The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1937
Page 4
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> « THgT QttenSVILLR COURIER NEWS TH£?£OURIEH NE\V<5 CO, 1 PUBLISHERS A ' H" °, ^ BABCOOK, Editor . Jf*'tJ BLYTUEVILLE. ; (ARKJ COURIER NEWS Manager Y '-wcy?** ^iytitunm j <iutcitfcmijj Representatives *,,Ar^ns&30alllcs. Inc No» York Chicago, -' Dll|?6L. toul£ Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis T-*, *' Published Every' A •»•* •< , ' L- Except bunduy Entered ns second class pmtlu- tit the post officer nt Blylhovilic, Arkansas, under act, of Congress Octobejr 9. 19)7, 1 ;6erTed bj the Oolh-a Press < SUBSCRIPTION AATFS B> uirrler in the Oily of liljtbeillle, 15c per \.CCK, or.CSc. per 1 month, By'mall.' within a radius of 5ft miles. $.100 mr year, $1.50 (or six inbnllc, 76o for three moiitlis: by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, {<i50 pcrjjcir, In 20ncD se\"i> and eight, $10.00 per scar, pas able In advance Elsewhere in this issue of the Cour- ici NCW.S appcMU •> iuu->siuly condensed', and incomplete review of wlift|. hab been aeconiji mini in flu past six \cai-5 tou.ud sli.ufflilcnmi; out tlte financial (lill'iciiUics iind Improving UK: physical efficiency of Diviinagc District 17. The point to \\liu h ^< desiic' In (jive further emphasis here is llml ;i complete ctKintfc lias been achieved in the outlook for owner* of flv 165,000 acres of land which comprise the dis- tnct. [n 1930 the distnct \uis burdened. with an impossible 'debt. Tax delinquency had readied such proportions that those hind owners who had been able to keep up their payments were beginning to doubt the wisdom „ of attempt iny to do so further. No iH.iinlen.iiKC \\oiK ol (onsequuitu liad been done 1m \icus and nudcqiuitu dunnage Mils IjMfinnnn; to impair Die productiveness of large areas. Today the district is on the eve of a final settlement ol its debt problem, nearly all of the land is back on the i,i\ books, and a spluidid start has been nuulc toward the complete rehabilitation of its diamptfc and flood piottction stiuctmct, It ib not the business of this news- liapei to attempt, to appoition the ueciil foi Hi it, change In no small part, of course, it has been the result ot the gcncml impiovcmenl in as;ri- and biisiuehs conditions - . r lhe commissions^ ]i. A l,yjich, a W Affhck, and J H aain^hkl, leeciitlv, V G Holland, h.ue given persistent and effective attention to the disti id's pi obtain It is certain bowe\er that the success of their ef- foits MAS giuatlv UuhUted— - perhaps it is not too much to s-u that iir-a laige degicc it was made possible— by the foitunatc choice \\biUi was made. when the distnct was tlnown into iCLCiveiship bi\ and one-half years ago A leceiveiship ol this km] i s eum- monlj legaulctl as a hinccuie When Clifton H Scott icccned the appointment fiom Jm'ge JIailme.ui the general expectation was that he would be content to <haw bis i.daiy ana do little clbe— except peihaps to acquiesce in •\\hate\ei piogiam the bondholders might \\oik out foi sah aging their in- \estment in the distutt Instead he movement foi goveinmeiH assistance applied Innihill to the';district's .problems with \igoi and intelligence and made 1 himself a national .leader In the iri the ichnbilitalion!.of similarly distressed improvement,districts. So far as DislnU 17 IK concerned the results speak loi tlumselvcH. • The- district and its property owners are back on their feet and .can face the future with a degree of confidence that was not possible wlun the receivership \vas instituted, i V.:: MONDAYi-'. MAY 3, 1937 . One of I he weirdest court decisions we can recall offhand was recorded in New York the other .day, when :\ ihaKiHthile heiip'that a hi'air who failed to remove his hat in n bar in the presence of ladies w^. guilty. M dis, .orderly comlurt, 7 ':': ' , | A' /?!STIi« ctilprjt in (|ueslion, it f^ecr^s, '' wits laking-.his ease in a Second -avenue bar, his hat tilted comfortably back of)' his brow, when a feminine customer camo-in. | The •man failed tovtinc6ve|f and, >ylien I lie', pruprietor fypie^hrfi liim lo do. so/ he got a bit tough' about it. The police finally drew cards in the affair, the man was lugged off to court—and the pearl of judicial wisdom 'mentioned above was the result. : . 