Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 6
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Indiana Lettt The Dr, J. H, McLean Medicine Co., , ST. LOUIS, MO. CuMTi.iSMf.N; I futl.it my duty to inform ths Kf*c:it good L lutve received fron: Or, J. H, McLESH'S .LIVER..as mm BALM. :ic:i sure it ssircj .my life, I .suffered for several 4years with Bright'* Disease, aggravated by gravel :ln 'the left kidney. Aliout two • y.urs ago the trouble got «» l'»<! Hint 1 ould n'oi k.-ivc my bud; hut) night sweaij, extreme w<.-iikn<»!t, chilli ami my Iksh hud u lilar.chcj lorT. I did not expect to get well .i^un. Eijfhu-cn months ago I began Ubing the Liver atiii Kidney Bulni. r used at first t«.t, bottles, which heljitd tin. 1 to iiuiuh 1 could leave the, o&j IIMI eo about my hotiiisholil duilta; so I continued with it. also begun to pass I(IB KIK;!. In all I pa^nl five MOD...... I ain „,„,. /ce.!iiip c,,tlrel. T cj-ci),' bin still '.akins iho Ha.,,, ;,:cwlon:illv to ii-.nlie mnc. U^ttcr', [ am unable to express my gratitude to God for my rn.i.ii,-:ion to he-ii; 1 .;, and I owe it, -even my present existence, l.' you. Liver and Kidr.ay B»,i... I: is „ ,.,.,„„ InJ Ji-i lle . yo|;rs rc ,. pcc . fullyj ltho nmivi in vrUl to x lo mi» MRS. H. J. D., .inL.l.oMlw.I.lutlfwilllw C4NNELLTON. IND. (Continued from 'First I'ajru.) B EST with n bis «. Blackwclrs Genuine Bull J.Hinmiii Is In ;i cla.s.s Dy Itself, Voi: will rind uoupon ln.-kk> eac>h two ounce bug, uud two cou pous iusildu each four ounce biic of BlackweiTs Genuine Durham Smoking Tobacco Buy n b«cr of th la celebrated tobacco and rend tho coupon— osu Us tofvaluable presents uudbowto get tham. WORLD a- tuiiuuy 'OH HUKur miCni]i';ic.;:rrG, bec.ta, an Industry In-which the alji-s Nebraska. KRI.SUS, California and sever: others are vitally Interested. Tills, him ever, It la understood will not In- dor.e r the reason that It would commit tin- part too strongly to the policy of pnylns hour ties, a Question upon which the party I more or less rilvlrli-il. Tin; subject w!ll h in!<bii care Of In the ;;onorul 1,-irllT plan;,-, Culm Will lit' GIVoii :i riitnh, The Cubans' now oiiirnsfud In rebrlllo ujtahist the Spanish tfovi'rnment win -,i.:i: hope and comfort In the expression of tin convention --with relation to that subject A separate planlt will cxpnisn sirontrlj ;ho. sympathy of. the republican party t'c'i Cuban pianola, antl a declaration will Incorporated favoring the recognition o their Independence. Civil service reform promises to R-ive .-!.-•< to some debate.In tho committee. A deter mined effort will be made to secure a vigorous plank Indorsing civil service, and Incidentally, condemning- tiie admlnlstri:- tlor. for Its violation of civil service rule ami regulations. The contest between U idvocates and opponent* of civil soi-vice promises to be warm and ypiriic-d, Imt It 3 believed that the fHend.s of civil service vlll carry the day. Ship J'rotf-etlon I'innk, The prcposed ship protection plunk drawn by Senator Lodyt- l:rst found expression In the Massachusetts ;jla! fnim, slnee which tlrr.e it hap been Ineorporatcd In Ihe iilatforms of ]." diffuivm stute conventions. It will read as folllowsi "\\'e jtledjve ourselves to resto: 1 ' 1 'he c;i!'!y American policj of dlscrinv:fj:iiiiiB clutles :'or ilio jn'otectlon o!' our shipping In t!)e .foreign furrylnn trude, »,j that Aiiieroian ships, :ln: prodtiel of Ameriean r employed in Arnecic-jn sh.'i.i .\-a, sailing under the. stiirn and sirii.usi', anO manned and o/ljeerc'! and owtit.