The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
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Served by tlie United Press BIXTHEVItLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 160 BlymevUle Dally, hewi. blyiUertlle Court«. Mls^-aippl Win? Letder. BlyUmllla H«i»ia. m,YT!IKVlLLK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SHl'TlttllSKK 28. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ' '" WILL HOLD RITES FOR LEE WILSON IRS 16 Planes Ready For Kelly WILL TIKE 1ST FOR III Desperado, Arrested Memphis, Confesses Oklahoma Kidnaping. MEMPHIS, Sept. 28 (UP)—Fed•,al agents assembled a fleet ot ..•>-.edy planes today to transport .leorge "Machine Gun" Kelly 10 Oklahoma City. pilots ol lii ships, ready lo roar westward wilh the confessed kid- i..\per of Chaiier. F. Urschel. millionaire oil man, were standing bv tor Hie tar.n-otl order. John M. Keith, special agent of the bureau of investigation, x\'jl Ihe order "may- be expected ;cnn—at any lime now." He- was averting ihe order from J. Edgar Hrover, chief of the •ni'tau at Washington, to remove Kelly and his wife, Katherine. ID Oklahoma City where they are under indictment in the Urschol Confess** Kidnaping ''.he surprise confession ot the c'.'.spemrio vras announced late ..->.t night. Vederal operatives said thc ban- .iit weary and sullen from rc- l.v.lless Questioning, broke down .-.hhout warning. His questionc-rs were seeking an admission tba; he participated the daring robbery of a federa .•/L-erve transport at Chicago winch a policeman was slain, and :he Kansas '.City Union Itation |Fi::-Co. > .vict'Gives Clues to Indiana Fugitives VALPARAISO, Illil.. Sept. 28. (Ill 1 )—New chico from an ox-con| vicl today sent u-DSseinen across across farni lanJs and 'votxis in renewed search fiir lesi prisoners who tricked and slugged Iheir way GUI ol ihe Indiana state prison. The ex-convict, whose name was because fear >! d with Captain iVIrihplinm of Aullior Serial Pay Tribute to Wilson For Constructive 'Work police and sh Neil Fry of Por- Official r alion| Against Boycotts Comes j From Cabinet. i BERLIN. Sepl. 28. (UPI—The! Nazi government has put its first ter county. He has given Item in- brakes on the campaign lo clliiiln- formallon regarding a hideaway of' :uu . Jcws f ro , n the nalional life, the escaped men who fled tlie prls- j on Tuesday. | Acting on the convict's tip :,tal^ policemen located a lonely shack northwest of Chesterton where two of ihe escaped convicts were lievcd hiding. BENTIFIES HOTEL Kelly, in d-;nyin» the chicagc Mill Kansa-s City --crimes, confes 5.--1 1 ihe Oklahoma City job. Agents claimed Kelly admittci tnat he and Albert Bates, m>\ on trial at Oklahoma City, nb dueled Urschel and look, him t Paradise, Texas, where accomplid ;:: ; id him for a $200,000 ransom. Facts Rubbery Ch.irge OKLAHOMA CITY. Sept. 28 ( Pi— State chaises of armed rob Ik'ry carrying a possible dent penally wi!f D-; Tiled against Georg "Machine Gun" Kelly and Alt* L. Bates probably tomorrow, Conn ty Attorney Lewis R. Morris sa trday. Tlie new charge against '.Kelly and Bates wi'l be based on the taking of 55? from Walter R. .ii'rrett. comDrmion of Charles F. U-schel, kidnap victim. Jarrett •VDF released as Urschel was spirited away. Though Germans were left lo figure oul for themselves thc meaning ol official declarations against boycott ol Jewish business I Ilrnis. two factors weic seen as contributing: I.—'I he insistent demand ai Geneva thai lire current league of nations assembly consider the alleged oppression of German Jews. 2.