Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 25, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! Best Cigarin the City. WHAT THEY AKE DOING. Wliui Tlie Trades ANKeiubly Proponed to <lo ami What They arc .SOMETHING NEW! THE COUNTER SALE. - • "Now Being Held at « Tlie Grand Bazaar, 307, 4tHSt. Sotp in, if Only to Look. MONEY TO LOAN, a any mm at tbe LOWEST rate*. Private fniuli OBIT. Honey alwsye la bund. No red tape or do- lay. Intel-Out and principal payable la Logtunu port. Special arrangements ae to payment at principal and Interval, made to SOU the wlshen o( borrower.- For further parHonlnrg apply to Fred W. Munson, : On llondajs, Fridays or SaterdJijs. 214 •; .•••• : street, opposite Ccurt House. FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Eearl Street. "5 .-.- Welcome toJAlL MON E Y, a«D«ral Insurance aid Loan*. Allklude oi ID- •oranoe placod ID nrstoltwB companies. Endow- aifl£t .yollotea pnrchwed, .Bonds -of euretysi.. written for parties holding poeltteo* ol trtm »b»re a bond It required. 319 PEABI. ST. S. M. dossers, MONEY TO 10AN! And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lows rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.S.FORGY. declSdiwGm Daily Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. JAN. 25. Otto Kraua 1 ^suit order department is. meeting- with considerable favor. Grand ball at'^the rink Thursday evening, February 5. Good music. See the muslin underwear at tbe Trade Palac'e. .Lock stitch machine. You Can buy a choice cloth, or plush cloak at almost your own price this coming v^eek at the busy week. The gathering-.of the season, namely, the',crowd:to be entertained by the 0.- C. F.' grand ball,'February 5. 1 D-Take advantage of .the greatest cut ! on underwear • ever made by Harry | Frank. Read his, new advertisement. | •If you leave, your measure for,a suit at Otto's,"and you .don't' like 'ihem after same.made up you needn't "take them; ; ••' John J. Dooley and wife who hav been visiting- Larry Dooley for the past-two weeks returned to Chicago to-day'; : ' ' • The Uniform Rank No. 1, O. C. F., will give .a .grand ball at the rink February 5. Byron Wilson will serve as caller'." , •-'-The distribution of Harry Frank's $125 worth of presents takes place n'ext; .month. Come one and al! and-participate in it. As an inducement, all those paying their acco.unfe.this month will have a share | in.our .$125 worth of presents at Hary Frank's, to-be-sure. , Great rush, at our silk and dress goods counters now at the low prices. See the velvets. Don't forget the towels; crashes, remnants of taWe linens,,.et&, this week, at the Trade Palace.. ; Another chance is given those ladi'es who could not attend-the Bee Hive's, semi-annual clearance sale during last weekiv ^THe _same will 'be continued. with-^resb>- bargains added all: this coming week. ,'. • -• .-' v ;- TBiBESUPfLliSDbjROSS GORDON. LaFtoMie, Ind. For sale by B. F Jleesling' Misses Josie and May Gallagher left the city yesterday for a two weeks visit with friends in Cincinnati and Richmond. Mrs. Lizzie M. Warren of Toledo and Mrs. J. W. Schauffelberger of Tiffin, 0., are visiting in the city the guests of their sister Mrs. H. L, Troxei. Mrs. Minnie Griffith who has been visiting for some time in Alabama was brought home yesterday quite seriously ill. She is lying at the home of A.L. Cbappelow on North street. Minnie Pearl, the 7-year-old daughter of G. W. Jones died at her home on the North Side last evening of diphtheria. The funeral will be held to-day at Fulton the cortege leaving tbe home at 9 o'clock. Services to-day at Trinity church at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The rector will officiate and preach morning and evening. Subject.of the sermou in the forenoon. "Laborers in the vineyard. 