The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1947
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1947 Suggested Site For Hospital 'Heeds Study' Murderer Battles Police LITTLE ROCK, Ark, July 11. (UP) — Oov. Ben Lancy said yesterday that a suggestion to build a medical center on the grouifds of the L'tttle Rock unit of the state hospital "looks good on the surface" but needs a lot of study. The governor said the main obstacles would be financing construction of the nea medical school and ' disposing ot the old building on Little Rock's East side. The governor said It had liecn suggested that Ihe proposed memorial hospital be built to house Ihe entire meciical school. He pointed out, however, that would be done only after a through study by experts, i Lancy said no proposal had been advanced to the Veterans Adminis, tratlon asking Ihom to move their proposed $£,000,000 hospital to the state-owned site. •'•If the state can work oul ils end of the proposition," Lancy said, "we may offer a site lo the Veterans Administration. We will not demand that the hospital be moved, but we will be willing lo offer them n location if other details can be worked out." Meanwhile, Dr. H. C. Chcnault and Dr .George \V. Jackson were j mile apart. <NEA Uelcphoto.) considering tho. possibility of build- ins Ihe medical center on the Little Rock grounds of the slate hos- Unlversity of Arkansas Medical pital. Dr.' Chcnault is head of ths School and Dr. Jackson is superintendent of the mental institution. .oney Departs.' "or Conference Of Governors LITTLE ROOK. Ark., July 11. UD—Oov. Ben Lancy and n. party I six Icl't, Arkansas tost, night to ttcud the national governors' con- errticc in Salt 'Lake City, Utah. Accompanying the governor were M'S. IjiJicy. Chairman C. C. Wine ol the Public Service Commission TIKI Mis. Wine, secretary Prank Storey of the 'Hoard of Fiscal Con- rol OIK! Mrs. Storey,' nncl 'Hny Smith, the governor's executive secretary. The governor plans to return U) Arkansas about July 20 unless he decides to make a proposed Pacific cruise offered him by tho Navy. Sen. 'Clyde Byrd of 'El Dorado, president pro' tern of the Senate, will serve as chief executive while Liney Is out of the state. Lt. Guv. Nathan Cicrdon is attending the natinra! convention of Young Democratic Clubs In Washington. Heiul Courier News Want Ads. Struggling furiously, Hollis C. Tupper. 33, battles police a-; Uiey take him in custody :U a lunch cart in lioslon [allowing the kiill'e slaying o( his wife, 35, and'a nurse, Helen Kiininski, 33, in dwelling.! Halt a $7,200,000 Apartment Building in Little Rock LITTLE HOCK, (UP) — Conr'.ruction Ark.. July 10 will bo start cd immediately in the uipluil city on u Kii-unit apnvtmcnt bui'cling. ndjninini! tlic new Riverside housing project. Final papers were .signed an PHA loan of $1,200,- CC3 was accepted yesterday. BERTH of a WMa, "© ty Hilda Lawrence; Dislribliled by NC A SERVICE, I f Till-: STOUVi Iliilli SHIItT, «>vi-uEnir *)ir- nrrl jrrri-fiMl l.j Auni' nut tu tlu- lii-iiil. lobby ui'l't-rirs 1.> juukcs :m o.\»-iiJic JiniiitMihilHy.,<Hi- i|ii:iJiit:tiirv. Jt'nvi for bliii C<» iHt'i'l" I»K «nm;in s»vr< \VTifii Ilulli lUinl club, sin' Is iiM'a her rouiii* rl- li, :m iillrnrllvr KlrlM. lUit iliv VK, arirr ln'liijr II' Small, IHMlHl- ,,,U'|!,IMK III Mil' i-rrlry l"-r. Slic . in lirji* lit • lirr. A *,-!»• mvsiy tin- » olc v S HE found the switch'nncl turned U. In one of the two beds a small fiirl sat up in « welter o blankets, rubbing her short, fail curls 'and yawning. • "Hello," she said. "I had to gc back to work after dinner, di< you-'" _ ,. "No, I went' shopping." Hut hesitated. "I'm sorry, but thcj didn't tell me your name. 1'r Huth Miller." The small girl laughed. "I kne\ that. There's not much I miss! I'n April Hooper. I work around th corner, in Ihe drugstore. Wher do you work?" Ruth untied the siring on th suit box. "I work al Blackmail's "Like Moke nnd Poke. Hav you known them very long? You. do know them, don't you?" ' "They sent me here." She held up the suit and shook out the folds.' She was tired, but she knew she had to be polite. She needed •April. 