The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE Stit EI.VTHEVTt..LE, (ARK.) COUfclfch THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, JL CHAPTEll 1 fpJIE ;ott»s mm wilh Ilia $ray eyes; clean-cut profile and well- knit shoulders passed lli« pretty girl In I'nllmaa 20 again. Funny bow flie could still be- reading the same magazine BO— well, so darned enthusiastically. He would have been cheered It ba liod known that the girl occupying the Pullman two S«RU ID Jroni ot Llm was aware that be had passed to and from the observation car eiaclly two dozen times tlnce they led Washington anil that «1- most us many times she bad Et!fleO tlie Impulse to fallow. Ii was plain that the observation car was Interesting to ttie yonny man and Just as plain Ills Interest was Ebon-lived, once lie readied It. "Jtesiless," Joan Waring do- cldcil. "inrl spoiled. Likes bla way Kenorally jets It. If there were the slightest excuse, he'd lie starlln-r turaellilnB right . now." Sha smiled Into her macailne lust as ilio occupant of Pullman 2* swung through the coach RMtii. llo noted the isnillo and checked u up atalust her. Likes silly stories, If she didn't, why In lier.vcn'3 narna had sho sat for two days Kith her particular!) Jirctly '-osa ,„ R mRMI , no those particularly lovely eyns up- o:> It. refusing to meet his eyes uuce In a while? could you do ID a case ! probably think ho was trying to H.fs? Evidently bis educa- 1 concoct one of thoso silly nffnirfi comriaulonahly, let's talk It uver." Hut no — that would be ]ust the thing slie wouldn't Uo. Sim woulil urc so obvious." "I hope you don't think—" ' "It Isn't necessary when tilings ho cr.l? TT7.7, !• T. r 'ou agate." "Well, you >xn't!" , "Oh, yes. I'll ring eve:? f~,x-- bell In Memphis nntH 1 fird jov.. : ' "Ouri doc-unit ring." "Then I'll IIBO the knotlm." The girl raised h« eyes to hta, regarding him coolly. She Epoki slowly, "I think you aro tho most absurd person I e\or met and lilt most conceited to think that I—" TTEll voice broke. She turned *•*• nnd walked swiftly toward the stair. Her eyea were shining. A girl with hlond hair, a big chap and a delicate-looking youngster were coming to meet her. "Joan!" It Tvaa a chorus from tho newcomers. "1'at, Bill, Denny!" Tho blond girl was kissing her. So her name, waa Joan! He was following not too closely, when a voice hailed lilm: "111 there. Bob Weston! Well, what do you know nhout this? What are you doing in Memphis?" " "Duko Turner!" ' They shook hands. "Last person In the world I ever expected to see! Say, Bob, whore you stopping? Can't I put you up?" "Thanks, BO. I have a room at tho hotel. l)ut I'd ll'ie to be with you tomorrow. Say, Duke, wait n mlnuto, will you? There's a girl 1 want tcj see—" "Well, of course." Grinning. Bob scanned tho motor cart moving away from the curb but tho quartet ho Eought had disappeared. "Anything Important," asked Duke, his eyes on Bob's sober face. linn h::ij been neglected for it pro- Uded nu oipedletices for such & Eltuailuii except the time-worn cms ivhlch would, he felt sure, not wuik with this type o[ e t r ], ' He (irlnned as ha thouelit ol tliu ul<t methods such as: "I'm mil or. matches. Stupid ot me. liut If yoii|-." Vnat procedure had cnnie In uric.- tlio old handler- chief ntnn died ol old age and cb:ise. ;" Som» : of the fellows at school had kept a regular, supply, ot girl's iBndkerclilefs which often lui-.-eil Uie nay to a number if til- teitstlnj adventures. Tho mulch Idea prflbably bad been outmoded too while lie was grinding away at Huston ;Tccii. Anyway, ji wouldn't work. Jftut with this self-assured young .woman vho was so omra- Then, as her eyes fell on the which had always disgusted him. hauilkcrchlef In his hand, her tone Us face Grew red nt tho thought j changed. "Oh," she fald In contu- and he settled Inlo his seal more | sloi!. "It 13 mine! How In the comfortably, reaching for a may- , vo ,.