The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTUMHKK .2_7._1933 PAGE THIRTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING (NFORMATION Dally rate per iwo ror coifccu live insertions: (Hve averesse words to » line) I'rlccs Itfelit This May Become Nalion's New Money Capitol J . _ ______ , ..... _____ ..... ------- - ---- , — 1 - . i: ------------- " ' " • Auto All Khuis The AiU-.Mo i liislallcd Lumber C'o. ICK'klO-10 One lime l«r H» c .......... J. Two limes per lliiu per day .O Thr« Units per line per day Six times per line per day . . 0 Month i»tc per line •••••••• t Minimum charge • cue /ids ordered lor ihrcc or ri* limes and stopired beloro cxplra- Mca wilt IK dun-Bed for the nuiiy- ter of llim-s the ad appeared aud adjustment ot wu mEde ' Ml classified Advertising copy iuiimlUed by persons residing outside of llu; city must be accompanied by cish. Rules rosy 1* tastly computed Irom above toMe. No responsiuUlty will be taken Jo- more than one incorrect in of any classified ad. l 3U8 Ri'il's riacc H» I'- Miii" I'nr Aulo I'ainlh]"- lieily and fViidu Service imi'iiv ntlh Riiousc-lJltlv I'o. •JMt; klD-ili 1'OK SALK , WHEEL TRAILER will hold tale Wilton. Cull IM. 2'Jck23 GOOD MluK Dam Caii: Coi-.s ami Calves. The HUE It wise are ilrlnktni; UClt- WEISEli, kins of liuttlnl hi'i-r. 20cklO-20 roil SALE—Neighborhood aroci v.Hh living; rooms. If sold t week will discount $150.00. phone 798-W. 21p' Advertising ordered £01 lav insertions late the one time " U 'PUoue 305 ot 307 FOR SALE—1033 130 Luxe Ply- iiintitli.'aliiiost. nc'.v. If you an tninkinr of Imyir.H a car, here i: a leaf baresiln. Write I!o>: 11 Coui'i'Ji" Nc'.v.s. '-'& k3i REAL ESTATE Come i", I!M yuur real Cilulc. See what '.s'e li.u-c to sell. I:. M. Terry. Licensed Dc.iler, 'rcrry-Wnrlliin-ton Tille (-'o. nijllicviile I'luine Cl 23cklO-: Capitalist Rewarded Woman's Bravery SHATTLK. (UP)— Heroism ill summoning nkl for un unconscious companion was rewarded with a. Jl.liUO bequest from llw cslnle of I lie late' Mark K. need, Shellon,, luinlK'i-inan-caplluIlsl, lo Miss Dorollice Seal borough, now nil assbti'.nl nltoruey yeneviil in Wnsh- Ingloii. Sol G. tt?:A. cldebt 3:11 of Hie Icslaior. awl Miss Bcurboioiigh wore injured in un miloinoMii) accident while Arlvlng to Seattle, June :il), 1023. Ileed was knocked senseless. MLsu Mcarborousli, ul- lliouuli severely Injured, walked n mile for Bid. lU-cd Mihw^uently was killed by a revolve:- shot, Hied by u demented employe. Tlu v bulk of Ue Mark K. Heed. eslnlc, wjildi probably agBregatcd several million dollars, went lo ht> widow nnd two sons. He carried n life Insurance of ntoiit $1,000.000. He was active in stale politics nnd was IlcpubllcEin National Commll- tccman for a time. Tho lliireau ot Fisheries made llsb, flngerllnBB, (ry nnd CSB« nvallftble to Hie fishing in- duslry and .sporUmcn in 1032. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern Newark, N. J.'s, Ci-iure Marki". HuildiiiB— vecrnll? used as a' |iarXln s B nr3K(>-li.\s Iwcn selected lib ihc tile for the newly oreanl::i-<l New Jersey Slork Esthnngo. Here thv i-.alion's Iciidinif brokeis IlccliiB Hudson River to es",]ie New York City's iransfer, nuy do inosl of their Ijroiwsecl fotir-i trading after is^ tax on every stock Doctor Seeks Fortune 1 od them, he says. II was not 1111'• ii| -recentlv ll'.ul lie learned he After Hurkish Massacre could file a cimm for restoration IlcplJ rttw nii« us*." Bought and Sold Stoves i-cpulrcd-Ar.y make AKin Hariiy 5 " 20l ,'k'iO-20 . T~,, i WANT LAND—We have buyers for "Happy days arc here asam- I 40 's, 80's ami larger tracts. Can Prink BUOWE1SEK kins °'^'" I sell G40 tract. See THOMAS LAND Ucd beer. ^f^l_ | COMPANY. 29ckl2 icn can buy a Iwme in Elythc- villc 0:1 mnnllily installments i'. i ii than :t is renting for. I'd be (jlnd to tell yon how. E. M. 'JEKRV, Agent. j Phons 617 or 34U •a \viler- I'roof Tarpaulins | S^'IS' 3 xl() ?3 --'' ; Oxl " S i 'I Siioo'' oU'ev sizes and weights . in to order. Carney Awinn. ' 113 S Fivsl St. 18p klO-18 EXl'KKT Ts-pcwrillng ami ArtiUns|__. 'Machine Repairing. U. S. Bian-, Jtl A CKES 1 -Mile Blylhcville, good ke'nsliip, 11G E. Rose. Call IIS-^ I biilldinp. 3-4 mile gravel road 21ciiu-ii| S309QOO, !_ 3 cas i v balance 01 — ^ ru.Mprc I terms. E. M. TERRV. Terry-Worth Keelstercd Spencer CorMiucrc j ^^ TjUe Co Mi-s. J. J' NEW 13HITA1N. Ccnn. (Ul'l — I „ . . p . c , " A claim lo r. million dollar estate, j DHght rUtllife in itOrC connscalefl by Turkey when his p r, ,, p nrt n t T«xaS father, inolher. l«o brolhcrs and! 1'Or liUlt TOrtS 01 iex»!. a sister lo^t. their lives iu the ' Armenian massacres In 1015. lias' HOUSTON. Texas (UP> —Texas een filed with t"C corniiiission ex- ! ports face a brighter future than | imining claims of United Stairs : tl:e ports on the Norlti Atlantic.. citl7tns against Turkey, by Ur.i according lo J. Russell Wall, dl- 1 Mose- Kiipeiian i rector and nrwly-elecled vice pres-1 Dr." Kiipellnn, now a naiuvaliffid , idem ot Ihc American Association j citizen, was attending Ihe Amert-' of Port Authorities. j can University at Uienu. Assyria,' Tins, Wail said, is bccnus: Texas at Hie lime or tlic massacre, and ports <io no', depend solely en one. I was the only member of his fam- or possibly iwo, commotlllles for; ily lo cscap-, lie says, lib lalln-r. | I lie bulk of their U'.idc. bul handic- weallhy private banker, fearful | Hie many Soutlnvestcrn |ircduc;.v i of ti:u consequences uf the Turk-, moving in foreign Irade. A quarterly decline of more lluu 2;iO,OOi) gross lous In the volume o ir.crchani vessels bolnn conslruclc Iliiongliout the world was shown Uoyd's Rcgislvr of Snipping lor Spencer I):ivis Corselicrc I'honc -I 1 ' 1 2DC klO-'i NSWERS "Compclilion also is more seven Lsh uprising, left paixirs and i^c- *•• — - ords of his holdings with Dr. John \ In the Norlii Atlantic area than It E. Merrill, president of tlic Amen- I is in the so;ilhwcst," Wall iidtlcd.; can College at AliHab, from wham ' —Dr. Kupellan sutscquonf.y obtain- Read Courier News Want Adi.