-.', by Ai Icar.s, may regain the carrying of American forelyn commerce." THE COM CEOP. Somewhat Retarded by Too Much Bain and Cold Weather, THE BEST SPRING MEDICINE s SIMEONS LIVER REGULATOR— don'i i'OTt to take it. The Liver gets sluxgisr nns tho Wmtsr, just likl all nature, ana avj system becomes choked up bv e up v he accumulated waste, which brings, on Vialana, hever and Ague and Rheuma- is:n. >ou uT,ntto w-ako up your Livei ' - tteforf TALK til' A TEI.1.EH Silver Man Mit.v Leiivc t)u> CullVttllLlnll I.S ()-. , . . St. Jjntils, June 1C.—The ,7. lo-convi>r.tfon talk lai'Koiy centorn upon tin- urobabltf action of tho silver im;n m'tor the p-oki phinit la adopted. NotwIlh.-itiL.nriiiif; Senator Toiler's cautious stat<'in«nt Unit thi-re \vouM be no orfftinlzcd dru.iniitlc bolt, those who have been In. cons-.iliation with him Inrti. rate plainly an InK-ntum of withdrawing from the convention hull bofore the pro- euftdin«s terminate-, ami uven Senator Toll- 'er admits that thi: .sllvi-r men nmy line! It ncce.isiiry for ihr-ir .•"•!f-rc-spcqt to ivfi-alii frofn participation In the proceedings Senator Cannon, of Utah, puts It more bluntly, "How can we remain," he 1 sny.s, "and assist In tin; nomination of a tlci which we Intend to oppose? Of course \ must f,-o out." Tim exoUu.i in.-iy not l>o made by thi= a ver man In a body, out )t seems to lie r settled, programme that they v/iil "I'oli tip their tents lij;e rlie Arabs ar.d silent a:e»l away." ... .. , *.*.,. .,_ o^, w yw;j l.Jl-.c SlMAlON^ .IVER KEOL'I.ATOR lo do it. [t alsc egulate-j thi Liver—keeps it properly at vqrk, when your system will be free froitf oison and the whole Cody invigorated You get OWE BEST bLOOD when our system :s in A1 condition, and that vill only be \vhen the Liver is kept active, ry a Liver Remedy once and note the meren.ee. But take only. S!MMON C -IVER REGULATOR —it is SIMMONS IVER RFjUUTOR which makes the difference. Take it in powder or in liquid already prepare-;, or make a tea of ths powder; buttaks ^iMMONS LIVER REGULATOR. You'i: f.na the RED Z on even package. Loo;-: fcr ;t. „ J. H.'Zcilin & Co* PUilode.Vehfa, Pa. Reports of Other Cereals, However, Generally Favorable—Wheat Harvest Nearly Completed. Chicag-o, June 1C. — The reporl.s as to tlie condition of the crops ihron^liuul the country, and ihe general i-ITevi :il the weather on the jfi-owih, cullivaiiun and hai'vest of Ihe same, were Tuei-day made by the directors oi the sevci-al climle and crop sections. The •ivpn;"-'* received :it Chicago were ns follows; .Illinois— Itather cool dry week: w!i'--rit hurvtfst n«-«rly eompk-U-d in soutln-rn soc- tlon and wi.-ll along in c-cntral, ryo harvest HEROICjrpMEN, r.'icir Struggle Against a Common and Merciless Enemy. r.-iK OATHKIU.Vti. Few keeplnar the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headaoh* • oURES Constipation. Acts on tho Liver and Kidneys, Purifies th« Blood, Dlspols Colds and Fevers, Beautifies tho Complexion and fc Pleasing »nd Rofreshlnar to the Taste. sot-D er ALL. Drtuaaisra, «-A nicelj itlus'ratcd eiffhty-pairc Lincola Story Book cir« to cTerj pnrchawr «tf • ,»ickaire of Lincoln Tea. Price 25c. Ask your tLntexlat, or LIWOJUT TB* Cc- Tort Wa JM , trt Tor Sale by B. F. KEESL1NG. Dtiuluro, Ho\v<!V«r, That Tiifro \VI11 ] A*» L<inrt;rmicc. St, T^ouis, Junu lli.