The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.), COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTUM HER 20, 1944 Dinners Announced is fiairdudges Complete Work >e'Mississippi County livestock judging were an- ouftced today. K I > HEREJORDS I Aged bull, cal\ed-before January 1J43—C.*H"' Whistle, Manila; C Whisue^Manila, J C Buchan- "ui,/Blj theulle t ' Bull belviecn'Jjmuaiy 1, 1913 and jMg] 31™ 1943 — Dr,.T U. Moore, Memphis; Gene Bradbeny, Manila Bill Uatween September 1, 1943 knd Deo 31, «43-Dr T D Mooic, ' H^Vhlslle, Mnnlli, O H: Whistle"",'Manila; J. O. Buchanan, hev lite •> • ill beUeen Jan 1, 1814 and April 30, 1914—J 0 Buchanan, Blv- (hcville; J. O. Buchanan, Blylhevllle, Champion Hereford Bull— C p Whistle, Manila J Reserve Crjamplon Herefoid Bui! —Dr T D Moore, Memphis 1 A|ed cow, btfore Jnnuaiy 1, 1942 ^-cj H Whjbflc, \tanila, J C Bu- lliauan, Blytheilllc i Ciw caHed in 1942—Di. T D iloqre, Memphis, C H Whistle, Manila] C H .W))t^le, Manila [» Heifer calved between Jan 1 1945 •and'Aug 31, 1943—Di 1 D Mooie Meifiphls, J O Buchanan, Blyttic \illa, J C Buchanan Blythevillc Dr jT D Moore, Memphis ' Hfciter c.ilved between Sept j and pec 31, 1944-C H Wills iMamla, (S H. Wnlstle, Manila; H Whistle Mftnila, J C Buch- anari, Bljthevlltc, J C Buchanan, Heifer since March 1, 1844—Fran- le Marie. Wnlkcr, Lynnvlllc, Ky. Guernsey Bull before July 1, 1943—Vance Dlxoi), Blylhevllle, Cow between July 1, 1941 find July 1942—Vance Dlxon, Blylhevllle. Heifer between' July 1, 1943 tmd larch 1,1944—Vance Dlxon, Blylhe- 'llle; Vnncc Dlxon, Heifer since Mnrch 1, 1944-,Vance Uixon, Blythevllle. 11OHSKS AND MULES ;,., Two year old draft coll— jV\J Tate, Armorol, Two year old Whistle, Manila; mulo coltA-C'lcm Blylhcvlllo FFA _one Oak Club o Give Clothes : tir War Needy The regular monthly meeting of le Lone Oak Home Demonstration lub was held at the community tinning kitchen Monday.' Mrs. harlt's Nccdhtim presided at this icoliiiR. Community singing was led l>y Irs. J. W. ToiiiMiisoii. Tlio pi' cnt told the club of having rccciv- d n letter from Mrs. C. G. Ked- mii, county, chairman of thQ sale f tuberculosis seals. Mrs. Needham xplalnnd the Importance ol this •ork, Slic asked all In tl?c L/piip Oak omnnmlty lo rciiort to )io£ If they knew of any family Unit hjd n uberculosls patient or one who had Onc year old •; mulo colt—Clem Whistle, Manila; .BlyLheyllle FFA. Mule colt fouled niter January, 1 1944—J. J. Tntc, Armorcl, /Ark. Virgil •Folcy, Ulythcvlllc FFA. Saddle colt foaled after Jan. 1 1044—Annette Whistle, Manila. Saddle colt 1 year old—Annelti Whistle, Manila. Saddle stuck three year old—1311 Lnuc, Blylhevllle. Draft mare and mule colt—J. Tate, Armorcl; Virgil Folcy; lilythc vilie FFA. Draft mare—Bill Lane, Blythc villo; Bill Lane; BlyUicvlDc FFA J. J.Tate, Armorcl; Blylhevllle FFA Virgil Folcy; Blyliiimmi FFA; Bly thevtllc FFA; HlylliRVitle FFA. i Heifer cnrve'd between Jan 1, 1944 I and* April 30 t 1944-C H Whistle. Manila, J O Buchanan, Bljthevllle, J q Buchanan; J C Buchanan j Grand Champion Heicfoid Female— O^H. .Whistle, Manila f Rf serve s Chnnplon Hereford Te| rnalf—Dr T D Mooic, Memphis Three bulls owned by cxhlbltois i-O'H Whittle, Manila, J C Buch- anafi, Blythevlllc "" Tao bulfs bred nnrt owned by e\ Inbitoi—Dr T D Moore, Memphis, J O Buehan-vn, Bljlhevllle, O I! WhfeHe, Manila ' O^t of dire, 4 animals all by one sire, both sexes to Ire lepiescnlcd and'all owned by exhibitor—Dr f D Moore. Memphis, 0 H Whistle, Manila, J. r O Buchanan, Bljthevllle Tyo females bred and owned b) exhibitor-O H Whistle, Manila, Dr JT D Moore, Memphis, J C Buchanan, BljlhcvUlc * Pan yearling' Jnmini > 1, 1943 to Aui 31, 1943 — Dr 1 T D Mooie Memphis.!