratioii for iinlnslry. Sl-e Ituclnilniil's Rrort-ry, iN. Hvvy. 61. ' I5-|ik-jJ9 ht-vernl cood PZk'clric Vacillim Clefuiers. y«e at IU45 Ash. ;t-2 l-pk-1-21 Clioicp liaitery fryers. &bo~ut 2 Hjg'TlnnL- i-rs Oil C,.., Manila. Two Moline Z Tractors and your patronage. J. II. 1'res- nell & J. K. Boyles. 3-27-pk-30 House Moving and Koiinilnlioi, ll,-|iair I'all 402. 1-Vmik Crorki-ll. J.sth and Vine .St.- 2-",-|,l;-t;2r. other \,ill curi- for rltililren ill lier honii' vlny or - niifht. Jleferunces. Ui'n- sonahle rates. 119 llast t'll.-rry M/K. Save IMI 'repairs, SperinUj.e in ihp re- pLiir .^if vaouuiii ' <-Iei>ners^ Jiriut; il t'i ] i »4 r>T A I ft. ^Alh y mnrt i-jfrthtrr 'J I hour William It. Overton. ortinj; Ciniiily SnrVfynr. Land Knrveys and dran line (arm ililchcs. lino nn,I ltv,:!a. Served tliis area'fnr 'JU years. ' H3pk-4]16 Tractor repairs and service. Electric and" acetylene welding. Blacksmith work'. Delta Implement Co. Phone lG-k-tf -.- — — _>_ v .i,.^ unu 3 *"'r -1 roorn house or /ip^rhiipnt. Nu equipmcni. One practically rllil ' lr '- n '•."«>• K ' liso "- ''''^J.^'g new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Wiji'ams, Injboden, Ai-k.' ' ' 3-i2-plc-4-3 Baby cliicks, •TniMjIo all' the' lime. IK-avy l»ro<-,Js. Mrs. Buck ileharg. 304 K.-Main, [ihouo yi«. '3-i>k4;il S or ,7 room "unfurnished bouse/ I'honi 385. ' ' 6-I>k-4lf Male fje/p Wanted Got)!) JOBiS FOR FORMER '"'' U.^S. Approved'Baby Chicks. The very best grade seed oats, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. r L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. .W Phone .193 3-12-ck-tf * plant*. Hlaketnore Marie 171U Cliicks&RwEia. 7-pk-41T IJ»by. chicks, dilforcnt varieties. Also pontlry and pniilUf fecJs. Chester l.i'Uii, roultry. 413 K. ilain. 7-lik-l|T Alfulfft Hay ivnrt mnlo tlrawn farm iTiipl;*- nicnls. Telephone 3'J, W. A. Jenkins, Sleek-. Mo. M.k-lll manure. BOc • busbel. B*at for flowers and gurilen. 51^ .^. lllh Kt. Clijekdlaw i RAhbit Farms. l.j,k-4|l Dpn't sorry about hard water in your farm home. Let I'lanlers Hardware 'install and'' guarantee a water softener'. " ' 2-21-ck-lf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Illaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-26-pk-4-26 F-HO Trarlor anil Cnllivator. 2 Lolloin diar. brpjtkinp vlow- 8 nudes finiouihe montli. OilliCTt Lynch, Victoria. Ark. OCCUPATIONAL SPtECIALIStS * ' 6. ^, C. 4. r», 4. !. , TOB M03 . F. Evalnator _ _ _ 869 Dire etc.- Repiinuai; Electrical, Heavy AAA BOO Diretto: Eepairw4]j, r Mechanical; HeaVy AAA 917 Fire Control Repairman, Light AAA •_: ...":•'•'_•'. D18 Control System Hepatntun, '' Heavy AAA ; . '_ i _ 919 Height Find«r Repairman 021 Hadar Mechl.' Or'nd Ixiran 948-^0, Rad&ir ! E«palrmari r Gnu 'I*»ylng~ E'mcnt 952 5, Radur Repairmar.. ' Retorting Equipment Of)3 0, Radar Repairman, Airborne C^u foment 955 &, and" many other 'skills, Here's oppoitnnity for* go64;" steady w gftorl pay.' Ifyoo' Tw«re lionorahly rtia ch&rgftd from 'the Army' o'n r 'or- ai'te Mir IV. 194)5, »Ttid JieW-a