1 ' Strangers and everybody invited. The only troupe of South Carolina Jubilee Singers traveling are vvilh Peck & Fursman's Uncle Tom's Cabin. Company,- and will be. heard in a choice selection of plantation melodies and cotton-field refrains, at Dolan's opera house next Thursday night. At the Baprist church to-day, the pastor Rev. W. H. H. Marsh' will preach at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p, m. Subject of the morning sermon "Repentance commanded because Christ is Judge." In the evening the third in the series on Regeneration will be given, subject • 'The necessity of Regeneration twofold." Attention is called to the advertisement in this issue of the new grocery store of Dolan & Twomey. This large double store will be open next Tuesday. The stock is a very carefully selected one and a fine lot of the best goods will be on display. In his advertisement Mr. Dolan reminds the people of the bargains he has in store for them on his opening day. His prices speak for themselves, as seen by reading tbe advertisement in this paper. Peru Journal: Charley Perry went to Logansport this morning,.. .Hon. R. P. Effinger was in Logansport again this afternoon.. . .Mrs. . Frank Stutesman and children went to Logansport this afternoon.... Miss Anna Glennon is home. from her visit in LoganspoH.., .Mr. Garrett, of the Logansport regular fire department visited our fire laddies to-day..,. Misses Lulu German and Mae, Clara Tho'Trades Assembly in ptacing-'be- fore the city of Logansport the beautiful plan of a public park here shown . desired by their kindly deed, to show.; to their city that they were endowed with a special desire to see their city prosper. In pursuance of their design they prepared the magnificent picture which has awakened such interest and aroused the enthusiasm of our people to a common desire. Theirs is the only plan yet placed before tee public eye, 'and after many weeks of talk and explanation goes unscathed by any criticism of merit. There is a peculiar' feature of this plan that demands the most serious thought before any substitue is endorsed either by tongue or pen. We refer to the lakes. In the first place they relieve the landscape and are unquestionably an object of beauty. Secondly. by them we obviate the necessity of fllling the deep depressions of the park, for the lakes themselves are but enlargements and beautifications of those depressions. By these we avoid the enormous expense of the, limitless filling which became necessary if this plan is abandoned, costing perhaps from §6,000 to $10,000. Again, in beautifying and excavating the lakes we get many thousands of tons of earth to build the levee, and many valuable boulders with which to build tbe rip-raps, which is a saving of, say, $3,000 more. Under any plan whatsoever, that levee would ~ have to be : built, and where can the earth be as cheaply obtained as from excavating the lakes? Think of this. In the first instance we save say, $7,000 by obviating the necessity of grading which would rteeessesarily occur if the park was subdivided and'Race street projected through it, as this street would come directly in a line with the huge depressions. We also gain, say $3,000 more by being able to utilize the earth that we get from the lake excavations which we put on the levee along the river. This is an aggregate gain of $10,000 over the ancient plan of sub- RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. KeniNj'froiu Hie (-Note-Book ol' Our KulUvuy^Rcportcr—Point* Per* Monal aiidOllicrwlKe. A bill introduced in the House yester day relative to' ! equipping all railroad trains on roads in the State with air- brakes provides that freight, as well as pruteeng-er, express, mail and bagg-a.g-e oars, be so equipped by July 81, 1892. Said the general passeager agent of a Western road yesterday: "It is true that bills are pending- before the legislatures of Illinois', Wisconsin and Missouri to make 2 cents a mile the maximum rate of fare on the railroads'-* in those States but we do ,no£: believe they will pass. The peopla of these States are too sensible' to demand such a thing- knowing as they do that such a law would compel the.roads to lower their standards of facilities and train service, and reduce expenses in other directions sufficiently to make up for the falling off in revenue. There is only one section of the country w,here the railroads can afford to accept 2 cents a mile as a regular rate of fare, and that is east of the Allegheny mountains, where the country is densely populated. West of Chicago the people would be doing themselves a wrong- by making such a law."