The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 2
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PACE TWO BLYTgEVILLE,-(ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1933 Ctas, EntrrUlacd -The Golden Rule Class" of tho First Christian Church were entertained In the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Cameron oh Tuesday evening. The 21 guests enjoyed-the evening In the game of hearts. Visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Ollle Poster, Mrs. Ruby ' Bllllngsby of this city and Mrs. R. E. Green of Braggadocio, Mo. The refreshments the solution c consisted qt plmertto-cheese sand- i cm printed ulches, tomato salad, cookies and iced tea. During a short business scssloA hand in n rccci at the close of the party. I. O. arrived at the Westbrook extended an Invitation to the class to come to his home for the:nexl regular party, * * * . Baptist Women Close Stud)- of Slate Missions, The last of a series of three meetings held this week by the Woman's .Missionary union of (he First Baptist church for stale missions was Wednesday afternoon a' the church. The 33 present heard a program on "Arkansas, the Rower a Symbol of Bcauly." Mrs. 1. R. Haley led the devotional, ••Christ Our Ail" with the central thought "If ft Love Me Keep My Commandments." Mrs. A. C. Blaylock was leader of the program. The stale flower, apple blossom, was used as a symbol in these 'discussions: "Under Branches of Learning—What Ouachita College Means to Me," Miss Winburn; "Chrislian Ufe al Jonesboro College," Miss Luna B. Vl\\helm; "Leaves of Healing—the Hcs- pilal" and "Hower of Children— the Orphanage," Mrs..A. C. Blaylock. Mrs. Paul L. Tipton sang •'Open My Eyes That I May See" and Mrs. Herman Walpole otfefcd the closing prayer. Tlie Offering token will be uscc for state missions. How Strip Play Achieved Difficult Slam Contract BY WM. K. McKESNKV Sfcrftary, Aincrkin Hrtrtcc I.caB 1 "' A neat strip play Is the clue lo the solution of Uic contract prob- the last Issue. Charles A. Halt one o! Cincinnati's outstanding' players, made Ihc nand In n recent tournament: He | arrived at the six heart contract, I with his partner, as follows; . The Mr. Hall in the South bid one heart, West paiscd and North went to-three hearts. Tills Is n forehig bid demanding that the original Football Tqims Guttls of "8«! Peppers." The Red Pepper club entertained the high school' and Junior hlgl school football boys Monday nigh at the high school building. Mr Greene gave a talk oh "Good Sportsmanship" and Coach Kra mer talke don the "Spirit of tlie dame." these talks were followed by others by J. B. Puckell on "Pros peels," and "Cooperation" by Miss Hardy.' During the social hour refresh ments ^consisting of punch, sandwiches' and peanuts were served, bidder bid either four honrls or three no trump If he holds a minimum. Any other bid would IK constructive and would he treated ns a mild slam try. Mr. Hall respoml- d with four diamonds. Tills was 11 that North needed to cany the ontract to six hcarUi. .The Play . West's opening was a club which Mr. Hall won with the klnn and ed the ace and king ol hearts. West's queen dropped, but tlic good ack was still out. Mr. Hall Ihcn ed a small club, won In dummy with the ace, rclurhed 1 the quccir ittd discarded the eight of spades.. As the jack of hearts was located h the East hand, Mr. Hull now j .taricd lo lead diamonds, ncl car- j ing when East trumped, and alsoj not fearing the locution ol the kins of spades because If East. lnmi|>ed the third diamond he! would be forced lo lead u spade, In which case Mr. Hall would nol lose a spade trick. While It East refused to trump nnd discarded two spades, Mr. Hall himself would lead a trump and throw East In the lead. •'.?' Tr.dnjr's Contract Problem N'nilli i»hys I ho following hand ul fmii- hearts, doubled hy Wcsl. EaEl lends (lie nix of jpailrM, wlilcli .South take.'! with tlio acr* nini returns a small rlul>. Knst takes this will, (he :icy and vclurns another club, hoping Ills partner would ruff. Now liow would you, as North, rniii[ilelc the i>lny lo make four Noi 111, 4102 y J C 5 4 2 « A Q 5 2 + 3 i Kasl 4 Q 5 7 G I H V None + a SI -^A 10 73 Kolltli * A J V A K 7 « K 1 0 5 * K Q 0 6 2 West 4 K S !, y Q 10 9 8'3 « J 1 3 4, S C Solution in next issuo. 