The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 4
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SHE BLYTHEVILLE COUR IE RENEWS not oointUK'imra oo/, PTJI* H. W. . C. E. BABCOCX. Witor . me* JU Detroit, St. Louis, D*Ut», XUUM our, Boefc. Evary Afternoon. Except Bundijr. s Kntewd u Mcond c\tf» mtttcr «v the post office at BlythevUle, Ar- fcto&as, under act of ConjreK Oci- tober 9, HIT, Served by the Unlt*d Frtfe. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier ill the Oily of Blythevllle, 16c per week or M40 per year In idvance. By mall within a ndhis of SO mike, 13.00 per jrcgr, |l 60 lor fix niontlic, «c for three month*; by mall In postal zones two to «lx. Inclusive, W.M per year. In tones seven and eight, flO.OO per year, payable in advance. R. E. Lee Wilson For many yearn, and until tlie hour of his death, R. B. Lee Wilson was by wide odds the biggest mini in Mississippi county. '** It Is probable that his place will never Ix; filled, for he was a rare product of an environment that lias changed. Men of his force and ability can still achieve big things, but it is doubtful if they can dominate their communities a* for yfcars Lee Wilson dominated his. Mr. Wilson's career was, the perfect example of individual achievement. His heritage was s keen mind, an indomitable spirit, nnd unflagging energy. With it he won wealth fine 1 , power and built civilization out of a wilderness. His character did not always inspire tho love of lessor men. Many among us have described him as ruthless and selfish. • To those who stood in his way lie was ruthless, but his selfishness, if it may be so called, was of no narrow personal kind, but rather Hint of a man who finds his satisfaction in life in constructive accomplishment. For, individualist that he was, there was nothing anti-social in the fundamental character and purpose of Lee . Wilson. His faring, the towns arojvmd which they lie, his contributions lo education, both 'practical and cultural, all are living refutations of the allegation that he lived and planned and worked x for Lee Wilson alone. Mississippi county's dob*, to Mr. Wilson is not easily expres.;t'.! in a few words. He was the leader and usually the controlling force in projects that for a period of years literally remade this county. His. above nil others, was the vision and his the will that built the levees, the drainage ditches, the railroads and the highways that '. made possible the Mississippi county 1 we know today. But that does not . begin to tell tho story. In industry, ; in banking, in the introduction of mod: : ern agricultural methods, in the improvement of health aivl living standards, and in education his influence has been tremendous. Yv'hat w u would have been had he never livr.d no man ; can say, but what he accomplished in a long and active career is here for everyone to see. There will alv.-ays be opportunity for the Individualist. —Henry Ford. JUT OUK WAY Comic Persons with democratic tenancies Eon)et|mes wojidcr : just why England continues to Kupport the luxury of v. pttragc. Now and then some Individualistic !n,cmbcr of the pceniifc will unwillingly' furnish the answer— or, at any rale, an «n.