Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia on May 29, 1973 · Page 10
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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia · Page 10

Newport News, Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1973
Page 10
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10 DAILY PRESS . NEWPORT NEWS.VA., TUESDAY, MAY 29, 1973 IT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT Entertainers alaries Hurt Public Chicago Coming To Hampton f By EARL WILSON NEW YORK - While I try to write a happy column, milking all the laughs I can get out of show business stars, I keep finding that the Poor Slobs of the country having their troubles. are One of their griefs is that they can't afford the entertainment they want to see simply because the stars' Goren On Bridge BT CHARLES H. GOREN Both vulnerable. North .deals. NORTH A AM CK1082 OKQIM t WEST EAST 4K1J82 4QJ43 V7S4 073 052 Q87I2 A1S3 SOUTH 75 9AQJ3 .0 AJ1I8 KJS . The bidding: North East Sod West 1 0 Pass 1 V Pass 2 ? Pass 3 0 Pass 3 Pass S? Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Deuce of 4 . A high scoring semi final round by Jack Kennedy and D. A. Hadden of Shreveport, La. enabled them to lap the field in the Men's Fair Championship at the Spring Nationals which were held in ft. Louis. Second place in the event was taken by Kit Wool-sey and Steve Robinson of rashington, D. C. Kennedy and Hadden exhibited a stout defense to defeat South's six heart 'contract in today's hand taken Iron a qualifying round of fee event. . The slam was reached on B bidding sequence presented in tfce diagram. After louth's one heart response fvas raised by the opening bidder, the former realized feat big things were in the offing if his partner held the fright values. South's rebid of three diamonds is a one round force inasmuch as hearts is 'the agreed trump suit. J North cooperated by cue bidding the ace of spades. ?Ibia was, of course, a for-'ward going call since be jcould have signedeffby imerely returning to t h r e e hearts. Now that South was reassured regarding the weak point in his holding, he proceeded without further ado to' six hearts. Kennedy, seated West, made the effective opening lead of the deuce of spades and the ace was played from dummy. Inasmuch as declarer was obliged to dispose of his spade loser before he surrendered the lead again, trumps were drawn in three pulls. The diamonds were run next and, on the fifth round, South disposed of the seven of spades. The nine of clubs was led from dummy. Hadden, seated East, bad been observing the play carefully and had counted his opponent's hand. Declarer had shown up with four hearts, four diamonds and presumably two spades which left him with three clubs. It appeared reasonable' to assume that one of these cards was the king, for South' would hardly have contracted' for a slam if be bold two tosingelubs. If East played the ace of clubs, then declarer's king becomes established as a winner and his third card in the suit can be ruffed by dummy's remaining trump. East's only chance hinged on putting his opponent to a guess if the latter's club holding was headed by the king-jack. Having reached bis decision while the diamonds were being run, Hadden was ready when the nine of clubs was kd he calmly followed suit with the three, South had to decide which card to play from his hand, and, presuming that his right hand opponent was unlikely to duck with the acedeclarer played the jack of clubs, hoping that this would dislodge the ace from West.. West won the trick with, the queen, however. There was no way now that South could avoid losing another club trick and he went down to defeat. East and, West-achieved one of the top scores on the deal when a comparison of the results was made. i Smokers of the best-selling filter king: mnktttr nm, irtiiwiiiliitii iilvii iv.r.iil Largest selling dozen cigarettes yield 19.9 mg. lar' on the average (range: 17 mg. to 29 mg.) , Lucky TenTtar 10 mg. or less lucky Ten ."tar" 9 mg.