The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1937
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THE DOMINANT ^NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 1 Blythevllle Courier Ulythevllle Herald Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leudo: 1JLYTJ1KVILLK, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS KfPT J500 Attend First Slewing i t> r< . -i < ' 01 in of Cooking School Piflnre Capitol Roofing Contract Awarded Today 4. <UP)-( Ketcher and company, roofing f contractors of tills city, today wen saw their first moving picture on'.mosl improved methods of prcpar- ttwa "} L>d '!»' contract for re-rpof ii,n «»* f,F *>r***«.:.... ,\.i.. ..ri.,,-.*r.r*,, \ t.:,, ...i...j n ..i._. ......,~ , .. • *''n me statehouse for $18,9/5 over >f Stale'Tieasurer Earl Page. i The 5BO Blythevillc women who! assist her and Ihe newest and ( saw their fust moving picture on'. most Improved 1 ihe ail of cooking this afternoon ] Insj substantial meals economically I','.| ".'„. °. 1 ,"""'' at the Koxy theatre were: charm- are brought "out In the .story ,'ns-prousi.s o. ! '.'d with the movie, "The Bride. Woikin Deputy Testifies to Methods in Secretary ofliei- News. Slate's Office I Wakes Up," which is being shown ..axi'hcre today. Wednesday, and fUrnoons by Ihe Cour- The same show will be repented for those who were unable to attend today. LITTLE ROCK. May 4. (UP)- T1 ' ose winning prizes ioday were: Laxity in buying of janitors sup-! Mrs - °- w - Glmn ' Mrs - Nettie plies and in the issuance of war- i wllllc ' Ml ' s - Hai-lan Davis, Mrs. Floyd Thorpe. Mrs. G. E. Workman. Mrs. c. O. Graves, Mrs. Ida MDlt. Miss Louise Heath, Mrs. S. E. vail, Mrs. will Caudle and Mrs. rants to pay for tha purchases during the aelministrallon of - former Secretary of State Ed P. McDonald Were brought to light today in his trial on charges of fraud in Jolln Clousc. Attractive prizes will also be given Wednesday and Thursday. The story of "The Bride Wakes Up" cEnters about a girl who marries and sets up housekeeping without knowing anything of the art of cooking. Older neighbors the buying of soaps and disinfectants for the capitol. Vance Clayton, deputy secretary of state under ^loDonald for four years, told the court that no record of the amount of janitors' supplies purchased was kept during the former officer's term of office and that negroes employed in cleaning the building reported when supplies were delivered. Janitors, Reported Supplies Clayton said lie generally signed the delivery s!i]>s for all supplies lifter the negroes had reported to him but that he very seldom viewed Ihc purchases before accepting them in the state's name. After a brief dispute with Prosecutor Fred nonham, Ham Hobin- Eon, chief defense attorney, got into the court record by questioning Clayton the fact that the former secretary of state in 1034 turned $7,000 of his office appropriation uack into the general revenue fund when he failed to use it. Charles Parker, former state auditor, was the.second state witness this morning. Parker identified a warrant for $480 as one of many that had passed through his of• ,fice during tlie two years he served as auditor. The warrant, cashed by the Pidejity "Chemical company by .C". ;!•. L'. EleiJart, was dated in August, ig on the theoiy that "teeing Is believing," the- Courier tl ' News investigated for n long " bef<-r: fluid In opposing the letting of \ contract, said the absence of Holt of nm'ncciiiHifi wer» A(ly ' Genornl J "<* "oil, who Is Vacation made for sectirin-- his f n whidi '" WnsMn 8 t0 "- l "«l Slate Auditor is ™ i( rttad,a«ing aise M-,^ C r, lllm "^ CyS ', n wlliwa '"' " tendances everyw-here It i^ being '*£* J^TtX"^ ' Members of the home economics ' ^""'"I'S board including himself, class of the senior high sctoUCaf 5 ' ""'' °' °' """' intended the show Ihls afternoon. Other classes of Ihls kind throughout Mississippi county have been invited lo attend. It is planned | for girls of the cooking class of the negro Harrison high school to also attend. Cooks are invited to attend the cocking school and ample ar-' rangemenls have been made to] sent them in the balcony. . r . 