—Indianapolis Journal. and Martha Theobald, went to Logansport this morning to spend a few days. Mrs. Ira Miller of Logan- eporfc, came up last evening to remain until after Sunday with Mrs. Mart Jamison, of Ewing street/... .Misses OcJdie DeGroot and Mae Thornton are expected up from Logansporc in the morning to. be ,the guests of Miss Mamie Ream. The "Kids" Retaliate. Last nigh fc at the Broadway Rink, the Muncie polo team defeated the Logan boys by, a score of 3 to' 0. The first goal was made 'by Muncie, ll minutes, by Buchanan,, the second made by Kirk in 2 minutes, and the third made. By Wolf in 3 minutes. Sehrt and Harris of the home 'team did some fine playing and brought down the house three or four times by making soine fine stops. Beeson who is the chaimpion skater of the 'State played a fine game. The / playing throughout was.good and the players were held in high favor by the audience. Following was the playing order of the teams: dividing the grounds. Now, if it were possible to arrive at the difference in value of the tier of lots proposed to be cut off when the same are used lor park purposes and their value when used for private ownership we could then determine just how much the adoption of Assembly Park plan would save to the.city over any other project: But supposing the said lots worth no nlore for increased park area than for purpose of private ownership (and they are worth far more) then there would be a net gain of ten thousand dollars over the trespassing, plan. Then, let the Trades Assembly alone and they will give Logansport an in- heretance of immense value. The plan .itself, without the private sub- scribtions they ace getting, if adopted would save the city not only an immense valuable strip of park ground, but would obviate, the extra expense of say ten-thousand dollars. What if the city should sell a tier of lots for many thousands of dollars, is it not certainly apparent that a vast -amount of -the purchase money will be spent in filling and grading which by the Assembly Park plan is completely avoided. The part prepared for un wise sacrifice is the very ground that will on its South margin need the least expense infilling. Think carefully of this, immense sacrifice "and nothing gained, but about $10,000 lost. If the Trades Assembly are let alone, they will : improve the river bank, carpet it with grass, set trees, put in a drive from tenth to fifteenth street, save the city $10,000 and, give the city a.plan', surpassing in beauty of detail anything belonging- to any inland, city of the United States. ' W. W. Gnycty at Delphi. The opening of the Clifton House at Delphi Thursday evening, was quite the social sensation of the f ^ason in that pleasant place, and will be talked of for many days by those who participated in the pleasures of the evening. The house :'• a very neat one, a credit to the town and its affable -manager, Mr. Allison,' is to be congratulated on the eclat attending the opening- of his pretty house. His house has attained a prestige with the traveling public which is no doubt excee'dingly pleasing to him. The banquet was, to use the expression of one of the boys who attended from here '-quite voluptuous in the extreme" and was' presided over by our own Frank Tennant, who comported himself with his characteristic dignity, never once losing that wonderful smile of his. George Moore was another conspicuous figure of the festal scene. The ball following the banquet was a pleasant finale of the atfair and was fully enjoyed. Success to the Clifton. The Wo»d verdict. r - The verdict in the Wood murder case was widely discussed in this city, the home of the murderer yesterday, and while some were surprised at the severity of the sentence, the general expresssion was one of approval. Many expected that Wood would get about fifteen years, while others thought that his term would be as low as two years. A Muncie special says: Tlie verdict of the jury in the Wood murder trial, giving the defendant the full extent of the law, meets with general approval in this city the home of the murdered man. When the