|,|_-" Color flew to her face. Sho was sure ho was thinking that she liad Ins-lied tills, resorted to Ilia old izlnc. At [he end of (ho Imlf hour he vG It up bec.iuso lio realized that not ci;o word was registering. llo was simply mooning over an | trick. unapproachable young woman who looked as though slio could be fr!or.dly nnd iniderstiiniUns anil yet had maintained that consistent aloofness throughout two try- lug, yet Etiun^qh' Interesting days. The porter had stopped anil was Sho reached for tho handker. chief, and then laughed Eudilenly. "You vcrc silly," nob snld easily, falling b r o sle». Ilia eyes teased. "Surely." he weiit on, "a younc MlA.s tt tbat Bouient wa« en" vclc,|icd III her mother's arrtn. •'l).:rlliiK, joli'r* grown up!" "I was grown before I went • "Vim were 4 ust a little girl." • u-ii Mrs. Waring tenderly. Sho i i- il:lnlilng that Joan had r 1 .:.iixi'H In thb year plnco her last <•: ii :it hnme. There was an air i: rr-yjiDiisllilllty about her. Il -:,,i-. < ii hi iier dark eyes, In the ••' "i tho slim young shoulders j > : in Hie preoccupied little tuck »'i i -ipiiOFirod tiow lu her smooth '•' •: I u» she met her mother's '"'jihi'i. joh're thinner." "v* •!.:!-. yuu'ro uot to worry • •' i i'ii'! I'm feeling line." Mrs. ' ••!• :iM< il liTelevanlly. "Dick's i": ii in", iitnl gelling alone 1 i Mr'H mine home to servo '•--••I i:.n:-;licd. "Mother, you i Are you trying to r.. . .-•, i i- nil already?" :i ',::m liL'i.'ii iiltuost four years >• .• l...;ii hail seen Dkk Thornton. I- i :iil uinljably changed a lot. I :-i i:r.d cnrrlcil her liooks when r..' v iitleiulcd Bruce school. Jun- I:- liii;h <hys had separated them «i.i'ii ilio Thorntons had moved in ii suburban section. Mm most afternoons and eve- n.uus tic could be found at tho Waring home. Dick was a staid t::uinr when Joan entered Centra High mil not loo dignified and 1m pncint lo carry her books Lgain, tu ratch her progress proudly and Euard iier at football guinea from encroaching masculine glances. T liroiichoul the two years at Miss Harrington's It had been the same. It would he nlco to see Dick n^ln. Dear, devoted Dick! But rapher lu tho office uexi. to ours, ii *vouUl not be especially exclt- you "Well, rather. Duke, flo know n girl named Joan?" "Ves, ot course." "That makes It all right. You would kuow her — " "Dumbbell!' I Vnow a dozen Joans In Memphis. Well, at least a halt dozen. Joan Bakcir, Joan lUchard-an — " "Sho has gorgeous darl: hair and wonderful blue eyes." "Umn. Joan Smith, tho sienog- "/( is mint!" Joan said. 5/ie reachid /or the handl{trclile!. •• ... in the world — "P." with winter articles and In winter It held summer clothes and always when it was opened It gave out & tresh, puDgent ecent of cedar which was pleasant. The rug had been old when she lelt for Holbrook Hall. It was threo years older now. More than once the and Fat had studied Us waning posslbllllles as a floor covering and moved furniture lo hide I-JVOBODY ever could follow Tal'3 Gatlicrlng up his "Coming ! ™" la " " Ith so Illucl1 Into Memphis, liciss." "Ou time, aro we?" perleuco na you havo evidently :haJ— kccplni; your head when "Vessah, wo're right on lime." nil about you men nro losing Ilouerl Weston reached tor his theirs, as Klpllug would snjr—" -T""»fa ,'iuHiMu >.nu was so omra- cnnrf ctuusl/jlovjly, devastatlngiy dlt-^ n . vn . dlstractlnsly ^we with liw'gray-blue eyes, straight lluly nose and her dark hair. i • • • T>UT. with all the glamor, there was something sensible uud geriuine and matter-of-fact about lie could like this girl, lie felt hat and overcoat, -swung his nhout his neck and moved toward the'cnlrnnco. llo Rlnnred "Is all that Citragavnal speech ccessary?" "What I mean," Bob Ignored suddenly as Uio girl behind him! iho remark, "Is that you should lie able to distinguish between the ' *iucl of men who wouldn't try to 9 IHj. i meet a nlco girl except through has hlack hair, but hoi- byes aro brown. Say, what size do you think this town Is anyway? Now, at Princeton It you wanted to rind a Joan It would bo a Elmplo matter. A dozen fellows could help you. Hut really. Boh. I'ro grciwn. serious nnd gray lu the three