The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1946
Page 8
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PACE EIGHT BLYT1IEV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAKCII 20, 19.1(5 Derby Wide Open Race Southern Pride Among . Favorites For Event At Oaklown Track kpT SPRINGS. Ark., Mar. 26.— Inactivity during the SIM ing nieet- 1m on the part of Southern Pride, tKt much talked of Danl mid Cunbron colt, may make the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn Park Saturday a free-Ior-all race. The loth running of the Arkansas classic for three-year-olds Is the feature of the final day of the Hfct Springs meeting. Although few of the nominees hita gone as far as a mile nnd a furlong this spring, most of them h»Ve had tune ups for the $10,000 a*led Arkansas Derby. Included aliing with Southern Pride as the hbrses to beat-are J. G. Brown's Double Slam, Reynolds Brothers Mr. .Chairman and Wagon Boss, D. Jfcrguson's Ariel Ace, Mrs. A. M. fcfeech's Old Play, U Tlkulskl's SSbs Pick, Mrs. B. C. McGarvcy's Over Night, and Mountain Roar Southern Pride's stablemate. - The Arkansas Derby was not ftlfi In 1945. Challenge Me won the erent in 1844. ''' Welch, Tourtas Win Arena Bout ; Roberts And Byrd Are ' Victims In Furious ; Match Last Night capacity crowd of excited wrest"~, fans shouted approval will: y and high-pitched voices a; ahoma- Hoy Welch and Ted rtas, ot Cuba, subdued the no- .Rough Red Roberts nnd TODAY'S SrOET rAKADE Talented Phils Will Be Able To Put On Real Show For Fans By OSCAR FKALEV United l'r«s Sports WriU-r NEW YORK, Mar. 25. (U.P.) — Thc Philadelphia Phillies, dirtied doormats of the National League for eight of tile lust 10 yeari, today stopped trying to kill baseball nd prepared to administer the coupe de grace to vaudeville. Probably working on thc theory that Slilbe Park funs can stand a bit of entertainment, any kind at all, the new Phillies, as they shall be known henceforth, have come up with one of thc greatest bands of vocalists, acrobats and terpsl- choreans in the history of the late sport known as vaudeville. In the past, the Phils have always been able to prove their right to the title of comedians. Manager Ben Chapman Is working' overtime trying to get fresh billing, ing, evidently tired of being straight man to baseball's black- face act. He has thc cast this season which could lay 'cm in the aisles In the old Keith's Orpheum —with thc accompanying baseball still doubtful but undoublably on ic upgrade. Meanwhile, and henceforth, when lie Phils go Into thc last half of he ninth with Bucky Walters lowing them down and thc score impty-nlnc to nothing against hem. they'll still be able to make he customers go home contented .nd smiling, , Legion Home In There is, for instance, the Calyp- 0 and 7. o Quarter of catchers Andy Bern-, This checker tournament Is nick. Bill Pctcrmnn and Benny sponsored by the Southwest Four Gulp and Infleldcr Skccter New-[States Checker Association of which Floyd Byrd In the tag maU:U whlc! h'eiidlined Promoter Mike Mcroney' *rtslling card last night at th fesion Arena. ' Welch and the flashy Cuban woi jji^two successive falls, after tak ijig ample punishment from tin MTO mat ineanics, whfiwcrc In thi trifck of the (ight from start ti flfiish. The Irish Whip was Welch' Inl tla'i method of attack and the tar let. was Floyd Byrd. Byrd wa Ranged around "until H* final! ftKlncd his feet and managed I jitish the Oklahoman into Reel Rob eSs corner where the redhead GO in ,a few telling punches. Byrri, th lightest man in the ring at 188, fl*med It wise to tak his partner, »-ho began his assault from the t^Sr, using Welch's back as a target fov his bone crushing blows. Roberts and Byrd .who alternated . frequently proved too much for ttpy Hub the scrapr'y matmart nmoni; the oi\cc \ihuUlc Phillies. "We iiei'd spirit," the curncsl and likable chapman explained. "We've gill U> got rid of this feel- Inir of dcfcatlsr.i which has hurt su lonf:- 'Even ilii- f:n»> would