^ (^"Buchanan, Bljthe- Villo ^ PMr of calve;, Sept, 1, 1943 to Deo 31, )943-C H Whistle Manila, J C Buchanan, Bljthcsille ^ Pair 'of "chives' since Jan. i; 1914— J O Buchnnan •• f DAIRY CA1JTLE i Jersey BJill before Julj 1, 1943—B Hesjie, Bljthevllle, Charlie Abbott Blj Iheville . Obv. befoie July 1, 1941—B E llcsiie, Blj Iheville, Cliarllo Abboit BlyjheUlle J lielfcr bcl?reen Jan. 1;'1943 nni Julj 1, Wt-Kcmielii WnUci L\i4wille, Ky; Raymond Walkei Ljnnvillc, Ky Prepare Onion Rings In Oven For 'Burgers Rabbit Show Praying Populdr Attraction At Fair This Week Tile Mississippi County Fair has a new exhibit, this year which Is proving very popular lo bold children and grownUjis. It Is the Rabbit Show, arranged by a group of North Mississippi County people who arc raising rabbits for the market, . Of unusually fine stock, the 5'J entries are species of the most ix>p- "Inr stock now being developed for eating. Along with n visit to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabljll and all their young on exhibition, visitors are being given topics of recipes featuring the now-popular meat anil a book- symptoms of tuberculosis so the ^ containing Information on care chit) might alvc all nsslsUincc r-os- Ible lo Ihls nnd also to the sale Of the Bcnls. Mrs. J. W. Fields asked if the iroup would be Intcrcslecl In filing j a Imx of clotlies for Ihc Tied Cross. Tlie club Agreed lo do Ihls of (tic rabbits. Tiic show will remain Intact un- 111 after the races Sunday so that visitors through the next three days can learn more about rnlslng of i-abblls. Because MI ^ __ v s .v^>, ™ « u ^' lc Rabbit Stiow was and" to ask nTl"to tauTs' tlU!li""doim- ' "^om" iiftcr the fair budget was tlons to Ihc club at Ihc next meet- Iml<lc; . 0 "'>' rlWwns went lo winners will "''s J'^ar but next year it Is plan" C(1 ^ »"> kc "-a permanent vision awards, it has been announced. Ihe laigc, mild-flavored swd Spanish onion's—the kind giown In tie western stales where pvoduc-, ion Is greatest this year—are par-, Iculnrly good for slicing \vlth_liam- urgci's or for sandwiches or sal- ds, the U. S. Department ol Ag- fcuHifre suygesls. To prepare onion rings, for hain- urgers, cut half-inch slices of argc mild onions, lay them In a inking, dish or pan, sprinkle with all and pepper, dot with well-Ilav- rcil fat. Add 1 or 2 lablcspoons of vatcr. cover closley and ' bake in 11 moderate oven for 30 minutes, or intll .tender, Serve a hamburger akc on each onion ring. To make a hot meal and onion., cook 1 pint of sllcc<l onion Until tender hi about 3 cups of meat broth or water. Thicken slightly with (lout mixed vvllh cold wntei, nnd COOK sevenl inliiiiles onger. sllr in 1 pint or cut-up leftover Or canned meat nnd heal Iticrouglitly. Season 'to lastc with •alt nnd ' pepper, Add celery salt If desjrcd, or celery lops (Iresh or dried), parsley, lomalo cutsvip or cliil! sauce. Use ns the filling, for snmlivlches wltli brcn<l or hot bls- culls. Pour hot gravy over tile top. Ing. These will then be given to Hie Red Cross Jor the devnstaled arcns or Europe. Miss Corn Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, distributed n new bulletin on the making plnnls back up the of a coat for a smaller person ol nro leaving the family from a discarded coat belonging to an older member. Slie also gave n dcmoiislrntioi) In judging poultry.- Mrs. Tomllnson was surprised with some gifts because of tier birthday. During the social hour. Mrs. J. W. Fields and Mrs. Lawrence Lane, assisted by Mrs. J. O. Hucy, scrv- Allen nuslilng Is chairman of Ihc event, Judging results which fol- aw, New biick: Zealand Whites, Senior Frank Wagner Jr., first; Mrs. Jessie Hughes, second. Senior doe; Chlckasaw Farms !Allen Rmhlnu); chlckasnw Farms. Junior buck; Otis Shcppard; U. V, Mulllns, • Junior Doe—Prank Wagner Jr.; U. W. Mulllns. Intermediate doc: B. and M. nnbbllry (Harry Brooks Jr., and Ouy D.'Mnpro Jr. ilcalmid. Rcd iGcnlor buck — u. w. •'Mulllns; Nichols Rabbltry. Junior buck—Ohlekasaw Farms Eaton and Dlankcnship- (Cody Eal- o;j