The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.? COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY 3, 1937, Gepige V Enjoyed the; Love and Respect of His Subjects The Latest of Britain's Royal Georges ;' E»jM'« Bank TO Be ^^w^^^s.-**-^-*^.^**!!!^^ '• ^ '''' •' --'' •;'»•^— : -vr-'-'-!-—[[----- n— i • I' imn»unc . /iKflinsL DO By MIIVTOX' NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON.—When George VI of England is crowned on May 12, he will have in mind lhat his late father. George V, was not only the first of the Georges really to ba loved bv his pc-oylj. but thai he achieved this place in history not ' by'bain? brilliant or self-assertive or • Independent, but by being "good." George V was good not only in his moral's and family life, but also in'that lie was a carefully constitutional King, who never ran into a head-an collision with Ills ministers, as did th» Duke of Windsor, former Kir)',' Edward VIII. IJdr to Throne on leather's llr.illi Perhaps It was the luck of Gcurge V—born In London June 3, 1865— that lie never expected to be King and Unit, having adopted the navy us-'a career, he had a lot of foolish notions knocked out ot him by his fellow cutlets. His brother, (.he D»]ke_pf Clarence, was the heir 10 the throne.. George, therefore, elected to take his studies seriously. Like all aspirants for rank in tlie_^'sei)ior service," as the Brlt- lsh,"nnvy h called, 1 he became a student cadet at the age of 12. lie was-made a lieutenant, in 1885. After the unexpected death ol his'-brother, he was created Duke ofii'ork In 1892 and the follow 1 year 1 married Princess Mary ol Tejck, who had been betrothed to thftlDukc of Clarence. He was created Duke ot Cornwall In 1901 and, later in the same year, wa. 1 - inajle Prince of wales, after he had-, completed a long Journey to thft-Brltlsii Dominions. 111! the meantime, he ha;l not los'£Jils .interest hi matters naval, being made Captain In 1893, Rear Admiral In 1901 and vice Admiral in 10D3. His intimates insist thess promotions were honestly won, us they say, Gcorje was a renl-siibr with an ability to work like, one and to cuss like one. It Is recoiled that many a time' when battleships were coaled,' George knew what it was U> have his; face, chesl and arms covered with black crime. During the war, when, as King he.visited .the American balt'eshlp fleet,, Admiral Hugh Rodman reminded him of this. And to prove its truth .the sovereign went below and shoveled some coal inlo 0112 of the furnaces, lie. thus became the first. royal stoker lr the records of the American navy Faces Arduous Problems In tarlj Days nT Ileitn When, upon the dfath of his father, King Edward VII In 1910 the. Prince of "Walls came to thr throne .as George V, he was stil an unknown, quantity to the Brlt- isli'-'people. He was a sort of blank while page upon which they were later to write their verdict. He had not only lived quietly, but had been completely overshadowed by the enormous prestige of his grandmother; Qneen Victoria, and the immense popularity of his father. The new King, who was crowned-June 22, 1911, found a profound constitutional crisis : right on his doorstep-and one which tested his mettle right at the start. The House of Ixirds, largely Tory (n sjijipathle'i, had repeatedly ditched indical measures passed In the House of Commons by the'Liberal majority under , Premier The latter now proposed a bill to take from the hereditary House much of 'its former power. But, to become law,, it had to bs enacted by-the very House of Lords at which it was aimed. There was only one way to assure this, if the Lords proved obdurate, and thai was to pack the upper house wltli many hundreds of newly created peers pledged to pass the measures Asquilli wanted. The premier advised liis new King that this was necessary. And George V at once absented lo his minister If ncc cssary, he would create the new peers. It never became necessary, because, when Asquith reveabd this pledge, the House of Lords knuckled under. 1011 was further notable In the new King's life because he went to India and held a great and successful coronation Durbar. At home he showed his courage hi another way. For years the slander had been, peddled that, long before he married Queen Mary, he had contracted a morganatic marriage with the daughter of an English Admiral. In 1911 the editor of a small sheet, printed in Paris' aiid ped- <ibd in London, once more printed 1hls yarn. King Georges :cgal advisers promptly started criminal lib;l proceedings and proved once for all that the story was totally false. In 19I4 came the world . leaving George the only monarch Immune Against Bombs LONDON <UP> — Nine hundred men, tolling In secret, are making Hie new Bank of England an Impregnable fortress that will defy (Ire, Hood, burglary and air bombardment. No workman engaged on the Job Is allowed to Blvc Information concerning the