-nicotine. 0.7 mg. Best-selling Filter King "tar" 20 mg.-nicotine. 1.4 mg. Of all brands. lowest "tar" 1 mg.-nicotine, C.I mg. Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. 9 mg."tjr" 07 mg. nicotine av. per cigaiette. FTC Report FEBRUARY 73. Radio & Television Programs The information in this log is supplied by the radio and TV stations and the newspaper is not responsible for last-minutechanges. WGH (1310) Newport News-Hampton Music, News, Continuous, Day, Night WGH-FM (97.3) Newport News-Norfolk. Stereo, News, 24 Hours WTAR(790) Norfolk CBS Radio Network, Music A News 24 hours VVTAR-FM (5.7) Norfolk Stereo, Beautiful Music. News, Weather, 24 hours WVEC( 1490) Hampton, Music. News. 24 hours WVEC-FM ( 1 01 .3) Hampton-S tereo. 24 hours A MC News WRVA ( 11 40) Richmond-NBC Music, Net u. Continuous WRVQ-FM (94.5) Richmond Stereo, Rock-20-20 News, 24 hours WT1D ( 1 270) Newport News, Country, News St Sports, 6 a.m. -sunset WMBG (740) Williamsburg. Music, ABC News. Sunrise-Sunset WBCI-FM (9fi.5 Williamsburg Stereo Music. ABC News, Continuous WHOV-FM (88.3) Hampton Institute, News. Easy Listening, Jazz. 4 p.m.-l 1 p.m. WXR1-FM (105.3) Christian Broadcasting Networfc."24 hours WFOG-FM (92.9) Suffolk. Stereo, Jazz, Latin American, 6 a.m.-2 a.m. WQRK-FM (104.5) Hampton-Stereo Rock, 24 Hours WCMS (1050) Norfolk. Country. Western. News. Weather, 6 a.m.-6 p.m. .- WCMS-FM (100.5) Norfok, Country, Western, News, Weather, Continuous , WWOC(I400) Portsmouth MUTUAL Broadcasting, Contemporary Sports, Continuous WCPK (1600) Chesapeake; Popular Music-Pop Concerts, 6 a.m. -sunset WNOR ( 1 230) Norfolk. Contemporary music, news, weather 24 hours WNOR-FM (98.7) Contemporary til 9 p.m. 9 til 6 a.m. Progressive Rock Music WLPM (1450) Suffolk. Contemporary music, news, 24 hours WYFI-FM (99.7) Norfolk. Christian. Stereo, News. Weather, 6 a.m.-midnight WPMN (1010) Portsmouth. Nostalgia Music, News. Sunrise-Sunset WYCS-FM (91.5) Yorktown Music. News, Nat Radio 1 l:30a.m.-10 p.m. ' WKLX (1350) Portsmouth Contemporary M usic, News. 24 Hours t WOW1-FM ( 103) Norfolk-Progress! ve Rock, Earth News, 24 Hours Television WTAR-TV Channel 3 Norfolk, Va. CBS 5:50 News 3 6:00 These Things We Share ' 6:15 Agri Business 6:20 Sunrise Semester 6:50 Lift Uo Mine Eves 7:00 CBS News 8 00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Dick Lamb 10:00 Joker's Wild 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love Of Life. News 12:00 Young & The Restless 12:30 Search For Tomorrow 1:00 Mildred Alexander 1:30 As The World Turns 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edge 01 Night 3:00 Price Is Right 3:30 Hollywood's Talking 4.00 Secret Storm 4:30 That Girl 5:00 Merv Griffin 6:00 News 3 6:30 CBS News 7:00 Truth Or Consequences 7:30 Price Is Right Television WVEC-TV Channel 13 Hamplon, Va. ABC 7:00 Tennessee Tuiedo 7:30 Comedy Time S:00 Tidewater A.M. 1 55 Justice The Circuit Rider 4:00 The Flintstones 4:30 Student Prince 11:20 Sewing "11:30 Bewitched 12.00 Password ' 12:30 Snlit Second 1:00 AM My Children 1:30 Let's Make A Deal 1:00 Nwlywed Game 2:30 Dating Game 3.00 General Hospital 3 00 General Hospital 3:30 One Lite To Live 4:00 I Dream Of Jeannie 4:30 Bonanza 5:30 News Sports, Wei. 6:00 News 6:30 Inside Detroit Television WAVY-TV Channel 10 Portsmouth, Va. 6:30 Garner Ted Armstrong 7 00 Today 