—Thc fear of conscrvalive Nazi I leaders thai radical colleagues, by I demanding Ihe complete elimlna- ition o! Jews from business, arc en- jdaiigering thc economic equilibrium just wr.en the government's pro \oble Niaht Clerk Pair Held at Gillette Robbed Him. 1 gram is lo meet its first severe test toUfn Savsl wlt " tlln comill g of winter and the Courier . ' I set of the death at of R. K. U'C Wilson . brought expressions u| sorrow uncl ' K'KriH lodny (ro:n ^jiisl Illlcal leiufers of Hits ninny of whom hav seasonal increase in unemployment. It is agreed generally lhal the declaration against boycotls, made by Minister of Economics Schmidt, who termed discrimination insup- Two men arrested by a marshal! portable, did not mean a chan"? t Gillette. Ark., were identified I of front, in the parly's anti-Semitic 'eslorday as thc pair who held up i campaign. i night clerk at the Noble hotel) It was viewed as evidence that 'arly Raturdav morning and es- the more conservative element 'fipcd with S33 50, a watch and a I viewed as dangerous ihe incrras- .liol-Min, after overlooking S250. | ingly Importunate demands of some The men, listed as Will Kagle,! par ty members for an intensifica- Mismanagement U n d c r Holding Comnany Re- cL'ivership Is Charged. U'tTLE ROCK, Ark., Sepl. 28.— A hearing begun yesterday In fcd- |i-ral court on the petition of preferred . stockholders ot the Arkansas-Missouri Powcr company of Hly- ihevllle for thc appointment of receiver for the TOmpimy was continued by Judge Mnrlincau until October 9 to allow attorneys to pre| pare further legal argument. I The ijetillon wns piescnlud by J. K. niHel of I.lltlc Rock and R. Ki Ward and Everett llcevcs of cn- j riillicrsvllU*. Mo., representing tie Mary Raymond, author of "For- stockholders, who alleged that^ Ihe ' . property of thc company is being Swcethcarl," the new j dcp ^ lcd .,.. dcl . O ie mniingcinenl News serial, wrote heri of u g pio--.^!.,, O f Chicago, rc- fir.<i. novel wlvm she was seven. | ^ of L!;(! j llllul( j p owcr and Name of thc opus wns "Thc u w com ^ ny 0{ Chicago, wliicli and p'J aimmunUy, i'On closely lussocliited with Mr. Wilson. 1). A. Lynch. piTsHU'iil o! tin 1 Kilmers Dunk mid Trust coniiuuiy. decliirril that lu llH 1 death of Mr. Wilson Mississippi county has constructive force that liu.s liven ol Inesllmuble vnlue, "In my eleven yours 01 association wllh Mr. Wilson." suHl Mr Lynch. "I liavc never known him lo make an important decision Arkansas will wver find a man to replace him for In- wns one of llio grculcsl we luive ever know'n. Ills li.issliij! brhiKR sorrow to us wlio rcul!»?d his abilities." C, K. Crliigvr. Uc Wilson nian- nt Armor.!): "llavinjj known Mr. 5! years and luivlng Wilson worked LITTLE CEITi RT him -10 years 1 boast ihe honor ol having been In his employment longer than any of his men. lu hi insilnij 1 rrallzu t have lost l! bi'st frientl I ever had. Throughout the years we have goiip tlironcti ninny phases of life toget.iH'1 1 and with little exception did wi> ever Services Will Be Simple.'in Accordance With'. 1 -His Desire. •-••.'•:• adojil a plan of ncllon Hint did nol | have n misunderstanding. Cat's Party." It wasn't printed, but Miss Raymond says thai' her mother pronounced it grand With thai encouragement, the yonn«c novellsi decided to Ifcep it i>u. and wrote her way through cl-.IIdhood. When writing paper not available, she sivs, her ories were written on laundry and wrapping paper. Miss Raymond was born in Mis- alias Slim James, 35. of Oregon, Utah, and Tommy Futreil, 23. of Paducah, Ky., alias Tommy Bryson 7°f Black Rock, Iowa, were identified ts the bandit pair by Lonnie Smith, the hotel night clerk. Smith made the trip to Gillette, near fitmtgnr", with Sheriff Ci'ar- once Wilson and Police Chlrf Eel Rice. A 14 year old negro boy, who was traveling -with thc pair, gave the Gillette officer a tip which led him to call officers here in an effort to secure confirmation of the robbiMy here. The pair had °l. c o' roblHMl a service station near Oillette. the net for which they arc detained there. It is alleged, The negro youth told officers Ihe pair had staged a payroll robbery In Kentucky before coming here and had planned to hold-up ii drug store here but lhal their plans failed to workout. The ne- jjro said he had spent one night: at the city hall here at the direction of the pair to check up on tlie number of police officers and their nightly routine. While thc drug store . robbery was nol carried out thc pair took a quanlily of gasoline from the bulk plant of the Gulf Refining company near here before leaving Blytheville, Ihc negro (old officers. Indictments will be sought against Kaglc and Futrcll ai ihe Oclobev criminal courl term here tion of the carrtpaign. Grocery Code Would Permit LimiteiTHouri WASHINGTON. Sept. 28 (UPI— A code for groceries, only im pc-rtani retail stores not included In the master rctnil and drug code, came before thc NRA to;!.