years sluco wo were at school and that sort of tiling is rather oxu of my Hue now." "Don't he a darn tool. This Is 110 heavy dnto. This is a real girl." j "t;:>. I see," Ills friend's eyes 'twinkled. "Well, In that case, Ins;. There was nothing really very eiclting about Dick. JOAN stirred, stretched slim, hon and relegated to tho attic with the nondescript collection ot old furniture, old clothes, old magazines, old toys. Up In the attic where Pat had turned somersaults BO adventurously from a rafter when she was 10 and Joan had come to griel and unconsciousness trying to follow. I'll have ibinothliig soon." Tat thought o! her job tyiiiiii In tu« large uaidwaru cuucej u. "We can't go very far uu %\'> » week." she cald. "Oh. Joan. H> hard lielug so poor! Do you sun- poso we'll ever be anybody';" "Dun'i worry. I'll t."l ««inc- thing." 'Yes. You'll gel a ha" rtir/i-n kids, lo leach' alter calling i»u - : ' the mothers lu Memphis. I >••"' something, too. after wearing <nti u tinlf dozen pairs ol Rll'H sii.i : t ings, Interviewing evtiy di-i':n:- ment store manager In IOUT after answering nil ilu- uds lui i<male help which uniii'd mil i'i cmiiinisslmi lubs—:ifn>r i.e.- teriilK at all tliu agiMieti s m.: never hearing from ihi'in hnriniM- more elllclonl anil ljcMi.-r it..UN,: Klrls hail registered iiffnie i:\utter askint: all uiir liicml- i.. ithluMTiL: what n. line In IP I <i i • In auyihl!]£ they <'< ( ;:i; p : please use their inlliteiu-o MI : '. 'Pal. v.'ill you s:n]i!" J OAN was loiislui.B. I'm v:i- Hi- terly ridluulm.s. of iinini-. i «i tryluy Co find wink wlilmui '.nu ing iniE:-t he u soiiei'iuj; i'i "i . cnco. I Well, of course, [he ililsis v.-i.u:., Ihp to ^'o ahi>.it Ii m>iH''lx- • *-"' wnuld drive over to the si-l I ml- nuilisUaltou hull'liug cm r<i[it:.i nnd lalk to I'rofessor iavn.- i:i" n: wnrk as a sulisliiuip ti-m-li'-i ' •• i call Professor l-laiieim ;.t i •• . and Professor WilHou 1-1 I'I-EIULII They could iJ r i)b.ihly [ml ' !|1 ' M touch with some sl^deius m-i-'l '••: coaching for college. There must !•« opporiuiiUlc'? in worn places. uace. Even, tho boys Joan was suddenly swept by re- j spectnd her ahillies. Pat had been morse as she remembered how j 5 -jcfi a funny kid. shaking her red carelessly the had accepted ibeUilk parasol iii the, face ot the came near. "1 beg your pardon." Cheers. It had hecn ruse, blocking the way. Probably she suspected—but It had worked. lie moved aside. "Sorry." lie l:i!uw U. Funny, UO*Y you could liimw things liko that. Just what would happen, hfjj'lj"^ vjouityVed. if bo should walk u ' snld It abruptly, nt loss lo seize otiportunity now that It was proto him. Others had pressed ' to Her ami say something like lliii—which, by tho wry, would La [he exact truth: a moment tlie girl WILS ^cry close to him. Ho watched her later as the so- ' channels aud—" "Aro there men Ilko thai?" ilia eyes glinted with humor, but he concluded llrmly, "And the lyjie who would resort to nmsher methods." They were In the lobby now, and Iho gill lifted her eyes to his frankly. "Well, as a matter-of-fact 1 strong arms over her head and then bounded luto a sitting posl- tlun. iJraclous, it mutt tie seven o'clock! The next moment she was oiuggllog under the comfort lui'urluiisly. Easy to forget she vrnsn't at Holbrook Hall with an cnriy morning pupil to coach. luxurious lite nt Holbrook Mall: the charming suite with Its ilaiuiy bath and shower that she had ! shared with Ellen uud sing at enterlaiiiiueiils, il --In- ly knew about them. Mr:i ' Courtwell probably cmilri her to the right people, s: so active In club aud s<jH:ii lit-' nd so understanding anil n ihe had been interested in IH'imy bo summer hesiioniso mm-li ti'."-- t the clinic—after he lm>i>ti W« arm. thus adding in his <-;i-t roubles. are you thiiil'.inr-; r.»-y inaybo wo could do something Kasy lo forget 8Le was at home. about It. Sure she lives In Memphis? Might bo passing through, you know." 