— f.'uiwlthstanrtlug II fact that Chairir.iiti 'J'r-ubonuok d<tdtir. tliat no mpui inK o!' tht: nuLlonnl comrr.Utt ol' Ihf iiojiullst "ijurty li.is yut l;ftcn eullei. infcrr.b(*rs ol' that bouy continue to urri\ In tho city, ;;roC'.'Silm; to bo slrnuly "s tatorfl." Mr. Roscllo, chulrir.an of th slate commkitc. s;iys tl-.c-i-i; Is no fo'jr.da lion i'cij- th'.' rumor of v. free sllvt-r poVull cor.Iorenot. Ncverihi'lcss one of th'o si ver ilelt);;itcs from North Carolina says: "Tlic'Vij l.s a ir.ovemont on TOOL '.o unit tin." I'rto silver (lomoorats, frtti Bllvijr publicans unU populisis. Tin; [-..o^til nnf.' Trot- silver k-nderr; u/-t> ^-a:hc-ri]:w hur wiiltiinf to st(i what Is doni; by the- I'n silver rfjiuHloans l;i can yen Uon, U l. proljuble that sonic action looking lownr. u nnlo)] of tho 1'ix-s silver olm:u::;i.s wil thci: lie taken." Built For Service - thor are built to stand for years. jimliifjiin, hmm can not alforu to c;m uroduc?. Tho Wiivsrleys Are built in the Largest aud Besc Equipped Factory in the World. IVo IHLVB a ri'|)«tatloii eMiibilslied duello iiiplj iinjtbliii; bin the IK-SI tliiii brains imu -iliow It. Scoivhor. ;; lielgtits, SSO.CO. toile KSJUK.NCV. Made by INDIANA BICYCLE CO., Inilluimpoils, InU. "••JV.-J i.mi |/t uviwv.?-. J .IU " u> ni ._,.., .,..,,, . ., .-wvi.'.i ^li and 2S Inch, S7o m and JSj.uO, Call and sot them. CLINE BROS, Agents. OVEli THK STATE. Events in Various Portions of Ia« diana Told by Wiro. , Tho Minors' Htrlfeo. Tcrro H:iiiie, .did., June 30. —The iiiiiiurti' KtriUc, wliich luis bcon on s'uiue !M:iy l,;iiulwith uiiprcci'tU'nli'd u'osi'imc of disorder, is to rusuiuo ;i nt 1 "' [ili:tsc with tin; imitigiirntiou of the ovitlioii pi'uutss by SOTIJO of the; f]ior;itors. The Star City /ninos in iSiillivnii eonnly, opi-ralctl by tlic Kiinlur coinptiny of Chicago, liii.-i ;;ikon the initintivc and otJiurs \\-iil follow Ilio ex;mi|j)i'. 'J'liu minors li.-ivc sent committees to the cities ;uirl larger towns to solk'it aid, ' but, thty linvo not succeed<.'<! ns ivi-ll as in former strikes. •VVIIl »o Cllulrmttn. 'Kokoino, Ihd., June 1ii,—.'ludjjo Lo.x.7. KirJqialrick, of tliiw city, presidenl. of the state Christian Hm'loiivor soeii-ty. lias been seloeti-d liy the iiiieriiationiil Kndeavor comrnitli'C to iic't us eli.'iiniiiin of the meeting of tlie stale rind provincial ofiices ol' tlie Cliristinn Kndi-iivor convfiition lo be liek'l nt Wash Lug-ton. 1). G., durini; 1 llu> inti'i'nutioiiiil eonveiiliou July S-i::. KnU'oino will also be represented lii- S. JC. Xicholso!), \5-liowill fit- liver an iui<l:-Vss on "(loud Cili/.i.'nship," Storm ut Duuvllto. tlauvilk-, .hul., Juno Hi.—A- terrific rain nml uleeLric storm struck this cily ,'ind lasted Tor an hour, and will cause much damage. The creeks arc up, ami i;or.nfields look like. Jakes. The liffht- niny damaged tlie electric liffht plant ;ind bi:,nied many of the circuits. The cloud 1 lnnig 1 over the city fully half an liotir before it lieg-an raining 1 , and many predicted a tovundo. Woittii of u >fotoi( I'hy«i ( -lnn. Jell'ersonville, Itu!,, Juno 1C.—Dr. IT. H.-Fergiison, one of the most prominent ;ind wo.iit.hy jihysician.s of soiillieni Indiana, dieil after a lingering illness. .He was a. power in jiolitics for many > 1 ears. Six /nonllis Hifo lie liml n s(oj;,; loinb built near his home, nnc'l ordered that lie be buried in it. lie v,-ns31 ve.-irs of ;?;:<•. siare will he ivpix'senied. and urraijfj-i.- mcnls are ir.r'.kiny to iMiicrtain l"i,000 union members on that occasion.' Ono !,!•£ -\':itm;d at fc::i;j(>. U'alj;;sli, incl., Juue JO.—.Mai-ion Webb in the \Vabash circuit, court was awartltitl S'JSO damages in his suit against Hie IVabas!] )'a])ei- company 1'or tlie permaiieiij injury of his son Charles. Th? latter was an employe in the mill, and was badly hurt in (he machinery, a leg 1 belnpr '.erribly crushed. Hiirgliir Sliot to J.)c?';il.li. La Graug-e, Ind'., ,Tti!:o 1(J.—An unknown man was shot ami instantly killed while trying; to rob.the slore of Jusejih Garlott at Jfog-o, a small place near this town. The dead man was broupfht to this place to await 1 lie action of-the coroner. Xo arrests have been made. .I'rc.Hlclont ItyrtljjiiH, Peru. lud., ,'June Jli.