•;•, conlainin? a provision that a majority of groceries in any- trade an a could esmblish uniform store !mill's, binding upon M grocers ii* the arcn. The cod; n'so stlnulnXd that not more than one out of five grocery employes could be classified to exempt (hem from maximum hour limitations. A hearing on the cod? wns se f r October 5. nd it is possible that officers at Gillette may ag to allow their Tq Jury Tomorrow OKLAHOMA' CITY, sept. 28 iu PJ—Joseph B. Keenan, President Roosevelt's "crime minister," lo- cby asked the Urschel kidnaping jmy to • decide whether America ." have a' government of law flrrt order or "abdicate in favor of machine sun gangsters." In an uncompromising manner > iht heavy set prosecutor con-1 Slullgiirt in January. demned the notorious Harvey J.| ;— Bailey, Albert Bates and others Engagement 0< Dime accused in the $200,000 ransom ° ° I ol agsinst Charles P. Urschel. Only for 21 year old Armon Shan- r<~n, Texas farm youth defend- :.ot. did he recommend mercy. Mrs. Elizabeth Pendelton Dies at Daughter's Horn Mrs. Eiinbcih Pendlcton, 73 died this morning at the home o her daughter, Mrs. Harry Olivei 115-E. Wainut street. Funeral services will be held to morrow afternoon. 2 o'clock, an burial will be made at North ba cemetery, 'iv.c Rev. J. II. Rhode will officiate. She is survived by two daugl lers, Mrs. Harry Oliver, and Mr Maud Hammons. of Edciingville, K controls the common stock of the company. lilt Payment lu Horshe.m Representatives of thc stockhold- I 1-2 per cent of gross Income which the company Is paying to Mr. Florsheim as receiver Is not justified as the company is paying for managing services at thc same itipoi and Is now on the staff ofi tim l' he Memphis Press-Scimitar. "Iil( Arkansas-Missouri power contribute to the welfare ot l!i? community." I 7,i| 1). Harrison, county Jiidu;. made particular reference to i he parl Mr. Wilson played In Ihe organization of Ihe Mississippi Coiin- ly Taxpayers nssodntlan, which stcjiiKd into the sonic ycnri ago when thc cor.nly was Virtually bankrupt anil saved it from lliu Ilireal nl receivership. Mr. Wilson's action at that time, Mr. Harrison said, probably saved ihe county from financial disaster. Among others who paid tribute to Mr. Wilson and expressed tlielr sorrow at Ills death were: Cecil tjhtuie, mayor of lllyihi 1 vllle: "His entire lite and actlvillcs have been synonymous with Im provement ami progress. He slarlud out at an cnrly age as u builder and lie has certainly been one of the real builders, not only of MIs- f!s,l|)|)i county, bul of Arkansas and the entire South." Clarence H. Wilson, shcrllf nl Mississippi c»unly: "1 was nn employe of Mr. WlhO! for fifteen years. His advlcs to His young man was that of a fat :c lo his son. Among thc prized pos ."One of his particular habits was lluil lie never passed anyone by. Tlie man in overalls was as readily recognized us 'lie man In l''e lihjh- er walks of life. "Another of his virtues was that lie always lolfi lhe trinn. lievcd In Hie truth alone and stuck lo It even I'hCjiiKh If cuu.scd him .somcllmes to make enemies. "1 have always realized Unit Mr Wilson Inul an unusually ferllk brain and that his greatness wtv tore than any of ILS ever knew." ir - nit^iutJiiio i *wo-kjvnnikui. **l; , v_ , i i i Tiling -Forgotten Sweetheart'; , company, with general Headquarters "I used Memphis.,?! Blytheville, furnishes Hght, pow- •for-a'-bnckgrburfef-itii'-'r o" 1 - Ice Mrvice to-a latgc num- •ost for thc flrst part of - thc-»r of cities and towns |n norili- iisi IUI Itiv JU^v }/ai^ UL i->i^ --- ----- tory. It's thc section of the conn-1 east Arkansas and southeast MIs- tliat I know best." But the author of "Forgotten Sweetheart" also knows her Mnn- lattan, The scene of her book hifls from the South to New 'ork, and there are some vivid khcriptioivs of Broadway