The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1947
Page 3
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PAGE FOOT BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COUBIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1947 Egyptians lire' Of British Troops UN Security Council .Told That Situation Dangerous to World LAKE SUCCESS N. Y., July 11. (UP)—Egypt appetfed la the United Nations Security Council today to. order British troops out of Egypt, complaining that the 'British million in Kgyp-t had emsiMl p,. situation likely to endanger world peace. The long-promised complaint IV Egypt'also was designed to get ttia UN to break the stalemate in Anglo-Egyptian treaty negotiations, particularly over the future of the Sudan. Egyptian officials said their complaint called specific.!! 1 } 1 for: "1. Withdrawal of Brilibh troops itt^nediately and unconditionally from the Nile Valley including the Sudan.' , "2. Termination of the British administration in Sudan and (he return of that territory to Egypt." Egyptian Premier Mahmoitd Nnk- rashy raslii. will come here personally to argue Egypt's case when the • council takes it up—probably within a week, officials said. Mahmoud HasKin Pasha. Egypt's ambassador to Washington, came I liere 'to present the formal com- 1 plaint personally tills morning to acting TO! Secretary Geneiul Ivan Kerno. The case promised to he one of the hot-test yet handed to the security council arid was bound to . have -serious -repercussions in another difficult case now before the United Nations—the problem of Palestine. • 1 Egypt has held off filing the ccmp?iiht against Britain for several months, reportedly because the* other 'Arab states were fearful of alienating.'-Britain too much bc- 'lore the UN assembly makes its recommendations this Pa!l on the future of JlAlcstlnc. Wandering Gypsy Many Fail to Make Claims foi : Social Security At 65 and Thus Lose Benefits They Purchased Living up to her name, Gypsy I!osc Lee, stripper, actress and author, is touring the country in n trailer. Here she sits with 2',i- ycar-old son, Erik Lee Kirklund,., on the steps of their trailer parked ill a Dululh, Minn., tourist camp. By S. BUKTON HEATH NBA Staff Corr«>i>omlenl NEW YOHK, I NBA) — You don't have to slop working at 65 to cash In on your Social Security bcne- llts. You can continue to work in a job subject to the Old Age tax and watt for your benefits until you decide tt> retire. Or, you cnn shift a job not covered by the tax as soon as you're 65 and draw I your benefits immediately. Joe Kearney ivas three months past 67 when New York City bc- Kan operating its subways as n unified system. He stayed on In his $1200 a year Job. Nothing was changed, except that now his checks came from the City instead of from a private corporation. And — though he never noticed it — the one per cent Social Security tax uo longer was deducted. If Joe had 1 gone immediately to the nearest Social Security field office, he could have begun draw- Ing $'24.49 a month old age Insurance, while still working for the subway at full pay. As prices rose during the war, that almost 25% raise .would have been very welcome. Hut Joe didn't know, Ihougn the RSI3 tried hard to inform him and his fellows. So he never filed until he quit work in January, 1945. For 54 months he lost $24.49 a month —a total of $1322.4(3. It's gone for- I ever. 1 Nor Is that all that he tost. Bc- 1 became G5. you probably have benefits coining. But— • , You must have earned as much as $50 in each of at least six calendar quarters, to l>e covered And-Once you have earned as much as S50 In each of 20 calendar quarters you are covered for life and forget the "one-hall" formula. IA calendar quarter Is January through March, April through June, July through September, or October through December.) 3. If you are a wife, and your husband Is drawing lu-Hcflls. when you become G5 you are entitled to half as much as your husband receives (A wife, for this juirpo-sn, must have borne a child to the •A-age-earner or have been married to him at least three years before the month in which he applied "»' benefits.) 4. If you are widowed and your lusband was insured when he died, •ou will be entitled to benelits when you become U5. Hut if you lave a child you are supporting. regardless of your age, you get benefits for yourself and the child until t becomes 18 or is married. Thun the benefits suspend until you become 05. 5. It a woman has earned benefits of her own they belong to her, when she "retires" after 05, whether or not she needs them. B'Jt ] i! her benefits come from her lute husband's insurance, she will lose them it she remarries. 