1 rip Resident's KcCU Sense o( Strategy IIV nODN'UY BUTCHER "' — Few men In CiALVKSTON. Ttx.. May 4 lU I'i.-1'H'fidi'nt Hcosevelt, with one "silver kin;-" .tarpon already to his t'lniit ns a llsherman, moved .Ills timv-boal telling (leet 150 ! miles southward along the Texas coast In the Gulf of Mexico today. 'ihe- yacht U. S. S. Potomac, with I Ihe president aboard, sailed from I Port Arnnsas at 6:57 A: M. for! Port Isabel, southermnast jiort 111! j'U'xas. at (lie Mouth of the Hlo I Grande. Tlie shlfl In fishing operations' was reix>rted Earns Pardon for Him to tlie temporary White Hcmse olllces here In a 1 radio bulletin received by Marvin I Melijtyre. pivsldtrllnl < sccrcta'.-v, al 11 A. M. » Rough seas olf I'orl Arnnsas apparently caused the move south-1 waul to calmer, waters. Doors open at 1:45 show starts at 2:30 o'clock. the Victnrv Encourages Them Delay Evacuation of Children BILBAO. Spain. May 4 <UP> — Encouraged by victories against insurgents Dressing on Bilbao. !935. All Vouchers Parker testified that because of insufficient office help he had paid all vouchers and warrants after they had remained in tlie office vaiilt^ for five days unless a hold order was issujrt against them b) the comptroller's office. Ha ad- milted that the sta(e law provided for his office to investigate all purchases but said that his appropriation did not provide for the employment of sufficient personnel** to do so. At. the morning < session McDonald appeared, at'his counsel's table, accompanied by.his wife, who worked in the secretary of slate's office during the six years he held that position. His son, an. attor- . Basque authorities today postponed the removal of 2,300 children until tomorrow to permit 1,COO more refugees to embark on the Spanish liner Habana for southern Prance. The Habana had been scheduled to sail today the children but ill appeared that'loyalist victories made it .possible Uj, hold the liner over a day" to take aboard the additional 1,000 ref- 1 ugees. . The French and British consuls each offered two., additional merchant ships to assist in lak- the 300.COO civilian ing some of men, women, and children from tarn" Waters Force Evacuation of East Prairic- Ne\v Madrid Area CHARLESTON, Mo.—An order for the immediate evacuation of the southern part of the Birds Point-New Madrid flood control snillway, where between 3,000 and 5.0CO persons live, u-as issued Monday by the Mississippi County Flocd committee, v The surprise action^was taken after the committee had been informed by the Cairo weather bu- that the Ohio Hintcgraph Non-Strikers for Labor's "Rogue's Gallery" HOLLYWOOD. Cal., May 4 (UP) —Augmented picket lines surrounded (en major film .studios today as the strike of unrccognij'.ed craft unions entered Its third day. Despite a cold -foggy day', a full crew of pickets was at each studio. Approximately 200 men and women marched around the Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot In CuU ver City. Smaller groups wore stationed nt other studios. Charles E. Lcssing. executive secretary of the Federated Motion Picture Craft Unions, declared Franklin IX Roosevelt's position would have gone merrily off on a two-week fishing trip. It takes a peculiar mental and psychological makeup, and an unusual imporvluusness to worry. This fishing trip is of a piece with the gay. self-confident air | the president has persistently exhibited since March 4, 1933. His critics call it "h;i ! ;ppon',-ibillt-(." Cnll it what yon may. Roosevelt — aside from the fact that he likes vac-aliening, fishing, and sallliip- — IIP.', a sense of strategy which (ells him liis position will be slrenalh- died rather than weakened if he .,. n . allows congress to stew in its iVlltCllCU Best Ol own juices, The fight of his life over the