The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 3
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-THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1933 BLYTHEVITJ-E, (ARK.) COURIEU NEWS PAGE THREE Deposed President Honored At Death - - ' *F; «••<=•--•"•• •>.•-:•.-••<• • = - Iripoyen Driven From Presidency by Revolt, Was Later Acclaimed. This Is llie fouith uf si\ slurks : on llic wave uf revolutions In l.'Uin • Amerlra ihitlmr the iiasl llnx-i- year*. BY KOBKKT TAI.1.EY NI:A Service Writer For H years he had ruled Ar- I gentina us a sort ol a uel';v«l d.'s|K>1. a strange old man whose |iri- . vale life w,is vailed by mysl-jrj and who had become a hero to the ' common people by overturning long rule of llie rich an;! pewe aristocrats. And then, with surprising suddenness, a revolution swept /im from the presidency and Us IUd '•• the barracks o! friendly soVJiers !••' • escape the fury of a mob. ' i But when lie died three y.-ar.-: | later he was given t'ne yrc-alcsi fu-1 new] in Argentina's r.iE'.ory. 'J'«'0 ; hundred thousand persons iu'toni- panted his casket as it was tarn 1 - 1 through the streets of Buenos Aires un the shoulders of admirers while others tossed flowers from balconies as the- .straiii/e cortege passed. Call il "Latin temperament" or what you will, but such, in brief, U lite story off Dr. Hipolilo Irl- Eoyen, late president of Argentina llniest Flames Into Revolt Portly, putty-faced Dr. Iri»oj'c:i. who had devotcu must of his i!0 years (o politics. was another of Ir.'oHe Souili American presidents who were tossed overboard by revolution when the depression c!os- ed in. In this case, it was the slump in the world market for cat- lit and wheat that, brought t,n a political crisis. Popular nniest, marked by rioting In several provinces, had been growing for some ti::ic, but the spark that touched oil the revolution in September. 1030, was !>>'-• action of Irigoyen's police in firing into a group of .students who were demonstrating against the government in Buenos Aires' Plaza de Mayo. That was on a Thursday nignt; by Saturday. Irigoyen. 14-year dictator of Argentina, was fleeing for his life. A Man of Mystery Irigoyen's story, goes back a long ways. 'A political figure since 1893. when he h'ad' succeeded his uncle as head ol Argentina's Radical party, frigoyen broke the landed classes' control of the ycvernmcni •when re was eleut?:! president in 191Q for a six-year term. In 1952 being prohibited by Arjentina'p Constitution from running for reelection without an intervening term, he dictated the election of )iis successor, Marreh de Alvear. In 1928 ho chose to resume th- presidency and was elected easily. A queer old man wi'o lived in seclusion, shunned demonstrations of every kind and accepted no man's counsel. Irigoyen made his home in a tiny flat over a Icbacco shop near Buenos Aires' great railway station. When times were good the very mystery about him car.sed him to be regarded as a man with super-human attributes, but this feeling exploded n-liin the depression swept Argentina and the country found, as did Trigoyen that, he could do nothing about it Discontent increased as distres? spread and then came t're action of the jwflce in firing into tb? crowd in the Plaza de Mayo and Irigoyen wns swept