The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on February 19, 1937 · Page 6
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 6

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1937
Page 6
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, PACE SIX THE DELTA STAR, GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI STOCK Air Reduc 76 Al Chemical 233 V Allied Strs 19 Allis Chalmers 72 Am Can ' 109 Am Car Fdy 66i Am & For Pow 12 Am Pow & Lt 13 Am Radfator St. S 28 Am 'Roll Mills 36 Am Tel & Tel 176 V'z Am Tob 96 Auburn 33 Armour 11 Am Smelters 89 Am Water Wks 25 Anaconda Copper 59 Atl Cst Line 49 Aviation Corpn 8Vi Bait & Ohio 27 Bendix Aviation 28 Beth Steel 88 Boeing Airplane 43 Bgh Add Mach 34 M Baldwm Loco 9 Calumet & Hee 18 Canadian Pac 16 Chrysler 132 Coco Cola Colum G & El 17 Com Solv 18 Com'wlth & Sou 3 Curtiss Wright 7 Curtiss A 20 Deere & Co 125 Douglass Air 68 Du Pont 173 El Auto L 43 El P & L 22 Gen Am Tank 85 Gen Electric 60 Gen Motors 67 Geri Theatre Eqpt 32 Goodrich 40 Gillette 18 Grt Northern 48 Freeport Texas 29 Goodyear Tire 40 111 Central 29 Intl Tel 15 Johns Manville 138 Kennecott 63 Monty Ward 63 Intl Nfckel 68 NY Central 45 Northern Pac 31 Otis Elev 20 Packard Motor 12 Param Pict 26 Penn Ry 44 Proctor & G 63.. Radio 11 Radio Keith 87s Rem Rand 28 Repub Steel 35 Sears Roebuck 90 Seaboard Oil 25 Simmons 53 Socony Vacuum 19 Sou Pac 50 Sperry Corpn 22 Standard Brands 15 J l si i 4 II if MARKETS-FINANCIALS-CLASSIFIED STOCK MARKET Close Prev. Close 76 235 18 74 108 67 12 13 27 3G 179 96 32 11 92 26 57 50 8 26 14 28 86 43 34 9 18 16 132 134 17 18 3 7 20 127 68 174 43 23 86 60 67 31 41 19 47 29 40 28 15 146 62 63 77 44 31 20 ! 12 26 43 63 12 9 28 34 89 42 53 18 49 22 15 COTTON MARKET o Jan. 1176 Mar. 1256 May 1240 Jul. 1235 Oct. 1180 Dec. 1175 NEW YORK H L GRAIN MARKET PC o I May 1176 1174 1171 1173 135' 1260 1255 1257 8 1257 9 1243 1239 1240 1241 Jul. 11 Sept. 1226 1180 Jul- CORN May 1232 1225 1229 1183 1180 1180 1178 1175 1177 1175 SePl- NEW ORLEANS O H L C PC Jan. 1182 1182 1181 1181 1182 Mar. 1248 1248 1245 1246 7 1245 May 1237 1238 1235 1237 8 1235 Jul. 1223 1226 1223 1224 5 1222 Oct. 1178 1179 1177 1177 1178 Dec. 1181 1182 1181 1182 1183 LIVERPOOL OATS Jul. Sept. 41 II L C ' 135 134 135 4 119 117 119 4 116 114 110 2 108':. 107 107 i 104 103 104 98 97 97 i 50 49 49 i 41 41 41 PC UP and DOWN The r i.r II 1351 1 18-71 115 108 104 97 50 41 The Rnngboat Charles H. West which has been working around Vicksburg arrived in Greenville yesterday and spent two or three hours here, getting provisions, and leaving again yesterday afternoon at one o'clock. ft The diesel-powered Porterficld was in Greenville Harbor yesterday for a few hours, taking on provisions. s Charles Jones of Pump Barge No. 5 was taken to Kings Daug. icrs hospital yesterday afternoon at three o'clock with a wrench.-, back. I O H L C PC Jan. 649 649 649 649 649 Mar. 695 696 694 694 695 May 695 697 695 695 695 Jul. 690 691 690 690 690 Oct. 655 656 654 655 655 DOW-JONES AVERAGES New York, Feb. 18 (UP) Dow-Jones averages: Stocks Open High Low 30 Ind 187.65 188.90 186.82 20 Rails 58.31 58.63 58.00 20 Util 35.08 25.26 34.68 Stocks Net Close Change 30 Ind 188.07 Up 0.09 20 Rails 58.23 Up 0.23 20 Util 34.75 Off 0.40 Bonds Net Close Change 40 Bonds 104.08 Up 0.08 10 1st Rails 110.51 Up 0.22 10 2nd Rails 93.89 Unchanged 10 Util 105.35 Up 0.07 10 Ind 106.58 Up 0.05 Transactions fn stocks used in averages today: Industrials .. ? 197,500 Rails 123.500 Utilities 117,900 Std Oil NJ Texas Corpn Tex Gulf Sul Timk-Det United Afrcraft United Corpn United Drug United Fruit U S Rubber U S Smelting U S Steel Vanadium Warner Pictures Wesson Oil Wsn . Union Wilson & Co Loews 74 54 40 73 30 6 14 83 59 90 107 31 15 47V'2 76 11 75 72 54 40 73 30 6 14 83 60 88 104 31 15 47 77 75 The Bulova Watch (5th Avenue, New York) is the watch that will keep you in time with the world We also have a complete line of HAMILTON and ELGIN WATCHES WALLACE ARNOLD TRENDLESS IN DAY'S TBADlHf- Two Million Share Mark Is Passed; Steel, Copper Strons? Bv Max Buckingham (Copyrfeht 1937 by United Press) New York, Feb. 18 (UP) The stock market was concerned tonight over government action on "hot money" and what effect it will have on foreign investment, the speeding up of European armament plans, domestic labor situations and elimination of the "free ride" in stock transactiins. These have had sufficient force to make the market almost trend-less. Trading today crossed the 2,000,000 share mark snd there were signs of strength in such issues as steels, coppers and some