cabarets nd Park Avenue society. Miss Raymond has been.a news- laperwoman and hns written a lumber of short stories, but "For- jolten Sweelheart" is her first lull-length novel. The first installment of "For- jottcn Sweetheart" appears today on page 6. Declares Longer Week Essential for ployes. Sake of Em- souri. Albert Llcberman ot Tcxar- kana. president of the Southwest- ini Gas and Electric company of Shreveport, La., Is president of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company. An Insull Subsidiary Thc common stock of the Inland Powcr and Light company is owned by lhe Commonwealth Light on:l Power company of Chicago, which in [urn Is owned by lhe Middle- wesl Utilities company of Chicago, all three of which are Insull concerns now In receivership, Mr. Ward declared. T:IC Arkansas-Missouri Power company was represented nt the "hearing by II. L. ponder of Walnut Ridge. Property Losing Value Thc stockholders complaint cited recent low to municipally owned plants of a number of the towns served by the company as evidence of mismanagement under the receivership. Among the witnesses were K. D Carpenter, T. G. Seal and O. P Moss of Blylhevllle. and Dyer Bird of Caruthcrsvillc. Testimony revealed sessions I have is a letter recently written by Mr. Wilson, still show Ing that same interest and civil •advice that. If heeded, would mak any man a better citizen. His wor was his bond, and In his o'.vn Ian gunge, he was a 'square shooter.' I has been a worthwhile pleasure t have known Mr. Wilson as I hav and to have enjoyed Ills confl dence." W. W. Holllpclcr, county trcas urer: "He was one of ilic best frleiu ever had. Mississippi county an DETROIT. Sept. 28 [UP)—Henry Ford is quietly putting his na- LitUettC i\i;it:t: I'J «nu« v..i->, *• *- — - -• a • —-.--..• * • -. -. t return here' before facing trial at. L. G. Mess Undertaking campany j tipn-wide induslrial empire bncl. is in charge of arrangements. Will .Start Kansas City Store Heir Announced! Barge Line Next I oil a 5-day. -10-hour week, so his 1 employes can make a living wage, I the United press learned today. ! Thc Dearborn industrialist had that since p rcsic!cnt of New Yurk' Southern Society Ex presses Sorrow. r o! the \niodcl town, of .rk.,- who v dltf"-lii'' Mc'rri- About 800 Have Now Been Received for Chickasawba District. After several days of marking lime and reassuring anxious farm- NEW YORK, N. Y.. Sept. 28 — Agricultural leaders and prominent business men Joined here today In expressing regret upon the passing of R. E. Uee Wilson, founder- and 6o!e owner Wilson, A: ... phis after an extended illness. One of lhe first to tender condolence upon Ilic death of Ibc Arkansas cotton grower was George Gordon Baltic, prominent attorney, former president of t!:c Southern society, nnd head of Die Trl-Uor- ough Bridge authority of New York. Mr. Uallli' said: "1 knew Mr. Wilscon well and was greatly distressed to !carn of hlr. passing, He was a leading figure In Arkansas, both In the fields of agriculture and politics. A man of high character and Integrity, his death will be n great- loss to the community lie served so well." Another lo express regrets upon the death of Mr. Wilson wns I'aiil Council, eastern representative of Wallace's Farmer, nationally known agricultural paper. "The death of Mr. Wilson was a' distinct loss to the Held of agriculture and lo Ihc .stale of Arkansas. His contribution to the Industry In developing the 'Wilson type' of big boll cotton Will long be remembered as an outstanding feal In keeping with his wish that ric' e laid to rest In Ihe'sanic simple . aimer In which he lived, Robert .. .' U'C Wilson. Mississippi, couhty]s lost outstanding citizen, : will b'e uricd In a little cemetery on the • • illl near liasselt, whore he was born 72 years ago. He died at tile temphls Methodist hospital; yesr ' . crday afternoon after a 'long..(11- ess from cancer. •' •- .•• • »- There will be a simple :service'»t 'no Wilson Methodist church PrJ- ay nflernoou. 