The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Cotton Textile More Corron Goojs V/ill Be Available For Domestic Uses WASHINGTON. Mar. 37 <u p j —The civilian Producllon Adiiiiii- istration Tuesday reduced the amount of colCon textile gocxls which must be set aside for export during the next three months. The move make an additional 22,800,000 yards of cotton goods available for domestic markets. CPA plans to require an average set-aside of 9.0 per cent during April, May and June, compared with a first-quarter average of. 11 per cent. The plans were presented to Subcommittee investigating cot,lon. goods shortage. Robert c. .Turner, director Senate AgricuUure the of the ci'A's Bureau of internal Supply, testified that manufacturers were required to set aside 255.300,000 yards for export during January. , February and March. This, figure wiuld be cut to 332,- Gbuhty Birth Registrations Are Announced The following list of births which occurred In this county during the month of -February (is reported by local registrars through March 10. lias Just been released by the Bureau of -Vital .Statistics. WHITE Rolai)d and Jo Aim Grover, Osceola. Boy.. Un-named. Walter and Beinitu Moir, Steele, Mo.. Girl, Uernita Rose. Joe and Rosie Christian, Rle. 2, Steele, Girl. Saundra Jo. Floyd and .Cieni'ude Ash, Blytheville, Uoy. Uii-naiqed, Jimmy and Betty Rhodes. . Blyt)te.v|l|e., Janics Mitchell. Tlmrniah aiid Naomi . pray, Blytlievllle, Rle 3. Girl. Pprothy Ellen, iuidie a'ncl Edilh Ba'iirla'nd^Manila, Rle Lavi-y Olen.,, Tfiry . aiici Loyd, Blytheyille, .Girl, Jerry Frances. I^on and .Mary Speck, Blytheville. Boy, Roh'ajd Lee. •. T. C. and Margaret Webb,,,fil. L Blytheville, Boy, Joe,David. Hunter, aiifl ^ehpa .lluglies 1 , 1 War Chemicals fo Be Destroyed Materials That Can't Be Put To Civilian Use Going Into Sea WASHINGTON, Mnreh 27. (UP> —The Army's Ciieii]lc:il Warfuiv Sm'lce is disposing of huge (iimn- tlties of ixrismiaiis east's nnrt other war chemk-nts of no use to civilian Industry by dimipliit; them ijito the seal it was disclosed 'rui's- cli\y. 'Hie biuecst consignment (o date —10.000 tons of lewisite, ihe t;"* with nil odor liki< ccraiiiiniis—will bo spilled lino Uip sc:i shortly h>- Chemical Win-fare experts. Lewisite contains relatively low- priced elements with as. arsenic. PAGE .TIIR'EE Osceolii Society —Personal A. W. Wilson of who liiis tn'eii tin •iaceutla. Cnllf- hoiiseyuesl of Beauticians Elect Officers At Jonesboro \ A Noi'llU'iisi Aikiiiisus lieiuili- Mrs. N. L. Gtllesple il days. for West Ridge, Boy,-Glen William. Charley nnd Bertha Batne.s, Manila, Boy. Charles Edward. Cnrlton "tid Chloe Garner, Manila, Boy, r- i,-,; -- . ,-.--••. ~.-?*\ — David Alen. Chester and Daisy fsa- Boy, ^Hunter .Walter. Henry and . bell. Lepanto, Boy, William James '., Blylhevllle, Boy. Har- Jim and Bessie Jones, Manila, Girl. 500,000 during months. .. Maj. .Herbert the the the next three Rose, director of r ' ' \ i ' 1 J • ' ': ey Lee, ,V»Ular(l atjd Ladreiila Glo- f r ' ™] ^' ^ ,?