Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 25, 1891
Page 6
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1* u.--r l ^**~** 4 ' 1 T* r ^'' i ''j"~ : »'WI'<ri>«'Mf i-c^nv'—^^^v j" *w *vf«yfrv -"-jV {«•* ^ f "PIERCE IQSES. - The North Dakota Senator Fails of a Re-Election, Co.igrsssrnan Hahsbrough Chosen by ?Jhe Legislature — The Senatorial Deadlock in Illinois Unbrok'en. n THE TJKSUI.T IN' NOTITH DAKOTA. BISAIAKCK, N. I)., 3am. 34.— Congressman .11. C. Hansbrongrh was elected United States Senator to s«c- lif''/ H cecd Gilbert A. ?$$' _ J Pierce on the s e v e n t e e nth ball o t Friday afternoon. II an sbrcmgh. reached 82 votes on the fourteenth b a Hot ;md 42 on the sixteenth. Most •H. c. UAXSBKOUGK. o f the Demo crats went to him on the seventeenth, and his vote reached 67. Hansbronph made a short and appropriate address ""\vheB elected, thanking the Legislature and pledging- himself to f aitkfuUy serve his entire constituency. His term begins next March. This closes the most aiotable contest in the history of. the Dakotas. Pierce's defeat comes at the .<eritl of one year's service in the Senate, -where His record was good. PIKKBE, S. B., Jan, 24.—The Legislature in joint session balloted for United States Senator with the "folio wing-result: Moody (Rep.), 70; Tripp (Dem.), •25; Harden (Ind.), 23: Grose (Ind,),_13; Kyle (Ind.), 15, the remainder being scattered ajnong- several candidates. -Necessary to a choice, 65. SVBINGFJF.I.D, ILL, Jan. 24.—In the joint Legislative Assembly ten ballots -were taken for Senator, the result showing no change, the vote on each Toeing-:- Palmer, 101; Oplesby, 100; Streefer. 3. At the conclusion of the -twenty-second ballot the joint session ^adjourned. LODGE BILL AND THE FAIR. •Opinion* of Congressmen on the Stand Taken by Southern States. WASHINGTON, Jan. 24,—Congressmen are commenting freely upon the action '-of several Southern Legislatures in de' -dining to take stepsAio participate in the world's fair pending consideration of the elections bill. Senator Cullom (111.) said he did not f l>elieve such proceedings would have i -any effect upon Senators, favorably dis- | posed toward the bill. He does not •• -think the Southern States are sincere i itr their action, btit are bluffing to ins fluence Congressmen who are working i 'in the interest of the fair, k Senator Berry (Ark.) said he had not f- attempted to influence the Arkansas '—-^legislature in the matter, but folly in- f dorsfeilits proceedings. Arkansas prop posed to make liberal appropriations r :for an exhibit, but if the elections bill "becomes a law. business in that State "will be impaired and the flow of immigration and capital stopped. Eepresentative Butt«rwort1i' (O.) said the question was a grave' one, and if %en or a dozen States should decline to ^participate in the fair its success might be jeopardized. He hoped that the exposition, would be kept put of politics. Eepresentative Candle'r (Mass,) chairman of the world's fair committee, said he did not think tlie^sentiment of the people was fairly represented in the proposed action. ..•'-.. ST. Louis, Jan., 84.—The resolution tabled in the House at Jefferson City '€5rorsday in reference .to' the. world's ifair appropriation bill was. called up ^again Friday and was' passed. It declares it the sense of > the House, that no •appropriation should.: be: made for -world's fair purposes .while .the ,elec- "tions .bill is pending in Congress; and Surth'er, that not a penny should "be expended by Missouri should the force bill 'become a'law. • -\Yunt a Service'Pension.' WASHINGTON, Jan. 24.—A delegation <of Grand Army people was before the House invalid pension committee Fri-day. It consisted of General Veazey,' -Commander-in-Chief of the G-. A. B,.; •CWonel Blue, of Kansas, the chairman •of the pension committee of the G. A. S.; and Colonel Emory, of Washington. 