9.00 Romper Room 9:30 Petticoat Junction Y .00 Dinah's Place 10:30 Battle 11:00 Sale Of The Century 11:30 Hollywood Squares 12:00 Jeopardy 12:30 Three W's 1:01 Eyewitness News 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 The Doclors 3:00 Another World 3:30 I Love Lucy 4:00 Superman 4:30 The Munsters 5:00 Star Trek 6:00 Eyewitness News 6:30 NBC News 7:00 What's My Line 7:30 Bowling (:00 A Time For Love 10:00 NBC Reports 11:00 Eyewitness News 11:30 Tonight 1 :00 Cheyenne 2:00 News 2:10 Eyewitness Report Earls Laugh Frank Tyger of Trenton, N. J., says he took his paycheck to the supermarket, "and it self-destructed" ... A man answers the phone by saying "Hello," while a woman answers by saying, "Wait till I turn out the light under the potatoes" . . . The only people who still laugh at jokes about TV repairmen are guys who own only radios ... A local merchant phoned the Better Business Bureau and said, "Hey send me some better, business!" . . . Says the cynic, there are two kinds of wives those who'll argue over anything, and those who'll argue over nothing. salaries have gone through, the ceiling. Now if Dean Martin can command $80,000 a week and can do only one show a night, I suppose it's O.K. But somewhere there should be a ceasefire on all the big offers. Recently we reported that the new MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas was tempting Bob Hope with a bait of $250,000 a week for four weeks . . . $1,000,000 a month . . . and on a five-year basis meaning Bob would get $5 million for five years. The hotel owners later denied there'd been any talks or offers of that kind. But our source was so good that we believe somebody had it in mind. While I'm the last one to try to keep Bob Hope from making another five million, I hope it doesn't come true, because it would certainly lead to one more burst of raised salaries. "It's not just the money, it's a matter of prestige-YOU'RE JUST AS BIG AS HE IS," they'll say, badgering their star on to make bigger demands. There's nothing that would make a Dean Martin or a Jerry Lewis more anxious to get a salary raise than a taunt from an agent that he couldn't command as much as the other guy. And so as the salaries go up, so do the cover charges and the minimum charges. And the Poor Slobs of the nation find that they can't go out hootin' any more because it costs them about 100 bucks by the time they've parked the car and paid the .. baby sitter and bribed the headwaiter f a good table. TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: The marriage is shaky when he comes home with lipstick on his new jacket and she just wants to know where he NOW JMfl WSSMINOIOW ) Will They Ever Make A Motion Picture As Good As BILLY JACK Shunned by the Aeodemy Awards Yet wenfay more people than any Academy Award winner in 33 year' Next "Soul of Chorlay" NOW BILLY JACK Tom laughtin Delorei Taylor SrTioW SHOWINGiVa b I Admission 3- IKON 42- SlTXErVeJ j AOltTS ONLY I I "PRACTICES (g) I II . IN 0P(NS Jl I 'SWEDEN" ND? J ADMISSION STILL SI. SO SCREEN HO. 1-OPEN 7:30 t:30-C0lOR-PG THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE PLUS IIUO-COLOR-PI) SALZBERG CONNECTION !!7o l0:l0-C0L0n-R THE STEPDAUGHTER SUMMltD SPICE PIUS I:30-COIOR-R CHAIN GANG WOMEN TUf iTNHIKE TP,SH got the money to buy the jacket. WISH I'D SAID THAT: Nowadays, having foresight means marrying someone you know you can be friendly with after the divorce. REMEMBERED QUOTE: "Confidence is the feeling you usually have just before-you fully understand the situation," EARL'S PEARLS: The parent of a teen-ager says his hardest job is getting his son to realize that "No!" can be a complete sentence. Someone