3.o'clock. The Rev. !. M. Lewis, pastor, and a former Vllson pastor, the Rev. E. K. Bowel! of Marion, will speak briefly before':.' lie funeral cortege leaves for the : amily burial ground. Pallbearers will bu J. H. Grain, J. C. Cullum, C. O. wnilnnuQn, W. F. -ill" Wlloon, and W .M. Wallace or Wilson. J. A. Ownltncy o( Vip' orln, c. E. Criggcr of Armorel, and H. 11. Robinson of Kelser; all em- ployes. There will be no honorary pallljcarer.'i, as was Ills request';' Family at Btdslile " Although Mr. Wilson'had', been In III health for a number of .'years he-was actively engaged with:his " business until lhe lasl. He s|icnt much of his ttmo recently at Hot Springs In search of healthy, and was removed (o the Memphis' hoT- pltiil a week prtor to his death. At (hat time physicians -. announced there was no hope" and membcrs'of his fnnilly who were, .vacationing.'in the cast- hastened to his bedside. His wife, Mrs. Lizzie. iBealKWIl- son, his only soiVR. E.; Lee Wilson Jr., of -W|l50ik;t',?o,..dauiht,ers, Mix,.. • I Frank Wesjon orSprhifffleldi-Mass.; ' and Mrs. H. C. Howell of Winter Haven. Fin., and Ills' nieces, Mrs; J. A. Merrill and Mrs. Eva' Elklm in agricultural history. I Join thc With rizhtin-! Irish fervor Keenan. assistant U. S. attorney gen- eril. demanded the conviction ol ' e.->ch and every one of the nine nion and one woman" on trial as optn enemies of Ihc government. The fate of all will go to the jury sometime tomorrow, with life sentences for each possible under th: Litidbci-gh law. 'The goverrmont of the United E-tates stands on trial here for its life," Keenan told thc jury "These citizens .have challenges lhe government's power to pro- tc'.t Us citizens." NEW YORK, fiepl. 28. (UP) — i The encasement of Mis-3 Dorothy Fell, daughter of Mrs. Og<ien L. Mills, to Woolworth Donahue, an heir to ths Woolworth 5 and 10 cent store fortune, was announced today. The wedding will take place late "this fall. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 28. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Arrest Five Suspects MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 28 (UP) — Riot so,uads raided a private sani- torium today and arrested five persons sought as suspects in Uie kid- naping of Charles F. Urschel and John "Jake the Barber" Factor. The principal quarry of the police and federal agents, rowcver. the notorious Wilbur Underhill. escaped convict, was nol among those taken into custody. Oct Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open . 973 . 091 1COS 1023 1036 1057 high low 979 956 1005 991 1011 1000 1020 1017 1043 1034 1059 1050 close 966 9!) 1-92 1000 1017 1034 1051 Spsls closed steady al 990. on 10 WASHINGTON. Sept. 28. (UP) — Acting Sccrelary of War Wocd-. ?'". ing today directed the Inland Wa-!..:,!,_ to the 10-hour week later'and thus erways corporation to make ar- angements to begin service on the Missouri river between St. I/ouls and Kansas City during the spring of 1934. Woodring took this action after: ;aj. Gen. Lytle Brown, chief of | army engineers, certified to him that a suffic'cni and dependable channel will !iave been completed by March 1. 133-1. 35 hours ilh the <c has discovered. Sly to ccn- lobile code. to sign, however, thai the company has been under tthe management of Florslielm and th Southwestern Gns and Electrl company a number of employe have been replaced by employes ol the latter company, with consequent injury to the morale and spirit of thc company's employes. The value of thc propcrtv. -stockholders declared, is rnpldly depreciating under Hie Fiorsl'.clm regime, and they sought a receiver to prelect their Interests. ers lhat they would eventually set f c i| OVv . members In thc field In .., their "plow-up" checks. J. E. CritzJ pressing my regrets upon his pass- county agricultural agent, and his staff were busy today distributing 130 checks received from Washlng- ing," said Mr. Council. George Royce, head of t'r.e Nev. 1 York stale department of aqricul- of Wilson, were with hlin when, he passed away. . The life of >Mr. Wilson parallel.! 