The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1949
Page 10
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PAGB TEH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) OOURTBR NEWS an* .. ........ lie ..... . fc 7« • tlmw p«t line per <Uj J> ttBM PM tin* p*r d»r ...... »* Uo»to pw lln« ..... ... Mo Ooum nit vtnu word* to tbi Hue Atf «rd*r«4 roc tare* or alt tlniM and Mopptd Mar* «plr»tloD win M chart•« ror lh« Dumber ot Mm<» ta« id •pp«trM ana t4]tutmeat or bill mad* , All olaaaulM Adternalnt cop; ob- PHVOOS r**ld.tog outside- ot to* city, nun b* *ccomp*nled by c«b IUM« may e*aH? 6* computed (row tn* abor« table. AdTMtlalnc omu -lot irrtgulai u»a«r- Uona MM ttu on. tlu» Ut>l«. NO najKBalomtr nil) M takes lot •»•*• than OB« Incorrect Insertlno ol aa? clas»mad «a. All ads are radirlct«d to (belt prap«f ataacincatlon ttjlt and type The Courier New» riserm to. rlibt to edl or reject any ad floors omrpat>. wlndoira and upbolat ery. 1>ILL'» DliRA.OUCtN. pa, MM 10.13 ek u Curtain* Inundered and atrtcdud Mra JI I*wrence. pb US*. •JW pk JO(M Plant Winter Grass Now We will mow your yard, swd It with liiler rye, and furnlsb *eed *M at on« low coal. K«rl £alcer Phone afi2* 10]I5 c^ 10|« KT» jour oh «r/iT« cleaned wltb rauuum cIeBti«r. AUo gu«r»ntt plumbing work Call Barry Myers 6349 ' Notice We wish to thank our many friends ror their klndneui to n« In our time or berreHTf-ment fct the df»th of our darting W |f c tnt j mother. Ifrfi, Dollie rot. Tom Pot and chlldiea IDjSI pV 22 Apartment tor Rent liodern cftblnA «na «partinenti by week or montb Car* service. Rny Courts, pb. »51 S;27 p» ll|2» Nice bedroom. Men only. Adjoin* b«h. 613 Walnut Phone 2496. 10;2I pit 10128 2 room furn. apt. Private butli with hot water. 226 Dougan. 10:21 pk 2S 3-room rurnlsbed apt. and private bath. »35 month Apply 320 N. Second •*-.-... . 10|J1 pk 10122 Business Service Directory PLASTERING BOBMALONE Call 4159 fllylheville or -107 Osceola 10-6 ck 11-6 Why buy g camera when you can rent one at FAUGH1"S STUDIO? All cameras guaranteed. Small fee. FAUGHT'S STUDIO 112 S. First Ph. 6011 • ' 10-14 pk 11-14 For Sole, Misc. SAVE big: Do your own lug and upholstery cleaning with odorless Fin* t'oatn Deal'n Paint. Store 9130 ck 10]30 12-fl Federal ir.ent Display Caxe? On« «-8 Waltin Coolei M.10: Banltar; acalei. tns: 14 irp Meat Oboppet ins Call 391)0 409 W ilnln St »]» ck a arfc* ^iz e oil Ktuva. year old; amall t^Opane Raa slnrej kitchen cabinet: ntlltr household artlclrx CM 3559 »2a C k a 4-room bons« Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available * POOLE MOTOR CO. W*~ can TlJl all you: occdi ' Utt cenuia* put* from oui ooiu pteti Una H-IS POOL*. OWNKR * OPERATOR Soutb High fifty 01 at 8ie*l« Uo Phnn* 8C««I« 49 tire*— BUT LBV STATION Phone jonj i*mtl7 with I2ji;j-ck-t Insurance Call 3545 For Complete ' 'Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection • J24-W Asb St OLKKCOK HOTEL EUHO>INO ' Far JTARU BtTRJrAn INSURANCK •*r«ce. c«ll or eontRct H. B, Shenpard pHoni 2IS7. nrly morning noon 01 °'« 1 "- . •'/ :• 10J15 pk 11|15 , Typewriter .TYPEWRITERS Roy*i. 9mirb cornnk and SetrilQEtan Fort»ft!« .- " DON EDWARDS Th« rjpwnter' Ittn lit H'.Second St Phone saai •[lo-ci-tr Leans Money to Loan J£ , J . OU ., D f M * "»» » ™»<"" o> t»- model' KD down pnyment oo man . ««««. no rea t»p« TO* AFPROVBIJ KATJiS 4% ASK FOB DETAILS . Max Logan, Realtor Hion. . Bljtnenn. U23-ck-tI __ ^^ AUTO AHD FDRNlTORt LOANS eromp» Ferannil Herrlce Oenenl Contwct Purchase Uo™ IM South Sth PBrvn. 