new, building, and bunk officials' liave' scaled lips. Behind I Us stalely s fooide.s the new bank contains iriany wonders. Fifty feet Ijelow street level arc tile world's strongest strongrooms, capable of holding $150,000,000 In ;old bullion, There are 50 underground vaults, each surrounded by a wall of steel and concrete eight feet thick. Dynamite would be useless against them and heavy homb nltncks would not shake them. Massive steel doors, guarding the entrances to the vnuits, are opened dml closed by electric power. In the event of invasion or any emergency, It would be possl- jle to flood the vaults, As a further precaution, the new bank Iras also its own electric power station. Amsterdam Art Piece -' May Be a Rembrandt j' and a crown, Is glaring across the I SEATTLE > - (UP) —Alaska, the «lad in red. Es- hunter's paradise, cnrne.-to Seattle' ' _ „ . .a^'blue gown and a for .'Its ''elk. !The, .Alaska- Sports-., . | string 6( pearls. 'Ahasitcros was an men's association traded • the city' ,! (UP) —A canvas i ancient Persian'king mentioned in zoo Alaskan .birds arid: small anl- Prize C'aiiof SEWAIiD, Alaska (Ui>).-tek!mos whlch is said to be a Rembrandt, I the Boo 1 ,: of Esther li has been discovered here. It Is unsigned and undated, but the art denier who found it lias taken expert opinion which tends to confirm Ills assertion. The canvas measures 50 by CO Indies, and represents "The Fury of Aliasueros," ulso called "Esther's Moal." Ahasui'ios. wearing rich clothes '- the Bible. mals. The elk were, for •Rcvilla hland. The' 7.00 ' also furnished Ok for Afognak 'Island. dnnce av.'ay their possessions' In I .Industrial arbitration first was annual pottatches that lust for I employed in the,' settlement of days. Tiny v.ill put their wives j lalior disputes before the French on the block U-fore losing llu'irl Revolution at Lyons,. when con- kayaks, or sealskin canoes, which j troversles arose in the silk in- are their most prized properly. 1 Idiistry of France. t Short Cot to Big Savings- fatlU'r, Klny George If he follows triiD to type, the da'/xllntf coronatloti display . at outshine the brilliance O f the new Hearing Children Called Job for Both Parents BOSTON (UP) — Bringing up children Is a two^parent job, Dr. Esther Richards, associate professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, told a group at the Y. M. C. A. A child Ls bettor off in a board- Ing school than in a family where one parent Is trying to bring him while the other hovers in the ckground, she says. 'We cannot work together, play :ethcr, live harmoniously to- ther, unless we learn in child- XH! what II means to grow up lether In a good home." when Ihe silver Jubilee of his reign yvns celebrated in 1935. Such outpourings of cheering crowds, anxious to show their alfcction for the sovereign, were unknown In Europe. They moved him almost to tears. Ho died January 20, 193G, after a short Illness, a, man without an enemy In his kingdom. His exemplary family arid religious life, his strict adherence to his sworn duly, conduct hi many serious and trying times, caused an entire nn- tton to mourn ids passing. Gfcrge VI Hi'seinliles His Knliler Closely There is rather a striking parallel between King George VI and his father. Like George V, the present king was not reared with any expectation or coming to the throne, him, he elected to make the lavy his career and, like him, he cally worked al it for quite a long icriod In his life. Like him again, le made a marriage of aflcclton •md began to rear a family. Like :ihn once more, lie comes to the Ihronc rattier overshadowed, In his case by the wide-spread popularity of his late father and by the glamor of his brother, the recent King Edward VIII. He is Die first English King ever to ascend the throne Because a monarch who preceded him abdicated for love of a wo- IN THE COUNTY AND PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKA- SAWUA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANt SAS. In Ihe Matter of the Estate of J. M. Anderson, Deceased. W. M. Williams, Administrator. Notice is hereby given that as. administrator of the estate of ,1. M. Anderson, deceased, I between the hours of ten o'clock In the forenoon and three o'clock in thi afternoon on the 4th .day of May, D31, al the front, door of the court ouse of Mississippi County,. Ar- unsas, in the city of Blythevlile, F.xticctcil lo He Dutiful Kukr Georsa VI was born December 14, 1805, nral early entered the navy. He mndc trips with the Heel to difTerent parts 'of the world. In the World War lie was a serving officer on a British war vessel during the crucial buttle off Jullanc and was favorably mentioned ii dispatches. The war over, lie identified himself with the Air Force and also went to Cambridge Uni vcrsity. His interests as second sou o the reigning monarch wire ii 5 for boys and in the work ngs of Industry—things that lot bring him