'Her luggage was marked 'J. W. Memphis.' Besides a flock ot relatives met b:>r." Ten minutes Inter Bob was standing before a window In hla hotel room starlug out. But ha Tomorrow it would seem less strange, perhaps, to be away from all the excitement—the rush ot things that were somehow so ordered, and to he bock home sct- lllug Into old grooves again. Everything WBS so exactly the his own haggnge. ho hurried after her. his long strides bringing him want to tremendously. So I am taking this eitraordiaary way of meeting you. il happens to be the HrsT l(me I'fe bceo such a darned Idint and opened t couversatton wiih rt girl." Mnxiie sha would light a clga- ret, blow a smoku ring and say was not tricking ot the panorama sume here at home. The mabog- spread below—ihe symphony at ony desk stood In the same corner, less orderly than It should be. with I'al's wrlling materials si-uttered over It and stacks of old letters esposed. The chiffonier which Joan and Pat had shared since th-'y were little children was close again as sho iiearcd the i smoke and lights n.i-i bullillogs. Sho had spirit, that girl. Ho liked that too. Duko was thinking, too, na ha guided his coupe through trallie along Union. This ;-;au. Well. If she knew what, a JKHti^VVUL ..__. alinusblKafrli.'ftftlfiilfllHllJlrJs? Biich|er\ Weston. heir lo, .Hie Wesioc outline* In the barf gloom. Thc Sito. kindness. I look your hamlkcr- [fortune,, and one 'of New York's "1 leg y«er pariloo. iJid dro|i your handkerchief?" Ichle? from you as you were loav-lmor.t cllglhla -youtig 'bachelors, you ' i,i g u, 0 train." j waj raving lllib !$• lli)n»?fc I^M 1 j "You took my handkerchief!" ' threatening <o turn Jhf ^tyUa jnld' * * * 'Amazement In her eyes. "1 think ^ty upside dof» lobklsg C-r t Ifc whirled, resenlmcnl In her vn ,i aro perfectly oulrageous." '. sirl named Joai.f eyes and in her voice. . "Of course. liul It seemed lo bcj . " . square bulk of the cedar chest iigiy-tc-nipercd cow, and then, scrambling over tho fence Just In timu 10 escape vicious horns. iTIirre waa the tlmo Put cama out Jronson, the rich twins Innn Jer- .from under tho car with ails sey City. Things must have been Igrtase smudged on her little nose )ard at home. Everythiti:; ivat : shabbicr/or perhaps U was lust because sho had grown accustomed lo luxuries. So exactly the same here, even tho closet door wide open with Pat's clothes revealed tu coliir- aftur locatluB the trouble and fixing it. while Iho big Brown boys •luixl helplessly by. "Now, drive it:" I'at had said contemptuously. Juan turned, studying the yuang sleeper beside her. Tat'a I'li-.ihdcd. white arms were outside ful disorder. Many ot Pal's tlie cover. How lovely she-was dresses were hanging from hou!:s. j with her long lashes against her The old ones would be hauglm; j cheeks and tbat Impudent, pro- from hooks. How easily I'at tired '• vocative till to her slender nose! of her clollics! Joan's things were sllll In her wardrobe trunk. Perhaps she would leave them there for a while. Nonsense. Imagine living in a trunk at home! Almost as though she were preparing to return to school. Almost as though she had not come homo to stay! The thought was sobering. Well, never mind. Dlrfomas were was In Its familiar place under the j "or. tho most important things lu window, piled with bright ere- '-' world, after all. What did peoplo do with them after all tho bothert Nowadays tuey vreren'l loirie. cushions tnd some more frivolous ones ot lace and organdy. In summer the chest wus Qlled even framed. Just fled wilt :J- When her eyes opened, they would bo a clear, cool, lovely blue. Pat's blue eyes opened. ".Well, old gal. you r. r o here, aven't youl Glad to bo back?" In the slightly husky drawl that was so typt cally Pat. "Terribly glad to he with you and mother, lienny and Bill." "If. I didn't know you, Jean, I'( say you're a cheeitul liar, but you would bo glad like Poilj tnna over nothing." Pat was silent a mo incut. "Joan, can yo'a ^ali me how wo'ra coing to manage this win ter and nest summer and nex year? No money, no credit!" _ -'Well, you'ro working. And Joan? You lool; so sohsr. icd?" "^o, we