a=ide in tin wild uproar that followed. The revolution was engineered by General Jcs? U::buru who cacti ^ed the government ^cuse aftei a brief, hut bloody battle with loyalist troops and took charge ar provisional president. T:e army navy and a large part of the pop. nlace went, over to Uriburu anf Ills triumph complete. A*. La Plata barracks, where trie " Loss Appalling In Hurricane ''Epidemic LepaiUo Inviles All Norlh- ciisl Arkansas to Annual LKPAS'I'O, Ark -'I'll,, diilo for (lie j piinunl AmiMlcan Lrglon 'rcrriipln IJfi-by o[ l.cpunto Inis 1)0011 dclln- IK-ly »'i fur Wodncsclny. October 11. Anu lii-an t,ii:l«ti posls In IIIL- | IHIli c!i:tiiol lire bcliiif nskcd to pnrtlc-lpali'. A o.ucen wilt lie «'lcel- • I'd fi om prlnce.'vV.s represi'n llio IHI-.IS ill lllylhevilk', Harris- hurt, M-.iiki'd Tree, Jonesboro, : Monel'.i-. Li'iiclivlllc. Carnway.; Wclnnr. Marlon, Ti minim. Kurle. nml li'iunto. At n mcctlne liorc Miss Vliplnln | Poiti:;. |X}ptilar l.cjKinlo high i sludt-iit, was .selccled pvln- i rw>' i" rnprosnil the Lepanlo! uosl II".- nii;iilv uvi 1 Misses Unnii! Rice. Mnxhii- Kliii;. Myrtl" Sev-' muur. N'ornui Coriu-lison, and Ar-' Icnc Foul. : Thi' rcstivltli's will Include ni pnnul'-.- ilnniv. the race of Ihe terrapins, band coiu'Orls, .sueuklng by vwiinis Le^ionnulres nud slates-! men. luncheon nt ttie leitlon hut I for '.In- vl.sitinx princesses imd| iiiuld-- nml the crownlni: of "Miss 1 Fifth DlMilcl. (iiwen of the Ami eric'.in I.i'tilon 'rcrrapln Derby." Invitations are Ix-ln? imilled to*. rr.ato' llaltie Ciirnwnv, Charles I C1X hurricanes of major Intensity Imve «wopt see'•' tlous of tho Unltfil StniM, Mexico, nnd Ihn \\Viit Indies In llio l»Rt (Ive weeks. lhindrr*>: hum been nml Injured nml iironerly dniiiHKn lias In millions. Tlie West I-'linn Imrrliaiiu Is duo, ncconiliiK tn BdenllRtH, to .1 t'Oiirtli't cif Lwo systems c,( wind*, ctilrfly from Aucust In (k- inliiT. At lluil Ilini' lln.> iiurlhoasl (ruiln wi i-ltiris north uf Hi nverjinn inislclon. Al tin) :.:!HH' I Inn', I ILL Kitiiilgi'jtsl tiailli wimlil h:m> :|inilor and liavj* lirpn turned I))' Iliff nilailon into southwest wlinln. • 20-S3,' Sept. 16 — Mori; than 00 dor], millions property Kliirhiii. Soul. 2-3 — l.ltllo lllii lusn, heavy iliimur,!?. o -S Tiunplco, lliiinlrcds dead uu<I Heavy Skeleton Will Hang in Museum in Hie third quarter of Ibis j Detroit, sullcrs 11 loss of $12,000,• Ihey have hud In the past!COO u year due to destruction"caus- 1 .years, i cd by rats. IB narVul NF 'W BEDFORD. Mass. <U1>>- mayiT of Simisarl imci former A ST-tnoi-lonis skeleton of (lie r.ire; vicc-ruimnnnder " of the State, humpback whale will hung In the Miu-k McCimy. of Jonesboro, com- Bourne WTmllng Miiwiim )nre : within n yenr. j The whnlc was found dcnd off ; , Nomnnslai'.d Islam! last Deeein-1 : ber, and for some time sdcntls'-j | I have been extracting the skeleton.. • wander of the fifth district, and ! canviu.'smnn W. J. Driver. T' L lish Effeciive) • /Now. Awhile in St Louis stop at Hotel CLARIDG€-i ON LOCUST AT treated many ; ing rcadv for ^1 The picture abuve shows crowds in Buenoj Airrs' Pln?.a dc Mayo wiMly celebrating am! imprisonment uf President Iii-joyen. right., (Hiring ll'.e evolution of 1930. while the sketch low nhov.s admirers in the same city according