7. You cnn work for pay and still draw benefits legally, by working for yourself or for an employe-'.' not .subject to the Old Age tax. It is almost impossible to last 1 by filing your claim ns soon a.i you become G5, even though you keep on working. The SSB wi!l compute your benefit rale at once. Then, when you leave covered employment, it will compute the rate again Also, it will figure the iicne- 111 rate as of every March 31 be- uvren your 05th birthday and your retirement. You will get the highest benefit rate thus computed. If your salary increases after 05 you get the benefit of the increase. If your wages drop olf after 05, you will be paid the higher rate earned before the cut.' if you retire sick, or injured, or if you are careless about filing when you retire, the claim staked at 05 will protect you against such losses as I have described. There is only one way you might lose by continuing to work after filing a claim at C5. That would be if you had been married less than three years, in which case you could collect for your wife when she became 65. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Justice Department Hits Snag n Move to Prosecute Two Men Price Support For Farms in '49 Suggested WASHINGTON, July 11. <UP)A University of Chicago economic professor suggested yesterday tl Congress enact a new i'.irm price support program to take effect 1949. Present price-supports are scl cduled to die at the end of 191X Theodore W. ScliuHz. . chairma of the University's Economics De parlmcnt, told the. joint Congrc sional Economic Committee tha "modified'' price-supports will be needed beyond that jdate. Economic trends "\\Urrant being ' prepared for a large measure of 1 economic instability." he said.- Sclmllz proposed: ' 1.,Price-supports pegged at from 15 to 25 ; cer cent below the expected market price "at futl-em- ' ployment." ^ 2. That the government bs prc- ' pared to step in whenever, the market price falls below the announced support-price, and male i up the difference with payments to 1 farmers., . _ ; -,. . . 1 WASHINGTON, July 11. (UP'i—• he Justice Department lilt, a se- urily snag today In its plans to rosecnte two former army sergeants accused of taking secret totnlc bomb tliita from the Los Alamos. N. M. plant. A department spokesman said hat by bringing the iwo men to rial in open court the government vonld be forced to "reveal ihe •Cry thing it has spent millions to :eep .secret." The war veterans could insist on their constitulionul right of trial by jury. However, the Justice Departmenl soxirce said every efforJ. is being made to determine- how the men. could be punched without risking disclosure of the atomic secrets involved. The: sergeants nllegedls took photographs of ti-bomb ma chinery as "souvenirs." Some members of thr 1 joint con gressional atomic energy commit tee said several prints cttuld have been made frcm the ncga- Mrs. Mary Rex Thompson was'culy 33 when her husband died. But she was entitled to $58.34 a month, under Old Age and Survivors Insurance, until daughter Do.le is 18 or marries; then she'll get $41.78 monthly until son Jerald is 18. At (i5 she can get S25.G7 a month for life. Thousands of such widows don't know they have similar rights. ecrets have leaked out to foreign gents. lieft of the secret data was livulged on the Senate floor on Vcdncsday by Hlckenlooper who aid the two men (ook "documents -ind information" wjien they were Uncharged from the Ar'nv last •ear. The Atomic Energy Cnmmis sion learned of the theft last April, it was said, and th« FBI located the men and recovered the data. Chairman David E. Lillcnthal of the Civilian Atomic Commission is to tall sccurit} cause he was not insured while he worked for the city, his benc- t rate went down from the $24.4!) would have been to $lfl,H a lolding a meeting Unlay over plans for tightening tives. The FBI is investiRriting to learn if' any such orints still are in circulation. It was recalled that, once before the Justice Department declined jp prosecute a case i'or fear of exposing atomic sccrrt.s. That v.