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Great Falls tribune from Great Falls, Montana • Page 11

Great Falls tribune from Great Falls, Montana • Page 11

Great Falls, Montana
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Saturday, December 23, 1922. THE GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE. Page 11. is to be resumed early next month and carried right down to the Ellis sand, where production is expected. Benton Lake Well Is Down 300 Feet News Mmmiana Fields GROGAN ESTATE PAYS $408 TAX Train Dispatcher E. B. Cornwali'of The Greater Great Falls Oil Gas nnmnnnv. fin the Bpnton Ijlke the Milwaukee has just returned from a flying trip to Ryegate. He found a Armells Field Holds Interest as Reports of Oil Signs Persist Special to' The Tribune. Lewistown, Dec. 22. The town has been agog all day with, rumors concerning the, California company's No. 1 well in the Armells district, some, S3 miles north of Lewistown, but as usual I structure 12 miles north of Great Falls, lot of excitement in that section over the of oil in a well on Six 0N1NHEITO Shooter creek in the Lake Basin dis fOUH OIL 11 NORTH trict, at a depth of 773 feet. This oil was found in the Eagle sandstone, this being the first instance in Montana where production was secured in that formation: although it has been found CRUDE STOCKS ARE REDUCED IN NOVEMBER cording to a report received by M. Roos of the company. With the warmer weather, the company is making better headway in its drilling, he said. During the cold weather, it was necessary to haul water in barrels, 'due-to the fact that the water froze while being hauled in tanks. A Round amplifier for the deaf is hidden in a cane. Homestake Brings iri Fifteenth Well in Cat Creek Field The Homestake Oil company now has its fifteenth producing well in the Cat Creek field, according to Julius C. Peters, president of the company. The fifteenth well was the Oidham No. 9. which came in a few days aeo. SE in the Eagle in Wyoming. Lease hounds Inherits AH Property Except Trust Fund Held for Sons. the company is giving out no information regarding this field. There has never been any secrecy as to its plans ahd work in the north, but from the are oegmmng ro arrive in numbers and scouts are looking over the structure for the big companies. first it has maintained the most complete silence as to the Armells. field. 1 it, The inheritance tax to be rn'd from the estate of the lute John II. Grogan is $40S, according to the terms of decree of distribution filed in district Kevin-Sunburst Crude Not Specifically Mention ed, But Ohio Officials Say $1.05 Probably Will Be Paid. Storage Shows 933,000 Barrels Less East of Rockies. wueie puuing aown two weus, having acquired nearly the whole structure, or what its officials consider worth acquiring. However, it is nositivelv learned that The well has a production of from 250 to 300 barrels a day, it was reported. The Oldham tract, which has wells in the second sands, is now one of the big production leases of the field. NATURAL GAS INTO SHELBY court by Judze J. II. Leslie. The decree also represents bills against the estate as being settled. Grogan died on March 31, 10HO. Ten thousand dollars worth of sto lv in the Urogao-Robinson Lumber com a few days ago the tremendous flow will probably be followed by sales of of gas at No. 1 well threw debris from hole clear over the derrick and that in the mess was considerable oil. these reserves. The Mid-Northern is understood to be holdinar all of it pany in held in trust by Mrs. Hell Gro an, widow and executrix of toe estate. There seems to be no doubt as to this lirouucuon ta xvevin-ounourst, as JS atso the California. T. S. Ilogan ha or two Clayton L. nnd Burton S. "much, but the amount of oil has nrob- oeen (selling me proauetion from his well, as has the Gladys Belle. In the case of the Mid-Northern. th WITHIN WEEK Stocks' of crude oil held east of the Rocky mountains declined during No-vernJwr, according to a report made, to the American Petroleum institute by operating companies. Reviewing the report, the Wall Street Journal says: "Oross stocks of domestic crude oil held in pipe line and tank farms east of the Rockies decreased 933.000 barrels during November, representative companies have reported to the American Petroleum