—Cashier E. A. Kdivards of the Firer Jias.iomiJ haul: lias resigned Ills position as presidentof the city school board. Graduating-ex- I'n.'ises Jias'e been postponed for a ivcck to await the appointment of a new trustee by the council. In a ilospititl. L.i Porte, liul,. June lO.-rEi.'y. Juliiis Hecks, pastor of S<. Joseph's CatJioiic 1 i.'hiiTch in this city, is reported to be an inmate of a . Chicago hospital. His. friends fear that ill health will compel his permanent- i-elircmcnr from ministerial work. Kuuior That JUorton Hits KL-c'insIUerod 1)i.'n]uiJ l»y 1'laLt jiiul Ut'jit'lv. St. )-onis, JiiiiL- ](;.— A very persistent r:nr,or v.'a.s sLartud early TLitjyrlay morr.- Irr.;, and was heurJ slmultunuoiiKly In tlirvi; or four UilTiiruiit ijiinrtci's, that Gov. Morton hut] I'L-eonsklered his declination uni] would ueCL-pt :h'.' v;rx |.in;siflei)cy i! it woi'i. 1 li.-n(Ji.Tt>d him. For v.-h..'Lt ijtirpo.sii this 'rumor iv;i.s ;>UL 111 clrr-iilation it is Gliilctill to say. bu: that it had n purpose l» .-ip;ja;-em. -Mr. Platt dot^llned to dlsc-uda Ihu mailer In any sluinc. -\\'c un- livrc." he said, "to nominate Sir. Manor, for tho lireslileiify, and im'.ll that n-.attur Is dls- pos' 1 ':! of we are aot coii.y)derln.i, r tho vice presidency." Stlimpud us u Uc Ijy J>oiJt'\v. 1 Spoalcing ol 1 the rumor that Gov. Morton hod consented to ac!C<-pt the second plr.cc- on l he* pri-sldtntla] l;ekt<t, Mr. Chauncey D^;je\v stamped it as whol.'y ^'.-itlioiit t'Diindutlon. "Tliu men," said lie, "who nro I'.slni; 3-1 r. Morton's name In this connection an? not his I'riuads. They arc trying 10 main! him rir'.leulaus, nncl he- resents It. Ho would not acw;)t tin; v!ct- presidency undnr nn.v nlreiimstances." "\Vhat would 1m On In the event that 11:0 convention shoMhl r.omlnti.tc hlnr. by aeelrtmatlon?" Mr. 'DoiK j \v wu.s asked. "How off.on." exclaimed Mr. £><;POTV, lin- l.iatlently, "must a man say a tiling before he Is to h« belic.-v'ed? Must ho say Ji (fVfry day L:IK] keep on snylng it Inflellnito- ly? Oov. Miorton hus explicitly doclnred lhat he would not accept the vice presidency. What more can ha say? What more can he do'.'" Col. Fred nniiit i\ Cnmllilato. Mr. U- fe. Grant, Jr., wlio is here- as mi-inbor of the California dulepntlor makes tile announccrr-iont that his brothe Col. Frod Grant, of Xew York, will bo candidate for the second place on tl tluket. Speaking of the mention of h own nnme In connection wjtli that onir; he said: "No, I a,;n not a candidate. M brother. Col. I'"red Grant, is my candldtu for the vice presidency." "He has been quoted aa saying that yo lira a eandldnte." "Yus, 1 know, but he will be a candldat .and he Is my candidate. You. know thi' v!oo presidential questliin-|s never proper!} hrouKht up until the president has boor named, The second n!ai?e. Is a sort of con solailon eup. My brother Fred, wjll be «anuiuaie, ana i tninic sno'.na DC nomi ated. "His candidacy," added Mr. Grant, "wl rot bt pushed until the time conies. I a proud of the fact that he Is my brother, think that the soldiers who wore under m father, and their sons, will support hirr but his own record deserves It. I do r nslc It for him on father's record." Want Bond to Accitpt St>con<l riaro. Speaker Reed's Maine friends do no attach any special significance to the pel tlon which was sent him from Boston ask ing his acceptance of the second place o the ticket. Mr. Reed la very popular 1 Massachusetts. The politicians from that state say tha lie Is their natural choice for the presl dency, but that failing to secure this honor they would like at least that he should ac ceut the vice presidency, feeling that I would greatly sirennthpn the ticket. CAUJ'OKNIA *OH UI1.V.KK. Will Stick fur the White IHTetuI to the Point pt Bolting. St. Louis, June IS.