°>' Van Chriss. Leo and Sevjlla Hicks, Pgrtugevllje, Ellen. Henr Carr. Wilson, Boy. niul Uarbura Dalton Willis Ray and Molly Knight, Osceola. Mo'.. Girl .U.hda .pay. Robert,, and Boy, William Ray. Willie and Ethel Oniari Martin; Manila, Gjrl, .Diane . Ward. Lencliville. Boy. Morris Dale CPA's Textile Division told I Jca "' < Jo ' m antl 9 cl '. nl ce Ross, Ely- Virgil and Uda Brown, Manila. Boy. subcommittee that a receiu tllev " lc ' GM ' Meli " da Lou ' William 1 " ' ' Ml', ulul tin- past several days, has gone l< ! Omaha. Nebr.. where ho will visit relatives, lie will (lion return to i!s home in California. Mrs. l-\ W. CarlWrlfilH lifts re U'lied from Jonosboro, where she .till two weeks wilh Mr. anil Mrs. N'. C). Carlwrlghl and Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. H:i;rls<>!]., Mr. niul Mrs. I.fiti Willlnms II of Jonesboro .spent the weekend in Csconlu wilh relatives. Mr. niul Mrs. Kdward Teaford hiivc reiurned home aftor visiUng In Stui'geon liny. Wise. They also were guests of Mr. nnrt Mrs. Kil Au{!Usllne iii Milwaukee, Wise. Mrs. K. W. Uallley of Athens, On., and Mrs. w. S. Sanders of Danlelsvllle, Ga., ore guests of Mrs. H. H. Baillcy, Mrs. O. C. Danehower and Mrs. Itav H. Whiimore Imve gone, to Norfolk, Vii., nnd Washington, D. C., to spend 10 davs ur two weeks. While uwny they will *'lsil the capital city during cherry blossom lluu'. En route there they .slopped In. Nashville, Tenn., for a visit with Misses rhms As.soeliVtlon has '."'il with n inrellnii held Monday HliilK ill Hotel Nol)lo In Joneslmro. C'raluheiid, Clreen and Mississippi Count Le.s were ropri'st'liti'ii. l-'iauro.s niul Pat T^anr.hou'tu 1 , who attend St. CeolllH Aciulemy. OiK'st'KWeaker .for -t|iu occasion'*'," ,?' *,"„'""' * Irs ' W ' A ' Whlsl1e wiik Senator Julian James o( Jones-' ' »" SI>I|1 »". Ark. boro. Temporary officers elected Mr.s. y.leba Wcyer of I'lmiitouW, rhalrniMn; Mrs. Pansy Mo'oucv of l.eiiollvtlk', vice chairman; Mis:: Th« -.viiiklliiK will Iw KOleinnl/cii Knhdiiy, April 7, lit the home, of the bride's parents, Miss Wujsoii \vns fernditriloU ffom ' UiKli Kehool and has been Jiidy Omttor of Piirnguiild,' (IVUN- employed, at till' Mississippi Court urcr, iincl Miss Nadlnc Johnsnn' ly lial115 " r Oseeulji for the past of joncKhuro, seiTdiiry, ;l:< moiilti. Clyde Lcmar Whistle To Wed Molly Watson Mr. and Mrs. W. \V. Watson Jr., of O.sreulu iiimoillH''' thp riiKiiK<'- nii'lil of their il.uicliU'i. Miss Molly t Watson, to Clyde tomar Whistle. ^?S«=^a^.;S«;«SfciS«$.*9KS« \ While You Wait K Hals Cluineil and Bliwkcd ; 30 Minute Scrrlee ;. The John's Shop ' tn W. Muln HL Mr., whistle .wu. .(raduated fun 31ylh«vllle High School and atttnd- •d the University of 'Arkanxas. Be recently ni dtach»rg«i from UK army ifer two and i half yean service. to work ut once. AU* bu^o*. • five per ceijl "Incentive" increase in textile price .ceilings should "set us out of the woods in six to nine months." "That's a long time to keep the people naked." snapped subcom- mittee'Chairman John Bankhead,D., Alabama.. "I hod to look six months for a suit of 'underwear." ^' Rose testified that he personally » opposed.. tile. QPA-'s majifinuin,', average price policy, .and heliev.ed that where, prfces.iire a te^imeni to production, the government should , allow the price. . to rise. and Peggy pierce, Blytheville, Boy, Willinm Dennis. Harold and Gladys Siidbury,. Blytheville,' poy; Hiifbkl Hownr<| Wnvno. Clyde and Evv j ll w , as "I" 1 " 1 '™- «' Roper. Manila, Girl. Ella ncrnicc. ' '' elulll i' «'»vi'rl«l to I.enluin and Alice Darker. Manila. it' was explained, unit cannot be readily converted to civilian use. The dumping at sea will lake place beyond tlie continental shelf at a . .. J. I.T. Wage. president .of H|e Ala., Knitfing .Co., .proposed that ,OPA controls bc-toTten' off of production 1 for |h'e. miljtary sprylces, Charles. , A... Cah'noh. Kan'napolis, N. c... .chai'frn'an. of the board .<Jf the AnieHcaiV Cotton Manufacturing told the snbcommitUje Mrmday that government pclicies were freezing out the use of cotton in favor of rayon. Cannon complained that since 1941, the cost of raw cotton haci advanced 6? per cent and wages had advanced., 73, per cent, but the OPA had permitted only a 3ft per cent, increase in the sale price of print cloth. . He described this, as the pPA's "foreyer-pjnch'-penny-chiselmg pol- . .. I Girl. Bonnie Sue. Harrison and lee. John ami Addle Howard, I Evic Mofield. Joiner, Girl Carolyn lk '' 1 " 1 ° r ovcr 5 - oco R ' et - Tll ! s wtu 5teele, Girl, Iris Collene. Leonard I Sue. A. j. anil Virginia-Peel O.see-i 1 " evcnt " f1 ' 01 " bel| W »»J'»'lo»s to and Hazel Daniels, Blytheville, Boy, \ ola, Girl, Palsy Jean. Charles and I hll " mlls or commercial types of Bruce Eugene. I Louise Nolen, Blytheville. Girl.' ""'' Jlnunic and.Wflma' JohiVs. bsce- Linda Sue. Johhie and Hena lloff- Qii'l, Jimmje I/n|. Hnrlyn a Betty Webb, Blylhcville, Rte. a. G.i.rl, Judith Muriel. Andrew and Mary Jo Fufterfon, Slcile, Kio.. Girl, i Mary Louise., ^orinan and Junnila Davis', Blytheville., Girl, Nbfma Jeaii. Cliaflie a'n'd jiiafiTta Adkinson, Blytheville, Rte I. Girl. Elva Sue., William and... Geneva Cooper, .Rte., 1. Bly.theville, . G,l'rl. Jennifer .A'freda. Clyde, anil Emma Chisfn, yj?ilso'n, | Girl, Carolyn, ^ue. George a'hd. Lena Jfarniltpn. Tyrpii- M. Rte .1, Girl. P-itricia Jean. Floyd and Tylies', i'arker, Rte ..!.. bsceola, Girl. ;1 Cileiiaa L^retta. Arfhu'r and Edith Evans, joiner. Boy. .Arthur W. Jr., lioy arid Una King, Bnssett, Boy, Richard Edward. Walter, and Elva Mcbbnajd. Evadale, Girl, .Un-named. Georg^,.and Florence lyjurphy, Osceloa, , Rte 1, Girl, Maxerlne. Cyruss and t Florence Russell,, Deli Boy, W. D. John and Bertha Earwooil, Tyronza,.Girl, Nancy. Carolyn. ; Algcr and Willie Quiii'n, Hie 1, ; Tyronza. Boy Jihi- mie. Canoil. ..William and Mertie | fish. The containe ' sink to the bot- l man. Mani'ia. -Uoy, Franklin Eddy.' lom and' release (heir cuntents Burton nnd: Betlial 'Sims. Joiner, : sl ":h a slow rale that they do no Rle 1. Boy. Morris'-O'Neal. W. A. an'd ISelvie Davis. LepsiiHo. Girl. Barbara Gale. .Joe and Bessie Griggs, Htc Lcpantp, Girl. Jop icy .of not giving, the. full amount • p'altefsonr' BasVett"" . Boy