The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1937
Page 8
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- PAGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NEWS y MONDAY, MAY 3, 1937 .Fqggin' 'Em Through With BuiletJBob Feller Exhibition Contest Should Show Something of NEA Loop's Class , .- to First hand information as (lie coinpnrtitlvo strengll! of (lio Blythevllle: Giants -wllli thnf ot clSer clubs In the northeast Ark- * f iisas League will be determined j t:i!iorrGw afternoon \vhph tin? to- j cal jiro liopeTuis meet the Para- | £0\ilil Rebels at Wulfcor Part:. The I Cams; will it-art promptly a( 3 p. m. The Giants have not been n square deal by the weather man mid have been unable to display their wares before local - fatuloni. Their only appearance was two weeks iiso, and the 'elements were .vo advene they ppvformed mule'' v;rnps. Despite, all they beat "Lefly" Alexander's Independents, 0-0. Their slated 'tilt yesterday with the Crosstowit, Tonn., scml- ]jro outfit was postponed because (if wcl grounds. Ho Manager llcr- fohel Hobo and his proteges arc hopeful that o! 1 Sol will begin his usual reign and they will be iiblc to gel in their much needed .competition. Last year Roycc Willams took n group of youngsters nt Osceola nnd finished the season In scc- bnd place. .Since signing with Parneould a few weeks ago Williams lias been as busy iis au old hen with chickens In n rain storm, lie first secured a connection with the Memphis Chicks. Then lie opened i\ baseball school thai drew move than 50 aspirants. He has mould- ed the- best of the lot with seven from the Chicks Into n fust stepping. formidable outfit. They have shown their cltv.K by beating Jonesboro, 0-8, anil Jackson, Tonn 8-1. Jackson Is Iti Hie Kitty League, Class C, while Ihe NEA loop Is but Class D. Their only defeat was nt His hands of (he House of David. 4-3. Giant boss Bobo lias bcon con- lent .with Inter club affairs but even at that lias let no grass Grow under his feet. He lias had them hustling nil the time, gli'lng them plenty of practice with the uilkm In an effort to improve their offense, and drilling them In the finer points of Inside baseball Julian Harrington, giant rlulit- t linnder, Is the pitching choice lor (he GinnU. The Lcwislon, K. C. youngster, a friend of Burgess WWtehead who recommended him to the Glnnts. has been impressive during workouts . hero. He whsi •one of- the lust In be out from the Greenwood, "Miss., roster. He Is 18 jean, old. is •>!* feet 1 inch tail and weighs 181 pounds. He has n dandy fast ball. His battery- mate will bo Frank .-Mnnc'uso, younger brother of Gns, first string calcli- ei for the National League champs. Prank, has been demonstrating plenty of power In batting drills and is expected to be one of the leading receivers in the loop. Frank Miller, 200-pouudcr from Orange, N. J . n fielding marvel, will be' on fust;- Russell Stewart, Memphis, Tenn., on second; Peter Pavich, Eolith Ainboy, N. J. short mid Manager Bobo nt the hot corner. George Pratt, Memphis. Carl Lnnek, Rochester, N, y. and Frank Hine, Jackson, -Miss., in (he outfield. Walker. Mosley Place In 'Races At Stale Meet Determine It . Chick- Greeinyood Game Equal lo Conference Tilt deles the matter of giving Blylh?