supreme court plan nears its critical dny.s. Congress is more dangerously rebellious than ever before as one of the century's great issues and many other big ones hang In the balance. The whole administration program Is sidetracked. Nearly everyone Is pickets not molesting non- striking workers but were taking their pictures for a "rogues' gallery" of labor. Alabama Man, Will Be Offeree worried about price inflation threats and budget problems. The economy issue is up in n big way. Across the park from the White House the U. S. Chamber of Commerce orators again thunder at the New Deal. So what? So Mr. Roosevelt is dared that production is proceed-1 ing on a normal basis. I "f n All attempts nt negotiating ; n ' p "' . osl The Blythevllle board of educn- llon last night authorised two additions to the leaching stair of Ihc local schools. Mitchell Best. McCrory. Ark., who reau that the Ohio .river was e», settlement of the strike ended tl peeled .to rise ,47 .to 48 feet ai least-tomporarlly-lasl-Fridav wlifn Cairo by next Salurdav. ' Lresimr i«iw>ri *!,„' CPHI'.,, ™n I beleaguered Bilbao. Tlie Spanish rebel blockade was disregarded by the British anc French who went ahead will plans to remove non-combatants from the northern Spanish port despite insurgent objections and refusal to guarantee safe conduct of refugee ships outside territorial waters. Tlie delay in evacuation plans followed loyalist government vic- ney at Malvern, sat the counsel I lories, the Basques forcim; back table and conferred frequently with rebel . Gen. Emilio Mola's " invad- Robinson on questions to~ be asked. Buck Cherry, 78, Dies' at His Horns at Manila ing nationalist troops at several points. MANTLA, Ark.—Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon for Buck Cherry, 18, who died Saturday night. He leaves his wife, two sons, Ames and Rattler Cherry, both of Manila, one daughter, Mrs. Roxie Reed. Manila,] two brothers, Tom Cherry of Ten-] ncssee and Bob Cherry of Man-] ila, and eight grandchildren. Services were held at the Meth- j Manila Man Sentenced for Illegal Shooting Vay Ingram of near Manila was sentenced to_three days in jail for shooting n migratory bird out of by Judge Andrew Miller of Fargo, D., in federal district court at Jonesboro yesterday. Caho by next Saturday! Work of closing the gaps in the river front levee, dynamited when the government put its flood control project into service for the first time Inst January, has not been completed. 'The "largest remaining crevasse will permit water to rim through into the spillway at a Cairo stage of 42 feet. Southern Third Affected Only about one-third of the 131,000-acre basin will be flooded, according lo estimates by Iccnl engineers. Tlie area Involved is lhat portion from a point directly east of East Prairie, south to New Madrid. 'Hie river stage at Cairo last night was 39.1 feet, an overnight rise of 3.5 feet. Residents of the tasin were ordered to get out at once and take with them their tents, household goods and food supplies. Many of those who have moved back into the floodway since the January flood subsided, were rehabilitated by the Red Cross and the Resettlement Administration. All levee , breaks north of O'Brien's Ridge 'have been closed and farms in the north part of Ihe flooelway will'not be affected. Farm owners in the basin joined members of the flood committee and volunteers - in warniiiL every resident in the lower area will receive his degree this from the University of Alabiiuui. will be ollcrcd a contract us assistant coach and instructor In history or social science al the high school. Miss Mildred Moore, daughter of Dr. and Mrs, L. II. Moore of this city, will bo offered a contract as teacher at the Lan^e school, where it will be necessary to establish an additional class next year Lessing Issued the' slrikY call. Since then neither side has made a move toward a settlement, labor leaders confirmed. Casey said nboui 150 persons have been hired lo replace