803 • 4115-ci-tl Services Ph. 4328. 10;I5 pk 10.29 Ona Ollrer Gran Master Combine No. 15 with Conteiitlnl Motor. Perfect condition. 1800. One C*se power taVt oir »ZOO. One A-c power taie oil thrashed Jess than 100 acres prefect condition SB50. See A. B. DUon 2'1 mlle» Kant ot Bell. 10:17 pk 1033 1S48 Cher. |J,i ton ttll ct. new motor extra -ood tires, a siieed'azle 30 ft' Carter trailer. 1000x20 tires, new grain "We boarda. torgiln. Ph. 4905. d«r 313U. night. , on pi NOTICE . W« »r» In need of 50.0M Ibs of PECANS We will guarantee nlguest prices w« buy any mount from a pound to a car load. VS'o will call for anj amout o>er . 100 IDs We pay cash on tnt spot. Call us nelore jou tell JOE HESTER AND SON Grocery and Market So, Hlway SI Ph 2632 won't under *ell your pecans Call tu '"'• . . lOill pi li|i| .Westlnghouse electric range excellent condition. Pb. 6306. ^ ' 1021 pk 10;23 .One tood used propane mi range * n <? • »ood ga* water heater. Priced "Eht lor quick nale. See J. K God-" -lu^Cooter. Ho.^ io ; 2l pk 22 4-miTtes and. 2 noraes, all horw drawn ^uipaent. Will ,eli «t » b.r K aln^ *h _ ^ Rhode Island Red Cockrels~~Mrs~R Jonnson Highland St P. O. Bor 9£5 Il>;i3 pk )0,23 FORP'S -SAFCiy DRIVE IN TODAY FOR YOUR f P£jP SAFETY CHECK-UP AND ENTRY BLANK 5th at Walnut Phon. 4453 One and ou« 3-rooni ho •l Uouitll. Hi. t'JlS. 10|18 pk 11|1 •Night olub with 4 room hoiue. ««r«ral small one room cabins ou *U»hw«y It for sale. See or call u» Wr. Inlorcatlon and price. 'Ilium Parlor on East Main Si W.OOO.WI. All equipment newl w« hav« J«ter«l Oroceiy and Meat Mkt». for ««l« rrom H.000.00. 10 iiO.000.00. Or*r 200 acres of overflow land be- nlnd the Itvee can be bought • »t a «*l bargain. This Is line land. , _* lar «e Grocery Store, large fnraze ""I. over J3.000000 worth of par, s J™. •I' 1 '!'"'"'!. 2 larne nice houses "a .1 ln i»u cabins ol Hlghwuy »|. All '« HS.OOO.OOI There Is a K.40000 loan ui/^i!!* I" 0 !*"*' Situated near New Num' Ren " '"' WM M * month - ujce Btucco for /tale! "• i. 'I^fKK HKAI, ESTATE AGKNOY COOPER BUII.DIKQ PHONE wn 1-a.wrence liigraiii. -Salesman 10:21 ck »3 Ezy Sptn-Drlsr iruh* xcellent condition Hal' •s Pi. | i_iXD TOP. SALT J il«f L^Tti o; *itri sood loam land. c -~ ^*~ t ^~— T*?. LT icti 173 Interested tn a reat complete rooms or furniture Buyer may rent house. Ph. 4939. IO : 2I pit 25 O/flce over 211 SV. Main. Very reason- ble pilce. Pli. 3370. 10J19 pfc 22 Hash camrra.^ r OS'I'EBN'S fiTUPIO K0« RENT: Frozen Food locktra laylock's Highway 61 Phone 3112 8123 ck u 1 choice lot on Adams Street in Country CJub Drive Addition, size 75x150 ft. Price $800 Also 1 nice corner lot on North 7lli and Aclams in Coiin- ti'y Club Drive Addition. Size 72x150 ft., price $i)50. . Both of these iuls are a steal! .. ' 4-room house on Jamison ' l > 8 fora dump t Street viewing the new high —' "•school site. This h,> is two •••• 1?47 ''"'" Pa " c ' T ""* years old, she of luts is 50x200 ft. Price $3,000. See or call Private Rooms Steeping room. Gentlemen preferred. HOI W. Asti> ph. 0344. I0;20 pk: 27 Bedroom adjoining bath Ph 2338 9J28 pk IOJ28 Steam heated bedroom adjoining oath Men only Pn 4432 9120 ck ir Bedroom. prJvate bath ph. 4643. I0[5 pk ii[5 '2 bedrooms. Men only. Mrs. K f •Hlomeypr. ph. ^666. 