'The purpose of the delegation in appearing before the committee was to - *na!ke arguments in behalf of a bill providing for a service pension for the ben. efit of that large class of -soldiers, aggregating possibly 250,000, whose cases are not reached by the act of JuneJast. Killed Two Men. BKTHI.KTIEM, Pa,, Jan. 34.—Friday morning the fast express on the North Pennsylvania road ran down a party of three'Hungarians on'..the trestle bridge across Sancon creek, three miles from "here, killing Anthony Gesmitch and .Joseph Csantes. Joseph Smodji escaped without injury. The men were in search of work.'' Starving and HoraclesH. COLOGNE, Jan. 24.—The <~.;ty fathers, becoming afraid of the attitude of the imemployed work-people, took a census •mf the starving and homeless, counting 3.5,145, and engaged'them all on public -works at the rate of 150 pfennings a day ^.mtil spring. • A Paper Mill Burned.' AWI-ETON, Wis., Jan. 24.—The Kau- 'fcauna'paper mill, owned by Van.Nort- -wiek Bros., has been totally destroyed Tjy fire. Loss, S175,000; insurance, 575,<000. ' Two AYero. Drowned. _ON, Ky., Jan. 24.—A skiff con- «»^.^ag four persons upset -at Carney's •lorl Friday eyening. John Metcalf a: "" Mrs. Mary Waters were drowned. Dry-Goods Failure In Toronto. Tpn/»—••:-. Ont... Jan. 84.—E. A. Hunt s, of this city, have .bilities are 320,000 and JO. PRINCE BAUDOUIN'S DEATH. He Is Sniil to Have Dreaded the Pro* posctl Marriage to His Cousin. LONDON, Jan. 24. — Advices from Brussels say the press of that city dare not publish the current rumors concerning Prince Baudouin's death. It is said that he looked forward with . dread to hit; proposed marriage to his cousin. Princess Clementine, and that .no affection beyond their near relationship existed between them. The weis'lit of public opinion still is that his death was not entirely natural; King Leopold, whp is now in his ;i7th year, is prostrated with grief. He blames himself for insisting on Prince Baudouin marrying the Princess Clementine. Every. One believes that to be the real cause of the young mini's misfortune. The King wanted to see his'own daughter Queen of the Belgians, as some compensation for the death of his son, the Duke of Brabant, lie is himself a man of very free ideas on the moral question, and no Belgian believes he would have taken any tremble to reprove his nephew for an ordinary amour. But a refusal ' to marry the Princess Clementina, and the possibility of a marriage with a governess, coupled with a renunciation of the right to the throne, was too much for Leopold and tie acted with such stem promptitude in sending the governess away that it threw the Prince into a violent fit of despondency. That is said to be the true explanation of the tragedy which every one believes to have taken place. BRUSSELS, Jan. 24.—Solemn services will be celebrated in the Brussels' Cathedral, on Thursday morning next, for the repose of the soul of the Prince Baudouin. The body will be interred in the royal vault at Lacken. The body of Prince Baudouin is lying in state. The minister and members of Parliament irrespective of party joined in expressing their grief and. sympathy with the royal family. The House adjourned in tribute to the Kational bereavement. The latest a.iid most probable version of the cause of the Prince's' death is that it was due to a complication of small-pox, bronchitis and hrematuria. The populace is enraged at what is termed the blundering of unsuspecting doctors. •All the theaters and public institutions are closed and will remain closed until after the funeral, which will take place from the royal palace of Laeken, in South Brabant, about two miles north of Brussels. ' GHASTLY REVENGE. fir An Ofllcor in the Roumanian Array Bo- headed by Two of His Orderlies TVhom He Had MiHtrented. BUCHAKEST, Jan. 34.