strikers. Casey Enid only 1,000 persons had struck but union leaders said about 1G.COO have walked out. "We've hired about 150 persons to replace those who left their jobs," Cnsey said. "These arc exclusive of painters, who are not being replaced at present." Lenders of the striking picture workers announced that downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood picture thenters would be picketed and placarded tonight in a to studios. Charles F. Lessing, executive secretary of the Federated Motion Picture Crafts, disclosed that huge placards were being prepared which rend. "Studios on Strike— Do Not Attend Theaters." Gulf. He leaves Washington lo Ihose ippuneiits who believe they can r „ ,,•:.", make hay In'his absence; to, I V ± S ': W !i° F" 11 '^ f °° tbi " 1 nt Ar " opponcnts who arc confused., or *'' "S, ,,,;•;'' exaspenileVr" by "''' -"" ••'-"'• can ' ra '»« - |c cdist church by Harrison, pastor. the Rev. John III T€U /-,» . n , 7 . i to move immediately. LlOSllig £>tOCK .I J 1'ICCS< About one-third of the entire and obvious refusal lo be worried or scared; lo Ihose friends who wag their heaels nnd complain that tilings always |;o from bad to worse when he leaves toivn like this; to those other frieiuls who laugh nnd say it just, demon-1 M rales how F.D.R. has the whip 1 hand and can afford to let thc| boys squabble while he relaxes nnd enjoys himself. It may be the worst possible strategy, but Roosevelt seems to Ihiuk it the best. Convinced that he has the sn- pieme court fight won nnd can't lose, the president didn't mind getting away from a number of Russellvlllc. nnd earned--hit -letter-In- track- nt-AUr- tiamn, was recommended for the position of assistant coach by Joe Oildy, who will be head coach at the high school next year. Much of the board's time al Inst night's meeting was devoted to r. tearing nt which n number of nc- for and agalpst a change in the teaching stnff at' the negro school. SEpteniL-ur li was set as the date for school lo open next fall. Fifteen years of serving in the sinister rnpucily of executioner- nl the penal colony In French Guiunn brought M. Ladurolle, above, n pardon. Lndurclle, serving 20 years for killing his mistress, is shown hero on his arrival in France to becin life jll Proposes ,HaK Billion "Dollar FaAn -'Leasing Prom-am boycott d,st=i' ou^of S"- U"J»« r» *•'"*- State Director Guest at Lions Club Meelin« ing him to accept, a compromise. The president still believes he has inost_of the people with him and that, not counting a few not very important exceptions, the lineup between himself and his opponents Is much the snmc ns it was Frnnmmr Av before thr- Inst. Mortlnn M C n,,- L.I-UMIJIII) t\\ WASHINGTON, RC.D. Gerald ,1. Boileait Wlsl today Introduced a establish a new federal the Farmers Securities Mny 4 (UP)— (Prog., bill to agency, | Impatient Edward Makes Speedy Trip Fiom His Aiistrian Relieat -< MONTS, France, May 4 (UP) — The.Duke of Wlndsoi. once King Eehvard VIII., ruler of the world's greatest empire, wns reunited--at Cnndc castle today with Mis. Wallls Simpson, foi whom he gave up Ills throne. The duke, speeding at limes, nt 70 miles nn hour oier the French landscape, redolent with the odors of spring, passed thiough Ihc guarded gates of the castle rtntt Ihe Iron gntcs clanged shul, Isolal- IIIR the lovers from the .outside world. Makes Fast Trip Twelve English detectives and French secret police guarded -the locked gates. The duke cnme here with the speed of an Impatient lover froni : ils i-ctrcnl al SI. Wolfgang, Austria-, ns soon ns Mis. Simpson Joyously Informed him by' telephone yesterday thai hei final ' iecree of divorce had been g'ant- ed in London, leaving hei fiec to marry him. He went by, Irnln to Verncull 1'F.tnng. 31 miles outside Paris, whence his black limousine carried him (o Monte. Urines Floiverr, He I'lcked The duke brought gifls and flowers.: One box. was filled-with-' Alpine non-era' which he picked hlmsslf in Austria,. ..Another