10JI8 pk 2| Comfortable bedroo;ii ftdjoltilne bath Hleam heat. Ph, 2^09. fffll W. Ash. 10,13 pic 11|1 For Rent 3-rooiu furnished house with bath water healer. Couple only. 417 fj' Uroailway. 10-21'ck 10J25 ocasionn 4!5-ct-tl Sale, Cars and Trucks JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone 4111 or ^596 10-18 ck tf Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U uiceivsteo 'n Unj- or le/llng we Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - F. B Joyner GJencae Eldg. Ph. ;8iy Notice ot ejctra atisLciiinjiitj oc lor quiet sile. Ste Urs. Jos .'.-:-'-..-, at Photo Sudlo. Sta Wist Aji Si 3 USED COMBINES »o 6-foot Masse r -H«rrlt Clipper Comtane« with motor . t500 each 2Tr'pV?l' iP - T -°- UaM «-K»frU Cllp- Combine, excellent condition 61 Implement Co. , No Hlway «1 Phone 2142 • 10JU ct 10,2i Indies diamond rlris. three '4 carTl :on M . Write B OI OTq, c;o Cornier. 1019 pic II|I3 Practically new electric store and ose «li Ch " tP ' '- aW ° rnOW ' r - wal « «-.7i «. ""*• pr °P» n « B" «tOTe. «93. 510 r.llly. | 0 ;20 pk m;23 FOR SAI.I -.-w four room house with U acre and. lor «»le. Third House West of Irst Alrbaie Gate. See June Marlln. 10,20 pk II 6 FOR 8ALK: ' 1 ' NtW S-'P"'" 0" "eater. or call «t BOO South Late. 10,20 pk | For Sale, Real Estate i u ~°* Want'to buy a farm? .. nave it. Farm 40 acres up tu,^ arge plantation in Northeast • Ark. and Southeast iio Seej 3 na for a farm loan. J GATES WORTHIXGTON CO REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blytheville, 115 'So. .3rd St. .. :Blytheville, Ark. ut Into W-30-12Q T^rsa toam soil, on sr :in:>;t liii CLill routes. Sas -il« panned nouses, t-^-n y ?T-M fir frotia ' " 1T< St= litottt- W. WIsgs or W. c. Citea • -- * Ph Z751 ATPENTtON user* or ELECTROI.UX Vacuum cleAners our- bonded factory terrice J1U be 1n Blythesllle Thursday Friday of this weeir. You may call for.any services or supplies vou aeed or call GUY \V. WRIGHT and him our Phone 6133 Sew Electro.ur novf . 10,19 pt 1021 ATTENTION Cannarles. rh. 1302 or aee at o»e Biter 7 p.m. |a Bargain! 2 oil heaters. 1 large small, for price ol one. Ph 1392 io;i» P V 2-t 1 f,' 1 i dl ° , c °"ch. Ji price", good con- Itlon Ph. I2f2! footer. Mo or Ete resser at PreMer's ft Wasster Drug Co.. Cooler. Mo. I0 ;] 9 NOW YOU'RE LOOKING AT REAL CAR VALUES! ndi^r^rsr^ 1946 Buich Super 4-door Sedan, fully equipped !I-i Kea[er ll ' eamliner " 8 " Scda " Cou ^' •»• bo ANTI-FREEZE Langston-McWaters W»tnnt nt BUICK CO. , Dial 555 for Service 10,19 pk 10,23 — icrts jiist i sbart distance from ^:a:*lln« Arcb. I mile olf SI Highway. 120 acres of fine land on cutoff read close to Buffalo Creek. None s-ttdr. Good tmproTementa. »1 icres Buffalo Creei land north- *«t of Manila. Gcod Imprcvemenu. if TOEI are loolclcs for land for a come or an Investment come In w Hi us or call—»« „]!] came IQ we jou. Our office lame old place acxoa itre« from cttj Hall ,n the nzlt Building. P.IAt.BS LAND COJfPAN7 P.UaSKt.D B. KIALES W. T. Barnette — Zanj Williams Phons 3322 I0:i9 ck 22 W-ACP.E3 one or the beat in Mli?