—Dispatches received from Ktistenji Friday stated that a headless corpse had been found in the bath-room of the Hotel Carol at that place. The bath-room, it appears, is situated in the basement of the hotel, and a Major belonging to the Roumanian army, who resided in the building', was in the habit of using it. Suddenly the Majors disappearance was noted, and upon the hotel being searched his headless body was found in the bath. Two orderlies who were detailed as the Major's body servants have been arrested on suspicion of having murdered the officer. Shortly after being taken into custody, the orderlies confessed and said.that they had buried the dead man's head'in the sand not far from the hotel. Revenge for ill-treatment received by the orderlies at the Major's hands is supposed to be the cause of the murder. ' ' MURDER OF FEW TAILS. General Miles Informs the Government of the Outr.lfreous Crime. WA8HrJ.'GTOir, - Jan. 24.—A telegram has been received at the War Department from General Miles, at Pine Ridge, giving an account of the recent, killing of an Indian' by citizens. He characterized the incident as a useless outrage, and said that steps had been taken for the prosecution of the assailants. The telegram was shown to the President, and a.tele- gram was sent to General Miles' inquiring' whether or not the outrage was committed on a Government 'reservation, and whether the assailants are members of any , State organization. The object of this is to determine the question of jurisdiction. • 1 Charged with Matricide. SPRINGFIELD, 0., Jan. 24. — John Doyle, aged 30, a worthless~character, has been .arrested, charged with murdering his mother. Neighbors found the woman sitting "up in bed, her face horribly distorted, while .finger and blood marks showed plainly on her neck. Doyle has been partly living on a small pension his mother drew and had frequently threatened to kill her. RobTjcd » Cathedral. ROME, Jan. '24.—The cathedral at Piacenza has been robbed thy burglars. They smashed a safe in the sacristy and stole two .golden crowns studded with diamonds and valued at ; 120,000 francs, apart from .their artistic value, also a relic of St. Augustine,.. studded with jewels, and several g6ld chalices and an immense' silver crucifix. Gladstone Falls Into Line. PARIS, Jan. 24.—The Siecle announces that Mr. William O'Brien has received from Mr. Arnold Morley, M..P., home- rule guaranties from Mr. Gladstone and his colleagues which are sufficient to satisfy Mr. Parnell's conditions upon which he consents to retire. New Depot for St. Xoulg. ST. Louis, Jan.' 24.—The city council has passed the'bill for a new Union depot. The bill provides for an expenditure of $809,000 on the structure. The measure now goes to the. delegates with prospects of becoming a, law. JTorty [Miners K.IIlefl. BERLIN, Jan.,24. -A terrible disaster has occurr*d 'at the Hibernia colliery a: Gelsenkirchen. . Forty men were killed and thirty were severely injured by an explosion v.-hich took place in one of 1 the pits. STORIES" TOLD'- BY- HUNTERS. Elephants, Buffaloed, and Still More Sava** Sl<:n. 'There are .few more thrilling sights," said one of the veteran sportsmen at the camp fire,: "than an elephant ight. 1 don't mean a fight with an ele- Dhant, though that maybe pretty thrill- ng to you, if you wound the brute •without disabling him and he grts after rou in the opfin. But I mean a fight Between elephants." •I didn't know they ever' f ought," interrupted the novice in the jungle. 