verdict was read at the opera house last night,,it gave rise to rounds of applause by the audience. LEAVE YOUR ORDER, Suits made to Order, $15 up- All-wool Pants $3. .,-:..:., spring Overcoats to order, 1 : "" . Melton and black Thibet, $15. j : • "" Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. ,':;;;t ; -i'' No extra ^arge for long.and slim men. - Short and stout men. all can be V Fitted. -Bfeadvance upon ready Made garments. Gustbia made " ; Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE. Spring styles now on exhibition. No advance payment required and If eoods ordered are not perfectly Satisfactory you are riot required to> Take them. OTTO KRAUS, Of Course. SMOKED M E A T Of this Brand .will be found Select Goods; .Slaughtered and Cured^ W. C ROUTH, Logansport Ind. \ ; . For Sale bv Leading ASSEMBLY PARK. Guarantee* of the SUCCCKH or the Project. KUNCIB Buchanan • KrK Benson Wolf Widemejer ' M>GANSPOBT Davidson Stltt Boice Sehrt Harris Tlie Opera "Chimes of Normandy." to be given soon in the interest of the Free Reading Room/will undoubtedly be the greatest attraction of the season. The ladies in charge are making every effort to insure 'its success. The beet talent in tbe city will be represented, . Mrs. -Kries as Serpolette, !Miss Briton as Germane, Mr. Martin as Henry, etc. The 'chorus now being drilled by Mr. D_emorest is. making excellent >rogress. Mr. Demorest •will-person- .te Gaspard (the miser). It is hoped the citizens of Logansport-will. assist the. ladies in their audable enterprise by their generous latronage; A Portion* foHl'lon. A lad about 7 years of age named Floyd Kerns was the hero of an incident yesterday morning which came nearly resulting in bis death. He was running after a cow belonging to Louis Gippinger, when near the Forest Mills, his foot caught in a strap around the animal's neck and he was dragged across the Sixth street bridge and quite a distance up Pontiac street- before the cow could be caught and the boy extricated .from his exceedingly perilous position.' The lad was .badly bruised but fortunately none of the injuries are serious. He managed while being dragged to hold bis head clear of • the ground thus escaping injury to that important portion of his anatomy. Floyd was carried to bis home on Race street and his injuries were examined by a physician who declared that a few days would be sufficient to set him all right again. -; Messrs. Michael Houlihan, Win'. Gordon and Wm. Haynes of Fort. Wayne, are in the ci-;y the guests of Ed Twomey. Alexander Hardy..... $210 00 John K. Johnson 21u 00 George fiaigh „ lOOiD J. P. Webster .- 100 00 Martin Bllgh 100 00 G orge B. Forgy...: : 100 00 jMhuEHlott 10000 Mrs.D C, Elliott : 10000 .Will M. Elliot... ,, , 75 W Harry Elili>it 7500 Hi-nry Tucker.- 100 00 W H. Snider (verbHli . 10» 00 B. S. Rlce&tidn (verbal) 200 «,i Send names and amounts to Weldon P.Webster. - Notice to Patronit of tlie ScliooJ*. All parents having small children to begin work in the public schools will please send them to their respective buildings on Monday morning next, Jan. 26, on the West Side, the beginners will be admitted in the afternoon. Though the number of children must exceed the capacity of tbe building we will accommodate all pupils in the old building until the new building is completed. ANXA V. LAROSE, Supt. -lilent on, Vnioa Men.' All union men are earnestly requested to be present at the Trades Assembly meeting at 2 p. m., this afternoon. Turn out en masse, your organization has been attacked. 0. P. SMITH, Gen. Organizer, A. F. of L. Dca'li of Co,,r..d \Voo»tcr. Cormid Wboster died at his home on Wabash avenue yesterday at 4'p. m., aged 40 years. He leaves a wife and four children. The funeral will be .held at the German Lutheran church no Wednesday. : : A Delightful Perfovinahce. The Plunger at Dolan's last night was greeted by one of the best houses of the season and plunged right into popular favor. It is a great play, played by excellent players and tfte utmost satisfaction was afforded. . It is a play held together. by a plot stronger than tbe average and abounds in strong situations and thrilling climaxes. The special scenery .is good, the elevated railway station and train being one of the best see nes ever set on tbe stage here. Oliver Byron as Dexter Digit'-the plunger" is keenly alive to the exacting requirements of the role and was very pleasing while his charming' wife Mrs. Kate Byron throws all of her great fund of energy into the difficult role of the Widow 'Clover, making it the leading feature of the performance. Her encounter with the burglar in the last act is particularly I good and pleasingly ^characteristic, j The supporting company was good.,1 James Home, as Walter Glyndon the I wronged'bank clerk was graceful and I the villian of Arthur Markley-was! quite above'the average stage villian while the tramp burglar af Fred Warren was ludicrously trampish. D. K Higgins, tne black "body guard" is .a good black face comedian and the Gentleman Jim of Arthur Byron was a strongly played character. Miss Georgia Waldron was charming -as Ethel Rexford and Miss Dickie Delora played a minor part pleasingly. The balance of the company was capable and the performance was decidedly one of the strongest of the season. The first Step. Pei-haps you; are run eat,can't sleep* can't think, can't' do anything to your satisfact'on. and you jf wonder what ail« you. •> You should heed the warning, you are taking tb,6,' first step 'into Nervous Prostration-. You need a Nerve Tonic and in Electric Bittgrs you will find the exact remedy: for restoring your nervous system tolls-] normal, healthy condition,, ing results follow the use of this great*" Nerve Tonic and Alterative. Your • appetite .returns, ..good digestion jsji restored, and the Liver and Kidneys* resume healtby action. Try a bottle. ,' Price SOc. at B. F. Keesling's Store. :" '. to24 J&JV JOYS Both t&e method and results . leopard change his spots?" Or is there any painting or white washing the Dem- party can resort to that will so the differences between railway companies and their employes have been settled-and tlie strike is eadul Headache, Neuralgia, Dizziness Nervousness,' Spasms, Sleeplessness, cured By Dr. 'Miles 1 Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. (1) oeaa tor our annum cm uio mwu •nd Skin Disease*. Smart SPICIJTC Co., Atlanta, 0* If Vonr House is on Fire You put water on the burning timbers not on the smoke. And if you - have catarrah.you should attack the disease in the blood, not in your nose. Remove the impure cause, and the.local effect subsides. To do this, take Hood's Sarsaparilla, the. great blood purifier, which radically and permanently cures catarrh. It also strengthens the nerves. Be sure - to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla-. ,3 Says Tlie Southern medical World: "Mothers Friend is growing in favor throughout the south and is. highly recommended by physicians.- We consider it indispensable to those who know'they must pass through tbe ordeal of child-birth. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, <Ja. for particulars-Sold by Ben Fisher. , to24 Syrip of Figs is taken; it is pleaaatt . and refreshing to the taste, and act* gently yet promptly on the Kidney^ ' Liver and Bowels, cleanses the syV i tern effectually, dispels colds, Lead- < aches and fevers and cures habitual" ' constipation. Syrup of Figs is >th> - • on]y remedy^ or its kind ever -pro- J duced, pleasing to the taste apd 0 fte- • ceptable to the stomach, prompt,in 7: its action and trnly_ beneficial in its effects, prepared only from* the most healthy and agreeable suHstances, its J many excellent qualities Commend'it to all and have made it the most ? popular remedy known.. Syrup of Figs is for sale in-50e '}, and- $1 bottles by all leading ^ ^ gists. Any reliable druggist wlio- 3 may not have ,it on hand will procure it promptly for any one wW, wishes to 'try it. I)o not accept anV substitute: : •-..- -• -*' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP r C®. SAN FRANCISCO, VAL. ' ' ' X ' 3X LOUISVILLE, XV. »u yim cnn iniiy aencnne'tno Bj-irpKTOis ot >o tlcrinr cliWKMtOBio. Consultation free •-* — Hours, 8to«; Sunday*, 9 to 12. Klinck Catarrh & Bronchial Remedy Cc, ' F. D. CLARKE, M. D.

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