institute. "This was largely a result of increased runs to refiners during November, as is evidenced by reports of refinery stocks made, to the institute by plants representing 62.8 per cent of country's -capacity. These showed in pany is understood to have in excess of 15.000 barrels in storage with the Illinois Pipe Line company. Tbis would mean a profit to this company MEW i virmany on me Ktorea production alone. It would also mean aoiy oeen mucn exaggerated as the reports have traveled around. When the big gas flow was hit in this well some time back the company fenced the rig and the public has been absolutely excluded from the location ever since. One very good reason for' this, was that the safety of visitors, who are notoriously careless, demanded it, the gas flow amounting to millions of While it was put under control, the pressure was so enormous that, with further operations, no one could say just what might bap-pen. Now there is oil in the hole as well as gas. North Side of Oil Town Connected With Well by First of Year. The Kevin-Sunburst field price of crude will undoubtedly take the 35 cnt increase general throughout the Ttocky Mountain region with the inception the gravity basis, according to an Associated Press dispatch from Casper, Friday night. While the Kevin-Sunburst field was not included in the original, list' of posted prices under the gravity basis, it will probably mean a price of $1.05 a barrel in that field, according to Ohio Oil company officials at Casper. Oil Held In Storage Oil men of Great Falls were jubilant Friday over tjie news of the probable increase in the price of crude. On most of the wells in the field, it means approximately doubling the net returns, with a pronounced effect upon the prospecting and development for the coming season. The benefits in many cases will follow immediately on the posting of the expected increase. A large-proportion of the production of the field has not been sold, but has been run into storage. The posting of the price that the well has virtually paid itself out. The price on Kevin-Sunburst cmi if the Casper reports prove true, will She is instructed to report and give accounts to the court from time to time as trustee of the property. Thn remainder of the estate wan-left to Mrs. (Jrogan. The estate includes numerous Great Falls properties, of stock in the Orogan-Robinson company and 40 share in the Havre Milling company at Havre. ENGINEERS ORGANIZE TO PROMOTE PROFESSION Toklo (Correspondence of The As-undated Press.) Japanese members of the Federated American Kngineer-ing societies, mechanical, electrical -iviI and mining, who have returned to their own country, bare formed an association to promote the interest of their profession. Many of these men spent years in America. Garden flowers fame originally from wild plants. crease of 1,015,158 barrels in November remain on tne same nayia as the Salt Creek prices in Wyoming, which now go to $1.05. Oil men saw a possibility that the price in the northern field may temporarily be slightly under extends to its friends and patrons A Merry Christmas attend the BIG PRE-CHRISTMAS DANCE -TONIGHTDECEMBER 23rd The. Last Dance Before Christmas Special Decorations Pi erseV Orchestra Operations at the Arrow Creek well No. 2 have ceased and probably for good. At a depth of 1,650 feet a second flow of water was struck and the Crank shaft broken, and it is practically certain that this hole will be abandoned. Plans ore now being matured for putting down a new well on location that experience in the field has indicated as much more favorable for oil than the No. 2 site. If the well is drilled it will be started with the intention of reaching the Madison lime, The Bauley dome well, near Denton, has shut down for the holidays, after reaching a depth of 1,990 feet, with considerable showing? of oil, Drilling GRAND OPERA MS DECEt33R 25and26 Two Days, Christmas Matinee Seat Sale Noon Today E. J. Carpenter Presents the Sensational Musical Comedy of the Year tnat iigure aue to tne presence of sulphur in some of the oil. At all events, Kevin-Sunburst crude is expected to be not less than $1 under the new prices. Eventually this price is expected to be increased by a premium due to better market conditions, $600 Increases Daily Great Falls oil men, in making