can't alford to wi;: "Can't afford uot to." s:iui 'Joan, I want a different mother's. 1 don't want to slun- and gel wrinkles aud &oiy li:ili and be worried everlastingly -lie- causo my chlldrei. can't go w.ili the right people. I wan io helmi? .0 the Cotillion Club aud the limner Club. It's no fuu t;[iiiL^ 10 movies when I want to dame uu a cool roof or go to tlie Cmimry Club. Some day I'm going KJ ?:iv : out to tho club' just as C:IKII::I:V aa other girls. Just wntcli r.iTl see!" Joan was out of bed now. slipping Into a bright green kiim<un. "Well, when do we begin peuniL- rich and powerful? And l:nv. (!•• we do It?" "I've an Idea I'll have to ninny a rich husband—like Jerry l'i:r- rester. 1 ' "Who 13 he?" "Just the boss's son lie's !•-•' n hanging around a lot. I'm ]ii:i :i- good looking as some of !'.:• ^'-i- who drive around with uli that big French car." She iirMi'il after a moment, "Joan, you l;muv you're awfully good looking nnv.- You've changed." Joan blushed. "Don't tic Filly!" "Prohahly there's a man " ".No." "Haven't you ever sceu une wuo oade you feel like you were iln- Ing a Hip-Hop from a plane—»!! escited aud scared anil thrillert?" "Idiot!" Joan added after a moment honestly: "Well, one—!" (To lie ConllB!"''!) |-Waterfowl From the North : Are Arriving at Big Laki Blue Eagle Bride ! The big misration of northern ;I:E O thousands ot red and blue j > waterfowl Is under way. Mallards, birds. ! ; pintails. ; scaup nnd green winged ! Q,,,,,,. (lo lrot ndvni , Hc( , ot navaiuagr- 01 c y '«'»")' follow U-al are. arriving daily at the 9,000 (acre federal reservation at Big thc "*»™nuon. Lake, . 12 -miles west of here, ac- 1 th r r 'vcr and no not stop in the cording to Stephen B. Crossley, one Uacl because ol the heavy foliage ' of the seven civil service protectors . Rut there is a large concentration- i In the entire United States, who Is \ r.f other waterfowl beginning In the i in charge- of the preserve. i early fall. Last autumn Crossley cs- • j These 'waterfowl find a welcome . Undated tlial between 35.000^ and i rcEtins place in this heavily wood- j 4C.OOO ducks fed and roosted there ed tract, which serves as a -hotel" : on "'eir way south. for them on the long flight to their; Mr. Crossley says the rcservnliou southern winter ranges. Here they j is very irnijorlnnl to tlie migratory . feed and are allowed to rest until • birds since it is the only suitable "; freezing weather drives them fur- ; resting place they arc able to find • tlier southward. | when flying through the Misstesjp- ; The reservation starts about two i P' valley- between a iwint about 30o 1 miles north of Big Lake bridge and ' mllcs south ot SI. Paul. Minn., nnd j extends >,s far a s the Arkansas- , Ncw Orleans. -I MteourL ."Ute line. It has always I Ducks and many oilier birds may ; been a natural habitat for wild life b? found at thc reservation ail of all -klhds because of its location • month? ol tlw year, although thc ; and thc Jialure of the land. Twelve ! heaviest concentration is during the v-Mars ago the federal government spring and fall. In the spring and -•.* ped tfie- tract to hunters and j rummer many ducks nest and raise ~'-hce has devoted the area to the . their young, particularly In the past - inseryallon of birds, particularly j several years when parts of thc , uclis -' I [north have experienced dronths. j More than 300 various kinds of , Tlle spring migration to the north r«-lrc!s are'known by Mr. Crossley and generally starts about Fehruary 15. r lls assistant, Dick Hillhouse, to ' and U over by May. :* inke refuge in the reservation. ! Not only do the birds seek refuge L-.There are at least 20 sptcies of in the reseiratlon, but many wild 1 jtlucks. Among the most common animals also range In the wooded JMrds ««n on the reservation, how- [ tract. A number of deer have made Lisver, a«,th« mockingbirds, cardin- ; their home there during the sum- [1'als, sp»rro»s,-wood thrush, orioles., mer, but waucSer away when walcr |,t*r«n» md bltckbirdi. There are comes In v the fall