The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBEH 29, 19<M BLYTHBVILLB (AUK.); COUUIEU NEWS PAGE 1 F1V]|, Pemiscot Ready For Annual Fair Five-Day Program To Include Horse Races, Other Attractions CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.. Sept. 29- -Tile eleventh annual American Legion Fair of Penilscoti County v.Ill get underway here next week, with Wednesday, Oct. 4, marking llic opening date of" the five-day event. The Fair will continue through Sunday, October 8th, and Secretary Harry E. Mallourc stated today that each day's program had teen completed, and would offer n i;;ilnxy of ciilprtainment for young and ol(t alike. Button's Greater Shows will be featured attractions oil the midway, offering numerous rides, shows and games. The midway attractions will he placed in position early id Ihe week, and will offer entertainment beginning Tuesday. Wednesday, the first day ot the I-'nlr, has bei'ii designated as "Free Day." with no gate admission lo be charjied. Thursday, Ocoljcr 4th, Is "Governor's Day," and Governor Forrest Donnell lias been specially invited by the Fair Board to uc here, and act as host to other governors of nearby states, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Imvti, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. The Fair Uoard Is not sure yet just, how many of the governors and their staffs will be present, but special invitations have been extended to nil governors "of Ihe above named states. Friday, October C, is "Children's Day," nnd all Pemiscot County children are expected to attend. Schools now in session are planning lo dismiss part of this date, so that children may have opportunity to attenj the Fair and par- the many fairground October 7, JIBS been Imiied "Dignitaries Day," with Scs- ator Harry S. Truman, who Is also Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, to be one of the princi- Ihis day. All state, also been invited. Win Honors In Arkaris6s Duroc Show Here F. S.A. News Pictured nliove at, the left is Golden Ace 11, .owned by Scro Farms, Arcnda, Mo., judged Grand Champion buar at the Mississippi Comity Fair Wednesday. At the right above is Square Princess, Grand Champion Sow. owned by Joe Cagle, UlyllievlHe. lielow ! lefl is cilnmor Uidy, first place Aged Sow, owned by Castlio Brothers, Liixoin, Below center Is the Junior Cluunplon bonr, Situnru Uul, owned by Joe Cagle, Hlytlie- vlllc. Below at right is Junior Champion Gilt, tty (3. L. Klncnld & Sou, Fairttcid, 111. Vicipate in activities. Saturday, —Courier News (jhoto Gosnell School Garden Gives BAAF Students 4-H Club Work We find many boys and'girls in'said many of the older club mem- towns and cities who want to join hers would be used this fall In pal 'jurats of officials have Senator Truman has advised the Fair officials that lie will definitely be here, and participate' in the day's activities. Sunday, the closing day of the fair, "has been .announced Vis "Visitor's Day" when a special running horse race program will be presented featuring thrilling' races by the pick of the entries 'for the entertainment of but-of-county and ont-of-statc visitors. The 'running horse races will begin ..Thursday, with about 80 stars and do 4-H Club work.- Sometimes their project selections are a problem, due to lack of space for a crop or livestock. Sometimes they do not even have room for a garden, says Keith Bitbrey, county agent. The boys and girls from the Bly- thevilte Army Air Base, abnuL 25 of them, offered a real problem for us this year, said Mr. Bilbrcy, because they were not ,permitted to have crops or livestock within the base compound. They wanted to be 4-H members though, at the Gosnell High School, so they all pondered the question. Scon the club itself came up with the answer: Why not have a club garden at the school and the produce could be canned and used in the school's hot lunch program in IMS. Well, that's about the story, said Mr. Bilbrey, except that : they hac what is known as the Victory Far.n /ohmteers. This is an organization f American youth for the purpose f the turf lo be here for the four- i Vl B0re of od l!md ori s(;hool prop . day racing meet, A number of big- ertv tlml vvas usc(i j n a 4 _ H club I rack stars have lieen bookert for victorv gal( i cn . iu ey grew-beans llic feature races, especially for the corn t omalOESi etc . Th c club'.meai- Lcgioi) Derby Saturday nftcruoon, bers ,, avc sludic( j garden-, msec and..-;,Visitors Derby v Sunday, at- iColltrols ,„ ataaj . to e i ira i na te : ;. the ™™"j. fell _,','.;.!