'Now we may be old-fashioned , and woefully, but we can't help feeling that a woman who insists that men uncover in her presence has one excellent recourse'in such a situation. She can stay out of bars. SSOO.COO.ML. v,-:i be sjinii by America during lf>31 on .(he "war machine," and the more perfectly we builel that machine, the more certain it is Unit war will come. —I'clei- Witt, Cleveland, O., nt n students' peace rally. * . '' * » I won't cat until the Lord commanels me lo enel my' fast Jn.n as He coniinandcel me- to begin it, —Jackson Whitlow, Te'imcssccan, on 43rel elay of his sclf-imixjscd fust. *'. * * Ah reckon Ah'd Jest as soon have a baby full a wife as one 40 year old. -Homer Peel Epperson, Tfim';,' ;i.|, W | K > married girl 10 years old. •», - * a A C. I. O. contract is adequate protection for . «ny employer against slttlowns, luydowns or any other kind of 'strike. -John L. Leu-is. » * • These-men who spend the public money ought lo have some experience In lhe difficulty "of making „ dollar. -Senator J. w. nalley, North Carolina. * * r Italy proclaims herself a Mussulman power v.lthcnt railing down on her tasks and duties us a bis Christian power. -Marshal Italo lialbo, governor of Libya. * * . One thing r ollr years in the White House have taught me is the extent lo which people do not understand lhe pirns of the, country n which they ,!„ not live. -M,- s . Franklin D. Hooscvelt. * * » Wherever the free play of individual action and the free play of competition between business has been stifled...clcmocrncy has } Ken smothered. -Tom R. Girdler, chairman ot the board, Republic Steel Corporation SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "fin Retting tired of this, job until you (juil yours." I can't even get out lo find a By Williams . THIS CuRidus WORLD OUT OUR HERE, VVCRIZV WAGT .' GIT \ OUT IN TH' FIELD - I'LL DO \ 1H' KETCHIM'- THAT GUV IS \ ' A HOME RUM OM / 1MAT BALL THAT HIT YOU \J ~.f? WlLltlVMj. 5-i SOME. MERCHANTS TEST ^CRANBERRIES,' BV I BOUNCING THEM. c;.or OP JOAN llAimi-TI', licrultif. *cc- titrr lu Joliii Ilemlry. JOHN IIKNIIIIY, mlntiiK liivrnt- inoiil lit-uil. ' ' . :, liOII AXDUHM'S. )U-nilr>V lu- Dtur luirlnl-r iinil JciiLnV ttntici-. « viui, ui-:\i)itv, Kta-ijiiiir; Jnim lli./»]rjr r x nlrce nniJ :'J<i:ni'« rl'viil In r M 11,11' li iS'jir it'll v, syi>ii'» brutliiT. '•'!••':• i' • I) U It 0 'I' II Y- .STAItKt-1, Jonn'.H Clrlliiini] frlrml. ,' • ' .- CUAUI.H.S MHITON.'California Ye.sli-rduyl .IlorotliV J i'lmvllu'C* .llliin nliV nhmitil mil llrr. tllill IKT Kffrct Is Nllll slifr. .Then .To:in UKrrctt In move vllh Dorothy iv Urecii Kills HAVE A"SA7/V SENSE" THAT WARNS THeA^ WHEN A HUNTER i IS retained fiom Califoinia Hie following > Wedpcsday - Jo1u anel Jic. dined early thai eyemn j i at a until downlov, n holer J f {I ^iavc nc\Vs foi you," Joan anjiounced'afler i while |3ol> looked acioss' the lable, •drinking in the exquisite/ loveli- . her—the golden 'curls opt below thc.pc'ct little black lurban the blue/ eyes, ineh nnt pxA exciting now the soft cheeks,.inviting a caress .... "You've found the apartment!" "No. I haven't really looked for one. I've been too busy moving myself." "Don't Icll me," he said in mock elistrcss, "that you've deserteel the Lovely Ladies' Lodging Club. Where did you move?" "Green Hills." "To Green