'You would know it if you ever saw two 'tuskers' fairly, at it," was the reply. "They don't often do it, but when ihey do it is a battle to death. One clay, up in the hill conn try. I saw such acorn- sat. They were hard at it when T came' 11 sight. They were on the hillside, One of them, a burlj' stout-built beast, with short, powerful tusks, was evidently getting much the worst of the (scrimmage, and the white and red furrows in his sides plainly indicated Beams made by his antagonist's tusks. Blood was trickling down his head and shoulders. On the rise of the hill was lis enemy, a still larger animal, possessing the advantage of longer tusks, [t was a lost fight. In a few minutes ;he victor, with a quick rush at the other made a good thrust at the side. • There was a severe struggle, but the tusk went its full length into the now beaten brute, and using all his weight the victor pressed him down the hill, where they disengaged themselves and prepared for another bout. The wounded tusker's roars' of pain were pitiful to hear. He turned tail and sought safety in flight. But the other kept close behind him and gave him thrust after thrust, but not in any vital part. Pretty soon they wheeled around, raced, and came together with a mighty smash. This was about the only stand made, and the beaten brute was quickly overpowered by the more powerful and fresher victor. The thrusts now put behind the shoulder and into the body quickly disabled the poor brute, and in fact in a few minutes the combat was over. The conqueror with one rush completely rolled his enemy over, and by repeated thrusts into the prostrate form finished the fight amid meanings .and trumpetings. "I got some men and went out next morning to look for the body and get the tusks. We found a big herd of elephants in an excited state almost on the spot where the finish had occurred. In it were several small tuskers, besides the big conqueror of the evening before, who seemed to insljl a great deal of fear into the youngsters. He carne..out into the open glade with a fine young female, and as he approached there was a general stampede out of his way. We came oil the dead beast, which had been butted and rolled after it was killed into a cliimp of bamboos. It-had been a fine, burly animal, but was marked from forehead to rear and top to foot by rips and cuts. He measured nine feet six inches at the shoulder, and the tusks proved slightly over one hundred pounds tho pair. The victor, which in the fight appeared to tower over his foe, must "have been quite ten feet high,, and had the longest tusks I- have ever seen clear of their sockets. I 'tried to get him. but what with his harem about him and the difficulty of getting a clear view in the long grass I failed to get a shot." "I don't know, though," said an old hunter, who had been in Africa, "but that I would rather take my chances with an elephant than with a real mad' buffalo. There is no more savage brute, and none more indomitable and persist- qfntin his wrath. It is not that they are swifter or- stronger or that their horns are a more deadly weapon. But they display pertinacity of spite which makes them exceedingly formidable. Let a lion miss his first spring and he will turn away—unless ravenously hungry—in disappointment and disgust from his intended -victim. Let a rhinoceros be wounded, and, unless hemmed in by foes, he will make for the water. But the wounded buffalo sticks to his enemy, .and has been known to watch under a tree for days in the hope of securing his revenge upon the hunter who had climbed it to escape his fury. The natives have a special plan of their own far capturing them. They used to select the special bull •fcey wanted to kill and entice or drive it from • its companions. Two or three of them would engage the animal's attention in front, leaping nimbly to one side to avoid his furious.charges,'while another hunter took the risky job of creeping up be- hind'and hamstringing the beast. They were generally successful, but many lives -were lost every year in' buffalo hunting, and the natives themselves consider it the most dangerous quadruped in the forest."