The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX _BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS R . 12, 1940 B1IIIR HOMES Monthly Payments Under FHA total $16 On This House "wvv'%r'g'' a >fp ' . '''"'>, ' - '\ No Room Requires More Careful Planning In Home Of Today The old-fashioned kitchen, with an antique lie-box, clumsy stove, inadequate 'storage space, makeshift appliances, colorless accessories, and dance-hall floor is a<£ outmoded as yesterday's newspaper. No other room requires so careful a study of "the needs of the family as the kitchen. The Federal Housing Administration has often outlined the fundamental requirements which make up a well- planned, efficient, modern kitchen. Spa«e Required ' According to the FHA, the kitchen must be of sufficient size to contain equipment for food storage. dish and pan storage, dish-washing, broom storage, cooking, food preparation, and sometimes laundry work. While there must be space for all of these the nature and arount of equipment is variable, depending; not only on the income but also-on" the "needs and habits of the family.. .A kitchen embodies three areas of- activity: receiving and storing food; 'cleaning and dishwashing; and cooking and serving. When kitchen planners refer fco the U type, the L type, or the broken- unit type they are merely indicating the general relationship of the three basic work centers. The first ^or storage center includes a refrigerator, storage space for supplies not requiring cold storage, and a nearby counter on which food may be prepared as it is taken from storage? The ^second area, for cleaning and dishwashing, locates the sink between convenient counters with cabinets above holding necessary supplies. The~cooking and serving center contains the range and a counter or situated close to the door. New Cabinets Many of the elements which produce safe, sanitary, comfortable, and convenient living accommodations are combined iu this small house. A maximum amount of usable apace has been obtained for a minimum amount of money and the result is a compact unit which should meet the requirements of u family of average size and means. Valued at $3,000, the property was financed with a 25-year mortgage of $2,700 insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Monthly payments amount to about ?16, exclusive of local taxes and hazard insurance. FUJI BENEFITS BUYER ARE Summarizes Benefits FHA Plan Afford Buyer' Or Home Builder l^esibinetmakers, ' thought to have the • ultimate in kitchen tee, are still finding new' to make " work easier. "The of the design of kit-^-^-»^": c&b^ts is apparent in' thr ^arrwigement of the well-equipped "'' J ~—and storage spaces in both wall cabinets. Planned articles that go into them, -~.-^ wal1 an d -base cabinets are ^standard units that fit the space ^requirements of any kitchen. ^£;!FHA-officials say that the kitchen ^•^WK/should be ample in size and Ajjroyided with, at least one drain- 4-boird.-Detachable drainboards may ,4lfi^used. In many cases the com- biriation sink and laundry tray with reversible drainboard cover may be " advisable.- The FHA recommends that'the faucets be of good construction since cheap fittings are usually a'poor investment. Your Home jfONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Home owners who modernize their dwellings often are surprised that they endured little inconveniences for so long. Now it is more surprising than ever, since remodeling work may be financed under the Modernization • Credit Plan of the Federal Housing -Administration. The iiome owner who has grown: weary of an- ience can give freedom to his wishes, for the opportunities under the FHA plan are broad "Built-in" is rapidly becoming a more important word in the vo-- cabulary of'the home owner. To say that built-in furniture, shelves, cabinets, and other items of convenience constitute a' trend .would be an understatement. Because these items are usually located precisely where they are most needed, and because, being built in, they are always in the same place, most progressive builders believe that built-in items will become more and more permanent features of modern home building. Two examples of built-in conven- The kind of a kitchen range in-1 knees are 'illustrated here. The stalled is another variable factor, according to the FHA officials, Gas and' electric" ranges, being the most convenient types, are the most desirable. There may be cases, however, where the' coal or wood range is justified in communities where coal or wood is readily available and inexpensive. These fuels involve- extra labor of hauling and ash removal. If coal or wood is used, there must be provision "for adeouate