The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SEl'TI'MBKR 28, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGg Robert E. Lee Wilson f 'his associates urged him lo lop active work and 10 "take •!ngs easy" fcr Ihe rest of his ifc. To this he answered; "Ad cither be broke ilian Idle." Backed Farm I'rograiii Th: rapid happenings of lliej United Stales In Ihc pusi several ifciillis In'eiestcd Mr. Wil-' •MI. When he received a letter <m ihe scci'.'lary of agriculture .Aing his udvie alioul the p!ow- nfr up of enHon he immediately (.'tiled th'.t he wns In favor oi he reduction inovsment and was one of the fVst to sign up. He slowed up 7.0H1 acres, which was e thuii oiu-foutih of his col- tc,;i crop. 'Jhe NRA movement was cn- tlori>cd by Mr. Wilson who prwnpl- iy adjusted hli employos lo (hesc ulntions. A "dipped and dyed" nocral. he admitted voting the Republican ticket once or twice |-.i considering the man rather Lhan th3 party, but always hastened ta say "tut I never fell Just r.glil about ll" • Numerous reminiscences of the '.lie of Mr. Wilson are recalled Ij: those who knew him best. Ills l,slred of thov; who liked lo boast s outstanding and he never , for publicity.. Because of many stories of Ills lite and are liuiccurulc, us Uw>' vac derived from Incorrect twees. lie was cKlioincly scnMllve about his age and lulled Ihe Idea Of Crr.niiiK old. "You bet I am going to die with my boots on," lie •voiild say, iu:d even while 111 i-c:,liiuied to manage- his allahs. limited by Ill's son. whs is gen- unlly known as "Hoy". Old timers recall many slorles of Mr. Wilson as lold by u him- ' ;iy negro servant. Oriinl Perry. Unint looked after "Marsc Lee" \vhcn he. was young and his devotion was never forgotten. When '.::aiii died rci-cmly, at.the nge of 75, members'of the Wilson fam- hy were summoned home nnd lot'rc- wgs a big fmicrnl. ll was on; of Grant's numerous i Natives »lw. cluuifleiired Mr. '.Vjlson. He never learned to criu 1 "because 1 doii'l like aulor lucklk'S." but yet lie haled Infc Idrn of'anyoi.e thinking lie had r. chunfTeur. The request, for n uniform with brass buttons was | Although he was keenly Inter•' i'5!^d in modern uchleveinents he i I'mitled lib - fear pf avlntlqn. ri.Uiif) |hv world war his son MT.S hi tin; nvla'tloii corps mid 'jl'i'n ihe Auiiljtlce was signed lir attempted to extract > promise in "noy" thai \\o would never (!>• nuahi. Women Have SO Of Polith (or Nails PARIS lUl't —To liulo' fichloo- iible llii|!crprtn(s ilnce shade* of null polls!) are' required, Jn the opinion of i New Yurie ujuolcur 1st milking t mi vcy of Paris hctu- ty .salons: "We hnve an assortment of colors," tli t . (aid, "Including the k«i'l shades, and we choose polish In relation to the complexion o! the person, the shape of tltelr hnints and tin color al (lie casliime: If the skin Is- fnlr, or rosy. ihe shades of ' nail polish should h:uv a pinkish or rojy quality; bin If the skin Is sallow, ollvo tan 01 .sunburned, smart vomcn I""" fer an orange-red tone such as pink coral or Wmulo. Light or medium shules nuike the (IngeK mill hands look lonKcr, uud deep !>h:ide.s. such ns . Chinese red and curmtne, are for lont;, thin hands." Rail "Bullet" Is Designed For 90-Mile Speed Fifty lussongeis ean bi accwnnortnlfd. riding nl fi speed ol W miles an hour, In Ihc "Hallplanc," radically BlreamllniHl rulhoad coach, accurdlng 10 slatemenl of Its designer, William Ji. Stout-. Ths bull.'l-shu|*d car, which, receives ils- |»wcr from two automolt.vp type engines oi"; drlvinn the front axle Hint Ihe other llie rear axle, |ms been tesl^al Hie Dearborn, Midi., IUCK. H was built lor the I'ulhnnn Car k MBnuficUirliig Cor|iorntlbn. .. ., Fruud wf W . 