The West Point News from West Point, Georgia on May 26, 1920 · Page 2
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The West Point News from West Point, Georgia · Page 2

West Point, Georgia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1920
Page 2
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THE WEST POINT NEWS, West Point, Ca. Tht WEST POINT NEWS Sucfeiuor to WEST rOlNT LANKTT NEWS Published wwkly by th wrst point rinusiiiNG co. TIPTON COFFEE, Editor. t thS Entrrtd at th Wert Point rot-of. fic cond data mall matter under th act of March S, 1879. Kilt tht fly! Oil that mud-hole! Th weather bulletin! hav btf maklnr pooJ rearllng matter th Ut wrek. SUBSCRIPTION RATES . ,One year, 12.00; Six month., $1.00 Thrta months, 75c. WEST POINT, CAh MAY26.1920 TOM HABDWICK. Th not unexpected entranct of Tom Hardwick into tht raca for Gov amor puta the patriotic people of Georgia on notice that the forcea which opposed the aucceaaful proat- cution of the war against Germany till persist in their efforta to get . control of Georgia politica. Hardwick,rwho at one time mia- repreaented thetate in the Senate of the United States, uaed every piower and Influence given "him by that treat office to prevent we aeno w nt BunDliea of food, clothing, arma and ammunition to the thous anda of Georgia boya then in France offericStheir Uvea aa a aacrifice to scotch the wheels of the German war machine then rolling across plaina of France to the conqueat of the world. Could the brain of the Devil him aelf have conceived a more infanv cms. a more diabolical acheme than this? What do the people who had husbands, sons and brothers facing the iron hail and aeeth-fire of the Ger man trenches think of this effort of Hardwick to deliver their patriotic aona into .the hands of the savage Hun? Hardwick's policy would have delivered them as prisoners of war to starve and die under the whip lash of Prussian taskmasters. The tattered remnant which would have remained of the American Expeditionary Forces would have returned to us with flags trailing in the dust of humiliation and defeat, had Hardwick's advice been followed. What think you, voters of Georgia, of the man who would have left your boys m the trenches of France with-08t food, without clothing, without arms and without ammunition, to fall prey to tha legions of the" autocratic Caesar of the Huns? While millions of bur bravest and best young manhood were in the army, and while millions on multiplied millions of true Americans were subscribing for vast sums of ''LIBERTY BONDS" to sustain the RIGHTS and the HONOR of American, this man Hardwick was skulking in the rear, hatching dark schemes to impede the successful prosecution of the war. Will the people of Georgia vote for a man of.. that stripe? If they do, the election of Benedict Arnold to the presidency of the United States after the eRvolutionary War would not have been so surprising. The beautiful .weather whlih hat obtained through this lection the pat week has seen much work on the farms. And now, friends, don't be gin o ge weak-kneed if it stays dry a little longer than you think ia best. Aa we've remarked before work all you can and have the faith and the courage to believe it will come right. FULL GEORGIA DELEGATION FOR PALMER. In accordance with the rules promulgated by th Georgia State Democratic Executive Committee before the presidential candidates had even Intimated their intention of entering Georgia's preferential primary. Attorney A. Mitchell Palmer will have the full delegation to the San Francisco Convention he having received a purality of the County unit votes in the primary. This announcement does not come either aa a surprise or a disappointment to loyal Democrats, for it it just a plain case of playing a fair game through on the rules laid down before the game started win or lose, taking their medicine like grown-up men. No one has any ground to complain in the premises., Palmer won, therefore Palmer ia entitled to the votea in Frisco and Palmer gets 'em! Heat Flashes, Dizzy, Nervous BiIiJJIb Itle luy iwiitili w In ry v . iidi i inn, I ha t luxil li.vltra,llitV H-l sml mr. K eatnrrhnl nut-till toll. 1 onl jut biWrrnLU ft OIK) MHlltl Ix twn I (1 wiili.' I WnulJ (l I. IVfo's Yk-vorile lrrorrl-tkm a tnnl. I twd dortonxl and oliuitird no rrM M bsd Utile MwAiVnM In anything, but J found ni wt.i rful n-M in Uw rt hot lie nl 'ravoK iiri.tnn . tm two year I tKk li'f Minnw nutu wwht I knt (rll Uiain condiiton wafranteel my It rrtu',t nie mm via anl Btnlthy tutx. I t I 1..1... - I... M-.k fi)irtia( aftvr my third rue PrwHi'tton.' and i lien who ara tnkina tbla on with it until matum! M1US. AUCfc fcU- laklni B toolr. rbansa in a wfll iwtnrtut diiy spell buttle tA would advi medicine t r"erfc tfUuth." MIUS. AUCL WW We aay: Congratulations, Palmer, and luck to you, air! Mr The statement of a prominent gro cer that there ia now stored in Chi cago sugar to the amount of several million pounds bears out the opinion held