-*i:; echs Reverse • Decision About * • Parley in Paris ••• PRAGUE/July 11. (UP) —Czcch- . oslovakia apparently under strong -'-^pressure from the Soviet Union. • -yesterday reversed her decision to '"'attend the Paris conference on ^Ithe Marshall plan. •••f. The reversal came after an emergency cabinet meeting and while '.'Premier Klement Gottvvald nnd : Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk were in Moscow where they conferred " with Generalissimo Stalin last nlghl 1 lor more than an hour. . - Czechoslovakia was the only nn- •'tion among the so-called Sovie , .satellites which accepted the An Bio-French invitation to attend tin. last October when three army veterans were arrested in Baltimore for allegedly drying to sell pictures of an atomic bomb or lated material which hiul been i taken on Tinian Island !n the Pa- | cine. The pictures wcrn en unseated I and the case was dropped. I Disclosure of the new "souvenir" Incident brought new demands hi Congress for tightening up security regulations at atom bomb plants. Chairman Bourke B. Hickcnloop- er, R., In,, of the congressional Atomic Energy Committee said. however, ihhl n doublo check showed no "substantial" atomic Flood Funds Promised LITTLE ROCK, ARK.. July 11 (U.P.I—Some $244,000 of emergcnc flood control ,funds ^will be mad available Immediately for use the North bank of the Arkansas River at Little Rock. Sen. John L. McClcllan of Ark ansas salt! he has been notifiet by United States Army Engineer that the funds would 'je used to strengthen caving banks of the sen wall for a distance of 4100 feet. "That Is a good illustration of ' the reason we almost beg every insured worker to go to one of our field offices '-he minute he be- 1 comes (35," says Peter Kasius; director of the Second and Third linn they should have been. | Social Security districts. Then Congress changed the law. 13ut suppose you would like to 'he Social Security Hoard was n'.t- gel an idea 10, yourself whether ,hori/,ed to recompute Joe's beno- you have benefits coming to you. its, and begin paying him the high- i Here are the key tests: 1. If no employer ever deducted I'/'; from your wages for Social Security, you are not covere.l and probably have no rights. '!.. if your employer did deduct that I" 1 ;; and if yon earned lonth. So when he did get bene- its, they were $0.35 a month less rate. But only as of January, 1047. So he lost another $152.40 tha; way. I Failure to know his riglil-s— of' to ask the SSB when he became fifi. when he changed status afirr 65—cost Joe a total of $1414.80, not In charity, hut In insurance that he had bought under the Security act. much as S50 in each of one-half nf the calendar quarters between Social Jan. 1, 1031, and the calendar miar- , ter before the one in which yen nference. Her withdrawal eave the Eastern European c se unrepresented. Former Blytheville Boy Gets Texas Scholarship (B. G. Sanders, formerly of Bly- thevillc and now a biology student at Texas A. •and M. College, has been uwarded a Julia Ball Lee scholarship, it was announced today. Mr. Sanders \v,is graduated Irom B'.ytheville High School In 1940 an c i 'now resides in Bryan, Texas, while attending college. The scholarship awarded him pays $50 a month during the school year. Married and the father of twr children. Mr. Sanders has made ? distinguished record as a labo- i-utory technician in the biolo4> department since he entered Texas A. and M. in February. 1946. Lowest Prices Since Before the War! 45 Lb. RoSSed Roofing S1.85 55 Lb. Rolled Roofing $2.25 65 Lb. Rolled Roofing $2.75 Green or Reel Shite 90 Lb. Rolled Roofing $2.80 160 Lb. Hexagon Shmgles . $4.98 210 Lb. Square Buit S6.75 105 Lb. BrickSic!ing r oH colors$3.8S Buy K B M • • The-Jeep" pulls plows, seeder* mod other firm implements; tows 5.5OO Ibs., hauls 800 Ibs. You can crojj town or pasture in the "Jeep." A power take-off to run jrouretjuipment. Come. ..see how widely the "Jeep" spreads its cost. SII IT NOW AT POOLE MOTOR CO Stock 4 Fresh Longer! GENERAL fp ELECTRIC DISPOSAL!. EQ. U,«. J-A.T. OPF.J . JUST SCRAPE IT DOWN THE DRAIN The tlectrically operated Disposal! shreds all food waste—including booe^-into fine particles, which are carried do w n the drain and out t»f the bouse-immediately. Your sink b always deanl NO MORE GARBAGE _ f There are no garbage cotiMiner., or garbage odors in the IhsposaU quipped kitchen. The food waste is gone before it can spoil, Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. Your G.E. Store in Blytheville MOOD. FA-3ER tUSPOSMJ. $124.50 Prfcs lncJud«9 fxclto Tax COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • WEDD1HG PICTURES Capture the rupture ot your wedding day forever wit/i perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar spr- roundinys ot their own home ... by appoint- ment only • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE 461-ASK FOR MRS. OENNING The Courier News Co,

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