described a hard-drinking character, "If the whiskey companies gave back a nickel on every empty bottle, he'd be a millionaire." That's earl, brother. Add Chicago to Hampton and what have you got? The group will bring their hybrid jazz-rock to the Hampton Roads Coliseum Friday at 8 p.m. Originally the Chicago Transit Authority in 1967, Chicago moved to Los Angeles in 1969 which is now its homcbase and shortened its name. Often compared to Blood, first was indicative of a modification of the music of the city Chicago which spawned Paul Butterfield and Mike Bloomfield. The group Chicago is more deeply rooted in jazz, the key being the addition of horns. Backgrounds of each of the seven members of Chicago have influenced all tne otners, creating a Sweat and Tears, the group ' unique musical interaction. Chicago claims its approach For example, James Pankow as schooled in the classics, ' Terry Kath has broadened his rock beginnings to include the classical influenced fostered by Pankow. Trumpet player Lee Loughnane once played to the total sound they get on records is purer than BS&T because BS&T over-dubs more consistently. Chicago's second album was voted the best album of 1970 by Cash Box. Their ' m m jt a mm0Hm a I i 1:00 Maude 0:30 Hawaii Five-O 9: Your Money Or Your 11:00 Npws3 11 : Which Way To The Front Neon 3 Lift Up Mint Eves 125 E. Melten St.. Phoebus PHONE 722-2176 RATED "X" Now thru Thursday! ADULTS ONLY for title of iwx feature call 722-7843 PIUS 2M FUTURE III! 1 OPEN 10:45 ADULTS ONLY NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED " RATED X "KEEP IT UP" ALSO SHOWING 7nrl ADULT FEATURE FISH HOUSE NOW Railing CHqif lrtej.trf CAT BURGLARS DRIVES COPS CRAZY 1 crwkaM Cum lik yu taw in "What's Up Dm" GP BWIOM-JrXaJMBISEr THE THIEF I TUESDAY Ml 23 8 P.M.I oiler. nnnmr 1 13:1 iiy rriTDims mi mi. Mini mil nigi ommon. um imwm. $ AND JOAN WESTON mmm roads coliseum CHIEFS VS. PIONEERS RESERVED SEATS - $4.00 -3.00 -2.50 ACCOMPANIED CHILDREN UNDER 1 2 HALF-PRICE! NOW ON SALE AT COLISEUM BOX OFFICE & TICKETRON' ' GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE AT GAME TIME! SERVED TUESDAY NITES FROM 4 PM-1 1PM DOIXG O UR SHARE TO KEEP PRICES DOWN ISEEF and SANGRIA ALL YOU CAN EAT Featuring Old Fa-hum Prirr $250 A mocl delectable beef ttew from an old recipe handed down from plantation days in blue graia Kentucky. The big black iron pot simmers all day long filled with prime beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, celery, carrots, garlic, on. ions, potatoes, string beans, corn, special spices and aromatic herbs, all minded with a rirh hnrninilv.wine. Zesty cole slaw, hot hush puppy. .4 f;o.f.r''.;f;u nKf.oo..H FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE 245-9581 Futurina; Old Fahion PrieM $50 UT3 929 1 WAftWICK BOULEV ARD. NEU PORT-"EWS OVER 2.000.000 STEAKS SERVED HfROWTHE JUNGLf TO THfUYfill lire TUC CDCXTCFTI n(. 1 III. d lilt UIKHItjl : U He'sawmner'-.hesaswinserJ . he's DYNAMITE1 ilSY am i i COLOR CONWAY VINCENT TODAY; 1:30-3:15- gj 00-64530 They'd never forget the day he drifted into town. I VERM BLOOM MARIANA HilT . L.1I.H 11.111 H COLOR ! TODAY: 1:00-3-00- 1 I :0O7:OO:OO THE POWERFUL AND TRUE STORY OF SHERIFF BUFORD PUSSER WHO COULONT BE BOUGHT COULDNT JBE KILLED. WALKING JALL a," WFFKI They'd never forget the day he drifted i mo ti'wa 'K 200, 6-iO I 9:00 I j 3. VERNA BLOOM Served family style am 'FILET OF TENDER SWELT r'KIfcl) Flounder$l95lClams all you can eat! JL I all you can eat! f FRENCH FRIES HUSHFUPriES COLE SLAW TARTAR OR COCKTAIL SAUCE 1 6 FREE! Children 6 to 12, reduced Summer Hours! LUNCH 11:30 a.m. -2 p.m. DINNER 4:30-9 p.m. Mon. - Thurs. 