28 Sacred Day of Jewish Year Commences at Sunset Tomorrow. Services to be held at Ihc Temple Isiael here tomorrow night nnd Saturday morning will to In observance of Yom Klpuvr, the 'most Mined day in the Jewish calendar. I Sunset Friday will mark the | beginning of the day, known In i Hie Jewish religion as the "Day • of Atonement." It Is unlike any | other Jewish holiday In that It Is 1 marked by the unique feature of 1 fasting, which begins with the chanting of the Kol Nldrc melody. ' creature on earth. Therefore, thcj emphasized with great stress tlv necessity of fasting and prayer. Today, the masses of Jewry stll fast on Yom Kipur and still ub icrvc It with great solemnity am awe-inspiring prayers, but toda; the keynote Is to raise the char actor of innn lo a higher slate o humanity. Tlie prayers strive I convey the thought that the Da of Atonement Is a day of self examination and self-criticism—« day upon which mini Is to scrut Inl/e his activities of the pas I'car, judge them, welsh then and henceforth resolve to tur fiom that which his best con science considers evil nnd lo fo' ow that which his higher self re ;ards US good. For this reasoi he Dny of Atonement plays 1 important role in Jewish and so V !i 7 C 5 « J 1 0 6 3 + A Q 5 * K 10 5 4 *J5 S 2 *QJ S V A K10 S # AKQ S + K 4 28 It East returns a club. Mr. Halljn short prayer. The holiday will end tit sunset Saturday. Like all other Jewish holidays, hcwevcr, Yom Kipper has undergone a change both In its mean- I ing and manner of observance. Tn | the days of the Temple when -tlie j Jews dwelt In Palestine as tillers | of the soil, the Day of Atonenienl I was chiefly characterized by sacri- ! flclal rites, as specllled in •Levltl- j cus XVI. Both priests and people • nbslnlned from food and drihk, I ullcred confessions of their sins, and invoked the God of Mercy for forgiveness. The most stirring moment of the day came when, all i alone, the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies nnd there uttered 3AN FRANOfSCO (W1 — Tlie cil branch of the government ydrographic service Is checking ner Jwak of the ocean. The Mexican steamship Korlgan 111 cported passing a floating island !x)Ut 20 miles soutli of Cape Cor- l':ntes. Drink Water With Meals Good For Stomach Water with meals helps stomach Juices, aids digestion. If bloated with gas add a spoonful of Adler- Ika. One dose cleans out polsohs aiid washes BOTH upjicr r.nd lower bowels. Sold In Blylhcvllle by City Drug Store —Adv. J-4 3uy your guaranteed Famous Mineral Crystals at: Robinson Drug Co., fowler Drug Co., St. Francis Drug Store. Absolutely Guaranteed To You clal life at large as a force whlc rrnkes for human betterment. The services here will begin 1:30 tomorrow evening, and an- oiher service is to be held at 1:30 a. in Saturday. Barney Oldfield will attempt lo establish a now world's record for trnclor speed at tVie Indiana State Fair lu September. will trump in one hum! and discard '"itcr. when the Jews were the losing sp.iilo from the other. " lle ". from _ ™<*Unc and By employing a strip piny he Had made his contract of six hearts. after which tung. football songs were o/ Afeiti Mostly Personal Denies Paying Board Chairman's Tailor Bill WASHINGTON, Sept. 31 (UP)— Senate Investigators- of Hoover administration ocean hmll contracts nnd merchant ship construction loans sought today to determine why a single slcanisWp operator spent hundreds of \hbusands of dollnrs while ferklng nnd oblnin- Ing funds from ihc Uniled States treasury. • • ,, Henry Hcrbcnnnn. president of the Ey»{t.;SlcatiLSh!p .corporation and thc v sltetfs 'T<irnn'nal corpnrh- tion, sharply denied j'Cslcrday thnl lie had paid a $500 tailor bill for T. V. O.'Conhor, U. S. Eliipplng board chairman under two Republican prcsidenls. MONTREAL I UP) oil Ice workers i\rc Montreal's organizing. They hnve fo v mcd nn Association of Stenographers, Bookkeepers and Olfice Assl-Slnnls of Canada to "protect and further their social i-ittl material welfare". Temple ceased to be the central Institution in Israel, the Day of Atonement assumed, a new aspect. Sacrifices were no more; in their s'.cnd prayer and. meditation were substituted. .The Rabbis of old endowed Yom Klppur with n devout religious atmosphere. They considered this day as the day when the Supreme Judge of all I set His seal to the fate of every' When Your Head Feels'Stuffy.. ApplyVlclcsNose. Dtops—and ngain brent he clearly I This new aid in prevcntingcotdsis especially-designed for nose and upper throat,where 30uto/4coJJiiUiTt. Use iii lime and avoid many cold* altogether. r pART OF VICKS HAN FOR BETTER CONTROL OF COLDS Only 2 Days To Get I'ermiiniMils at These Prices Frederic, Kufrenc or Oil - Combiiialinn I'ormanent $350 Friday and Saturday Grace-Elanore Beduty Shoppe TIcasD Call "Infornialinh" For Our Tiionc Number Mrs. A. -D. Latlmcr. ol Aususla, Ga., T.