The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY,.MAJICH.27...19.4C_ Fll >rr«sts As He Tries To Board & K4 ft * <»4 » ** * * r?m Russian* Vessel ,. if ,,„, Starr Comspcmleht THE WOMEN By RUTH MH.I.KTT NfeA Staff Writer The. other, women thought she Ore,, .Jdar. 27. (OP). QcoUi Gregorovich Redln, a . M Russian Navy lleu[*naht in Jail today, charged with e "algilnst the peace and Slty of : 'the United Stales of ci '" . , was the first Russian to be on espionage charges since . World War Ii: • FeSeral Bureau of investigation agsrSI^ seized , the. stocky Navy offl-. pet Hi/it night as he tried to board th«, -Russian Cannery Ship Allna ' i brief prel[rnlnafy,> hearing U. S.. i Corrnri'i&i6ncr Robert hg. .was accused, of, getting Information about the U. S. i) DeXroyer Tender Yellowstone rrian unnamed person,.with t \ii~ ivto transmit It to Soviet Riis- JJ complajrif , did,, not IdenMfy. --—->ri i-h'o dlegedly gave Red- was a 1 1'ittle queer—and certainly lazy—for w)v>n summer came she threw! 1 off the cares of a house and mdved • out-doors. , If .she had gone off to a resort for the summer months, it would have been proper. Hut she hadn't the money for Hint kind of Jiving. arid,- besides, she dltln'l want 10 eave her husband. So she made her own resort nt loiiie. .It so happened she used a country club for her summer \orne, because , of its good -swini- ulng pool, nut a public park wou|d! have done almost as well, In the morning, as soon as her lusband was off for work, she vhlzz£d through . the dishes and 'lie minimum amount of housc- dralghlcnlng. loaded Into the car he.,..two small children, . n picnic sit;- ln You Can Vacation At Home This Summer lunch, and some reading material and headed for the great outdoors. All day the kids were In and out of the water, playing happily and growing brown and strong, And she, who might have been a hurried housewife, was lying-,In the SHU utterly relaxed, or reading in the., of a tree.,..-! . NO NEGU:CTKI> WORK , And, while the family.was eiu joying these idyllic, days, work wasn't piling up at home.^rJo one was there to tear ..up tlie house, France Grants U.S. Air Rights New Agreement Also Will Provide France Entry To U.S. Cities .. and the laundry was . minimum, for ihree members of the family were practically .Jiving In bathing suits. Taking fare pf the children was a . relatively simple matter of keeping an eye on .them. , Tlie trio— happy, cool, and rest- (jd— came home each night In lime for Mama to get dinner on the able. information ! .Rf^ln was jailed In lieu of *S,<»00 bond. ; Tofelng back his shock of heavy bl»£klhair, Redlri listened, vs I^edy reaoV^the charges a'nd then' called for,;-The Russian.consul." !. ,"I-iobject to this business." he r Daniel Kladov, representative of the'-Russian Purchasing Commission^ lief e,' said the nearest Soviet CflhiW was at San Francisco. "Wi> assume they will be notl- ' "iere," he said. . '(.sald, the .consul,.at San "' wo'uld arrive here today „_ »r preliminary hearing. il'n.,; wis,, attached,. fq the So; ,r : Purifba&rng Commission K -tile and had an apartment in , trie -sw^nK, First Hill District, Ife wij-influ'eifilial. in While Russian eijsles and was known to ncwspn pernjen for his reticence. '.. jt-eedy rend the charges to the Rti&Sjan with solemnity: , r ' "Yjou are charged with violating ..'^tie United States code...for trie "purpose of obtaining informa- tlon'respecting the national defeixse df,the_4Initedr.J3taies and .with,the intent-or reason to believe that tlie information to be obtained was Jo, be_ used to the advantage" of a \t ocelgn .^rift'tlon': To. wjt'c. ".'•The .Union of Soviet Socialist Riiublics." ••••.> - .Redin tapRc.d his f opt, .and ,.drew his hands' lf\to the'sleeves' of his dark. blue, gold-braided .uniform. -. . / -"I object\to ; -this buslhess," he : sa!a. "I want the Soviet'• consul." ; " (.Yfful ,'dld wduce another to obtain plans. "ioouWents and writings relating to,"the",yss. Yellows.lon.e. 'a destroyer tender of the, Oriited Slates Navy, contrary to the form of ita^&iatute -Iri such'^pases...... against^^ije: peace arid dignity of the ^JJfhlted -States of America," t*edy' •> continued. Th^ : cbrnplaint charged that the documents wefe obtained Dec. 22 Hedin, .wore gray slacks and a swea6:YnfVt: when he was arrested nearvThe'docic area. For thi hearing ifjf; changed Into a blue navy uniform,with, stripes and a stir oh the coat sleeve. : Re»M>ea. by .telephone In ^ttle, Mrsij-Ridin said she knew nothing • of Ker husband's arrest., "I'l&ow.nothing of the, rrtatter," he insisted, "qall .the FBI. They will Wll you all about ty. , .... . "I Sive a child and do you know you ;3$), awaken him with your continual telephone calls?".. , Then she slammed down the ie. of the Soviet ..was' attached, to Ata a's ah officer. The recently refitted and re- actually Is a floating can- n 19^2 anc(. lived In Seattle most >f tlie time. He had been muler surveillance [or several inoiuhs. Tile A.una, was scheduled for "early sailing." The taciturn Russian officer Wa?