much publicity. When his brother abdicated the throne. Hie llicn Duke of York was formally proclaimed King "eorge VI on December 1'2, 1936, There lias been no hilarious enthusiasm over his accession to the throne, but Britons are saying of him that, like his father before him. ho can be depended upon to be a dutiful, hard working King, amenable always to the advice of his ministers mid anxious to uphold the constitution. auction lo the highest and bcs bidder, for cash,' on a credit o: three months, at the front 'door of the Court House, between' thi hours prescribed by law, In tin City of Blythevlile, Arkansas, .on the 10 day of May, 1937, the following ren! estate, to-wlt: Lots Eleven (11) and Twelve (12), Block Three (3), Park Addition to the City'of. Blythevlile, Arkansas. ., .-, ., : '. Said Sale will be. had to sutlsf: said decree in tho sum of |B20.CO with. 10 psr .cent lljilcresb fron March 1st, 1037..." •''.' •, . ;."" The. purchaser ; -at .'said sale Jvjll tfer for sale at public auction to be required' to' execute bond ........ "• 'lie highest bidder upon a credit f three months, Uie following lands o-wll: The North 1 45 feet of Lots . Eleven and Twelve, Block Nineteen (19), Blythe Addition lo Ulythevllle, Arkansas, also Lot Nine (Q), Block Eight IB), Chlckasawba Addition to tbe City of Blylhcvillc. Purchaser at such sale will be required to give notes with securl- iles to be approved by me, and lein upon said lands will be re- :ain'ed for Ihe payment of purchase money, dated 14th day of May, 1937. W. M. WILLIAMS Administrator. Nelll Reed, Ally. 14-20-20-3 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given lhat the undersigned commissioner, In compliance with the terms of u decree rendered by Ihe Chancery Court for Ihe Chlckasawba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas on !he 14 day of April. 1937. wherein Mrs. Ida Hodges was Plaintltr, No 0152, and S. A. Sisson ct al were Defendants, and Avic E. Sullivan was Intervenor, will sell at public approved security, .uT'-seciire'. the myment of the purchase money and a lien . w|ll to retained upon said property .as additional secu'r .ty for the paymentt of such purchase money. I ' , ^.' U -: •Wlliicss my : hand and the - sea of said Court, on this, - Ihe 20 ila'y of April,' 1037. ' . •','• ''. i ', 'A'. P. SMITH / Special Commissioner In ChancerJ " 20-: 'ItERNAT" KNITTING 'YARNS . FREE INSTRUCTIONS' New spring and summer yarns' Latest styles • Classes, Friday, 2:30'P. M. MUS. I.EEUE HOOPER 1109 Chlckasawba Phone 19 ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE . WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co PHONE 1» School Uses Radio Setup ST. PAUL (UP)— A radio setup in the newly dedicated Cleveland Junior high school here connects all rooms to permit simultaneous reception of programs of educational value, as an assembly method of speaking and for nntiounce- of a great empire to retain his, .„„„.. throne. He-was Indefatigable in ''• cmb - rs his visits to the troops near the front. To accentuate the future of Importance to all school Englishness of hU family, lie changed the name from the House of Wetllri—which was German— to the House of Windsor. The war over and won/he made himself as much as possible the sharer of his ,t>2opie's! Joys and'• sorrows. When hard • times came, he voluntarily cut the alloivances.made to himself. He had he surprise of his life Nitroglyccrin, the powerful explosive, is also one of the most potent heart stimulants known. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Crer Joe Isaacs' Store "•WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phoae 640 Seethe Cooking School Movie! The mo it omoilng thing! It you how to tut down on runs [uit by tho way you wash itocklngsl You'll hurry to Lux your pel fr too, after you've se&n how oaiy Et Is* Ihey'H look froth and lovely ai new •—lux U especially made to protect colon and fabrtts. Pennies for lux lave dollars En clothe*. Safe in water-** safe in — This Is tho Rob ei tshavr- ovea- heal-conlrol with tha Thermal Eyo which Y QU w ^l BCO oa , Ihe bride's tango. u TO THE HEROINE when she bakes and roasts in! (he Hireling talking picture/ & THE BRIDE 1 WAKES UP This eiriling coating-school film will •wakoV you up to tho importance ol Hoberlshaw oveo-i heal-control. Watch how it regulates ovonlcm-j peralirro when tho heroino does her baking, roasling, whole-meal cooking. Walch its THERMAL EYE signal when her oven is pro-) healed end ready lor use. 1 Standard EoTiipnienl on America's Finosl Ranges! MmJe ly ft a EOBEHTSHRW THERMOSTAT COMPANY, Ycurgwood. Read Courier News Wa..* Ads MOTION PICTURE SEE THE DEMONSTRATIONS OF MANY NEW AND FASCINATING RECIPES, IN CLOSE-UP- IN TECHNICOLOR DAYS Tues. Wed. Thurs. DATES MAY 4-5-6 DOORS OPEN Picture Starts 1:45 P. M. 2:30 P. M. RECIPES APPLIANCES ^STYLES FURNISHINGS

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