The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1946
Page 5
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WliDNKSUAY, MAHCH 27, 10-10 BLYTHEVIIJ/E (AUK.) COUK1EK NEWS Tax Collections Will Be Boosted 5,000 Agents Work To Uncover Evasion Cases In Nation ' By DKAN W. OIITMKH Uiiilc'tl Press Stuff Cm respondent WASHINGTON, Mar 27, (U.P.) —Tile House Appi'oiiiiatioiis com- lux col- General Coxey Still Believes n Printing Money When Heede'd inltlce said Tuesday lections this year should total about $1.000,000.000 more than expected as a result of the Internal Bureau's "crack-down" on tax evaders. The committee's report accompanied legislation recoinciKllug an additional $233.119,153 (o operate government departments and agencies during the fiscal yeai ending June 30, In recommending Hie funds however, the committee criti/.ed federal agencies for spending at a rate required deficiency appropriations or cutbacks in activities. It said that beginning July 1, i would require the Budget Bureau to make quarterly rciwrts on funds which were not being administered hi accordance with the Anti-Deficiency law. it will also ask for explanations from the officials involved. Largest sinyte ilem in today's deficiency bill was $181,269,4f>9 to cover pay increases for postoffice and other federal employes. Of that amount. S16.1'J5,COO would go to the Treasury's interim! Revenue Bureau for additional employes ''to combat wartime income-tax evaders." "Investigations of war-year cases ^jsiave determined many instances W*l lax evasion, often incidental to black market operations." William T. Sherwood. Assistant Internal Revenue Commissioner, told the committee. He said 40.000 leads on attempted evasions have been found and that more would be uncovered. He said 5,000 agents have been assigned to evasion cases. VV. H. Woolf, Chief of Internal Revenue Intelligence, told the committee that tax evasion very widespread and we have even scratched tlie surface." "For the present, probably cases in which we arc getting most taxes are those in connection with black market operators and those who realize substantial profits in connection with war activities." Woolf said. During the first seven months of the current fiscal year, he Kaid the Bureau collected SU86.727.000 or $172,587,000 more Ulan was collected in the same period last year. He said these figures die not include voluntary payments. The deficiency bill also included $0,480.000 for the United Nations Organization—the first U. S. contribution to the operation of UNO. Of this figure. 56.153,500 is for United States participation and the remainder for personal services and expenses of the United States .'^iiclegate and his staff. ^ ' The committee said this country's UNO staff would number about 166 persons this year, and that five additional consultants, and advisers would be added 1947. i By t'KEUEKICK C. OTHMAN I United Press Sluff C«lrespondent , -» WASHINGTON, March '27. IUP) —I.ct us not smile nt Gen. Jacob Coxcy In his chin-swallowing collar, which makes him look like m illustration from an ancient edition of Dickens' works. Let us respect him. rather, as citd Sen. Albcu w. Barklcy of Ky., from devoting his life-lime to an Idea. If the Idea is cockeyed, "and (n incnl to print them some money. "! cot out of my phaeton at the eapitol." (Jen. Cuxov said; "and kissed my wife goodbye. I walked up the steps, but a cordon of police said I could not make a speech there. They put two of our leaders in jail that afternoon. A week later they arrested inc. The charge was trampling the grass on the eapitol lawn. We were fined $5 each and sentenced to 'JO clays not the the mind you, I'm not saying It L>, that doesn't matter. ., The General is 92 years ol<l and he's still waging the battlo he began in 1895 when he led Coxcy's army to Washington, lie demanded then and he demands today that the government forget the high finance and, when It needs money, print some. j Tor two weeks he sat among the spectators nt the Banking and Currency Committee's hearings Into tlie proposed British loan, when all the big-shots had finished their testimony, Sen. Barkley called him as a witness and apologized for making him wait so long. Tlie white-thatched Gen. Coxcy said that was all right: he said once lie waited a year to sec the late President llnrding and when finally he col inside the white house for his apt>ointincnt, the President apologized for being 30 minitcs late. "I told him I didn't matter," the General said. "The same applies in this case." It was then that Sen. Barkley proved himself to be a true