-aboard the S..S. Pucnto Hills when It arrived al Seiitlle lasL March 10 towing the after-half of, ..the, wrecked Russian tanker DontiAss. When newspapermen boarded the Pucnle H|lls,,Ke<lm flouted In Russian, "Get them' out of "ere »s soon. as. possible." .The clfciinistancRs of Rcclln's arrest indicated that he was not a member or a ring of Soviet agents, authorities said. The FBI customarily prftys a wailing game and cracks down only when It is ready to arrest all members of a suspected ring, tniy added. . .Thp arrest .recalled, Secretary, of State James F. Byrnes' recent denial ,of a charge (hat the St.ale Department had asked the PHI not to arrest soviet agents for the tl(ne ljel"B. ' , It followed,by o'nly a week charges by Prime Minister iviacKeiwle King of , Canada that a Russian spy ring was operating In Canada.! ^Mothers of sma(l children often complain they never. gc( a fca) vacation, nut those In l^iut town who did the most cori}))lnlnlng ,hat sutmncr never .saw that yoii don't really have to. go ,p[way to a lake or to the mountains to cs cnpe from n , house and Its , If you are willing,, (a. ., constd; COHDriKY UhUud Press Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 27. <UP> -—The United Stales and France today sighed new aviation agreL-niei;i giving this country far-reaching commercial air rights in Prance and across the North Atlantic to the East, the South Atlantic to i Africa, the Pacific lo the Orl- cnl and In Hie Caribbean. France obtains five routes across Ihc Norlh Atliiutic. In the Carib- bc-iin and between Inrto China and Manila if the Philippines govern- ini'tit apinovos. )">li>t!i to be .served hy U. S. alr- llnc's are Paris, Maj'seliies, Algiers, Tunis, Dakar, PollUe Rolr, Bra//^- villc. Guadeloupe, Ivlarthilnue, Frtncli Guinea, New Caledonia. Hal- (•oii. and Hanoi. Tlie agreement Imposes no llmi- tiiilons on numbers of flights so long :is capacity of airplanes Is kept in line with available traffic. Under the five freedoms, airlines of cither country may pick up traf- fie in another and carry it to u to at- crecl iniy by other women, you can do It right in your own home town. Manila- Exceeds $300 Goal Set In Polio Drive "Better Into than never" is the old .saying to wbch citizens of Manila adhere, and that Is tlie reason they surpassed their $'JOO ffba] in the recent Infantile Pnra- lysis Fund campaign. The. campaign officially ended several weeks ago .with Manila $29.93 short of Its goal. The school turned In an additional $34.00 last week to bi'liu; the lolal to $3W.57. E. C- Fteetnan is chalnnai\ of Lhc campaign in Manila. . Ffa'nce In return, gained commercial entry to New York, Washing- tori', Chicago. Boston, Puerto Rico and the tile; of the United Nations Organisation. She Is the first foreign. .na.tlon specifically' authpri/'ed to serve. UNO's eventual home In this' country by all 1 . The, agrccmcnl, which embodies the n,vti freedoms, of the air. was signed, in, Paris by .French Foreign Minister Georges Btdault and U S. Anib'assAdor Jefferson Caflery. The text was made public here. H was accepted by the United States as. tin executive agreement, nbt'-snbjqct to Senate ratillcation. As sileh it was almost certain to be at- (iick'ed in the, Senate Commerce C9m|nittee, where efforts arc afoot to require that all air agreements be treaties retiulrini! two-thirds Seriate vpte. The agreement opens to U. S. carriers all air bases built on French territory during tlie war, either partly or wholly by the U. S. It provides for eight U. S. routes Sergeant York Wiris Another War Citation NASHVIU.E, Tenn., Mar. 27. (U.PJ—Sergt, Alvln C. York, termed by General pershlng as America's outstanding soldier of World War I, wears a World War II medal tocay. And the mail who single-handedly captured a German machine gun battalion In 1918 wanls (he Unfteo States, to deal in "cold facts anc cold steel" instead of a policy of appeasement. • York and Major Dwite II. Shaff- ncr, another Congressional Weda' n the war. tart permission given Prance in "«•.«»»"'«•. ^ong.e.ssio. ai Meua this regard to pick up New York of Mollw wln " < ! 