by many that there has not been any real shortage of sugar1 merely the stoppage of the movements of the supply in order to inflate the price. This ia the kind of profiteering that needs tows looked after, aa well as the petty thievery of corner grocery stores and cross-roads dry goods venders. THE VICTOR. "Did' you win your divorce suit?" "Well, yes, in a way. I got the custody of the dog." Judge. GOING SOME. Marma "That girl is awfully fast." Duke "Do you think so?" . Marma "Yes, she covered five laps last night." Cornell Widow. .i r HOT MUCH! Alice "They say Tom is an expert in the art of self-defense." Marie "Nonsense! Ethel made him propose in a week." Judge. ; Women ; Made Young Bright eyes, a clear skin and a body full of youth and health may be yours if yon will keep your system in order by regularly taking Tha world's standard remedy for Iridnar, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles, the enemies of life and looks. Id nse sinew 1696. All druggists, three sizas. Look for tha nam Gold Medal oo aaary ban tad accept no imitation "Sam" Gompers squarely to the point in hia call to the electorate of the country to overthrow Congress tthe present one) and elect men who have hearts and consciences and the highest welfare of all the people at heart. Gomeprs is not a fool, at that; and his words have not the hol low blatancy of the soap-box orator. Samuel Gompers words ring .with the seriousness of truth and have in their essence the heavy weight of a direct challenge that will not be disregarded. The two highest law-making bodies in the world hw rnade the government of a great nation their political play-thing; have squander ed millions of dollars in money andj montns oi the precious time of millions of people in worthless wrangling and cheap partisan political buccaneering all to the one end (on the Republican side) of trying to discredit a great man because a Democrat. And (shame to say it!) on the part of some Democrats, an effort to "put over" the next elections for that great party, regarless. Backache and Nervous Coluroaui, Ge. "For jrfout two yean 1 uftered aM beeania nur-duwn. 1 waa nervous and would be avweak I could not ft up in tha nxirninstiiy bark arbod all the lime and to badly that I could not stoop aa II. I aiae auflored with pains in ar awK I tried paay itwdkrinea but did not set any better. I bad (ntten to be a phyund wrark wben I began takini Dr. Pierce's Favorite Praectirtaon and by the time I had taken two bottle I was cured of my ailment and (elt Uta a nrw woman. I have never suffered aine with this troulle. 'Favorite Preaeripwon' is the beat medicine for women I have ever taken." U K3. ANNA MIDDLETON. 2W4 let Ave. Sold by druKfiate in liquid or tablet. If your dniKjnet does not keep it, eend 60e. to lr. rVrre'iJInvalide' Hotel and Burfieal luctitute, Buffalo, N. Y., lor UUUt, W lUc for trial package. -r BEAUTY IS REFLECTED' HEALTH "Good-Loo'-ing" Means Opposite of "Sick-Looking." ITS A MATTER dF ; RED BLOOD CELLS Pepto-Mangan Makes Rich, Red Blood Builds Up People Who Lack Vitality. 1 sua i quidk rcwUcef nd and your your acts and and strong. weak, and your ou nor your The muddle in the affairs of the convict camp, wherein the thrashing of prisoners by the wardens has played a conspicuous part, is growing worse daily. Monday one convict was attacked and beaten to insensibility as a result of an interview in which he had praised the treatment accorded him at the-prison camp. It is a pity that these matters grow Into such states. Unquestionably the indiscriminate criticism of prison management tends to make it harder to manage prisoners at all; and on the other hand, indiscriminaU flog. ging shoud not be permitted. CLERKS Men, Women, 18-55, for government departments. Salary, $110 month. Experience unnecessary. For free particulars, examinations, write John John Leonard (former Civil Service Examiner) Equitable Building, Washington, D. C. 2t If your body is blood is rich and re thoughts will Let your b food won t no sleep refresh Too muchTiard work, an illness, or mental strain ckn thin down your blood, and Pepto-Mangan is needed to bring it back to healthy," normaj condition. Knowing this, doctors for years have recommended Gude's Pepto-Mangan because of its blood-building and tonic properties. Pepto-Mangan is such a simple and harmless tonic, yet such a prompt builder ; of red blood, that its repu tation has spread all over the country. Today every druggist sells it and thousands of men and women use1 it as a restorative whenever they or their children seem to feel below par. Pepto-Mangan agrees with the most delicate stomach, and is obtain able in either liquid or tablet form. tie sure the name "uude s is on the package when you buy Pepto- Mangan. Ask the druggist for "Gucs." If "Gude's" is not on the package it is not Pepto-Mangan. advertisement. REGISTERED LIBERTY ' BONDS ARE TOO GOOD FOR POOR ROBBERS! Pbberg have found out that it is futile to try to realize on the proceeds of