Kentucky gentleman, ire did one of the kindest, most gracious things I yet have observed in the Senate. It was lunch time. The Senate was in session. All the evidence was in. The other Sen itors were restless. Chairman Darkey ipnorcd them, ire earned m\ ever-lasting respect simply by allowing Gen. Coxey to make his speech. The General told why he believed it was a crime to collect interest on money loaned; why' he felt the solution to this country's ills coulti be found in printing money as needed. The Senator gave him close attention and, I believe, was, well-rewarded. Eventually Gen. Coxey got around to the story of his inarch upon Washington a half century ago. He led 20,000 jobless men from "Some men in Colorado sent the government grass seed for Its lawn. Some more men in Nebraska sent $15 to pay our fines, but we did spend 20 days In jail. And I never dirt walk on the government's grass." General Coxey . told then about the battles of his life-time wl(h law-makers ami financiers. When he had finished. Senator Barkicy hanked him and asked him, if t was not ioo personal, how old :ie was, Tlie General said he vvn.s 52. "I want to say that when I'm 92. I hope I'll be as vigorous In mind and body as you are." the Senator said. General Coxey had a reply lo that. By quoting It here, ami such a thing is completely out of place in a news story. 1 am attempting to emulate Senator Barklcy: You will be like me at Genera! Coxey said, "if you take WARNING OKDKR In the Chancery C'our(, Clilckji- sawb.t District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. J. W. Aklns Plaintiff vs. No. 0501 Elfa Lee Akins Oefendan The defendant Elfa Lee Akins i hereby warned to appear withii thirty days in tlie court named ii the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff J. W. Dated this (i dny of March, 1940. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk; By Pieida O'Neal, n. C. H. G. Partlow. Ally, for Pltf. Gene E. Bradley, Ally, ad Lltem. 3[fi-13-20-27 Cotton Planters Being Canvassed Agricultural Council Seeks Their Opinions On Labor Ceilings UTTLK ROCK, Mm. 27. (UP) — Ap)>roNltnnti>]y f>00 ra.sti-vn Avkiui- SH.S cotton planters nrc bcliiK eft"- vnssi'il for tliolr rcnclloiiis to lust year's labor cellliiii.s [ur cotton chopping, pli-kln;; niul Miupiilnj;. C. S. Dupicc, u. S. DcpiivtiiH'Ut if Agrk-nKurc Wiijjc noard Cluiir- iinn. said licic toilny Hint HID Agrl- ultural council of Aiknnsiix lias iinlliM cards asking the yilimtcni liclr opinions nbovu ceilings lust 'car wliich expired March 1. Tlic 'bjecl is to determine if they wnnl another referendum in 1U4G. Ceilings last year were $2.05 unidrctl pounds for picking umt 1.40 a lumdrcd for smipplnir. There s no celling for chopping. 'Hie WHBC ceilings wer c opcrntlv n 23 eastcni Arknn.sns counlles. Unpice suHl plaits ai'c bring iniide referendum In Misslsslpp PAGEF1VB McG/7/ Chemist Admits Giving Secret Formula lor April 2. but no plans have made for „ similar wile in Arkan sns. He said, however, that a referendum will bo held In Arkansas if the demand Justifies. Meanwhile, the National pjmn Labor union In Memphis. Tcnn.. has announced a campaign against plans for a ceiling on wages and has distributed handbills urging ail cotton producers in Mississippi to vote against the proposal. MONTHEAI,. March 27. (UP) — u>f. Raymond Boyer, wartime •licinlst at McGill University, ad- nlllecl Tuesday that Tie BUVC details >f a secret Canadian explosive lo i'Vvd Rose, Communist ineinl>er of 'iirlhuncnt, and that he knew the li'niuila was sought by Soviet l <in. lioyer. one of the suspects lUTCstcd in connection with the Soviet es- piomigc rlnj! In Canada, made the luliulsslon at resumption of preliminary hearing's for Rose. Doth are I'barged with violation o( the official secrets act, Buyer said the details of the explosive, known as RDX, were given lo Rose "in someone's house" lule In 1»« and In 1044. The chemist U>1<1 the court Hint he was "anxious to do whut I could to give the Soviet Union the process." Boyer. who has worked at the University of Vienna, University of Paris and al Toronto University said he first met Rose in 11)38. lie In'gan working on research ul Mc(1111 In 1940. lie admitted that he knew Can- «lu wanted to keep the explosive a secret from Russia, but ho sail "there hud l>ecn a release on U." Nevertheless, lloyei said he divulged the details because "1 was lolcl to," mid he admitted he knew they werc to go to the Soviet Union "1 wns told there was 11 Russian ccliiikul mission In Canada and .hut they had asked our government for the process." Boyer mild. He was not under oath us he testified. He wan asked by crown prosecutors whether he knew Hose's political limitation. Boyer shld he did. and that he knew Rose Ijelon^fd lo the Labor Progressive- pally. Previously tin 1 parly was known UK the ] Communist Party of Canada, lioyer admitted, Millionth l.lrniw free CHICAGO (Ul'i—A youui; soldier and his brltle-to-bc were Issued a marriage license here free of charm' by chief clerk Sidney Buin- luerfleld. who decided some cere- lony should honor the one-mli- lonlh license issued In the county dlm: since 1921. Olii-Thllc, Still Acllvo WOK'CHSTKll, Muss. UJPl Charles a. YValrull. 