The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1950
Page 5
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, WCBM 11, Crackpot Blamed For Ship Damage In Seattle Port No Enemy Agent* Involved, Captain after Check BBATTLl, D«e. 11. ( •uthorltlM have decided • "mali- rtow erMkpt>t"— rtther than en- •wy i««nt»— wti responsible for the »«nu«in» of »uxlliai-y electric mow, iboird the 12,000-ton transit Marine phoenix. Th« duna«e, first reported to be lull-Kile wbatoge, WM taid by c »Pt. U. E. Eaton, deputy commander of the Military Se» Tram-: Port Service's North pacific region. 'o total less than $200. It consisted of « spike or Ice Pick thrust. Into the armature wires At least one of the motors was of each of six auxiliary motors. connected to the ship's water system, . Motors Are Stiorted Authorities saici the tampering vmiia have caused the motors to short, leaving them inoperative. The recently reactivated Marine Phoenix has been carrying troops ami supplies to Korea. The damage was believed to have been done while the ship was docked tn Seattle preparatory to being taken to tJjJPuget Sound naval shipyard at <Bps-Sound Bremerton for an ov effiaul. No arrests have been made, Eaton said. Navy announcements first identified Ihe vessel .s the transport A. w. Greely. subsequently fl s one of the Greely size, and not until nearly 2< hours after Friday's Initial disclosure as the Marine Phoenix. CLARKSVILLE, Term., Dec,; U. M>>—Mrs. Jolm Lawrence Sullivan ' • war widow at 15. A telegram from tht Department of Defense brought word Saturday of the death of her 17-year-old husband, an Army private, He was wounded in Korea Nov. 29 and died two day» Inter. Tht youne soldier's grandmother —Mr». Ed Sales of port Royal, near here—said she received the telegram »n d Immediately notified Mrs. Sullivan, who is with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Chester K. Decker, in Louisville. "The Ixird must have seen fit to take litrn." Mrs. Decker quoted Arkansas Escapes Smallpox in 1949 LITTLE, ROCK, Dee. II. ( fi - ror the first lim« In history, not a »mjle case of smallpox w»s discovered In Arltansai in 1»4«. There wa> only one ease In IMS. pip, u rinding wide use hi Irritation and Mwaga »y«tem» on th« (arm. Tennessee Girl Becomes War Widow at 75, Expects Baby Buddhists Oppose Reds RANGOON—Wj—Buddhist monks of this country hope to lead a nation-wide battle against Communism in Burma. They will shortly make a countrywide apppal to all Buddhists to help them in stamping out "ihiv Irreligious creed of the Russian camp." Home Nursing School • WASHINGTON. Dec. u. m—The American Red Cross announced la- day an Initial allotment of $35,000 to help meet a government request that It train 1,000,000 persons in iiome nursing as part of the civil defense program. WARNING ORflKK •The defendant, Anna Bartulaltls, also known as Anna Bartaliti. or Anna Barlllts, u hereby warned to appear in the Chancery court (or the Ciilckasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty (30) days and answer 'the complaint of the plaintiff. Anthony Bartulaitis, also known as Anthony S. Bartllta, filed against her in said court in case No. 11,504 and upon her failure so to do the complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand «nd seal as Clerk of said Court this November M, 1950. HARVEY'MORRIS, Clerk By Ruth Ma'gee, D.c.' .. Oscar Fendler, ally, for pltf. William S. Rader, atty for ad litem. lll25-12 ; 2-9-16 her daughter as saying. Sullivan joined the Army las June and was stationed at for KMOX, Ky. He met his bride in Louisville and they were married Sept. 29, turning a io-day furlough into a honeymoon, Mrs. Decker said the young widow Is expecting a baby and thai, she is.confined to bed. Persian Prince Is Ruled Out of Shah's Estate VANCOUVER, B. O., Dec. 11.'fjp —A Persian nrince and his slstei learned yesterday they will no share In the $359,000 estate of theii grandfather, the deposed Shah oi Persia. A New York court's decision on the distribution of a trust fund established by the late Sultan Ahmed Kfldjar was received by Prince Hasseln Kadjar and Princess Guity Kfldjar. The Shah died In exile in France In 1930. Under the surrogate court ruling the principal of the trust fund wll go to the rour living children o! the EhahV. mother, Queen Male, Keh-Djahan, who died in 1947. The prince, who is Iji the jawdtis busincss'liere. said he was not surprised at lift ruling. Critic May Sell Truman's 'Note' WASHINGTON. Dec. 11. (IP) — Some clisrif-y may be ihe winner in the disagreement between Preslden Truman and music critic Pan Hume over Margaret Truman'; singing ability. Hume, critic for the Washlngtoi Post, said last night he 'h»s had several offers for the letter, In which Mr. Truman threatened to heat him up for writing that Mar garet sang flat m a local concert. He hasn't made up his mind whether to sell the letter or not Hume said, but if he does the proceeds will go to charity. Miss Truman, who said after the letter became public that Hume had a right to say what he thought winds up her current concert toil tcnlsht ir. Ch»!