<wer. .There is, for instance, the Duke of Devonshire, who made a Illllc »f>eeeli ut a horHe show in Derbyshire Ihe oilier day, in Ihc course of which lie unleashed a dic-lu'.rd old Tory's dislike of the ajjc of modern inventions. Thc auto was the chief object of his attack; he called Htilo.s "foul, stinking, things" and "horrible brutes making life hideous," and ne added: "When I lirst knew this horse show we came here as gentlemen, ami not as crashing cudu." And there you have it It must be almost worth while for a nation to support a system whic'i produces old gentlemen who can make speeches like that. BLYTHKVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Others May Follow One way of gelling a line on the things our government is doing these days is to find out how they look Lo jieople in other land;. II is rather instructive to note that the Trades and Labor Congress of Canada, for instance, has unanimously indorsed the NIIA program, in the United States and has urged the adoption of :i similar plan for Canada. A few days before this happened, the Trades Union Congress of England passed a resolution calling upon tho British government to adopt similar measures. The South African Parliament is considering its own NRA plan. The, NRA, of course, is not a cure- all, and it lias handed us some problems which will probably keep up busy for a long time. But foreigners find « that it is a program of vast promise, and they would like to copy it themselves.' The fact speaks v.o!uii\cjj. Cor the impression which Hie campaign-1» ; making on disinterested observers. "Two months behind on the rent and you turn away pupils because they haven't enough talent." Cancer Is Inheritable But Science Can't Explain How BV DR.. MORRIS FISHBEIN ability that, nt Icnst one parent t'dilor, Journal of thc Anwric.iii j <,r nny patient may have had Medical Assorlatlor, anrt ot cancer. llygela, the lltallh Magazine ! ... It has been fairly well estau-i Furthermore. mm/m Hie fact iF''od by a considerable amount' that the mii.Trlty of cancer pa- ressaich (lull cancer tends ID be inherited. It also tends to ;brc«l iiir.ts are no' able to remember inncer as occurring in their fam- CHURCH EXCUSES By Ceo. W. Barium have kcLii so busy Che past fev years looking titter our Saturday Night Club Una I have r.ol paid very much allentlon lu uiy church though I love my cliiirch more than most people .vjspect. Having been trained hieing social lines, I have the nu.llty to hide my real feelings, ri.nt, ot course, gives rise In the >;lr,d5 of many people to Ihe idea I'm I do not even think of my church, I w.'M remember one wcnmn wlxmi I accosted with the intention of trying lo make s:it- ufactory arrangements with her In take Sister and Junior to church. I soon discovered llial her social training had Ijeeti sully neglected and for thai reason the ,-wr woman harl missed many of j li.t; fine pleasures of life. In t^jKiny to her. J found out she knew absolutely nothing about hri'lge, dancing or for that mal- lei, none of the activities that 30 to moke life r;ally worthwhile, and I just thought what a irf'y that children are oflcn raised by such women. Of course, 1 rnid nothln? to her about taking Sister • and Junior with her i f',r there is no telling the ideas .'he may have put in the little dears heads. She may have got- tfj-i them lo bel'.ev; that •iocial i mining such as I have is not t rally essential to one's happiness. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - TK5 PLURAL OF GOOSE IS GeeSB, 6UT THE PLURAL OF MONGOOSE IS MOMGOOS&S-/ TIIE LITTLE GALL-FLV CALLED PHOO/7ES fiOS/£. GROWS ITS OV/M NEST/ THE FEMALE PRICKS T;ffi LEAF BUD OF A ROSE,AND LO.'D HER EGGS. SOON, INSTEAD OF LEAVES, THE BUD DEVELOPS INTO A /WA'SS Golf Ball "Finder" Picked Wrong Player OF HAW- LI KG. /MATERIAL. CATS' eyes CO NOT SHINE lf< THE DARK./ THERE MUST BE A LISHT FOR THSAA TO s\ 1924 A cat's eyes will not glow in pitch darkmss. Thev arc 1101 capable' of light production, and unless ihsrc is a light which can be reflected by their "mirrors." a cat's eyes svill 1101 shine any more than will those of a human. BR1DIJNGTON. Eng. (UP) —' Frank Morris made a flourishing i •' • business out of "finding" golf balls.; Sisters Will Wed Recently Frank wntchcd a couple ' of men playing golf at tho local club until one of Ihe players lost his ball In a Held. Frank found the NEXT: where did Ihe commercial of Hie L'. S. ;cl its start.' ball and pocketed it. but the men were watching him and they happened to Le a police sergeant and : Loretla will marry Edward Wells, . _ i of Great Harrington. Mass. Flo.-- ln 1 riple Ceremony , cnce's husband will be Victor Coi burn. BRIDGEPORT. Conn. ( UP ) — | Three sisters,. Loretta, Jessie anct ! Florence Wheian. will go to the! altar Sepl. 28 in a triple wedding: survivor of the Civil War living Didn't Miss G. A. R. Reunion NEENAH. Wis. (UP)— The last constable. ^ When questioned teremony at St. Charles 1 Church. herc>. Triad S'aeerin. although suf- John W. Whelan, their father, fering from a brckcn shoulder re- Frank took four balls from his pocked including the one the con- will give each in marriage. ; ceived in a fall, attended the ua- stable had "lost." marked with his: Jessie will be thc first lo re-: tional convention of Ihe Grand initial. Thai ball cost Frank S5 in spond to the marriage ritual, and' Army of the Republic at Minnc- Is not Rc|»al of Ih3 18th Amendment will not constitute H paiuc'jii for all the Ills to winch mankind Ls heir. —Jouctt Shoiw. president, Association Agaiiiol the Prohibition Amendment. * » » One of the nuist astonishing delusions of mankind today Is the idea that happiness is associated with moral looseness. —Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick, New York. '* * * I cannot help but wonder at times whether there- is not a certain amount of hypocrisy involved in our scientific pretenses. —Prof. Arthur W. Kornhauscr, Chicago University. • » » I*bor and the farmer arc cheated by the same people, despised by tho .same people and kept apart by tire same people —Mrs. Glilord . Pinchot. « - » * The Nazis have the conviction that there is a likeness in the facial representation of Chr:st and the photographs of Hitler —Rev. Stanley High, Stamford, Conn. of thc race, and. In human .ilrci: rtocs not prove that cancc the ouestion ol heredity Us not hereditary. If cancer Is a one t'.iat can ba vcrjl iwcll I i-ruesivc trait, H may pass over a crnlrollcfl by ordinary human mar-! rojislderablc number of gcncra- liaees. ions without manifesting itself. There are some families in hich cancer Ls practically un- *"p\vn and otlicrs in which can- ••r is excredinjly common. Even icro. however, it Ls not possible n jump nt conclusions for Ihe :r»p!e reason Hint there may be c;her factors besides the famil} restitution associated with the c'u-elopn:ciil of cancer in thcs .'nmliies. bi:ch fnctor:- may IK- the 'plac in which tlirv live, thc habits o • !kl. thc possibilities of irritatio .rr.m smokina or chemicals, o some other aspects of the famil nes. There arc two ways in t^iich 1 '. quretion of the inheritance of cifcer^can.bc studied by'tsc^ntUlc. Investigators. One is to obtain the tcionls of all {amity trees of per- Eonr, dying from cancer. The other is to experiment