- ville cr?dit for a conference game BlytheyMle, iinqfiiclal winners the 1931! state 'titled will delermlff whether It will enter the confer ?nce definitely. ; • ' Mr. McChirkln explained at Cony/ay thai - to was-in favor of the ;onferencs : Km but believed Ills tciim sl!oi:'d not. enter under "ex- isliir; conditions." He cxphilne;! Ihiit liij school's tsams- would IK 'oriad to. Havel several hnndv.'d 3iil(.s to f-i'1, t-u 1 re:iiu'r<'d iimnl^r j| conference games whereas .li« outd c Jc?Eclule yamos of more lo••»!' interest -in adjoining slates .viLh far l2ss txpens'j. Bob Pellcr, Clovohuid's story-book pitcher, puts his hands In back of his head, loads u p his hard one, rears back, and shows the hitter the like of which he has never seen. Canadian Clown !1V IIAII1IY CltAVSON Kp:>r!'i Kilitor. NKA Si:ri'Icc LOUISVILLE, Ky.—As spilu bret'?.:-s Ue^in to blow ami the Kentucky Derby approaches, a survey of ii 1 ! turf fronts gives a good closcuu of is likely to hup pen nt C''nrchiil D^nvm. May 0. t'or instance, Pompuon IK rci-h fcr the bi'-i r.v:e. The srw of Po^i p-y was trained In the warm |-> Tfons of tlia.CavoHnas. when winter never comos, aiH wlnre. th^ tihjh iotllue content nt the soil akin in ti;e growth of liovse:i. LIlsanlEt'. War Admiral is pt. Tile son of Man o' War got Ills preparation at Berlin, Md, in a li-t'c- ar,':i of the ffiiiu'ii*; en-sf^i'ii >!"cr-i which aha es:n-cs •Atn'.i'y blasts. This is preparatory lo savin'; th-il in the !i!:»S'y Important m:UI:".- of getting ready Kentucky horses havsn'l had an equnl cluinr> with •oin? of the others^ Calumat Purnvs. far Instance, found it impossible b briivi Privi- !r-!cd to hand and decided to paint Ire Sir Galiahud III colt for inter aivl. i m p o r t a n t llirsa-ysnr-ohi :y:nts !>' Uelmont P.irk. Oalsun. smoilisr • Culiirncf. Farms hopeful, licr.n': shown, the rnidiness whlcli •ot'lit have been expected of l:lin. I?r--o!ch-n nnd Jll'lionuiir., the Co!. E. 17. liradk'y pnir. wsre far sluwt in their initial cirort, bi:t may b? H'liciy by Derby Dav. Itarccl Into Condition Kentucky . horses ;u>^2iir snme- wVat handicapped In tlic Derby dc.spile Hie fact. Hint the Bin- iEs hail n fairly open winter. It • Smilhern ilcinplils. Little Kock .llanta \':ishvi!le, Chnttimooga. .... ilrmingluim' .' Orleans .., Cnoxvlllc Ed Huinman, famous laugli get tcr, appears p.t Harry Bailey's state line ball park, Tucsdny when his club, the inuglmbtc but competent Clowns meet Harry Bailey's looker T negro tcinn. Merry Maker, the superior mwUler. - n-> considered. Mud might not hurt the clnnr^s of the majority of the Kentucky horses, but thp chances arc that it I' 1 not >-uit the Bradley horses any too well. Uradloy luck always lias been liad in muddy ' going. Blue Larkspur, which "Inc' kuiinel" holds liis greatest horse, ran out tn n muddy Derby won by Clyde Van llusaii. And if mud wouldn't ruin the dinners of the Bradley .thoroughbreds, lack of top condition certainly would. Mud :ilso would figure (o nilli- Byron Walker, finishing in the 220-ynrd dash, 'and sell Mosley, coppinj fourth in the 880-yard run, won third Rus- place Blytheville's only points in the state track mret, licld in a downpour jbf rain at Conway Saturday. Little Rock won the meet, registering 3D points, while Nsish- vlllc was second and Russcllvillc third Piggott, winner ot tlic Class B division sweepstakes In the District Four meet, won Class B sweepstakes in the state meet Hayden of Piggotl was- innividua high scorer in the Class B most No records were broken In the meet held under as adverse wca (her conditions as could be uos Elble and officials considered the meet a success when no-athlete <xa$ injured. The Blythcville 880-yard relay did not place. was the nootl and the steady sprint; 1 tal3 agnlnsl (he chances of Rcao- rai:is IhiU shwcci things »p H> llinil '"'.' Reward, although hs and Mil- trainers have had difficulty in (;ct- "' " ' ' "' ' ' ' limj their charges ready for th? longer raci\s. On the other hand, No Sir and Court Scandal were developed via tile racing route in Florida, when: Mac-die, Saratoga slar of last summer, disappointed. Macdic still is n long way from hts best s'.iapn. Another horse whirli ;lid not win- 'er In Kentucky is well liked In tha fjerby. He Is Reniilng Reward, -vhidi filled out nicely at rtilaski, Tenn. Mvs. Ktlvi n. Marrs had K?:ii>Inz Reward shipped to Arlington Downs for the $10.0110 Texas Derby, but the juvenile luminary of I93G was scratched when It looked like nud. Mrs. Mars doesn't pass up any Slnble had a half dozen animal 1 ; it Arlington Downs capable of ac- itury recently turned in a spark- lini workout in Hint sort- ol going Fitness remains the most Important r^ciiilremsnt of a horse in nnj raee. however. It. has capture.;' miiny n Uertjy nnd well may win this one. Ami with Pompoon, War Admiral, Clilcolorndo. Mosawtrc ami No Sir in top condition, the Kentucky horses will he hard pu 1 :o It to hold their own. Canadian Clowns Meet Booker T's Undo >r Floodlights Harry Bailey's Booker T's mec the Canadian Clowns In the firs Introducing - Bobo's Giants CARL LANEK, outfielder. Twen- ty-ona years .old, born August 15. .1915, at Rochester, N. Y., and lives there yet. His parents iroved from Ukrania, .southwest of Russia, 1900. Sctllea in Rochester. Carl is C feet 1 inch in height and i weighs 115 pounds Dli not finish Edison Tecli mil H. A. at Rochester, but quituatfid "" J lacking only one year. Wants to finish someway now. May v.ia night scrocl Was' a^rnember of the 33 what turned out to be a fast track. Mrs. Mrs. doesn't paw up any $10.000 races. That is one reason why she was the leading money winner of last year. Many trainers resorted to llic sometimes doubtful method of racing their horses into condition. Cliieolorado. Mosawtrc .and Merry Maker, the "poor man's' 1 horse, got In shape that way. Horses 1'rriiarc for Mud There is no other trainer In Kentucky with the magic of Derby Diek Thompson ot the Idle Hour Farm for preparing a horse for an early spring race, but even if the Bradley horses are at their best, the .Blue Grass appears to have the hard end of it in iis own urcal race. • • . Also, the continued spring rains give promise of a swimming party on Derby Day. is why aslntc Groi-Re Convvny has worked War Admiral on muddy days find why American Hero 1'cl- .61'! .en .571 .538 .son .•101 .400 .207 Natintml League \V. L. UUstlll gll St.. Louis ............. v New York ........... . B hlladelpliia ____ . ..... 5 Boston ................ 5 Brooklyn 'Incinnati .700 .607 .501) .455 .400 AW .111 Detroit New York Boston Cleveland Philadelphia it. Louis 3hfcago 3 Washington :! League W. (5 ..... C 4 4, 4 3 ret. .GG7 .571 .500 .500 .375 | 37i .Ml HORIZONTAL I.» Rear Admiral ——, pictured here. 13 Thin strip of dough. 14 Course of action. 15 Title. IG Any rustic. 18 Platform. 20 Monkey. 21 Hinders. 22 To soak flax. 23 Right. 24 X. 25 Musical note. 2(5 Matter.. 27 to piece out. 29 Judgment. 30 You. 31 To scatter. 32 Dower-property. 34 Neuter pronoun. 3(1 Corded cloth. 38 Form of "be." 3D Tea. Answer to Previous Puzzle 41 Expunged. 45 Tiny vegetable. 40 Voiceless. 48 Playing card. 49 To consume by fire. 50 To encounter. 52 Beret. 53 Fairy. 54 He was a hero o£ the '* American. War. SD This.hero almost up the Spanish fleet. VERTICAL 2 Not apt. 3 To arrive. 4 Garden tool. T> Doctor (.-f Medicine. G Ancient. 7 Tidy., 8 Manus. 9 Either, 10 Cot. 11 Gunlock' catch. 12 Bay window. 14 Heart. 15 He fought the use of . 17 Face- cover. 19 lie was also a man. 21 Dwelled. 24 One who tunes. 2C C.-.vity. 27 Finish.' 28 Being. 33 Music drama. 35 Heavy fall. 37 House canary. 38 Eagle's nest. 40 Region. 42 Strip of wood 43 Grave. 44 And. 45 Backstitch. 4? Lair. 49 Wager. 51 Note in scale. 