—Chicago Tribune. The Kuin of the California Mtnnions, The ruin of the Missions was completed by the American conquest. The few remaining Indians were speedily driven' or enticed .away, for the rough frontiersmen who came over the plains knew nothing of missionary friars or civilized Indians; they came here to squat on public land and respected no possession- beyond . 160 acris, and : .that only in the,hancls;of one- familiar,'..with the English^language . and: modern weapons.... -None of the establishments retains its"briginal .character, '•••':. Where population has. grown up around the site, as at Santa Clara,r'SanTrancisco, and San Rafael, they became parish 'churches. At' other places squatters took posession of'them, extruding priest and mayor-domo impartially, and in more than one case even the churches were sacrilegiously degraded to the use of stables and the like. In others many parts of the buildings were demolished for the-sake of the timber, tiles, and other building material- they afforded. -—Century. Senator Hea'rtTt Dyinjr. WASHINGTON, Jan.. S4. — Senator HGarst is very low. Blood-poisoning has set in and his death may be expected \rithin a few days. "'* SENATOR DUBO1S. " ' An Jllluoin Man Who Made IIlB Fortnna lii Idaho. The Idaho Legislature has elected Governor George L. Shoup, W. J. McConnell and Frederick T. D u b o i s a s- United States Senators. The two former will serve for the short terms ending March 4, IS'JI, and March 4. IS'JS, while Mr. Dubois will fill the full term of six y ears from M a r C h next. SENATOR DUBOIS. ,M r . Dubois is a native of Crawford County, 111., where he was born in 1851. He graduated from Yale in 1872. and in 1SSO located in- Idaho, .becoming, two years later, United States Marshal for the Territory. He was elected a delegate to the Fiftieth Congress in J S80 and was reelected in 188S. He is a man of fine abilities, and has many friends in the East who will watch his career with interest. He will add another to the Yale forces in the Sena.tc. There was a time when Harvard had the honors of membership there: but at no time for many years has any college been represented in the Senate by so many members or member:.-elect :is Yale now is. Mr. Dubois is >\ incrnbci 1 <- f tho Scroll and Key Snfi.M r R ADWAY'S _ READY RELIEF, The most certain and safe Pain Remedy in the world that instantly stops the most excruciating pains. It it is truly the-great CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more good than any known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST OR SIDES, HEAD ACHE, TOOTHACHE OR ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, a few applications rubbed on by the hand act like magic, causing the pain to instantly stop. For COLDS, BRONCHITIS,PNEUMONIA, CONGESTION, INFLAMMATIONS, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA* PAINS IN THE SMALL OF BACK etc., more extended applications are necessary to effect a cure.' ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS IN BOWELS OR STOMACH, CRAMPS, SPASMS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIARRHCEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved instantly and quickly cured by takinc internally a half to a teaspoonf ul of Ready Relief in half a. tumbler of water. -WITH RAD WAY'S PILLS THERE- IS NO BETTER C^RE OR PREVENTIVE OF FEVER AND AGUE. Price 5Oc. per bottle. Sold by druggists. Any "fi, R- R." or any •'READY RELIEF" without the nameRADWAY, is a COUNTERFEIT DADWAY'S n PILLS, The Great Liver and Stomach Remedy For the cure of all disorders of the STOMACH, LIVER, BOWELS, KIDNEYS, BLADDER, NERVOUS, DISEASES, LOSS of APPETITE, HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, COSMV-E- NESS, INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS FEVER, INFLAMMATION Of the BOWELS, PILES, and all derangements of the Internal Viscera. Purely Vegetable, containing no mer. cury, minerals, or DELETERIOUS DRUGS. PERFECT DIGESTION will be accomplished by taking RADWAY'S PILLS. Byso doing Dyspepsia, , SICKHEADACH, FOULSTOMACHE, BiLioUSNESS,j/yjj[bg avoided and the food that Is ea"teirco'hl:ribute its nourishing properties to the support of th3 natural waste of the body Price25c. per box, SOLD BY ALL DRCC1STS. i-yjiliilv mid lioiioniblv. l»y Ihon« of ciili.'t- *.