oils. But there were weaknesses in communications issues American Telephone dropped 2 1-2 points to a new low for the year and irregularity in other sections. Railroad fssues showed fairly well in early trading but the movement died out and there was no test of the October highs, a move many professional traders have be" awaiting. The "hot money" foreign funds invested here question is one of the major considerations. The government undoubtedly will act soon as such investments now total seven billion dollars. But it was pointed out that foreign traders who have securities here paying around 10 per cent will not care to liquidate them even with a small i tax when the best they can get ! at, home is around 4 per cent. I The foreign situation presents ' further complications through I Great Britain's plans for tremen-j dous armament expenditures. This I has hurt the British high-grade securities market, since it means a rise in income taxes, and also has brought misgivings here. Some feel that the plan emphasizes ex-jpectations of an approaching crisis -to the tangled internati'onal politi- ; cal situation. This naturally leads to market unsettlement. Ihe domestic labor situation caused hesitancy because investors feared labor differences might cut into the high operating steel rates. No bearishness developed but new commitments were scarce. Meanwhile some groups felt that the ban on "free rides" in the marketgenerally accepted as an excellent ruling might have curtailed floor operations. Business continued excellent and prevented bean'shness from developing. CLOSES VARY ON COTTON EXCHANGE New Orleans, Feb. 18 (UP) Prices on the New Orleans Cotton Exchange closed one point lower to three higher after a dull sessi'on today. Most trading was switching from March to later futures, in preparation for first notice day on March contracts. Hedging was offset by trade buying to fix prices. President Roosevelt's message on the normal granary plan had no effect on the market. March was up one point at 12.46 ard May gained three to 12.38. Middling spots lost seven to 12.83. New Orleans, Feb. 18 (UP) Cottonsed xil steady. February 1026b; MarFh 1028-34; May 1030-34: July 1035-40; September 1028-34; October 1008b. Rosedale Flooded By Flood Crews Rosedale, Feb. 18. (Special) One hundred and twenty-five flood-weary sailors descended upon Rosedale Monday and Tuesday in the wake of the crest. Tired and cold and very wet, they sprawled all over the place. Mr. Trapp at the Colom'al Inn could not accomodate them all though he spread old-fashioned pallets and turned down every available bed. The over-flow spent the night at the cafes, to be just warm. They were the crews from the powered life hoals sent out to the flood area from the naval station at Philadelphia. They have followed the crest from Cincinnati down in open boats and were wet from the spray and too tired to care. They spent the night before their arrival here at Friars Point where there was no hotel available and the Legi'on Hut was the only shelter afforded. Go Where ihe CrowJT? Shanty Night Clut North Theobald, Extend THE PLACE TO DANCE Cover Charges en. -I..- Mr-j. . out ytua w. mm cancsrjays and J urdays: ?5c nHis fax all othe,G I John Brown and Gene CoJ The New P,anH t. Jewell Chron and his SoutW Wn,rSvrs, And AreTtlfti, LAND TRANSFERS Two transfers of land were recorded in the chancery clerk's office yesterday. The deeds are as follows: Lula TolhVer to Will Howell, for the sum of $110, a tract of land described as the west 56 feet off of lotl of block 15 of the original town of Hollandale. D. J. Whitakcr to Dorsey Topps. for the sum of $600, the following described tract of land; southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section 31, township 17 north, range 7 west, containing 40 acres more or less. WINTER This Spanish sentry, doing duty with General Francisco Franco's Insurgent army in a park outside Madrid, tours his post on skis. The park setting presented a pretty scene, as snow covered the trees and shrubbery, but death continued imminent to warring soldiers. i I I m Blystone Shines In Rugged Rascal Role Stanley Blystone, the pn'ncipal menace in Hoot Gibson's latest thriller, "The Riding Avenger," attraction at the Paramount Theatre Saturday, is the sceen's real bad man. Blystone plays the part of Mort Ringer, a vicious renegade, so V( 11 that he warrants the hi'sses the audiences give him in this latest and best of the star's great Western series. Stanley Blystone was born and raised m Pace Lake, Wisconsin, is married to a professional, Elma