53 Point. Elytheviliu's definite entrance iu- '.s Ui3 ne'.'.lv-ursunwMl sluts high , ;:huol football conference appeared j io lest laclay with the decision of j the conference's' governhg board as j 'o whether the Chicknsa-.v.s' gam? | with' Greemvoc:!, Mi=s., next fall !liquid I'e rated as a conference iame.' ' • .A,-meeting of representatives''of :Jk> larger schools in the state, with | the' exception of Littic Hock, was ] held ,at Conway. SaturJay for the I pss of making 'final orgnnlsui- 'ion of the loop. W. D. McChirkln, superintendent of ulylhcvtllc ^chc<jls, pi-e.sWed: ' Schools tu the conference are: Olarksvllle, North Little Rock. Hus- sellviile. Fort Smith. Pine lilufr, Hot'Springs, Cnnidcn, El Dorado, Jcncsboro, Re'nton, Forrest City and Fordyce. The governing board which will pass on the status of the Blythe- ville-Grecnwood game is composed of T. 11. Alford of North Little Sock, president of the conference, loach Allen Dunaway of Pine Bluff and Coach Merving Perry of tiot Springs. If the board approves the Blythc- villa-Greenwood game as equal to i conference game then Blytheville will have the five conference ;ames required for next season, being scheduled lo meet Hot Springs. North iittle Rock, Jonesboro and Forrest City, conference members. If it does'not approve the game with the Mississippians, Blythcville will have only four games with conference foes and presumably will remain outside the fold. Despite a deadlock vote of the :onfercnce members generally on the question of giving Blythcville credit for a conference game in the Greenwood tilt, it is generally believed that- approval will be forthcoming from the governing board to which the matter was referred. iius'sellvillj, a conference member, lias an open date on the same day Blylkevllle has an open date 'jut the two schools could not get together for a game. Mr. McClurkin said he believed a much more attractive game could be arranged "or Blythcville outside the conference than (o play rtussellville, particularly with Hussellville 'wanting i home game, the same as Blythc- ville aiso desires. After the governing board de- (2ud Yesterday'? liesulls Southern League ChnUnmioga 4, Memuhis game postponed, darkncssl. Nashville 0-0. New Orleans 2-3! Allnnln 3-fl, Little Hock 2-3. Qlrmlnghnni 2-C, Knoxville 0-2. N'atinual Loasii" Pittsburgh 7. Cincinnati 2. Chicago 4, St. Louis t. Brooklyn 5. Philadelphia 1. New York 3, Boston 1. Durable Dill man, Si roil"; -Man Kenny To (Hash Toni^lu Tonight's wrestling offering :it !iic American Legion arena flp- r'-rM-s to have a . scientific match f.iid [i - roiiKh and tough -event nady for the fans. .- - •' • . Tex Riley, fast -young Texan, nd Butch AiiU'mnn, a dutclimnn i ri!|)i:tti(fon,- meet .'in what is i:itecl to he the .schntifio affair, in the other Joe Dillman, the -mtir hombre from Grcecb niid Jack Kenny, strong man,- arc expected to match their skill nt everything but straight grappling. Of course, something. might happen nnd the scientific hoys may become the tougliies and grunt and groan roiighlcs may go in for grip swapping. I3«t anyway*' that's the line-up, two out of three falls, 90 minutes or less and Alike Meroncy will be the man they call the referee who usually gets bopped by the night's over. .someone before Broadway Bill Ant] Bachelor's Dream Win Broadway Bill a™uin won a first place and his slabiemate, Bachelor's orcam, won secand ulace in ;,' a roadster event at the Msmphis, hors; show held yesterday at the fairgrounds at Memphis before 3,- |i 500 people'. Broadway Bill, owned by Smith, nnd ' Youugblood. was driven 1 'bv }. Verne Youngbloocl and Bachelor's j ; Dream was driven by