and convenient storage. Refrigerator Justifies Cost A' mechanical refrigerator is usually the most costly piece of kitchen equipment, and yet from the point of view of food preservation there is little question that the modern refrigerator is highly desirable. Careful kitchen planning produces in the modern small home an efficient, compact arrangement Kitchen planning places the large fold-a way ironing board fits snugly in the little cabinet, thus the chore of home pressing is vastly light-, ened. The built-in breakfast nook shows only one of many possible styles. . . , No longer are these features and others like them regarded as lux- uries'confined to new homes. Older homes may have them. too. Questions and Aj ^ Answers Stucco Requires Prompt Repairs This is of interest only to those home owners whose dwellings are oi stucco. Q. How are FHA insured-mortgage loans repaid? A. In monthly installments. The size of the payment and the length of repayment time depend to some .^.,,;~~,~.,, , .— '"'b^ •*• ""pujiiictii. nine ueyem equipment (range, refrigerator, cab-1 extent on how much the 00 ™ mets. counters, sink) in a sequence, can afford to pay regularly out - similar to a factory assembly line, income. «*uiari> out - , Each of the processes required in { - s^oothl^ ° f thC meal - m ° Ves1 ' Q ' When must an aPP^ation be the - kitchen • to the next, without' loan? ' waste of .time or motion. A. The « TV* complete enjoyment and effi- | mitted a.^ 1J4ttlw - AW ciency, in kitchen work, FHA offi- { construction is started cials .emphasize the importance of i * v __ ' ample' lightrand good ventilation to - Q. Should there be anv remove hot air and cooking odors j difference in plan between , " '- — built in a northern or southern . . „. climate? Pfeame Of Open . 4 ** ^ ^~ e ; Fire Marred By Smoke ^^ ^eTr^S To' avoid the annoyance of a *--— r '. Living rooms should *> smoky, • smoldering blaze lay the logs in the fireplace in such a way that air, can.circulate between them Put the largest log in the back and roll it forward when it is burn^ ing brightly, replacing it with an' . other.-Pile smaller logs in front, with small - sticks sandwiched between. If logs" are perfectly smooth '-. and straight,'hold them apart with pieces of .wood. Ignite the , . &y placing a wad of excelsior . ; or. a ^lightly wadded piece of news", paper where the flames' will pass up-through s the piled wood. Always •ytry toriue^ dry' well-seasoned wood. V- ^aeal^pourier News want located to receive as much „ IV as possible, and protection should be provided against cold Winter winds by means of buildings trees or storm .sash. In the South cross- ventilation is more important for comfort than economy in heating A compact plan is less essential Designed to place home ownership within easy reach of the average wage earner, to stabilize'Inter- est rates, to improve the quality of housing, and to provide a steady flow "of private capital for home financing, the Federal Housing Ad- mlnistration's home-financing system provides a number of protective features to home buyers, v Benefits to the borrower may be summed up in this fashion: 1. The initial payment on the house is low. This is a minimum of 20 per cent, except in the case of newly constructed owner-occupied homes valued at $6,000 or less. where the down payment may be as low as ten per cent. . 2. Uniformly low interest rates are maintained. FHA regulations establish this rate at a maximum of four and one-half per cent, plus the mortgage-insurance premium of one-half of one* per cent. Repayment Period > 3. The term of repayment may bd up to 25 years. 4. All charges are included in a single regular monthly payment.' 5. FHA insists on sound construction standards and neighborhood requirements which assure as far as possible that the. homes offered as security for insured mortgages are durably built, in communities of established value, and under general conditions that promise stability and usefulness of home and neighborhood over a long period of years. •'••"" :... .