a comparison of oils, say the gravity basis for the Rocky Mountain district is slightly under that of the mid-continent field, probably a matter of 20 cents on the average. The bidding of the Sinclair Crude Purchasing company and the Arro Oil Refining company on government royalty oils was given credit by oil men for the bringing of the gravity system into, the Kocky Mountain district. On the present pipe line runs about 1,700 barrels a day, the increase to $1,05 a barrel will mean about $G00 more a day to the present group of producers, or $18,000 a month. In addition to this, oil men expect the higher field price to increase by 50 per cent the number of wmim The first natural gas will be supplied to Shelby when the north side of the city will be connected with the mains by the first of the year, according to F. I). Fletcher, manager of the Great Falls Gas who has been supervising the construction work in the oil town. The mains from the Ohio-Berg well to the city are being laid with speed and will be connected wilh the city mains by January 1, Mr. Fletcher said. The first connection to be made will be with a new ironworks which has been established in Shelby. The plant for the ironworks has been completed and only the gas is needed before it will open for business. Oil rigs in the field, with orders for machine repairs, will have work to be done at once in the new plant. Following the making of this connection, there will be connections made with all of the buildings on the north side of the city. So speed tip the laying of the mains from the well, the mains have been laid on the top of the ground. The trencher that was shipped to Shelby for burying the mains could not operate io the frozen ground, The mains in the city ore being placed three feet deep, the crews working seven dayg a week to speed the work. The machinery for the new electric light- plant has arrived and the city will be connected with the new system by Frebruary 1, Mr. Fletcher said. The building has been completed for some time, but there has been delay ia getting the machinery from the factory. In its construction work in Great Falls, a new -compressor for better distribution service has been received and will be installed at once. The new compressor will be used because of the additional mains and will keep a pressure of about two pounds. stocks of domestic crude oil held by these plants. On the other hand, same refineries reported a decrease in November of 828,238 barrels of Mexican crude oil on hand. This left a net increase in crude oil stocks of all kinds at refineries reporting of about 187,000 barrels. "Same refineries also reported a gain of 335,352 barrels fn gasoline stocks during November, the returns showing a decrease of 74,237 barrels at plants east of the Rockies and an increase of 409.580 barrels of gasoline by plants west of the Rockies. This left net increase in gasoline stocks of 835,352 barrels for November. "These refineries also reported decrease of 12,183 barrels of kerosene, 1,350.052 barrels of gas and fuel oils, and 74,898 barrels of lubricating oils, in November, Asserts Well Gusher; Capped to Avert Oil Flood Over Laurel Special to The Tribune. Billings. Dec. Court was startled by the assertion of a witness Wednesday that the B. Hoyt oil well struck at Laurel is a gusher and that the fact is being carefully concealed by the owners. The assertion was made by a man named Davis who was one of the drilling force. He said that if the well the Shower had not been capped it would have flooded and drowned out Laurel. The Triangle Oil company was plaintiff in the suit to recover equipment front the Jloosier Oil company and others. Judge Spencer found for the plaintiff. But the astounding mysterv of the capacity of the, well was left undecided. Special Christmas Week Attractions 20TH ANNUAL DANCE OF LOCOMOTIVE FIREMEN AND ENGINEERS ON DECEMBER 25th Annual Dance Carnival of Electricians 4 BIG NIGHTS. STARTING DECEMBER 28 A ml wells drilled in the field during the next season. i. i -a MUCH INTEREST T7' IN MEETING OF OILOPERATORS ivrm "it i aniiiaiii PRICES: Matinee, children, any seat, 50o plus tax; adults, 50o, 75c' and $1.00 Nights 50c, 73c, $1.00 and $1.50 plus tax Billings Session Will Attract Men From All Over State. V7 IS en ana a en Direction JtNSLN-VON HEBBfcPG 1 Sir' in Interest of oil men throughout Montana is being turned on the meeting 01 RODOLPE-2 VALENTINO called for Billings January accord to and 25c ri STARTS TODAY FOR THREE DAYS ing to Julius C. Peters of the Home-stake Oil company, who is helping in making the arrangements for the meeting. The invitation to oil men to join in LAST DAY i 1 This Is the last time In many a moon that ho opportunity to see "this social, screen and romantic star will be available, and In whioh he shows whether the love of the Ferret is stronger than the Impulse to do wrong. 