R. Mahan. r, Bntli horses ar; stabled and train- ', cd here with -other horses of the (' Youngbiood-Smith stnbles. Tliei ( recently \von honors in a Mississippi liorse show and have carried i oil top honors in their class hi practically all" horse shows in (his j section of ttc country. i Youugblood also drove the pair j In a pole learn exhibition. Tiie Colorado river basin co\ ers about one-thirteenth of thu area of the United states, yet has a population within its limits only as large as the state of.Rhode Island. American I^a^nf* Washington 10. Philadelphia Detroit G. Chicago 5. Doston 5, New York 4. Cleveland at St. Louis, rain. counting for the Texas Derby, nnd I night game ot (he season at Bailey' won it. with Mars Shield, a filly, on i state line ball park Tuesday ' ' •"'"' ' "at 7:30 o'clock. The Clowns travel with their own 1 lighting equipment. It Is said to be capable the:average-, ball park very - successfully. v -' ! Tl:o visitors have an unusual rep-, illation because of their antics. Despite the capers they cut they manage to play goal baseball and are no clowns when it comes to clouting the horseblde, Ed trainman! one of the most pic- luresrnjc'men • ln ( baseball, will be with the .traveling troupe. The inUrMllton Sills was a college professor before he entered the movies. Tot'ay's Games Southern Loacuc Memphis tit Knoxvilte. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Little Rock at Nashville. Alhinia at New Orleans. Ameririn League Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland at at.. T/vil<j. Only games scheduled. National League New York nt Boston. Philadelphia at- Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Only games scheduled. Have You Visited Our New Moil urn Service Slalinn? \VIillc' Rose (Jasnlinc Goodjfnr Tires Wlliard lotteries Road Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 24 KOUK SKKVIUK Call 033 For i'rompt Scrvtro Tom Little Chevrolet Co. goo:i team on:! entered the national tournament in Kansas, Arrived on a Sunday morning after a 1400 trip. basebKll team-cf; hts, Alma Mater vhe'n,' It ^as. regarded with Its onlj c'latnpUnshln In 30 sears An un- Played that afternoon nud were soundly thrashed. Hns a rip; .350 sl'.ci. average in SO °ani3s. Helnie Groh, of the bottle bat fame, discovered him. Giants f 18 garAS record did trie trick Hit 321 OulfHded for K'hwra: falls t, •semi-pros last s^ 1 "' Had A had him to report to Oreenwoo-i Sent here and signed a local con- Iract. Is a radio bug. Builds his own sets. Especially likes short vavc. Works for an optical coin,:any l:i tiis WRESTLING All-Star Card JOE DILLMAN JACKKENN^: TEX RILEY ... VS'. v v : DUTCH AULTMAf; American Lccidh Arena Monday Thn Dank of England has a $200,000 kitchen which cun serve lunches at the rule of 2000 n dny. It Is said to bo the largest ami Small Down I'aymcnt ALL 5 BASIC SERVICES for Home Refrigeration! AT HARRY BAILEY'S STATE LINE PARK Tuesday Might, May 4 '' ay A tljustabte Intt-Hori 3. GREATER PROTECT-AB1LLFY Keeps food Jafcr. fresher, longer! 4.GREATER PEPENP-AB1UTY 5'Year Protection Plan, backed • by General Motor J. S. GREATER SAVE-ABIUTY n CLOWNS vs. OKER T'S Cult Currant Coit to the Bone! Simplest refrigerating mechanism ever built! Gives Super- Duty at amazing saving. 1 Oon'1 fail to sec (bis unique ball club perform.., Comedy aiiri sitfe entertainment along ivilb a clever ball clul). Sec Kit Hnmirmn, Nick AllrmVs rival, aiul other rlnnn stars. This learn won HI games last season T Knterlninincnt includes a fast pepitrr sjnnic exhibition. Game Called at 7:30 P. JM. A lauyh a minute, combined with skillful baseball. 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