their roberriea when those proceeds consist of registered Liberty Bonds, Treasury Savings 'Certificates and War Savings Stamps. A box containing about $100 in cash and Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps recently was stolen from Mrs. Mar Hanson, proprietress of a Hotel in north Idaho, After all hope of recovering the Valuables had been abandoned, the box was fotfnd in a fisherman's seine. , The Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps were in tact as the robber evi dently had known that he could not hope to convert them into cash without proving his ownership, and had thrown them into the water as Useless to him. The-Best Insurance Against- Influenza a : Prominent Educator 'Believes That Vapomentha is a Sure Preventive GIVIUG OUT . - The Struggle Discourages Many a tiliacn of West Point, Dr. R. M. Brame, discoverer of Bramt's Vapomentha Salve, hat a letter from C. C. WrlgV, Suj'erln-tendet of the Wilkes County, N. C, Public Schools, in which 1 he bays: "We have used Bramea' Vapomentha Salve for nearly all the Hie for which it ia prescribed and have always se cured satisfactory results. Jf used In time it has never failed to break ud colds, usually' the forerunner of Grippe', Inflienz and Pneumonia. . I apealc frin personal observation. J believe t thU preparation is used In time it will prevent tbe develop ment of pneumonia in every In stance, if used acording to di lotions.' These strong statements are folly justicd by remarkable recoveries that follow, Brame's Vapomentha Salve is applied freely over the chest and throat and inserted in each nos trils. Brame's Vapomentha, Salv penetrates the pores of the skin, relieving congestion, at the save time healing- vapors arise and ara breathed through the mouth and nose, loosening the Phlegm and caus-the patleat to breathe freely. It absolute reliability is evidenced by dozens of unsolicited testimonials. Brame's Vapomentha Salve will relieve pneumonia, influensa, grippe, pleurisy, bronchitis, whooping cough, catarrh, asthma, tonal itis, hay fever, ami inflamation of the skin. Vapomentha is applied externally, and it will not stain clothes, aa other aalves do. No home should ever be without it Buy it from your dealer or direct from the Brame Drug Co., North Wilkesboro, N. C A small bottle costs 30c; a mi a larger one, containing six times much; 1.20. Adv. . Around all day with an aching back, Can't rest at night t Enough to make any one give out Doan's ' Kidney Pill thousands.. idjreyl backache; ey ills. Poin They are And other Here is mejrlFT Mrs. Jno, West Toint were weak fork tic L WiJlrA J satfs: -4nd EAST BOUND 42 .'. 5:10 AM No. 38..: ...9:00 AM No. 40 11:15 AM No. areSre4pia4Ner 34 :3Q pm No. No. 36 9:30 PM No. of their Ths BEST and CHEAPEST insurance on earth roUREr 7AINT mODUCTS FOR INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WORK USE MORE PAINT ' PRESERVE AND BEAUTIFY YOUR PROPERTY West Point Iron Works West Point, - Georgia Wainright's Grist Mill V; Grinds for toll customer gets 48 pounds of meal for 56 pounds '...of corn. Corn chopped for feed Meal for sale--made exclsiyelyot country corn Robert Wainright a, ucvuiiu arc. My kidneys I felt tired and lan guid. My back waa very sore and lame and I was troubled with a s dull ache in the small of it. One box 'bfl isoan a juaney rms relieved my trouble and fixedv me up in fine shape. 1 have used Doan's since, as preventive, and always with goocU results." 60c at all dealers. Foster-Mil- burn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. adv SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSi No. No. No. Atlanta and West Point Railroad anda. The Western Railroad of Alabama Arrival and Departure of Trains at West Point WEST BOUND 9:00 11:46 4:31 35. S3. 39. 41. S7. ..0:05 .:30 Alt AM PM PJf rat Corrected to April 1st, 1920. J. P. Billups, Gen. Pass- ArenL f Atlanta, Ga. at r VALUABLE ACRES FOR BUILDING OR FOR COTTON City, Ala-, Between Langdale and Shawmut, Ala. (fronting on West Point Dirt Road ) Contains four. $500.00: 1-3 cash, balance 1 and 2 yeaYs: six percent. three and one-half acres near dirt road, $200.00. abstract for title passed by one of the best lawvera j in ijaiayette, Aia. Call upon J. F. Reid, Langdale, Ala., to see the property and close deaL Address: H. .W.HODGE, mm III nilTPI IVtH WvAA- fV) nnrfkvlr "kl 1 jjj aj-via Aaaivtl tJUCCVi XI CTf ai aV el, n I i Lake Condy I i Near JU Old Car Shed y West Point, Georgia Opejika Alabama Is NowA5pen To -The Public Opelikji's Most Popular Recreation Center . , f With many improvements including enlargeci Bath Houses and everything spick and span, ready to give pleasure and enjoyment to old and young alike. Nothing more restful than a swim or a picnic party and there is xJe more ideal picnic place for an auto party thaVt LAKE GONDY Every Courtesy Given to Our Patrons Bring Your Family Out to Cohdy. Enjoy some fun, let the youngsters have a frolic ' ; ' 6

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