with' mice which ijrced rapidly and have a short, I. 1 ;'? span. V'or thc put pose of coinpKttau. the life of the mouse in days is slli'hlly beyond the life cycle ol liie human b r . itigs in years. • * • The most widely-known e? incuts on mice that have cancer sre tliose by Dr. Maud Slye Workinc on many thousands of mice, Dr. Slye concluded that the n:sceptlbil!ty to cancer Ls hcredil- »iy and tha t it. behaves ns simple "Mcndclian recessive"—thn Ls to say. that it breeds out of the luce rather than in. Other investigators insist that it Ls a dominant characteristic, according to the Nfcndcltan law. A lecenl Investigator on tiie subject in the Radiu:'! Institute in Paris, workins also with many luintir:ds of mice, supports thc conclusions of Dr. Slye to the effect that there is a constitutional and probably hereditary factor in tlie cause of cancer. These investigators cannot bo certain howevrr. whether or not cancer is hereditary as a dominant or a recessive trait. In fact, thfre is cvcu some que?!ion as to whether vnrioub typos ot cancer do not differ in the tendency , becomc Mrs. Joseph Gilmarlin. a|K)lis. Bv Williama BLYTHEVILT.E 10 YEARS AGO From the flies of the Daily Courier == • — Friday, Scpl. 28, 19Z3. Thc Blythevllle cotton oil will be rcnriy to buy sceil Moiulay, October 1, and will start crushing October 15. Tlie local manager told the Courier they have much to rio as yet, but are going to do it. Thc hopes of the Blythevillc high school alumni of erecting n store ou the school campus, which will have for U s object thc assisting of needy boys and girls to attend school, is to bo realized. At a DJBGIV JJEUE TODAY KVE BATI.ESS. vttilf iMslxtnnt lo KARLE BAItKKS, niUcrU-,lnK •tore, murrlr* 1>IUIC HADICK, n coDMlrvcllom •uperJHte&denc. l>irk IM »ent lo lake cfcnrgr of a cnn- • trvctlcm Jab IB the Adtrnadiick*. It Trill requlrr nt lrn»l n yrnr lo complete l*a< Uvc rr(uic« (u cu uhh him. 31 ON A Ar,l,i:.V. ropy tvrif.-r. cnuifnic trouble al Iho oMU'r. Mir iQkr* f*»r whlrh Kvr ii l.l:niicil. t;nkft[itrn In Dirk, I-Ii e hri» hvm pl.l jiup thf- Klofk mrirkcrl, Imr- tmvjiii; 1 notify fruin her niMihrr iturf M inter. Sfce lute* (III*. i\~ \vrll »* mil h«-r on n untinj;* atitl 5 lOU Ilirk Irfl In tke hnok. tit C'britOii i:*c ilucM She Ix tuit ihr Frkw nctai In uliirlj hrnr frnnt Illrk. rMirii fii tulmlt (TtnE 0en fcarc!" Dick eald 'hotly. "I'll noi be put on the UeEonsivo juat for HlTlDS a person a lift." "Oh. iJick — we're quarrelling again atici I didn't want to." lie tunifid away from her and looked out. tlie window. [whatnot—with "IJjck." Kve liegnu timidly. He too!" who had broken * blp at tho age ot SO and lived to eoetiiiuc tier clieeriul philosophy. Tjooking about thc room Eve's eyes brightened and sho cried out, "Dick, loo;, at that lovely spool turnings, liaU-tsinicd. "Dirk, f was 30 lono- ly!" s!ic udtiocl iviKlfuIly. He turned aud slio w::s in Lm arms. Aunt Sophrauia "Humpli— tli at old tinny!" around. said. "Why I've lind it for CO , [years. Xnijjlibor save it to me l«;r hc-lpiiiK her \s IJGI] h'.io was sick, If yon like Jt you oan have It." "\V3iy. yon darling!" Kve £ ; il'\ to be hercditPry as dominant or mDct ,^ O f'the Muninl aSociation fc e ' , , . • to^t evening tlie offer o[ thc local «$r havi^'^^e^ 1 ^ nr' iiilSts!™ 1 " r i££ -S^^fhS i Sir ^o, ci ots ^ cancer recorded in their [amilics. 