1'ASAPKffA. C»l. lUl'l— PnrenU of 20 children, Mr. and Mrs. Valentino Mess, have been tituncd the cliaii)plon pojcnts of Pasadena by clly iH'ullh department, officials. The couple are proud parents of a new addition—twins. Mrs. Mesu . Is only 39, Recording to iccords. Crlil Onlts u: 1U1>) — Ml indication j of Increased gi'.v receipts fpr Jhe •Mining football season..wa^^«n by :he publicity dep»rlmcnt of Ihe Oiiiverslly of Washington. They announced lh i il an upturn in rc- iclpls was expected for Ihe sea- To Insuri Your Cotton \ Cf\l 797 Caudill't Agency GKNKKAI, 1NHUH.1NCE 106 North Broadway This picture, taken from a late edition of Wednesday's Courier News, shows Mr. Wilson as he appeared a few years ago while enjoying a vacation at Hot Springs. TRADE WITH NRA MERCHANTS AND HELP NATIONAL RECOVERY SETT ILL iCnnlinued from Page Onci in the heart of 50.000 acres of rich land, with himself as the "boss." This he often 5aid in discussing how he became the "father" of to muny people. The communily of Wilson was 50011 followed by that of Bassett. Ihen Evariale, which was named for his niece. He named Marie after one daughter and Victoria for another. Much property at Keiscr was soon added to his holdings, and when he acquired land in the northern end of the county he Armorel. a name derived j and women \vho wanted to con- I tinuc their studies in lut'her fields, I of education. He always refused! ' (o comment upon this generosity I but his liiosi intimate friends sny ] ie never refused lo "stake" a i young maiv or -woman who wanted lo BO to college. I Gave Money lu Schools His education Interests led him to give generously ' to several schools and at the time of his death he was a member of the board of "trustees at Arkansas State A. and M. college at Joncs- boro and a member of the board of trustees of Hcndrix college, Conway, 'Ark. A new adminislra- liciji building at the Jonesboro college was dedicated to' Mr. Wilson. His pedigreed cotton seed farm, where the Wilson Type Big noil cotion has teen bred, is nationally known. It was Mr. Wilson who t'.iippe<l the largest single order of .pedigreed cotton -eced ever sold ii-.'the south when h2 sold 25 cars of this cotton seed to the Red The Business Concerns listed on this page have signed the President's blanket code of shorter hours, higher wages, more jobs and -fair competition. Yon can do your pail by patronizing them. Wl DO OUK UIHT ! .2? ,K Surrounding the e arc 40.000 acres of farm ho aecompiish- Ref , . ffhlle arc 40.0 acres , he ^ Ref , . ffhlle cultivation and an additions 10 • nt Amol . cl CM '^ «*'* 5-sl hw '"^ ,i-'comme,uert: "I've always wam- upon it. From llu, land fmbcr land M vcm UC la ^^ . •upon . i3 outamed lorone o ..he Wst taw nulls in he co.m try and a . noy box factory, both at \V:lson. . }le e=iabli=h«l a flour mill tco. u'.Hizca tins «is This bu"ne"4 resulted from his i That he would ccnviction that all farmers should I em figure in aflairs of this coun- d to diversify and to grow ly was pro phesized by those who their own food When cotton prices ktteu- a Uimble years ago be again voars rMt , ciin y » domm- him and worked willi him ago. C E. Cripger, his A-morr;! who has We belong (o the NRA because we want tu do our part —NOT for sellish business reasons. • \Ve respectfully solicit your grocery lnisincs,s on Hie basis of I-Aiii 1'HICES, GOOD QUAUTV and C'OU- KKCT WEIGHTS ;md MKASURKS. 1 • RitePriceGrocerv&Mkt. T. H. Van Hibber, I'roprielor Phone 233 . pirner Mnin & Kirst realised the need ot doing away manager al A-more! who has worn- with 't!i= one croo idea and he es- cd for him longer Ihan any other UW'shed the flour mill as an in- m;-n, 40 years, .remembers that c'cnlivc for farmers to raise wheat. I wren he firsl was hired by Mr. His intcrcEls included owner- j Wilson |veoi)b would say "some I ship of the J. U C. and E. Railroad. which was purchased a few vcais a«o by the Frisco railroad. da;' that mini will be rich.' Several years ago a story was I'liblished thnl Mr. Wilson had A part of this railroad was bought.' .