held nn embroidered Alpine, costume. In his packet was the platinum wedding ring which he had made In Paris. Tlie reunion took place In the dim lit library of the old chateau Behind its on k doors and stained glnss windows the r lo\cis .were alnne for' a brief few moments before they rejoined llieh hosts, Mr. nnd Mrs. diailcs Bcdtiuv When the duke's car nnived x nt the. chateau, preceded by a motorcycle- escort, it was met on the terrace by Balnux and Iler- tlon, with $500,CCO,000 to aid farm ,, wll L. Hogers, who was Mis Corpora-1 Simpson's hc*t ut Cannes A e s i s Advocates Will R Wielding of Roosevelt before the last election. Meanwhile the compromise seekers .have nowhere to go. Administration house and senate leaders arc not enjoying the Roosevelt vacation. Congress has almost nothing to do and. at such times, the devil provides work for Idle congressional hands which NEW YORK. 'May 4 (UP) — The stock market today went into its fifth session of . advance without imjrartant increase in volume. A T and T ............... 168 3-4 Anaconda Copper ......... 53 1-8 Bethlehem Steel .......... 87 1-8 ChrysVir .................. us 1-2 Coca Cola ................ 159 5-8 General Electric .......... 5-11-8 General Motors .......... 69 3-4 International Harvester ...107 McKesson-Robbins ........ 14 1-4 Montgomery Ward ........ 54 1-2 New York Central ........ 47 Packard ................... 97-1 Phillips Petroleum ........ 58 Radio Corp ............... fl t-2 St Louis-San Francisco ... 3 1-2 It's kinda foolish to worry nnd fret about little troubles that come up in your life because, as time goes on, you'll find you'll forget 'cm entirely, and years later, if .somebody happens to mention the Incident, you'll probably find lhat you've forgotten it nltogether. I remember when Uncle Tat« ami Aunt Flutey got married. Tlie preacher was late showin' up at Iho weddin' and Uncle Tale al- Simmons Bed .............. 45 3-4 Standard of N J Co U S Smelting U S Steel .... Zontlc G8 3-8 62 89 1-8 103 7-8 G 1-2 uie Hoff, of Little Rock, district secretary, and Bernard Guenter °f North Little Rock past presl- population of the floodway lives dent of the North Little Rock Blythevillc Lions were paid a visit today by Joe Pocli, of North ....... V U ., B .^V, IU ,L... ,,„,,.,.-, muuu Little Rock, district director. Cer-! often lakes the form of orackpot schemes that cost a billion dollars n tile area to be evacuated. Trial of William Lang en Mf.i! Charge Postponed Trial of William Lang, former Blytheville merchant, charged with "sing tha mails to defrnud. < continued in federal court Jonesboro this morning im'til" the "J? ™ CC , fall term of court. Mr, Lang en-!?,!™ club. They were guests of honor at the luncheon meeting nt the Hotel Noble, when John C. McHancy, vho was in charge of the program, also presented the Junior high school boys glee club with Miss Mary Hood, director, and Miss Evelyn Smart, accompanist. **l Informal reiwrts were given of ' i tiie i High Court Reverses Judgement Given Cole A decree for £9GO rendered by Chancellor J. p. Giiutney in chancery courl here in favor of w. D. Cole of Conway and-'againsl II. N.| WASHINGTON. May 4. (UP) — A vigorous congressional fight over side-tracking of $800,000.000 In Hood control projects appeared in prospect today. Sentiment was reported strong against President, noose-veil's plans to delay an appropriation for the work at this session of congress. Each project in ths list has its own backers from districts alfccted. | Chairman Will M. Whittington (Dem., Miss.) of the house flood control committee, who received n letter from Mr. Roosevelt on power and Mood control, indicated that chances for action this year on Cole of Conway and-'againsl II. N. lir ij c • T I Ewcarengen mid W. M. Burns of j UOld OCrVlCes Today fered n plea of not guilty when arraigned yesterday. The charge against the former local merchant Is based oil nn allegedly fnls-3 financial statement Edit through the mails