and If. C. Bln;ikens!il|)>. Senior doc—Chicknsa'w Farms U. W. Mulllns. Junior doe—Eaton and Blankcn chip; U. W. Mulllns. Hcsl buck In show—Frank Was lift- Jr,; best doe In show—Chick assw Farms; best doe with litter— Clilcknsaw Farms; best pen of ralj bits—Nichols Rabbllry. rciiorl. Folks west coust shipynrds and bomber plants in droves. A lot of them according lo WFA, arc pausing on the Journey home lo Iraw down big wages for harvesting 'ate crops. The farm labor supply still ro- nalns below what St was a year ago Mrs Needhnm reminded the club lliat each were to bring six jars of canned fruit for the hot school lunch project and asked tliat all tell those Hint were nol present of the community ncllvllics v.-lilch will be taken up by Ihc club this Fall. Calls For AAA Reports .A. C. Spellings, chairman of the Mississippi County Agricultural Adjustment. 'Agency, today warned liia.t riiiuiv farmers who lurncd undo winter legumes or a green coverage of small grains have not f!Ic< Ihe necessary report of the acreago with their' Trlple-A office. On The Farm Front By LKH HANNIFV . Diilletl 1'j-css.Farm, Editor./ The lure of high.wanes 1 look more cople out of farming sections than lilltary calls. Thousands '. tipoi lousands picked up and left smal! owns and farms when war plants ot inlo full gear. 'Many thought ic people Who migrated from Ihch omes would never return lo their rlginnl rural environment. But WFA tells us. a rclurn-lo hc-fafpi movement Is already on leporls from hiring bosses in wa: move any jilts, crush ami forcc| col<1 water and dissolving by hcal- ull througha sieve or potato ricerl 1 "^ 5 minutes over boiling water. ne enough lo remove any seeds id skins, and save all juice. Bc- tusc apricots nnd peaches darken i exposure lo air, they should lie iilvcd mid put into tolling diluted ugar syrup (10 per cenl) 5 minutes cfore sieving. When tart fruits such as berries r plums arc used, Ingredients inhule: 3 cups sieved fruit; I'A cups iigar; 1 teaspoon household gela- In; '/, teaspoon salt. When less cid fruit like peaches, cantaloupes, r apricots are used only one cup f sugar Is needed, but 1-3 cup of cmon Juice h added for tartness. Directions are as follows: Mix to- jclhcr sieved fruit, sugar, salt, and emon juice if used. Keep this mix- lire cold nlille softening gelatin In Stlv dissolved gclalln Inlo fruit sugar,mixture. Freeze rapidly wecause It gives a smoother tcxlure. In a hand freezer, freeze like ice cream for 15 to 20 minutes, using one pail.salt lo eight parts Ice, Remove dasher and pack and harden, using three purls ice to one part salt. Drain off water as ice melts. mixture to freeze overnight. Remove in llie morning, break Into snjiill chunks with , spoon, then whip smooth In c-hiltal bowl with egg boater, and return to refrigerator for final freezing, Velva fvull'made In the refrigerator Is not as smooth as that made In a hand freezer, the home demonstration' agent explained. One quart of the mixture freezes In refrigerator trays, leave Ihe to about II2 quarts of Velva Fruit, MI SSOU R I FARMS For Goud Choice Bottom or Hill Farms ill liiirnain 1'iicc: S E i: T. If. VINVAItl), FARMS I'OH SALE, W;>. VINK ST., POPLAR BLUFF, MO. Chines. ';'. '.'.'' i • The Commerce Department ox perls fceUliat Ihls Is bound to Iwv a depressing Influence on nil in come, including that of 'runners. Their, hope is that conversion to jrnsl-wnr production will be so rap- Id • Una we'll be in Ihe midst of Jicnvy civilian production owed bj' former hired hands. Even so, farmers In Alabama and other southern stales are having n struggle wllh the peanut harvest. Their congressmen arc pulling mll- llary strings In an cftort to get more prisoners of war for this Job, The rise In farm Income vvhicli has occurred over llie past three or four years was tied closely witli- the prosperity of war plant workers. This (act Is