The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NBWg Methodist 'Reshuffle Battle Grows Sharper By STEVEN V. DAVID SAN FRANCISCO I*—The battle over a plan for reorganizing Me'.h- odisl church administration sharpened today as the plan's leading opponent served notice he will not agree to any change ni church structure. Such changes are recommended 4 Can't Live Like 7 These Arabian Days CAMOUFLAGE: Hidden unirr •M ttiea* yard goods Is a veiled Armb woman walking toward Bou . ftzada, 'Arabia, m picture that's rarely aeen. Along wlUi other problem, her chances of being a wtf« are a lot ttx now. BOO SAADA, Algeria (NBA—111- fl»Uon has hit the Sahara Desert. For bhe first time in 1200 years iheik and camel driver alike are hard put to raise the price of a new wife. Though the Koran of Mohammed provides that every Arab male Is entitled to four spouses, the high cost of living Is making such marital luxury almost prohibitive. Time was when under the local marriage contract system a man could have gotten himself a nice young wife for six bags of semolina (a wheat derivative and the staff of Arnb life), a bale or two of wool, and a moth-eaten camel. No more. In the lust six montlis, the price of wives has risen nearly 30 per cent. As n result a nice lass will now set you back eight bags of Bemolina, three Lilies of wool, and one young camel or two old ones. Scouts Aid Blood Drive NEW YORK M>) — Boy scouts, some 90,000 strong, v.lll start knocking on .doors soon to help the American Red Cross get pledges for blood donations. UPSIDE COMES DOWN-It looks as if M. Killeran is being hoisted to the entry hatch of a dirigible, but he's really going up to come down. Killeran is in charge of demolishing the "Sky- Ion," aerial landmark of the recent Festival of Britain Exhibition, held at London, England. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sl7« up (o 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts BiKS up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Cnnc.rle ft Metal Septic Tankj Sewer Tile *t*t Prim We Mirer Ittjhwiy «1 »t Stale Unt Fhone 714 In a survey commission report which would streamline church administration. The report IB before n committee set up by Iho Methodist General Conference to try to Iron out differences betwcn aup- porters and opponent*. Council Is Created One recommendation — that « co-ordinating council bo created to head church organization — was adopted by the conference yesterday. However, the council will not have the broad powers envisaged for it by tho report, The opposition leader, Charles C. Parlln cf Englewood, N.J., told reporters creation of the council will not change church structure since it will replace the present quadrennial Committee. Parlin suld what he objects to Is the report's proposal that four departments said whnt he objects to is the report's proposal that four departments be created with control over all church boards. He said he would Insist that the boards he left as they n re—responsible only to the general conference. Hack (o the Floor "If we feol we can't come to an agreement in committee," the New Jersey delegate declared, "thus will have to cotne back to the floor." Dr. Harold Case of Boston, lender of supporters of the plan, indicated he might make a statement Into today. He contends church structure should be changed to eliminate duplication and overlapping. In addition to the survey commission report, the conference Is dealing with a study on reorganization of the locol church. Also on the agenda today was a discussion of ecumenical relations— the movement of all churches toward a common understanding and eventual unity. Court Martial Set for General Grow on Diary WASHINGTON W) — Tlie Army yesterday brought court, - martini charges ngnliut Maj. Cicn. Robert W. Grow, formcri military attache in Moscow whose Alary was copied by Communist agents In Germany last year. The Army announcement by Secretary Pace saici Grow had been charged with "improperly recording classified military information In private records nml falling properly to safeguard classified military Information." The Army announced this step, 'ace said, after Investigations here ind abroad. Grow hncl written In the diary Hiat he thought war with Russia wns imminent. Children Can Stay Out of School for Religious Reasons WASHINGTON OF) — The Su- ircmcCom-t says it's not illegal— indcr the Constitution — to let children out of public schools for •eligious (raining programs. By n C-3 decision the court yes- erciay upheld the validity of New York Stale's "reloaded lime" program, under which pupils arc re- cased from cla.vses and one hour each week. They go to religious centers away from the school to receive sectarian religious instruction of their parents' chcice. TUESDAY, APRIL 2$. 