10 13 THE SUPERB AND SUPREME SCREEN ACHIEVEMENT THE MOST-TALKED-OF PHOTOPLAY IN FILMDOM i 1 Dl 1 9 I I the meeting is general to all those active in the industry, Mr. Peters said. Due to the fact that an accurate list ot the companies and individuals is not held, letters cannot be sent to each one and some will pvobably be missed in mailing the call. He urged that everyone with an active interest in the in-; dustry either in the status of oper-j ators, lease or supply men, drilling eon-tractors and the like, be present, if possible, at the meeting. The questions of the needs of the new industry in support from the state, especially with regard "to fair and helpful legislation, is a subject that appeals to the oil men of the state, he said. The indications are that the meeting will mark the gathering of representatives of all of the active oil companies of the state. The Great Falls delegation at the session promises to be a large one. Every important company with headquarters here will have one or two more persons at the meeting and there will be many tireat Falls residents who "A Rogue's Romanco" EARLE LAST TIMES TODAY WILLIAMS A Comedy, Too "The Cabby" 106 AND 20? EVENINGS 10c AND 25 ALCAZAR I With James Kirkwood Helene Chadwick and Richard Dix School Children's Chorus 200 Voices nave on interests that will make the' trip. Reports have been received from) Shelby that field men will be at the! LAST TIMES TODAY Strongest Dramatic Sensation of Months A Great Picture KnIMO UCUTAND A Perfect Picture with a Perfect Cast DABKNtSS SATTLS FOB DARKNESS SATTLS FOB jjw wSjTA CTRONG MAW SOOt meruit, jucwistown ana Cat reek will also Bend delegations. NEW CLUB ROOM OPENED AT Americanization Classes Will Be Held In Basement Hereafter; 50 Attend Opening. Tb 08nJPolitan club rooms at I1? c- A- opened Friday night. Xhe rooms, which are in the basement of the building, are fitted with pool tables and equipment for other games. Hereafter Americanization classes will be held in the club' rooms-, instead of upstairs in the budding, Americanization Secretary C. Reed said. Starting next Tuesday, au English class which ha been meeting Tuesday and niirhti, Singing such Christmas Carols as "Silent Night" Little' Town of Bethlehem" "It came upon the midnight clear" Tonight at 8:15 EH 5i5 Christie Comedy -and Other Things 10 JO 7, ni FkfhdBicture Presbyterian church, will transfer to iM 1 mw- iJti "i i. "i i 'i i ii Ul WILLIAM FOX PRESENTS in uieciuu rooms. ADour 30 men and women are attending the class, Mr. Reed said. Charles Davidson's civics class will also meet at the club rooms. Plans are under way to start English and civics classes nt Stockett, Belt, Black Fagle and Sand Coulee soon. Mr. Davidson and the Rev. Leo Totten spoke briefly at the meeting Friday night, which was attended by half a hundred or more Tlmi, t.if Ki? i i DOT MY FRIEND TUI Pli 1 ill IS lass jf IL, the newly naturalized citizens and ID info in jfc. -s 1 mose studying to obtain their papers of the importance and value of th' 1 i 1'iuu ruumH jimi ftf iuh mpr riiniTti i tioa work. i 1 A Story of the Snowlands 01 Does your life battle compare with his? Never before have so many spellbinding thrills, such rj amazing beauty, such heart-pulling appeal been put into a production. DIRECT FROM A SUCCESSFUL RUN ON BROADWAY SERVICE DIRECTED BY HARRY MILLARDE Agitated Manager: Say. don't you know that you shouldn't whistle in the lobby like that? "Boss, I ain't I'se pagin' Missus Jones' dawg." Life. Fifty-five deaths occurred in airplane accidents in the United States during 1921. 4KIDS AND SKIDS" Sunshine Comedy FOX NEWS "SON OF TAItZAN" At Matinee Only -Admission, 10c and 25c I) a aDQaaa 5

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