- '"ippl County. All In cultivation Tractor land. Located Horto 2ait . ot alj . tneillle. Owner sayj sell. Mate offer limes can be arranged. See or call l.UTHER GRAY REALTOR 120 B. Sycamore St. pb. 513 10,17 ck 10:23 FOR RENT WAREHOUSE Chickasawba & R. R. Write Mrs S. S Sternberg P. 0. Box IflB Blytheville ' 10-7 ck tf LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142. Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DRAD ANfiM 41 DISPOSAL CO. yard bed o;ai P i; 28 -'ins truck is ready for seiviice'"a't a bargain. Lan B ston-McWaters Bulck Co I°;i3 ck 10;23 19-17 Chevrolet Z-ton CAb-over-Eneine i medium [on K wlieelbase. very cl e"n ! low mllenp B25t20 tires . . .. priced | IKV ' for a rear bargain. Laugston-AfcWaters Hulck Co. lojig ck | 0 , 23 19-16 Dod 5 e i,i-ton Pickup Truck"vTltn stock rnck body. B ood tires ,,,rt performs In excellent nmjiner! ivll '•Pll at a barculn«et«n ><_».__ ' Before you buy see these USED CARS 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low L942 Ford Coupe. Clean, priced right. Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Very clean. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 19'16 Chevrolet iy 2 Ton Truck. Completely recondition sd. Very low priced. 19-18 Docfge 3/4 Ion pickup Excellent condition. Priced eight. Several other «xceJlfcn» ' ouyp to chrvi5e iron: j 61 MOTOR CO. ' North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 i 8-5 ck ti 1 to Buy «:28 ck 10,2a Personal fnlrtj minute pBotft«t»tlr service "OTEEN-s STUDIO llS-ct-tl Salesman Wanted *N WANTED ^ rZr R^rlclgi, nesa In South Mississippi county business. No experience needed" •^ start. Sales ensr to make and proliu large. Rawlelgh Products M ld K° .^i"'"* « J"". one of the best rxxallllej In the state CX-aler In North part classifying S4.500 start r?i'?,'n tel!r - Wrlte RawlelRhV Dcpt AKJ-210-im-A, Memphis. Tenn.. or see w- <•,- Buchanan. 7I« Cl»rk- St. Blr- " • ATk - , 10.21 pk lo;22 NOW Mew Low Prices on Used Cars Seoy Motor Co. est price paid cot CHKIKENS- Asn street Groccrj i Marfcei Asti en ck „ He/p Wanted, Ma/e Hetp Wanted TIMBER CDTTtIRS WANTED Contract nj trinusana teeu-eoon cam p s_,, t eady work- Apply Honac Ven- eei * Lumber Co Inc inruthersvllle Scm, 0 ,,"" MR ' KKNNET" HALL 710 - cn:t s t- New Madrid Mo a;9 c k tt 1919 Chrysler Windsor Moor Sedan, demonstrator IIHS beautiful Ian color, radio, healer, plaslie «a rovers, and only 6,0(10 miles. 1917 Chrysler Royal -l-door Sedan, black, !«>„• milea K e etiuipped wilh radio & healer. "ineage, 1917 Chrysler New Vo,k er )-doo r Sedan, blue color equipped with radio and healer, low mileage. ia-,7 IMymouth Special l)eLu« 2-dcror Sedan, has ra- dm and healer, a good buy. 19-18 Chrysler Windsor IVaveler Sedan, 18,000 miles, .Hist like new, has bolh radio & heatei, beaiififul o-reen color. j! RED HOT BARGAINS 1941 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, and 1937 Ford 4-door; both have seat covers, good tirei, and a heater, in good operating condition . . . special, each , . . $175 USEAYMOTORCO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phont 2122 PROCTOR K. GAMBLE Uue to expansion. IMS netnumenl position In sales and merchandising department, callng on retnll grocers In northeast Arkimsns, headquarters HlytneTllle. Must have good appearance and personality; prefer man with minimum 2- years college or sales eiprelence; age 22 to 29; • must be sober. settled. horirst, eiicreetlc htralRht salary, expenses, car furnished: opportunity to participate In bonus