at anytime." While - Donald a Cannon Us-. Hugh. Charles and Bessie Vaughn, ''- " • v . . e • uslnp- more and ciuartei-;" more rayon every NOTICE 6F SALE •y Notice is Iierebv given .that as Adf ''/nlnlstratb'rj of the. Estate of Grace LucjMe Wherry, Deceased, I will between the hours oi^teii o'clock in tlie fcrenoon arid three .o'clock in the afternooi) on the loth' day of Ajiril, 1946;-atj the fro'nf door of the, courthouse in 'the Chipkasawba District of Mississippi Coiinty. Arkansas. City of Bly.5hevillc. p sale at public auction to the. highest bidder upon a credit.,of tliree -nipntlis the following described lands, to-wit: L«ts 9 and 10. Block 9, Highland Place Addition to the City of BlythcvilJe. Arkansas Purchaser at said sale will be re T quired,to give note with approved security for, the purchase price, and a Hen wijl. be retained on said lands to further secure the payment of such purchase price. Witness my hand this 20th day of March, 1946. . . . . ,' / . J. T. BLEDSOE. Ailm'inistrator of the Estate of Grace Lucille Wherry, Deceased. 3;27-4[3-'l6 * The "caslaria" is (he real name ''l the Brazil nut. Ann. Elmer and Etta Ncedham. Le- PEinlo, Boy, Marvin Wayne. James and. Margie pdwlcr, Manila, Girl, liuisc Lorhm. Edgar and Violt;t Goodwin, Joiner. Boy, Jimmy Earl. COLORED Tsafic Homes, Blytheville. BoV. Jplinie demon, Blytheville, Uoy. Wilon Bucner. Blytheville, Girl. Joe Lawshea, Blythevilic, Boy. Leroy Flex, Blytheville, Boy. X. L. Brown, Frenchman Bayou. Girl. Robert Brown, Frenchman Bayou. Boy. Robert Word. Joiner, Boy. A. ITar- v|ll, Luxora, Boy. Harold L. Fish- (Inniagc in such (jrea't nines o'f water, it was said. The chemical Win-rare Service also produced larye quantities Chlorine [.'as for civilian use at tin direction of the War Produclloi Board but there is no surplus o: this gas. Chloracolophonone (a tear gas! and adamstte, (an irrl [ont smoke) have been dcclarci surplus (or possible .Industrial n'se Rcmainlni; aas stocks are sIc'.Td safely far from human I habitation. Chemical experts can ili.slill some of the persistent: agents such as mustard oils and years. Non-persist- phosgene also can keep them for cut fiases like bo stored. er. Blylhcville, Boy. James Steven-1 _ 'rhc_ Chomienl Warfare Service syn, Wilson. Girl, Willie Lee Spencer. Armorel, Girl. William H, Ford. Driver, Boy. Arthur Johnson. Frenchman's Bayou, Girl. Ear! Jones. Joiner, Boy, hart. Joiner. Girl. Blytheville. Boy. named. Luther and Zadle Battle. Armorci, BOS'. Charles Ricliard. .-Giiy^uid Lillic ^imerson, ^Wilson. Girl. Peggie Lavprne. Letter and j Juanitji Clemmons.. Arni.brel, Girl. I Ruth Annie. George and Emjlie Nfc- i Clellan. Osccoln, Rte 3. Boy Un- naiiied. James and Toy Ross, Bly- i tiieville, Girl. Saundra Lee. Logan 1 and Evelyn .Yarbrpugh, Osceola. , Rte 1, Girl. Evelyn. IJershell and Maxine Jollnson, Rte 2, Manila. Boy. Danny. Lee. William, and Verme Forrlsier. Manila. Boy, Jimrriy Har- yce. Eimef and Ivlary Adams, Joiner., Girl, connic Bee. Noble r^-d Clennie Kichery, Manila, Bay, ,Ma- loiic Boyd. A. B'. and Bcrla