recognized by most farmers, but some o[ Uicm may realize' Ihclr income will begin lo decline when Die war's end brings factory lay-offs. Ai present the great majority of Industrial workers can afford lo buy all the food i\n ( i clothing permitted under rationing. They hnve high weekly. earnings which arc frequently stretched by overtime pay. But economists of Ihc Commerce Department point out Ihal man hours of employment even -under highly prosperous peace-time cop- diliona will be a fourth less than factories -now require. And 'the shrinkage In Ihe Income of- city workers will be even more severe during Ihc time It will tukc to convert Industrial plants from turning out. planes and guns to manufacturing tractors ami washing ma!$*>*$ fi-";':."'•' ••' -..-. •"•" > 'v.-7:wT^ug;&*5 You KNO Wits good? Farm Woman's Column j'Velvii fnill, the new frozen fnilt dessert with the smooth texture of ce cream, inny be made nt homo either In a hand frcenci- or in the ; ray of a mechanical refrigerator, according lo Miss Cora Lee Cole- min, county home demonstration agent. < Berries of several kinds, cherries, red plums, cantaloupes, peaches, and apricots may nil be used for this dessert. Mellow vipe friiil. loo soft (or canning, is ideal for Velva Fruit, because 11 has full flavor nnd color, she snkl. To make the dessert, Mississippi County homeniakers were advised by Miss Coleman lo wash the fruit, Thai's vvhai ii amounts to xvlicn you get your equipment back from us ofccr n check-up and overhaul job . the knowledge iliac every job you start will be finished \viih no unnecessary uVlay. :No, ibe premium you pay isn't big and it fifves you (he best possible protection on your tractor investment, for a lay-off of your equipment adds up to iinporlint loss in your food production program You will save all ihe way around by adopting our regular service check-up. You ^'ill prevent trouble, you will save the COM of a breakdown as against a timely adjustment and your tractor will give you time dependable performance that means satisfaction and profit. Our Scn-icc Shop lias tlie men, methods, and material to keep your equipment in perfect v/orking order. They have the "know how" too because they arc factory trained. Missco Implement Co. ULVTIIEVILLE OSCKOLA - . .. ... ... . ; Tha Checkerboard has been a sign of QUALITY through .rnoro than 50 years. We wouldn't offer Puiina Products if we weren't sure they'd do a job for you! See for yourself! We Recommend these TESTED PRODUCTS .. For FAST GAINS Mcmy leading hoy man overage. 100 ibj. of pork with E'/ 2 t>u. of corn and only SO Ibs. o| Hog Chow on the Purina pltfn. Groin with HOG CHOW The government's made it easier for you to get a bike and we've got them NOW. Big, rugged strenmliiied bicycles, ! ready to give you many years pleasure. You'll have the sweetest rolling, easiest pedalling bike in tov.'iKwhen you whiz down the street on this light beauty. For BIG Liners—HEAVY Pigs SOW and PIG CHOW Tor lols of sows' milk, heavy pigs, fast gains, balance your grain with Sow and Pig Chow. Makes grain worth more. ttltt HOG WORMS 90 to 100% effective in removing nodular and large roundworms. Safe, economical, easy to administer. Refy on PURINA P1GTABS Stop in today for the latest eligibility rules. NO\V WING'S PICYCJ.B ONLY Men's or Women's GOOD >»AU IIRJS GOOD/VEAR IV 410,W. Main • Phone 2492 Don't Miss the SHOW at the MISSISSIPPI COUNTY FAIR this week! LAST DAY FOR PAYMENT OF STATE AND COUNTY TAX ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY WITHOUT PENALTY DRAINAGE TAXES ARE A150'DUE NOW!. "September 30 Is Deadline for Payment on Poll Tax —HALE JACKSON SHERIFF AND EX-OFF1CIO COLLECTOR To Be Able to Vote at the General Election You Must Pay Your Poll Tax By September 30th Purina Dealer '/2 BlpckS, Frisco Depot. --i; . Phone 493

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