nim tho greatest lunira) in Si.ilh America's liis- tcrv tvo years iator... .Slran»i> indeed are the «ays of politics in temperamental Latin America. and •:ir,nsf erred to » warship in La, Plata nvci. There he was con-j .JiLt-d for some tune and then tik- ;n to a land pri-.oi,. ('reparations o place him on trial !or alleged T.aiedminisfi;atto:i of the presidency were begun. . When- J'rovls'onal Pr:-sident Uri- •)uru 'delayed calling an election to :hcosc a "constitutional president. •:inv riots brike out but Uriburu !iil ihtin down with a stern hand, finally—in November. 1S31 — an 'fpuion was held and General Aii^i'stin P. .Ju^lo w:is I'ii'ctcd •jvorv heimm^lv. IJwi.ll I'lul li'alkcd Amont; President Justo's first nets were decrees permitting the leturn of political i:xiles, the lift,- n:-r of martial Inw that had pre- ."iMctl for nearly livo years, rcs- toiation of the freedom of a rnrzzlcd pnr£s and a pardon for .x-presidenl Irigoyen. But Iiisoye'i. though overthrown, not through. In Deceml>er, '.ys'2, he was arrested, with others borne by a Linge march v. r, s begun. 10C.MH) Kadical (rom all parts behind eumc ar M.-cing Irisoyen sought, safety, j on charges of planning a counter; dent's caskc 1 . '•ic arrived in tl's dead of the- night . rovn!iition io regain the prcsl-linen, the si- itcuinpaiiifd nnly by hvs liti-snnal! fi;-i-cy. The covi-inmeiu alleged: cmnelcry M'.iysieian. Dr. Meabe. -V.inl they plotted to seixe power bylmnichcd liigoven was niadi! prisoner and I a means of a series of terroristic 'Jelegale: • combines. Bfenos Aires police country; i::i!mcef to have found 400 bonibi I uaufzcd crowd, of 1CO.QM. r.i the conspnaicrs 1 htadquaiters. ; Crtatrsl in Death rnr some reason, little teems to) So great was tin; jam at liavc been done ubom llie charge, i ce.nelery gate-'- Una the men In July. 1933, death came ID Iri-|iying !..,'.yen—and with it. apparently, tame a le'urn to the old hero's popularity in the eyes of Argenna'. r > ma^sc. 1 :. Never before, or i!ice. has Sois'.li America seen a •merol • like Hint accorded him. i ,0^^^^^,^ I cet !ish, ilonlun of the Alliintic i *•' Ocean was found swimmlnc, In ' rll(1 mnmmnl apiwrently was the overtlnow : the siirt alonn the Oregon const] slain by killer whales, which lite its I JI: . • and captured bnre-lmnded by I tongue out. I Charles W. Farnsworlh. • • , Tlie fish wns 4It feet !OIIR nnd , hns n doisiil sail-like fin three' 1 left long! H has large ey«s and exceedingly long, sharp teeth. How it found its way Into northern Pacific !iler s Is a mystery, as It Li NEW YORK, Sept. M (UP)—! iaii-ly found In the PacilVc, ex- ! nclnlls of the government's collonj cem off the Mexlcnn nnd Jiipan- j lonii plan Include mi odvnncc ofj BE;;-toasts. -. 10 cents a pound on nil cotton -—r- | classing 7-8lh inch or belter, low. dozen (o the Ahead party of the unor- l Cotton Acreage Rental ' Payments $40,199,041 I u tiny the | ma 1 al car- ; :'.-!ic the coffin jostled by the | g. t i|jub, dropped their bur-! c V n s vinto ? 