—Reports having been circulated that California was not solid for silver, a meeting- of the delegation was held Tuesday morning, and a resolution proposed by Congressman Johnson wa* adopted which set forth that tho California member of tlio resolutions committee {Lemmon} was instructed to cooperate with the silver men In every wav short of actual bolting. Committee Mvn S«l«cted. St. Louis, June 1C.—The following additional national committeomen have been elected, by state delegations: Florida, E. J':. Gundv: Louisiana, A 1 . T. WI m burly: Xew Hampshire, Pearson C. Cheney: North Daito'la. W. H. Robinson; -kiutli Carolina, K, A, Webster; Vermont George J. Chlltls; Wyoming, WUiis Va-i- li'Veliter; Indian territory, Leo E. Bcn- TVnnrMrteu Stand* by EVIIIIN. St. Loiiis, Juno Hi—The Tennessee dele- in lion nit-tat t'-:i o'clock Tuesday morning nd aduptfd n-solutlons earnestly com- nHiiK to thy convention the name o< lon, Iienr>- C'ia>- Kvans as a candidate L'or HAMMOND' BANQUETED. roiiimrs it Toast n> il:i: l'.nr;;htirit, lh>: Itcl'uriii I'rlsonors 1 lli-Nt l^i-U-nd.-s. .Tuhanni-sbui-L;-. .lunr j«.'—John jl'ay.x ,'aniinoiKl, tho rel'onn eoniiiiiUee ar.ler, who !:::.s .-just been j-i:!e:i!-ei] .from njison. upon il)e pn_\'nie;i! o;.' .L'£,xO(i() lie, \v;;s ent-.M-liiiiiutl at a banquet 1 Mon- il;'iy evening, at which he ]>ru]iosetl a Ions'. 1o the biii'R'hcrs, who, he said, \veru 1.1 u: Ijcsl friends the fel'onn eom- inittte ]>risone:-s h:u1. They \vere Tin: H.rs|., he said, lo f:ike mc'.-iMires ro pre- suj-ve jie.ive, ;md they were also the first lo support the. prisoners' .petition for cieine;iev. •-.•(>!• outline e<intlirues ar.d liny is suv ... sno'i vondltlon: eo:-n culth.-uioii is j In.v p'.ish.-d. but liehls rirt;-A-ei-y \\•^•L•u^•. O:i mnstly hi ; .-i'.le<l,' .'>Hstu;-'.-.s Rood and potatoes excellent. \Vlsfons!:i—Heavy rains riuring lirst ,,.., of week followed by doe'uedly eool \\vn:1'H- liiive been unfavorable ;o eorn. Cor: c-3d nn-adu^'v's f:vi'</ally damaged ny •ins, Cno\'er (.-uttiii^.; hi pro^re.- .-iouihern .si'-etion. 1 , ^'lioat improving :'.s K-ruwiiiB- rapuily. Mirllly.'.-!!'.—\Veailnlr Kern-rally fav.i r all erup:^ (:.xei.'])t eoni, wlileh alLlKHi^-i- •Id ;n i-iicck, by eool nl^iits Is u: n-ood cfindiiion. Wlu-at. bay and pusiuiv-.- lave i 1 .iijiru\-ed and l-yt: loolcs goc'd. Oal;: in; headlnfr u'.it and look line. Much euin- -lalnt of £rii!j:ihO!)ii*r!i in nearly all ci'oi's" Maying Is In uro.n-res:i with light yield. O);lo—'ii'ur.'n days, tool nifrlits, ru.lnf.ill '.'.xcessi\-t.-. Dais, gardens and grass m.-u'e HOOrJ p.-ogross,. but cool nights" iviaruVu ootr, a lltll'-, and some it> becoming weod.v. Whi-at is maturing rapidly and then: is u general complaint of rust affecting blades; some Is cut in soii'.h^ni portion. Tob.'icct* planting well advanced, Some clover hay mad';. Gats and rye are maturing-. Fodder corn -and late potatoes not all planted llHspoorrlc-s are ripening. Indiana—Good rains and cool weather Ail growing crops improved. Wheat harvest begun, crop light: rye being cut iiarluy In shook: >:love: cutt:;ig continued': niiyln.; eornnicneed, crop short; tobacco plants all set out; great crop of bcrrii-s ripening; corn pointing in excellent condition: oats best In years. Minnesota—Kavoi-able week and although all crops show Improvement, corn "ontlnues backward. Clover cutting . as begun; general complaint of small grains being too lank, anc; reports of rust are increasing-. Kyo lining well, meadows and pastures growing nicely, insect ravages dp- .ireasing. -Mori.li Dakota—Past week has been very favorable with warmer weather which ha a y improved all vegetation except com vhic.i is backward. Early rye Is heading out.' ''outii Dakota.