195J Freddie Is Almost Blind, But Braille And Two Homes Help Him Get Along ie KliADS BRAILLE, something he's l«cn al)le to learn because! lie's a lucky lio.v. Freddie Allcmcicr is lucky because he hits two IKIIIIC.S and two families to help him, although he's prac. tk.Uly blind. Synthetic 'Guinea Pigs Newest Wonder Produced by Coriistone By HOWARD \V. IU,AKKS1,KE Al' Science Editor BOSTON (fl»j—Synthetic "guinea pigs" arc the Intent marvel* produced by tbc newest wonder hormone, cortisone. These synthetics aro miimals which after receiving cortisone treatments become subject to human diseases they never have normally. That mnkes them useful for medical experiments. This new medical exploration was reported In a number of papers today to the nnnunl meeting of the Society of American Bacteriologists. By this use of cortisone, rabbits at the University of Minnesota are getting typhoid fever. The rabbits receive cortisone In much larger Marines Sweat Out Atom Fire Combat Units Face Nuclear Blast LAS VEGAS, Ncv. W'|—Two Mn- rine combat battalions sweated nut the weather today, waiting for their first test of atomic fire. If clouds lift, the 2,100 men from Cnpe Pendlclon, Calif., and Camp Lejeneno, N. C.. will take positions 3!i to 4 miles from an A-bomb burstlnt; nt perhaps 2.000 feet above Yucca Flat- tomorrow morning. This would put them closer than l.SOO Army troops Inst wreh. Tnc soldiers were in roughly the same positions, but the explosion occurred at 3,500 feet. After tlie.blast, tiie Marines will mnkc anM^attack landing" on Yucca Island. ":a mythical enemy-held atoll in the'middle of the desert flat. Roads to Be Improved By Minnesota Gas Tax Minnesota counties nre siring to spend a record S3!,500,WO this year on secondary roads. State Ra.soline taxes will supply Sl.">010,(!00 of the total and federal aid funds four million. The remainder will come from bond issuns and county road and bridge levies. amounts than used in human treatments. At Minnesota, and Ml. Sinai Hospital, New York City, four kinds of mice "guinea pigs" have been produced by cortisone plus x-rnys. Some of these mice get monlll- asis. a human disease known as thrush, thai causes ulcers In the mouth. A fungls is responsible. Two other mouse "guinea pigs" get infections from two kinds of fungf that cause ulcers, abcesscs and serious complications in humans By JAY HEAVII.IN NKA Star? Correspondent CLEVELAND (NBA)—Nine-year- old Freddie Allemeier Is almost blind. But, by way of compensation, the blond, blue-eyed youngster has two homes—and in each, a loving mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. As soon as he has mastered bratlle at Cleveland's Anthony Wayne School, he will leave the home of his foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Durbin, and return to his home in Lima. o. That day will probably come In advance of Mr. and Mrs. Allemeier's fondest hopes. The course generally lasts about two years, but In a little more than a month 'Freddie has breezed through the first and second grades. His world an indistinct blur since birth. Freddie has been entered in Lima's sight-saving classes. Ue- causc he is totally blind in one eye and has only a lading 28 per cent vision In the other, Freddie coulc not make the grade. The nearest braille classes, however, were in Cleveland. 