Tell, and before entering motion pictures, was a steel production engineer m Minnesota. In his youth- Indianola, Feb. 18. (Special) The home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lovelace was completely destroyed by fire Wednesday night. The building was owned by Everett M. Lovelace and was partially covered by insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Lovelace were successful in saving the majority of the furnishings and most of their clothing. The origin of the fire has not been determined. Wiseman and Son Get Latest Type Radio Diagnoser A diagnomoscope has been installed here by Wiseman and Son and is being used for the visual testing of radios. !. The diagnomoscope uses a cathode ray tube which charts the location of the trouble. "With the more complicated machines of today it takes something like this to locate trouble accurately. Sound alone is not enough," Mr. Wiseman sa.'d. Something To Chirp About! We Cordial Invite You to Visit Our New Soda Fountain installed yesterday to serve our many patrons in the MOST UP-TO-DATE STYLE E. D. Davis Drug Co, We Deliver Phone 721 The "Street" today talked about: Some new short lines going into U. S. Steel . . . American Seating benefitting by big motion picture theatre building programs . . . Recent weakness in Allis Chalmers DIRECTOR Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Reybold. chief of Army engineers at Memphis Tenn., who is directing thousands of volunteer relief workers in building up levees as a protection against the slowly rising Mississippi, as the Ohio River poured its flood waters into the mighty stream. He predicted a crest of H3.6 feet, which would ton the strained levees. ' For The Finest Jewelry Repairing and Diamond Setting SEE R. T. WOOD with Wallace Arnold An Estimate Does Not Obligate You REPAIR PERMIT A permit was issued by the city yesterday to repair roof of a dwelling on the north side of Washington between Orlando and Walker, at an estimated cost of $492. W. L. Francis, owner; Frank Barnes and Earl Powell, contractors. accounted for partly by investment switching from that stock into United States Steel . . . Possibility Eagle Picher Lead this year will earn around $2.50 a share . . . Expectations that Twentieth-Century Fox will declare a sizeable dividend shortly. ful days he worked in ore mines. He was also an assistant director and connected in the production department of film features in the silent days. He is a sportsman of note, being a recognized authority on lake-fishing, owns a yacht, and is keen for winter athletics, especially tobogganing and skiing. Besides his important role in "The Riding Avenger," he will be remembered for his excellent performances in "Strike Me Pink," "The Three Musketeers," "Annie Oakley," and "Modern Times." SPRING Is Just Around The Corner! When One's Thou ghts Turn To Sherwin Williams Paint and I mperial Wall Paper 'SEE GOYEE CO. BARGE POSITIONS Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 18 (UP) Positions of Federal Barge Lme towboats in nautical miles from New Orleans as reported at Memphis at 6 p. m.: Missouri northbound 972; Minnesota northbound 975; Hoover southbound 913; Illinois at New Orleans; Vicksburg northbound 38; St. Louis northbound 420; Cairo southbound 57; Memphis north bound bJ4; Natchez northbound 262. (p LASHED ADVERTISING POSITION WANTED: Widow with knowledge of bookkeeping, short hand, filing, secretarial work, wishes office position. Mrs. Electa R. Atcher. Phone 230. J12-lw WANTED COLORED nurse. Apply 1304 Washington. Phone 445. References required. Feb. 9, one wk. FOR RENT: Nicely furnished two or three room apartment. For information see Mr. J. R. Ward, 207 Theobald street. fl3-lw -Advertise In The STAR WITH A MESSAGE L- ) about sIJLJ H V The New Happiness Formula r I rpS wkjr Vj LAUNDRY V HAPPY HOMER PRESCRIBES A MODERN Washing Machine Ironer Automatic Water Heater ALL THREE RICH IN and HOME HAPPINESS Hoppy is the homemaker who has modern, speedy and efficient home laundry equipment in her home. Beautiful in appearance these modern servants wash clothes absolutely clean cause less wear and tear enable her to iron with finger-touch control while she is comfortably seated all for only a few cents a day. These time-releasing and labor-saving devices are all rich in Vitamin H the new happiness formula that is as necessary to Home Happiness as the other vitamins are to good health. Modern home servants bring home HAPPINESS FOR LESS than it can be secured, in like degree, in any other way.

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