1:30-9:30 p.m. Fri. &Sat. 11 :30 a.m. -9 p.m. Sun. 25 price 3 DENBI HAMPTON at Sinclair Circle, 826-9195 Warwick Blvd. at Stoncvbrook, 877-3095 country-western music and Walt Parazaider studied jazz and classical clarinet. Bass player and vocalist Peter Cetera also began in rock and drummer Danile Seraphine studied music formally while playing in rock bands. During 1972, Chicago toured Japan and Australia, and claims to have shattered every entertainment attendance record in both nations. i sWiamrifi IIi1MiI ll 'imaaaum SCREAMER NO. 2 rm fO s3 oprbe4l t; SCARER NO. 3 iaiiiil Coming flttfQctfon Today: Roller Derby (Chiefs vs. Pioneers) 8;00P.M. Wed., MAY 30: A Celebration of Love Honor of Peninsula POWs TICKETS ALSO ON SALE AT ALL TICKETRON LOCATIONS ill if Hamptoivj KOQO Colieum ran information, call Hampton 838-4203 Williamsburg 877-988 Norfolk 627-1440 SOX OFFICE HOURS 10 AM-6 PM Mon. thru Sat.. 1 Pm-6 PM Sun. & Holidays MAIL ORDERS Write to: "NAME OF SHOW HAMPTON ROADS COLISEUM P. O. BOX 7309 HAMPTON. VA. 23666 ' Enclose self-addressed. stamped envelope. - . liitM Is Coming Friday, June 8 to lldHIUIUII nUdUS hUiuiHuiM ...... - - - " w iiUIMMIIIIIDU Coliseum! YOU GAH SAVE $1.50 On Each Friday Night Ticket (Daily Press night) By Ordering Tickets Now (use coupon below) 500 PERFORMERS and ANIMALS! rem j J iW taV'llifi: ,J U MARIANA HILL H -gf COLOR H 1:30 3 25.5 20 H 7:90. ?0 Jf$ WINNER OF g K O ACADEMY AWARDS! r SHOWING AT 7:30 THESE ARE THE I I Five Oeweratt Women 10:00 Marcus Wplby 11:00 Nrws. Weather, Spts. 11:30 Entertainment 1:00 News I AT 6:00-8:15 'TWILIGHT HR. 5:30-6:00 NBC 0VH)OSrLIO vHMuanwwHM Television WHRO-TV Educational Channel 15 ETV 4:00 Sesame Street 5:00 Misterooerj' Neighborhood S:30 Electric Company :00 Sesame Street 7:tl) Electric Comoany 7:30 Making. Things Grow 100 French Chef I 30 Bill Movers' Journal :00 Behind The Lines 9:30 Crafty Creations 10:00 Jan 10:30 Humanist Alternative Television WYAH-TV Chonnel 27 Portsmouth, Vq. CBN 11:00 New Zoo Bevue 11:30 Cartoon Festival 11:53 Paul Harvey 12:00 TOO Club - 2.00 Jim I. Tammy 3:00 Bugs Bunny 3:30 Pooeve 4:00 Tlmmy And Lassie 4:30 Gllllgan's Island 5:00 Leve It To Beaver 5:30 Gomer Pyle :0O Dkk Van Dyke : Courtship Of Eddit'S Father 7:00 Daktari 1:00 700 Club 10:00 Teach-in 10:30 Right On 11:00 Paul Harvey 11:15 Art Linkletter HELD OVER " SHOWING AT 6:30" I d issClass 1:15 Ms XMM. PG rfl AX M II 1 .ii'iiiiii'iiiirfiirfn Poloct FeMturett 5:40, 7;20,9:00 GODMOTHER oftlBonall! Wylht Fcaiurtii 7:20.9:00 JheycaDher HBJJLJS klWtMl COLO,f W Creamyou 1 ir "WHAT A STIRRING, colors liSPELLBINDING ENTERTAINMENT.'. Tonight at: 6 45.9 03 ui..i..i..Mi.r,-mia 6 THRILLING I .)SB - f PERFORMANCES! JJfcJ mmmm!. mmmmwmmmmmmmMmmm The Wonderful Screen Experience You Must Not MIU! ail 30 with portiol repeoi? mm I nw.,,a:.iKajiN4 tgmwmmmmmmmwwmmmm 1 "SALZBURG ;coNNEaioN"l pen wrTTDFiS STELLA STEVENS "Soli 10,30 ONIY Rfffltt kiwi wmm. color m mm m m w r""" mr mmmmmmmsmm rniirrr rwvHiiur m mm i 1 'mmim ALL SEATS RESERVED tax included $3.50 $4.50 5.50 SAVE $1.50 On Each Price Ticket (Firday, June 8) By Using Coupon Now! Tickets may be picked up in person by presenting this coupon at Coliseum box office through June 5. CIRCUS APPEARING JUNES THROUGH 10. (MAIL COUPON TO HAMPTON ROADS COLISEUM raJjWCoJliseurnpriv, Hampton, Va. 23366 I . Mail Tickets To Friday Night Performance Sponsored by The DAILY PRESS, INC. i. TO: Nam ADDRESS i CITY...' Number of Tickets ... STATE., ... & ZIP........... pr tickets a - Totol amount of chock or money order $ NEVER MAIL CASH! Mak check or money ardor payable la HAMP. TON ROADS COLISEUM. Enclose MlUddrotted, .tamped envelop. I

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