gTade in 6h; of -'th« nillitary' : '6ccn'pjitional" ' sjpccialtle (MOS) F you niay now erilist In thR Keg ular Army In your qutlifled spec. alt arid at a grade depending- on tlie lengt of 'your 1 ; preirlrfufl 'M03 serTice," provtdr:(i yon 1 *ct''WTor« Joly 1, 194C. Stop i and find out the special grade yon- vn recelTe under ; lh£i rtcw- War t>eiiarl mrht order. Apply »t the ' U. S.' Ariri R&cruittnj Station, '305 Federal Wanted fo Trade I'- Let'Me Erect Your ' Prefabricated House Free Kslimatcs—No Obligation O. W. FAKRINGTQN «U4 So. Lilly Blytheville, Ar WiH trade 41-42 ^nodel car for 3^'or'30 miijSels. Goo Idenls. Phillips' fyolor Co '' 3-27-ck-t 7i[>rrr pur^p rnnl.-unini; I n er. liillfoM. Rpninl IO2fi Wnli !«4:>. • 27-]>k- Cash Buyers fpr Property! nid yon ever nollce th»t In my nds I not only J!T« il (he DOWN PAYMENT on the property, bat ibo ' Yia know the the exact arnonnt y<w m to 'pay. price before >on c*nnU me. A lise. ! ' ' IJst your property wltb me. My way U Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Your Cgr to PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's What We'll Do:— Check Compression 'I'csl, Cle;iii iiiul Spiice Spark Plugs Clean uiul Adjust IJislrilw'l'or Check Coil and Comienser Check (>onoral»r and Voltage llcgulutor * Clean, Atljust Carburetor anil Cleaii Kuel Pump Service Air Cleaner '""' Tighten IIuHt' Ciinneclions _jVs( and Service Nailery and Battery Connections if See Us fin- Kxpurt Hotly-Fender Repairs • We can give immediate Service on the installation of New Windshields and Windows * .Just Received—a Complete Slock of Seat Covers for All Makes and Models New Day! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesday Nialit, 0:30-10:00 KST on tiic'CBS Network. P H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—DlythcviHe, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements The Courier Nmn hM been •u.horlicd to announce th« following cA-idldntu, fubject ' to Ui» CX-mocrallo primary; tHIKKlFF AND COLLECTOK JACK F1NLEY ROBINSON WILLIAM BEHHYMAN COUNTY JUlKiE OENB B. BRADLEY ROLAND QRKEN FOK TAX ABBKSSO* DOYLE HENDERSON CIRCUIT CI-EKJt IlAHVEY MORIIIS COUNTY COURT CI.EH* ELIZABETH ULYTHE COUNTY TREASURE* DEIJ.A PURTIJE STATK ItKl'KpSENTATIVE ALENE >VORp ' K. C. VLEEMAN LESLIE "DUK1E' 1 8PEOK ' L. II.' AOTRY" STATE SENATOft J. LEE DEARDEN The following ore cRndldntes for ofllre In t!i e Ulyt'hevllle Munlcliml i-iioii to bo held April 2: PRANK WHITWOIITH CITV All'OKNKY I'ERCY A. WRIGHT (For Itc-clcctlon) ' HOWARD N. MOOUK >VAK1> ONK A1.DKKMAN 'JESSE M. 'WHITE AIUKKMAN WAK1) TWO JODIE I,. NAUEUS AI.DK10IAN WAltD THREE nUI'EHT CRAITON Get our special price on a complete paint job today! Day & Night WRECKER Phone 578 SERVICE Wonted To Buy ymi IIMVC n Ilium- fur snU< nml your rii>< is r<M^i'iiKl>!^ st<i> nut jm«l i{i-t pji.Iy t<j iinivi- I buvi- i>iiilo!inTs .x...iy u imy r:i*li. l«e "r tall Max I.««;aii phonp , r ,02. Inte mn.l.'l enr C'nufli i>r se il.-alers. 1IA.-11- 1 l-.ll.Q. Apt. ' ilvcr service in K°nil condition. Write I'. 