^ FOR RENT ANlllillW J A CK H ON l:ni'wi. M -Old lllcliory." Tins wliipiihii; post is :.till in use BKLAWAIIK. LOS ANCSELKb is Ameiica's largest cily, In ai-c:u caiLti SQUANVK , fAOB? - WC3W^6 WtU-0, JUrAPY 31 fA 'H ELLO , GAT 61 f ,- HtLLO.SUQRT-TUSEOL-SON / HELLO, G160LO ' LtAVE "PET STORE INTO'THE HOrAE OF OTPICtU BOOTS" AND HEH UUUD1KS WHAT'S IT ALL AHOUT? Srw ard t'scd » FOUR ROOivl Apartment with bath. Call 327, after G n. in. 23c k2!) B, h ,hevillc- S >. G. ^loss cut rale llcdern 3 room furnWied or un- fuinished nparliiicnls. newly ;r ' d:'cor:ilcd, over Kirby OriiB Cn. _ Also slorc ljuildim; nrijoinini; nosy Tl-.catre. P. Simon, 120 W. Davis. _ Cnll 164. . 27cklO-21 ror Duality 150 i cleaners 12c klO-12 | JOUR ROO.V. Apaitmenl wiln I hilh. Call 327 after C P. M. 236 kW Hals Blocked Look I-ikc New I'hcre 111 Unkpie Cleanini! Scrvict' • !)KESSilAKlNG SFWINCi, nllcrnalions. very sonnble. Miss Louise Crane, 86. ._ rca- KICELY FURNlSiiED Apnrlmcnl close ill, C19 W. Main. Phone i-Xf. ^Oc ktf FURNISHED Bi:drnom. prcicrably ."or man. furnace heal. 514 Main. Phone 98. 5cklO-5 Sl'OK'l'lNG 22ck2S TfoODK We are co^linnins our Coif Hall Talc OITcr-Come in and mqmre aumil it. ~ •- iinlibard Hardware .^'"^^ v , UATHO SERVICE RADIO I-csl Enuipped Sliop m B HAR01.I) nr two rooms on Uiiilruiid stret'l, for cotlun officer. Will lix tu suit tenant on least. Apply Cunriur New?, 2 L-HONT l^OOMri HI 518 W. Main, handsomely uccoraten. Uc-ni to vL'i-i!'; mc:i .ind lurnish t'arnge. L'nl! 309. -tc kJr WASH, TUB US HUM* V IC >. 000 W0l>'> OF OUST UlCKY B?V CUARt-K. AMD HIS PfiRDUER TOOK DOT OF HERE IM THREE MONTHS. 4^I6,OOOJ WOW! AMD GWL WEBSTER KUOWS MORE ABOUT UJHERE THEY 6OT IT THAM AWVBODV ALIVE. ,j HE WANTS ACTION! IURNI3I1EB linircom. Call after -i o'clock. Mrs. r-ii liardni, IDli \V.-.innl. 2!c ' KlO-'^i Altraclivc Ijcdroom. G18 W. Mam. :.li6 McsMullins, phone U'i7-SV. WANTED TO i~; TIHE & BA'ITERY STATION F;iE3H CO W \\itix yoiins calf, yiv- 25cklO-^.o , KS 4 jjjiijo^s day. Will pay cash. ~ : ! Mrs,. Pride. 22cKC Tor 1'rompt rhunc « Ualtcry Service l!cn Clunc | HIGHEST PRICKS paid for lire-. 31c kO-31, i,,,, CL . t u i)r, S| iron, mclaSs, VfNSj I'VE. DECIDE P TO STAW ' IM SKELinON CREEW. AMD T. AINT OPEH1H6 MO GP>MBL\M&| HrvLL EITHER. T'n GOIN& IU ' THE MIMIVJ6 ASSCRTMEMT OP MOMEV CAM SUV, GUS. . '?HftKE"pucistOTTy. A WOOD FLOOR IN MISS lUtBSlEQ'S CAfilM BV 5UPPERTIME. CHftlt?S, TABLES, ALL THE COMFORTS OF K*,>ME . EXPEKSEj SALESMAN SAIil CICTTIM; DOWN TO BLOSSEl noes, Fnr Hi-nlthv no;s feed Millrr's Ilaliuns i Quick I.unch UUIIBAHD IIAKKIWA11E CO. "'---I zincs, hides, curs to wreck. j Arian, 12B E. Main, Pr.or.c 170. ] • OcklCI-9 ! ' P'SK. ao'.