--Cool first half and seasonably n-ai-m second half of .week wtb good shov.-ers or. Thursday. "" Oorn improved coi:s!JeiaWy last three days and all oilier vegetation did well genera:lv. Jarley Is lii--ad"ry and oats jointing. Ncbiaskn—Vut-y lav-orable week for klll- I1K weeds in corn, for growth of small -rains, but a little too cool for '.he best rowtn .01 corn. Kyi; and wheat ripening southern co.nnics and winter wncat vi.s'i commenced in extreme astern counii^s. All crops in excellent ondhion. Kansas—Cool week, with but little rol'i except from Kus-li to Wilson counties has favored crops, plowing and harvesting. Wheat harvest becoming general winio stacking and thrashing have begun in south portion. Corn and grass lead all crops with much improvement In oa'.s, ilax and. potatoes. Missouri — Week favorable for work. \Vheu£ harvest progressed rapidly, ais-i corn plowing during hitler par'.. Wliejt considerably damaged by,chlnc!i bugs and rust. Corn on low jands very foul. Cotton injured by wet weather and vciy giassy. Oats and meadows doing well. Iowa—Cool and cloudy weather wuil gencivlly HrJlH rainfall has been benc- liciai to grain '.tops whk-h have suff-.-rccl from i tlst and rank growth. Cous.'OeJ'ijHL 1 progress lias been incule in cleaning co v n and t.-iO crop i.^ uoing well, clover cuttl':;; begun ar.d haying will soon be general. Woman' 1 ; hyro- ism i» noievinced by fearlessness or cnterprisein lime of(lnnger,liuiher courage- an d fortitude are iniiji.ic.-i- tion.iklo in time of surt'criii!;. Tiiii-.k of the wom:in who smiles anil tries to make those around her cheerful, while she is racked with the excruciating to.-- tnres of womb trouble. Think of one w!io, day by day, begs her physician to help her, while the torture Of tortures could not add to Jiec misery. DO..-.S sJie yield ? \o! She endures her agonies, and meets her friends whb. cheerfulness. This is woman's heroism, and few mo.i realize how prevalent they are. Physicians rarely render relief in such cases. Afterlwi.-iily years of success, withever- jtiercxsin^ popularity, J.'jtliu £, Pii>k- lifint'x Vc^etahle Compound is, ,-to-dav, wonnif s-o»ly sure an i safe refuge frotu inllainnial.ion, ulcenuion, fallingand dis- placemi-iit, of the womb, ovarian trouble, leuc'orrhiua, p.ainfn] .ind suppressed men- strualions, kidiioy trouble, nervous pres- - tration, and .-ill manner of distressing and life-sapping female diseases. " 0 my sisters, believe what is told you of iJiis wonderful medicine! Before I took it I, had falling of the womb and leucorrhfija. .My womb came down so badly 1 could no', walk across the lloor; the pain was excruciating; now a.ll is so changed, and 1 am so'happy, Lydia E. rinkham's Vegetable. Compound has saved me from a life of misery. Don't, don't suffer, I say, when a cure is so easily obtained." — Hn*. AVii.UA.M ITo^VE, 163 Antoiu Street, Detroit, Mich. The COAST UNE to MACKINAC --*>•-»• TAKE THE'« •<*-• TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers 1 Thodmicut Periectloa yHattalned In BoM Construction --LuiuHou* bjulpment, Artlttlc f-orn iblntr, Dfcor.tloo UM> EAlcUnt Service, ln»unng- t£e bighftl degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. Foim TRIPS PER WIEK BCTWCCH Toledo, Detroit^Mackinac ' LOW RATES to PIctureBio. AUckiiue «i<t Return. Indudine Hull uid Berthi. From Clevelwid. *i8; from Toled*, fig; from Octtolt, 913*50. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Trains for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for all points North and Northwest. Suntfljr Trlpt June, July, dujutl «nO Seplembtf Onfe, EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cfevefaad, Put-in-Bay ^ Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address *-*' A. A. SCHANTZ. «. P. *., DKTHOlT, HI OH. THejefrait and cieveianii steam M. Co. n AVnntoit for Forgery, '.Teil'ersonville, Ind.,'Jnne 10. —,T. AV. •3-'tilli'r, a bank swindle: 1 , who bns just served three yi.virs in the soul hern Tn- (linna. pcnitcntjiiry, was taken to Philadelphia (o be tried /or passing- a ,foj-j*ed check. " " . DrowiKKl Wlllln Jillthlllg. Valparaiso, Iu'd,, June 10.—Eobcrt Thomas, son of ex-Sheriil" Klias N. Thomas,'was drowned at Flint lake \vhilu bathing-. Tie was ten j-o.irs old. , IJrowiu'tl In a Ou:irry. , lltiuling-ton, Intl., June ]ij.—Cha.ries jlieks, ag-ed ' 14, wa-s drowned while li:itiii:ij>- in an alia-ndo/ii'd stone quaj-ry h'lk'd l-'v i-ooeKt rains, < ITTLIi' IVER PILLS Militia C'ullixl Out. .Portland, Ore., June 30.—The First. regimen', nutkinal guard left Ttiesdav inor.'iiiii," for Astoria to preserve the jji'tieu (iiuon.y tlio striking 1 Jishenjieii, j-lai-lle.y \V. .Phillips, nn e.'islei-n liews- |,a[ii.-r c'ii i reN])cmili.'iir, h«s bee;) ririv oui. of .\sloria 'for rlisseinin:!tinL>- i jioris '.lispli'.-i-iiny to the u'sbeniie; '.'i.'iii:;. M.-ill Injures Crojw. l.'.-ini-iisi-r, \Vis., June 10.—A hai !i:iil>:.ni in nceurrntl at five o'cloel; Mo <!;:y ;ifn.-rnonn befwccn .Mont.f.oi-(], \ mill !'i-..sron,\Vis. Jlnilslonfs iy s iiichu in di-nneter literally cut down" larj, fields of o.-its. \Vi»'JoH-s of sever; houses in Preston were brokeji. Th Oamag-c will lie eonsiderable. Eosoobel, Wis., June 1G.—A terribl hail antl rainstorm passed nver this set t.ion of ths state. Monday aftermon Many bridges were washed away t _ Ihe diiTnage done to crops is very large Call NEGRO 'DEMOCRACY. sMiioil foe McuLint; nf Their Niuioiial Ir.iliamipoJis. 'Jinl.. June h;i.s bi'cii issued from tin- h Of t-hV' I'XCCUtivc CDUllllitlL'L 1 Oi £TO Dcjiuicra', ic k'.'ig-nc to iind to all in'fj'ro <K'in'oi;r;i's L'jiitoil Sl:iU'h for the :iationnl lion at (.'hicjiffo. Tiicsflhy, Auij'iist Jl. 1~' noun. The cli:iirni:in of cneh h'ayui' is instviU'H'ilto soc thnt the sii convcnl.ioti is called in sin Accidentally Killcil. •Chicago. June 1C.—Willie Sherry, i- ten-year-old boy residing- with * his parents ut 2J:!7 Fifty-first court, Monday afternoon shot ami killed John .M'c- Auley, the ten-year-old son of James McAnley, who resides next door to tlic SJiewys. Tlie shoo!ing- icas neciflpnt nit young- Sherry was arrested and nkeji to the sloohyards station, where is delaiued. <.nl>nr Dcnir>:i<unitlon. Kl'.vooJ,; Jiul., ,Jiiiu: ju.—Tin- next iiii'i'lin^' ' OL lutliana tlh-.ss Workers' union wil! ho ln-.ld in '..hiseity in Vfi'iitem- \u!i', isi'ii wi'.l Lin a »-raii(i uuioa'lal./or J-Jilly. iivcry tinion ofcvrry kictl itrtliy 1 .ijjiiln Ilia.Lust Tvil), lOikhart, hiti,, J11110 H'i.—C.'eorjre ifu'ul- iui', .': 'piv'.>;i:'m-i>f. l,:i.';i' Shore & .Mit:l--.i:. v an Sonlln-rii rail\\ay etiy:-:iee; ; . :;ye<i GO years, died in Iliis i.-it v. SISK HEADACHE Positively cured by these tittle pills, They also relieve L.jti-css from Dyspspsh, tr.digcstion and Too Kcnr^' Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziiwss, Nausea, Uro\vsi ness, Pad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Pcin Jr tic Side, TOJiEtD'. IJVSB. llxy J>-,vds. Purely Vegetable, Jtftby lilll-lHMl to Dculih. New York, June 10,—A lire-occurred londay afternoon on the second floor o.f tlie ,tcnei)iL'iit house 517 Wcst-JTorty- liglith Bti-ect_in the apartments of John Fhilicrty. Lh/.io Fl.