0. I!ox 380, Wytheville. 3-32-ck-tf Every" cubic mils of son water ontains approximately -1.500.000 ms of magnesium. .Specialize i/» Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 ID. M;iin Phono 973 The ilnys nfe longPt- "| n Oklahoma tlinit they tin- in Neljrn.sktt In Hie wlnlci- months, Refr|geratpr Service OP ALL KINDS—CALL w. 6. BL.ME Phone 2918 or 2642 Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminaton Member NatT Pest Cohlrol 115 B. Third St 'PliVno CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUR BEBVICE" Phone 2241 LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. .Order Yours Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop SOS South First Street I'erTert repairing fur loilny's f\- qai!ii(r fool^vear UKstiri!il wln-n re- Imill in mir modern <tli(»p. UffL'iTY-SRQC-'rSttQ Specializing in REPAIRING WRECKED CARS BODY and FjE^DjEJfl STflAIG-HTENING BODY and FENDER REFINISHING FRAME STRAIGHTENING BENDIX \VHEEL ALIGN.VIENT IJERVICE WHEEL and TIRE BALANCING "Service Is Our Business" Company Texaco Gat and Gil- I ! • •! ^ S I" fit ••' I • \t \t ',. 301 West Walnut Phone 578 The Porluuiicsc, Dutch, nml m-IIISh, In Inhi, liave )'ii'Ur Ceylftrt, whlt.'h wits nn imcieiu' centci 1 of civihy.utlon. PRESCRIPTIOMS Pl-Mhrat Stock Goaraiftfed Best PirloM Kirby Drug Stores Attention Tractor Owners! We hav.e the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespedeza Soybean and Garden Seed. COiyCRETB STORM SKWAilR ALL SI7EH ' Cheaper Than Bridie Lambtr OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Osccotu, Ark. Phone 89i Optometrjst GUARD'S JEWELRY 2Q? W. Main Phone 828 419 West Main Street Just Around the Corner ... It's SPRING Again! and automobiles are another Year Older!! SO... It's lime to conic in Tor thai Spring checkup. Here arc just, n few of (he things (ilat y< » lr war-weary car needs: • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections 9 Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. Us Your Paint and Kody Needs . . Kmiin,.o,i {„ Handle Them See Your Stu<feba.(rer Dealer First. We Buy and Sell Good Used'{Cars CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sec us about your mechanical trouble. Our ¥,x]>crt mechan- rn.oderp i(M>lfi nml .cqUipmont can put your car ia top condition. We also hin'e a paint and body sltop rpimh' service, will fix your "car or buy your car FOR CASH.' '" '"" Blytheville Soybean Corp. Ulythcville, Ark. DON [EDWARDS -Th» TiffmiHur Mam" ROTAL, r^JITiL OORONA. AND REMJNQTOB ^ORTABU T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Slocks of Paris (For Chrysler ProducU 121 R. Main 'rh'oDC BY EDGAR MARTIJK'' BY MERRILI,.BLOSSEF FRECKLES AND IJIS FUIRNDS I OF ALL THS NERVE! |!T COULD \ CUf.Dl.ES ME f S£EMS KUW^JV EVERY- BOOV ACOUMD HERE iSEMJZES MV MPOR- A<S A SOENTIFC TlME-MACHiJOE TEST OKiV, SO VOa CE IMPORTAMT...IF THAT VOL) MAPPV IMPORTANT. OOOL4...THE TIHE-MACHIME TRAVELING H6 PO&S FOE DOC 1& PRGTTY RU66EP ,T TIMES:

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