1 ' '"World War I Irarnc destined for Mexico. , were presented seleclve service ,,, . , medals yesterday afternoon by Kates will be set by carriers but Oov . j| m Accord. York was must be apjiro\'cd by (he govern- mdils. Disputes will Ijc referred to Hit 1 provisional International Civil Aviation Organization at Montreal. In this and in other features, the agreement is like that recently concluded with Britain. The agreement supercedes one reached in 1939, which limited Mights to U'-'o weekly, and a temporary one under which service lias recently bci-n operating to Paris. Plights under the new agreement can begin | immediately. l':m American Airways and United .Yqrk said he wants' _. r .._...,_ States lo keep the afoiii bom6' secret as "it could mean .the en,d. of civilization If we don't." He favors extension of the dra'ft for another year, and. some .form of compulsory,, jullltary training for the nation's youth. praising Ih'e work of Ihe United Slates on the Iran' question, York sakl tha't "we should tell Russia exactly where she can. go .and where she ca.n't go and. make a note of it.' He .added that he believes. Ijie chances of another war are small but t^iat "yve have tried the appeasement nietho'd and it didt/'t work, K's time how', to deal In cold facts and cold steel." .uemb'er of tlie Fen tress Count; draft beard, and Shaffher, how on' active duty at State Selective Service Headquarters, served on an Akron. Ohio, draft board early Transcontinental and Western, Air have been designated to operate the North Atlantic services provided In tlie agt''eeine'nt. ., ...,,*.... "It Pmys to AdTertlM" SCOTT ALLEY ° |A!I N. Fimnktbi St. Phone nas ftead Courier .ttavs >Vt.inl .Ads. Products of Proven Qualify SPEC/A/. THIS WEEK ONLY SINK STRAINER Made of aluminum, bright mil lira I finish, trimigulur shajfe, si/e !lx7x2^j inches. J.ADY..KIBBARO POLISH Ternporsry relief for symqtom* of brnnchut STHMA and HAY FEVER Nebulizer AT YOUR DRUGGIST! the Al vessel, paired, nery.- In.' Washington, Soviet embassy sources said they "never heard" of Ked'inr.'.-..",.' : He., came to the United States SCRATCH REMOVER 2-1 07. boltle 19c Cleans and polishes in one easy Try H today. 07. hultlr Hiclrs nicks ;iiul marks iti \votul\vork. SOILAX GLASS CLEANER SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sixes 12 in. to 34 in. A.H.Webb Hwy. 61 at State Line Phone: Blytheville 714 Pho(ie2611 When You're in d r "Harry #o'r flieit • CM • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR 3 Service Trucks and ) 4 Tire, Men ; at Your. Service H*vra-6 to 6-7 Days i MARR'S Street Only I '/: lb. iiliRs. I'"or cleaning walls, paint and general use. Only 10c 8 oz. bottle. The modern «ay tii <;lciu Kla'ss at all kinds. Saiii-Wax The Miracle Cleaner Let SAM-WAX linmllc yoiir woodwork and furni- lurc, for jail cleaning and a.lovely finish. No pre- clcariing; no aflcr rub. Rich, smooth, pleasant U< use.' CLEANS - WAXES - POLISHES FLAXOAP t Ih. rans Hi^h quality linseed oil soap. cleans without affecting JOHNSON'S PASTE WAX 63c inoleitin, etc. LOOK! 1006 Hour AB Radio Batteries $4.16 Each PLANTERS HARDWARE .oa/in& WINTHROP'S EXECUTIVE The smart good look* and quality "feel" of this neat Winlhrop oxford make it first choice among busy executives who know the value of poise and grooming. $7.50 Til Ilrowii Olfltr Stylt $5.50 to $9.50 INTHROP SHOES Family Shoe Store America's Largest Airline Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively RHEHMATIC PAIN «Ml »tl Ifill ittr.ttf— (•! «t1.r 11 «i« . Don't put, off gettimj C.2223 to relieve palp of niuscutaf rheumatism and other rheumatic pains. Caution: Use only as directed. First bottle purehaw price back.if not satwiied. 60c .and |i.QO.. Today, buy .C-2223. Summer's Coming, Toe VANCOUVER, yVosh.- (UP)—T[ie Vancouver, rega.tta will be l^l-i Aug. 17-18, Chairman Lyle Trtia:< announced. The Columbia River regattu win feature speedboat races, a street festival and street dance, and tlie crowning of a regatta queen. Read Courier News Want Ads. : Order .Youj New Electroiux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's,the New: Cleaner .that does everything easily and efficiently. You've waited fir it Now yon fan jet It. Just Phone 2650 , R. M. Gravrs, Local Mmnacer .126 "W. Main Phone 515 of American AMinrr, In,:, K-Jwi* flanft ut* Dream Hofne for Sale . . . Completely furnished modern home in choice location with Attic fan, electric refrigerator arid riot water heater. Butane bottle gas cooking stove. Equipped with Sheefrotfc walls. Will sell furnished or unfurnished Don't buy u'rifil yb'u see' this fine home. See or call , Gordon Herrick 10'25 W. Main St. Phone 2290 FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS nanted from State Cetlifled SetA 50 Tons Alfalfa Hoy D. & P. 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