-ilicrty, n six- njoiith.s-old infant,-w:i.sbv»rnet] ('odcnth, und Jolni l-'liilici-ty, foin 1 .years oltl, was seriously burnpd ufaont the 'henrl and body. • Cninpnn Keciilleil to Active Survive. - Mudriil. ,'Innc lli.~Tlie yovcrninenfc has ocfjifli-vl i'j i;ec;ill Gen. Jl.-ii'tint'Z Campus to iu:f.ivi; juilit;ij-y survicc. . TJi.p g-em:r;il liin.s'clt iKx-hu'c.s tluit he will <3U)y iiocopt tlio conijuand o£ a division in Cuba. ' vv'il!i,-ii-|i ; \|; TinyM, ihi^ \vell-kiio\\-n: s-i.x-i.l.'iy rollcr-skiitvr,- rnmic.r and .bicy- tiisl. fliotj :i.; I'yrt Jcrvi-j,- JC, Y. J'rosidc-nf <;r:inLs J'urdons. Washing-ion. .Tune lil. — Tlio dent, has pardoned 'William ]j. Ja cufivicicil in Oregon, of conspiracy, ami sonU'iicc susj^cntlcd ; Monroe .1 oh n•son, coin iclcd hi Arkansas of illicit distilling' and fCnCcncrd in March, JKSW. l.o ihrcc years and four months in tin: Kind's i.-onniy iH'nili-nli.-iry. JJroolilyn, X. V., a::cl J-^cK-ioJ jlally, convicted in Ohio of viola! iny the postal laws and sen '.diced to Hvo years in the Ohio penitent i:iry and one year in »an];)i;i county jaii, purdon g-ranicd iis to jail sentence. THK_MAMETS. Gruiii, 1'rovlskins, Ktc. -Chicago, 'June ]6. W1-1KAT—Moderately active 1 and higher. June, •WI.'R.'iTVic; July, 5l??;t'''.~"Vic; Septcm- jer, ."7iii&.'jS^o. " COJ1N—Active and lirmer. Xn. -2. ^V,^) 2"-;;Ae: Xo. 1' yellow, irv.i&Slic; July, S7-'Ue r.d -Slfi^S^e; Sepiemher, ^:)c and -'^./{i V For A ake Trip? Vhlt KY>] — .Marker, dull and easy. Xo. 2 cash, ^e; Jtily delivery, S2c; SejJtcinber, 3-lc. MISSS POHK— Offerings rather Jibiir.ll nil demand active, Prices easier. Quo- Liions mused at J7.0Sfi:r.",0 for cash; J7.03 •7.JO for June; $7.1041.7.3: for July: S7.:';;5> >1-Vii f r Jr September. LARD— Demand moderate rind offerings *ee, I-'ricos steady. Cniotatlons milled t S-MOfo.'i.l:"* i'or easli ; M. W"'-U2'/i for .1 uno: L'iifi-l.iri for July, and S-I.ST^-Q-I.Hl'Vi for eptemlH'r. BUTTER— Quiet and steady. rnthertama. eamorles. 3uf;'MKo: D.ilr.'es, .'.-ci-'llV. l.,!VE POULTliY— Only moderate -ilc- and. . Turkeys, BiffSci Chickens, 7',i&',«e; '- per pound; Cet-se. per ozen, f3.(it-lij'4.f!0. You'll fully enjoy all oflts dclSshsi 1 f y ou i,akc one 01 the .AK« MICHIGAN AJID IAXE SUPERIC? TRANSPORTATION CD'S ILISANT STEAMSHIPS, ^^ilin^s between Chicago and Mackitt&c t:.;u7itl four times every week. ' i.ow sleel sieamship "Manlton" i." ijala.ce. Travels 'twbct Ch -Mii.t, Harbor Springs, Pcioskey. in>ic Island, etc. Write for our readable rending matter, free, or :isk your nearest agent. Address Jos. Berolzheiin G. P. A. v LAKE MICH. A>'» LAKE SUPRKIOR TB.l.VS. CO. Rush and N. Water St.. Chicago. . I.iVI! .SlOClv. Chieagc.-.limi; M. —Mavket sti-onpr. Fair to best f3.';0'i.--i.:W: ^loeners and feeik-rs, fS.^iii'.XS."; mixed Cows ui.d Culls. $l.,"0-iji 3.75- Texas. H".W-:.~J . 1-l.OOS— Market .llji'IOc' hiirher. f.i^ht. 1 INDA T.'IK filllsiT HINDOO REMEDY i'l-.ODCCM TllU ABO^•l; nn i».\vs. , . 1-11111111:1:11 ai-irn:i ] by CnrS; .. • Jt;0»!O'-., litly Knil'i- id slza store: lt?fy/iti -,vuiir<lr t.'rltntli . .. a i,.itnd (inlc-tl.r nut surely r nf i-Ul oryoiuic. Kin-ilycnri-ii'in vt^t I'l-A-i;A!.t)0.1.).ild,-ilKi'. iiix l%r(i.\UO «-ilha caurittil'--' tooitro^ir money rein nil rs! lion's 'litl. :tif it, ir.a iiixi^c on ljav|:if. (MiAlMJ. Ij u>-zi,t.ii:.vno',plit il,-»-n Mill V;,',; jt prcpnid. l ^IcJU-ait-'a- :-«js., CWCigo, 1:1.. or cucae*nu. l-y JJ. ;-. Kc<:sli;)e. LOGANSl'OKT. 1XD, ' ---

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