by him in connection witli the busines.; he formerly operated here. Mr. Lang is now a resident of Pana. III. He is represented by F. C. Douglas, local attorney. Livestock most worried himself lo death. If the preacher hadn't finally showed up when he did, I believe Uncle Tale's heart would have stopped allogether. Ten years later, lie happened to i run Into this same prc-achcr and I the preacher says "Do you re-] member Jest ten years ago, I gave t you nn awful fright?" and Uncle | Slaughter heifers 7.00-11.50 Tale says "Yes, nnrt I still got- Beef cows 5.50-7.50 EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. May 4 (UP)— Hogs: receipts 10.000 Top 10.40 170-230 Ibs 10.25-10.33 Light weights ,7.50-10.25 Bulk sows 9.40-S.65 entile: receipts 3,000 Steers 9.25-10.85 Slaughter steers 7.00-15.15 Mixed heifers and Yearlings 8.00-10.00 her!" Due to the pull of the moon on our bodies, we weigh less when the moon is overhead. Orleans Cotton Cutters and low cutlers 4.00-5.23 March NEW ORLEANS, May 4 (UP) — Steady buying nnd unfavorable weather reports lifted cotton fu lures five lo nine ixiinls toda> with Ihc exception of May offerings, which broke eight points. open high low close May 1285 1285 1281 1280b J'll.v 1291 1303 1230 Oct 1276 1289 1276 Dec 1284 125)7 1284 Jnn 1280 1201 1280 1289 1200 1289 meeting at Wilson last night,. nded by n number of the j nembers and their "lionnesscs." This was "Charter Night" for the •cccntly organized South Missis- ilppi county club, which has 57 members and which was formed mdc-r the direction of Max B. Reid, district governor. Thosc who went were: Mr. and Mrs. David Wood, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Joyner, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wunderlich. Or aild Mrs. Fred Child. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Rus- Fair. Mr. and Mrs. John C. McHancy. Mr. nnd Mrs. Murray Smarl, Miss Grace Phclps Jeff Roland. Roland Green H. H. Brooks. this city wns reversed and dismissed as to Swearengcn and reversed and modified ns to Burns by the Arkansas supreme court, yesterday. Cole brought suit here to oi>- for Rivers Wilhelm Fiincral services will be held this afternoon at 5:30 o'clock at the tain a judgment against Swearen-1 Jake Huffman residence. D01 Chick- sen and Burns for lt:c alleged raz- j h)s of the remaining part of a building at Main and First streets, which had been heavily damaged by fire, and Ihe conversion of tho materials in th? building. Swear- and and Chicago Wheat iWay!31 Jill 119 open low close avenue, for Rivers Wilhelm who died yesterday morniiij at a New Orleans hospital. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church otnciate at the .scrvlros nnd enjen contended that he was not interment will be made at Maple liable «uid Burns admitted only; Grove cemetery, c. A. that the materials represented salvage amounting in value to about S125. Shane and Fcnclle-r were counsel Harry Frilzlus, Marion Williams Herschel Smart, Fred Cnrlock Tom Uttlc will be pillb?arc... , The Cobb Funeral Home is in tenants, sharecroppers,, and agrl- i s't'oo'e'riiv'" cultural workers. J ' 'Hie measure provides for a flvc- nnn board of directors of the iroposcd corporation to be select-1 ;d bv the president nnd p.pproveel jy the senate-. At leasl two of the board at the time of ap- rccinlmcnl would be required to be rither farm tenant. 1 ; or sharecroppers. County committees would IK set ii|). each with five members, n | liveried footman and tuo but'lers majority of whom would be farm tenants or sharecroppers. , Tlie bill would empower the county committees, named at annual meetings of working'farmers In individual localities, to .determine Ihc eligibility of an individual 03- cooperative for n loan. Tlie proposed corixwation would be authorized to lease farms of suitable size and productivity tr those persons or cooperatives certified by the county committees for a period of five years with authority to extend the leasing