-•"•Hazards Reduced 6. The single long-term mortgage wraps up in one package the whole home-mortgage debt, paid off on a monthly basis and therefore not subject to the same hazards as the old short-term mortgage usually renewable at exorbitant* costs. ; 7. Assurance is provided — largely a result of the FHA's careful scrutiny of the borrower's financial status —that the mortgage debt is safely within- the- mortgagor's capacity to - About 250 Workmen Employed On Construction Work After Fire Loss Work of rebuilding the four units of the Federal Compress and Warehouse Company, damaged in a $1,000,000 fire Oct. 22, is now under, way with 250 workmen employed on the project. While no estimate of the job has been made nounced at public; it was an- the time of the 4 fire that the units destroyed .were valued at more than $150,000, There were 15,000 bales of cotton burned along with the buildings, ' No definite time can be announced for completion of the building, depending;- upon weather conditions, but it will take at least three more months to construct the 234,000 square feet of buildings, it was announced today by Sheldon Hall, manager. Tiie four 'units destroyed, in the most serious fire of its kind hi history, according to Fire Marshal Guy B. Williams, are being rebuilt into five compartments of slightly different construction and a different type roof. The. buildings will be similar in type to all compress structures with brick, wood and glass used. A sprinkler system will be Installed, along with the usual fire walls. Skilled/semi-skilled and unskilled labor is being used on the project with clearing of the debris started while the debris was still- smoldering. Origin of the fire, which broke out in a Southeast corner of the large : Plant No. 1 of the Federal Corn press and Warehouse shortly before midnight, is yet a mystery. A statement was issued last week by Fire Marshal Williams that, in his opinion, the names started from a "hot bale" but others hold the opinion that "the fire was of incendiary origin. Officers plan to continue their investigation, Mr. William's has announced. Home-Made Iron Lung Built 31 In|28 Hours Saves BoyVEIfr Suggest That Leaves Be Kept, Not Burned People of Blytheville are urged not to burn their leaves but to save .hem for fertilizer. ; Leaves, if piled in a heap and covered so as not to spread, make the best fertilizer possible for the lawn and can. be removed the following Spring to any special place tor use, it was pointed out today by members of the Garden Club which formerly functioned here. This Ls Nature's-way of providing enrichment for the soil and why people persist in burning some-' 1 thing .so valuable Ls a mystery to those who. are attempting to beau-, tify Blytheville. , ,' ! When piling leaves for fertilizer, it is wise to place layers of dirt between them and to have the heap in a. coiner where it will not be unsightly. Low spots in the yard can be filled with leaves and then covered with dirt, taken from a high spot, for general enrichment of the lawn. ' FHA-insured mortgage pay. 8. The does not involve hidden charges and tricky' costs sometimes characteristic of the old-style mortgage selected materials, or too much rapidity in drying or other reasons may have resulted in a wall less resistent to the elements than the owner may wish. Where this occurs, or where the stucco draws away from -window frames or cracks develop because of shrinkage, it is important that repairs be iriade _ promptly. Stucco-wall re- oairs may,be made with funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under .the Modernization Credit Plan o[ the Federal Housing Administration. A stucco surface' mav have anv nf Q variety of finishes, all of which in time become dirty.. With water and a scrubbing brush, the owner > can improve apoearances consid- j erably. If plain water : isn't enoush. soap should be added. After such a bath, the surface should be thoroughly washed down with a hose. Remodel, Rent Small House On Rear Of Lot The building at the rear of the I. R. Johnson house, 1042 West Main street, is being converted into a house which they plan to rent. The efficiency type house is along the lines of those -now so popular for persons wanting compact living quarters in a separate building. A large room, with entrance on Eleventh street, is being converted into a combined living and bedroom, there is a kitchen and dining alcove and a combined dressing room and bath. FHA Benefits Are Reported : To Be Widely Distributed Efforts of the Federal Housing Administration to secure the widest possible distribution of the benefits / of its insured-inortgage program have proved fruitful,, according "to a statistcial analysis made public by. Administrator Stewart McDonald. The analysis revealed that more than 21 per cent of all single-family mortgages on new homes accepted .for^Lagurance'during' 1939 .were located' ;in places with populations of less man 2,500, .while 61 .per.cent of all".new-home .mortgage, accept-. ances-were in" places of less than 100,000 population.. Of the latter, 25^percent were altogether outside metropolitan areas; while the remaining 36 per cent were within such „ areas. .. . , ...''