Mon- ioe, Lepanto. Girl, Peggy Sue. Tom aiid Maggie . Stubblcfield, Wilson. ^Py. ...Wiiliam. ,Jo)m and .Thclma Stevens, Manija, Boy, Charles Edgar. Albert arid Jimmie Parker, Wilson;. Boy, James Larry. Johnie aiid. Wanda Butler, Manila. Girl, Joyce Laurene.. James and Li'lly Harris, Rte 1, Lepanto, Girl. Ruby Jean. Wini.a.ivi and . Bulpji. Arthur Lock- A. C. William, • Benjamin L. Hampton, Rte 2, Blylheville. Boy. Jpe Chandler, Rte 1, Osceola, Girl. Davift love, Joiner. Box M7, Girl. Homer and Mamie Jennings, Wilson. Rte 1. Girl. Herucst. Nolen. -Wilsbrt. nie'l, Girl. J. T. Hoblnsou, Blytheville, Boy.' Willie McCullougli. Burdette, TJoy. has declared approximately $68,50(1,000 worth of civilian type properly as surplus. This includes various types of machinery, tteel, lulling, acids, elc. LIGHTEN iTOO DARK , UCUV. TANNED V..v ijS K I N '1~ lltf. (it iiUery.ils 2Sc- CAUTION: Use only «s directed. R~Abl6 S.ERV I C E Jnsl Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Cb. 1211 W. Main St. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or mrj'iel Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan EI(c(rical Appliance Co. Authorized iSTotnrola Radio • Sales and Sen-ice 106 So. First St. * Insure Now . . . through W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel .Bldg. Telephone 3545 We have frr.sli ground mral anrt rhicktn.chops, fine or coarse, Hay and mixed .ground feeds. Also custom critidi'ng-cnishinc. 'We arc now buyiuf poultry. * LANGLEY & SO'N, u Spulh Second On 6kl Btrtig Gin Lot BINGO! LEGION HUT Thursday, March 28, at 8 p. hi. 4 Special Games With Prizes of Real NYLON Stockings Sponsored by Catholic Altar Society WANTED CATTLE, CALVES & HOGS Top Ceiling Prices Paid BUYER AT PLANT DAILY MONDAYS THRU FRIDAYS NO commission, no yardage or other expense to you. Come to BURING PACKING CO. Inc. PHONE 44, WILSON, ARK. For Your Home Springfield Coaches, Lounge Chairs wilh Ottoman, . Chiffrobes, Bedroom Suites, Springs, Mattresses, 5 piece Breakfast Sets. 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"Hclsey", ^Cambridge" und "TifTIn" . . . liv llio following ! palIcrns: Cjherokce Rose, Prls- eilln, nostip'qtnt. Manor, Crystallite and Minuet. All Ideal for jjift ulvlng. j(i Viuies.and Novelties in feature Concord, Princeton and Nancy China. A, large array of beiiutlful "SiiodR" China; In earlh- rnwdre. nntl Ixmc pieces. Olir display of hand wroiiBht Aluinlmmi Ti-ays, Center Pieces and Ash Trays will .provide many delightful gift suggestions. If you me looking for a distinctive Table Lamp . . . We have them . . . Beautiful hand imlnlcd lamps . . . crystal base lamps with silk shades . . . and many nthefs. . . a(l lamps that arc attractively "different." Our leather goods section oilers ft selection of fine wallets', key cases, coin aiid billfold combinations, ami inch's fitted toilet cases. SPECIAL! Sec- our display of Livdics rmijortcd Handkerchiefs. A wide runge of beautiful do- signs — nil now creations by the famous Stanley Studios of New York. On I Tc On ._ ! 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