'ih6 street. Fifteen {lent Ir r&ve. And f.o. lhi r strange man who! lint ab,,vn a lo be I'onored In death n i-i-llfc and by the i tob'i-np shop i middling 0[ bct l (;r ! " E'Ode. and 'ormnlilv ami' " ccnL<i °" cotton classing low mlil- ;„„,.. vi™i_ I dllng or tetter but less than 1-Oih nch In staple, known] Rental payments to cotton farm. In keeping with the trend of the times and mdintdinin^our lt?ddership in hotel vdlucs~ We Announced .reduction in idll depdrtments Service Popular- price Coffee Shop &• D'ininq Room Club Breakfast 35* Luncheon 45t an J the BEST 75t D1NN€P, IN STvLOUIS When in Memphis stop at Hotel Claridqe Same mcnoqement 35O ROOMS EACH WITH PRIVATE BATH & SHOWER (1RCULATING ICE WATER orators extolled Prcsi-i Irom whose fury he once fled for 3y<'n'.'= vli tucs at his ] 1 J. same peoole | ers u'ho participated in the mob of thousands oi Irigoy-1 If >• H years had n:led ArKcnttna I ncrrage atljustinent proBnim i, m ff... y . I far total $40,1M,041.02. according to Queer Indec'I nre the wnys of j ll) e A. A. A. nlHJc* in lemperainental Latin Textile authorities aL ChnrloUe • N. C., believe cotton mills In Unit A NO SEE ST. LOU IS W/TH WHAT YOU SAVE / admirers '.coh (he funeini out the hands of Ihe government jr.d hooted, .ie 1 red and drove away '.he government cat airy thai hail -.cen sen I a. 1 ; n-i escort ol honor. When the pall bjaiers—inehidlng former President tie Alvear and Turner U. S. £mb:is^ador Pueyrre- ji-n—carried Mie cofTin dcwnstaire .'ipm the tiny apartment, the mob s«epl aside the iwlict: and refused .0 perinit the coffin to be placed L". the hcnrsc. They insisted that it "03 carried rn their shoulders. Thus, with the dead ex-iirrsl- ns r, dictator—who liied CLEAN SYSTEM FOR HEALTH From t!w pleasant relief that Thcd- ford's Black-Draught brings lu caws of constipation, you tin WOT* better, p]»y harder and tnjoy life n-.orc fully. Blac'E- Draught tends to Citabll^h WEuIarLLy ol bowel ir.o^cmcn'^. £o!J in 25 V ' vackBKcs. At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic iUrchest:r. Minn.) the health of frir. Dr. D. C. I-ockhcad. recent -.n'rl In a statement through (I pvf.'s. "We in the lieallh depar mini -are concerned about ml '••mil tv.o titles. Deca'.isc it ihe best toed obtainable, we want in sec it consumed in great ntian- i lies, anci bcc.ius-^ of llic |M>ssibil- ily of ils rprei.ding di=:ea.^?. we •.liinl to I'.r.ow Ihat our local sup- i:lv \t |-rcdnn"l nnd'rr all the rr- of rroduction rommer- •.^.Oly iiossible ui'rt that it be ii;i.'.- lu^r/ed i:c tl:a'. «r cai. gr..r^l 1 II safe." Telephone Nn. ?•! Bcnncll's milk is •afp — it's properly pasteurized. Bennetf s Dairy TTERE are the qualities you *- •*• want in the beer you drink: Proper ageing, (because carefully aged beer has a better flavor) Fall Body, and Strength. BlatzOld Heidelberg Beer, with its richer aged-in flavor and maximum legal strength meets every requirement. Ortttr it cttie tottay. BLATZ BREWING COMPANY £.MS!i,*fJH5l MILWAUKEE A. S. KARRfmO CO. hnno 02(1 Hlvthcvillc, Ark .section will show the largest earn • • Luckies sign of fine tobacco Everj'one knows that a long, firm, white ash results from perfect burning of fine tobaccos. Notice the ash on Lucky Strike. Sec how even, how firm, how white. Tim long, white nslv is the unmistakable sign of Lucky Strike's fine tobacco quality, fully packed — and no loose ends. ALWAYS fhcjinest tobaccos ALWAYS tficjincst worlimanslrip ALWAYS Luchiesplease! "it's toasted" FOR THROAT PROTECTION-FOR BETTER TASTB

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