1 ' that of the history of the county'Irj: which lie was born and reared:-The son of Joseph L. and Martha Da J ' vies Wilson, who came to Mljsls-i: stppl county before the Civil War days, ihclr son spent most- of his childhood here. UIXHI the :ils father his mother took him. and life one brother mid two sisters to Memphis where they attended school. When she died he lived wlfh his grandparents at Randolph'. Tciin.. and later attended sclioorat Coviugton. Tcnh. '.,'^,' When he became n young manThe returned to his Inheritance to seek Ills fortune. The few hundred'acres of land left him was a substantial farm for those days and with this as his beginning he went forward in Ills farming and'-lumber interests until he became the world's largest individual cotton ; grOweY and amnsicd a largo fortune iriluif lumber business. Had Many Interests ••«•» While his first business venture's ton. The group, the first received here in a number of days, represented about S20.000 In payments to farmers who nlowcd up colton acreage under thc government's! knou-n in ire past compensation pl«"-_Thl s extends mcntn , ^ lure, when reached at his office In the slate building here, said: I "I learn with sorrow o! lhe death I or Mr. R. E. Lee Wilson. His career : as a leading cotton grower Is well ,^j , f~f t i ClOSWf/ r f '*CK New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 28. (UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. Paris Asks Lindbergh to Land at Le Bourget Oct Dec Jan Mar. May July PARIS, Sept. 28. (UP)-Col. Charles A. Lindbergh was Invited today to fly here from Moscow and repeat at LeBourget field hU land- Ing . after his historic New York- Paris flijlit. open Sll -933 1005 1019 1037 1054 high 975 M9 lOCW 1024 1040 1054 low 9G5 989 938 1015 1032 1048 close 056 991 1003 101C 1032 1049 Spots closed steady at 970, off 11 Chicago Wheat Dec. May open 90 93 1-8 high 90 7-8 65 low 8(1 close 89 7- A, T. and T '121 3-4 Anaconda Copper 155-8 BcUilehem Steel 34 Chrysler 41 5-8 Cities Service 23-8 Coca Cola 86 1-8 General American Tank 31 General Electric 19 3-8 International Han-ester 36 3-4 Montgomery Ward .... 20 New York Central 38 Packard 33-4 Phillips Petroleum .... 15 1-8 Radio 71-2 Simmons Beds 21 1-2 St. LO'.ils-San Francisco 3 1-2 Standard of N. J 39 1-4 Texas Co 25 3-4 C. S. Steel 47 3-8 which He thousands of workers were able to com only $16 a week under the 32- hour schedule despite recent pay- increases. not believe any of his imployes should have to live on $1C a week, and therefore he ordered the managers of all his factories to return lo thc 40-hour week schedule. The manufacturer intends to | conform to thc automobile code by •closing his factories .two or three idays every four months, it was learned. He Is still determined to abide by the terms of the code. Government Will Build 466 Winter CCC Camps WASHINGTON. Sept. 28. (UP) — The government will order 250.000.000 feet of lumber within 30 days for construction work at 1.466 winter cain]K of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Director Fechner announced today. He said this is one of tlie largest single orders ever placed for lumber and would stimulate reemployment In that industry. In utilization of the lumber outside labor will be employed, providing to around 800 checks the number received so far but still leaves more than half of tlie fanners who signed contracts yet to receive their pay. j Officials believe that receipt of lie latest group may mean thai he remainder of the checks will >c forwarded here rapidly now. It was understood here that S. D. Carpenter, county agent In the Osceola district, also has received value to the industry. of He leaves behind him a fine record o( agri- ci'ltural achievement and a high place In the agricultural annals of the The University ot California, has a solid board of sugar pine on exhibition; it is 5 1-2 feet wide, 18 feet long and 8 Inches thick, was cut as a table top but Is now preserved ns n curiosity, Lightning Strikes Wiring And Brings Out Firemen City firemen were forced to turn out during an electrical and rain storm this afternoon when lightning struck wiring at the E. W. Simmons residence, 315 South Elm street. Electrical wiring In various rooms of tlie house smoked