'W, <if Worros- cr Is one ijf two employees of tin 1 ild horsecar days still on the pay- •oll of the Worcester. Street Railway Co. Refrigeration Service! HunKo ^ (Dainty COOKING FAT J>/i Wondtrful! Phone 415 W« hav« an Expert S«rvie« Man to take car* of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; alto Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main St, Blytheville, Ark. I.I:ADS AGAIN EAST LANSING. Mich. — Sam Fortlno led Michigan State basketball scorers for second consecutive the midwest shouting down Penn- | year, scoring 251 points in 21 Barnes sylvania Avenue for the govern-1 this season. Dos's IliMtr Too Tempthis SAN BERNARDINO. Cal. (UP) Two schoolboys arc in the police department doghouse here because, they chose a doggy method of committing two burglaries. The youths crawled through a special swinging door cut in the rear of a trading post shop for the proprietor's pet dog, lifted $80 worth of watches one night and 520 in money the second. Tourmaline crystals will permit (he passage of light in only one direction. MILLIONS'CHOICE ,. FOR 3 REASONS ^ Millions always ask for it by name St. Joseph Aspirin because (1) It'sns puro HS money can buy (2) Speed unsur- I«3se(l in field of aspirin (3) Iloa.1 economy in all sizes. Demand St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seller at lOc. Save more on 100 tablets for 35c aa you gel nearly 3 tablets for only \c. ' ^T7TV«MV"^^aHMM^^^^^r-^^ St.eJosepi\ ASPIRIN ... TOPS FOR QUALITY P«usi-Coio Company, Lana Island City, N. Y. anchiscd liotller: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Hlytheville Just a Thought! When your son, your brother, or your neighbor's son Uft for the army . . . There wasn't anything thqt was too good for him ... You swore by all that was Holy you would HELP HIM when he came back! Now, these boys are back—all things being equal—why not give them an opportunity fo serve you? .,..,,. VOTE FOR THE VETERANS! Tills advertisement jiaitl for uy the friends nf Mni>rr, candiilalc fi»r Oily Attorney. FEET HURT? Relief Guaranteed or Your Money Back! New, Sensational Velva-Sole Arch Restorers Will In most cases. sl\e complete relief of nearly fill types of common fool nilmcnts such as weakened nrclics. metat.Trsil caUonscs, pressure from corn?, log patns. sore lieela. \veak pronate<l ankles. P.XPKRTI.V riTTKl> FAMILY Shoe Store Phone 23*2 312 W. Main TIME... To Get Your Winter Clothes BERLOU MOTH PROOFED Before You Put Them Away! BERLOU will protect them against moths for 10 YEARS! We will store them for you, too! Fully Insured Protection for the Summer. Bring Your Cleaning in . . . 8-Hour Service If Desired! Bring Them m the Mornmg—Get Them at Night HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR Phone 2612 en for Business!' TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grovel Plant and Of (ice Located On Rivor at North End of Bushy Av«. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Approved Avery Sales and Service. Let us repair and service your Avery equip- men. FOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hoes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR GO. A. C. OWENS, Owner & Mgr. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3617 CONSTANT PRQT£CT(ONl rnren Elf AUNTS FROM YOU* MOTOR. Iff I SUM you i HAVffMOUGH ON HAND. BETTFR G*T i AN OTHA j CARTON TO Bf ON TM SAHSM. DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY BlythivilU, Ark. BE wise • BE AH Early Bird • ORDER MOW DON'T WAIT!!! We Will Pay You The TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR CAR Drive In Today —Get (he Gosh.' \Vc Arc Approved Blytheville Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS mid carry a complete stock of Genuine Chrysler and Packard Parts . SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owntr Kor I'rompt Service On Repairs Bring Your Car to Our New Location Corner Franklin and Walnut Phon* 886 or 3524

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