Hills? Boy, that's fine! With Sybil?" Joan shook her head quickly, "No. With an old friend . . .' She told him of meeting Dorolhj al Sybil's tea, and of Mrs. Downs subsequent invitation. "So," she concluded, "Dorothy and I are living alone in the huge Down house while lhe family is in Florida." Bob smiled approvingly. "A Peter Downs', eh? You're ccr latnly meeting the best people He's one ol lhe leading attorney in the city. You say you anel thi Dorothy Slarke went lo school to gelher?" "Yes, in Seattle." "Seattle?" he repeated in sur prise. "You never tolel me yoi lived in the West." "You never asked me," Joa countered, smiling disarmingly. "No, I guess.I didn't.: I've al ways been loo busy telling yo whal a fine fcllo'w 1 Vas. I nevt thought to ask about you." * 3 * "PERHAPS it's lime I lold you Ihen." She spoke lighlly, an even Bob could not detect th serious undercurrent in her voic "1 was born in Sacramento, an later went lo Seattle to live. Afic I left school, we moved—mothi and I—to Chicago. Molher die In Chicago, and 'omehowj! the city adcr thai. I $sm'e ib Now York as soon as \ saved enough money." : Bob listened casually. "Your father's dead loo, isn't he';" he inquired kindly. ;• ., , ' "-Yes. He died when I''was very' young." \ "It is so good," sho said, rcaliz-i ing how much Dorothy had' helped her already, "having Dorothy here. I've always been lonely in New York." Bob nodded undcrslandingly. "I imagine you have, dear. New ork is'; a. hard, place to make Mends. I remember when I first ame^down from Connecticut, I dailyirifj J. . .". IP THE FLAME OF AN ACETYLENE. TORCH WERE' REPLACED BY A LIKE FLAME FROM THE . CENTER OF THE SUN, > AND THE TORCH PLACED IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO, THE HFAT WOULD BURM TO A CteJSP ALL PLANT AND ANIMAL LIFE IN NORTH AMERICA. COPR.l9J70TNW5tBVICr.UiC. 5-3 : Every hnnler who !;a.; lived in coyote territory will attest to the fact that, without a doubt, coyotes know when a man is harmless nnel when he is not. Numerous experiences are recorded alonj this tie by many famous hunters of the west. NEXT: IIo«- docs nightjar avoid detection? Weight Gain Is Good Sign in T. B. Cases, Bui Should Not Be Forced (NO. 2031 PV DR. MORRIS ITSHHKIN Keillor, Journal of lhe Aniceiran Mcdiral Association, anil of llyBeia. lhe Health jMasazine ' The palictit with tuberculosis is usually underweight whon first found to have the active Fcr many-years, elector.-, have considered a gain in weight an important sign. of progress in this early 'stasrc .of lhe it is not dcslrablci however, to (orce 'a rapid'.gain of weight any more- than to force a rapid loss or WEiphL in -cases ot obesity. The uninformed are likely to I'ceeimmcnd overfeeding. \\-\\\\ mill: flint eggs, even six to ei;l;i, extra meals a day. Any type of eiict or nutrition, that put.s too great a strain on the digestive apparatus is liable to eio as much harm as good. ' Most authorities reronunoud that patients have their i !s ual three meals: a day. with the principal meal nt noon rather than n i. night. Feeding between meals 1,not wise if it destroys ihr npp"- lilc ibi- regular meals or impair;; the Ability of lhe person to (U . cs (, his food. Often, because of the illness of lhe patient, It is not possible: to R|VC three regular meal.