The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1950
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 1930 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople AD.' *vu. 8c A Busss? SUCKER TMWitWAT, MY PRECIOOS /MAGNETIC GOT A ume BIG A1ATcHES-~-We'LL RASSLE TUAT HOBO BURKE 3IST TO Keep OUR MUSCLES LOOSEMED UP/ . , ACCEPTING PCAMOT6/ 1 MEET You? MftfJ OM A VJlMMER-TAKE-ALL BASIS -~- AMD MO*J, WArit to WEER ,/fKEKESACLEAsi ¥> KERCUIEF W MY DRESSER.' Television on Wednesday 1:30 p.m.— WMCT Ncwsrccl 1:15 — Fashion Parade 2:00— MiilSoulh News 2:15 — Fashion Faraile 2:30— Maid of Cotton Parade 3:00— llawily Dnoily 1:00— Cactus Jim 4:30— Hello, Ladles 5:00— Kuhla, Fran ,fc Ollie MO— Uoberla Quinlan 5:45— WMCT Xewsrcel 6:00— Film Featurctle 6:30— Steps l<i Slanlom 7:00— Television Theater Break the Iliuik — Arthur Goclfrcy 9:30— Holiday lintel 10:00— Cotton Curnival AVe offer complete Television service., supplying anil installing General Electric, Motorola, and Capehart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES . TELEVISIONS RADIO . SALES AND SERVICE'; 1 38 E. MAIN ST. BIYTHEVILIE. ARK Our Telephone Number 4438 Motor Co. rnswer for every lawn/ Lawn Mower Blythevillc Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd. Phone 2828 IDA Per J! Ft. Builders Supply So.HhvayGl You'll Love Our Flowers! Blythcville FLOWER MART Memphis Iliway Phone 60«2 FOR SALE State Certified DPI. No. 15 Blue Tog Cottonseed S0% Germination CGDEN SOYBEANS Sfl% Germination EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phone 2S11 or 2161 rim S hnd *>*-«•» f*r frAM Ol^pwrwry Nnr- 1«n'* I n If n r Inn* »>hr« «br h*rnnt< fin tarry fnvrrttrn* trt RnH». ^winll linn chirr nr J*n Mnrf «jrHr Arahrr- Iry- vrhn ttvr l» 41 err In with I .IB** hrofhrr Prrr« t* *nllr »T "fjrrl^Si En loT-r wtlh MM f nrlhrr rtim- nlTcailnt ma firm )• (W fur* thnt nvmrn*^ l«-r*m« rliftt -low t« w**k. n hvtnn«l T rir»rn<lmf nn PTrr"' crrn- rro«.ir-v *n4 «^v*«t t» drlnklnr. Clrmf nr? trim t« •vnM fnrthr-r rTifnnelrmrni hy •vAMInc »*1^r*. Ki>« m-lillr Iftklnr R»hn fnr » *«nlk. rfrtc nn hlo hnr^v MOPTON watrhe<1 Pier* .Amberloy dde oft with Raba An unoredirtnlile oersoci' Who wonld havp thoueht of him rfrline oft *;o reronelv u*ith a four- vear-oJH' And hr wn? ^inpospd nnt >o Kkp rhilrtren Hnt Clcmpnr* wished ht? hnrt not loft hnr fpoltne OTiIto in ron fused nnd vounc ^he hn^ the <mddnn f*onvirHon that if *he moorl hnd taken him. he would have thought no more of Hfttne Her UD anrt tnklntr hpr for n Hrie on the Caid than he had done of lnkine s B.iba Perhan? ft wa? hist 35 well he ritrl not seem to thtnk of her as quite erown ITO. She told Lonilip to wait downstairs and brine Baba UD when hor uncle returned with her While she wnp out Abdul, the enrHencr. had sent un the flowers with whirh he m polled the nurs- enes everv dny Clcmencr tlked to arrnnge then* hersell She adored flowers, and was cme erf those haupy oeoole who onlv had to put them In a vape to have them fall a? she wnnted them to. The basket full of rosea and . sweet oeas whtrh was today's qm 1 ta stood on the Eong table whe' Baba had her lessons and on • which Clemency always arranged the flowers She was filling a vase with scar- lei and crimson blossoms when a sound behind her made ocr turn quickly to se« Piers standing En the open doorway, watching her • • * I US'l lor a moment Clemency J and Piers looked at each other the room, and she was con- srimis of a new troubling Intent- sff In hip eves Phcn Babn's delichted laucrh iroke ihe silenre and she fame iiirtline over to clnsu Clemency -ound the kneos "We fwiuhtcned voti Clemenrr W- tip-toed ever so loftlv T was* goine to ^nv RooT" 'T nearly i um Tied HRht out of my skin " ^lemencr told her Wnat a rrlrk " T told Unrle Rnr? he wasn't to make one *in^ little noipr ^o'y we irrm'ipp von " Rnba*p ^r**" wont to hi(<: when she wa? exnted "1 am siirnrtscd — _nt Uncle ers " said Clomonov with a calm- ncr- she wa-e f^r frnm fecltne wa5 the Rr?i Mme he had horn In inn nurserF since she hnd reitmed there Pier* inuKhed "Not my Id The wo>nan (emoted me " t'p n vorr old <=tory." satri r^ "Did von hove a nice ride Baba?" Txivel.v Can I co attain tomorrow*" Baha ran bark to her unrle '*Tomnrrnw ncx-cr cornes.