<-x.|bii(ik*('f oltl.niul hi their pu'li luRill(ll^,v^ liorc.vcr tlicv IIvu. Aiiy , - , - (in* run ilo ihu work. En*y 10 Imrn. 'V\V]\iriilitl» cvLTvtliiitff. U'c Mnrt you. NI> ri"k..y<->n din devnto , your-'p'jijtfL' mi'miKUM, cr nil your llint- to lln-'u-ork. Thlu In nQ ' ,!!tit[rL'tj'iM>wlc]nl,iiinl Ijrinjri'M-oiKJvi'l'lll hiicct T «ri!(ii>vcry\VDvkor, .-J(i;i(Ji('iwr»'flfi' (jimiliii? frwiii *-.'> 10 ^50 perwi-eknnil upM'lird§, • aiid mdn; alVrn lltflo vxpcrluncti. We cun Airninh you the «n- Jn)ovihi v ni nn'd loach you i-'UKK, Xo suncoto cxplnin hor«. Full .UnfCnmUion FUKK. X11U K <fc CO., AttiUttTA, J1A1.NK*. '^ a _'.'.V 1 .!'- • • • " ' _— -+-. -• - CfclekMter'i EncUrii 01»monJ Br»»l. iENNYROYAL PILLS — OrlcinRl Knd Only Genuine. * •AFC, .ilw»y» rtllabl*. 4>oics M i PriwcUl'ror CMe\etter't^naUt\ Die. mendfrond In Red md tfoWWtaUL. , JXM, i»lad irUb Wne:.r!blnra.. ^T»k« ; »utloal«r«, tc*limonUl* and " .» (rtJ«(C«-, bj rotwnt itODUl?. Jvame Paper* nf'B;'' p 1 .;. f Itttle fortttnMhBTchccnm*de«c work for an, bv Anuti I'nffC.JViintln,: '1'om, mid .Tno. Bonn, Toledo, Ohio.: U!. 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Adopted bytheGer* man Government for Hospital & Army use P*5.C- isputupfdf American trade in a patent bottle hold- ingsyringc (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, - , - _____ __ J <fnf,<ralftd :r far SI .tO •The Von MohlCompany, Cincinnati, Ghla - 3 Solo AmorlcaiJ >senta. B' F. KEESLING, Agent; Logans'port, Ind. HROTAGDN IROF.DIEFFENBACH'S SURE CURE for SEMINAL, NERVOUS »* URINARY .TROUBLES la YOUKO, «IODLE-AOEO -ma OLD MEN. KO STOMACH MEDICATION, NO UNCERTAINTY i)R DISAPPOINTMENT, but positively I'cHcvcs tbo worst CMCH In 2* hours, Lnd permanently curcuID JOOdavn. 15d»J« trcatmcnt:on trial by return mall for SI.' Circular frco.- THE PERU DRUC CO.. Sole D B t3.ror tho U.S.' 189 WtS. ST., MILWAUKEE, WIS. WHAT :TO: HAVE YOU For some of the choicest lanes In WTESTEKM KANSAS, botft clear snd Incumberea, Improved and unimproved. BTSenJ forOnr l-,i.iof prog- »?rtvtQfft we will JBxchJMiB«r for L,A>I>r ***•*: ID!> P CE8, MERCHANDISE A3J.D J-tVE STOCK.. Acore»» A.B. PABKKfi,Bmtine,Nes* •County, Kt,nsM, TIME TABLE TRAINS LOGANSPOR.T KJiZT BOCKD. NewTorK Express, dally ...... ;...... 2:65 am Bt Wayne (Pas.) Acom., excpt Sunday 8:1S a m Kan 3ity & Toledo Ex., excpt sundayll:lB a tn AtlaiiHc Express, dally ............... 4:06 p m Accommodation Frt, excpt Sunday,. 936 p ID -..,',: WEST BOUND. ;. ' Pacific Express, dally ........ .. ..... -.. 7:52 am Accommodation Frt, excpt Sunday.. 12 15pm Kan City Ex, except Sunday ...... ... 3:45 p m Lafayette (Pas.) Accra., excpt Sunday. 6:f>S p m St Louis Ex., dallr.... _______ ... ......2032pm EeJ Klver Dlv., Ixniaiksport, Wewl Side. Kent-ceil I/o^nnspori and CIilll. — . EAST BOUND. Accomodatlon, Leave, except Sunday.lOKX) a in^ Accomodatlon, leave . " ' " 4:40 p m Aocomodation,Arrlve,except Sunday, 8:10 am, Accomo'latlon, Arrive, ". ' " .4:10pm 2B» • HIRES' IMPROVED SSt ROOT BEER! HUMD. HDBOIUMiORtTIIAINIM!. CAIILrW'it THISPACKA.CE MAKES FfV'E OA1WNS. OOTBEFR. Hie most. APPETIZma-and WHO1;ZSOMB TSMPBRANOB DHINK tn tbo -world. Delicious and Sparklingr. TB* .W Ask yoiir Driigrglat or Grocer for £» C. E. HIRES, .'"PHJLADELPHI*' ELEGTRIC BELT -, -..