after a lightning discharge, causing members of the family, fearful that thc house had been ignited, to give an alarm. No one was hurt. Fire Chief Roy Head said no damage to the house could be dis- fall Jobs ters. for hundreds of carpen- number today. of checks yesterday or Dell School Boy injured In Accident On Highway Ralph Clark, 11 year old Dell school boy, who at first was believed to have suffered a serious [brain condition when knocked to ihe pavement by n truck on Highway 18 yesterday afternoon, dismissed from the Blytheville hospital In an Improved condition today. The boy was mounted from a school walk around were in agriculture and lumbcivnls enterprises varied widely,'and'at•• 11 ic (ime of his death he was promt-;' ncnlly identified with numerous-in-- duslrlcs. Among (iiese are' 'Jh* banks cf Mississippi county. "HC la chairman of the board of directors of all the.banks in the county except the Bank of Kelscr, of whfch •. he is president. These are' 'the Farmers Bank and Trust company " of Blytheville, the Mississippi couri- •• ty bank, nt Oscecla, and the Bank of Wilson. . . . • He wa s trustee of the Lee Wilson company, president of the Wilson Milling company,- . vice president of the Kansas ..City Shook and Manufacturing company at Wilson, vice president of. when he dis- and Arkansas Men Held as Kidnap Suspects CHARLOTTE. N. C., Sept. 28 (U Pi—Two men carrying a machine :um, a suitc.n.'i' full of revolvers, ar.d 100 cart.idgcs. were arrested by Charlotte police today. They gave their names as Hor- ;ce' Palmer McDonald, 32, and Ixmis Ark. 1'irty, drlvinn their automobile, Fist That the Nose of Clara Bow HOI-LYWOOD, Sept. 28 (UP) — Tl c fist that bloodied lhe nose of G'cra Bow anc 1 eavc her a severe " , 1 . It tin -^lUl'U't IU rtOL^ UIVUIIU tut uno, headache was soiwlit for -dentine- K front of lhe homD of m aunt :,t!on today by studio ofTlclaU| Mrs _ D L c.rcenway. on the suspicion accidents do r.oi| Thc nnmc of [ll( , d , ive] . o[ the truck could not be obtained here :oday, no report of the accident having been received by officers liere. bus, covered although ft that a part of thc have to be rewired. was possible house might Herman. 38. of El Dorado, A th'rri member of thc slipped away Police said the three were su- : l"-ctert In connection with Ihs operations of a kidnap ring. . Clara wns knocked out colder I'ltm an Igloo when a (1st. emerg- : IP.-; from a milling fight scene, raigh't her square on thc bulton. Denies He'll Ask Divorce For Mrs, Thelma Massie RENO, Nev., Sepl 28. tUP)— George Sprlngmcyer, Nevada -Cgal reprcsenlatlve for the B?ll-Fortes- cue family, today denied he had been retained by Mrs. Thalia Mas- file In a divorce action against U. Thomas H. Massic. young naval officer convicted of thc honor slay- Ing of an Hawaiian in Honolulu last v*nr. the Wilson-Ward company -»t Memphis, vice president of trie Eastern Arkansas Mortgage company and a director of.the Arkansas Power and Light company. Founded Wilson in 1887 . • Mr. Wilson; when a young man,.; had dreamed of becoming rich but . he did not realize that he would be the founder of seven communities and the employer of approximately 5,000 men. When in 1887 he moved his small saw mill to what is now Wilson his furthest' ambitions did not Include a modern little city of 1.000 Inhabitant^(Continued on Page Five) James W. Collier of Mississippi Is Dead WASHINGTON. Sept. 28 (UP)— Termer Uoprcrentatlve James W. CoUler, Democrat. Mississippi, died hre today. Collier, a member of the tariff commission, was slrlck- rn with a heart attack in his v.-em In George Washington Inn ,md died at 2:30 A. M. He was iorn in Vickf-burp, Miss., 01 years fso today. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. Probably showers In eastern portion. -Warmer in east portion tonight. Mcmplils and vicinity—Cloudy, probably showers tonight and Prt- day. . -. . The .maximum temperature here yesterday was 78. minimum .97, partly cloudy, with .01 on an Inch rainfall, according to Samuel • F, Norrls. official weather observer; ••--' .-'.f

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