enjoy our special show." added road secretary Babe Alexander. "We have singing acts, dancing numbers and gymnastic tricks I think they would enjoy. ,But of course, we have to piny some baseball first. We don't want anyone to think we are clowns." Which undoubtedly is a well- founded Impression. But It Is a start in the right direction, even If it docs s;et the Phils a reputation for having put the final uhammy on vaudeville And if It prods the Phils out o( the cellar It could'nt happen to a. nicer guy that Chapman nor a more patient bunch of fans than the Pliilaclclphtans. Drawing Cards Checker Meet Will Be Held At Texarkana The Four States Checker Tourney will bo hold at the American Texarkana, April nd their dependents in fllini; •lalms for benefits administered by he Veterans Administration. Hi; will furnish nil Information nvall- tbli; concerning their entitlement imier the laws and regulations governing the activities of the program. Mr. i'opc began these visits to other communities February 2 and goes every other Saturday to give information to hcl[) veterans meet problems confronting them in their readjustment to civilian lite. For Your Home SprinKficld Couches, Lounge Chairs with Ottoman, Chiffrobes, Bedroom Suites, Springs, Mattresses, 5 piece Breakfast Sets. Just Received: Metal Trunks & Lockers Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main St. New and Used Phone 2302 "Oh, quit erumblinj. You're just iure because you didn't think of It I' 1 Lenti, Biship Tie For First In Tournament Bithe wme. They have a dandy about skinheaded coach Benny Bengough which related how Bcnav's father •ode a plow across Benny's noggin —and plowed under the hair. Scmlnlck also Is adept at ren- ilering folk songs while center fielder DiMaqglo brings down the house with his "O Sole Mlo' and 'Serennrtc." Outfielder Lou Novl- koff, fitting well Into the Phillies' .scheme, can render some dandies In Russian and It's something to hear the whole crew come In on the chorus. For the buck and wine there's Walt Fryc, the soft-speaking shortstop from Sloneville. N. C. The gang really gathers around when he goes Into his dance and clapping for his back shuffle, Is at least, enthusiastic. Comedians* With the rhlllic: thev always were plentiful. Bu while you can't affix that lag t< outfielder Ron Northey on the be! field he sure provides plenty- o laughs away from the fans—if yoi like your iokcs practical. One o his favorites is pcelintr a semis' crapcfrult and unexpectedly fror behind inn-sHiRlng Eengouch's liar ried nale. Pouch. Sure, hut a tru etioueh indication of hcvctofor unheard of off-field clowning II. Gill. Oklahoma City. Okla., 5 president nnd E. P. Murray, Dal- a.i. Texas, Is secretary. W. A. Craig, Oklahoma City. Okla.. is mainly responsible for ringing this tournament to Tcx- rknnn. Mr. Craig ( is treasurer of he N.C.A.. and spark-plug of any hccker organiaztlon with which s ts Associated. Texarkann is In the heart of the our states area, being located in Arkansas and Texas, and on- y a few miles from Oklahoma and .oiiisiana. It Is easily accessible o checker players In all four states, being served by four major railroads and four bus routes, |lt las been pointed out. The southwest Pour Stales Checker Association and the Texarkana Checker Association extend a cordial Invitation to all checker players in_and around Blylhcvillc to attend this Meet and help make It a success. Mr. Pnxton. well-known cliccke,' authority from Kansas, will be Si Texarkana to act as referee. Suitable prizes will be awarded the winner in each class, as well as runner-up prizes, consolation prizes, etc. In addition, Mr. Craig, by authority of Mr. Gill, has had an engraver make a gold medal to be presented to the winner. John F. U'liti and Roland shop lied for first honors In Blind Bogey tournament Sunday | nl tile Country Club. They receiv- ( C( , B , fts Qf B0 i r merchandise. There were 23 men who parti- •Ipatcd in the tournament, one of i number such events