1 . ."Look,". April," she said. She held up the suit. • But April had no eyes Tor clothing. She rallied on. "Moke and Poke are nice. Some people think they're fresh, but I don't. When the weather's bad and there's ice on the pavement, they call tor me Even when they have, dates, they call for me. They take the time That's nice, isn'l it?" "It surely is." Rulh hung the stii In the closet and closed the door .Chatterbox, she thought wearily. ' "I think they're pretty, too.' .pri! said. "Their liaii- Is so soft, nil they take good care of their kin. It's like velvet. I like '.o ouch their faces nncl they don't ilnd. It isn't often Hint you find nice jiorsun who's pi'clty, too. . . Wlnil do you look like, Ruth?" Ruth looked nshusl i'.t the sinnll inure huddled in the middle of the bed. Why, the child's feeble-minded, she told hcvsclt with lorror. Why didn't they tell me about hcv. Fccble-mimlc'l. A cloud came over April's fncc. "Oil," she said. "I'm sorry, lUith. That's a shame, dial's what' it is. Nobody told you nbonl mo and I've scared you. But you're not to feel bad about me because I don't mind at all. I'm blind." Rnlh went slowly to the tumbled bed. llci-Miands auloninlically smoothed -the covers nnd rearranged the pillow. April's hand found one'of hers and held it tost. "You're nol to feel bad, do you hear?" she insisted. "When you're bom Ihnl way, it doesn't make any difference." When the lights were finally oul, Ruth lay awake for a long time. She had promised lo breakfast with April, in the dining room. There was no help for it. She had 10 choice. ,_ ... .. \TOKE and Poke screamed across -*-'- the crowded dining room: 'Hey kids, come over here!" April led Hnth proudly, a paradox that brought smiles to many faces. 'We fixed il," Moke said. "You arc going lo cat at our table. One big happy family. Hoy, Clara, two more breakfasts." "Miss Brady's looking for you, Ruth," Poke said. "She wauls to tell you about this afternoon, at least that's what she said." "As it we couldn't tell you just as good," Moke jeered, "and fancy lies thrown in. It's about the tea. We have a lea every Sunday, but this one's different. Anil worse. We got 'to make masks for the costume party. . • . House birthday party. House is five years old." "Got nil our teeth and can we bile," Poke said. "Let me tell il, lot me. Now get this, Mrs. Marshall-Gill, head ot Ihe Board, dreamed up u costume parly, everybody dressed alike, rag dolls with the same old false face so nobody know.-, who anybody is. R.-H: dolls, r-h nol kidding, with rag faces a-id holes to seo and breathe llirt-ugh. She's evil got a priic for U.e girl who guesses the most othci girls. So we're ^oing to make t'r.e masks this afternoon, in Ihe lounge. It'll be a scream. With bought refreshments." The bieakfasis came on two trays. Kulh pushed hers aside. Nine u'c!ock and he hadn't, called. Nine -/clock. The lobby had been full ft pcoylc when she and April wen' throufih. She had walked willi her eyes lowered. I'coplc had crowded about tjicm, jostling. She coiOdn'l do that again. "1 can't go," she said suddenly and sharply. ITveu Ayrii looked surprised. "I can't go," Hulh repealed, but she s-polce softly. "I'm expecting a coll, I may have lo go out." She put her elbows on the table and shielded her face willi her hands. Moke frowned and her shrewd young eyes moved about the room. Girls coming nnd going. House girls, the regular gang. Nothing lo mnkc a person turn white and hide her lace. She looked at Ttuth again. Nol caling, either. Sick and no fooling. Sick or something. "Okay," she said lightly, "but you got to come for n minute anyway. It's n—what do I want lo say, Poke?" .