- 1; c 6e d Ihe million .dollar mark in by Wilson when he needed tram,.i c financial (v orld. A number lines (o move his limber. ' • Ailer clearing his timber he us-j cd ihe cut over laud for agricul- tu:e and it was then that he rtarted '.he drainage movement in ?.I-"-i=sippi county. To say Ihe n-.r.vement was unpopular Ls put-; linn II mildly. One time Lee \Vil-1 son was almost lynched at a meet-; in" in Osceola in 1903 when I™, fii-t court hearing on orgamra- lion of a small drainage improve- inenl district was held. J. T. Cos-, ten. Ciceola. was attorney for the , (iii-rricl to to formed, and ine i ra'" was to be heard before Judge • Rr,7zellc, then county judge. An-1 qncd men look ropes lo (he court rnc:m nnri there were so many s" .^ats of hanging Mr. Wilson. Mr., Coston and (he judge, that court' was adjourned. ! Later the association was form- • cd and his land was among tlie > first to bo adequately drained. | Mr. Wilson had two hobbies.. One of them was growing Ihe besl I cotton in Ihe world and the other ] was education. -' Although he constantly improv- • od his own mir.d through sludy. he cited Ihe need for more educa- I tion and made it possible for rhildien of all his employes lo ic- . crive hiijh school educations. His | mcdern bulUlines and first class: equipment in all of his communi-1 tics are testimonials to «'lial he ha.s done for education In Mississippi county. • ': Not content with civing them I liigh school educations he aided. more than a hundred young men | LET US PI AN YOUR Mt,L COIFFURE 01', yon can't look • really smart in your new full ontlit it' your., head-dress is .out-mode<l. Let us ..create a new coiffure for you—one that thiit's trim antl smart", one that '.vil! five the new i s g hat a new look! i The Margaret Been Beauty Slioj) Ingram Bldg. ' I >hone AOB OT PIG BARBECUE ODGES CHILI i UNTS HOT TAMALES ALSELL'S PIES OT COFFEE RUSTIC INN Walnut and Division Modern - - Sanitiiry - - Convenient Broadway Barber Shop A Master'Hiirbur At Kach Chair Dick Uobcrls Kill lilcvins Warren Jiicksmi Edwin Jones Vi.sil the Broadway—We Guarantee Von Will Be Pleased Next Door to I'Viiiers Hank UiSntart TO BUY TIRES NOW'" Now... is the time lo buy tirM. PriCM mayj ftn higher, if they do, it will actually | coslyou money to use up old lircs,', And with fall and winter wculhci! and wet and slippery roads juslj around the corner, It's a good idea 1 to have ihc protection of safe nc«i tires all around. And remcmbci 1 this—tire wear is slower in wintcii than it is iu summer—the tires you' buy now will ftive you full protec-i tlou nil winter and you will still have good tires for next spring and • summer to withstand the ravages, of hot slimmer roads. We carry Ihc! complete line of Goodyear Tircs-r, Speedway, FathBndcr and All- 1 Weather. At Iho price you wish to pay we have a Goodyear Tire. Why not come in today and talk it over2 Goodyear AH-W«Qrti« . It • Plymouth SIX The Plymouth Six has everything that makes a car stand up it's hydraulic brakes arc always equalized.. ..:l's welded safely rlccl body has ho Joints to loosen And the floating power engine mountings help keep the car lignl. Drive a Plymouth once and we are confident; you will choose it over oth:r low priced cars. $115 and Up—F. 0. K. Factory, Detroit W. T. Barnett Auto Sales 117-llft \V. Miiin I'honc H8K JUST ARRIVED--- NEW SHII'MBNTS OT- DKKSSES AND HATS. Fresh from the fashion renters of Iho nation, unexcelled for ii'.uilily. and style. The genuine value of thesi- drosses ami hats will certainly amaze you. THE LADIES- TOGGERY Three Door.s \\Vst of Kwss' I A FOR THE BEST . WIRING SERVICE . LIGHT FJXTl IRES i'.iiy your suaraiitccd Famous Mineral Cryblals at: Rcl)ln="!i Drug Co., Fwler Drug Co., St. FiBl'cis Dru? Store. Absolutely Ouarantecd To You. BEER 5c - 10c • 15c BORUM^S .."' ''-.CALL l'honc.314 Walpqfe Electric Shop " '' ' ' Buy Coal KFORE Montiiviillo New River Ivmpirv —lllinoiK Coal— ^-Kentucky Coal— . All Sizes f)f Kentucky. Cual Inc ,« 7 •-.- 1'hnne 7(> . SIiouse-Liltle Chevrolet Co.

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