'evening with the usual supper. fol Tills fact is not. however, exceedingly important in determining '•ie question rl heredity, sir.ce the death rates In general siio.v that cancer accounts for atx,':: o:ic- tt<cnth of the deaths o! people \v'~o died after 40 years ol age. In England it \vas sho-.-.;i thai. ci>c death In six between the of 40 to 50. and oi;o death lowed by a card party. All members arc asked to be prompt, und prudent. i Weasel Hid in Trousers VALliUP, Wash. <UPi—Down clt> ' s maln thoroiishfare ran a weasel, took refuge in th! bottomed trousers of Bcnnic in four between thc ages- of 5o"to| ard - who captured it,. 70, \ras due to cancer. Th^ there ' IZZZH^Z~^Z—~~ prob-[ bstl- gi7.r, E* c i\nrItM Cmrtlrr nl f Sir <» Flic i*. 11-7 1 1 1 K to In rirr [ I, t r trouljlrn. |lrr tutHhrr ctmirn Co i lih her null trie* (u pi mr;,dr her lo Rl*c Up kcr Jctli. 'J'l.rir f ^i c Irarnw Hint U.trnr>. rlir ciltci-iU- tnK ntaunKfr, fw rc*I^nJnir ^md that "He t> a * ten. m-lrrli J m Inkc bin plurr. On a dnriiir'H niUTrr i-ln- rftkr* fc«T vn rn lion tr.rly and ihrlili-jn |<> KW 1f» 1*1 nc tYrraJ (n wrp Jlifk. J j 1 r ttrl* t\iry tntmt u i r/ vc Hi sonir undi-r.-«[:iiii)iiic Hbaul liiclr fuinrr. \<>\v i;o ON iviTji TMP: STOIIY CJlAI'TKll XI, VI f~\ECK was not .nl ili'j l»oaixli»u' P VK found tlie lliMo tov:n of I'ino I'rjiust ?ir'..'ntili^. U La<l Ijecn mottled hy i . -r;iri:iirjg sons :iti<] danglilers of Xev,- Kiiglami | sail :;;>;»rjd her. pioneevs, hence its arcliitcctrLre • ",Ho you li!;o -itiiuie:;, oh?" v.'r.s strictly colonial. jA'niL Soijlircnia :aid. "iVoll, I'm In ilio aflornooii J)icl: torik Eve |tire'J of ihrin. I.ivol v-itb tl:u;r; ail for a rlrive into tlie v.vo'l'tind. I my life. ' l ; k: nt.\vfEinnJc j d things The nnpavorl rond \vonnd in and out among ilu Ireca, duv.nbii and us', ujuil thty nick' :i an-., gently ! liave he . .-,; yon ;.n'! if yon like raiiie to a I it yo-: r-'ii ',:;,"'.• U to-i It's old liiii eleisrlnp lii^ii aiirjve a ]^i:e. He-[ it's rigiit ;ircltj. Mur.iiuii!" jshe low them Ibe water, blue-black icallcd. from i!ie ilen^o sliaiKivs. rcoe-m-j « t . bioil a linr,c mirror, lian!:ed by j ..., T .. . . j'j'if • ^ ' ^ n ' n '" f> lfl> rl;onl a!1 'i 1'i'ii'': ! !lic uprier drawr-r o; l::v hi^lilioy [:o me." .^r>;i!;r'jnia =:iid hn:;l:lv. be • ,,.,, tiouse when I:]vc . j-rivcd iliere. I 'J'ilat A servniit aityweix-fl Hie bi.H and invited Kvc into Hit; lii'ini: room lo wait, for Iihu. A inonifnt !;ilor M r.-,. Williams en tcrcd . Her LI ] u o eyes looked kindly and shs ceUlen* iicr.-.cif for :» chat hid Kvo noiMicr ilisclo.-ird Uin purptisc of her visit or asked questions aljout Dtck. Presently Airs. Wiliiain.s excused licratlf and rctmncil iu the kLtclien. Kve grew ncvvims nnd reslleos. Then. she saw DVh's ycl- "Like it, s-.vecf asl:r :1 |. "It's l^avi-iiiy," :; softly. nit;ht R!IC rr..ire pt for EOnudly Ulan she brut i anrl r.v.'akcncti r ami eascr for the nc\v dsy. 'I'iicy tonk more trip-i inln tl;e woods iti the days that followed. lali cnrne bad: iurgir::; ii.« | nrlri and Ilicy ft il 0:1 a cSnir ' iK:forf: tiif. 1 mini. Til': f i ? "IMnr- nt its ro:^o fr ri i'^ tlvplii", r. i vii:;?-!iair-d "llmt you have lionn enjoyiiii; all lliis wliile I'vo hcen coou-:d up fn nu office worrying ahnnt poity Ji.-alnii3io3 an.] having sonrral 'I lo. you I low roadster coming around the 1 know," f)i< : :< r>:inlnd'.ii li':r. "A of the road. Kl.c sat stock- lyoii needn't ;:<, hart." still. Dick iiloppeJ th'j i:ar licforo j "Oh. l»:i; I'm ,'!ic (ioor mid his coitlpanio]: — an iiislrmlfy rc:;rotf in;; IIC-L attractive sirl — stopped out. entered the house and passed down Ihi? center hall. Dick drove on lull r-~ap- • :;o:islit. "I •:<:•<'.': li:i* «-.:; only ll. It's a I wir:, tw:, f,ii!