-.».. "A obligation." Moke grew unensy. She felt- responsible and helpless. Mnybc Uith really was sick. We got her Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. S13 E. Main ptone MST Club 61 Blytlicvlltn, Arkansas Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Reel) liickcrstaff and George For Hesci'vallons Telephone 9-1* Fwcl GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch "This wasn't just an ordinary quarrel, mother—he wants : to buy a lot for our dream home right next to a golf course!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER How Panics Start [ SOLJMDS THUMDEIi I THERE AIN'T I CtOUD Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm ' CUACKV,THEM'S DRUMS! THE RED IMJUNS ARE OH THE WARPATH AGAIN ' ?>OOM VA Ft. Ft. 5th 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schcnley 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 5% Beer ' per Case $3.35 GAS, rcg 17.9c; Ethyl 19.9c All Brands ! CIGARETTES - -,$1.35 On. * * i Buy 'em Here! in here, she argued silently, and t's up to us lo sec she's okay. She fell back on her own never- failing panacea. "Listen, Ruth, why don't you CO hack to bed? Poke and I always do on Sunday. Go on, it'll do you good." Ruth left the lablc hurriedly. Hut not until she knew there was no one between her and the door. (To Be Continued) Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. THTTNER BILL WILSON WCBBE TAINT PRACTICE- SUPPOSE THEY'RE REALLY WORKISlG UP TO SOME DEVILMEW ? 1 DPI BROS. GIANT Cl ANCE OF ChambSin Sales Company s — Sluilcliaker — Service You've been hearing a lul about St'ltlcbaker Postwar cars . . have you noticed what Stndcbak er trucks arc doing? Buy With Confidence From Chambiin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks rut I!]l7t Chevrolet V± I'm i)ir!f.ip li; ijlii:lel):ilier ','• ton pickup 19J5 DllrtKC y. tun pickup mil Chevrolet 5'i ton IfllG Fnnl Super -l-'tour Sdlan 1941 Studcbakcr Cli^mpioti 4 door l!)ll Poniiac 8— 4 l>nor Seilan 1011 Flymoulh I)elu\e •! door LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete Line of Sludcbukcr Parts anil Accessories " CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Sliifie'jakcr Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car" Bill Chambiin —RR & Ash St., Plume 219S Chambl'B WASH TUBES <lTH 1UCEED- IBIE SPEED HEW PKCTS UWDEC \NW.... UVEkN MUSIC 15 PLMIMG... THE CKCUS WJ5T GO ON 1 At Her D;td's Hodsidc IOU'BS'LMEB, IN THE HOSPITAL TENT... HV VITKNKB I KWOW V1HOT THM OOES TO HOUE.PIMJ5.) IfKc, THIS MOD WON'T W\UE ENOUGH SfWED TO TKM OKPvMG IT'S MRS. ROSMV., T-iKE'S BRUISED UP A BIT AND A LITTLE STUNNED! BUT RICO WASN'T QUITE SO LUCKM .' ^ UTJ1 DOC <;AVS NOU T wu BE-OUE t\ •ji]ST CRACKED AK\V\1HM WSrtVUE BEE» RI3S flNDARE BRU(SED\CUaTW»S FOR ME UP SONIE, TV^E... BUT 1 RICO... AND 100'RE WE'RE LUCK.V! AND WE OUT FOE TWE KE5T WHEN WE GE1 1O WIMTER QUARTERS BROK.E THE JINX. THAT'S BEEN ON THE CIRCUS THIS WEEK.! RKD KYDKH A Tour? Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way RE VOO TGYl MG TO . FILlBLiSTER YOUR. WAY i OOT ? -~ AS I SAID BEFORE, <\0 DAYS N\\GUTV OF HLSMfAvi FReBDON*,, FORCED t>owsi TVAE TKKOAT Of DETESTED Kl^& 3OlA(i/ AH.' TUfxT WAS A FOR By J. R. Williams L1STEM, LADV. J WAMT "TH' rOCTOR'TO MY CASE TH1-5 TIME-l PIP IT NWSELF LAST TIME ALL^^-IE^.^ CTUES- TIOMS. YOU'VE/GOT A RloHT C TO BILL VOUR- SEUF FCK • PROF E 651OW AL 6ERVICES- /•-3* w4 \.^/m^' A • ^mmm^^L 'A- VIC FLINT A Lucky Grab BY MICIIAKL 6^1M,LF,Y and RALPH LANfe MAYBE WU'D KTTER GO U? TO MR. FUNT'S ROOM. NOBODY AN5\VER5, AND THERf'5 A LOT OF NOISE IN THERE. \f TH.Mi; WHAT BOTHERS You . A.'-OSiG WITH r\&"' T To START BUH.Cilf36 Tri£ KoorS o^ "THE •SCHOOL- ASiD lT'5 WH.M Irt THE V-iORl-TJ ARET To OOP I,el's I!c I'rcpaiTd By V. T. HAMUN wnrmrm w>rw asiv All Steamed FRED TIARMAN VOOK, OUO,,TWt •SVStVL GUV (^ttD 1 ;. VOO ftS Hft»D

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