% daily. Euch palients may routine raoiv freqiicnt feedings uiii, : . mM amounts of easily digested torxi. A patient who is exercisins w m i take more food than one ... i.,-, ^ usually at rest. During 1903 certain elicts were developed in Germany known as the Sauerbruch and Herrmanns- dorfcr, and Oerson dict.s.i It was believed that, by (he use'of these eliets. it was possible to change the soil em which the germ grows The csscntir.i feature of Ihcsc dicls is lhe eliminntloii ,eif table salt nnel the .substitution' 'eif a sal' mixture rich in calciurA. The diet aiso Incliicfcs large ambtinU of uncooked fresh vcRCtablcs. |and sal- nds with nelelcd fruit juices. The meats iiv thi* diet are oil down, ns are also the sugars: thp totnl amount of walcr taken I. lessened, and fresh fruit anel ctablc juices arc subslituted fo water. These, diets have seemed to be of value In many cases but tv.cs still ate experimental so far a: concerns any tontine adoption o them even hy leaders in the treatment of tuberculosis. seel 16 talk- to " ccause li'fv'as so; myself at nights 'fv'as so; lonely. That was nlil I got'jtiQ'ipb with Mr. Henry. He's .b'ciin; line, Joan. Al- nost likc : .a;fallier lo me. I don't •ue aiiy-ifoiksyeilhcr, -you sec. ybil has;bcei'i.. me, too. y the .way, how did you enjoy :ie~ tea?" • A , • 1 It was a lovely parly, Bob," oan reported, truthfully enough. Of course, it was a bit formal, hd— well, I'm still in' awe ot iybil. And of her friends, too, I uess. 1 I know." Bob grinned. "I elt like a bull in a china shop the irsl few times Sybil entertained lie. Everything was so damnably orrect. And that fish-faced ennings walchccl me like a hawk as if he suspected I intended to nak'c oft with the silver. However, Sybil means well enough.' * * « '•yOU'LL like Dorothy, Bob." . He patted her hand, as it ay beside her plate. "It she's a riend of yours, I'll have fo like her, won't I?" Joan smiled. "You don't hav< to like her." "Well, belter?" "Much brightly. I want to. Is lha belter." She smiled "Will you come homi with me this evening and rne'c her?" "So that I may meet with he approval?" "Don't he silly, Bob!" He leaned forward and- lookei at her .more intently, "there's' little: elelail we must-decide first, he said, very quietly. "What?" ' From his coat pocket, he too out a small card calendar, asked Mr. Hcndry this aftcrnoo if he could spare us both for week." Joan's eyes were starry. "Wha dirt he say?" ; "He asked what ; was.taking m so long." . ' • .. • ' ' ' "So long?" .>,',; '<..' , "Thai's what he said: 1 'He like people who make upMh,eif mind and act immediately. -,,'No" dilly Jo3!Vlau6lH?d; ; sorily; "H sounds jtisl like; him." t •- :'! "Next Saturday,"" Bob noted, "is the 30lh. But Norton is coming oil from the coast some day next week, so Ihere will probably be a few details lo iron out concerning the Bella Terra. I'd cltcr be on hand. I may even av'i! to run down to Washington day or so. But the next aim-day—well, the "Queen of crmuda" sails al three o'clock. 6 you think Mr. and Mrs. Anrews can make it?" 'I know they can, Bob deal-." » *"- V llElil eyes mel and held, and presently Joan's dimmed with ears at the sheer happiness which lied her heart. Presently he said: "I have omelhing for you." Joan smiled eagerly. 'A souvc- ir from the mine?" No. It wasn't tha. kind of. a -nine." "Have you got it with j;ou?" lie slirred his coffee will* ex- ggcraled nonchalance 1 . "I can't give it to you-here . . ." ."Why not?" "Oh, it's sort of a m'ivr.le »ies- nt . . ." Later, in a taxi goinp uptown; j took a liny black velvet box rom his inside poi'Ket. "Shut •our eyes," he commanded. As he did so, he opened the box and cached for her hand. Gently, lie lipped a ring on her finger. "Oh, Bob!" Joan's eyes widened as she lookccl down at the sparkling diamond on her left land. For a moment she jusi gazed at it, holding her breath in speechless wonderment. "bo you like il?" "Like it? My rtear, 1 never ^aw such a beautiful ring in all my life. H's so—so ullcrly magnificent It frightens me ... Take it oil, dear, and let me read the inscription. H has an inscription, hasn't it?" In Hie dim light, she held it up and made out the liny letters: "R. H. A. lo J. B. 'l-l-ST." Tlove il, Bob!" 