_- ,„ il.,,.. garden insect hazards. .V. In order to supplement llieJ Vic lory garden project; .Mr. Bllbrc} George <3vay, of-Vienna, known fair '.'director,' lias beeii; engaged to be-in charge of the fnir again this year, aiifl has snared iio jjains lo make this an oiitsiaii/J- p,lnc event, "VMiss Edna Deal, theatrical agent of' St. Louts, has been placed in charge of free acts presented afternoon and evening before Ihe large grandstand, and this year's programs will offer some unusual and unique acts, including a performing elephant act that will prove especially amusing to the youngsters. The carnival midway has been blacktoppcd, providing an a]l-wea- tlier, surface, and the half-mile track, which is one of the fastest county fair tracks in the entire nation, is in excellent condition. of wins Hint even n favorite lion I • canned food that arrives hv pretty fair shape is likely not to be such a treat. '•'.:">'}' 4. Best food tjlfl prospects for moiling to war /.ones are dried trull, vacuum-packed nuts,. and hard candy.. These arc dependably good sailors. If it still seems that some other Is the thing to Include, home f working on farms In the produc- I economists of the U. S. Department ion and harvest of crops vital to of Agriculture suggest fruit cake as (lie most durable cnke prospect. he war effort. School sponsors for the Gosnell Jlub arc Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Ivy. llic field or home sponsors are G. ?. Ledbettcr and Mrs, L T Karncs. An addition this year by the Far Board is a series of flag poles and flags .which will encircle tin track on the inner rail, offering colorful and spectacular adornmen for the track, and a pleasant back ground contrast for-the.-brlglit-col ored jockeys as they flash arouni the track on their speeding mounts New entrances at Sixth and Seventh streets ^havc been erected, of such design that make ttiem compare with nationally known fair entrance gates. Blacktop street surface has been extended from the two entrances to Highway 84, offering hard surface al|-thc.-way entrances from any direction. Mck Carefully Food For Boxes Going. Overseas "If you're considering some food gift for a service man or woman overseas, send only «'!mt you know will keep." Thus is the'recommen- dation of home economisls of the U. S. Department, of Agriculture to inquirers hopefully hunting ways to put iip,fried chicken, lemon pie, home-canned pickled eggs, and other delicacies, so that they \ "' stand aOiard sea voyage. rvAn v food: that .could .be sa^ torily sent to a civilian can be sent to a '.'service person within the United Slates. But before deciding to mail food to war zones, it's well to count four. Both ,lhe War and Nayy Departments agree on thess. points: 1. Soft candy and fruit have been known to ooze from a package and run clear out of bounds, causing trouble wherever they ran. 2. Cookies and other perishable foocls may have a rough and tumble time, and a hot time, in a ship's lioltl, and arrive shattered nnj perhaps even rancid or moldy. A box may be heading for the cold north but in, the engine room of a ship where some packages travel, tin heat sometimes rises to 135 degrees 3. Boys overseas so often-eat out Icn returning from overseas con- inn this, saying that fruit, cnke lands up very well. If it is lo travel successfully, a rult cake should be Him and ra- hcr dry when it comes from the •veil. Recipe proportions and long jaklnif at low tcmpcrnturc itrc 1m- ;oitant. Then, if the cake Is well- tacked, the fruit will moisten.. the nlxturc nnd flavors \\-H\ blend to "ripen" the cake for good eating. Well packed means cake wrapped wldi clean, fresh paper, so the cake will be rigid. Adhesive lapc may help to keep a tin box lid on and moisture out. Store Onions, WfA Urges The WFA has advised that consumers store n few pounds of new onions at homo now In order lo insure u supply Inter nnd 1ms designated onions iis the Victory Fnoi Selection for the period September 21-Octobcr 7. Production this year is estimated ul over n million 100- pound sacks or 52 per cent more limn last year's production so the supply should be much belter limn, u few months ago. The personnel In the county office has Just completed an annual report nnd n plan of work for 1SH5. A survey ot the resources utul needs of Iliu 220 dunlllvs on the 1'nfin Security program in Mississippi county was mado and the 1D-15 plan of work Is bused on those resources mid, needs. It was found from this study, thiit ono of the Iw.slo needs IH tills county Is longer and mni'o secure tenure. In fact, longer term leases are a prereiiulslle to llic real rehabilitation of form families. \m\K- tenn leases make It possible for a fiitnlly In make fanning .a year- round business instead at a six- noiilh'K Jnli. Tliey ran nmko Jm iroytinelils on the place, and raise uore Mveslork, so, that, tlu'y woti'l mve to put so much dependence on '•ollori as a' source of cash Income. A yenr-romul system of fannlw vlll result, lu butler villllvaillon of he Innd ami of family Inuor. Another basic need as wealed u Mils study Is'adcrjuato medical care. 165 families out of th» 830 iced one or more coiTOilloivs In regard' lo health tuul niinttntlnn fa- dllllcs. flow at these 220 fnmlllivt have adequate medical care; 09 of (hem participate In nn omei'Hfucy psKnllwilloii program, whlcii means tlml m of (ho families have no assurance of any kind of medl- ' or hospital cure, ov protection In emeraeiicy coses. ' JurliiK the next your, efforts of Hie countv personnel will be turned loward liclulmt p»rm Security families find n solution lo these and other problems. ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS' Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Eta T««hlJ« MmM hi )»»• him. Con k< »UW U Connor Wire Available Without Certificates Many farmers oiin now buy c</. per wire without lli c necessity of obliilnhiK "copper wire allotment cerllflc'nte.r from their County Trlple-A Comwllccs Irecnti.sfl there Is a relatively Inrge amount ut copper wire' In' dealers' hands which may be sold without, allotment certificates. Although there lias beoi a marked decrease In the mimbci of certificates issued, their Issuance will be continued for tho prcsen to turincm who might lit muiulc to obtain the necessary win vlthmil thu ocrliricaUis. Read Courier H«w« DO YOU WANT^A COMBINATION CREEK BOTTOM AND HILL/|ARM? HERE IT IS! \'cry prttductive tractor operated cccek bottom for row cniiis. Slnii- inif hills for pasture, lligli gnmn^-fpr tiullilhigs. Mnc large spring runs through firm for ]i\c <it«tk' %02 nrrcs lit In rultiMillon 00 in wonds *t-p:isturc. Twu sets of gooil buildings. Fenced and cross fenced 8 miles So W Poplir Hl||f on Count) ro(d KFI), l!l A' ivulible '<< mile to sclmoj, bus IwlliBh^School 1 i\cs $30 Vrice. id KFI) i\cs ?3t) N >car ,?7(iOO Cabliidow T. H, VINYA'RD, Deaer, % Poplar Bluff, J M"o. DAYS! THE BIGGEST HOG SHOW OF THE YEAR Don't Fail To Visit The ARKANSAS STATE DUROC SHOW at the MISSISSIPPI COUNTY FAIR Miss. County Duroc Breeders Association "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" Top Pedif/rce Durocs For Sale By These Members: C. G. SMITH & SON STANTON PEPPER GENE BRADBERRY Bfyfheville, Ark. Huffman, Ark. Manila, Ark. J. C. BUCHANAN CASTLIO BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE Blytheville, Ark. Luxora, Ark. Whistleville, Ark. JOE T. CAGLE BURDETTE PLANTATION L. H. AUTRY Blytheville, Ark. Burdette, Ark. Burdette, Ark. ROSS D. HUGHES JR. BlytheyiUe, Ark. DELTA" NEWS Published By The Delta In&Iement Cft., Blylheville Vol. 3 Friday,'Sept. 29 , No. 5 Aa4 tfwt «M w«t m* W hi t*« *M to* te Ahwlultty H ntul N, •<td t» •Id T.tHJ. milt nay b. ^uTclit/wgiKtd whh mild •Mf and ml*, PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE :-: ARKANSAS ftlr. Farmer:-.-Let us'show you (lie advan- liijfe of fi)ling-: : ,voiir Ir'aclor lires wilh Bolii- lion 100 . . . We've a new machine that will lake all the air from tradnr 1 ires ami fill them wilh this new sohition. Tire experts' ":!aiin (hat'a Iraclor Svilli this'solution in the tires will!j'«t an .extra .8 hours' work info each (i days' work -V. . It'.will not freeze and actually prolongs the life'of your lires. The cosl is low. ': .'.-.• ".-. Your County Agent has mailed you a v questionnaire like the one below: ;J^^,yc^ 4 ...,..._., , iV. A. Whistle, of Ro'ficlnnd, hiis it good iiHctl.A-C combine for stile. New criuipnicrif deliveries l.tlis week an liilcrniilioiial K-5 truck lo Wade JcffricK, <if Blythcville, nnd, a tractor cultivator lo Lewis Lcslcr, of Cooler. ; - DI— Andrew Conloy, of Blythevillc, lins ;i used IiUcrnalionnl 1 1-2 Ion truck for wile. U nuiy be seen next lo llic City Ice Co. plant on Highway 61 north. ' . We jusl received n bii? shipment of lliu vise Krip |>Iit;rS so many of our customers have been asking for. DI— In our .shops tin's week: an Internalionnl pickup truck for overhaul for tl;c Denver , Alfalfa Mills, of Sleelcj'and an A-C tractor for minor repairs for Albert Holliiit'sworUi, of Number Nine. ' ; . - On our used lot: a disc plow for a Farmall H, a John Deere disc harrow, and a Mc- Cormick-Decring disc harrow. - DI— If you haven't visited the livestock and poultry exhibits at the Mississippi County Fair make it a point to do so. Hogs and cattle grown right here in the county are slacking up well in competition with some . of the best stock in the nation. TANK OP YOUR ALBUM • OM'T «AVI If »f*CK HALFWAY Blylhcvillc, Ai Kansas, Scpi. 6, 1944 Dear Sir: M ' ' If you need additional (aim machineiy to 1 " make your 1945 crop, please answei the questions listed b!o\v, This'information is needed to show . actilal needs for li'dditibiial new iiiachmciy (not trade in)'for N. Miss. Co, ( {or 1945. Veiy tiuly yotiib, • • ' •. - - County Agent, How )nany • tractors would you buy lo make the 1945 crop? -•<•.•.;>._:.<. : . I low many combines;?!, ' Mow many corn pickers ? — How many mowers (tractor) ? • Dow many pick-up balers? —— How many bay loaders? — How many grain drills? •„ Other equipment? , Signed ; '.'.. Address , . N" V> it .^r • v.i • totf * b* • feW TOMYI Please answer this questionnaire PROMPT:^-'" 'LY and : HONESTLY'and return it to'your . county agent. It may play an important part in securing, farm equipment needed, to make- Mississippi County's 1945 Crop. If you have lost this questionnaire, fill in • the above and mail it to your county agent. THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BY ' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY IMPLEMENT DEALERS 4 • f 1 A "k

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