-v-a rtoaseTuiE.vjes., IH&WT'. AM' ineat ^.SOOReci^no OJP SR.WC-S 'en IM! llcklO-ll' CORN WANTED I ' MARILYN HATCHERY I . 23ckS-23 i I "AUT0310TIVE SI'KCIAL I'RK'KS THIS WKKK ONLY '^l Chc\r<i!cl Spoil foupc .. "in (hrj.sler C'onpu '31 Tonl Tutlc-r J^l l-'orcl Counr '•.(O l-'ord Tudor '31 Ford I'nncl Trurk , '29 Oakland Scilr.n '.II Intcrnalioirtl Truck '31 Chevrolet Truck '.10 Chevrolet 1 nirk Vscil Trailer, New 24\7 Tirrs : ALL KINDS Men. Women and' rhilclien's used clothing and j I shoes, lii-jl-.c-.v- cash price. Leigh-! ' ion's, 320 E. Main. DcklO-D. —*'—1 I 1' 1 Pil-i\IE K'JAMTEOi.J oft I I !• 'WANTED feoC- \;ev-;ft^o, l/. s'jioj II ""' Slli.i EbHEPING S2UU inon; J21S 1 News. il Tho-i^irl Feet Rough ! iter. also Bifc to put nr. Box|i Apply W.uitaiinga Hclcl. ' i 23p k'. ROOM. S5.CO i»r Address "CC' Courier Tw^Tsu-iHprr we'ae V'tA ft pp.oFesSloNP.l- p.MPvTeUR. 0=. TecTv\/e P.M' THIS is r-v/ p(\aTMeR- VF MOU'LL oescfllSE "VH& Hoss uie' <3-ET RlC-UTOViT OM TW IT PS HOLD OF TU HIM COM£ (WG.WT 00 WM . T«' Ho<=S . HE KIM vi.i. USED C-AKS c.\ni:m,LY KECOxnnioNEi) i\ ouu SHOI'. V.E r-VAKAXTfy BETTEK USED CAH ' VALVtS SHOUSK-LITTLK CHEVROLET CO. I' Open At Night Blylhcville. Arfcinwss )rink l!:e lied for Ihc. same urke. Bl'DWEISElt king of bottler!! ,,,,., 20ckIO-20 TRIENDS RKI) TO TUP) RKSCUE! "WANTED TO KENT MODERN' HOUSE—Preferably In! «ts: district. "S", Courier News. I 21n k2C STRAYED STRAYED—1 Bay Mu:c and 1 Bhck I Mu:e. 4 yrs. o:d. Weigh about 1200.1 " ' -1 REWARD. A. A. Ounter. Route 2 MKGEST STOCK VSEI> 1 AKTh. niyihcville. 22pk2C Between Memphis anci SI. Louis , Al'O Auto Glara — I'honc GO j i^rfc Jersey Cow about 8 years old. IATKSON AUTO I'AUTS CO. , short left hern, ieft slate line. 2c klO-^J:cotify Willis Gl.ifs, Judge Ciin- nay <fc Ni5li h Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work nt Any Time ptiene 605 Milton Stcrnberg. 13c t;10-t i ::ing\iam's place. Kcward 21v> k2' i FEMALE WANTED for general hoii.-ovnrk and cookinc. Apply 203 Dmigan strce;. - - - -.„ . HWE YOU TRIED TO FIND OUT, YEt; IF THE TWO TRAVELING MEW ARG THE CROOKS WE SAW OUT AT THE CEME PuM-H", AMD MAYBE THE WHO POISONED DOODLE? VJEU-, I'VE DISCOVERED THAT MR. BOTTLE, ONE OF THEM, AT LEAST LOO*<5 LIKE ONE OF THE CROOKS -AVJ0 ALSO HUE A.MAM WHO ASKED OSSIE Ljl TO GET ME TO PEODLE BILL'S, y/-^. -',T=rrr7ZT;—T o& WELL.IF YOU'D LIKE ME TO HE.LP YOU HMD OUT HOSE ABOUT/ OF COURSE I'D BOTTLE,! HAVE M LIKE YOU TO A DANDY •vvcW HELP-OF IDEA?? 7*^. COURSE? /, RED 5AY& HE CWJ FIWD OUT, FOC SURE, IF 80TTLS POISONED PCOOLEl WONDER HOW HE'S GOING 1 TO DO IT?

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