150 miles aw.iy. Lima's Board of Child Welfare wrote a letter to a Community Chest organization here 'which specializes In finding foster homes for children. Children's Services searched hie.1 and low for a couple willing to shoulder the tremendous rcsponsi blllty of adding a near-Mind child to their family. Director William Schmidt was at his wits' end wliei Mrs. Durbin stepped into the Die ture. "I did it," explains Mrs. Drubin Ion,.Mrs. Drubin h»» t sixth-grade aughter living at home and has »'o other children »way at school. Still Mrs. Durbin claims little Freddl* has b«n no trouble. "He's Just like any other boy. He oiler-skates and rides his two- I'heeler llckety-splfl. plays with the reJgnborhood children beautifully ind even goes to the store alone." • • * far Freddie the modest but com- ortable Durbin residence is a sec- >nd home. There is a piano in the ront parlor on which his small and >ensitlve flrigei-s can practice music earned in his braille lessons. And here is almost always someone around for Freddie to impress with )ls newly acquired ability to read. 'Little Black Sambo" is his latest accomplishment. Though the time for returning :o his parents, his own two brothers and sisters and his soft, furry dog cannot come too soon for Freddie, he has not once rebelled at his fate. "The closest he's ever come to complaining," says Mrs. Durbin. 'was once when he said that God The fourth Is adult mice that get coxsackie disease. That, is n virus disease closely resembling polio, but not. as serious. Many polio victims have it along with "because unless folks start helpini one another, we'll go right on liv ing in a world of selfishness BID wars." Not until Freddie walked In th door to stay did Mrs. Durbin o her husband, an apartment hous engineer, know what kind of bo was to share their home. Wit] Freddie's first friendly and mis chlevous grin, Ihcy knew he won also share their hearts. Shortly after. Mrs. Dnrbin's mar ricd daughter and grandson be came boarders. The daughter's Na tional Guardsman husband hac been called to active duty. In addi had forgotten to give htm eyes. "I told him that that might be true, but that he had certainly been given a good disposition." NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as: 318 B. Main Street, Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to eel] beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July 1952. and to ex- pire on the 30th day of June 1953. Eddie McGregor (Applicant) Subscribed and sworn to befot* me this 2Sth day of April 1962. Oscar Alexander (Notary Public) My Commission expires: 9-12-53 SEAt, alt Tour on Scooters • MILAN I*) — Two youijg Italians lave left Milan for a motor-scooter tour of four continents. They vill travel in special motor scooters through Europe. Africa, Aus- ralia and Southern Asia, They ilan to cover some 60,000 miles. The pair, Dante Cesare Vacchl, 26, and Edoardo Maro, 24, expect o complete their tour in sevtjJS nonths. HOUSE CLEANING TIM! IS BUG WHIN* TIME , . 0 ,«~iMi*5:&r' r - " v REAL-KILL BU6 KIIUR Hit CLEAN SMEUING ^©Bh k* 1 ;,.,,*!*"^---^ Prevents Mold and Mildew Growth Too Good..-, 'Setter.., In whiskey, too, there is good...better...and. Whiskey at its BOTH S6 PROOF . HIU AND Hill KENTUCKY BUNDED WHISKEY CONTAINS 65Sb GRAIN KUTRM. SPIWTJ . THl HIU AND H4U. COMfANY. LOUISVUU, KY. OPEN YOUR EARS OPEH YOUR .T LOWERS for flic sick? Not in Hungary I "Pictures of Slatiu should be displayed in all hospital sickrooms," the Commissars have ordered. 'Hint's the sort of thing that happens when a country goes socialistic I Here in America \vc certainly don't want a socialistic government. But there are some people \vho--\vhcther they know it or not— advocate socialism. "Let the federal government take over," they say, "railroads ... the doctors . . . electric light and power." When you hear anyone talk that way, remember: federal government monopoly of the electric industry— or of any other industry, business or profession -is socialism I BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Walnut & First Blythcvillt "MFKT CORLISS ARCHER"— Sundays— CBS— 8 P.M., Central Ark-Mo Power Co. SPECIAL SERVICE For nil Motorists X« matter what kind •( <«r »t Imck yon own, T. T. S«y Motor Co. can offer TOO the •pecltHiwi service of rptt do meter rcfxlr. To be safe — lo get better ttrrlce, from your car . . . b« «re j a « r speedometer l« eorreti, l-O«y Serrlc*. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 K. Mat* Deitor rh*n« 21M

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