period for an additional five years. Homestead Exemption ,, Blanks Now Available ry Wilson Company for Whisky Violation, Trial of Lee Wilson company on charges of selling wiiisky without a state permit nnd possessing whiksy without confoiming -with the state liquoi act was underway In municipal .court here afternoon. The Lee Wilson company is •charged 'with making sales, of whLsky'at Its Armorcl general merchandise store. An application, which was denied, had been "filed with the state revenue. department at the time and refused, the slate claims. Hugh Wharton, attorney for* the revenue department, anel G.- C. Carter, head of the beverage 'division of the revenue department, were In attendance at the trial, Mr. Wharlon assisting II. G. Partlow, deputy prosecutor, in trial of the case and Mr. Carter appearing as a state witness. nianks for the use of taxpayers in claiming tnx exemptions under the new' homestead exemption law- are now available at his. offices wns announced today by Billy Gaines, county assessor. . ' Under the law the first Sl.OOO of assessed valuation of property^ occupied by '*•- - - -- • -' homestead is tr*; owner as 'a exempt from the 8.7-mill slate general property tax. Tlie exemption must be claimed on blanks provided for the purpose and this should be done at once. Mr. Gaines said. The exemption will apply to taxes payable next year. St. Louis Specialist .-• On Physicians' Program • reffl v£ - ,:'• • — — Dr. Ellis Fischel of St. Louis \vns to driver an address on the "Treat - ineijt H j, Cancer" as one -of the principal; fea'lu res of this afternoon's session of the spring meeting .of Yj.ha^Firsl Councilor District Medical- Society of Arkansas at the ' '' , c ; , . uttic will be piiib?arcrs Little Rock Banker h'e're. Thls : morning approximately 80 physicians heard lalks by specnl- istsMrom Memphis and Little Rock, thrji^clcom'e address by Dr: Thomas F. Hudson of Luxora and the response by Dr. Ira Ellis of Monette. .. ' Dr. Georje B. Fletcher of Hot Springs and Dr. Chester D. Allan I of Memphis were also to address this afternoon's session. 'or Cole while F. c. Douglas rep-1 charge of funeral arraiigcm I'csented Swcarcirt-i-n and Claude Cooper represented Uurns. Negro Woman Paroled York Cotton i Mary NEW YORK. May 4 (UP) Cotton closed steady. 131 ,7-8 l.'B 1-2 128 ,1-2 119 3-4 117 7-8 117 7-8 May July Oct open hich 1287 1301 1204 Chicago Corn 1282 . ' Jgn 1289b open high low close March 1291 May 130 5-8 132 1-2 ISO 1-i'J 131 | 12Mb Jul in 5-3 118 3-4 117 5-8 118 1 1303 |281 1260 1283 1313 1290 1287 12D1 1285 1291 low 1281 1301 1278 1270 1280 1284 close 1300 1305 1283 1280 1283 1285 Lou Logan, Mississippi county ncgress. serving a 10-year term for murder, has been granted an Indefinite parole from the stale women's prison by the Arkansas penal board. • The parole was one of 2.1 granted by the board In sassion'at Llttls Rocl; yesterday. Insects have blood of various Heads Arkansas Group LITTLE ROCK. May 4. (UP)— Alfred D. Knhn of the Union National Bank here, today was elected vice president of the Arkansas division of His American Hanking Association, -succeeding K. P. Pyeatt of F-aycttcville. Other officers elected 'as vice presidents of the various divisions Poles are -Europe's lightest smokers. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Qioudy tonlalil; Wednesday parlly cloudy, slightly warmer In west and central portions. Memphis and Vicinity—Occasional light showers tonight and Wednesday; little change in tcm- B. L. Ross of Helena, national Denture banking division; J. o. Polk. Lit-1 ' • tie Rock, savings division; E. J. The maximum temperature lierc While, West Memphis, state bank I Spots closed steady al 1355, up hues. It may be red, given, violet.|division; and M. a. Wade of El •* fiv e. or colorless. Doraelo, 'the trust division. 5'esterday was .72, minimum '55, clear, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer.

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