and profit sharing plans. Write fully In own handwriting, attaching snapshot. ManRjter. P. O. Box 333 Memphis, Tenn. 10,21 ct Ji ^Female Help Wanted Wanted: Attractive. Intelligent women to act us sales representatives 01 a well-Known prestige cosmetic line in and around Blythevlllc. Mr, ^"«« °u P>iy will be lit the Nohle Hotel from Monday. Oct. 24. through VI eduesday. Oct. 26. to Interview and give JuU detail* as to the \vorX. 10.21 pk 26 USED CAR-TRUCK SALE LEE MOTOR SALES East Main Street ]i)[fi Dodge I'ickup, low mileage. . ..?7!)5. 10,'{7 Kurd Coupe. .SI 25. 1910 Ford 1-Ton ['irkup Plymouth '1-door. . II ISO. 19-11 Chevrolet S-I'asscn- Rer Coupe . ?695. '!)1S Oldsmoliile "BO Sc- "es" 2-door $1335 1!)l ' ? G *'C I^ong Wheel- I'l-i? i>i ,u oj 1>nse Truck - ?7!)5 ]-«' Plymouth 2-door.. ,,,,,, chevrl)Il ,, 2 . (((n short wheclbKse (raclur. TRADE IN YOUR PICKUP ON A NEW CMC PICKUP. HIGH TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE ALSO NEW CMC HEAVY TRUCKS . .. 1-5 TONS, SHORT AND LONG WHEELBASE. LEE MOTOR SALES OLDSMOBILE-^-GMC TRUCKS East Main Street Phone 6151 ' FRIDAY, OCTOBER M, 194J RENEWED MONEY MAKERS 1947 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase Truck with 2-soeed axle, 12 foot J,ody, 750x20 front tires, 825x20 rear quipped with radio and fresh air heater. . .special T 1 U JD. -. ll/i/1V)n Truc ' i B»dJ r . 700x20 front tire* 7aOx20 rear, little rough buf runs good. . .|I98. li).'!S Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Body. . .$100. 19 IS Ford '/, -Ton Pickup, 7,000 ' miles' w(y driven, never hauled a load. ..see this one today. 13-16 Ford 3/4-Ton Truck, nothing wrong with thin one but the Jow irice. . .$695. J916 Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck. . .J695. 19-16 Dodge >/, -Ton Pickup Truck. . .$695 1935 Ford 1 "4-Ton Truck, 700x20 front, 750x20 rear body... runs good and looks good... $349 ' EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember. You Can Always itlake s Good u«l «t SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company t :i()1 West Walnut f hone 57t) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & MIES IAD (Tim Eicept Cllnir 514 Main rllTtbefilk Ark Phane TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES LOW CASH PRICES Reconditioned & Guaranteed Cars & Trucks to Pick From '38 to'48 Models Fairest Trades - Easy Terms Blytheville Motor Co. "South's Fines: Service" Broadway & Chirkasawha Phone 4422 • SAVE $ $ $ at Still & Young Motor Co. J9.ll Chevrolet -1-door Sedan, radio & heater... 19-18 Nash -l-door Sedan, radio & heater . .$1295. 1918 Packard 4-door. radio & heater . . JM!t5. 1<M7 Lincoln 5-Passenger Coupe, equipped with radio, heater, and overdrive. .. $1395. 13-16 'Mercury .J-door Scd«n, radio & heater... $1 I'J J- 19-16 Ford 2-door, maroon, radio & healer... 51195. 19-12 Ford 2-door Sedan... only ?595. 1933 Ford Coupe Pickup ..special $9!) 1916 Oldsmotjiie 2-door Sedan, h.vdraml'ic" drive radio & heater. "«i«=, 191S iMercury -1-rioor Sedan, radio & heater. ]»10 Chevrolet 2-door, exlra clean. J911 Mercury 4-door Sedan, a bargain. J919 Mercury Sedan Coupe, radio & healer. 1941 Ford Coupe. 19.17 Frazier 4-door Sedan, radio & heater STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Pint at Walnut Rhone 4333

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