-,w sl:::-.,i,." :.r'M\ a'.oud. "('li, it'.- to nil and loo il'.-li'-alf' '.<> ::<*'.•*>)'. H shf.iiM ijc- n: -.DVjr. J''.- jiis ! . Ki lit arc yon .-;:jre "Yc.»." s-i!fl .''in'. K-,;il:rfja Aunt K'i;>hro;iii and li'. h:«l "I've htc-n isvisi^ it t-ir liick.^ proinii/jfj it, t^^r f^vc io :/••; h r jr" wasn't nniie snrt. llioii'.-ii. 'v'll sha said/ o;:ll)urel o[ hU nit ! V.U'i v.-^rir 'IN^-'BS, | •-C»'.'1.D? I * "n. -( \.^-, i >(r AWLKk-s:. M N r. KS ^ LAeC« • Answers'on Tigp Sf\e n • ]066VUUamUie Con<iueror mournfu.1 announce a pearritl. A moment later he Mood json'.e day. Sine'; Aunt S!>:i'!ronK':; kind of a uife tK'rf ;.icl:. in the great arched rtoorv.ay of jhomc wns not fr,r d^sUnt they si: I\no-,v some of tiu n . yo.iii- the hall, ttnrinr; al Kve. |onl early Saturday n-.'irni:^ and only approval" w);at co:^-.s "Why, Kve!" he cried. Mainly .drove smith O.roim'h the inoiiii- a department ::l«ir-." lie was embarrassed and Kvo ira- j lain,- and loat'iillls itilo i.Vj Ch«-j "0!i, i love !•.:" Kvj mediately thought ot Inn girl who i ry Valley. • ] "V/ell, at !an I'll :- liad been with liim. They follov:c1 Ihe "Well, Dirk was e ...aid Aunt iioiii;ron:a. this IB a surprise!" iovcr rolling form roun'.r? until | you hav<j comi to >-.-ti know Kve's comiiosiiro left her. Sbe bcjun to cry anc 1 . this only increased Dick's embarrassment. "Not here," he said. "Ooroc up lo my room." He led the way to i large upstairs bedroom. "You don't eeem vety pleased !o sec ,ne," fho said in a bling voice. "I'm surprised, that's all. "Well, you may as well ! faw you with your girl friend." she said accusingly. "I' m sorry now that I came." Dick laughed. "You needn't be," he said easily. "I was out at the lob this morulns and plcted ttu up on tlie way back. She's one of the teachers who live here end she was walking home from •:burch. It wouldn't havo been very iiolite to pass her by, would j tlicy came to a lied anioni: Hie hill?. They drove into t!io rani he- fore a smail co'nsji.i: aivl parked the car. Then Dick nulicd thc old-fashioned !K?|! ar.d set its ring reallns throusJi tl:c \io:ise. A tall, wiry woman dressed in trcrn- lijXht-Suius blaci greeted thffi 1 . jg.izr. of Aunt HopiiruKia "We are Aunt Sophronla's Finilly Ibo old I:fly •••?'•''• "" k and nephew," Dick an- n'ounccd. From an Inner room a corr.- rnandiug \~oice cuiied. "Send *hem in, Hannahl Send thorn in'." Sophronia Hader greeted her nephew affectionate!)', theu turned to peer at Eve who irent forward and graciously extended her hand. "This Is Eve, my wile," said Dick, inp.yhc I'll ;;f.t up tii'.-re Tc-r a. lilllc vi?it." "We'll love to have you." n>'« interposed liaslily. "'nut yn:i f.° I live al a bnardias lio'j'? ~.r.;l Kve is J'.isl tpon'in; i\?r va ,it;n:i wiili me." candidly. "What'; the r::i:Kr? Ain't your iius'canil enough?" All the way homo PV.'O -vi- rl- lent. Dick had annoisve'! f, >:sv aMly that she was there lor only two weeks. She was solus Lack cf course but she wanted h::-.i to show concern aboul it. ft'^s he • tired of her already?- Eve pondered thus as thi>y rode InfOUS'n the sweet-smelling Aunt Kophrnnia "ind Kvr> he-icoiintryEirie. She wns uucomiorui- . ,me frlc-n-Is injMidiatsl;-. Kve'« | Me aiid.ill at case. "It looked o«4 to me." ; heart wai-mjd 10 (lie asc-d.npmau | .(To Be ConU^ur-il)

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