™,,, PARTS, rcBloriDg Thorn W'HKALTIi ami VIBOllOl lj STHKN<- • KtoCtrft Current Felt liiHinntlv, or we rurftit Sa.000 in CH- SKhTimil iiu syun rtry Complotr ^i. ftft«t up- TXoraCCMCS syu <MrMi In t>ircc tiinuthjt, - cd psiuplllct FrcC. ISOUTOFOBDER Ian Trjll liitTe.' DTTHESIDE, your gy stem, and raake you stronsr t They cost only 25 cento a box and »»»?•*" your liie. Can be nad at any Draff Swwe. if CODKTKKFEIIS made In Et,lottli."C* PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR if. FLEMING BROS.. - Pittsburgh, Pa. EERLE& DYES Do TCWJT O«TI Ttyelng, at Home. Th y \»ill dys e"erytlmi|;-. They ure sold everywhere. Price IOC. KpnckiwC. Tlmybiivunoequlkl for Stri'iift! h, rlnrfitviesi Mnoirit in r«ckage» or for f ,i-c., »- ni c<J.>r. '. .,» t" -ing Qualities. Ben Vrstier. Sll fourth Btreet. , Xhe Great English Prescription. - A successful Medicine used over -*™ 30 years in thousands of t fur'ee Spcrmaiorr/t*a. ^e . ,, Weakness, imwuioiu. Imputenci/j and all diseases caused bv abused [BKroRil indiscretion, or orer-«xeriioD. Ul.— , Six packages Guaranteed to Cure w>xnatlothert Foil. Ask your Druggist forTh« Cr«v En.lUk Prescription, take no substitute. One paclcaf • II. Six $5. bv mall. Write f or Pamphlft. Addrej* Cureka Cbcmfcal Co., Betrolt, JUtcb. K»r Bale hr B. K. Keesllng. niarfid*wl7 rfl VVflWTPrt lor OK. scorra |\° WftPI i CU beatidiu) Electric ICoroets. Samplp.iree-to those-b*. r comine: agcDLii. X» riAk, qnick 8Atu. Territory friven, satisfaction ?uar&Dlced. Addreu UR.SCOTT.8A2 Broadway SC..M.Y. CARRIAGES'! I make a specialty of ma Imr'Sttby Co.tria.Kef to ••=« direct to private partle.. You can, therefore, do better with me tJiut .with a dealer. Orrtaees 9 Delivered Free of Charge toaipolntalnthe Ui.ltafl Statd. Soml lorlllurtralcd CataJOjra"- o CHAS. RAIS^EfeNlfr. 62.e4 Clybourn Av(,. CTCcagO,JX TO WEAK MEN Bnfforteg from fte effect, of youthful arrow, •iriy dec»r,w»8tu)gwe»kne«8, loitm&nliood etc.,Ii«ll tall eeud » iplenOid medical -irork ; .hould"be re «"? ewy lc»a who 1» nervoiM »nd debilitated. Ador«««« Pr«of. F. C. FOWtEB, MoofliM, j HOFFMAN'S HARMLEST HEADACHE POWDERS. the Best. CURE ALL HEADACHES. eyarenotaCathartiO Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." Condenseo Time Table IN EFFECT MxncHlst 1890 Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peorla and Indianapolis and Michigan City. DIRECT Connections to and from all points In tbe * __ Tjnited States and Canada. Trains leave Logansport and connect witU tlia L.E. &W:Tralasas£ollows: • •• ' 'WAB.AjSH R. K- LeaveXogansport, 4:13 p.m . JJ 20 a.m. . Arrive Peru ....... .4:36 p.m. .ll:Ma.m... L. E. & W. E, E, Leave Pern, North Bound ........ 4:45 p.m Sonta Bound .......... .11:50 a. m •WABASH S. R. Leave Logansport, 3:45 p.m.. 7£0a.m Arrive LaFajette, , 4 :55 p.m . . 9:2) a. m L. E. £ W. B. B. Leave LaT&yette, EastBoond ........ . , 1:50 P.IB West Bound.... ....5:10 p.m B. C. PARKER, Traffic Manager; C. F. DALY, Gen. Pass. * Ticket. '.NDIANAPOLlS, DJD. 8J9 a.ra A Chicago druggist retailed .20000000! B. F! 'Keegllrig and.,'Cjipen;2t J (&.' v tofe Ae^tits •'. in' -L'osrflinsport;«"' -—' •" '•"«>ii>il>lUiiiS fiTiu ."^ Am'fntiwUjj hns' rJ.«-ays -provei- s!! 1 ;c-CRpl'o1. BM'orO placinx any ' -LCE5I5 .&"T;;C'?SAS. ' -' " JWiRTis™ .n;K--"."s, , CITJKK FOX DIABETES, , •..- • . , •nnT^i¥T r rft. ' , '. Correspondence I toileted, valuable .nformaUon free. |_ Usu»I discount to i.-; .; : ; -; rfnde. Disease xix. ,Ddred allmenU •WM: T. XINJU.^ETf * CO. V ' 18 I.* 8<tIIe Street.-;'- ' Chlea^a. HI* DOUCLAS "« for Genttomoiv LadiC8.<:te.,nrewar- ranted, and so stamped on bottom. Addrewi • • -— Ir lou, Mowb" Sow by J. 3. WIN FRS- roa. wav party"can af^wiH" so I sel rike is enckd. i\iniun"wniorni w iMineniBUjuoi •T., CMICAOO- IU-

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