^r—.,, STORK. YES; COPS. NO-Barney Goldman of Wilmelle III, mopi tni brow and beami on Ms new daughter after racins the .tork and aix police car* in a 70-mile-per-hour chase to a Chiago «?« ' V m * n ' B ?l l3r ,l" rb<Ml " y th ' cops ' "Pi"""* his hasU and lot a pollc. tscort to lh< hospital. Later he got a ticket for speeding «nd reckless driving. Safer Cough Relief Whm new dnip.or old f»il to »toj> your coii|h or chest cold don't delay. Creomuhion contains only iafe, helpful t> proven ingredient* and no nar- cotici lo disturb nature's process. It *oes riihl to the seat of tht trouble to ^i nature loothe and heal r>«% ten!^, inflamed hronchi.ll menibranej.. Guaranteed lo plense you or dniggisr re funds money. CieomuUion has stood the test of ninny million] of users CREOMULSION r.!i.r« C«J f k,. Ch.,1 Cclo,. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "^utit (omrounitv Cenler" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. * Sun. I'h. 58 Last Times Today * "Return of Frontiersman" Gordon 1. L«nd<Mi Tuesday "PRISONERS IN PETTICOATS" ROR ROCKWF.M, -OUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Last Times Today 'Break Through' Havirt Brian .John Agir RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Portland Oregonian Sold for $5 Million NEW YORK. Dec. 11. (/P)_The Portland Oregonian was sold for more than $5.000,000 to Publisher Samuel I. Newhouse of New Yorl yesterday — one week after th newspaper's 100th anniversary. The sale, which was entirely for cash with no outside financing, wa announced here by Newhouse ant the Oregontan's president. E B Mac Naughton, In a Joint state ment. '- - ' • • ! The Oregonian has a circulation of .224,314 daily and 280,045 Sundays Pooch Trees Self in Try For Squirrel; Firemen Aid SYRACUSE, N.Y., Dec. II. (AP) —Henry Brennan's dog haj found out tha). what goes up—may need help getting down, Goliath was found Saturday stranded on a tree limb 35 feet above the ground. It took firemen 40 minutes to'get htm down. Brennan said Goliath his been pretty good at treeing squirrels. This one apparently got away. THEATRE . 2019 West, Main Open Weekdaji «:M Show SUrtl 7:M ;"••' Saturday! « SnndaT. !:«« Always a Double Feature Times Today Cartoon & Latest News Tuesday A Cecils Aubry •HIV Jack Hawkirt: Michael Rennie *)» Selected Sh«rt« A Christmas Carol (ARK.) COURIER NEWS by Charles Dickens lot Bel, CrolcM I family wot unmindful of HM Sfiifit'i prophecy. G*n«rou»l», Bofc proposed o toast lo his miserly employer, 5<roo«e. Mrv'CratcWt refuttd ro drink. A' lo* sKe g««e in. "t'H drink to hij KwtfS ht ww> , B«b, ond the Doy'i, not lor his," ih« »!/ Fulbright Defends Advocates Unified WASHINGTON, Dec. 11, (/PJ-* Senator Fulbrlght (D-Ark) last night defended Secretary of State Dean Achesin and said he hesitated to advocate anything "that would involve us in an all out war with China." Pulbrlglit appeared on a television debate with Rep. Hugh D Scott, Jr. (K-Pa) .who called Acheson "the architect of appeasement" and who urged an all-out Allied offensive in Korea If United Nations efforts fall to negotiate a peace. .Of Acheson, Fulbright said "I'm sure he's not an appcaser. ft's not Dean Acheson at fault but history." He said also that "I think the survival or the West depends on creating a unified Army ijj Europe and preventing the demonlation of Russia in SVestern Europe." Dean Acheson; Western Army Quick Relief for HURTS of RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA ARTHRITIS, LUMBAGO ^.SIMPLE NEURALGIA _ II you are .ufltrlng from thtM miserable paira. tik« hopel Wonderful C-32ZJ, made to a medically-approved formula; hai eiven fast rjatn. relief to thousand!. C-22O contains famou». beneficial herb "Blick Snake -Root" and ifi lodiwd to activate SallcylaU action tor belter, more effective pain "!'.''; ?"" »' first bottle back.if not utiEfled. Don'l delay— today, go'to uiEe. on'l delay— today, go'to the drug atora and be iur« to «et C-XOt, Goble Cannon. 