** he told her **Why not?" "Because it's always today." "And anyway * announced Clem- enrv flnrily "von'vp had. a lovely ride, and von nrp now tiolnp to have a tovcly rest " * As always when she was over-exctted Raba showed sl^ns of mutiny "Von are tjotng to. do just ex aclly what you are told, or there will never be any more rides." her uncle announced quietly At that moment IxmiHe appeared. rather flustered "I did not know the Sidi had returned. she said. M T was walling — " As a matter of Tan she tia^ been having a small flirtation with Mustapha, Abdul's son. who was • studenl hi Algiers and spending his holiday with his father had mtssed the return of master o< the house Guessing something ol Uie anc the IHemcnry wvt nnmrrp<) — Louftl* hnd been told -listinplly fco w Haba Mis* Rahn to It* -lown " Clemen.-* i o ]rf *ier ^a^ thank voi tn Uncle Piers <1arllnc~-- **Pnnnk von And olesw rak« mr nealr. tomnrrnw wher tt'? to- Hav M Hnba mrt her *rm* irtxmrt h ^c hp bt»nt to k1«» hw 'h(Mi?ht 'ond of her won** nm m t !^— but well •*« Or orrhanr o-p'll *o for 9 rid* the -nr " he said And now -mroU he would Rut he Hnrrered looking at th* roses **Yoii ^r* fond of flowers Miss Norton*" love them " *he tnvwercd. Sr rJo 1 Onf of the fharm* of thi? -xinntrv i.c that we can for «r manv rn And — so man* of the flower? fr<m* old connrry * Ve? I've noticed that In lovely ." OT.ATTTUDEST She wished almost vlolentlv he would eo and wanted him almost as violently to stay Then turning touvards the door he looked back "Rv th* way would voti care to come down- stair* nnd have dinner this* eve- ne''- Her heart fett as though « had done a somersaurt — * she stammered Tm «o rv. but it'? imoossible this eve- nlnc t— " Bui he did not watt for the exolanatfon which she was vainly Irving- tn find to excuse her impulsive refusal 1 »e«." be said. "Another time nerhaps " And went out, the Hoor behind him. Angry with herself, appalled at her pantcfcy turn ing-down of his suggestion, she <rtood looking unhappily after him Hart <he been unnardonably rude? Was b* offended? And yet she had fett that sn* could not stand the strain of din- Ing alone with him. 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PKISCIU.A'S POP Logical Deduction BY AL VERMEEH WELL, "DID YOU GIVE THEM GOOD BEATING IT WASN'T OUR FAULT, POP! IF THEY HADN'T THE OTHER TEAM GOT CARLYLE, YOU'LL NEVER MAKE THE SCORED THOSE 16 RUNS WE'D HAVE WON) EASILY! liY MICIIAKL O'MAl.LEY and RALPH LAN8 SHE 5AID YOU WEREN'T WORlHVOf ME, BOBBX WHICH IS P4C FOR CVlVTHIA, BUT THEN SHE HINTED TIWT OUR BEING ENGAGED W/\S , THE RErtSOM FOR MY «CIOENTS.* WHAT THINK. V/ DID CY^THIAS DEMOM- S18AT10N OF HCR NEW GUMS INCIUW A SHORT COURSE ON STALKING UNivlABRIED (MAIE . ARTISTS. AlEC? MAYBE CYNTHIA W/S LIST MAK INS CHA1TER. CHAT1ER A\Y FOOT THE WOMAN IS ! WANT YOU, ALEC STEEL/ MID I GET WHAT I WANT/ AS A MATTER Of FACT, CYNTHIA AMY HAVE TIPPED HER HAND TONISMT, CAPTAIN EASY BY [,ESUE TURNER HECT's 1«6 FIMM. IU 194-9.-. COP KILLER CONFESSES NIBLIK WUKP6E IN 1947 AR.T UlRLIK EXONEKATED OF FATHER'S MUKDEC TOOtWg-, AHV \ NO. THESE MEW* \ GETTIKS BACK TO LUCK, ISTOEIES,FOLLOWIUSTHWMIBLIK CASE., UISCAKCIME UMEACLUf.x< Of JUSTICE IU THE HISTOE.V,, SAME HEEtl WELL.M HIS W<W TO PRISOW/ ARtHUK.TOO, HAKUW-SCftRUM LEAST HE BtlVT THE STUDENT THEN.\H»MSMAM's NOOSE, BUT I NEVEK k. BUT— BEMEVED HIM ^^tf^j^ I THOUGHT GUI LTV! s^^f^^m 10U WSK IN FATW. &TT6MPI W ftRT SOIOOl GET WOt TO WORK, OK" BUGS BUNNY GBTTIN' IT BACK IS GONNA ) — •> WHAT'S OOQV i— FOR MOWM THAT yOU'VB HAP ALL WINTER/ OUIET, DOC... I'M FIGSEHIN7 HUM.TWO AW FOUR ^^OST VA PUHLENTV/ WHY Importiint Visitor? BY V. T. HAMLIN J ' D HA -TE TO sr/ 6OMETH1NS I COJLDN'T FINISH ear ENOUGH SCRATCH T'STAKT VWRKON TH'PiXKET.. VHY NOT GET «T IT? OH. \NElL FINISH IT OKAY,.. SOMEV/HERE ALONG TH' LINE WE'LL GET 1TLL TAKE MP. BOOM, THERE'S MILLION5.../A O9LONEL TELEUF TO SEE BOOTS AND IIKR BUDDIES

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