-ill arrive in the morning to be with the Rev. E. K. Latlmcr and children while Mis. l,atlmer is 111 at Campbell's clinic in Memphis. Tlie Rev. Mr. will meet her in Memphis. Mrs. Charles Alfcrd, accompanied by Mrs. E. R. ISogan of Luxora, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Jonesboro as guests of Mrs. E. L. Hamlllon. Misses Helen Laden, Julia Hummers and Jamie Nichols spent the Weekend In' Memphis. .Mrs. David Marlon Barton, of Wilson, is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bums. Mrs. J. E. WhilKOrth. wild has been quite ill several days, Is better today. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Applebauin were in Memphis yesterday. The condition of Mrs. Thurman Atkins, who has been critically 111 at the Baptist hospital in Memphis for the past week, wns slightly improved today. Physicians today held hope for her recovery for th6 first time in several days. Stomach Trouble Ended After 35 Years Suffering '! Feel Like Qlv-Cus Saved My Life," Local Lady Says; Could Hardly Enl, Sn Nervous She Couldn't Sleep — But Now Feels Fine 1 Never have I seen a medicine lo give the results nf UiLs n"w Gly-Ctis. U Is actually iistrm- Kew Beauty Shop to Open For Binihesi Here Friday Announcement was made loday of the opening of a he\v beauty shop here Friday by- Mrs. J. E. Pounds of this city and Mr-;. Grace D. Franklin of Steele, Nio. The new shop will be known as ihe Orade-Hanore Beauty Shoiipc and *111 be locaVi oil Broadway avc- hiic two doors south of the new pbstbffice build in?. Both of the owners of the shop are experienced beauty operators. Mrs. Pounds has been" a l^cnsed operator for the past five.years and Is wll known in. this vicinity. Mis. Franklin Js a graduate of the Academy, of Beauty Science at San Antonio,. Tex,, arid: has also had consMerabte experience in the bus Inets. .;, . .. • . . The building has -been recently Improved,; arid-new. fixtures and equipment have been Installed. Hospital Notes Admitted to-the. Blythevllle hospital: Quy- BMyloiV, Rowland; E. J. Hale,- coo'ter,- Mo.' AMERICAN Read Courier -News Want Ads. Periodic Paiiu Relieved Por-monthly ; diecomf art, . Urtd ocrirw, hm-dowis womeh'frtn do *(& to try cAftrwi: IhounnA. Build trj> with partly ' OXSOrri 'V& ' " . 6o!<j »t drug rtorjj, MRS. .AUCE HESTER 'Nearly all my life i nave had omach . trouble, and the past 35 ycata It wAvawful. Was hardly able to cftl anylhin^, blnaicti so I could Irirdly get my breath, heart palpitated and I really ihcught I hna heart trouble. 1 \vmild voniil Bud was so nervous 1 couldn't, 'slfeij. I frinild get clrar down nnd be conllned to my ted for-n ••iveek at a time these attacks. -Then lo nmke m.itters \vbrsc here of late U:m- biBP and ^kid?oj r trouble added to my miserable condition, was hardly able to write and •. In constant pj>!n. Absolutely everything ultrl failed lo help me—mull I war, finally persuaded to. give this ni;w Gly-Cas a trial. Why if it u^ magic -it would hardly have S^ven nie b!tter 'results—In no lime at all I was feeling like a new-person. J can cat most any 0-ln'gM want'now and never an bii'licred with that awful suffer-, j '1:4 . afterwards, • nerves ' quieted, ' :.-cY> good, kl&toys regulated, lum- tBgb has:"lcfv' me . and 1 can truthfully say Qly-Cas ;has given me far belter results than I ever <>.f.ECtcd and rgain I am up and r.inund and frelhig like my rea". .reIC again." Gly-Cas Is ^old by Klrby BIOS. Drug Co., and by all leading drug .\o-f-5 In surrounding towns. ' —Aciv. Both Old and New Subscribers May Get WITH WOMAN'S WORLD 1 YEAR EACH Vn " simi ' ly " r(lor tni ' Courier News and both mai;a/ines delivered (0 your home for twelve months—or, if you are lucky enough (o already lie one of our reader.s, simply aulhori/.c us to continue delivery of the Courier News for another 12 months in combination with (he marines. 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Pound 7 i 2 PPAR5 I LfftlltJ liarllctl NO. 2\' t Cnn i "?!*» JL i 2 *f TOMATO PASTE Spring Valley Can 2ic '•i' ) ». v '>' I''ancy Uonntrv (ientlenian No. 2 Can. 3 for ljib ' by ' s - No - ' iVi C;in 15r Ti»K«. Heavy Syrup. Can TOMATOES .'•.: Anp> -N?^ i ?a HAMS ^ tcr1ing - H;ilf or WhoU '> L1> Cured. Center Culs, I He I5c V A Mill A \VAKKKS lies! Yon Kvcr Y/liliLL/V Ale. Large SODA WATKR or GINGKK AI.K. 2-l-Oz. Hottlc GRAPE FRUIT Texas Stotlless (? f,, K nch 5J V» Crisp llcii'.ls Kach 7ic HA UK 1>icn 'c- Swifl's Circle (S). Real llrtlUO Small. 3 to 5 M>. Aver. l,l>. SMOKING TOBACCO .., Whale '.-n?.. Pkg. REX JELLY Pound Can Kach 15c

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