1105 Hebert St., St. Loilis, Mo., says in this day and »K« 11 doesn't matter how old you are—it^ls how young you feel. Mr. Cannon says he's seen a lot bl these young, high powered fellows just burn themselves out, while folks that know how to live never seemed to get old. Mr. Cannon say's that since he has been taking HADACOL, he feels as spry as a 16-year-old. Mr. Cannon found he was suffering a deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B3 Niacin and Iron. Mr. Cannon was very proud to give us this statement: '"'My job aj crossing watchman for the Wabash Railroad keeps me in one place and I don't have a chance to get much exercise. I teem to gel gas on my stomach and then I lose my appetite. Many times I have had nervous spells and been unable to sleep at night. Then, one day I heard how other folks were being helped by HADACOL. Now the gas on my stomach has vanished, my appetite is first rate and I get a good night's sleep and those nervous spells? -I very seldom have' them any more at all. I think HADACOL is mighty fine—just Icok what It has done for me." The most important thing about HADACOL is that you get Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacln and Iron in liquid form, which means that thcv are quickly absorbed and dispolcfied to the Wood stream, ready to go right to work. 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Large family or hospttal'size, J3.50. lefuse substitutes. There's only one rue and genuine HADACOL. If your druggist does not have HADA- COL, order It direct from The LeBlanc Corporation, Lafayette, Lou- slana. ISJ», Th, UUUBB torpor*. . A patent (or an Invention gives the Inventor or his heirs exclusive rights to It for IT years. Air Cadet Candidates To Be Interviewed Here U. Harold M. Raines. Aviation Cadet Procurement offlciv (torn the Army and Air Force rccy.jitimj station In Little Rock, will be In Blyihe- ville'.i recruiting office at City Hall Tuesday. He will Interview applicants for aviation raclct. Air Force officer c.inrlidnte school and Army officer candidate school. Women, between the ages of IB and 34 Inclusive, who are single arid high school graduates may also apply for positions in the Army and Air Porc«. MflTHFR OTU1 nUV'oiD FAsmoKtcn UOUT TH£ WAX YCU 01V! ASPIRIN TO YOUR CHILD? Children "balk" at ordinary aspirin. Thti specialized aiptrln ha« orange flavor. Hssnrec accurate 11 SHOPPING DAYS TIL XMAS A Nice Gift For a Mriy TUSSY SNOWMAN Hand Lotion $1 HOLIDAY KI-LKiHTS GIANT COLGATE TOOTH PASTE Tusgy BEAUTY PLUS Wonder Working Hormonf Cream Rt j. *3 Jar $1.50 £*—< FREE 49c SHASTA SHAMPOO When you buy tht large economy jar •- 1.00 LAVORIS MOUTH WASH 20 OUNCE New CHRISTMAS 5c New F««th«r w*{ght W7T* GEM RAZOR \&} '*, With S C*m BUriw An ld»l Gift For A Ultlt Girl ^ ^/ CINDERELLA WAJCH pickagtd In glasfl-liki Slipper '.V s Pltti Tax ounce MENNENS AMTISEPTIC BABY OIL 98c BOTTLE iM ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN TABLETS 45« •ox m KLEENEX CLEANSING TISSUES 27* RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES , „_ ^Oelicloua Chocol.lM, w box..'. fnral.ZS HOPALONG CASSIDY niflclal Trail Knlf« 9oC RINKY RINGTAIL MONKEY •A rubber toy yo«r child will lore 79c RONSON CIGARETTE LIGHTER -., A handujmi Mlectlon «t thex llchUn from $6 BOXED LINEN STATIONERY f- Flimt qtMtty In asserted colon 1 GILLETTE ARISTOCRAT RAZOR ,- Wlthshav»t (Mn ,. n e1 MbhkiMM | M . '5 WRISLEY SUPERBE SOAP t< Fragrant bath *ln «Mp. Box of 4...' 1 AMITY LEATHER BILLFOLDS - M ?x*^ 01 ttykf •"" irf *« 5 ' prlMd &•«•... 2 s " JOHNSON'S BABY GIFT BOX « » Contain. I •mntM baby Item* .. _- 1 BEAUTIFUL ALARM CLOCKS""' tt »ep«n«UI»U-rn ertor»-prk»d from.. 3* WILLIAM'S 3-PC. MEN'S SET „ „ Aqua Vein, Ulcum and shave cnem 1 BEAUTIFUL METAL COMPACTS - M A targe MUctioit erf d«*l ( m »n4 thapw... 1 4 OUNCE PERTUSSiN FOR COUGHS DUE TO COLDS 57c «S«JAR NOXZEMA SKIN CREAM NOW Safe Scientific IMDRIN No Faster Arthritic PaFn Relief BOBW fll-CIBL IOME PERMAIEH WAfE «IT Here Is a new and ilmpk way to beautify your hair. Com- -f 25 Plete with U Bobby Pint 1 BOX IS EX-LAX CHOCOLATE LAXATIVE R«duc« Safely Th« KYRON WAY (3 TabUtt *3 Nature's Dtodorant NULLO Amazini Ntw Control For Body Odors I 25 1-00 WILDROOT HAIfi TOIIC 8Sc 1.00 IIONIZED YEAST 83c 12 IOTEX NAPKIIS 35e 1.25 HADACOL i 19 1.01 IOIITO FOR IEIRITIS S3< 50t PHILIPS MAUESIA 3St WOODS DRUG STORE BOX 48 MODESS SANITARY NAPKINS I 35 BOTTLE IM UNICAPS VITAMIN CAPSULES 3" PHONE 507 BLYTHEVILLE ARK

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