'And I love you.' 1 He slipped lhe ring back on her finger and took" her into his arms hungrily. .'In. the mirror, the taxi-drivei caiight a glimpse of them, but red lights and jay walkers claimed his attention. Let the two of them have'a litlle romance. HeTemerr:- bereel : how'it was when he'and the Missus .were going out. Gee, that was a long-time ago! What swell times they used to.have,"in those days . '.-. ' "..' . .,. Take ,a pair like• this,- though. They'd never have-the" .tough breaks'he'and life,-Missus lia.d. Pretty sblt : it was>-£or-. ; surn'e;.l6lKsj 'To BI Sonlinued) : 10 Years Ago From the Files of the Blytiicville Courier News the relief of flood sufferers, raised by the local fire department, were H. Walpolc, H. M. Calvin, Lcc Musgrave, John Smith, H. O. Osborn, H. S. Singery, Oliver Wicker, L. Taylor. K. Rcece, E. Taylor, Roy EleacI, Damon McLcod, : Totn Brown, Sam Barnes, and Hardy Pearce. '. Tuesday, May 3, 1327 Gsccola — Funeral services for Dr. H. C. Dunavant, who died at home here yesterday, will be icld from the family residence at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Dr. Dnna- vant, who was born in Tennessee British Marriages Rise While Divorces Drop LONDON (UP)—The popular belief that Uis tiiarria^e and birth in 1844. served with Generals ratcs of Great BrUain arc falllng """""'" Forrest .in the Con- of j an(1 tnat lhe population is de- Wheeler federate army. He came to Mis- county in 1874. He was one )f the organizers and the first president of the Tri-States Mcdi- :al association and as a representative of this county in the state was instrumental in obtaining the passage of much Important health legislation. dining Is disproved by the latest statistic issued by the Registrar- General. The figures show that there were in 1S35, the last period of calculation, more marriages, more babies and fewer divorces. The marriage rate was 17.2 persons per 1,000 population, compared with 16.3 In IQ34 and 15.3 In Contributors to a $30 fund for ' 1032. There were 50S75S births, an increase on the 1933 tbtnl. ,Tlic population of Englun.l aria Wales is. now'estimated at 40,645,000. At the 1931 census it was 39.952,337. The number of decrees nisi malic absolute in respect of dissolution or annulmnnt of marriage was 4.069—a decrease of 218 from the high record of 1934. SAN afr Slars Slump Co-cil JOSE, Cal. (UP) — Slate . college co-eds arc apparently much farther advanced in the historv of Hollywood than" in that of the United States. One who was asked the examination question of how many stare there are in Hollywood promptly replied "about 530" but when asked how. many stars there are on the American Hag couldn't get past .the original number of 13. An old English rhyme is the source of the prevalent superstition as the proper days on which a person should cut his nails, time record. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Iloople Crc-coriilcs Sabol.iRO T'lnnrs NAIROBI (UP) — Crocodiles „ I.<ike Victoria are .sabotaging the empire flying-boat service, acoorri- tusr to rrporls reaching here. Hub- bcr buoys anchored in the lake fc* mcorinR lhe flying-boats have vanished.' Investigations .show that the erocodiie.s puncture the buoys and sink them. i Only G per com of the onlire ' population of the Hawaiian Islands is pmc Hawaiian. <% EeAO/ IF THE OOVS ARE 4 TO 1 OM MY HOOpLE VVIU_ SERVtMG YOU A MEAL OF BOX'- NUMBEKS, WITM A "FEW eCREWS ADDED/ AMD SERVED WITH NUTS OMTOP, IF YOU . K-EEP OW TKYIMQ HATCH A OUT OF THAT B&Q 01= YOURe/' TH UXST TIME YOU REACHED IN, \ TO PULL TH' DERBY RABBIT OUT OF YOUR HAT, YOU JP WITM SMA1L CHOICE TO WIM THE VERBY, AMD 1 BET f^MOOf IF THEY ' JUMP TO 13 TO 2., ANJD.1 & ZOO,; I'LL /v\Ag LET ME SEfi (IMF -FUFF IT WOULO BE A. WASJD5ONAE. SUM IP 1 HAD THE £.2.OO TO WAGER/ M^OK CAM ~ PICK ,'EM, BUT ', ALWAYS

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