planned for ie Spring golf season. Wendell Eaton, pro there, said between 40 and 50 golfers now piny regularly, with this number expected to be increased as warmer wcsilhcr arrives. Vets Representative To Be In Leachville W H. Pope, contact representative of the Veterans Administration Regional Office, who has headquarters here In the Olcneoe Hotel Building, wil spend Satlurclay .morning. March 30, in Leachville. I He will be at Leroy Carter's ot- flce there and will assist veterans We have fresh ground meal mill chicken chops, fine or coarse. Hay and mixed Krouiid feeds. Also custom grlnding-crusbing. We arc now buyine poultry. LANGLEY & SON Soulli Second «"> OI« Berlig Ciin Lot ing minutes fcotirnehow managed to fight his way deciding full of the second and with his Irish whips. tiki* to his own corner where he]He then began to use a little hcad- t«kged the fighting Cuban. This I work, th c heads being those of Cinnabar belongs to the mineral kingdom and is the chief ore of mercury. Lawnmowers POULTRY WANTED! Air. Davis is connected \vilh (he country's largest poultry buyers and offers highest prices at all times. FRIDAY and SATURDAY PRICES— Hens — 24c Cox — 16c niUNG YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 West Vine St. Blythevillc Prices Subject (o Change Without Notice A NATURAL AID FOR Hyper-Acidity OK THE STOMACH Mountain Valley Water Is a natural aid in helping illinliliile wastes from the system. Not laxative, it works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about Ihls famous health water from Hot Springs, Ark. It has been prescribed for more than 5 years, free booklet on request. ORDER A. CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blylheville, Ark. Phone 2192 lOxperlly sharpened and repaired. We pick, up and deliver. Immediate Hci-vice'^and guaranteed satisfaction assured. We also specialize in trical welding. and elec- F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second tS|rced the fighting i9|-rjound package of dynamite as- Roberts ami Byrd. Welch practically twisted Byrd's, head from his shoul- silmed complete charge until rnide the mistake of getting too ders, but Floyd Is a ring-wise Byrd c|Bse to Robert's corner. Then It! and he managed to cct back In stirted. All of the wrestlers were | his corner and tag Roberts. Red fiitldenly in the ring at thc same was met with the same treatment, tirhe. Even the referee was drafted however, and he didn't Inst long, {dr hjs share of the rough stviff. .Byrd cam c to his rescue and again When rthe smok c cleared Roberts there was a free-for-all. Legs and an'cU'Tourttts' were /fighting- it out arms, wfere- "flyihg everywhere, until ir\ the ; center; of ,-tVie,: ting: • Alter i thc. referee rcstor.ed,,order. --. ; iS>'AiifuV; of' this 'nip and' tuck Smooth-working Ted Tourtns fI- aiid fighting combined, Welch inally stopped Red Roberts with n cjught Floyd Byrd with a snappy I rolling rocking chair split alter 15 scfics of Irish-Whips and a front ciiotch and body slam, followed by a turick body pin, to eliminate the mil-timer. kcd Roberts was not to be lak- efi easily. He eliminated Tourtas ^ ^jlh a crab hold in five minutes, lowing through wllh thc usual b'Ut made thc mistake of kicking . pin. riirn In the back afterwards. Like j wildcat breaking from Its cage. Rivy was through the ropes and across the ring to meet Roberts with a flurry of fists. He lost no lime in using the front crotch and btxiy slam on the befuddled Rob- ?rts to finish the round In good fashion. Welch was dominate In the open- minutes. Welch shared thc honors of the winning fall by taking Floyd P.vrd In seven additiona minutes. He began with Irish Whips and finished his victim oil will front crotch and body slam fol- Cuban Ted Trmrlas proved to b too much for Floyd Byrri in the flrsl of th> two 30-'mtnutc time llm It O n c fall preliminaries. polUhint; his opponent oft in 15 minutes witl a rolling rocking chair split. After six minutes ot all-out- bat tliiif; Roberts tripped Welch wit a crab hold, in Ihe other one fa bout. The Difference Between "Hard" Water and "Soft" Water. BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL . 968 Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up tnd Delivet Just Received! Electric Phonographs With Automatic Record Changer! 12 Ten Inch Records. Ten 12 Inch Records. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR K-l Kast Main Phone Z407 New Theater Manila's finest Saturday & Sunday. Mat. 1 o'clock Sunday A Tnuday Nlfhta, 5:3* o'clock All other nights. 6 o'clock Tuesday Bargain .Night "GIRL ON A SPOT" % with I.ois Collier and Jess Barker PLUS SERIAL & COMEDY Admission lOc and lie f Railroad Street Bill Wunderlich — Rear Robinson's Drug Store OUR FRIENDS IN OSCEOLA and VICINITY ... Will be interested in knowing that we have rc-operted our I'aint and Body Shop in thc new addition to our building. We are equipped to work on all makes of cars . . . and the work will be done under thc supervision of WALTER GAUWOOD, a factory trained expert. Louis George Motor Company . .v,. Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service Your Allis Chalmers Dealer OSCEOLA, AHK. Business Opportunity! Due to Ihe fact thai we have no one to manage our Appliance Store we offer to sell thc business and lease the building—or will sell an interest in it to person that is capable of managing and operating it. TQM LITTLE REALTY CO. Phom 861 NO. n nf a Scries Walcli Icr them c.irh Tuesday. Water in liquid form is commonly referred to as "hard" water or "soft" water. This means that ' one kind contains mineral matter and the other docs not. Rain water is "soft" water—water in very pure form. "Hard" water results from its having flowed through a region in which it has been dissolving minerals in thc rock formations as it passed through. Boiling "hard" water until it becomes vaporized, then condensed back to liquid, converts it info "soft" water, because in this manner the minerals arc separated or precipitated out. This makes "distilled" water.V* Our water here in Blythevillc is of the soft variety . . . pure healthful water. Use it frely to promote better health. Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Mtna c er "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity'" OSCEOLA, ARK. HIGH SCHOOL GYM Thursday, March 28, 7 p. Sponsored by Osceola Athletic Assn. m. Admission Prices Children under \'i —<>0c J.L.FRAKIK PRESENTS 12 and over—9()c TUovfo Stoh, IN PERSON Wednesday & Thursday 'Col. Effingham's Raid" with Charles Coljurn and Joan Bennett NKWS AND COMEDY CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" Week Days: Starts at 7 p. m. Tuesday BUDDY NIGHT I5c to All "Babes on Swing Street" with 1'fggy ityan nnd Leon Errol Also Short I Wednesdav & Thursday DOUBLE FEATURE "ABOVE SUSPICION" Fred MacMurray & Joan t'rawf/.^J "WHAT A~BLONDE" with Leo 11 KrroJ and Ehiine Kilcy Also Short 1RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Open at 6:00, Show Start* at 8:11. HOLLYWOOD'S Newesr I COWBOY STAR I wmrtft AND SINGEKOF •WALKING THE FLOOR QVER YQU" *YOU'LL NEARLY LOSE YOUR MIND" "SOLDIER'S LAST LETTER" -AND MANY OTHER SONQHITS- Tuesday "ONE MILLION B. C." with Vcitor Mature, Carnl Luudis and Lon Chancy, Jr. SIIOIIT: "AMERICA" No. S atjk KKO NEWS W Wednesday & Thursday "CAPTAIN CAUTION" with Victor Mature, Plat, Vivian Osbonic, F.I Brcndcl, Bruce Cabot and Robert Barrett Short: "Sagebrush Law" & Sportlight News ALSO THE TEXAS SHORT BROS. JIMMY &IEON i JOHNNY $AI>P KEMOMEAO « JACKIE BWDRAKE- XT/WJ MA^y 6THEH I GRAND OLE OPRY STARS D/ltfCT fKOM NASHV/LLe, ttNH. IT'S THE SHOW OF AIUSKPWS Speciol Added Attraction!! Radio Dot and Smoky OPEN 6:45; STARTS 1 p. m Tuesday PAL NITE It All Came True' Humphrey BoRarf, Ann Sheridan Chapter 1: "The Monslcr A the Ape" Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday Trisco Sal 1 Susanna Foster, Tiirhan Bey, Alan Curtis News of thc Day Also Shorts

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