and winter, A charming addition to thc NIlA family in Washington Is Mrs. John Whltlelsey Power (above), beautiful bride of lliu nssUlaut depuly NHA administrator. Slie !s the former Miss Mary Martha Sluart of California and New York. j Husky Ship of North : Succumbs to Hollywood ! SEATTLE (UP)—After years of j lighting storms in the Alaskan j waters, breaking through t reach| crous Ice floes lo carry food to . starving Eskimos nnd acting as a i hospital ship, thc Nanuk, former fSiberiaii trading vessel, has turn: ?d Hollywood. i She made her first movie how In the far-north thriller "The | S'.ik'iino." and now will sail tor Angeles where she will br made ready for the filming of tlir picture "Treasure Island." Til- Nanuls was bought by Mclro- ' Coldwyn-Maycr. ; The veteran vetscl Is commands'! by Capt. "B. Prestrud. who was with Amundsen in the exploration rhlp Frar.i In 1910. wen Mir cruised to the Antarctic and in 1311 made her way to Buenos 1 Aires nnd Argentina. ' The vessel will be re-rlggcd ic resemble one of the nth Century. , The winter will be spent filir/.u; i "Treasure Island" and In ihi> - spring the Nanuk will bo rc-r.-:- , -ert to resemble herself. She u,;! i Ihcn head north to film the M-- lucl tc "Thc Eskimo." Tarpon Won Liberty By Game Battle JACKSONVILLE. Fla. (UP) — The honor of having been the first j>ei5on lo land a tarpon in "ir.etro- l»5itan" waters here was declined by R. Z. Wright, business man. because thc fish had acted so purely and was so beautiful. Wright, according to bystanders, landed a five-foot tarpon after having tried unsuccessfully for three '.vceks. He struggled with it for 45 ::'.inutes and brought it np alongside his boat from where he re- ifsscd It. He lost, technically at Irast. the honor of having been the first person to land a tarpsn in the waters since It was discovered the fish were coming up the St. Johns River. First Golf Game at 78 CANYON, Texas (UP)—W. u. : Wocds. 78. celebrated his 5011) wcddinganniversary here by playing his first game of golf. He liked it better than croquet, which : he played 50 years 11 80. Now he wants to buy a share In the golf course and get a set of "tools" to kncck around with. liny your tjuarantead Famous Mineral Crystals at: Kx-Senator Gold Miner ! TONOPAH. KCV. L(jiV-Fo,.mer U. S. Senator Tasker Oddie. one oi the three original locators of'. Robinson Drug Co.. thc fabulously rich silver-gold dc- Fowler Drug Co., perils of Tonouah, is actively back. St. Francis Drug Store, in the mining 'game' after 12 years; Absolutely Guaranteed To You. i'.i the Senate. ^^^^_ Privately ownrxl airplanes require thc same kind of license as •"rnlancs nss.'d for commercial ptir-. " Teachers May Board Around' : CADIZ, O. (UP)—The old frontier custom ot "boarding around": teachers, may be revived in tlilf county this fall. With thc school: coards lacking funds to pay teachers, residents have offered to' provide room and board for teach-1 ers until sufficient funds are avail- able for regular salaries. Deer Endangered Crops HARRISBURO. pa. (UP)-Dcfr aic so plentiful 1n> Pennsylvania that they are seriously farm crops In many sections in one month farmers were forced to shoot 120 to protect growing crops. Practically all of thc deer were retained By thc farmers lor food. For fireyhound Lines IV.lcs and Time Schedules Transcontinental nnd Western Air, Inc. Postal Telegraph I'ast Package Express Service Cnl! GOO Head Courier News Want Atis. WHEN YOUR DAUGHTER COMES TO WOMANHOOD Most girl] in their (ceos need ' • tonic and regulator. Give your daughter LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for thc next few i months. Teach • hi- how to gu»rd her health at this criiiol time. When she il t happy, healthy wife and mother she wilt thank you. Sold at all good drug storeJ. LtrdiaEftnkham'* Vegetable Compound HEMORItHOIDS (Piles) cured wilhout the krife. Skin cancer, varicosed veins, Ion- sllft removed non-surgically- DKS. NIKS and NIKS Office 5U M»fn rhone 9S

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