•• Fund Shortage Met ,';One of the major objectives of the National Housing Act was to extend the advantages of its Insured ^Mortgage System into every corner of the country." Mr. Mc- Donald said. "Prior to its passage thousands of small isolated communities, removed from the money centers of the nation, suffered from This "tailor-marie" iron lung:, built in 28 hours, is ereililed saving the life of a 10-year-old infantile paralysis victim. By NEA Service j GRAND . RAPIDS, Mich.—Ten- year-old Cabell Pratt lay ill in Grand Rapids of infantile paraly-. sis ... hope for his life fadect as a statewide search for an available respirator proved fruitless. Bu£ the boy's father, Percy P. Pratt, didn't -despair. He got specifications from two standard ."iron lungs" in a Grand Rapids hospi~~ tal, had an engineer draw plans for a similar v emergency unit. He took the plans to the Post Products Co., where he is division engineer. Thirty men at the sheet metal .fabrication plant began work on a Tuesday morning . . . cutting parts, welding them, installing valves, gauges "and electric motors. Shortly after noon Wednesday the iron lung was .complete . . . three full days before the disease reached its crucial stage •its cost was S400, as against $1350 jfpr an. r acute lack of* mortgage funds the commercial unit. for home - construction purposes. Consequently, the potential builder was dependent wholly on, the local supply of funds, which, when available, were generally at higher interest rates than those permitted by the Federal Housing Administration." . Extension Stressed Recognizing the inadequacy 'of the mortgage-money supply in detached communities, the FHA has continually emphasized the necessity of making available the benefits of its program to small cities' and towns. "Average American small cities,'.' with popuations between 10,000 .and 25,000. accounted for almost 12 per cent, of the new single-family mortgages . accepted for insurance by .the FHA during last year." The sun wetehs about 700 times T . the total weight: of.the earth and _J*> ncn a mixture, improperly *\\ the oilier planets combined. Some D located to take advantage of the prevailing Summer winds. Protection from the sun may be obtained through the use of trees, window blinds, awnings, or other means. _ A few drops of kerosene added to. water makes an excellent wash ior windows, mirrors, and picture glass. F ay- You or Your Family Will Thank the One Who Persuaded You to Build Nothing ties the family together like a home. As the years KO by it becomes something immeasurably essential. 1\ becomes the symbol of security, the haven of comfort and contentment. Yes. some day, you will thank us for persuading y ou to take your family out of a rental house and put them in their own home. You'll thank us for showing you how you can make this possible through an FHA loan, repayable in easv monthly -installments, just like rent. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 CLEAN SHAVE In The Modern Way No wonder Grandpa let his whiskers grow! He had to draw water from a pump or open well, heat it in a tea kettle and scrape 'em off with the old straight razor. Now, thanks to modern water facilities, shaving is simple and .quick, just as other phases of our daily life have been made more pleasant through this low-cost utility. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. And the "tailor-made" iron lung, constructed in 28 hour:,. ~ piobafcly .saved a boy's life. Cabell Pratt Standard Lot Width Is Usually 50 Feet The standard lot width for small detached houses in subdivisions having public sewer facilities is now. almost universally 50 feet T the FHA's Land Planning- Division reports. College Music Programs To Build Americanism STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP) — The Department of Music at Pennsylvania State College has inaugurated a "loyalty through music" program in the interest of patriotism and national defense. Music stressing "Americanism" is being emphasized at mass meetings and musical gatherings. Richard W. Grant, head of the department, announced. Grant said the program is being- undertaken because "the attention of students today Ls focused more than ever on the privileges and advantages of being an American." "Music can play a significant part in uniting the thoughts and emotions of patriotism," he said. from the Hazards of Fire, Sun, Rain and Wind Re-Roof with Certainteed Universal Shingles Locked oh so they can't come off. Manufactured especially for re-roofing over old wood shingles, giving added insulation and re protection. Millerized for Long Life. Low in cost and easy to finance under the FHA plan. Phone 100 for THE MAN FROM THE LUMBER YARD to make an estimate. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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